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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, June 16, 1912, Morning, Image 7

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eat middle of th
toemp ~4 Srteted Mrpirty
nar, w atanglig inV hi
ll, tltrnt, row.
itt. ~~at the ( ,in,
u tbwe onev ya~ the Qau
ate a.Je approahend i
oat 'ýIknow whtSe wan
manlke 7t0 money: I can polVO w iiI
" eo". shouted Haney. . .
'B tl metmbert ' of the corm
mctaitranb me sad *ese
pulli. im i Op)Doalte oliee.ntm,
nlt the 'arm ao turn·
aror and othser led r Xenedy bokc
to hliest. "
h iole wee the bnimljtion at
Sda~n whoh Mr. fInay had W
memblys of the comullttee mt
esill gfire of cojamens Vit
ml *h ad 4akeui rixlflton
his remarks, and h d r eetCa
him iu laughter, jh4 hlb9 lr
to thm am " HQaot ocp.n
'he. trouble over the WkawSilwe
case was the fleit in wlbehicth
ney aI been. mrsety; wd c n roe
.others,on the ommitt.f Sti. .a '
In thIu body WUe on the pto3p1'
Thom Ththreon of Eouthe Deakotia.
Senator Miles Poindextem of W'ai
lngto.t and former e.atne hDimelft
Ohio wbre at the opp.oan counsel ta
bles with the rival didepstiona hfl
the sakte of WMhinnllton a an s-'
tort war being made to reaph an
agreeltent on the time to be copa
sumed in the argument of the cases
when the alteration aroae.
Julia A. Clark wan divOpsed fr.m
iam n , Clark by a dintlot-obhe rt de
cree spterday.
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W u iiA.
T~ 1 S~ TOR "IO, to a
teias, June iItlth-(rpeahay p)--W1o
lrdi tand t tor d . l Debprbom.
he1 tnot*support the commUsosio
el. bll in its ptA t orm, the
li Jun of a eoll -(Selal)-on o the ,e
islatorN W enahrt the prmry bg.
tluren ar e needed, the same numberh
pledgesry when oveor A. ois wroter
e nator erett, apport they must be o
upred by rily In t ,r Ipreet fixed byth
llthe iroven or r the ellinon of t peg-.
Ilatuf g e·nct the po n
trled seN roeded, seatore re nmr
qubnator and only y hmuve been be
oarea by theu thedr lwl of. iled by
-hrgstopvern ottrtt th e ll edngre ob.
Pldgee from senators aree
tained last month trom Uenktor Oon
row of Park county.
In the files of the govenor's offcle
that are open to the publio wan found
this lette from Christopher:
"My Dear Governor:-- am opposed
to the oallnla of o extra session, and
would not support or vote for a prl
mary bill it the extra sesslon con.
vened at .this time, beleving that the
prolmintoon recentlbyissued by yoO
to be voted upon by the people sat
the coming eloetlon meets all the re
qullpoment nceetsary to the adoptlo;
of a p~lmary Iw." th
-Senator Derborn advised the gov
ernor .that "Wlthout amendments ZI
cannot support the commission prl
mary bill." P .
In the . fies ofte .oeno' ofc
Clinton, June 1S.--(8pec.laLk).Ber.
Oresewold and F. A. Hughes were
vilsitrs' J Missoula Sunday.
dllnton. bail team played' the Bo
nlta team Bunday. Clinton won, 17
to 11.
Mr. Orvs of Missoula and Rancher
Brown were Clinton callers Iunday.
'The kilwaukee's Ioal surveyors
word taking the measurements of land
damaged by recent floods on the ranch
of Jbhn Peers Monday.
Mrs. FPnak S.rlow Is working the
third 1 tbr's trlik for the MilI
r e temporarily.
nllk + s r~low was called to AI:
berto Wednesday to make minor
wire 4epaire..
Mr. and Mrs. Rlalph Coon were Mis*
*ouua vyIjor.s ;ueday .
Sra art has been on
the sick l t the paUt few days.
Mr, and Mrs. Julius Hoen were
yvilios in \Eiaroui Monday.
There I0 strong talk'of the Trlantl4
mllltni on 4d a h'l n ils from .Clin
,ton, opentig up In the near fqture,
S..Mr. and Mrs. AskC rMturne homq
foim a. sojourn in Dee MoInes, Iown;
Charles Mibmony, Roex rown, TIl
tod Ward 'adR. Coon, Jr,, wont to
a Friday for school eamina.
tlons. ,
ate June *5.-Thbirty thousan(
Si rations =pepare b ttUhe
' Iimp tmlser I n Seattle wew
mwo d aR d A o adt
ýý fit a ooornesý
49f "'A r . A..
