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Tomorrow-Fiair. ber o C ihe Mtiba; .i 1
VO .be ort . whtile. ,;
"Our Opponents Now Are Making
'Loud Profession of Lip Loyalty to
Progressive Principles, So Make
Them Show Up or Back Up," Is the
Plea-Republican Party Bad.
Chicago, Dec. 9.-"Without traffick
ing or dickering with the old parties,
fight to have our platform principles
embodied in the laws of Illinois," was
the appeal of Theodore 'Roosevelt to
day to the newly elected members of
the Illinois legislature to wtom he
made his first speech at the progres
sive conference which opened today
aid which will continue over Wednes
The former president referred to the
republican organiza7t.n as 'being of
such a character that no honest man
can be in it."
The formal opening of the confer
ence is not scheduled until tomorrow,
but a large number of progressives,
including women, are here. Leaders
say most of the states are represented
and that by tomorrow one man at
least from every state will be present.
The largest single delegation came
from 'New York on a special train with
'Mr. Roosevelt. lie was greeted at the
railroad station with cheers.
In to the End.
"I am glad to have the chance to
come out here and say again that we
are in the fight to the end and that
it is idle folly for the republicans to
waste time in thinking of any attempt
to lure us back into an organization
which they have made of such a char
acter that no honest man can be in
it," Mr. Roosevelt said.
"Progressive members of the legis
lature and of congress have a task or
peculiar importance. They should
mnake goo4d as far as possible our plat
form pledges. We owe it to ourselves
to see that our political platform
pledges are kept. Though we have
not dontrol of any legislature or con
gress, progressive members should in
troduce every measure we promised In
the campaign and try as hard as they
know how to have them adopted. I
want legislative committees appointed
to prepare in advance and to have
ready to introduce on the first day of
the session bills and measures advo-,
cated in our platform.
"Another thing I want to sre is this:
"Our opponents now are making
loud profession of lip loyalty to pro
gressive principles, so make them
show up or back up. They say that
most of our measures are unconstitu
tional. Nothing would please the old
reactionaries better than to fall back
on the dear, old constitution."
Senator Dixon characterized tonight
as "wild cat gossip" reports of a qn
templated effort on the part of cer
tain progressives to oust George W.
W. Perkins from the chairmanship of
the executive committee and to elimi
nate him as a prominent figure in the
It was denied that the presence of
Mr. Roosevelt was due to a plan to
exert his persopal influence to head
,off the alleged movement.
Washington, Dec. 9.--Jurisdiction of
the interstate commerce commission
over the Union Stock Yards & Transit
company of Chicago, was upheld to
day by the United States suplreme
court which sustained the commis
sion's right to bring suit to have the
company's contract to pay $50,000 to
Pfaelzer & Sons, paclters, for the
erection of a plant adjacent to its
tracks, annulled as amounting to a
New York, Dec. 9.-A gun of 14
inch calibre and of 50 tons weight,
the largest and newest type built by
the United States government, at a
cost of $130,000, exploded today at the
Sandy nook proving grounds. While
the explosion of smaller guns has tak
en scores of lives, the big 14-incher
blew to pieces without causing a
scratch to the men around it.
The two-ton breech block was
:blown a quarter of a mile, the muz
ble was hurdel still further away and
fragments were spread in every di
rection but Ordnance Officer Brennan,
who was standing on the temporary
disappearing carriage, was not struck,
although, the structure Itself was
Brennan was thrown many, yards
but sustained hardly a bruise. The
other officers and men in charge of
the firing were behind a bomb-proof
wall which protected them.
The big gun, which hurled a pro
jectile weighing 1,660. pounds at a
range of 12,000 yards, was successful
~y fired, several times in tests last
In Effect, the Whole Objection Is
Based on the Allegation That Prefer
ence Shown to American Coastwise
Ships Is a Violation of the Hay
Pauncefote Treaty.
Washington, Dec. 9.-Groat Britain's
formal note of protest against that
section of the Panaima canal act that
exempts American coastwise shippling
from payment of tolls for passing
through the Panama canal, a do(cu
ment written by Sir Edward Grey,
British rlinister of foreign affairs,
was presented tonight to Secretary
Knox by the British ambassador,
James Bryce, who read the note word
for word to the secretary In the lat
ter's home. The document is an elab
oration of the points of objection in
the note presented last July to the
state department.
The Objections.
