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night from iltka, wherb.' tettgnd
a meetintg of the special commission
feeenatly appointed by Governor Norris
to conslder ways and means whereby
Montana may ,be sjtably represented
at the National Irrigation congress, to
be e inn Salt Lake on September
10 and October 1 and 3.
"The commission decided," said Mr.
lslrtenstdn, "to prepare a 'naturel
ieources' float to represent the state
In the big, parade to be held during
the bongress. The float will be as at.
tSactively and thoroughly prepared as
possible and will represent all of the
slumerous natural resources of the
'reasure state. The expenses of pre
paring the float will be met with the
proceeds of a state-wide newspaper
coupon contest In which a young lady
will be chosen "queen of the float."
Several ne spaper editors attended
the enentli and all agreed to help In
the movement.
'*We met today at the Helena Com
tnerlal club rooms. Lewis Newman
of Great aills, who Is the Montana
vice president of the congress, acted
aS chairman. After the meeting we
were the guests of the club at
The members of the commisslon
haich is in charge of Montana's share.
In the congress are A. J. Breitensteln,
Philip Blake of Butte, George Mathews
of lawlston, A. M. Holmes of Great
FalI and L. M. ,Rheem of Helena.
Alexandria, Va., Aug, i.-- fell Is not
a had place, according to a friend of
John Armstrong Chaloner. This friend,
logt a resident of the region which
Dente once graphically described, has
supplemented the obserations of the
famous Flonentine poet and brought
eill data down to date In a spirit mes- I
sage to Mr. Chaloner, which the latter t
received by the "sub-consolousness"
which is one of his claims to distinc
tlon. Mr. Chaloner, who is a mem
ber of the well-known ('haloner family
atf New York. came from his home at
Coghbam, Vs., today. eipecilally to give
this data to the Washington news
paper correspondent. The dead man
iatonned the author of "Pour Years
Behind the Bars of Bloomingdale."
and propounder of the famous question
"Who's Looney Now?" that for a while
Hall was all old-time preachers
claimed for it but he finally had
"paid the piper" and was free from
townent. Satan, he said, resembles
INapoleon In appearance and holds his I
eourt In an audience room "miles r
wide and miles high, built of rubles t
the abss or ordinary building bricks."
Mr. Chaloner remarked that his cor- l
respondent had been a prominent New t
York clubman and that he himself
"did not believe a d---d word" of the
spirit message.
San Franiesco, Aug. 6.--Working
quickly and secretly to prevent an up
shot in land values, the city of San
Franelsce through its engineers and
attorneys, hal. selected a sito for
the distributing reservoir of the pro.
posed Hetch-Hetchy water system,
surveyed 200 acres of watershed.
located a dam site, and instituted
condemnation proceedings.
To protect New Jersey's forests
from fire railroads are required by
law to clear vegetation from each side
bi their tracks for a distance too wide
for flames to leap across.
I---·---- ------·-. -
Kidney Diorders
Come With Hot
Weather I
Wateetar Di.aU, s
IloS resulates them. rmeovss
sympebis sod pr
uOees bottiss.Bo sad 3110.
Webster Chemical Co. ?
St. Pal, Missn.
Unlmited Money to Loan on Improved Farm or,
City Property
J vobrble Ratet With Prvli.ege
Quick Actios
: r c'*lLRG S1ALL" o
F r1.:0i 4,*L.A MONTANA.
It Lewis D. Penwell of Helena, p
t of the state fair, injected
thusiasm Into the already .ith
Saetic Missoula fair boosters yestaieiº.
He came into town last night, but
y late as was the hour he got busy 40
d the jump, distributing his state fali
o pins and telling everyone of the t.:
r tractons and advantages of the i
allow. He is a real booster elc
' wants the state to advertise IbsLdt e
well as possible In Helena.
e "Without boasting a bit," 'he sw,
g "I can tell you that the fair this 1s?
Is going to be t1)e best ever. It ought
s to be and it I. Practically every
* county In the state will be ?5jre.
* sented, either with an Individual ex
Iltbit or a joint display with some
e othqe county. Everywhere the people
r are -mthirtastic over the tilir and
Y are planning to send in theih best.
The crop conditions in t.gllate are
d unusually good and the coultural
n exhibits are going to l Afll s As a
matter of fact they hav lways been
fine, a lot finer thian we realise.
n Montana people don't "obweeate the
a showing they make at i fair. ¶The
d directors have set a pace, you see,
* and we have become so used to the
t standard that we can't realise how
much better It is than that maintained
by most other states. We really have
a f(air that is superior to almost any
other, which means, when you come
right down to it, that we grow better
Flying Trembles.
