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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, June 02, 1912, Morning, Image 20

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'h 11S 11 d vl sit i"1, Is 1111 iill ra .1 ,11.' I
lIt ti'iis 1.iii" lis"li 11 t 111 111t "1 I"r
lviis", nn 'itIt 14 hutlii hiits. . hilt it.
iti iui . U I, , il. 1111 11 wits tii : Ii ' (ilialiri -
Ii li I ii Ilii itIta Wi 1 10141 ,I IrIw
li11it+, lI I rl" ii II h11iiii' lir 11i ttl lItl1 , 111
1t111l. t1 ri le illil11s11 I 14 111 t 1t ' I
Whar n truo" Went tolr~'t Heavenl?
ilitltMl TI;Ij ti lI iii . 111 11 n li l ' lý t Ih did
Iiistii.' 1it 1 l:1 l iii il. ,111 a d 1h . ,nu,'
Ili, , II ii II "Ii til 114l.ll Ii 11 "s11
\\h" s11s t 'lt tiu ilt ~ i1 141111.1. 11 II 11I tIll
'lii' lull, lill~t""J I t4li Ili 111 it l. ii.'s~s, tn
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iiliuii sIi.. iI. 'I'1ii . lutilk 1111itg Itlls
;11)1 1"uv1t a 111 1.:"l(,I.l) )111tul 11 W ld they
511."11 r.ia(": .11lil ,, 111,' 1111 ( Ill' 111':1111)
hts 1111) stlr l t 11;1 t '. , sill r.'s(111 rl( 1((l(.lll!
"f M ii l It ;151 Ill '' igli i" i- I. I Ill
,lor I , -1151 i ;1111'.1·t.(( t'1 \ d/1 11 411 1111
IIIin Ills Vio-,'~ 11 1g I- lc*11,11 the mai,;ll.,
111111'1 111"" rn11,, " 11 11 \1.,t ·I, ·111 (II1t
} ~41 \, 111 r", ;Ill that 4;1()111 tilt L1I. .rd'1
·1 ,i'·· t at I t Is1 11"·\I II;I( b 11 but the
x"111. II1;11 Is 1. '.1I \115 ()1. 1)111111 I)1 1111
sIlt It %% ;1. "In' 1,"Ill's' 51.'111 lh; II It''n
d,-;f ill "n It,. Iti)II l-, dal. \\'1' ( 11 4011 1-41 It1(
11111' ·'`i ·11 ·.1 )1111" \ 1 ts ill l H· r .11t1·1(\·1l
11 ;IN ('hn tth'' I I1IJ 111 )1(', 111111'711\ Ii''"rv
Iflip I If Is I tIIII ".11 , flint ii 1" 111. I1l1js'
it r ',i -1. V '' ile ' nt l II 't t 'stl
ittt;1 i w, - II I 1' l1:1 r it1if, 1 111 1111' 11t;11
t;,l\Li h this 1rrr1 n1du\ \\1I l 1 1.: 415 b1.
i,"ts rrl Is, th." stlt'ds "f 4'Ili 111, ·11111 *il
Wartsl·i Its 'll""u 11. 11"n ,title It111I -
d.."111"r5 1 '"5111:'1',','1 I l' l · 1.(..11ll.1
'1'h" ',I 4.1111.11., 1, 1 h1 I lt fit 1 'I11i Ist billr
mi nds lit l 'stislli'l' I t" . 1t1s 1 all, 11111
V- -441 ll " i, 1~ 11 s Ih 1) 1 ~h,"1,1 11." s"1 I'I'I1
t'. 'II,, II.' did 11'.! ,b'' , 111;11 If.., 111.'r
hswlt' is flt-It as? I. 1 ""1·1 h11 , Iri lflilr :111.1
ilI in ·1114 I 111. 1:1 Ili '' ltlUI I \\.I ti ls lit
II a 51J . \'h t ;1 a e51ý L nll
* To every person suffering
, with an old sore or chronic
ulcer, the very best news in this
paper is contained in the present
article. It is good news because
it is true; it tells of a way to get rid of these plague spots which so
often sap the strength and vitality, and best of all, this permanent cure
is in reach of every one.
It is an absolutely true statement to say that every old sore or
chronic ulcer exists solely because of bad blood. Outside contamina- I
tions or influences may increase the local inflammation, but such
things have nothing to do with keeping the place open. It is the in
fected blood discharging its impurities through a weak spot on the
flesh that does this, and the sore will continue, gradually growing
worse, until the blood is purified of the exciting cause.
See hew nature points to the cause through the symptoms. The
inflammation, discharge, discolored flesh, and the fact that external
applications never have any curative effect on the sore, show that
deep down in the circulation there is a morbid cause which prevents
the place from healing. But more convincing proof that bad blood is
responsible for old sores, is furnished by the fact that even removing
every visible trace of the ulcer by surgical operation does not cure;
the sore always returns.