The objections in brief are:
That while it was clearly in viola
tion of the Htiy-Pauncefote treaty
either to remit or refund tolls on all
American shipping using the canal, the
saine objection probably would apply l
to the coastwise shipping in view of
the impossibility of framing regului
tions that 'would not result in a pref
erence to American shipping.
In addition to :upporting these
points by long argument, Earl Grey
indicates clearly that strong resistance
will be offered to any attempt to ex
clude from the. canal British ships
\owned by Canadian railways or whose
owners may be guilty of violating the
Sherman anti-trust act. He lhold; that
this section of the act cannot apply ti
british shipping, but only to United
States vessels.
HFi i.ndicates that, underlying the
objections to the exemption from toll
of American coastwise ships, is an ap
prehension that the pIrinciple .might be
extended in the future to cover Amer
scan ships in the foreign trade.
President Taft Wrong.
O(therwise the note is devoted almost
antirely to an effort to demonlstrate
that any such exemption of American
shipping as is*proposed is in direct
ionflict with the terms of the -lay
Paulncefote treaty, and that President
raft clearly was wrong when, he took
the contrary view.
The British note might be summied
Lp as a definition of the differenclees
betw'een the two, governmlnts regard
ing the construction of the Hlay
Pauncefote treaty, winding ilp with a
proposal that the issues e1i settled by
arbitration, if they camnnot be adjusted
by mutual agreement for which a way
renains open.
Secretary Knox listened a.ttentively
to the reading of tilhe note antid promll
ised to take: the subject under consid
eration, whicp he felt would reqluire
solme time. It has ibeen intimated
strongly in official circles that it is
Ihe president's intention to settle this
important (luestionl before closing his
administration, either by reconimmend
ing that the senate agree to submit to
arbitration, or preferablly bY the more.
direct mlteans of an ugreemenlit between
the two nations.
I1arl Grey begins his note with the
statemoent that the president does not
fully apllreciate the British point of
view tand has misunderstood the note
of July 8. lie says it is not the case
that the British government seeks to
prevent the United States from grant
(Continued on Pagoe Ive.)
month and was believed to be in per- I
fect .condition.
A charge of 340 pounds of smoklers
powder is used.
When the lanyard was pulled today
a tremendous explosion ensued and
broken pieces of the gun were sent In
all directions. The muzzle was hurl
ed toward a railroad where it ripped
up a large portion of track.
Speculation as to the cause of the
accident brought out the belief that
the sudden drop in the temperaturo
had some effect on the gun.
Another report was that the ex
periments made today were to de
termine how large a charge the gun
would carry. Lieutenant Colonel ]ab
bitt, who commanded the firing squad,
said the cause of the explosion had
not been determined.
Guns like that which exploded to
day have been proposed for the for
tification of the Panama canal. The
type is said to be much longer-lived
than any previously manufactured,
being good for 250 shots while the:
old 12-inch type was good for about;
Figures in the Indianapolis Trial
V." ": "
•·a , • ::·:...:?
At the top, left to right: H. W. Legleitner, Frank M. 'Ryan and Moulton H. Davis. A tthe bottom: John T.
Butler and Philip A. Cooley. Ryan is president of the ironworkers and Moulton, Cooley and Legleitner are
members of the executive board of the union. The case against Davis has been dismissed by the government.
Hamlton, 1erinuda, Dec. 9.--"lloing
governor of a state and preparing to
be president of a nation at the s:ii n
time Is sufficient to ktep any niann
busy," remarked ]President-elect \V il
son today wi'hen he alnnoui iice'd t[iil lhie
positively ' wo.uld nmake no more slpa.lk
ing engagements before March .I.
Every nllti has brought himi scores of
invltatiolns hbut all havte ben dec:lned.
Th1e presileintlli-cct Iecepted three.
invitations Inly beflore li e was lcheted
and thleie' thrlrel 11he will keCup. Hlie
will spelak Ibefore the Southern society
of Nei' York, l ceiniler 17, again at
the jubilhee ,elebhr:tion at his h!rth
plac', baunton, Va.. on Iris birthday,
I)Decemberln 2S, ;nld at the lluLnolllet of
the 'imnti 'ii; itl clubi of 'Chicago illn
Januari y 11.
.Mr. WVilsoni has entered upon hisi
final wcek in irl'luda with ;i zest
for worIk horn of thltree silid w\\.vls of
recro(ionii. II inltenlds to wicrk imost
of cach day henceforth on ipolitiial
liobthllls. Askeid wlhat his plins
,would le n ilnll.ldiatl\y alfter his return
in New Yiork, the governor said:
"I really hav,, no. t ay plansa. .iast
Of the min1II wlith whloml I shrall con- -
sult were soi consllideratle th It Ihy didi
not w\rilt linle ihl 1 I am ignorlinit ll
their Iplan., a:t l."
