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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, June 16, 1912, Morning, Editorial Section, Image 13

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;.. :.·- ' Ir
: I·.1K'S I.
r. - - - - -. -
PANOl AMA 1IN KALISORLL fts, 610406I DialtIbT
IC:A LI8PmLL possessae
manA charms. Elks who
have never seen the
Plathead county capital
hlave a rich treat in store
if they attend the state
ionvention of their order
which assembles there
lttly -th. lks who have already
lilted the Flathead region will need
6o Urging td pack their grips and
7itrybf forth to participate in what
omis.e# 'to be the most successful
Sta$t onvention their order has ever
hte*~ln this state.
", Kalispell lodge. is maktig, elab
parjons for the visit. They
v *i r tlt of natural attractions
P1 wul to draw and to these they
S a4ddini some alluring atunts a
their ovn creation. The ' tthls
)l.t!: ýs thyalastic ovpr ther odfrn
opunu "aned they are specially in
4 W" tle 4 isire 'to 8h thalr
i r 1 e learn somethling
I it the wonderful moun
alid the charming laees
scattered over their realm.
pe Kalispell confess to a
I.pide .n the beauty and
dem attWaotveness of their region,
insist that--fter discount
. , that evpry Elk who cgmes to
I lty the ElIks' convention will
e that he has seen the real cen
tr of .oaice beauty of Montana.
a'e, t r iWllnh, to submit the case
4on evidence without argument. They
iltlºa as many who will to come and
for, themselves the real condl
tfiMin t·1 Flathead.
he, .Overae state conveltion, no
in response to what call It Is
is not calculated to afford a
enah the -1rst which he should get
from $ vacation trip. In this respect
the elpell convention will be some
iii erent. It will be a conven
tion' troth whidh the visitors will re
tUn , rested, invigorated and happy
.. t..y went and eager to go agaip.
bi l a~ l 'convention will begin
ie fifth day of July, but the Kalls
.1 fotH. have arranged a program
rthe Fourth which will make things
llghifully pleasant for thosq who
0ome *. . 'Te following days will
b s'o so: i p as to afford oppof.
tuMity Er outings and recreation,
w ehio a4. , lvibttrs Into
ellole eo ih, rinathpad country
and i- ,ti an Intimate ac
o reipn which is at
t tlot I from all parts of
Ame ~r iurope.
' '!5l o W Sdltomobiles for the
t . ~ s r te., there ,will be
beautiful, water
SThre. will be ex
plor se, thp mountains
54 je 'lre will .e an ex
*4 ptSk. The won
ert patIbead , will be
S}t tey will see
l the or
aohiQtjolier In Kal
a finest roads
of tt are to be
a} , .W ptans. For
S 4 peopiq' of that
g syagematl
lto roads what
*t t Iq that the
-yqear modIl high
are such soenes
S*i lug, never forgets.
Ila Woaerfully beautiful coun.
at1 i(aapsare tine, its forests are
W itS lae sand streams are pie.
t e." ioleO park is an attrae.
*li Zially original feature of the
is that alspell
qutinto the oseun
laean the attraq.
aa the'Ii
(ia · '1,
- -i= - -----I
spell Loeof Elks, No. 725, Ridy,
With a G4 Hind and a Broad Smile
To Welcome Antlered Herd of the State
Kalispell has now become one of the
convention cities of Montana, and of
no small importance is the Elks' state
reunion to be leid within her gates
from July 4th to 6th. Kalispell lodle
No. 725, S. P. O. E. has extended an
invitation to every Elk, and citizen in
the state to be present at the annual
meeting and it is expected that fully
1,000 visitors will be present.
No. 725 and the citizens of Kalispell
have arranged to entertain their
guests in a: novel way, making the
scenlo beauties surrounding her very
doors, a large factor in the entertain
ment. The~tteets and business houses
will be decorated in an elaborate and
most attractive manner, in honor of
their guests, Miles of purple and white
bunting interspersed with national col.
grs will greet the visitors in the day
time, while at night thousands of in
rcndeseents will vie with fixed electro
liers in their claim for brilliant illum
'Experience at all state meetings has
shown that many guests arrvoe At the
convention city in advance of t:.e
opeling day. With this in view Kalls
pell lbks nlave fittingly claimed July
4th as the opening day and on this
national iolHdiy, this typical Amer
Ivan organisatlon will welcome its
guesti and join with the northwest.
ern part of the state in a grand cote-.
