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+r {y. k % t s
.w .. ýýý ý wý / . fel
.- i a t ine r .. It*
10 ljsps 'to a ati
n. d sruoblares . d ilty -p.,
i4 ah thrling to lite by th. i .ettp
"a_ Yin ytadby, to' ian p-rthe
k a ttf iiiW of e 5
Ond th e al W
---e wo of ~lomel ' pti th'
-to ll o 'th dletTu a lyý kood; sue.l.
tlt, to peolie to
let "the donger ones the th to-ve
gft in the laue deu4 il mettl*n,
.Ra when this . s dons * wre hve a
streng spiritual pet of young ee
To w n Yeaop.*st ei stldot
iald~t t prtionn of tlt pport hof
lto.. Celark, our lehli and sua
cr n Afria, andh they art p theuil
otlo l* t4e twvne meel itedr move
rmeninshde th e by n the state ampoem
oae tne b* otrb ton h ueL_
.o ha, roaerd t porth in
o t .for~ thh enWituin tmen of the
oo olou to :ad ar te tringo to
fu h to eg of Biroents s week
ahne a, l pjatyer:f theis e arsupport.
s.'lj Aiid l Aj n e" :oWl are
tempted to make Stieial metion of
the waork oi-some uf the rLadie' Aid
-oole1i on ethea districth and refrain
from doing so because we do not know
where; to beglin afare.sure we would
lo know- wh to stop. Thbusands of
14ofla representing., harrd work, have
been a 1 . id ndeed in the work of
local hurcohes. our schools and hos
pitals. lfbts have been lifted, new
buildings and needed improvements
have been made possible on church
property. Clls on strangers and slick
folk have been made and personages
homes have been cheered by the kind
oftlcer of thse servants of Qbd. May
God continue to add his blessings to
those already given this department of
church work. .
Womas "JIssonary I-cieties:-.
There hive be p s i ncreased, activity
in thesoe lete during the year aud
the reports .wil. show an advance
along all lines.
SA Convenient
Summer '"Cooler"
Made quickly and at trifling cost
This new food-drink is regular Postum in concentrated form-nothing add.
ed-requires no boiling. With iti snappy, Java-like flavor, it makes a delicious
§ "cooler" and thirst quencher.
To Make Iced Postum--First, dissolve in hot water; then pour into glass or
pitcher containing ice. Add lemon and sugar as desired.
Hot .Postum (made from same tin) --Stir'in a level teaspoonful of Instant
i" Pasta powder in a cup of hot water, add sugar and cream to taste, and it is
ready Instantly.
Ipattnt Po is sold by grocers in 100-cup tins at 50c. Smaller tins mak
" in' about 50' cups at 3Sc.
Coffee averages about double that cost
If. your grocer doas not have Instant Posttim, send us his name anda 2-cent
stamnp, to cover postage, for a 5-oup .fre sample.
'' +"
;% EA i r a s n' +t'" "
~t3CO qULN hstu~u1 atd@ .u&. )Ishpm
teaeriot 5ho t
bindsi 'wmo namenyd B p
sit. A nd lesaw
Mt to k, 9 up a
In the met at
-'uIftn'a to n *ie.t . The first '
sten be at L m t brel whloh It .
f r outri iO. fltd "east of the ,
Oile f the ll tct. The ado o
14 Immeldlatelyar
waf.dat S.of. nnstiles east of the
, thie vet u 1 !the district and
a ile from the "betr end. Bishop
Jol 4, Nuciglb was present at btdl
ewsolns and, nadles to, say, his pned
once and ddrelses eere a source of
blessing to all In 'ttendane. The Itis
oansd ere attended by oar.ly all the
ofist of the 41s and many of
lb at ot* I wae were present
at dUnthed 'IIn ktLaures the hand
ornes newfh ll.d;i ediated by the
bishop as the, Aeh Memorial." The
we oas and Appers1 delivered were
oaOtaedt erv, lrthe 'averaeg Thev or
pesne ot siabtobM ills and Dr. C.
L. Bovard.d materialy to the e.*
cosion, and ieirsearama were appr
elated by ilt. o4t Otendtve one of the
beet parts of the program was the ad
drese by the lion. Sidney rranner Judge
of the seventh judical district oourt.