S. S. S. heals old sores because It Is the greatest of all blood
purifiers; it goes into the circulation and removes the cause from the
blood. When the blood has been purified there is no longer any in
flammatory or infectious matter to irritate the place and nature causes
a natural and certain healing of the ulcer. When S. S. S. has cleansed
the circulation and the place Is well, it is not a surface cure, not simply
a smoothing over of the outward evidence, but it is a perfect and per
manent cure, because every vestige of the old cause has been driven
out. S. S. S. is made entirely of roots, herbs and barks cleansing and
invigorating in their nature, and of great tonic value. It is a medicine
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of S. S. S. has been good news to thousands, it is good news for you.
If you wish any special advice aut an old sore or tlcer write
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tions y w fmiStltll of. No charge for the book or advicel
- S. SWI T i S cIf O A AttA, W%
All til11 1$ If $r piece w ith the tlh
t('i111 1'1.1 tif i tI the Vn, Inter. coiep hukr
and gltlIt'l' I nli 11111, "trlentl sall I lt'
I her a'eM t1i141 a 1 1'l14 .11 rill of ( f1111114
(tllllitit e lf 11114 , It It 111114e tllllo" tily tIe
et'pl· ht I$i llirl lti r hlow ler l t It iS
'IVi-lit blyl InhllrM In nrk statedee-. XeIt
Chelr art, partlenlillllw givec n realpeetillg
time w11 rn' ot. ll1( lltol uind to It'..'h1
enoughl of tilts, If' It 11111 4 helped i ts t o
Mel- till' III(;Irrditr ofl oulr thecoriesx re-·
nwiwhknnet +114 to thought andt to tllhle
te'reatlng slIllhjelt.
What Say the Scriptures?
T hel It' lV. 11 11 13 er uelellletlln ' (i4(41t4114u .
Ileere' 114 I~'~r? stulel Ic~inIc '' tle' due e' lletn(
fell IsI vv1411 a hlrlry el. lull Ieltluell teInts
114 .111( "there IM it lutllit ildy and
Own.~n Is a spirit 1(011? " Ile· doesw not
tllc'all soli h e d oes not MI1 WlI' that the
Quite to 1it 1' Ivtf Ii ''r luI ' 111111 IIIt I
ul''ltl jell lllg1,1 lii' r1411.1 II Melril thei
(fled It might b'". A h11111((.~.11()II tl(If.
15/011tl 11 1(1 1l) t' 1:1. 1 ' IIfet'el(t Irmn 11
Mllirrll i11·t, g that, 714 X 11. 1'IlI1I Mays. "it
In m o, rl~ll'lr' 4111 41, 11"11 rhnn~e; mml I 11l
nM 111' ex1111)sn1Ilinn.ll'li~I )1'Rc'~l~
T he 111 I,111'. 111(1'"I % d ,rlmf ' 18 1 1
.'11(n11 1)1, t"1:11 , 1.% lll Ihl (I rlillt c rl ex
nrrerti'In ""h1. g'', Im" givc* I it shat',' InI
ho,~ c Il rr 11111 ind $11 1111 11 its Ile I and
Heavenly and Earthly Bodies.
44444 .1l.'x1. 111414 4411tl' 1h11l's 114 1i1r1.r
1I.'-li.l, n1 . IuI.Ihl> 1o11h s, and llll(1~rh'1)I.~ s
to its is that 6 11" first rr( .\laitls wtcls vault'(
.I IIw . lug s it iI a 111 11I54 IIg. 141 11 that
ilust lli'v.tl(~1 h tis'iliIs'rI,iI' 1 gIsli'ss. It
.liIIft li jil 41' b 1.'n 1 , .til'4 wh ll 1)4444 4141414'
Hrnn llinrkt. w'' l s'' Iullar . i( lt r "fur flt'
sir arrtl' ,s1, ' ''I 4 :4 " tlls'rlll Iy l'.41 4't
Iu'n .t.lusui 41 s l i I I il(( t I sn i'144rll.
11i 11' w 1 ' tll 4:4'l44I\' 11411444'r file- met.
l.'til. liam 'tll fi t- f41 irst~i A tlit Is 44* 444
rniv 'it inhliiisga'."%; arlvndtl,
m-go', 41,' I 111414414114 w'll t, III ll.i i 'llsitl
w . I';c1I1· (1 'CI.1I'111 111t ' ( h% IIJLv IIII That2
11 ln . fit, '-t ii, 1141 li(·t plant.-141
fl. 4k o 'it 1144. isllii-'r 55j M astI:4 s. 4541
5')) ''o5 i t"I i'tiii Innh' II- fish444414 1144t
inn. ll s rll i I(' r(IIi I lls' ·r ua 1 44')'sfl3
14114 't iii111114441 1P. hilt ;111 ri-, sIIrIt.
