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The Juiy asie of the Golden Mule
store opened, iccording to announOe
Inent, .4 tI o aok yesterday hortflnlg
The droevd began to, drive early and
it stayed late. Ahl of the selling
forcq bof `he establlshmett 'was busily
engagta before the doors. had been
open long and before the day was far
advanced It bad become necessary to
augment the number of salespeople.
The ruih continued all day.
M, J. coen, head of the Coen7Plsher
company, was busily engaged when he
,was sought out by a Missolilan man
in the afternoon, but he paused long
enough to say that the response to the
announcement of the Sale had been
msore than satisfactory and that the
buslness of the openihg day pronm'sed
to exceed expectations.
"We are having a busy day," said
Mr. Coen, "and the rush has been
steady. The sale starts out with in
dications of being unusually success
ftl. The response to our adverttsing
has been remarkably good; the buyers
were here early this morning and "ave
been coming right along. But there
will be enough left for those who
couldn't get here today. The sale
w:ll continue and.we have the goods."
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and might have been intoxicated, wit
ness testified.
Wakes 8elf by 8noring.,
J. 1I. Zonlg. a former tobacconat,.
tcustified that one ocecason he entered I
at street car, seaated himself and no(
ticlng the odor of whisky, looked
around alnd observed Hianford seated
behind him.
Thle judge was asleep, he said, and
when he snore.d he woke hinself. As
vacant seats becamel more nulmerouls,
people leated nealr the judge mlovedl
away. VlWhen tile judge left the car
he, walked very unsteadily and the
conductollr helped him off the car. bOn
a suabsicluent oceascllon, Zonig declared,
lhe had seen the juldge on the street a
trifle ulnsteady, and tlloughlt le had at
lfew nmore drinlks than he sailould haive
ltaken. On cross-examinatioin, the
i·.ltness admitted that lie had -beell
'f nIed and implrlisoned by. Hanford for
violatilllg the inlternnal revelnue tobactloi
I. I'. Tlurner and Ira C. Bronson, at
torney.R, weyre examlllnedl concerlning thlie
)propoaased llisbarmlaent of .Attorney 1
Jerry talldon Finch for making
ch'larges against Richard A. laullinger.
The- monmmittee annoptned that this
HIbjec''t woullld be continued later.
A newnspaper reporter was examined
colcernlng an article written by him
in which he said It was HIanford's be.
lief that he was belnk l pursued by a
white-slave synldicate. . The reporter
testified that Hainford gave him the
Ilnformationl on which the article was
All aboard for Hamilton.
Tobin believes he'll stay.
Someblhody asti p thllose Saints.
Everythlng broke against the vulgar
Attell and Julus go 10 roullnds at
Hiamilton tonight.
Keanln was wi'ld,`also, but he car
ried a horseshloe.
'Virst-of- thle-season bus neIs, this
wllh Butte. Just like old times.
I.ndles' day called out tlhe usual
bunch of soprano-throated rooterines.
There were holes i-lplenlty again yes
terday. Occas'uonlly the pitchers
climbed out.
This afternoon's game at Hamilton
starls at 5 o'clock. Tile Saturday
muss begins at all earlier hour.
Suchils plokled a bad one for a single
in the fifth. In this inning Butte
SI LOS Increase Dairy Profits
If you have stock to feed-you must have a SILO.
Feeding silage will decrease the cost of fattening cattle
and in the case of cows, it will increase the amount of
milk from 8 to 10 per cent.
When ypu build your Silo, build a good one-one
that will stand the strain of time. Build it with
"IRED DEVIL" Portland Cement
And the initial investment will be
practically the only ooVt. Your Silo 4 D)li. IL
will last forever-there will be no. OGen leOmt"
expense for repairs. Write and ask
us for a book telltnf all about the
advantages of a Silo, and how to
build one wit "Red Devil" Portland
Cement. b0)d by aD leadxlr dealers.