"We have secured some splendid at.
tractions this year outside the exhibits.
There will be two aeroplane flilhtl
daily by two machines, one the
Marony biplan and the other a t mltaty
monoplane. The difference In the ese.
struction of these two air crafts wil
make a compar'lson of their flights
mighty interesting. We have bad a
lot of trouble this year In arrangfng
for the flying contracts. We signed
conntracts with five people and bour of
them have been killed In malitg
flights, while "Bud" Mars, the flWh,
narrowly escaped death. Miss Harriet
Quimhy, who was killed only a short
time aego, was under contract to fly
during the fair week. We have ar
ranged with two men at last, however,
and good flights are expected.
"We are going to have some fine
races this fall, too. There will be
more horses on the track than we
have ever had before and there are
some fast ones in the lot. Halt of
ithe fair this year will have to be
stnged in tents, as the buildings are
already overflowing. That fact alone
shows how much larger the expositlof
is going to be.
Railroad Rates.
"We have made arrangements for
remarkably good train service. Trains
will be run from the principal cities
of the state every day and every rail
road In Montana has given a rate of
a flat fare for a round trip. That
rate Is the best In the country."
After hl arrival last night "Mr.
Penwell created quite .a stir by dis.
tributing his litle pins as "Bull
Moose" badges. He walked Into the
Florence hotel and decorated "Bull"
Higgins with one, and then told him
what it was. The corpulent Mr. Hig
gins isn't that kind of a bull and It
looked like trouble for a minute. He
refused to wear the badge even after
Its meaning had been explained.
Carlton, Aug. 6.-(Speclal.)-Mr,
Cowen as getting settled down for'the
summer in the large tent he has put
on his place here.
Bob Voss Is carrying the mail while
the regular carrier, George Jone, is
taking his vacation.
Mrs. Maggie Eynon, her daughter.
Rhoda, and her niece, Callie CaJlatine,
were the guests of Mr. Jones on Sun
several Carlton people attended
church services at Lolo last night.
Mrs. Cottroll and Mrs. Murphy spent
Saturday in Lolo.
Mr. and Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Dish
mon and Charlie Dishmon went to
Stevensville yesterday to visit Mrs.
Lavina Faucett.
The young people of the Carlton
Baturday Evening club went to the
Lolo Springs for their annual picnic
Friday morning and returned Sunday
evening. Those in the party were
Misses Cora Black, Besie tBrumbeok,
Dona Schrader, Julia Hendrickson,
ILula Pomroy and Margaret McDaniel
and Henry Hendrickson, Arohle Black
and Orville Black. They were chap
eroned by Mrs. Black.
Marshfield, Ore.,' Aug. 6.-Jonathan
Quick, aged 70 years, was shot and
killed at Bandon today by the 10-year
old son of S. L. Perrine of Roseburg.
No one witnessed the shooting. The
boy cliams the old man threatened him
and pursued him into a tent which he
was guarding while the other mem
bers of the Perrine family were absent
and that he shot the old man to pro
teot himself.
Marsh, the undertaker, phone 131.
T.. . Letterman of Plains had bust
ness in Missoula yesterday.
Diamond Ice Co. Both phones 00$.
Miss Dorothy Sterling went yester
g day to Camp Jolly-Up for a few days'
S3. G. Smith, tunert Hoyt-Diekinson.
Mrs. J. C. Howard leaves today for
a two weeks' visit In It. Manres,
e Idhoha
Dr. Willard, osteopath, let Natl, bank.
. arl Olicl left yesterday for Hmitll
ton to spend the remainder of his
a Stenographer Dawson, Montana blk.
It George Beckwlth was boere yester
i. day on business from his home at St.
e Ignatius.
e Missoula Bmployment Agenor for
" help.
Mrs. John Voss and little daughter
were In yesterday from their home at
Trinity hospital, 317 Woody. Bell
" phone 81t black.
r Rev. L. V. Stiles, pastor of the
Christian church at Plains, spent the
day with friends In Missoula.
Dr. Anna Jams, osteopath, tigglens
6 block. Phone 824 black.
I Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Read of the
I Ravalll hotel at Hamilton were in the
I city yesterday visiting and shopping.