bration. 1n addition, to the usual
sports and ball game, Incident to the
occasion the Flathead ,Pair associa
tlon will begir il three-day race meeat,
In which some of .the best horses it
the state wll compete for the. iihelor
- - ---
Ad·i # , rel z: 31M ,,
. . .r
"I'F 9 4
~R#AA~~ PiLD ~4EA
Pstlrs offered. During the etvinj
of the 4th and along the great whlit
,'vay on First avenue east, a tnasti
cal acrnival has been planned, unier
the dlrection of M. B. Riffo, 'sqlae:td
by the Kallspell LiederKirans. The
combined musical talent of Kalispell
and surrounding cities will Joln In a
grand open air concert, which in con
nection with the Montana Elks' band,
a magnificent organization of 85
pleces, will tend to make the evening
one of unalloyed pleasure, and as a
grand finale to the day's events, toee
pavement will be given over to the
dancers, who may trip on bitullthin
untill a late hour.
The early morning of July 5th %l!l
find the citizens of Kalispell reol y toI
r~ceive the arriving delegationqs, most
of wthich will come on the Kai',pell
P',tland Elks' special, leaving B'Jte
tt t p. m., July 4th and arriving .,t
Kaieapell at 7:30 a. in., July 5th. (.)n
thi' train will be delegates can vir
Lto'. from every lodge in the stare.,
eweept Havre and Missoula, the ,r
mtul coming through to Kalispeil dou,e
hours earlier, while ~;Lk~lJua wl'l ar
rive with her auto brigade on o n y
4th, Arrangements have beeip made to
ars for the many automeobt:l. re.
quked 'to convey the Missoula dole
ga&tlo, Immediately on arrival of del.
egeate and guests, they will be r..
'elved seid registered at the lsl,aioll
club and assigned to the different
hostelrles, which are of uniform excel
lence, and the management of each
are aspeotally solioitous for the wel.
fare of their guests. The moralpg of
July 5th has been reserved for the
first husintlles. newlnn and organisation
of the asso'latlon, and at 1:30 p. m.
a special train will be provided and
all guests will be taken to Somers,
where large and commodious boats
will take them for a delightful cruise
of beautiful Flathead lake. The re
turn trip will be made in time ;nr
rest before attending the social session.
Many lodgeus of the state Will partt'
Ipate in this session and Missoulu,
Great Falls, Helene and Blilings will
take the leading soles In this event.
The second buslnes. session will be
gin the day on the morning of the
6th, while the afternoon will bhe taken
up by the races, auto trips to all parts
of the valley, and ,band concert. The
grand parade of Elks will occur on
the morning of ,uly 6th at 11:80 o'cloc'k
and It Is exprieted that 1,600 members
will be in line. Of all the features
planned to plea;nm the antlere.d visitors:
the novel Iaradi. will surely be a treat
to all and willth a completely uniformed
band In purple and white and 200 new
'Elks' surilts. Kalepll lodge will appear
at her best.
alisplell IFIlks are no different from
others of the antlered hord and will
have the same gladsome emile, dlspen
sation of Joy and good fellowship for
their visliors, as have all EIlks
throughout thue land, and as a final
event, have planned a grand ball, the
principal soIaln feature of the .lkk' re
union, which will occur on the night
of July 6th.
After the state convention at Kal
ispell, the next thing of Interest will
Exalted Ruler of Kalepll Lodge FRANK H. CLINTON OF ANACONDA,
No. 725. President of the Montana Elks.
he4 the grand lodge meeting at Port
land, Two stpers have been Ohar
tered for KalUpell Ilkl, who will tak.e
the, Montlana Elks' band, a lohal or.
ganslatlon of 36 places, under direc
tion of M. 14. HRiffo. The oars will te
attached ito the Kaltapoll- 'Portland
J.'ks' spe'ial, and will leave $und»ay
lorning, July 7th, wiith a (rnipletely I
eqrulpped train of standard sleepord
and diners.
Convention Committee.
W. If. tarter, lhalnrmnan; D. A.
Stocking, vice ehalrman; 14. V. Ail
ward, treasurer; M. J. Mct'be, seero
'tary; W. ii, , 4rpiý s,, J,, (, j3road
'afar, O a. eieraq,, It. Nr. 'ainnor'
J. 10. l, w.y, W. P. M'c'Hauley.
Chairmen Q~mmittee,.
H. V. Alward, flntknea; J. 12. 1irlek
son, recp:tloni; W. 1. ithoades, trans.
portation and pubhllilty; 0. V, Mlra't
cle, parade; C(harles a mlthers, dernra
tlons; M. J. MCat.he, entertainment:
M, is. itlrfo, ollnusl;, Itouhr4 £lullne,
a.ttomnoblie: J. A. lEdge, Flactle park;
J. W. Walker, PFathead take.
ffloem*. of Inalispil lee e.