Thrn Forks frdotle Coe
Great alls, July 11,--(lpcial,)"
instead of belia a forger, N. F. Dear.
dorff, the man arrsted by 8Ierltff
Collins' force yesterday on request
of SBhrlff Mosher of Plains. Ianders
oounty, has ~urned the tables on his
accusers and now has them apologiar
Ing to him for hi temporary ember
rasment. T'he officers are not
blamed for their part in the unfor
tunate mishap, but Mr. Deardorff has
a couple of bangs on the anxious seat
as to just how they can best square
their hasty action with him. jIe is
the representative of A. C. Ruby com
pany of Portland, Ore., and worth
from $40,000 to $00,000 In his own
right. He drew some checks at
Thompson Falls and the first one
which got to Portland came to a new
clerk In the bank and he refused to
honor it. On its return to the Thomp
son Falls bank the bank ordered
Deardorff's arrest. He refused to go
into the cell last nigh. until he heard
from Portland and finally this mes
sage was received:
"There is a mistake through a new
man," the bank wired. "Great Falls,
also sheriff, will 'be paid soon as
checks come back.' I will vouch for
you to amount of $40,000; if need
ready cash will telegraph you at once
through Merchants' bank."
'This was signed by A. C. Ruby and
after it's receipt* Sheriff Collins de
clded the wrong man had been ar
rested. He never went behind the
filled the bases but didn't score.
The Highlanders and the Mountmen
sail for Hamilton this morning at 8
o'clock, on Jim proman's Eagle special.
The' fans were kidding Dell Wednes
clay, as he walked back from first
after rolling out. "G'wan." said
We' ser, "who took you out of first
There was but one scratch hit off
McCafferty while he was in there, but
the big fellow made Borneo's justly
celebrated wild man look like a sedate
lI the sixth, which a couple deceased.
MaTthen doubled. Whaling followed
with a single to center. Tobin threw
Muthes out at the plate. It was a
dandy peg.
Just before the' battle, mother, Ping
Brodie' and a strong-armed assistant
wheeled out the offic al roller and
smonthed out two rough spots on the
infield. They were accorded the
usual applllaus.
Changnon Is playing the best third
base in the league. That goes for the
local bugs, who have seen 'em all but
Whalen. Chang plays deep and is
cutting off base hits every day.
Yesterday Johnny H'cklin presented
Jim Paxter with a statue made out of
a couple of carrots. The statue had
its start from nature and a little art
ful attention supplied the finishing
touches. Jim gets this as being the
kling bee of the rooters.
Ossifer Lease was beaned at the
Wednesday game and he 'was inside the
grandstand, at that. A foul leaked
through the netting and smacked the
cop on the conk. Harley, therefore,
is wearing an egg-shaped bump in
front of his thoughts right now.
It was a great day for Bassey's
club. His two blows were long ones
and rammed home four runs. Orlet
copped three hits, Perr'ne grabbed two
and Carman got. a brace. Blanken
ship. Keenan and Warren divided
Zamloch will pitch today for Mis.
soula and he w.11 be opposed by Dell,
the Iride of the Bitter Root. Mclaf
forty has said that he wil pitch Bat
urday. On that day aBlankenship will
use Bueshl. See three-sheets and small
Zamloch, Bush, Keenan and Druhot
will be Manager Blankenship's pitching
staff, for a while, at least. Last night
She cut Roseburrough loose. Rosle is
all right, but Cllfton must cut down
somewhere and get Ins!de "that old
1 limit." Navarre will be left here'
. whtie the team goes~to Hamiton.
After many tests under government
supervision in Germany salt has been
found the best preservative for butter.
(Oontihulled om Paer One).
McCarthy, Joe Allued and Floyd shul
Hamilton-J. Thomas Melton, Marry
South, 0. I. Washer, W. P. OGtrien,
0, A. Gordon, P. L. Burns, . W.
Lewis, Ike Wylie, R. W. Getty, Charles
Bohler ad P. .I Terou.
Anraeond--'Tom Co'lllns, J. W. Weir,
Joseph Smith. P. G. Hillard and J. W.