Mr. Wilsonl addlid that the date ori
placlet' flr l':i confi1I rl'nce with W\\illiamii
J. 1Bryan hud not IIhe n fixed.
"I wrote ito Mr. Bryan," saild thel
gov\'erlnor, "simllply that I wvanlted to.
inet and talk with him after my re
As lu thi ]lr- onil-l of his ('in inet,
the lpresidlnt-elect a:dmit(ted that muchh
of his mail ntllaitned lettellrs c(nIIniilil.n
datory If variouis ipersons.
"()Of course, selections hav;I henroii
runninlg tihrollgh lily hbeadl," he ntlded.
"but I have f'ormlneld no con(clusiolns."
The governollr leaves lhere Saturdhiy
inornig and is due in NTwV York Mon
day, l)ecember 16. lIe intellds to go
drectly to Princeton.
New 'Westminster, 1t. C., D(r. 9.
By mistaking a Ipliank road leadinu g to
the. Brownsvill, wharf for theI ap
proach to the 'Ne Vi'st. ill lsticr
bridge, Mutt Iaurr, the well klnown In
crosse promoter of this city, drove his I
car with its fiv'e eelupants into the
Fraser river about 7 o'clock last night.
In the car' with huarr werl' five 'well
known Vancouver people, Arthur
Speers, 12 years old, son oif lhiilirt
Speers of Montreal, lost his life as the I
result of the accidlent, being suffo
cated when he was entangled intldr
the hood of then machine. The othier'
escapled but slightly injured.
WVashngton, Dec. 9.-A general con-]
gresslonal investigation of the cannling
industry of the country wus. proposed
today in a resolution by Representative
Allen of Ohio. 'The resolution sets'
forth that conditions in certain can
neries are "filthy," that diseased work
era are employed In these particulir
canneries and also that women and
young children are employed under ad
verse conditions.
I lT tihnI l(i . i. (H }) .ii .) .1in.n s
.A. Slt(hoem ],ick r tonllher''d Ili:; 1r Si nt;l ionll
as Sin r, lary .f th, 11n, mt.uiI stait, fair,
to talke I l 1) D ',Ilier I1 I, tl ) 1l11'
iard of ir' t I's oiit. ay It vwas
arcc ,pt. d . ;i I .'. "I. 1l a'r it l .st in , H -
r, to ' ,f 1 I h lil/ r ci" (of ] eo t I l. ilr0
M1 issili fi,. tlhe List 1111'i y(x:i 's, ':ýs
\\'h it'tt c h I.. ,:lr.'ll 1. 1'. 1r,
i Il l ,i
, iiii ii ii , Ii l' ', i i t tx l i
,hi h ha.s ot bi' n tli l , ,I. It is
saii , I l,., r, h \\ill ' i i[d [ iii , ol'
hlls til i h inl fu. lt:tli. I ,'. slli tllts X
toluit his :iiihics ior tii ' h.' I \ ' r.
adeletd to !ale h iird.
lii 1. t i t, IIi thtiI ell i ts ' 'tl t do
yii lo Il 1, t :ird of h ires virs of t ita
hflliL xih ili t ri 11'.i'ettvi) lll(llL ilH ,'is
iir s st' LI ad t hi s r, iiind,. xliti r tmu
st:I ti' s, s ill ct l iI(e tli il ' in
tii ts l.il Ja ,i nvtii w i h, i.
Almost Sorry.
"'Vii, T : e itelded th. ,.o-itu nf
freid by the i nfair hritd," c ii id ,i r.
.ireito'stin iI the ste 'Pltpid firii the:
train last night, he haviing btnli to
ltl ill titiei and yet all: I ii I lim
HIelina. to attwend the jmseflixli as a
director, from l thills (cou Ity. "l t do
fyou kl iiiii tht ath thietes ill oit' wayo
homtll I ablu'st regretted aLvtinig dou,:
so. I h."v nn eren. plet h:snt situated
in Minioula and this o\a will mik)
it nt' .srary to break a g,,ool Il~anvy
tics atnd associations Itr r."
Sin1e the announatcenirt of MTr.