Chveh Menbeehi, and Spiritual
Membership:-Many names on the
church rolls will have marked after
them this year, "removed without let
ter." as clearing up of the records is
considered very important. In spite
of this fat that a hundred at
least for this season will not be
counted in the statistics, the re
ports will. give a substantial In
crease in membership. This will
be the result, lqrgely by the form
nlag of new societles, although quite
a few additions have been made by
revival' efforts.
Revivals:-Agasin we are favored by
a series of revivals at Laurel, con
ducted by ,out conference evangelist,
Dr. Jacob Mills. A year ago, Bro.
Mills hold ipiteld tneetings in a tent
which was uit6 for nearly three years
as .upggneet .t$__ On the last
cad > it *.. Bald.
sed sOjI were saved it4
the h oho "tr eaSd.
r oni watl I of a deep ar
ter pealy that ae in thns
et s asd hldtre'e meuetings Per
ie, pt t ie moiths the has doe
Sedid weus lookinlg ate our
iAr nteesOts at loomtield, vilt
aIg taharn house to fautm hotes,
pVsIhint three times on lday,
wlvng 30 mila-~ cover the ciroult.
the Weok of the r)oly SIirit.
We rejoice that more sermons have
hue. preaIhed on the doctrine of the
r"it- this year on TellolstetW6 .d1a
tt than in i any other previous yeas.
The result it that bolth pastors asd
ple are enjilg more of God's
, a power, and the work at the
chur moves forward with lees trio
toa.. It is beyout question that
wauqne., more .briptmrl and more
vital religious litfe In the obotehes
tould prvoent some peopll t when
hearts are right, evei If weir heads
be somewhat awry, ftrom swingling off
into fanatical "ohurdhettos" and short.
lived iniselons. A revival eOnlogst us
of th, dootrian of the Spirit, no one
ca doubt, would lead tO a deepeusing
of. the spiritual life throughout the
entire church.
The hope for the abolishment of the
liquor traffttic lies in the proper train.
ing of the youth of our lad. Nearly
two-thirds of thoe Sunday school on
the district are organised into tem
perance societies, with the hope that
the temperance boys and girls will de
velop into men and women of charac
ter. To cope, successulty with this
cUrse more men tad women who "dart
to do right because it is right" are
needed. The crying need of the hour
li manhood; not legislation, not or
gatilsation not agitation, but men,
men who can stand in the presence
of. Christ atM truthfully say, "The
plaee that I occupy does not need re
frmlng.' Men, who are ready and
willing to begin the reformation of
the world in their own hears. Men
who can say to the struggling brother,
'iFbliow me." God hasten the de.r
tIa uirn ethis Institutlon of
ih assuN that the
hoot Ji, ..ight futurl be
fo it, IL a'e s of the past Is
due to tthe dt! efforts of all tose
good peops been ln charge
no th ie s yt r~ more
a been ,ade tor Its
and we beepesa
for its ture de United co-operation
of the olhumb JMobntmana. We asu
suWioe'lthe ves a cordial wel*
oIe, when t;lr .lt the Tellowetoen
district. A in ther reperts, we re
train from .rl) more, owing to
these two' I.atitubons being In Sutte
ddlstrlet ea "Wtl roelve proper and
ull ooasideration ,A the report of the
superlntendent of that district.
Hespltas na Deeeeneel.
A fine eak of' nurses was irad
unted from\ thlis worthy instltutjq,
situated at Oreat PaJis, this year. The
annual report of the. apperintendent.
Miss , Agusta Attse, wifll imw the
affairs of the hosepital to be il e.el
lent condition.
aesmnu beaconoes.
Last October the first efforts were
made to seoure subscrlptions for the
purchase of the boaeman sanitarium
for the deaconess board. The tens of
the option, given three months before,
were that the buildings and grounds
could be purtehsed for the sum of
$10,000, one-hait of which was to be
paid January 1, 111E, and the balance
payable $2,000 per year at 6 per cent
Interest. We are pleased to announ-e
that the Option has been met so far.
that $10,000 had- been collected end
paid and that $1,000 has been ral ed
toward the first yearly payment of
the second half of the purchase price.