Missoula Ice Co. Phone 3887 Ind.;
10 black. Crawford & Walker.
Mrs. C. B. Boren of Sandpoint,
Idaho, is visiting In the Mtt with her
partts, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Lemley.
F Humane society. Call Bell phone
r83, red or black. P. O. box 7IL
J. A. Wells aimd Nell Grthem have
gone to. Fih creek for a week of
b camping and fishing.
Money to loan" on ranch and city
property. H. D. Plsher. 111 B. Main st.
W. R. Schaefer, sales Jnaager for
the Or.vis Music House, has gone for
an extended trip up the Blackfoot
Dr. J. Louise Smith. osteopath, Ma.
sonic temple. Phone 618; resr 632 red.
^ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ham of Ana
i conda are guests at the home of R. R.
Kllroy. Mrs. Ham is Mrs. 1Clroy's
a sister.
Dr. Lohnbakken, dentist. 118 First
National Bank bldg.; phone 146 purple.
Mrs.s. M. Orvls. Miss Helen Orvis
and John. Jr., expect to go Thursday
to Lolo Hot Springs to spend three
weeks or more.
S. W. Hudson, chiropractor, B. & A.
bldg. Any disease; examination free.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lawrence of St.
Regis are visiting friends here for a
few days and they will go later to
Butte to visit.
Handy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Missoilan of
'Ralph M. Piper of Marysville, Ohio,
called on local dealers yesterday in
the Interests of the Standard. BtLmnp.
Ing company.
Baddle horses for sale or rent at
8t3 Bouth Higgins avenue. Dlther
phone, 45.,
Sam Goss of Helena, general agent
for the Northwestern Mutual Life In
surance company, came into Missoula
yesterday on business.
A new shipment of women's after
noon and evening dresses at Martin's,
East Cedar street.
Grant Brown of Salt Lake City,
special agent for the London, Liver
pool and Globe Insurance company,
called yesterday on looal agents.
The newest obtainable styles in
I women's lingerie and silk waists.
Martin's, east Cedar street.
,Mrs. Kate D. Myers of Blrmingham,
Illi.. Is visitlng in.the home of her
brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
DeJarnette, at Orchard Homes.
"Kleanatub" cleans easily enamel
ware In any form. Kennedy, the
Plumber, 214 1ast Pront street.
Julius Simmert of Ovando was
operated upon at St. Patrick's hospital
Monday evening for appendicitis. The
operation was successful and Mr.
Bimmert is doing well.
Art goods, Royal society, floss and
packages, Bolding Bros.' embrloidery
silk and stamped linens, D. M. C. cot
tons and gray onafloss at Martin's,
Eaest Cedar street.
William Royer of Arlee yesterday
fled an applloation for homestead
I entry on 80 acres in the south half of
the southwest quarter of section 15,
township 17 north, range 0 west,
There was on exhibition yesterday
at (. F. Peterson's drug store a
rbranoh loaded with cherries that ol.ele
from the, prise tree in the oro*had of
, . G. Harding at Orchard oRe)*,.
This tree is bnly 7 years old end it
' . .
A strictly modbrn S or ) room
house in oholde residence distriot;
also . 5 or 6 roonm house that ti
modem in every repect.
These properties must be well
looated one the south eide, and
prices rliht.
W.t Sia Commmn
!~u l~l~~SlJ~* l ~
bore this ar .,i l lone of Mont
monepy obqius arkable for alis
and flavot .
Dr. 2tlpla ~t4 speclalist, wll
known foP ti l or skill, is fOW'
at the a . {and' will remnain
until ultotlon free,
Mr. and . Hackman it
yesterd:ay! Iatn, Calgary aid
other , where they wI1l
visit for ia t& ie. They will re
turn by way of iaattlo and Port.
land. 6
Dr. Detapp, who has been carrylag
Dr. Willad's preotice during 'the
absence of the latter, expects to leave
this week tot QUlsburg, Ore., w$dlSt
he will esthblsh .himself in the pree
tice of osteopathy.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gibson returned
yesterday from an attended visit with
friends near Sula. They were acoom
panled to ,Missoula by their hostess,
Mrs. M. A. Blake; who will be here
for a few days.
Miss Helena Roy of the Crescent
store has gone for a -month's visit at
her old home in Ashland, Wis. Miss
Roy will aleso visit the Misses Frances
and Elisalbeth eill, formerly of Mis
sola, now llvtng in Minnesota.