41 1l. 1111 Pl oo l 11i l 4-i 'sl r t I 't11r41 111 'r i
1 .4111u in' aw l Is114 spiraIl4." 444441 414'144t
Its 441144 lI i's: 111.'li s-: ils's. ' 111141' tl4s lsl4
'uli-s ivrt' 'll 44pirn~i'1ho- iras lsl11il441 1.4
I l nsi , IV N u fiu r l c li i Int ,' 111 1 s 1tnr g
lIan'u fnir il ~sa441414lI44.u ap414411451114to
.14111u a li')i rM . s''l r l'ii Iis' it s" pi11 r it414
111.14 Iii i'i'r is 1144In th' latser ; 1.4 1141
MIliril." And~.l4m:4in, that4 "'Ils' wa14 1ut
to death in the flesh, but quickened for
made alive) in the splrit."--l Peter
Ill. s18. '
The more we examine the subject
the more foolish and unseriptural the
views handed to us from the Dark
Ages appear. Par Instance, the crlp
turee clearly set forth that our Re.
deemer, prior to becoming a man, was
a spirit heing-"the Only Begotten of
the rather, full or grace and truth."
Ills Icaving the spirit plane to become
a man Is Scripturally described as a
great stoop or humiliation. Is it tea
sonable to suppose that the heavenly
)Father would perpetuate to all eter
nity that humiliation, after It had
served its Intended purpose? Murely
The lBi),le tells us why Jesus hum
ilePd li nSelf to liI(h human nature--"a
little lower thain the angels." It Ias
bIeaiusei a man had sinned, and the
.tedelelllr must, under the law, be on
the same plane' of being as the one
w4hoi he Wnuld redeent. Thus Jeho
viih particularly specified, "An eye rot'
an iye, it tooth for a tooth, it life for
n life." lfence, the death of an angel,
on if or lard In his pre'-hulnan ch
dltlin, could not have affected the
that .e. tllrolugh His poverty might bI
si(llnent release of the condemned race.
Thus again we read. "A body hast
Thou prepared Me." "fnr the suffering
of dHath."--lehrews x. f:; II, 0.
No one quesatlons that this applies
ex'lsiIvely to our laord's. experiences
during the years In which "He who
was rich for our sakes became poor,
that we' though His poverty might be
made rich." Surely, It Is ulnsuppos.
alll lthalit the, I ather would arriange a
plan Iby which oar Redeemer's faithful
ness lt accomllplshing matin' redemlp
tion a.oild 'ost lll an eternity of
poverty., hulllliatlion. dlegradiation to a
plane "a little lower than the angels,"
while thile church wiuld lie made rich,
sind woulld attain a spirit state "far
ahoI'e lanels"-he nalld "partakers of
tllh divine naturie."--It Peter I, 4.
God Highly Exalted Him.
itn ti' i'omnlltrary, the very samine
aiustlle' wtho t1lls Ius of iiour I .rd's hu
iltllllll.n iarrlies the iian tter to the ell
mIxI. tinlllng Ius of ills fallthfulnllss, as
the 111an Christ Jensu, unto death,
even tlhe IdeatIItu of thei ('rosls; lld then
lie alisn n assurlancei of the heiavnly
banthelr's faithfulness In nit leaving
Ills 4mn on ta lower pil::,; "Where
fore." Sluys the apostle, "Itld also high
ly exalt'd i lllm, and htth 4iv'n: Him a
namei ihoi every niam."' This, too.
Is In laharmonyll with our liird's words
in fIlls liprlyer Io the Iather. A Joy had
bhi'n set ibefore Itlm by ito' Vather-a
Joy orf Isleling the eith,.r, or bringing
ni hl'sleinlg to maltnkind, and tilhe Joy alsn
of exaltation, nas a special reward for
But the Redeemlir. ignoring all the
promisns of a higher glory as a reward
for lls fainthfulnoes. merely prayed to
the tI'ther in these words, "Father.
glorify 'rThll ,rl wvitI the glory a*hich
I had witlh Thee ibefoire the world wais."
In humlilty He Iasked no reward. lie
did not pray. Remember that you
are promised ni still greaser exaltation
int glory! No,. II'e would lhl qullte non
tent ii: htei'' serv'ed them lalthllr's liellr
piese anild platns and thin to return Ito
the glurious state in which lie was
hiftrft' lie l.ft th e glory, and for our
cuak'S Ibell'uie Iliisor and Italik upon HIIII
nelf ilt'e hmlllllan nltllur. Ad whallt said
thel Ililve''nly Mathller in reslponse to
thIlalt raiyerl'r (rhi. we r.lllemember the
wiiruls of .lJlihvah wIere. "I hlnvei glor
iflidI Theel. aind I a ill glorify The'
lgnlln." oir furllher -'thel Implicatlon Is
that ofr still highelr glory than thI'
,oneu whii.h liihe enjoyed before lie w:as
mnol:e fltsh.