'The $10,000 catpe largely from the
cltisans of Bosenman and vicinity. The
hospital has been a success from the
very beginning under the able super
vision of Msl ArlMe and the efficient
management of Misses Violet Leach
and Amanda Olson. graduates of our
hospital at Great 1kails. During the
first year 146 patlents were admitted
and the peroentage or deaths was
very small. In addition to the run
ning expenses and rent for the first
seven months, about $200 was spent
for furniture and Improvements and
$800 was turned over to the board of
trustees for Intaest and payment on
the debt. The coference is asked to
approve ad m accept this Institution.
wiich has ahlrees been done by the
general c onfentep)j deacopesa boar1.
No appeal has bewp made for asslqt.
ance to the chargek of the conference,
but we hope that all the pastors will
help In securing the remaining In
debtedness of $9,000 during the com
Ing years.
This report will cQIoe the activities
of four years of etrpnuous service by
your servant as superintendent of the
Yellowstong district, We have en
d, avored to do what we thought was
the best for the church we. repre
sented at all times. We have t'vY
eled many hundreds of miles durinr
the year and durnlmg the month of
July traveled 1,600 mnfles by rail and
567 miles by team, holding an aver
age of one preaching service or haul
ness meeting per day and oftentimes 4
both on the same day. There were
seven nights during the month we did
not hold a meeting. We were able
to make every appointment, except
one, during the year, and in addition
to the regular work,. we were able to
assist in several revivals. Approxi
mately $16,500 has been raised to cash
and subscriptions, under our super
vision, tor church and hospital wt.rk
during the year. During the four
years 3i new sncieties have been
f( rened and they' are prospering.
Seven new churches and three par
sonsgee have been built, Ireveral
churohes and parsonages have beert
remodeled. One church is now under
construction and several subscription
lists have been start4d for new church
As we take a retrospective view of
the work, we find but little has been
aocompllshed when there is so much
to be done, but in whatever we have
done we thank our Heavenly Father
that we have been aounted worthy to
be a laborer together with Him.
Por His protecting -are over us and
our family, the love atd confidence of
the pastors and the kindness of their
wives and families, together with the
oo.operation of the aifty, we close this
riport with the request that we be re
leased from the office of district
superintendent and be asusigned to a
Respectfully submitted.
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and Daughters of .Mntoan Pioneers,
in annual convention assembled, be
lieves that the state at Montana
should erect, equip sad maintaln a
home for the aed Pioneers of this
state, Be it furthet
"Resblved, That 40ples of this reso.
lution be forwards4'to the govnrnor of
the state and to i~ members of the
state legislature the request that
ther male proper,p . slon for the
ereotlsi agnd . of such a
f ease next and
SF, a85 'metet t pre*itmnl
b Wlittoomb t Betlems were
to eer on tlis board. fe tlhe
a the speclat train eawra
hundred left for the trip to
'Warm Slprgs, whre lunes was !
served at the state auamn, after
which the Institution was .Ibepeted
wand the most of the aftenmbos was
enjoyed. The speetll retned to Deer
Lodge in time for dinner and a little
rest before the eent fnotlons were
The following Is the Ihst of members
of the society of soes and daughtere
who have registered with the seere.
aom Dew Leode-Mtiss Olon,
Albert Ilen. Ted Larafbl Robert
is.mea, 'thomas Aspitng, Mise Anna
Blelentbrs, Mr. Ore i. Williams, Don
Larable, H S. ielenbers, Henry rKuit.
ter, Allen Williams, MiNs 1ertl C.
Mitchell, Miss Margaret Mitchell, Roy
B. nEvau . Fdd Vallton, ,. 3. O'Neill,
A. i. Bowden, George Beaumont,
Charles Stark, Will Miller. Mrs T. T. .
heay, Mrs. George Johnson, Mrs. . S.
ldred, Alice Oleon, Mrs. Pred Valiton,
Mrs. J. W. teele. Miss Lillian Wil
liams, Monoure COokrell, James R.
Coleman, Mrs. T. C. Newman. Mrs.
Cowan, Robert B. Harris, Mrs. Fred
Schuester Clarenoe Vallton, Dr. W. 0.
Dye, Ms. Mary M1 Jensen, Joe Cole
man, Miss Phoebe and Cornelia Vanm
Gundy. Mrs. Elmer lesworth. Mrs.
