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of the
llsioner of Indian !iW aire a
1,40001 f880, 1544,000 I tp n
etit I ath tMber t ,
e continent of he Unit$i V
* fromt 3810' 'o 10,00, but6 a
etewseddo iderglyt dilln. the d p
biL n t00 and 1910. In Alska the 0
b bij r . of Indians wa 250,8It in 1:00,
in itq i .$Lp# 10.
e r"gst nubbt t '(ind<ians ti
1 ,2;SS, 4I tound In Oilsbo4laa, the
r ltyhaving an Indian popuI
ftii ow* 16. .. inA e Arisi a,
lhgttn, 16,.311 lontana, 1i0,48, andl
Wisconsain, 10,14. Indians are found
in every state and territory, but their
nuniber in some. states (Delaware, Ve.
Ilont, New Hampshire and West Vir
glnia) Is lese thaf 50. The number t
of Indian eneeeds 1,000 In It of the
In continental United States the
number of Indians per 100 squnre
mlles is 8.0. The number varies from
107.8 In Oklahoma (lgnoring the 111.8
in' the District of Columbia, I. e., In the'
cilty of Washington) to 0.1 in West
Yirgnltt. The npmber of Indians per
100,000 totati pop lation declined con
stantly from 711.0 In 1870 to 888.3 In
The number of Indian tribes In con
tinental United States Is large, but the 1
number of members In sonie is very
email; thus there are six tribes repre- I
sented by a single member, and 810with
a membership under 10. The cblef
tribes numerically are the Cherokees,
of *hom them are 81,486: the Navajo,
with .1. 486 members; the Chippewa,
with 10,214: the Choctaw, with 16.911,
sad the Teton Sioux, with 14,184. Of
the remaining tribes none has as many
as 7,000 members, but there as 74
tribes represented by not lees than 500
iadividuals. In Alaska the most num
erous tribes are the Kuswogmiut, with
1,480 and the Aleut with 1,461 mem
bers. None of the other tribes in
Alaska has as many as 1,000 members.
bnumeratlen by Bloed.
; The thirteenth census was the first
to un4ertake an enumeration of In
dianl by blood. The total number of
Indians In continental United States is
'distributed by blood as follows:
All classes--3l6,i--100 per cent.
Full blood-10,058--48.5 per cent. I
Mixed blood-98,428--8.3 per cent. I
White and Indian-88,010-- 8.1 per 1
eeat. . 1
Negro and Indian-3.166--0.8 per
White, negro and Indian-1,79--0.7
per cent.
Other mixture and mixture unknown
-1,845-0.6 per cent.
Not reported--3,807-8.4 per cent.
Of the Indians In Alaska, 84.7 per
cent are full blooded and 16.8 per cent
are of mixed blood.
The full blood Indians are further
subdivided Into those whose blood all
belongs to one Indian tribe, of whom
there are 189,280, or 92.8 per cent of
the total number of full blood Indians;
and these who are of mixed tribal de
,scent, whose number- is 10,261, or 6.8
per cent; the data are missing for 518
or 0.3 per cent.
The 88,080 mixed blood Indians are
divided itto classes, according to the
proportion of white blood, as follows:
More than halt Indian-18,189, or 20.6
per cent.
Halt Indian, half white-4,8358, or
37.7 per cent.
. More than half white-43,397, or 49.9
per ent.
Not reported-1,.71, or 1.8 per cent.
Sexes Nearly Equal.
Of the total of 165,188 Indians in
continental United States. 185,118 or
50.9 per cent are males, and 180.670, or
49.1 per cent are fe nales, the number
of maise to 100 fNmales thus being
108.5. The ekcess of males among
the Indians is not as great as for the
total populatlon of continental United
*tatet, the 'number of males per 100
females in the whole country being
104.4. Among th a native white the
number is 10).7, among the foreign
white 117.4, and among the negroes,
33.4. fbshe preponderance of males
among the Indiaus is thus greater than
ameng +the native white, while among
the negroe the number of females ex.
oseds that of males. It is rather In.
teeating'to note in this connection that
while tlde nuniber of males ~r' 100 eto
males is 103.6 for the entire Indian
oioulation. it'is 101.7 for the full blood
IndSlan and 100.4 for the mixed bleods.
This greater predominance of males
anan fnixed bloods might be acoount.
ed ft6. b the fatt that mlisx blood
women Inm~rnying white men are apt
to 4euy. their Indian blood, thus reduo.
l: .the "ap*rsent number of wontn
mloninlUaind bloods. This explanatldt
gaSls jn pr!.aliblity from the tbat that
i.g atai n~ t children lader 5, whre
Sthli.sl does not operate, the oon.
ditonls re reversed, the number 'of
.nl, lto 19 S.enalaee. being 108.7 for
t ll bodd and 10.4 fo the miIed
blb . d tiditiona li Alaska in this
lPtat .ie tle sevenh of these ia oon
t+rntll Jinltbd"Statesl in Alaska the
nirpiet ot males to 1f0 tefmtae is 101.8
apm* -'the " aI bloodlled ndlans. s1
100. slnnaepgt e tod bloods. On til
ot Seaiton amdong other
I.. . m ndoos and th.