H. Appeared and Disappeared.
Two IIn4m o f diffl.l t in pl4r4'n'4t kf
th44'44elv4 l'one of w4hi4 h (enn b)le n- F
4were4d and the1 othe'r 4ul4n4Ot. Th'l'e un
a wll4'rblehr dllffilllity I1 where a lllt- d
Irrl4l1ninde-l4td m4444n underltakes to reason l
th4e a4ujec'lt t4ol He. llnds4 It illpon
44::h111. of t.,m4prehenlion ' 0 s i4 e finds
other 11tiin of Divine revelationl. St.
1'111l explailn4 this4 , 4nylng, '"The n44 1
4r44l 4 '4'4 'e4lvetlh 1 nft the things of
the. 1pirlit . (4od. nelther (4l4l 1t,' know
themi. I| 't'inls the' y 14' .e sp4 iI'It4llly d(1144.
,cr'lned." Ti'h' aipostl, prorte'd4 to t1ill
i's t114 h 11 4 men lare 4 oatura4 l 4 ,444 t nll )ex
1pt 41uch nom 44ave beon 1h'egntn4 by
the Iholy Spirit. All natural men41 will.
In 'their re4u'rree.tnlt., r1eceive e4rthly,
r ll- IIhumlIan b 1odies, whtlh all 11 lspritall
44ones. N4ew 4'rIr4tur'.e Iln Chrl.t, will re.
,41elve Nl4plrlt h,4ln am, an Ilt. Paul eIxpllnIs
I4 oulr r ntextl, verare :161-,O.
Thse o ll' 4 y h4 urers. lthere'fore,, 14.h4
hNv4,4 ne44t1 stccepled hrilat, iand i4de14
1 full .consecration of their all to Ills
dls'lples, folowing hI In l il f444tt14tp1 ,
1ily14 klnow tlt (h14 y hall've nrot l.ven ,hel I1
444itle n f th ol y Spirit (4e4l ause onl1 y
iiupon em tit rn terms are alny ,begotten of
hIlle Hplrlt). TheMe, thetrefore, I will
lask to 'olnsider what 1 saly, nd holdI
it. If th1ey 1 u444e,. tentatively, until m444441
tlim'e nil. Inl (1o41'4 provldence., Ilhey m4ilay
be |egottrn of the IIoly Hpirit and thus
il'e enabled to understand 1 spiritu4l4
Ii;tter1 r44i4c4 4 i4 t4ile.
Anotlter classi whotu hiv' dltflfcilty on
t i uhjlll Jec' t 4 ire t14 ll spi-rit-(4 ott enI
ones who haveI hieyll entangled rII their
r'oeaonisng bIy ithe de41444ration of lthe
'ree4l4 roalml44tin4 lieth re(urr4ectionl4 of
Ithe body. It I difficultll unlear Iil n 4 r1
ror. 'WhenIi v4ilotling Vll'ious lands alnd
learning of lte hIold il suplertitionll
upon 1ith Ill't' ll114m, I 44rall t44o iy4y el., I
biulliev tha1 t w Ct hristians experie4i.4l'l4nce
jus.t a iimuchl difficulty 4i' unle.rning
4our "rrl'iMr I44 these '1llheathenlll do In
getting free frollm t4heirs.
S ',IIIni (1) thei l, pintll ' what is to
b 4i resl, nrecte4'r l ll. 4w'I4 4)15, thl 1f4el t 4II14t
oulr Lorld appirll 'led ll a bhdy of flesh,
411ni1 44huw d th4l, di.ipie's 4ilt1' pri(nt of
lthe nalls anld the little madeIl by the
4pear. lut te, perl'lips, fulled to note
thlll t ly twi. e did 1Ie 4 ll1l44 lppOllr,
and bill for 1ll' 444 i n554' s o414444ch time.
film nther six or t'll4ven uppearI4 ll c duri1
Ilg (thlt 4()0 Iull' were ailso very brief,
and Ill vullr ous4 bodilt-.once ' I4n( 4 olr
B5'er4'. 4 444other (li4e 4s i4 travelor
Ills third linti aus i stranger on te11
ahore, and to Hu4 l iof Tarsus, ias Ia
lspirit being of more than 4( ngll4a4 lie
brlhtnless, "rhlniln above the brigiht
IIm olr tlhe Mll ' l4lt noonday.4" We o'ver
4okeLd tile fact tlt thlm ppearan lces,
If all put togetler', woulhd pirobably not
have exceeded four 10tul't out of the
entire 40 days in which our Lord tir
rind with His diselples after His rea
Srrot.tl a bad e're Illts iucenalsio.
We were no'' t critical students when
we overlooked thosie things, and for.
got to ark ourselves why th4se thligs
,w1ere so.