Edgar L. Witter of Conner applled
yesterday for hdmestead entry on
120.0 acres, Including lot 8, the west
half of the southeast quarter of sec
tion 26, township 4 north, range 22
west. The appleotlon was allowed.
Warren O. Cain and seven boys be
longing to his sunday school class in
the Congegational' church returned
last evening fr.nw't happy camping
trip up the Rattleknake valley. The
boys took blankets and slept in the
The town of Ronan yesterday filed
an applloation for.entry on 0 acres
to be used for soli.l and park pur
poses, In the west *.f of the south
west quarter of thg asothoast quarter
of section so, township 21.north, range
20 west.
A. B. Collins of b)enver, superin
tendent of equipment for the ,Mouni
taln States Telephone company, is in
Missoula for a few days Inspecting
the work being done in the local ex
change in the way of Ithtalling ad
ditfopal switchboard.'" This work will
be completed In about 60 days.
SMrs. Fgrank Troyer of Wardner,
Idaho. is Ill with typhoid fever at at.
IPatrick's hospital. Her two sisters
In-law, 'Mrs. Charles Troyer and Mrs.
George Troyer of Wardner are in
Missoula on account of her Illness.
Her husband Is himself In a hospital
In Wardner.
J. A. Veronneau, formerly with
Schlossberg and later with the Dono
'hue company, returned to Missoula
yesterday from Great .alls, where he
has a responsible position with the
Golden Rule Mercantile company. 'Mr.
Veronneau will at once make arrange.
ments to move his family to Great
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Ohipley and
two ohldren+ formlat residents of
Steele, N. D., have returned to Mis-'
soule after making e three months'
tour throulh "Pacific . lat states. Mr.
and Mrs. *hlpley huve deoided to
locate here, andlng it .est suited to
their needs of all the plsces they have
Dr. Charles PIxley and tisl mother,
Mrs. Della Plxley, have rpturned from
a long vacation spelt at Portland.
Beaside and other Paolflo coast otties.
The change of ellmate was of great
benefit to Mrs. Plxley, whohad been
Ill before she left M.tgouts, and the
doctor, too, In looking brown and
hearty as the result of boating and
surf bathing.
John lBorrowman of Cemas yester
day filed atpplicattin for homestead
entry on e10 acrres n unit '`,"" the
southwest quarter of the southwest
quarter of seotlnn $, the southeast
quarter of the sotliwest quarter, the
southwest quarter of the southeast
quarter and the aoutheast quarter of
the southeast quarter of section 8,
township 81 north, range l west.
George Champagno of Camas yester
day fliled application to h omestead
entry on 180 acrra in tslt "3," the
southwest quarter of 6.6 tol heagt
qur4er, the ouhP.teat ~etrter of the
northeast quarter and ti. southeast
quarter of the northW quarter of
section 10, also the so qu rter
of the northwest q ' t "` 1se.tion
.t. township 91 north, ' It 1 west.
Lillian Tucker of Oonpey . Mont.
made apploation yesterday'. or homen
sted entry onf 1t60* ses, 4anoelidng
the west .halt f the RtISi A rl~ qUa.teI
and the southeast qt of 1 the
sothwest quarter of " 0, R alsl
the northeast quarter o I0j& nortih.
west quarter of seetli.c toweaslp
1 north, range 21 west. fMi apIllOs
tion was rejected.
ibiland is building.
driven os! defenset
teas dlpaoemenat,
flistl motor warshl
or submarine orant ld I fbo
i · 4.~.
4 l herl ftide . . n -m4 -h md S.
:andi iom Mt" with fine resents the 1
a. s Itbrt _ y em when o made wiith aib np ie
srae: asona hlw mas p '1 tight at a st tk
t rei pit s, a . ,made of ,flft n1 atMlan I
te .3; pro- trinmmed With fine vllenen a
fromn c ls br ,i ,' rangde7nge ,
MUSLIN 5W Made-o of qcamObr, t d o
' sleives; cto t k' lon. nd shor . . Rui mPian .kh and
rull and well[ sia'; regular prices ange embrolder; values from 275 to ,00;0.
Srom s to $; aleprce saln both plain an fan lace and e
M USLN DRAWERS-Good quallt SHORT pKi rs-Mnade of nainsook
muslin, cambslro.and nainsook; tucked and muslin; lade and embroidery; sale
lace and embroldeeed; trminmed bottoms; price .' .; . ....ONE.-RIRD On'
regular pries tje~ from 23c to s ; dCO(RST COVE~_-Hundredsof them',
sale price --._.._ONETHIRD OJ in both plain and flanc lace and e m-.".
