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THE• A WA. - Unit Rule in Democratic Conventon Is Done
Away With and Delegates Will Be Added
to Strength of New Jersey Governor---Dark
Horse Talk Increases and Kern I Men
S"- tioned.
Baltimore, June 26.-The progressives in the democratic national convention claimed
a. notable victory tonight when they carried a motion abrogating the rule by which some
S'state delegations were bound to cast their vote as a unit. The fight for and against
, Sthe unit rule was waged particularly about the state of Ohio, where 18 district delegates
SC,/ 0 .. , had been instructed by pPimaries to vote for Woodrow Wilson, but where the state con
N- 4l ~ vention, controlled by the Harmon forces, had invoked the unit rule binding all Ohio
• .delegates to the Ohio governor.
Ii . ./5 / 'The convention by a vote of 565 1-2 to 401 1-3 voted that no state delegation should
. ./ ': he bound by unit rule except in such cases where a state law was mandatory on the
" 0 "~"'.-- subject.
S/ Wilson supporters in the convention who earlier in the evening had carried on a dem
onstration lasting 33 minutes, regarded the vote as distinctly favorable. The Wilson
'- -- .---.- ýr boom had been growing throughout the day.
Wilson gaine and armon lost 18 votes from the Ohio delegation as a result of the
fight. It was said the abrogation of the rule might lead to breaks in other delegations
and this left the presidential race tonight in greater doubt than ever.
S- New York's solid block of 90 votes was cast amid hisses and groans in favor of con
S-- tinuing the unit rule. Missouri, the home state of Champ Clark, split 29 to 7 in favor
of the unit rule and this result was received with groans.
I',...;..* .When Nebraska and Kansas voted solidly for the abrogation of the unit rule, there
were cheers from the Wilson forces. Pennsylvania, a Wilson state, gave a big majority
,,'..,, .for abrogation.
. , v- ,There had been signs in the day of a growing sentiment in the New York delegation in
Sfavor of Wilson. The delegation voted under the unit rule tonight in casting its ballot
me . . against the proposition. fostered by the New Jersey governor's supporters.
SThe fight over the unit rule carried the evening session well along toward midnight.
SThe report from the committee on credentials then was read. As there was a mi
.. nority report, requiring discussion, an adjournment was decided on until noon tomorrow.
itmttre,. Jun. M. With nmr lna. Parkpr fur temporary chnlrman, wer. Thy blesting of help and favot upon
1 tions due to 1w g made tomorriw, the "beginning fo hear from lame" on Noe this c tm
n1- 4h I e`iteengtiee, in the de'ne'rt'le notional cunt if Niitige de'iet' of the' prn t e ne, n , upon ourln d a nd
ýe'A1."? 1n v ' kentinn with resoieit to a prent- Reus ital s. th:r:i w es a good , 'r,'i .n( ur nt, ona.
(d,,enttlI aendhlat, was as empiex sandl feorling Ibetween the I eryan and ClIrk "Aeeentletd hero today, we stand
ue,'ertnin tonight its at any etime fhorces
ietntI r,. 'Phre Wats ea iuh ntl d R Clark Controls Convention. . ri the history of our get gov
hAl.i el...e 'e te x k Cotrl Caok wav le ite emne nite Noton 'r 'n tala rntnue l .but Thou art the founa rOfn
whl..h re.e.. 4ts erest last uAight, trut l ea t' I 'ii'k feeree,' letiarly ci,,l. "ll wjihends Let not, we ra. ,The
ANYTH N TO D O N the. lxplker'l e 'inpln nanad tere l' wn.r lee kth. he'ttine dl'.Rrn from ie ier dee, the hand o rde.