Butte--. L. Iba# George Lapp, John
Andrews, Pleak Stapler, A, R. Cohen
and John MoDonough,
Helesna-W. F. tlets and O. H. P.
Lewistown,-W. R. Waker.
OGeat Palls-Charles B. Morris, E.
M. Nichols, A. E. Campbell, John Lou.
sen, aR. . Patterson, H. J. Clark, Cle
mens Wardlnsky, J. Krisohbauer, John
R. Shanahan, P. A. Mowbray, W. H.
Hoft and Charles Cambroe.
The Piret Session.
The exercises of the afternoon were
opened by a concert by the Hamilton
band. Following this the Eagles re
paired to the Lucas opera house for
their first meeting. The meeting was
called to order by President A. B.
Cohn of Butte, with all of the officers
of the state aerie present with the
exception of P,. A. Williams, chap
lain; E. F. Berger, conddctor; H. J.
Melloy, inside guard, and T. J. Troy,
state trustee. Temporary offlcers
were appointed to fill these vacancies.
The following committees were ap
pointed to report at the Saturday
meeting of the state aerie:
Committee od credentials-O. H. P.
Shelley, Helena; cRank, Virginia City:
C. E. Wheeler, Miles City; James Wat
son, Missoula; Walker, Lewlstown.
Committee on order of business-J.
W. James, Anaconda; J. P. McCarthy,
Poison; C. J. Wagenbrath. Miles City;
Dr. A. V. Fluhrer, Red Lodge; C. F.
Dalhnan, Missoula.
Committee on Resolutions-Sam V.
Stewart, Virginia City; P. J. Gilligan.
Butte; W. F. Seelts, Helena; B. C.
Mulroney, Missoula; J, W. Reeley,
Committee on finance-J. Murphy,
Butte; J. T. Melton, Hamilton: Carl
Thompson. Roundup; Matt Carry, Vir
gInla City.
Committee on grievances and appeals
-J. V. C. Taylor. Butte; J. W. Thile.
Great Falls; J. W. Nelson, Red Lodge;
F. L. Burns, Hamilton.
Committee on judiciary-E. D. Weed,
Helena; A. E. Caufleld, Great Falls:
W. J. McCormick, Missoula; C. S.
Wagner, Hamilton; William Maloney,
At 4 o'clock the greased pig was
turned loose on Main street and sev
eral minutes of real fun followed. After
the slippery one had ran in all di
rections of the compass in dodging
the many boys and men after his
scalp, he was finally captured by
Charles Beavers, to whom the porker
now belongs. Following this part of
the program the boys' race was run,
with Charles Hazelwood, first; Miles
Romney, Jr., second, and George Childs
third. The race for girls, 13 yerse
and under, was won by Vera Martin,
with Ethel Hood second and Beslie
Garber third. In each race the course
was from the Ravalll hotel to Main
The evening program, following the
Eagles' parade, which was held at 7:30,
was held at the opera house and was
as follows:
Music, Hamilton band; welcome on
behalf of Hamilton, Mayor H. L. Rob
inson; the schoolboys' welcome, Henry
Bishop: the Eagles' welcome. C. 8.
Wagner:.response, E. D. Weed of Hel
ena; address of the state president,
Hon. A. B. Cohn of Butte; music,
Hamilton band.
The Hamilton city band appeared,
this morning In new white suits,,
strictly summer weight. Their play. (
Ing today started the convention oft f
with spirit.
Charles Dallman of the MissoulaI
Nurseries arrived on the morning train
today with a large assortment of car.
nations, which were passed out to the
delegates at the chamber of commerce.
Mr. Dallman and his carnations made
a most popular combination.
Two large bunches of beautiful roses
are being exhibited at the chamber
of commerce today by Mrs. Lo, ttle
Rennix, proprietor of the famous rose
gardens located in Hart addition. The
roses attracted a lot of favorable at-I
tention from visitors from over the
F. H. Terou, who has been running
on high speed for several weeks; orl
ever since work was started on the
convention, was a decidedly busy man
today seeing that everybody had anI
official program of the "doings."