Now we WIe more 1 i1ltitIitlv why 0Ai
I.ird il54 as He 4 ,' igl4Uilpi
were unat 4'!i men tn ! it ie 91p
the presence of t. osr on behalf of
His church, to 'mlatb lahlftilon for
their sins, and to lItla them aetapt
able Jotltesar i.im. h h aim
time, had Je.°ip tarrled thle 40
days-had .l.e atgnde Immedlatel.
after His reaur tl -the disciples,
stunned and bowlldl dd, would have
had no asurarioe pof H~s resurrection;
They would have Ajld it It lpoasihle
to go out and tell thi pioplhe that Fl1
had risen froms th~e g4ed when th l
had no prof to this.ºfthect.
And even if 'JsqI had appeared to
them as lie did to Blul otf Tarusi,
shove the brllht shh)llg it the llsun.
this would not hays been convipeling
and satisfactory. They might have
suld, here In n phennltmoll, . iut how
ean we deflnlitly ualociate It with the
life and ileath of Jesus .\lutters were
different with atul of T'lralns. He
neded ometlllhing to thoroughly arouse
hnlt and to teach hin rir all time,
and others throqllt .m, that the Lord.
is not alt.'e, jilt' at p.4.irit.", Be
cides, snitme or the disciples who al
ready belleved were able to give Saul
of Tarsuis atdurauippe of what they
Knew respecting tb resurrection of
Jesus and His asCi nlon.
No Foolish Sluggll.ons in Sible.
The Lord adopte{ th'e only reason
able waiy of helpil~i His disciples to
understand that )j was no longer
dead-that Hie had ris.n from the
dead-and that he Wla Io lohnger hu
man., ut hail imon *lorlfled, anld had
become a spirit beihg. Thie two thingll
were necessary and they Wire done at
the mnlto time.
lIven oII tile occaslions whet our lard
aippetretd in body like i, lthe one cru
cified, Hie took care that the manifee
tution slhuld be under such conditions
an would psitively prove thait He had
becoln iia spirit being. III, came into
the roomt where they were while tlhe
door wasm shut, and after ti few wortid
with thIem Hle vanishetd froml their
sight. uas no human being could have
done and as He never did during His
eartlhly career. That the Apostles
caught the thought ln well evidenced
by St. Paul's argument ,io the sulb
ject InII orr text. There i Ino, foolish
slllgestionl in the Bible albiout Jesus
having a fleshly body in heaven--tllat
Is all In our Croeds and ihymn tbooks.
prepared for us ,by our well-inalnlitig
but mtntakenstt forefathers. whol used to
burn one another at the stake if they
failed to promptly' agree togeth.er oll
such propoltlons.
W' Iltur the dead, butll they shall
T'he Iusl, hI t ,the y stllll Ii' restored!
1(! well utir Ihunman heiarts might
Wilthout that sacred ,word!
lhe ii ee. l,,k 1p,! ahid hetrits rejolee!
li'llg (liii's bow of promiser
I through,
At solllld of tilat prophethli tcli:
"I will Imake all thinlgs nlcw."
('onsumption Is a flattering disease
and the sufferer is filled. iath bright e
hopes of improvement. 'Call it by its It
own dread nlnme-and then-take Eck. J'
man's Alterative, because It Is effective "
in tuberculosis. No one' need doubt It
--there is plenty of evidence from I
1.ve wlttns.s. In't'etlgate the totl
Amenla. N. Y.
"(Gentlemen Prior to ll'ebruary. 1908.
I was suffering with lagrlppe, which
developed Into tulbreulosis. lly physl- l,
clan Rave mlna a month to lIve. My v
father. who is it clergyman, heard of t
Eckman's Alterative and Induced me to r
take it. The night sweats and chills
disappeared, my cough became easier
and gradually dimlnlshed. I am now
in perfect health, back to 155 pounds.
I feel certain that I owe my life to
Eckman's Alterative." '
(Signed) "B. II. COWLEi."
"'Gentlemen: I cannot find words
toin,express Imy appreciation of what
your remedy has done for my son.
(Signed) "REV. J. J. COWLES,
"Pastor Presbyterian Church."
Eckmnan's Alteratlve is effective in
bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, throat
and lung troubles, and Ii upbuilding
the system. Does not contain poisons,
opiates or habit-forming drugs. For
sale by Mlissouia IDrug conmpan'y,
(George I'rclshelitor and 'other leading
druggslts. Ask for I ,,'.klet telling Io
rccI',eris and writl , Eckllan ll 14)
orutorry, 'lltiadelphhi, Pa., for addi
t ionall uvidenrnt.
(HWalace, Idaho, June 1.--The
Stelwart Mining comlllalny, a partner In
the suit brought by lirpetor Edward
t'. t'arter of Spokane. filed an answer
in the district court here today op
tposing the uppolntmellnt of a receiver
on the ground that a corporation
should not be held for the wrongs of
its officers.
