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MAlo To st SHORT.
Botsernl , June 1-.-(Speclal)
Clyde C. Corbley, tlrslurer of Oalla
tin county, was arfested this afternoon
at 5:20 on a oharge of embelalinl
$5,000 and is in the county jail to
night. The warrant was sworn out
by Attorney Harry D. Kramer, acting
for County Attorney M. Smith, 'who
is at the Chicago convention. Corbley
was arraigned at once before Judge
W. Y. Smith and through his attorney,
W. W. Goodman, entered a plea of
hot guilty. He waived the reading of
the complaint and the preliminary ex
amination and his bond was f'xed at
$20,000, Which he was unable to fur
nish. His office is in charge of the
state examiner's office, through whose
agents the alleged defalcation was die
covered some time yesterday. G. I.
Frederlcks of Helena, agent for the
United States Fidelity company of
Baltimore, which bonded Corbley for
$500,000, was In Boseinan yesterday in
conference with the stle examiner's
The direct care of the office is in
the hands of W. W. Hlinton of the
Gallatin State batk, who was depu
tised by the county commiss:oners to
day. ICharles Rutfner, the regular
deputy, is at home ill, and has been
for several days. Rumors of Corbley's
situation had been on the street all
day, but there was no official verifica
tion until this evening, it Is stated
on his behalf that he hopes to get the
matter adjusted 'w;thln a few days.
Corbley has been connected with the
county treasurer's office for nearly 14
years. He served for two terms as
deputy treasurer under his father-in
law, Henry Davis, now chairman of
the board of county commissioners,
but absent a' the rose festival in
Portland. He served one term under
George Flanders and two terms under
Jacob Weaver and was in the last year
of his own second term as treasurer.
Corbley has been one of the most
trusted of the county's officers. He
made friends with everybody by his
courtesy and careful attention to h's
work. No man in the city was further
from susplcion than he; his private
life was believed to be admirable. No
theory has been advanced as to what
e'as done with the money he is alleged
to have taken. The report is re
ceived with regret.
Stevensvllte, June 15.-(Spolal.)-
Slagle & Goode is the firm name, of
the law offices established by Attor
ney Clyde Slagle some two years ago.
Mr. Goode Is a recent arrival frum
the 'West ant is already ent'.wslastic
over the beauty and advantag.tr of tihe
Bitter Root and that he will quickly
develop into one of our prinipal
boosters is assured from the fact that
he will follow his natural inclnations.
Mrs. George T. Bagge accompani*ld
Mr. Baggs to Chicago, where thc goes
as a national delegates to the re'pub.
lican convention. They will probably
visit in several of the etist,:n :!ties
and also visit the democratic nation.al
convention before returning hormn.
Glenn Rldley and his brid', Biessle
Caple, returned front corval!s yester
day, where they were married
WVednesday. Mr. Ridley sl a pronll
nent business man of this pilur, ie
ing associated with J. D. Miser in thi,
drug store, and his wife is on. of thie
Bitter Root's fairest daughters. T'1'h.y
were accorded a merry receptiot last
night by their many friends whicls
also included the young people with a
Hamilton, June 15.--(pecial.)
Prank Bohn of Chicago, one of the
leading socialistic orators of thile
country, will be in Hamilton next
Saturday evening and will address the
people at the Ravatll hotel lawn. His
subject will be "The War of tile
Hamilton, June 15.-(.tSpeclal.)-Oh.
servations mnade yesterday at tithe lam
ilton Chamber of comnlerce showed
the maximum temperature for the day
as e4, the minimum as 47. The sky
showed traces of rain.
, ,n u ruin. *Mrs. I Claude Mooro lett ycterday
"º aa au " erýanfs t
The Witchery of Kodakery
--is enjoyed alike by old and young.
Kodak-and your pleasures at home,
afield or abroad are recorcidd for your
everlasting memory.
Come in and look over our line of
Kodaks and camera supplies--we car
ry everything needed by amateur or
professional photographer.
Kodaks $1 up to $65
If you haven't the time or don't
want to be bothered with doing your
own developing and printing, bring
your films and negatives to us. We
: quipped to .handle the work
"quiy, and well and our charges are
lmer Blood.