not willing to admit that theAr het' tiuth iekotee, gpledle't' toe Wilson. lireihieh, or pasuion come nIlh to
IJ ELR A tM 'A N T JN G T D ON JAMES I~ S TIA ED tiefninyhrterng-LAi f~ roenetr ;~itetw iia to en~s don1utI h
FQL!I"HEF -I-H T IN - C O LO N ELr NEN "" ""' "1"- " "'""' " .."'""' "'" "*"' " - """" "' v'="b in0 thel'
we'reN eIeei'eti thli enee timee thtty Welas to thte cn- neer the foot ofx the" yingod
vngIIIl hall woif the oxpruessd ptr- I , itrt i t favor , to is In IPeople
L_ _ _ _earliest of firieg the ilo en.lt. a trute'd for - lark. mighty amoing the nations of the
FA alis aall Iutlel.I The.re were two sessions of the rani earth t hu ocnrl h nn
' ln~ystor Tihe (olpposiion idorc.ot, hoae iig of venl'oli fedny, The Nine, Iwlrh lnlr it anld Alrw~tte.1 t hlb.Ft~
SOyster Bay, June 28h-Colonel Roose* "In the statement which I made in tlee , Ire'pared to li.k it. Ttey etsn w i t eoe tir to pIt tn piberetlos shall make toh b 'x the
volt Indloated' today the issue upon Chicago on Monday I said that I did not wish the neuominatiton to be orattry. wAl of the pel'kenr l l prIo mi teabindant life. of the das1el of
i[I nlny l LIOR ine p thaee p iroe rt. mo ne pecoIbuiscil
OR which he is to make his campaign for would stay in the fiight to' the end. nhOeede ex e omt itomoirrow, hoping the teliie1 succes for the party le o h the ,o oro
the proesidency. He purposes to bale Ilnen then I have received hundreds iUlnudtie n migtht e lear i t little by that November eletions and derhled both ivi' ande ono m e atton ad
of letters and telegrams urging in to tine,,' ihi, 'r'rt ane htnoe 'avs'lt " otetnue eef b liltehsloe 'e
.his appeal upon the assertion that -tt -. he' Trt and IlRoo iet seactions" of p
hi appeal upon the aertion that ir on wit t and not one of them The' eadherents of Woodrow Wlison the republican party. n it Thou grant upon wom.
THI110PARTY CONFERENCE RE. what he has termed the "big sinister suggested that get out of It. In every RULES COMMITTEE DECIDES IN aeesertedl tonlight that their candidate 't'he e-(invention at a monaiion eipening nd w
PORT Infuences have determined to be cast, my reply Is just what I said In FAVOR OF THE KENTUCKY had enade distinct gains today and It o'ln'lk tonight ieii consllders -ver the presIdentIal and the vice.
SN en ,ate him from p'tbhilo life because he Ohye ago," that seni' of the (!lark sentiment was ion of com itten repirt and le prsidenti omnation-mante of
IS Nor NiED, Is the one man whom they really fear. The comptroller said the reason he SENATOR'ELECT. turning toward the New Jersey gov- work of 'completing tt.ei permanent or. this cenvention-sh-il fall, msy they
To accomplish this purposl he be. was Anxious to make It clear that ernor. ganisation. In all or tuhe party eoun- aI" 'ltrlotic, od-fearlng gnd God
Ileves they are 'willing to take up any colonel Roosevelt would make the tDrk Horsel., lN h~hl tdhy harmon wee urRd serving mer o,  ..- Cuil an,
1btnl. ueI --oh rynadman Whom. they think can win time fight was that eethe interests" which Baeulteuein,, ,une, 6-gttrM~ D~khrW a.,en up~ued e A utie r ieffietets i'a teatlos Pult ' at.lioe so' thalln t oly our finalt
Uetioe June 3-oh cBrya anta m d ncmve~l~~ oa nte d latmrJ 26.-Senateer-m'tejt "D~ark hmorse" wee' beeiie discussed Aferti' efftoi to <Icaateur th acice see hal nt ony sev our
pureInteestd toayril"uird-rrty hinathe uicaohcovr'c'rt.uho thizg i ther poerOo kep ln ou