V. Augustus Holnze, Stenle'y tifford
and IL. W. Dunhllll of New York, and
Mi. W. Bacon oft Butte, accused 141 the
director's complaint uf complictty in
the disposition of till funds of the
company, will file their answers when
the case conies up for argument to
Vancouver, Ii. C.. June 1.-Albert
Kinney, who served terms in San
Quentin and other Unite .States pen
ttentiarloie, was sonteeome '1pdays to
14 years for attempted nmurder. lov
oral months ago Kinney trile to rob
a bank at Central Park, near this city,
and in making his escape bot .Oswald
Gibbs, a bank clerk.
When your child h' ' whooping
cough be careful to keep the cough
loose and expectoration easy by giving
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as may
be required. This remngQy awll also
liqul'y the tough tucus and snake It
easier to expectorate. It has been
used successfully in many epidemics
and is sate and sure. For sale by all
Fort Missoula, Mont., 1911. Four
byraoks, four log quarterst one bakery,
on emporary coal (ih. onne teamsters'
qua r lt, . wir' 'be tsold at Enetiob
by qut r, at I p. m.. Jupe I.
Siof ur se price to
pa .tt 103 daVa.
Porat.on. or ad und ". l
orney in t Tl ain t
I Utle, otit s il
its aplicatlion ( Mtent tor 143
linar, feet of the VSI1i, .being 1K.
leet north 8 tdegres 06 minutes es,
and 1808 feet south 08.degrees 06
minutes west, from slloovery In mouth
of tunnel of the Mint lode, upon which
a*ntlice of intention to qpply dr a
patent was posted at mout of di*
covery tunnel on Jatuary 8,' 1912, des
ignated as sblrvey No. 8268, in sectloh
9, township 12 north, Tafaie 16I welt,
Wallaes, unorgapnlird mlnlnl dlistrlot,
Missloula county, Montana, and de
scribed as follows: Beginnlng ate'or
nor No. 1, a post five inches square,
five feet long, set two feet deep, wit
nessed by bearing trees, and ser o'e
.02.8. for corner No. i, from whic tle
quarter section corner on the floth
houndary of section 9, township 18
north, range 16 west, bear~ northlt 9
degrees 46 minutes east, 466.8 feet,
and running thence south 'T degrees
03 minutes east, 600 feet; thence south
Sdegrees 05 minutes west, 149811.8
feet: thence north 37 degrees 03 mln
utes west, 600 feet: thence north 61
degrees 05 minutes east, 1408. feet, to
the place of beginnlng, containing an
area of 20.646 acres, of whleh 6,267
acres are In conflict with N. P. Ry.
Pat. No. 110, not claimed, leaving
14.388 acres claimed.
The locatoln certificate of this claim
is of record In the office of the re
corder of Missoula coutnty, in Vol 5 of
Lode Iocations, on page 146.
There are no adjoining claims to
these premises.
JOSIAH SHHUI.b Register.
Attorney for Applicant.
ilirst publication, 5-27-1912.
Notice for Publietion.
)Dep,artment of the Interior, United
States Land Office at Missoula, Mon
tana, May 27, 1912.
Notice Is hereby given that Johp W.
Collins of DeBorgla. Montana, who, on
May 27, 1908, made homestead entry
822,. serial No. 01078, for the south
west quarter of the northeast quarter
of the northeast quarter, southeast
quarter of the northwest quarter of the
iortheast quarter, west half of the
southeast quarter of the northeast
quarter, east half ~,f the southwest
quarter of the northeast quarter, north
east quarter of the southeast quarter.
north half of the southeast quarter of
the southeast quarter of section 7, and
southwest quarter of the southwest
quarter of section 8. township 19 north,
range 30 west, Montana meridian, has
flued notice of intention to make five
year proof to establish claim to the
land above described, before H. J. Bur
leigh, t United tted States commissioner, at
Plains. Montana, on the 15th day of
July, 1012.
Claimant tnames as witnesses: Hlugh
Rt. Walbridge of Eddy., Montana: Sarah
i. C'ollins of Eddy, Montana; Alexan
der Montgomery of r)eBorga., Mon
tana; John Welch of DeBorgiu, Mlon
JOIIAH 811tLL, Regstatr.
-30- 1912.
Notice to Contractors.
nealed 'bids or proposals will be re- 2
ctelv.ed by the city clerk at the city f
Ihalil. Mlissola, Montana. till 10 u. m.