Hamilton, June 1l.-(8peclaj--Al.
though organised little more than a
year, the local high school band is
at present a capable musical organl
sation. The boys are under the direct
ion of harry A. McLean, a competent
cornetlat, and are rapidly being
moulded into a firat-class band. Fuor
Hamilton, June l5.-(8peclnl.)-Ar
ticlks of incorporatlin for the Ham
ilton hospital have been filed with
Clerk A. J. Hork. The board of trus
tees of the hospital, as given in the
articles, are M. A. White, C. A. Craw
ford, W. H. Roberts, J. E. Totman and
W. O. !Flak. The incorporation Is
made for the purpose of maintaining a
hosp'tal in this city.
Victor, June 1&5.-(lSpiclal.)-Dr.
lHanbidge is in Dairby this week.
Jmmet Black spent Thursday in
Threr' will he a Itestball game here
Pirnday afterndoln btw-.w n Virtor and
Arthur Marvin is uovr In the 'Plat
head this weert.
Mrs. Bryant shopped in Stevens
ville Wednesday.
Jimmy Crandd.clk returned yester
day from llamltun.
Msls Jloy Wills il visiting friends
in town for i few dalys.
Mism Ienh I'Ptty left Thursday for
Npoltane, whilre shite will pentwd the
nsummer witl h ier brothlrs.
Deputy Sheriff Kennedy was up
from Mlnxsoulas yest-trtlay.
Miss Lotrothy Ktigle and Miss Etheol
itrayton dro.,v tilt frm(ri Mtt-vetnsvllle
yesterday alft.rnol,.
Mrs. (1. dl. 'iuxlhtry, who huti hitn
III ftr the Ipust week, is itpilrtving
Mrs. A. J. I1ttle-, Mrs. Ricthard
Itates asnd Mrs. Willis Wood bpe.nt
yesterday shlopping ini Missoula.
Hamilton, .June 15.-(Mpecial.)-J. C.
Utter, a Darby ranither, is a visitor inI
this city, sttppiing at the Itavalll :totc-l.
The Huullltiitl tg iti y band is slatted for
another of it iis ipular concerts ot th e
Havalli hotel lawn tomorrow after
W. i. hIurtch of Missoula wO a htlll
nets visitor in this city yesterday, stlol
ping it thie Iltllnliton hotel.
J. iM. Warnelr of, Challrlos was dtown
yesterday for a short vilt with friends
('hurles E. Dodge of Missloula was a
visltor :ere yesterday, stopphing at the
ifallillton hotel.
Mrs. Khaud, Mtoors left yesterday
two seasons the band has furnished
musie at the county Interscholastlc
field meet, also officiating at the
school exercises held at Florence this
spring. The organisatlion will be heard
at Corvallis July Fourth, and will furn
Ish music for the state convention of
the Eagles to be held here in July.
afternoon for Butte, where she will
visit with friends for several days.
Mrs. A. J. McQuire, a former resJ
dent of this city, arrived yesterday from
Missoula for. a short visA with local
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Morrell left yes
terday for Missoula, where they will
make their home. Nince returning
from their wedding trip they have been
visiting at the some of the bride's par
ents, 'Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Ferbrache.
Roadmaster Flahaven of Missoula
was in this c'ty yesterday 'supervising'
the construction of a spur to the Keyes
Miss Bailey arrived yesterday from
Lancaster, Ohio, w'here she has been
for some time, and is visiting at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Minnie Bat
I t. D. Miller was a Mesoula visitor
yesterday, returning in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Fisk were Mis
soula visitors yesterday.
David Kennedy bas gone to Portland,
where he expects to locate. He will
be Joined by Mrs. Kennedy later.
Rev, and Mrs. J. W. Heywafd left
tills morning for Anacffda, where they
will attend the state convention of'the
Eplasconlpi churches.