CHf MISE-Made6of itainsook, daintily broidery trlmmed; cut full size; regular
trimmed with liaeo il price prices, 23c to $2.75; sale price
- ~::- ---_ :--I
Dr. Reisland, the eminent eye spe
elaist. sa well known to all Montana
people, La now at the Palace hotel
rooms,' 08 and 304, where he can be
consulted' free of charge. Dr. Rels
land has been visiting Missoula for
30 years, during which time he has
made many warm friends among his
patients. He has 80 years' practical
experience nla fitting eyes. Grinds all
glases. while here. His vast experil
once . d 4etenelve study pats him at
the b t of- his grofesslon. Dontt
trust "~iour eyes and nerves in the
hands of men who have had but short
terms of schooling, and little or no
experience -In actual practice. I. re
quires years of experience and prac
tice to mike & man perfect. Dr. Rel.
land's wonderful results in his prac
tice are well known to thousands of
Montana people. The latest and best
methods for ascertaining the true
condition of your eyes are employed.
The finest lenses made on earth are
used and the very best rosults must
obtain. I you suffer from headlaches,
nervousness, blurred or weoak e.ye
sight, have cross-eyes or poorly ft
ting glasses, don't fall to call and
find out Just where the trouble is. No
matter if all else have failed, see Dr.
Rlealand. Palace hotel, Aug. 5 to 15.
The June number of Mid-Continent,
a magaune devoted to the unbiased
presentation of mid-western lands
and resources, contains an article de
scriptive of Montana. Mid-Continent
has taken a new stand in the way of
"boosting" articles. It prihts only
suoh articles as it believes in and will
undertake no publiioty campaign for
the sake of advertising. The articole
on the Treasure state, then, is an un
solicited presentition of the attoa
tlons of the commonwealth. It Is the
more to be appreolated b.bouse of
that faoot.
, -
Newburyport. Mass., Aug. 6.-Ben
Jamin 8. Wood, aged 78 years, who
claimed to be the last man wounded
in the olvil war, is dead at his home
here of pneumonia. As Lee was
about to surrender at Appommatos
courthouse, a minsle ball oame whtis
ing iLto the Union lines during the last
minute of the engagement and struck
Mr. Wood's arm near the right shoul
der. He was forced to have the arm
amputated. ,
0_,L. ..
W. dy4.
rg) rj5.' a -f
Two Round Trips Dib
Aem th 1e Beul ta d Resrvoation
The Bateatan Auto Stage Line
Two Now 16-lPassengerCars Now in Se'rvce
First car leave iJtavalli at 7 a. . with mall, connecting with north.
bound steamer 1'oilson,
Second car leaves Ravlill at 10:80 a. m.. Immediately after the arrival
of train No. 41.
First car leaves Poison at 13:10 p. m., gonnecting with train No. 43
at RavaUli.
Second car leaves Poison at $ p. m., connecting with train 'No. ¢ at.
It you want to take the boat, pirlve at Raivalli 'on No. 5 and take
first car.
Fae to Polison $3.50; to Ronan, $250
Baggage and trunks on all cars. Stopover allowed at St. Igsntius and
Ronan from first ear to second, either way.
A Delightful Trip; Cars Alwayson Time; Good Roads
Efficient Service
Famous Six-Poutnd
Electric Iron
Pbr I yeare
to users o ourrentg 1 down. b1
per month till paid for.
-U b .
'did Prospets
rn Canada
sateat reports. from the fields of
Manitoba, askaltohewan and ,AI.
berts are to the effect that what,
oats barley and flax grtv prondel
of an abundant yield, Rains have
beei suftlolent and all galins itve
advanoed riqldly. There are now
U1d7e Crop
alirgads are built and bulldin tin
all settled portions. The oppottlne.
time for getting some of this g j
erous produding land Is now, Nx
oursions on all lines of c!,nadlan.
railway .to Inspect t|e lands, Ap
ply fpr C'ettle ol C e .lfiate to the
uAlgenti 'la'b4 Cdl Governmpent
lasao. Davi-s
4 Duna; Blok. Central Ave.,
*R4 ? V LT , MONTAN(A,
YAW- fin * .

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