Warren Evatns, George B. Dygert,
Besle Larson, James Asplnlg.
From other cittlee of the state-Miss
Olson, Helena; Miss lotse' Knowles,
Missoula: James C. Savory, Cablel
Miss Jean Bishop, Dillon; Miss Ruth
Polllnger, Twin Bridges; Mrs. M. H.
Colwell, Virginia City: Mrs. Moran.
Anaconda; Mrs. Ann Weaver and May
McHugh, Anadonda: T. C. Newell,
Roberts: Mrs. Eugene Thoroughman.
Butte: Hsel Miles Weber, Butte; W.
W. White, Missoula; Plora McNuity,
Virginia City; Pred Woodworth,
Dixon; Martin Innes, Dillon; Annie
Dunleavy. Butte; T. A. Chaffin, Mis
soula; G. A. Gorham, Butte; J. C.
Jones, Mrs. M. L. Shusher, Mrs. A.
Saner, Mrs. Ruth Burton, Miss Betty
LeDue, Butte; Miss Viola Orton,
Boseman; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Morris,
Pony; Mrs. L. Ryan, New York: Mrs.
Paxson, Buttes: Mrs. J. M. Orton,
Butte; L. W. Allen, Pony: Charles M.
McCoy, Hplena: Mrs. Hughes, Hall:
Miss Drlscoll, Butte; W. T. Irvine,
Philipsburg: James Irvine. Philips
burg:; Miss Flora Bryant, Helena; Mrs.
W. G. Gillett, Butte; Mrs. O. Y. War
rean. Helena; Lottle Rumsey, Helena;
Charles G. Fulton, Butte; Lew Cole
man, Anaconda; George Pfaff.
Boulder; Mrs. D. G. Collins, White Sul
phur Springs: C. Irwin, Anaconda;
Dall Metlen and Bruce J. Metlan, Dll.
ion; W. R. Allen, Anaconda: John
ltengaly, Vlrginia City; Mr. and Mrs.
Prank Woody, Missoula: Mrs. Phil
Miller, Salt Lake; Miss Sabolsky,
Butte; Mary Stuart Abbott, John
Perkins, Race Track; Mrs. R. C.
Parmantee, Hamilton; Allen Bowle.
Butte: Dr. Mallette, Butte; Mrs.
Bessle Wihitcombe, Helena; J. M.
Evans, MIssoula. A number of others
are also present who had not regis
tered this evening.
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read the formal appointment of the
chief of staff as commander-in-chiof.
The solicitor then formally asked
Bramwell Booth if he accepted the
post. The chle of starff replied, with
deep emotion, accepting the appoint
ment. All the commissioners followed,
speaking of their determination to
support the now general as they had
his father.
Solicitor Ranger then announced:
"All the legal formalities having been
thus observed, Bramwell Booth is
legally installed and now Is In fact and
In law general of the Salvation Army."
Bramwell Booth's speech accepting
the leadership of the army follows:
"My comrades, I accept this ap
pointment. I do so, even if no other
consideration moved me in that course,
because it was my general's wish.
"I promise in the strenlgth of God
that I will, to the full measure of my
ability, discharge the obllations of
this office as they are set'torth In our
foundation documents. I will do this
In fear of God, out of love for the
army and out of regard to the memory
of him whose thoughts and purposes
these instruments express.
"I must, with the whole atrenlth of
my heart, ask you to help me and my
A Stimulating
Rub For Athletes
SVIRYBODY who works or plays
-who gets stiff, sore or lame
needs something to keep the
blood fowlng froeli-to keep all parts
lithe and limber sad working smooth.
Iy. * That's why a good "rub-dowa"
will do you a heap of good-prevent sore muscles, stiff oints,
lame beak. Use it also when you want to quickly relieve spranls,
sUlf peak, muscular rheumatism, et.a,
We gb i's White Inlment is pure, clan, non.Irritating Its
arl el a lea I wglt e p lt l esr.rta esl sand oles.
i atrelu esisa meler done. pharme41uie.
i tIweont"ave at aid stir sent botretl.Tour Yori arl n.
htaed i, re are set att ithr s s teo r lair trial.
low . druglei le them er ea get them l-t ePM
Webstr Chmical ComppsoY
t. Peul, Miamase
.... . - ... ',
CSaso I Sets
Prices reduced dn all garden hose and fittings, and ,
crouquet sets to clear 'our stocks. The savings fully
warrant one to buy now for next season.
e r
"Garden Hose
Cotton, Rubber Lined Rubber
"Mrlit"-In 25 and 50o-oot "Wizard"-In ar and bo-toot
lengths, connected; regularly l'tngths, connected; regularly"
Ocr a foot; Q8c 1 foot; 9
now ... ... . . ...... n .