The baseball games between MIs
soula and Butte are the subject of
considerable discussion among the
visiting delegates, Indications at pres.
ent being to the effect that every del-I
egate will be found at the ball park,
tomorrow when Umpire Hurlburt turns
the teams loose.
Wlater WLutkins of Billings, state
treasurer of the state aerie, arrived
on the morning train today. He ls
one of the most popular Eagles in
the state.
State Trustee F. 0. Hillard of An
aconda was one of the arrivals this
morning and was kept busy most of
the forenoon shaking hands with his
brother Eagles.
Joe Beaudette made his Initial ap
pearance as a musician today. There
were many In the city who did not
know that Joe was musical until he
was seen with a baton at the head
of the band, He is there with that
baton stuff.
Esgles, AMenttenl
Speclal train leaves Missoula 8 a.
m. Friday for Hamilton. Everybody
Invited to attend Missoula day at the
convention. Fare, one and a third,
roundtrlp. Take a holiday and come
The population of Ireland has de.
creased more than 70,000 in the last
10 years.
III IIII ". I " ..... i il I I I I ""I' . I , 'I l l ,l l .l
Woitien s Summer Footwear
Reduced for Clearance "
S The season's best styles In women's low shoes-pumps, Colonials
and Oxfords-in white, tan and black, now reduced for clearance. K
We've grouped our entire stock of women's low shorn into four lois for .
; quick selling, as follows:" "
' his lo LOT NO. 1- GULAR 3
FOR .............
SThis lot Includes a great variety of styles, name of thn ne ow this season and ill gand,
all high-class shoes In tans and plain and patert l.ether; itll slse represeneted in thie I t.i
LOT NO. 2-REGULAR $3, 9 I.,
$3.50, $4.00 AND $5.00 VAL- .9*5
.i ii1
·' UES FOR -..
A wonderful offering, including Women's hlaek ind tan oxfords and white ceek and 1,
' hite canvas punps, and a lot of Misses' pitent ld old ine-,tra pumpsotll ,l
%' "LOT NO. 3-REGULAR $4
.TYr ES FOR ..............................
SPumps, Clonials and oxfords, made for us by tousin.r & l)uttenhe, fer. Itoeesln tan i **4
. and plain and patent leathers: also a full. new line' of velvet pumples. All cnxeis; all stylen . * * *
EST GRADE FOR ........................
(olonllials, xfords and pumpsl, Inll l lwh ite, cuck, ilntin, l black le
Ituetsela tainl and filnel t black Ieathers; the t..son's hetr stylet inl the.l
very lbest ImIkes.
For Misses and Children
SChildren's whit,.e eicnvaI t )xf orl Icand I
outing Oxterds; regeular $1' i 5
tno $1.75( 50)x ".. rl ih....... 50
"h"ldlren's ion kid nkle strap " 95c
i cpulmpis regulacrlIy $1 Si 95c
*5 t I 'hltdren's black kid cx- .2.."
Se .fords, regllarly $2. . .2......
Minses' black Ior brown $1 65
' ..ti" .;" sueetie petmnis, rogr. c3.00 .... o
.t i **ll** C
' OF
i.. *,. " ., ://
(Continued ilr-,nm Page One).
stantly they app.ered, -heading their I
own lodge, or acting ia thetlander of
a section, helping Ithe lagging steps r
of the weary, or adding an especial
flip to the jigs of the sprightly. Ther, I
were 32 of them. And this In spite of
the action of the National Assuocilation
of Musicians, which Issued the edict
that no union hands play in the
parade or participate In any of the
feltivities of E.l1ks' week.
There were floalt from the east and
floats from the west. . Aberdeen,
a Wash., sent five splendid elk, which,
attached to a phae.ton, were driven by
a beautiful little tlns from the Gray's
harbor country. Ifoqulam, in the
same district, sent a magnificent au
Stomobile floaut. Iwenver came, along
Swith a splendid float: glided elks'
a heads, sweet e.as and fern aIdded to
a pleture of ai dozen pretty girls
r carrying whitet piariasols with purple
streamers. Tuicllllna came forth with
two stuffed elk standling magnificently
in a field of greetn, drawing a chariot
trimmed with purple and white be
decked with sweet peas. North
Yakima sent a wonhderful clawk drawh
k by six horses. I'rom each hour plunt
on the dial af Itie clock appeared the
face of a dlaitty maiden from the
apple country.