,9n latear te taons. In the onvention at the vrhlog. -onvt nn. dfef thn tn htheir tpowerh a to wouldkeep hid out n li- Ja1nc of Kentuky. at a harmon'y eve'rywhcrc tormightt by t leaders d rynn inelresth is ua determnei d effort party cbut also honor our country and
arys, they hope to control tue d,.;I . if the White House and lor that pur- meeting of lhe commlttee ie per- and delegate.s Best there appeared io enmke Henstor-leet Jamnes of Ken- suprenleey glorify Thee, our Governor
• advent o oeratic convention to thl. same end. pose would gladly mec' .;:y other man'nt organisatlon, was nar ed to. ammo difficulty in cerystalhisng sentl- tucky lpermrconent chcirman, Mr. cnl cur Oucel,
a ..ll dvent of Illlr~ancisJ.li Honeoy of '"They knrow me anel I know themn," 'progressive. mt~ o )raetelinno hnont asire I whuiede of the' dark' hersos .launees Is knouwn as# on( 'f lihu cIose,.lt "All u.f welch~h we as~k througrh ,Tesus
iei= .hy tnea o iurenancetnnochairman of tc wet d are t. frteoehm 'e the N eras kaon. in*at lud 'mi her wh o has tuh t ems
O.iItltlh, who iotaght.for Mr. Boos.- he saId. "It ds anything to beat ma Comptrcblier Prendergast shid that naln envntion, but t.rey Wood- datoherk,. Kernofn diarlenda Pofresit be Chrosedn. i'r.t, wi' pdray to s ayort i'ae
Ve ht Sthe ohicallo convention.k, and I am fightnng a lone hand andiie as -rh had pointed out to C aoloneh utnooa; son, e buro t the natonal cor- Mr. Bryan'a choice for csharman of th Alieuerou"
,uibS*es t. Crane of Chicago. who going to fi1ht it out to the end." velt that th e overlhadowtng itse waittne and triMroe time rimmuhrlal oee.minttotW drawing the party unladforenn Sm, onf r iovernor W'edrew WtII ' pnr ae, was snot"ete
,ts coult nonduet sleep ith ouearly at i olt e 'Phes fome p residen t mnel. thi s pirac"whether the nom ination for the pres- 'retary of the sfuceedingr democratie attpoar ed to s ' u r the uioe's s uowllecrtehrs aind teemlghc t t un.rt h v ernor lan(' h o lu re
t moorn ted th erlea wit mar bfter a long conference with uleney can be stolei arid the people eonventions, was defeated for that of- drk horse., Ty he coalitien o thv ti nent in the' big New Yurk dnnlal- uiurt n e tht firstlan'hard at ouiieaonare
I nM an repored t inthi-w ,wit n oem A. P renderg ast. comptroltler of Cent given agenrportunkity to pass judg- fice by P . H. Irrtton, a newsliaper man Bryan and Wilsdon fores in thao firlt date e tn w tu eaorycunn tua itlen. th t ths t o eent cmitt oe
tatit. th of aligh.N.'.figeh ooty ft wnas 'vewr oh'Mg, rleenerta e n brone thytoreportuthveth t."n o al h , thin w turninowrdt oth r emad
honey sid he came to Baltimore to m ga st came to Oyster Bay to Indu re "The objet for ch thhe fraud The ehoie, of ,Mr. Jabes was teth l of to e uncp tlti., however, led the. nomhtte wcltul be' c ' ut-and.out Ie e i ll ho would heot mae r ad.
qe the "lteam Loller" at work: that tolonel Roosevelt to say detlrndtey was hierhletratero ," )he sid, "was the unanimous, beet the roll whos called O to t o th ran' t lt lt. rgr slv as the party adr. be-enut te motaoeto d r until that tinee ,
he ho-a c tooo i toMed to the that under no elroumstanees would he defc't of ,Mr. ilf.oosavelt, not time the sec'ctaryahlp, Mr. iltrttwnng thwinning m en ato eWrut [email protected] et in Iteet h emny in tiete wayan w uth liwuoted le "aTs ' sutre ote dtesl."