"Blue Line"-In 2r, antid ro-fnt 'Red Chief"-In 25 and 60.foot
lengths, eonna.wted; regnaurly ltgt hti, ctn.natc trad; regularly
ie i, toot; lOc 14"ra fwot; Ile
m o w ..... ... ... .. . . ....... n w ..... ............................. ..
"llack Line"-In 25 and 5-foot "Wire Wound"-In 25 and 50
lengths; connected; re'gularly fnol Ilngtlt, contnected; regll
lie a ft; 14c altiy O to; i oo17e
Hose Racks and Reels.
Portable Hoe. Racks-ltaegularly Portable Hoes Relas-Regularly
$1.50; on male lO 2 $2.r6; on atult $1
now for . . alow for
Lawn Sprayers.
25r Ltttle Wondir. ntw . SOW y 76rc t'ntu. No. 9 .... ...a...81+
60c Deluge prayer . 5 t.00 Australia ....................5
60c Baby I'ountain ..... ..... 404 $1.50 3-Arm ( Ilifornia ....T...?!f
75e Ring Sprayers ..............6O, $1.75 4-Artm I'ullfornia ......... .
4,4tA Croquet Sets
No. 102--4-ball tsea short mat- No. 11t0-4-) hi sets; lonlg mn.Ia
lets; regularly 1.); $1.25 lota; r'g ....0; $1.85
No. 10l2--ball sets; ahort mal- Nit, 113-':-bal set; long mal
Iot; reg. 83.00; $150 lot:; re. $.7; $2.85
Missoula Mercantile Company
dear wife. 8a far as God shall enable
us, we accepl these blelssing with a
sinlle eye tfo0 His glory, for the hless
ing of the haold and for tile salvation
of the peopip. My dear comrades, I
accept the appointment of the general."
King George was one of the first to
telegraph hi condolences to the be.
reaved family. Messages also were
sent from Premier Asquith, the arch.
bishop of Canterbury ard other pre
lates of the church of England; the
lord mayor of London, representatives
of all Protestant creeds and prominent
salt Lake City. Aug. 21.--Half the
delegates to the tenth annual meeting
of the American Institute of lanking
stltl were on their trains traveling to-.
ward Oalt Lake when Proeident Ray
mond IH. C'ox called the convention to
order today. Nevertheless there were
1,000 persons In the crowd which lis
tened to the addresses of welcomeo and
responses. The Inetfttzte Is made up
clerks and bank employes.
Detroit, Aug. 21.-Alderman Thomas
10. Glinnan, president of the common
council and slleged receiver of bribe
money, was bound over today to the
recorder's court on $1,000 ball, at the
condiusion of his examination in po
lice court.
$1,050 at )tlsoula
Horse power--Thirty.
Tranmissilon - detective, three
Ignltion--gpitdort masneto and bat.
Price complete with top and hbielld
For demonstration, call on
Geo. L. Steinbrenner
Miseoula, Mont.
make your head.
S quarter. at the
aIsilslg Hotel Savoy
sese ",Twelve etoriee of
O NE solid comfort."
U ® A strietly fire.
proof, atwl, col.
orate and marble
building, rlght in the
an...."t 1 center of the oity'l
activitles - withli
two minutes' walkI
of theaters, stores
and , stemshli
Kurepean Plan
S 1.00 pay Up,
Bend for ree
a of Seattle's
business district,
Missoula Iron Works
Brass and Iron castings. Maolbn
work done to order. Corner T'nie
avenue and Bitter Root tracks. "'
Sell Phone it41 Sl e lal id. Phe lit
loyt.Dldclnon Planso
Kurtsmlan, Knaba. llaby gran
piano., mulical lastrmientls ,ad sheet
I Next to Ildes Rate tif e.

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