Superior, Wis., seant a huge map of
the United Hitates. On top was a plac
ture of new lrand iDxalted Ruler
Mills poilntig to Muperior's place on
1[ the map, thae city from whloh he halls.
Ct Valifornia sent a wonderful aggre
Is gation. aln IlFrancisco's drill team
performed maniteuvers that elicited
storms al appllinase, while from down
,t south in thile ora.nge blt came a big
t float loaded to overflowing with
is boxes of mIellow oranges. These were
, thrown to the spectators.,
it Perhaps the most unique repre
sentation In tlh, parade was that sent
from Pendleton, Ore., the "roundup
country.," Forty real Indlans mounted
on typical- plains horses were there.
' 'hey were in full costume and painted
as was the Indian custom. Follow
n ing the Indians were 100 cowboys in
regulation attire, swlnginl their
lariats and occa4Lnally roping a
startled spectator, much to the amuse.
meat of the crowd.
Prise Wine.nr
fThe prlie winners ln the competl.
tive contests in connection with to
dna's parade were:
Bands In parade: First prise, $500,
Tlerkeley, Cal.; second prise, $300,
'Idaho; third prlze, $200, Pendleton,
Best appearance In line: First prize.
$300, Aberdeen, IWash.; second prize.
8200, Oregon City.', re.; third prise,
$100, Pendleton, Ore.
Olreatest number of members in
line: (Oregon lodges lairred)--4rirst
prise, $300, Tacoma, Wash., with 234 I
ltmembers in line; second priso, 3200,
Iteattle, Wash., with '2r2; third prise, a
$100, Vancouver, Wash., with 170.
,Most unique uniform-Pirst prise,
$300. Pendleton, second prize, $800, U
Astoria, Ore.; third prie., $100, The (
Dalles, Ore.
IMa.t attractive float--First prie,
$600, Tacoma: second prise, $300,
Bremerton. Wash.; third prize, $200,
ifoqulam, Wash.
Individual prises of $25 each were
awarded as follows:,
Tallest Elk, e. C. Railt, Roseburg, (
Ore.: shortest 101k, sldney Smith, Se- I
attic: fattest lk. 8. I8. Itatllff, Lew- I
iston, Idaho: leanest Elk, W. ff.
IMoore, The Dalles, Ore.: oldest 13lk,
F. X. Matthleu, Portland, Ore.
C(ompetitive drill, first prize, $800,
Dlrnver, Col,.; second priau, $800,
Oakland, Cal.: third prise, $200, Los
Angeles, Cal,
Greatest number of women in the
parade: Eirst prise, $300, Vancouver,
Wash., with 292: second prize, $200,
Spokane, with 18s: third prise, $100,
Oeattle, with 109.
The band contest was not held be
cause only three bands entered the
competition, two of which were dis,
qualified for not having partlclpapa
in the parade.
The winner of the prize for aggre
Kate mlneage had not been iomputea
tonight and will not be anpbunced un
til tomorrow,
By holding a seaslon tonight at
which the newly-elected officers were
installed, the grand lodge was able
to finish its business today and ad.
Journ, The lodge appropriated $30,
000 for the use of the committee on
tuberculosis and decided to take no
action In the matter of reconstruction
or relocation of the National 101ks'
home, now at Bedford, Va. This
practically was equivalent to la'rg
I the matter on the table until next
year's grand lodge meeting, Before
adjourning, the grand lodge passe ia
,resolutlon of thanks to the Portlana
lodge of Toks And the altlisen of
r Portland for the mianner In which the
a members of the order Ihve been en.
tertalned while In this city. Action
of ,this nature by the rind lqdge is
unprecedented In the history of the
Benevolent and Protective Order o.