~ thatt e. tue e t.
- 0 p.iovitoA. o fe'mals
wiagM amOng- food Indian. Th4
same olfeumtanoe obably aount
for the fact that the popoton
eso s 31 years of go ad este r
much tless among mtnld b tloo
4u4 s (ull 0 blood ndfanls, being 1i.
pew pt eanong the fodiert d 6.1 i pe
sent among the latter.
reeundity of lndian Wemen.
t dehsl. The basis to. thi
study Is the nqmber of chlldren bore
and the inmber of living for every
pried womn, 14 to. 44 years of em
*ho hl s been married for at t one
year. .Widowe and and divoroeodwmn
as well as thorn married more thean
once, were ecluded. T.'e total num.
ber of women tabulated for this study
was 31,68l. For the full ,blood In
diana it is 10.6 per cent, for the mixed
bloods] 6. per cent. Thus sterility
Is more common among futl . blood
than among mixed blood Indian wom
en. Purtherinore the proportion of
sterility among full blood women is
10.4 pew cent when the husband is a
tfull blood of the same tribe, 16.6 per
cent when he belongs to a different
tribe, 8.4 per cent when he is halt
white, and 7.7 per cent when he is
white. Among mixed blood women
having full blood Indian husbands the
proportion of sterility is 9.4 per cent,
among those having half white hue
bands It is 6.9 per cent, and among
those having white husbands it is 4.3
per cent. Thus the proportion of
sterile women is not only smaller
among mixed bloods than among full
blooded women, but it is smaller, in
each case when the husband is a half
breed, and smallest when the husband
is white.
A further study Is made of the
fecundity of Indian women 15 to 46
years of age who have been married
between 10 and 50 years. Of these,
16.9 per cent have borne no more than
.two children (including those who
have borne no children). 44.9 per cent
than have borne between three and
five children, and 38.5 per cent have
borne more than five children. The
proportion having borne not more
than two children is 18.8 per cent
among full blood Indians, and 14.0 per
cent among mixed bloods, while the
proportion having borne more than
five Is 84.t among the former, and
44.4 among the latter. The propor.
tions vary also In connection with the
race of the husband; thus among full
blood women the proportions having
borne no more than two children ate
as follows: When the husband is a
full blood of the same tribe as the
wife. 19.5 per cent: when he is a full
blood of another tribe, 30.2 per cent;
when he Is a half breed, 13.0 per cent;
when he is white. 7.5 per cent. Slm.
Ilarly for mixed blood women the pro.
portions having no more than tw.
children are: When the husband ii
a full blood Indian. 16 per cent; when
he Is a halt breed, 14.3 per cent; when
he is white, 12.9 per cent.
Thus the evidence on sterility and
on fecundity agrees in showing e
tendency for greater fecundity among
Indians of mixed blood, and greates
I in proportion to the amount of white
I blood. UMisceenation in the case oi
UlUU. WBmEIagIUaW Ua Its LIIUe VM us
Indians seems to result in increased
The Questeion of Vitality
Closely connecteid with fecundity' is
the question of vitality. A measure
of that is obtailned by the study of the
proportion of children surviving. Of
the total number of children born to
Indian women, 15 to 46 years of age
and married from 10 to 30 years, 47.7
per cent were alive at the time of the
enumeration. Among full blood wom
enen the proportion was 70.3 per cent.
among mixed bloods, 78.8 per cent.
Among full blood women having mixed
blood husbands, the proportion was
71.3 per cent, and among those having
white husbands, $33. per cent. Among
mixed blood women, having full blood
husbands, the proportion of children
surviving was 67.9 per cent; among.
those with mixed blood husbands, 77.1
per cent, and among those with white
husbands, 88 per cent.
The proportion of surviving children
is thus higher among mixed blood
women, and higher in case of mr'
riages with whites than in ease of
marriage with mixed blood or with
full. blood Indians. To what extent
this greater vitality of the, offpring
of mixed blood Indian women is dike
to the greater sturdiness of the stoi0,
and to' what extent tat economic hnod
soolal conditions, is hard to deterni.e,
but it sto plin that the greater
feoundity of mixed blood women to
gether with the greater" vitality of
their children will tend to incrlase the
proportidlit of mixed bloods among tol
Indians of the United States; it is
plain, ip that, that as a result of these
tendejples, the full blood Inlllan to
doomed to disappearance at a date '
that is not far removed.
Rye-A oereal ailled to wheat, also
to delirium tremea .
IadIs~--A meldanholy mineral.