The Alabama nminstrels spread canvas
on the common across from the h'gh
school yesterday, giving a performance
to a packed jIouse last evening. The
troupe carries a band of considerable
Ifamllin. June I.-(Special.)
ltow ('atrlpenter and Orrie Leonard, who
have been here several days from theor
mining work, will leave tomorrow for
the Vernlilliun Silver and Copper mine,
Ionat.ed a short distance from Thomp
onl F'alls. It is possible that the two
oIen will Ibe accompanied lby other
workmen. Both men are loud in their
praise of the Vermillion m'ne, In which
many locl men are interested finan
iaully. Mr. Carpenter stated upon his
arrival here that the mine was looking
tih h, bt it had ever: that they had re
'entlvy uncIovered what he had bleen
looking for for the last eight years.
Hamilton. June 15.-(SRiecial.)-The
manager of the F1amily theater has
made arrangements for the showing of
moving pictures of Homer's "Odyssey"
at the Lucas opera house on Wednes
day and Thursday evenings of next
week, June 19 and 20. The pictures
were produced by the Milano company
and are touted as masterpleces of pho
tographlc art.
FHamllton, June 15.-(Speclal.)-Tlhe
State of .Montana against Horace
Smith, a misdemeanor case, is the title
of a suit appealed from Justlce of the
Peace Sedgwlck's court at Stevensville
to the district court and filed today.
Smith ,was recently found gu'ity of al
lowing swine to run at large and over
the property of a nelgabof, the case
being tried by Jury.
Hamilton, June 15.-(Speoial.)-Dr.
and Mrs, R. I. Owens and Mr. and
Mrs. George K. Dick and ch'ldren re
turned last evening from Mineral
Point a short distance above Alta,
where they have beent for the past
week. Messrs. Owens and Dicks are
Interested in mining property at that
The funeral of Albert Gartman wilt
be held this afternoon at 8:80 o'clook
in the Marsh chapel. Interment will
be made In Missoula oemetary.
Mre, John Mrlttpr IIs r!loUlsly ill at
ber home, 10.p D4toe Ltret.
By thene `dAt 'Instrutnentation of
the band . -. int'reased. to 1i, as
several haWe qul.UIf.d for street work
since tb-i ibove .p~gture was taken;
namely, g*n Il.[.aughllin, Everett'
Shannon, Char.l.Critchfield and Ar
thur Beaub en, L ton; erbert Hobby,
tenor, and Be;3sra. Taylor. cornet.
Reports receilvedi In the local of
fices of the Northern Pacific last
evening are to the effect that there
is a heavy snow falling between
Austin and Bloasburg on the Helena
branch of teh railroad. Blossburg,
which IL the highest point on the Hel
ena branch, Is noted for its weather
and it is merely Japholding its record.
The snow, however, is not general and
fails to extend thia side of Austtrif The
Mllwaukeo reports that a light rain
is falling over the division, but there
is no snow in the hitter Root moun
There wasp ore reg:nt' entertainment
program p)repared tor the meeting of
the local on June 8, but Comrade Bar
rott came gallantly to the rescue of
the entf"rtalmernt comm'ttge with some
pertinent rlnarks. tollowe by the
reading of "Tile I:'alf Pitt,' to Illus
trate the forc(e of precedenrt. B. H.
WJillurns of ithe I. W. W. then gave
severlri extracts from papers of his or
ganiztion, and concluded with a state
ment of the attitude of the I. W. W.
towards the se in'llst party, which, he
claimed, Is not unltagonist!e.
A. M. ~imon's Iok, "Social Forces in
Anmerillan History," Is made the sub
Ject of disn'usi,i by W. D. Howells
in the May number of Harper's
Monthly. lifwells says of 81mons.
"Prohubly youll might safely go so far
as to call .hll a soclalist, but if you
do you would hardly attlsfy, some
people who would otherwise like to
Jonl you in c',udlilning him, for the
term soci.list no longer blacklists a
thinker as it once did."