* Bir,
(Inral Faili, Jluly II :1i. ti.l) -
M'lna1h., overseecr of the Washingt'nt~, I
Hiato, (Iranget, p;reosnt amsl It ib rt'
Nefltatiyeoi(f theint iona~lni inillitn ii ml
actinig u ortetngunltlc tiejni Rh. iit iei
galte ot the iiiuttinViritti. griW.ng'4 ,Ii
Montanae toda)y 'trgtLnivlii the MoIntr'r
ptate~ Oranie and will coInttinaai 11the
meetings through tintW *~dc.
The otfleenm chomin wcei Iia follows:
Wortthy nrnuatir, (4. A. Vmgunfg oi¶ Hun
River; ov'erseer. P'. J. AnhltdUr' t of
(''onttlnd; steward, cllurg·Kc + A. 14 illy.·
Is'rrtry#; urwlw taut nti"wird, ll. t'.
WV44'idward. I'Prortage; ch.1111 plna. v. I.
T'rarkwctll, I'itow'ttree; Neeret4 Ly,
Chaleasi M. Itmoree, I''+ulntlhgbmm; gate
keeper, 1'. W. Viwugii,, 'f'ort Benton;
lady aailstant stitwialr , a.m. R. N.
Parsley, Port t41aw; Ceroin t, itr., Tittie
Tniackwell, Ijiweree; 1l o nit, Miss
Winnie ilolnger, IVint; p'loru, Mims
Annie Ni ioI, Great FaºLim.
After tour years of experimenting
hops have been -grown succesytully in
Italy, which country here totoro " has Im
imorted several hundqed taiousand
pounds a year.
Every Woman's Complexion
Is bound to show whikher or not she is in good physical condition.
If the complexilon is muddy, the skin sallow; if pimples or skin
blemishes appear it fr then attention must be given to improve
the bodily condition4 There is one safe and simple way.
Clear the system anI purify the blood with a few doses of
This well known ysgetable family remedy is famous for its power
to improve the adl*on of the organs of digtction and elimination.
They will regulate the bowels, stimulate the liver, tone the
stomeob and yo' will, know what It is to be free from troubles,
from headaches,; backahes, lassitude, and extreme nervousness.
They will make; you feel healthier and stro pger in every way.
Dy clearing yoar system of poisonous wastes Beechrm's Pills
will have good effect upon your looks--thes they
Will Beautify and Impoe
no Ynrwis. r hm ,·rrvb v s i ess mudnlr vslar l ' as i sm.
AI i ...rwr.. Is M I: 10I.,+ I -
I('nu 1 u w hln-il I l'i I I-11 i 4
retJtjI v tl i i ii I.y % ft- li liiisM as
he did i 11N In rt IlukItaº In rli pn
I tint aiuihild Iin pulit~iii hud not
voiteid tor hu.
l.urliliir rut!a a Itanr trim a friend
wtvht Andirew Iart-n It. utllttr tat the
I 'hleaitw tlrutiAluI, J t hfur the iienr.
intuu Invul:lighutlu artsi i iriliuu. The
Iwillis Mild I Ittul I.: wrnt" hod itouldtt
lulhau thur. 11et as IiltiiI tln ' nh)tp' o
],oIIptiu t l ltliug lullK h isl; thIti the
nirWAu tuotu a nutrt It' itut gu ai d thiut
uuiituttrn would vote it uI itn i 111 hinut
wlthett~ lldlltK lht'lr plri\·itte cl m"Irtlonn. .
$rltuiiilu'tirliiiur luk nill hIl trItlil.
In thie iMeflutu by Cnitt. atmeuntoiur My
ers, he Mid, had)11( n111d11 i lpl'rCI based
on ut. luck tf kItiwlkhlN at Inmpirtntil
An autontuiil8 wilndow screOn which
rolls into A tyllnder ns lIh window to
which It Ii fastened In cloutd and opens
as thu windniw Is raluwd Is a novelty.

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