too-tootat thehgiciag. o convention that withdraw from the fglht. Re.ardinlle omilnetton of anybody else. ThIs 34 to I8. Mr. Woodaron' o high quail- tl aeeonegotstand fac in te to blneup' A tone suedtlmwnu o d I orur like no " Uti moatoryl. "
liet ould nothe wi thonuitienspitionlt toak Alexoar in this respete Colonel cnircywonaIth beseenp f any o"°ther bfic th alensfr theantice wereon. admittedwOri d t- | piultseod ato bel the along Aulbrnrnthe ofcWhonsentimnt In ltorm Wall tror Tre h Pout oefar
AThe deortica convetonlde toak Rmosev. Te saiod: d manto e Iv s ielecrto fwted to esnea eeain .41:1Oara Pre one tyeadtecodcerd
seconditaco as r a n topic coe ersa ~t h oplon os al n eq , ef h eos t t Prsadeno ." buhe iteue a n's fiendhst we redo ady ~ of any cacdeateo woleain exipressio igh thaledneto tongh IpnI Msesin wstho e firs speaker.t
trmen tlody, whedterletl ndpa- o .h... . tormne t nor hine In the in- rto blffelot number io t v ateen thce lerolonged demonstation when lhll "fthe nomlneo of thiseonvewntien
same persistnt tatenator, of M . Wlo tfUicia wl ~ ow erent rrfaiormaldtscussionwhichprecededthethrdsrulel ., to domtnate. The two- nfs toe wa bismentioned, will be thcu next preslident ef tel
--. . , , r. - . eripple I bI fl voteItpwarm n deledtion thae the chi rds c ee prevamlllile n democratic, Wlthinoa scattered asttendance at 11:30 tlulttp. d Statc,.a"'he said. He eulogAled
l e tt e h a d el d i o j g o p f e r e c o w t h I U I I I I I W ~ I '1 ~ t K o u lt e wi t ot p ode l i, ti c a l si nt i c ne , ch o n ve n n t io n s a lw a y s n etck i' th e p ic k in g a ' ee,, ec h u se o f h e a t se e m e d t.o fi ll ',B ry a h n a t lu igth m 'b u tt th e d e le g a te s
Wtll . y n. afteo hthi atter's r e- Io at ENGINEf the omhtteeo weho remainedoh of a candedatepom In a dvance aW dffocunlt athee, the l uecihtgd and gIve promise of idhgrew reth.tlthusanehairtemuen, . Parker,
f ightm In th.e onventio r centr. e tus those probee. awtegy admemrsle teique.ol
velslhtIiln thethtemportiaryl elolliltuel'had irmansh Fip nl0,. ul, [;llalllv,,,, Ahifl ltovt.acped ve of the'riends of 'Mr. Blryan virtuatlly Iloor and galleries decided on speech was very lieef ated Slenator
Was saidthat th senato had d~sus- 5bV~ kIW UlF~flhlleoaUId tod Ly TeoUIboRle.hceasd todayto hare him as piner-leegnigeed nioment and coatsawre raynr Mof Marleanel tlcwxt ws calle
sode in d etaill the 'third-psa'ty moves tsno The le. dential candelelte. Mr. Bryaens fo.- sti'a c he arlpae er Was the delegates .on.
and tha invitedo-Mr. Bryan to .east fAnother i proposton lower s w fehe ourse sruk, oc clost atp of the hail. 'I.' "aoi.seeoe ,,,,,.o . l.h...ooer.o ..d ,re.n iteel success feur,__ the
his withtm newm'grv Lndo o 3usad hgo. Jn 26 -ng e ed. ed n byi rucomittee hs pue d in thepo cvtionanp lhundrcl of palmlaf fans fluttered enhtec and diuesd the dvso of
*ovenent, we ntdh a n - o " .. e roeogo 4ks *',of the aouthority Lasert he sntll Ill ,is in a position to 1t0mouttimofbaldnnig, theeeeabp u ctt to a pthor o itt yandethd edldtlhra
At hryan and Nebraska headqur- e n g may romet soricks iseported illed and a soe of a state conoh' lrut de- tate the nomnes Mr. .ryn decled. .a.nd ,.e tior of y thai toroittbof' titced af aion wl
t o e t w a s n e ith e r d e n ie d n o r a f f ir m e d o l t y W o m e n a n d se v e r a l d u ch u es s e , a ll p e r so n s a r e ,b e l e v e d t o h a v b e e n i n- . . , ld ~ t) Ito tl o. ftit ' te l~ to lls in th e t od- t o a c c e p t . . . . : " . . . . .. .W r ~ th e d iair a ndhr o f d a ,y ere n - el A ' o n 1 a rt r-t n h e. " W e to w ill teuTaet atnd r e togr ade .