Miss Ida Turh.ll thinks that women
should sulive tiie problem of domestic
servler before they enter other flelds.
of business. Ihut this women can
nevetr do unt111l houllework itself is rec
ognlized an a l.gLtimate business and
women are finanIallly Independent. It
is a ser m'is qtlue.tion whether women
are to be l'permitted much lodger to
conduct thoe lhoueloeld affairs, whloh
may be turned over to the men, as they
are now in the, so-called "He towns,"
in some of our ,;astern Industrial cen
It s saild that the voteb-for-women
movementr l Ia "friend of tje Mormon
church." If this were true It would
Indicate that the suffragists lIaW been
studying the nut thods of the republican
Puffyc' Pure MeltWl i
It Lsagentle, Infring siu
th n inAuebees for g .
ogan of the body.
able at this time to
tksg has become rundwgi ad w
1b the j g strain of
h inisleep, makes
thyoung strn
at a I boad
yin i -r r 4` ýwr i
4 e _ Y1 "Jyo- pp
* 4v U .. # ' 1. i a"~
) I i.-. AD t; 8
'' i
I * * * - * ,..,
- - - w . w ý , w N . w W w; W*l.ý . H Mtcrwrw waw· ( .. gw wa/.
party to sonme purpose. Neither of the
old parties have ever mnadlfested any
disinclination to oount Mormon votes
when they were asut for them, or to
accept aid in legislation from Mosnom
senators and reprntatve. That
the Mormon church favorepwoman suf
frage 'Is no argument for or against
the movement. Women vote in Chinar
but that fact is not likely to retard the
growth of suffrage sentiment in Amer
lea, because of our prejudice agalnst
the Chinese.
And why attack the Mormon chdrch
just now? It is believed to uphold
polygamy, but a polygamy whioh
grants to women a larger measure of
freedom than they enjoy in othercoun
tries where polygamy is pract!ced.
Until we so-called Christians havb ab
solutely repudiated the nfamy, of
Il aMve4,; he leg a foul blot on
the fair name of qur own, as well as
of other eities, it iii becomes us to In
veigh aga'nst the teachlngs of the
Mormon church, however defective
they may be. ý' . s ~-JLi
It is an unequal strife that is wag
ing between the master class and the
proletariat. On the side of the rulers
are all the powers of government; the
police, the judlciary, the army and
navy, and yet the unarmed workers are
sure to win, by persistence and the
,sheer force of numbers. In comment
ing on the recent uprising of the com-.
mon people of Hungary to demand
much needed electoral reform, the
Vienna Arbe:ter Zeitung says: "Rev
olution is alive today in Budapest.
They mobilised all the police, the en
tire garrison was placed on a war foot
ing, reinforcements were brought in
from half of Hungary, and yet they
have not conquered the 'unarmed pro
letariat." The same can be said of
the late riots In Belgium, and the free
speech fights in our .own liberty lov
ing country.- The irason for the ult
matq triumph of the wgokere is em
bodidd in their well-grp.nded convic
tion that In this Industwrl and politl
cal Atrite they have nothiang to lose and
much to gain.
A good crowd was at the Harnols
last evening to witness the opening of
the new photoplpyp which Manager
Narnois announced some ,days [email protected]
The band and orohestra, each of 10
pleces, and under the direction of
Charles Lawrenson, added much to
the opening prograns for the musicl is
good and the speolal program for the
picture show was in keeping with the
subjects shown, It is 4 good s.tow all
the way through and will una. idly
be very popullar. An ehtls. i 'ti Of
program is announced 9ta `even-8
Ing. sMonday there wi)l be no perfor
mance, as the Stage will then be
taken by "The Man From Home,"
w, . OW.
Priday nlpht the Woodmen of the
Worl4 held a meeting, with a large alt
tanahce, and Initjated several candl.
dates. Joint Installation Will be held
with the Women ot Woodoraft Jimy 13.
-IHILlC L OMP 4~;EO.4O. d. H. S
General peating Sunday. liT.r 14,
Sin;, at Baules' 'hall. All memburs
are requested to attenL ,iotlt~o of
pticers .d oth e, p..pprtfyt business.
P . W. XICU$ L, ecretary.
1sOLO i gl. t II I
sl .",f':rtunlmtAgs 1
NE wastage of grain by tlh sprage Threshing Machlha 'is tar.