H. V. Alward, exaltted ruler; D. A.
£4tokling, esteemed leading knight; 1).
-- Jones, esteemed loyal knight; J.. 1.
lrilckson, estoeerid I'attnring knight;
B, L,, Wallace, seeretary; ,. W.
fchnutl, treasurer; J. £4. Vohlinger,
eequte; RevW. C. H. ILInley, chaplain;
truste.e,'.Chas. Nmlthers, Jamkn K.
Lang, £. JoneM.
The Misisoula lkls are taking a
keen interest in' what their irrethers
of Xallapell are doing ter the state
odtiventlon. MissoulM alb'ge No, 8a8
will send a delegatfon tof S to the
allispell convetlionn The ptlgtn snow
are for an autd bmoile exuralobn
aoron the trlathead and hesildau the
delegates there will he' enough others
to Join In making the trip to raise the
total to perhaps 75. A do4rn euthOrad
biles will earry the party over the
Splendid MlMssoul.Kallspeil teoad-a
iltretcb of highway thiet wilt beoomt
the northern leg ot the pr'.pored Ma.*
to*pAir road hitWeun the Yo'tiowtone
so4a the Glacter natipnalt psrl. The
Irt.o iutli..1k4I a~ e pnnIg 'tp put nrl
tt; Sttturtt". ,rat eth ;,4 ip0, go."
hraenalte re in +lrtpeigrC i d' there Is
no question but what the detlegates
from the rest of the state will know
tMlisoulia I on the mrap.
Chairman of the Exeoutive Committee
Nofithern Convention City
Awake, Thriving, Beautiful
Within the townslte and additions to
Kailsptll, there tro 6,000 people. Trunk
lint wiKfron roadlM from till points of
the e·titl5H here converge and int the
l-lathetad valley all roads load to Kail
spetll. .Durling the past five yeara the
cllteni ofr Kallspell have been very
enterprising and Ihave constructed 12
tmiles n} pIarked and boulevarded
streets. 19.21 Itonles of ·entudlt sidwallk
anld hll ave, . cout mplatieted utllott two
mnllas of b)ltlithllii titnd tar surfaced
stroet paLingti, i aiddiltlion to 10,6
nltles of gravelled antd macadlainicLtdt
tretets. The city har £ numhbr of
wall condiitlted hotels, . the National
espe aitlly having it istate wide r:l.u
tation as the best American plln hol.
tel In Montafna L nd an additlnal
fame on atcount of the highly secoml.
pllihed landlady, MiW Mary 'Walker,
who has kept hotels here for over 20
years. The Kalispell hotel Is th4
nsweet .fl4 most niodern, hallvitg been
ominplelted l hit f)i, ilt it eitt ndSrO0,tlO,
T'hll hliotel l s lettitally ktatltel ill Mhitin
tropet,. olle blwk.i froll irettat Nortlevrn
dteput, htlsrdmnel"y furnished, but tiu
r'p.'a l| pljdi itnly. 'l'1ii Montana. a
Inls i rn roIa Tnl g Iltu. l lii M'Knlght
hlo k, Is n an iiii'x to lthe Natlonal,
the West hlotel, )llon, Fa'rnwell, Nor
dln andu (onral lll ouse are also ion t
tIllll 'url itndl ot venlont. Pxxc!ellnt
re'ntauranlts, 'N lKi aully the Listle carn,
abounld ni prii'esi'i ar realonablhe. 'The
depot grunlll a ;1i, re prkeid, two blocks
surrlotndinrl tiL* cinlurthouna haveo belrn
rIParke hIi 'l otlltlfr.tr say thlt county
anld tlly at i ' dt of $10,I00. At nlight
Main stre-t andll F rst avenu eamst,
paIullet tratets are Illuminated
by double rlw ouf fivo globe electtro.
llira and silgns and streiet lightu mnake
thl dlarkniess Into light. Of public
bullulingi tho city hall, Carneajs l.
hrary and indlerns churches fill out a
Ii iig Ilst, Kalipell ro raMttle Ocadn
Upny doeu bI.iiness In &-ballidl4 OllOo
e', r a full halt Sa t.irad`, t.* i
largest ineroastle ate ' in Ureotvi
western Montana. .'..,Aarnme# A 'g
tlc.tiven assocrttl n htt am ai4 a.t*l * iitn
uuin dollar invetsleat, O. , iores il

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