,:tlet'tluene had. fbeen held, Of..tem dressed In white and wearin gjured tonight -by the wrqekhng o tho e f*0apmenl of a"| ;ile i thq the platform o .mittee,. . au t h o atA inr of artein a h t thte we r'Rosevl prt ,
d'i~~t ator -La Frohette was under' white hats., trimmed with garlands of Dixie flyer on the Chicagro & JlasterW e ofa s *t4lito friend. Senat/or Kern. was50cosen Inf-rostJd p tendIn teglleroi h ith h Thutud motto " theoou shalt not ty,
ti e . Seino . ro o f w ith M r . B rlyan w a s w ild ro se s, sold flow e rs in the str eet s Illino~ s ra ilro atd n ear M a s~ ttif tt hn, *1i ' .2 h p rolpo sltl o n-of! 'sc gl s~i l ng th e h is p l ace. T on igrh t .M r. B r ya.n rere- orde rsea e to , ejec a teehe cra~ g aler l uis "etl hur go e ud u me " Th is cahalgn willst el,
s o n ol o~! d , p . .. o f L.o id o n .to d a y., w h ic hi W a s c alled m ile s so uith o f C~h ica lo . Th e t rallqh Au t~ ltco rt y o f *ft et @p~ v sn tlo n a ro sle se n ted t heeo pla t fon rm a, ' "c o mn, g,., m ., , , a o rd l o 0 o t l n o o otn g tu b n e,' e ealsa- p euiresst'" snt h ' im outed Snator
A t thei .W iseon sin da e le ation's he a~d- Al oxandlr a daa y In honor of the queen w h ich con siated of a locom otive and 'heeotruee o f the sItuation In the O hio n lo"eiy - . - . . ...' . .. At.. t b inl , Wihll C h i m n P r e ou d e t y c i , r'e d tes x cro w d ch eered . - e-to
q.uairters It Wasl acknowledged thalt mhotrhel'. Tims procwd are to bie gilven nins cars, two of which were sleeplers, delegation. -.it;: wassai.th.. ltfom. wuldbe.is.es 'wt h the3 gha vela Parrponde tynrtd til rw heerd
Shelm~ll ,- l bad been hlere and thalt he tg .the Metropolitan hospitals and con- heft C~hicago at 9.11 tonlight fom,' J(!jg.. 'the state copventiop had instrutetd ready for the convention by the tienue -segeat atlarm aidhted byeln thee ricSot o ae'ts
!ll~lMtettil , valegont hlhneu In the name of Queen sonvile, 1la,, ca~rrying several h undt -d: the Ohip0 delelqtttili -. a vote of 6i00 the nomina,tion for p~residenlt has -been serat-out tlar the aisles.b tlewl Aftier tehadutke fo r severaltn
._~ . M r,. B ryan l eft h is h ead~qu a. terg A le xm nd r. W ho ..ori gin alted the Ide a. pa ssengers., The lo com ptlve Sil (1 id to i Si to vote as aI uitt for Gote rnor im ad e. thet co nu sito n su siedand the hon-l nelnuly A ters 'in e nunh a tipo en ofo t' p blcwra
.tole_ maba!Jl' Qartsiiqtton. of Madislon, Ten million airtificlal wild rosesl were l entire train left the track whqlel run- Ha~rmon. Ntnstteie tOhio el A ~s, 's suggestion' _ithad vention gotbunder way. t heo-i'nvtpe aInd prdnuiatioryo weallthCon
b,. in what, has been calle4 tt h t.d fit tihe .opoalon by blin~d and ningr at a high rate At Mr. Ie~;hwo.,01n .. i. o.teendtmnl.tt ....t..I..]l0 Mrl trd rmr rvannHnyI) 3atnorAl ..:
• I .lltsl pla~ltform, Mr.,ra cr'i nppledt workers. A bluttonhlole to meager repor~tso . ed acdn thoevr 05m0tu t~ton right to laley -bee d enterm ne u n ot ; to pesenthap11 B..;s.h opMra"fee rae. aesenHny lyo fAa
. Jlht.npsthI~t itep nto his packet bouquet of wild rsmes cost two cents,: Tlhe ioelmmotive turned over Mi the *le5tu as avowed Wllln ,-n I ~n' . .. bue....a.....the nexylbtm, t..e speakr i itikIurc ~'ited to .,:.