I more than nmanysu$ipose. thJ ls'tor usually knows lt, but hN
can't help it with that kind of U&4ihfiige so hoecoves' it up all hC
can and lets it go at that. The Farmer paspeoot it, but tlaks hi has
to put up with 4t, and much or his hard-.nMted moaie ned over into
the Straw stack. ,
This great wastage is the result of emloyinla an incompetent type of
Threshing Machine that rughes the strtw to thp stack, but does not bels
the grain out of It.
It ii up to you Farmers to sa what Machine will thresh your grain
this season. YTo have worked hard to ugow the grain and you pay the.
bill for threshing it. You can't afford to divide yolarprofits with the
straw pile, for every bushel that gofes into the stack is money right oni
of your pocket.
You Can Saver Your Threih BI by HIimg a
River Speceal to bI Your Thrn
It will save tile grain for you' it will waste es of your time; it will
do your Job quloker; it will clean your grain bette; it will pay ye i all
around. It is the 'only ThrealIng Maclilno made that uses the tree and
sure Method of separation by beting the grain out of the straw just as
you would do with a pitchfork,
The Big Cylinder, the Man Behind the Gun, and the Shakers that tosi
the straw up and beat it as you would do with a pitchfork save the
Srain that othe1s waste, whether it ie wheat, oats, rye, barley, flar,
peas, rice, alfalfa, timothy or or grains or seeds.
PERENT PRINCIPLE OP SEPARATION from' any other make.. It
beats it out while other makes hurry the.traw to the stack andnspeot
the grain to fall out, which it loes not do. '
Have your threshing done this year bry . Red River Speclal. IT WILL
Write us orcall on our Branch House or Deeodr for the proot.
Nichols & Shepard Co., Battb Creek, Mich.
The only builders of the Rod River Sperial Thresher, Self*.Pdere Wind
Stackr eihe, and TN.a 0, .t ot. Steam tngines, OllS
"Trsaton end Everything for the ThreSbqrirne, ne
At the Isle.
In revibwing the programs of the
Iloture .'hose the attention pf the
patrons of the silent drama is directed
to the all-star featare bill to be lpire
sented at the ever.popular Isle the
ater'this afternoon and tonight, prob
ably the finest line of pictures ever
presented in aMssoola.
.P;tUhee weekly, No. 4, will present
a review of current news that enters
into the mnaking of history and for
thid partloular film their correspond.
ents In all p.rts o tap woild have
contributed their laitut ;ild best ef
forts. We eus nmai lkely caldlo
dates for the Olpm1ani ep .
- The state, re iinn of t, 'B. P. 0.' m.
at Andersot, e4. We, also sea the
summer resort near Portland, ,
destroyed by fire. Pansfleld. .,
on the last day 0q e eapag
Theodore Roosevelt makes'thi to.
sit up and take notice, Nest on the
bill will' be the feature pituSe. of the
year, When' the popLflr W lograph
company completed their ,"lOtull en
titled &"A Temporary Truet t
Wilt , "the best ý M4t#ek
lose, thei last, bpit e
'the Vitaseaplts uaigtkrple
"Lulu's Dotor." It toPtaei. t .
CostIello and 4 littei r hi,
ln theitar oles, up by am
int tomtr
rn n
e rý h F
popular mnemb.r otbothb the )Ma alo
and llk lodges.
. Owing ho the estra liaIrth of the
Blograp$ subject, It will Ds adviUble
to comn and gain your seats esaly.
The. how Will be conoliderbly longer
than the regular show. Tiel al4star"
program will have a 'beautul dre1s.
ing of, music by our famous orchestrs,
' -
Portland, June 15.-L-Pedsra' Juage
Chaslses a Bean appolanted today
Robent . Tuoklr of Porthand oeseiver
fto the Alame4a Conseldl4atd' ine
pm yv. The c i.rty Is an.
op ation.. oorgan) e In 1i9, and g
Spidau r or$00,000. ho cm.
1nN, own 0cr p.lan lb r- .Jos
4p Wmoont" d 1. 00 th of
a thw s th ohe
sutiatlonof Clovi and
and Jnsre op.
'ten d liý ý
O ' i4

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