. I i
... 4 t...'. Inch 4oto... '
watp ntsUani s
-Regulary selling tfo 2 ae , yard-- special offer for Ito. l od
i' : The surest test of success of any given endeavor is the result it
'`brims . If anyone for: a moment doubted the genuineness of
ti:e w onohue sales offerings, an attempt to get waited upon Sat
.- . .itTd" would have convinted them. This store stands for all
ý , t .. "i s .handuleig we ijnmloy no sleight of hand tricks, no underhanded methods, and
. l f *see advetise4d I isthi store an article worth 5o0 for 29c you can come here
rrect. We g f nto the New York markets four tines a year. We spend
r .h.i % " '... year personally going through the markets searching the nooks and ci annies of
Sto tkinds lt dise and when wb see it we do not hesitate to buy it for your benefit. This
q rw,,.'d "wdand n ho. a 4 public confidence in Missoula.
Tn Values From Our Garment Section
20 Sui r Women 30 Coats for Women
On Sale *or More Than e-Third Less Thn the' or M isses
Reaul Price
.5 E' `" -On Sale for Much Less Than the Regular Price
F' SFoi~k that are really high class. Will buy for you one of the smartest,
lThere frlt a musty or out-of-date suit snappiest coats that have left the fac
5 the lot. We have picked them from our tories this season. Then, too, you can
owir stock; where there is one left from own it for a little more than original cost
a range, irrespective of what itcost, we have thrown it into to make. We have just 30 of these coats to sell for the
this lot. Materials are sergeq"plain whipcords, two-toned price. Whipcords, serges, mixtures, in black, grey, tan or
whipcords and novelty effects; shades are grey, navy, black, navy. Some of them have red collars and cuffs; some black
tan, or blue mixed. and white; others are plain.
O 50c aSilks '25c Parkhill Gingham
Neat little atrlped effoctI: white .round., with. F 17e ThI yard; they aro the short mill hoti'tr these
de of green, blue. p db k or lau drea lgham th Iongth ar 10 t 20
end. s; they're usually termed "tub silkl." iytrd.; itll the plain ahade u and some fun 'hI M.
. Sandls Linoleum
Fpr children, a barefoot 6.inh . ' ' cIn 'r' For Monday's selling we
sandal that is in demand wh.ite. er " t"'rn.7 place on sale a large
for .hot weather uses; yard '......r53C - .dr' .17C quantity of Wild's linolc
they.come in four prices, um, in beautiful 5
from $1.00 down r ' designs, for. yard.......
t .................................. - On Monday You Can Buy
Soft Moles" PiqueM Cords
infants, a . little lot of M ll nds of G arfield SerThe flot represents; millA
thes goods marked ver ends of fine qualities,
low; - they are black pat- white or colors, in
or .... . .... 15c and rall widths; yard,........ C
" t,:./Urf on Sltt l Fl ".r -1axon
For. women, a cool sum The white fabric that is
mery garment; a regular Values Up to $2.50 Per Yard for most in demand now; in
50c"afticle; they come eith- this lot are qualities worth
'er lae bottoms or $ 1 . YARD. It is the biggest and best value this sale has to up to 50c a yard; all
tit ooffer in the way of intrinsic worth. They comprise the white, with pat- 1
. ~tli. keeort ...short lengths from three and one-half to ten yards of the terns ................................... . lC
Stt aWa&Its • Garfield serges and'whipcords that sell regularly over the
Fri women and girls, the counter for $i.50 to $2.50 yard; 50 to 58 inches wide; creams, black, tans, greys, Shepherd Checks
arthn this lasn purples, blue.white law; 45 inches wide; the best
D It nks; lace trimmed dress goods for wear now;.
ko e ...half wool fabric in three
.colr.... .. =...l... .... . " "sizes of black and 50 .
fo -• - 4Sa Pieces'o Pone S lks white check ............... O
Chiidid's Dr.essei t ' j Pi e~" Lonacloth
and jftty little dresses . A 12-yard length of Im
that the children will like :" Values to $2 a Yard perial longEloth that sells
-for. ismttr,; al lregularly for 15o the yard;
ofar""l- .z tii;" PISCE. You may get half a yard or you may get one and one. It is a nice,at
for ... .... .......... halfyards; depnd8 entirely upon how early you come. This Is soft quality ..........
Sthe story: TT'~i:Na Iau Trading Co. of Japan closed their New
S. ..dYork office.. Upon liquidating their affains they had Just stocks Wash Goods
·i4;/ a ha of slpmen pJes-pleces that had been used for road purposes. It was im
r i ily y p sible to i5 any price value, so we bid a lump sum and secured thaem Sone mill ends of qualities
gtfulz.t.ind'. nalue~ fe!it~~i ei lengthsof one quality and klad; so u to set enough for a to 25; some of them ar
S,. ...,." , .. pretty bordered of
rd ...- .', , .. . ., , a " ... . .... .

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