June 19. 1912, for furnishing all labor, f
mnaterials, tools and appliances neces- s
sary for the construction or a pave- a
ment and all accessories In Special i
IInprovem.ent District No. 14, Cedar 2
street, In aecordance with the plans 2
andt speciflcations on file In the city I
engineer's offles, Misaoula, Mintana. I
Bide will be received on the follow- r
Ing different kinds of piavelnments, to- I
wit: Vitrified brlch, creosoted wood I
ibhlcks. asphalt, IHassain, granocrute, s
westrumlnte, asphaltic concrete, as
phalltic. macadam, bitulithic and tar s
A certified check on a Missoula 1
bank or a New York draft will be re- I
qulred with each bid, made payable to s
the city treasurer, to be forfeited to,
the city of Mlssoula In case the sue-I
cessful bidder falls to enter Into con- s
tract at lil hid 'price. The amount
of the check or draft shall be $8,00(0.
The city council reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
CIty Clerk.
City Engineer.
Notice for Publiaetion.
Department of the Interior, United
States Land Office, Missoula, Mont.,
May 13. 1912.
Notice Is hereby given that Gustave
Pinsonneault, devisee of Louis N.
Pigeon, deceased, of Prenchtown.
Montana, who, on December 14, 1907,
made homestead entry 828S, serial No.
01054, for NW. NW. Sec. S8, T. 16 N.,
R. 21 W. M. M., has flied notice of In
tention to make commutation proof, to
establish claim to the land above dp
scribed, before the register and receiver
at Missoula, Mont., on the let day of
July, 1912.
Claimant names as witnesses: Ubald
Marcure, John Parent, Alfred Lucler,
Henry Bedard, all of. llrenchtown,
5l-15 to 6-14.
Pound Notice.
Notice is hereby given that I have,
on the -1th day of May, 1912. taken
up and impounded the following de
aerlbed stock: One light .bay horse,
white stripe in face, branded 0
A on left hip; one dark bay
horse, right ear split, branded H
on hip, also hooked H on left Jaw;
and unless tlihe owner or owners of the
same make satisfactory proof of own
ership and pay the pound fee of $1.00
each, together with 50 cents per dqy
costs of keeping wsame while so Im
ipounded on or 'before the Nth day of
Jupe, 1912, said stock will be sold ql
public auction to pay the fee and
costs above mentioned.
Witness my hand this :list day of
May, 19B1.
May, 1. W. H. HOUSTON,
Chief of Police.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior, United
SStater Land Office at Missoula Mon
tapa, My 8, 1181,
Notice Is hereby given that Ma*y 3.
Sooth, of FrenchtoWn, Montana, who
onL May 8, 1905. made homestead al
try 88n7. serial No, 0892, fop the soun
half of the southeast qul.ter, lots 9
Sand 10, section 12, township 15 north,
range 1 west, Montana merids. hsi
I filed notioe of Intentiop to make SJi
t- rland abov describ$d, before rise-I
r ter and receiver, at Mlsoul, Moana,
'. on the 87th day of uaue 1913.
S[ lahemant tam ai. seit 1, tot
'0 II/ ý
M" f Ig [email protected] t Cou
Manu hturer o
aes w n ad Lar ' " •:
Shel8t e Of t e. a lat
nBonner, Montmn.
Our mills have constantly on hand la~p igd
~ormplptep portlments of yard items in Wes +
Pine and Montana Larch. Our facilitles int i
of gatting out bill and special items with t.byea
delay. Shipments made over N. P. and . . &
P. S. railways.- A large and complete facti 1ft
connection which makes anything needed ill
Sash, Doors, Window and Door Frames, Mould
ings and Interior Finish. Large factory for thli
manufacture of
Box Shooks, Fruit and Apple Boiei
Phones--Bell 106; Ind. 742
· · I N. . . . . .
Mining Application No. 04846.
United States Land Office, Missoula,
Notice is hereby given that the Black
Hawk Mining company, a corporation,
organised under the laws of Arizona,
by Thomas McHugh, its attorney in
fact, whose postoffice address is Butte,
Montana, has this day filed its appli
cation for patent 'for 1500 linear feet,
of the vein, being 382 feet north, 28 de
grees 69 minutes east, and 1148 feet
south, 28 degrees 69 minutes west,
from the center of discovery shaft of
the Victor lode, and 1500 linear feet,
being 1148 feet north, 28 degrees 59
minutes east, and 352 feet south '28
degrees 59 minutes west, from the
point of discovery in cut of the Iris
lode, upon which a notice of Intention
to apply for ai latent was posted at
discovery shalft on the Victor lode on
Janluary 5, 1012, designated as survey
No. 9261, n sectlion R, township 12
north, range 16 west, Wallace, unor
ganlxed mining district, Missoula
county, Montana, and described as fol
lows :
Victor Lode--leginning at corner
No,. 1. a post six inches square, five
feet long. set two feet deep, witnessed
by hearing trees, and scribed 1-9261-V.
for corner No. ., from which the
southwest corner of section 8. town- !
ship 12 north, range 16 west, bears
south 25 degrees 33 minutes west,
2538.5 feet, and running thence north
28 degrees 59 minutes east. 1500 feet:
thence. south Si degrees 01 minute cast.