S alat--lbert Hubbard.
e sni-oll.4tuttff fro which night
Ima8e are made.
srp.-ApeMtment fop the reception
-- he+ same with tripmjl ,
I.IlidI M
Ssser and Ch ffonie S
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No. 27-Chair, solid oak. golden flllinih, 5-spindle No. 2773-1-Chair, early eglllah and gilden oak, No. u182IA-- hoeulr. Narly Engrllah. upholtere.d in
back. brace arm construction; regu full lbox seat construction, lInag b ae'k $185 lgenuine, leathler, box sncnt e'onlltructi. lon, ltog
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No. 20"Chair, lid oak, golden finish, rans No. 3001-1-.c.hlir, Early Icnrllsi, Ibox seat, doubil
panel back constructin; regular $1.10 panel lack, Ileavy mluoar mlnue - $2 25 No. 471-1.--'lr, golden oak. uholNred it gn
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No. $6--Chalr, Early English or golden oak, No. 26..2U--C'halr. foaIl qeuasrter e oweid oak, up- c . ,netructi ons Iefuhir olrlcr a , .s $2.85b2i
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feet; regular price $1.75 ....................... U " rm: reular pi'e $3.50 ... No. 6761--'lhair, golden ak. upholtered l ige
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No, 1505-Dresser, blrdayeo maple, (P-Inch case, No. 1162-Dresser, blrds.ye maple, 42-Inch case, No, 254-Dremse.r, 38-Inch case, geolden oak, plain
plain front, wood knob, 33x28 oval French full erlentine frolt. 2 larle anld 2 snmall draw- front, 18x3)0 Frnch Ibvelled mir-$12
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No, 117.-Dresser, Prjncesua 5Lyle, full qluarter $37.50, a ................. .. No. 1- r, olden ak -uch ca, 2
sawed oak, 43l-Inlch case, s.rpentlno frot, weool No, 51--lreo, r. golheln uok. 3-lllech -cae. 3 Naro. Lrned 2 lleill drawern , 4x2 h oval Fre.ch
knoba, 18x40 French hev.elled mlr- $19 65 dr-wc'rm, wood knab, 12x2 I0-hch c 85 bve"lled lrr.or, -tralglh rnt ; $12f50
ruor; regular price 383.50 ..................a* mirror; re-gul-r ricce 1..00 $9 rulair lrlc'ae $20.00....................
No. 164--Droecser, blrde-e,, maple, 40-Inch case. No. 815-.acmbinaleon drenmer, glaldcn oak, 40-lcehI
full .well front, weoed knob., 13x21 French came 2 drawerm, cabinet alec 1ex28 lre cl No. 321-Jresser, gelden oak, 40-Inch e' 2
bovelled mirror; regular pree lev lle, . ,,lrrr, 2 to.,-l reck bu- (Br1 a) luers .,d S smtlll drawers, erpe.ntle, frent,
$32.50, alai ............................. ..A .ide mirmr; regular priee $17.50 ......50 .Jddv wod knobe, 11.34e oval corncered Fre-nch Ieev
No. 1061-Drelescer, 40-Inch case, plain front, woodl No. 6591-Dresser, Imlerlal cak, stralght frolit, 40- elld mirror; regular price $332.50,
3 51S oval mirror; reg. price $80............ ..P ...v ular lpric'r $19. ........ ..... r .."$11.
SNo. -Droeuer, golden oak. as-inch case No. -Dre r, mple, 40-n came No. 1rcr, tcl 4 nch , plealn No. 164--Dreaer, mupll. 40-tIch case, strlgaht
swell front, wo),d knobs, i3xJS oval French front, 3 large and 3 emall drawar, 18x234 front, woend knobs, tlx80 rench larveled
bevelled rrr; regular price French bevelled mirror; reu ( mirrer; regular . $00; $5 $ g
$325.00, ale .. ........................... .. e. lr price $3 5.00 ...... .... . . ..... .. JU in thlm sale for .............~ . .. oslv l
S No, 200-ChlIffonler, without mirror. 0o- No, 318-C-hlffertler, galden oak, 3.a-lnch No. 191-ChlfCopnler, olden oak, 81-Inch
inch case, tralght front, mlaple flIn-. came, mtrailht frout, woodt knob, 1'x case, full iwell frcnt, wood knobs. 16x
' l/mb; regular lerlce 314.00, $9O 3.=0 eoal cclrrier; rgular $0. cval. mrror regular$18
Inth. m, ale fr p....1...............I 7 0 . .1 p $2750 .
No. 81-CIhlffontler, golden oak, 32lInch No, 342--e'hlffloler, glclen oak, 12-Inch NE, 01f-c-hitfonler, golden oak, 33IInch
r. ,caUe, strasllht front, wood kcobs, 14x tull swell front, wood knob, 16x0 cause, mtrailghtfront, wood' knob. lox
18 French beovelled mlr I miEc rror; regula.. r pric, , 34 6 5 40 oval mlrrr regular"."..
ros; re 1 price 17,0 e.......... In this sal.n $ 6price 7,50 ........ .......
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