' . d- r a'a!.' Wl'li iW a unch Was pitd fop 5l cents, entire train 'left tetak tso ~l epciedsrcs Wm Mr nM.Byns behalfak A was sai "drThe--prayer was as....follows: "In due nourtknio ~pr o nwhomt the
. .... ._Q.'. - .J' r .. iss. on horses there.iwqro tqg tee, rail Is behiev$ t have egused Ie ace. moen delegratos held that beca ds In- tnight-, that( his flait t on .udeark I i. 1 Alih ty adeeraP, iecrwreI oloi ,...Ietuai .. . . ,- - .. -," q< .... ..... ..-" . h,. e. ,
W . . . . R h i , ,ll p O h . A L J. . . _ w h le. fo r I no t o r 'o a r g a r l a n d s h a d m ~ b O p e rld lt t T1 h e t r a i n . w bi c h w a s " k o w n t i ll ' p, rnl r ,e t l/ 1 2t a m V . o t e ( 3 v e o t he. t e.mpo. n r a r y c haI rm a ns h ipt fl.erv.el . ~at h/ r ho u w h o a rtther l bo dg an.0 a t o O t s h o u~t e d- . u p,.
;* .w_.n. :,Xu,.'lt_.T~m,, p s.. v41Jl_ ! . - ,_ . .. -, - as o. 3,, lefts Cicago at 9:1 eil In e'rt ']iO i .01' re l 'w mtia;orty oflp was in...pp r.s4 lr e nly b adelrmt's t autho '!%mr , wallif a nd- -,th lafu i rhe Albaie- r4o ateZ. -, .k,.t, -.
3't._tlbatt b~4!.ok aWalbi~nu.top to-I "hito wits much - rvalry pmlong' the toiW Jacksonv~llle by way Ofth'.sihlll.! 10,000 ovelr 9'vr i' l son lti~no tli'n- get anie ili-. i!.,tolineuthn4#rn dlw-of all manind, we owt Inthypeelawful "ClrliP *hou.-ed- gala"iL fro. m RI4;ls'
~ e~t~bo o~ltV~ltI~n Wolien mot favorble- [email protected]$'.dThwes Sowealnsthyotpdmnsnoe 4,, lion. 7twas nerl'lu' tonight Thy s.e.. . ety suited.- - - '
..';i - :.I.::2.:--- --------. .J:--i- i-e w-a rmr . u lt ,nie aol, h Idn o- . '-"'h-- I Nin ._) gatlo,, rw_- c as t thi v iotes i o r depedolnee uponl Thpeme and praying¥ four. (Cnlte on " 1"ge *Pltl ,
' l qllll~~ll'illi I Ml~, ' tl!__.; . .... ... . . . .. L ;' . - '--.,l& -m'r- -. . ar dl- - a- - - - - -w-d--- u' terde -.- ' i.;: .7.
' , l ' ' ' T ' ' ' . ' ' :'. . . ' t l ~ m e ~ r l l l e l ~ i o l .. k n l l l ~ l t l t - t l l . i e t o l l !4 I ~ a . l . . . . W, ..e- -n ~e u p n l e e a d p a ¥ t e ( o- ' . . . . . .o--- .

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