600 feet; thence south 28 degrees 59
minutes west, 1500 feet: thence north
61 degrees 01 minute west. 600 feet, to
the place of beginning: containing an
area of 20.861 acres, claimed.
Iris lode-1-eginning at corner No. I.
a post six Inclles sqluare, five feet
long, set two feet deep, wlitnessed by
bearing trees, and scribed 1-9261-1, feor
corner No. 1, from which the south
west corner of section 8, township 12
north, range 18 west, bears south 20
degrees 37 minutes west. 1045.1 feet,
and running thence north 28 degrees 59
minutes cost. 1500 f'ePt; thence south
81 degrees tt mninute east, 800 feet;
thencle south 28 degrees 59 minutes
west. 1500 feet; thence north 61 de
grees 01 minute west, 600 feet. to cor
ner No. I. the place of beginning: con
taining an area of 20.661 acres,
claimed. Total area of the survey,
claimed, 41.332 acres.
The location certificates pf these I
claims are of record In the office of
thlm recorder of Missoula county, In
Vol. G, pages 143 and 144, respectively.
There are no adjoining claimslnl to
these premlses.
JOSIAI SHITlSd4. Register.
Attorney for Applicant.
IFirst pilbli.eatlon. 5-27-1912.
Notice to Contractors.
healed bids or proposals will be re
ceived by the city clerk at the city
hall, Missoula, Montana, till 10 o'clock
a. an., June 19, 1912, for furnishing all
labor, materials, tools and appliances
necessary for the construction of a
pavement and all accessories in Speclal
Improvement District No. 12, Gerald
avenue, in accordance with the plans
and specifications on file in the city
engineer's office, Missoula, Montana.
Bids will be received on the follow
Ing different kinds of pavement, to
wit: Sheet asphalt, asphaltic concrete
Son macadam base, asphaltic concrete
on concrete base. asphaltic macadam
"A," asphaltic macadam "R,'' west
rtnlmte asphalt on macadam base,
weatrumite asphalt on concrete base, tar
I macadam, dolarway granoerete, Has
sam, Hassamite, bitulithic on ma
a cadam base, bitullthic on concrete
base, pIavenerllt consisting of concrete
base and bitumnlnous wearing surface,
vitrified brick pavement and creosoted
wood block pavement,
S A certified check on a Missoula
t bank or a New York draft will be re
t quile4 With each, bid, made payablo to
the city tre surer, to be forfelted to
,f the city of Missoula In case the suc
cessful bidder fails to enter into con
tract at his bid price. The amount
of the check 'or draft shltl be 45,000.
. Tholty council reserves the right
to reject any or all bids.
City Clerk.
City Engineer.
5.129-30.31-6-1-2-5-9- 9- -16. .
SOffite of the keoptenp Homentake Gold
Mining Oempany,
t Martina, Montana, May t1, 1913.
The regular annual meeting of the
l stockholders of the Montana Homestake
0 Gold Mining company willle held at
I- Its office In Martina, Montaa, on Jhe
1, 10, 1913, at 10 o'clock a, m., 'or the Wec.
tion of five (5) diredtore of id r
Sin Jalr f "he.puIn. )f.. n.)very
I rqujsqQe tht rutllt4 ,to abe ~Mpidt
Thb .
of satI~tfactlopwt W
derlve from hIlingn
to you Is that of
knowing you are
sure to come aalan.
Our Meras .
s and prices make
friends and -keep
them. And to prove
Sit we ask 3ou to
compare the real
values offeI'ed herS
with any you know
i can be had any.
0 whore else.
Z11 Wet Mali
Bell Phone 1b5 nd. Phone 471
Missoula. Montana.
United States Deposrtpry for
Postal Savings Fund.
Travelers checks..drafts and letters
of credit aivilable In all parts of
the world.
Safety Deposit .Boxes for Rent.
Interest Paid on Savings Aeeounte
and Certificates of Deposit.
Missoula, Mont.
CAPITAL ......................... ».. m
SURPLUS FUND .........~..IW -
0. A. WOLF ............. Prelsm t
JOHN C. LEiHSOU....Vlcm P rhi nt
J. H. T. RYMAN ........... Caler
John G. Morony, i5. A. I'i., G.
A. Wolf, John C. Lehsou, J9. I,
Woody, J. H. T. RyUitaj.
Missoula, Montana.
Capftal .............. ... . n
Surplus and Profi .........,.
Offl.f e .i
A. R. JACO ..............ai.Sa
R. C. OIDDINOG ..... AUAt.
J. M. Keith, E. J. Coffee, J. 1.
Dilly, (. T, NoOsalloual, . a,
KIinoe, A. R. Jaook, l;enni'Ro4L .
We pay I per cent per anaum o
S avings Depoaslts.
y i
In rano ii >p. 44 a '
Improv;ed ' ..
Hlw Ia Your Fir* Inuresgef
Malat sIIseJ

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