Pr, it, nstein's ;appitointrment it I h e, -
retaryshlip) of the start, fair hik flrJ'll.8t
in lllissoul: have feared that the. worst
would happen and yet 'll of them
sariousle wished that the positi,)n no
offered him, believing it a d:'vertý.d
advantc, nunt in the line of work
which he has followed ,itrce identi
yfing himself with the Missotula ohlatu
ber of .mnrmerce. What he has a,,ne
(Continued on Page Seven)
\Vt'hiln .I,, . Iti h I r T H mu r.
\ it+i llntt, : , ,ll. . I,3 si. , 'ltulh ,, ,I1i t .i
h d11i i,' :l." I'y Ii, , l t.i· l th I. :11t ." it l Ihl
d,'m1 i,'r 11111(:, , , h r.. of t1 ,. hl ,.ini \ .I\ .
II1t ,i illt iI: ' t ,)l'lllnlj i| 1,' I.i } Ii \. ' h ll '-ll
ill. + ,11 ] 1 ( il i II ' 'ii ii l. i i..1 1 Ii
\feeutl tl"its 1 ing tuu o Slit-ll ill 1' .:11 '
:-' t i t-i.' t if.I;tt )I I 1 IIi .
i1, ," : 'ill I, d -,v N,{,d tl N , 'l
tti. Ill]- ,. i lit'lc- h Iit "+l . i N . ..+
1 . , ]t, l ii 'I''l t n i " I ittl i 1 1' l ir l.i t,1i
i tl , lilit r . '- t'tl . . l i i i l h i i] I 1
inl lt;tll :--it h.t"iin . -. Ti Ii"iI , o i t -11
' 11." llll . l l w ith Ih t
, ir I' t ist Hc.it arin g , ] -,
iii!1 ii'the~ ' illiii t.IiijiII iit
1,l,1 tI I \ Ill. l 1 ; t li lil I ll, d , -
t tall' + . 'till \lilt' , I sh'J 'llt il] t I ln tI..'. li httit
ll tl l.l'l .;t{I t u t \'trl . t'I iii ' 1 i ti . t' Ilh . '
I' ll ",,ti t i I ",, 1
First Hearing.
T hl,,i , itt1ih 1 .r :, Ii ll lN I f. w il II
l ,'fi": :,"l' Itrial . . t , l lt , ill lii i i t it '
'i l : il t ~I ' . . tl+ l '. li, :tl i t 1. ,i
h t . 1 1 itf l % h,+,th e 11 l t hjl sli,
'I. l, l " "ii- l xt;. , , 1t I: 11,. s + ,i' ; , a ls : t
tl ili. l ' 'i . ,t l lh l ' I 11tthI' i iti ll . 1: 11
i .' ;.,:.I i ', thn Iii,. ti 'h htili ." it hif
ti s;ll Ii- lr l, ll( ,lt tI llt 11. n 1 1i
' ri lht ,irt. tt ll t'u , i" lhi tiii+Ill h Ii I
Y ntit llth it.! t I II \V ll n , 1 , l , rl
thii ,li tt..,j il. l idh , I
"K I' iti'. lit 1 ir , , lli . i l ifo r N t l I bI: i
i It l li l,. m \ \ l l l lk .\ L . I ll l I s I if III l .t
tItt s-r lit-i. lit- u s, alt i l ilu- i r aiti -
ifI" t",' l l. I :" . trI ', II'+ l++ ,h . l , 1." -
"I' ,Ii.:;,t + , l uIii i t tI I i 1 Vi ii ..I '. i l
(.r h h tl.\, ll, : .i ,III be n ll :l bil. , l
'i 4 lt u , te ht i 1it Ir i " lll 14- i tI ll lle .,
TI i 1tully , ft- I h. t 0 0 1 . r aT hr.11o f e 111x.""1l /
l, k \Vo , I II :lli thn 1f I lna f ;Itl IF I ,at-H1 r |
l,:il t :vr+ ;iu 14. . , , v a. N -a'S it orl. ,
41ilr . w i l:,til1 it'ls, t w llni1s, , a lttem pt
,t i iir :iii ,. 't r ttc lr . ,I ' ,o f 1 Ial', l 1,,M ',
,i.C s 1h:li,,h .
Y W ik , l . h r l|1oy+ the itll r I.,' :1 ;"."!. ';il T .11l
1n' µ.N;. (.il." ]ills , l fi g rih lt\'ily l t .fo
.hi.. - i. . t h, i + ,x T.'.' (. . 1 h.I
n ao 1,)1;;:h , NV:1H ., u ),"hi. f. t ' h Tll.
quat.hll r i ha n1' 'w'er h at lu n gh l bin t whilt
r ctlo flht ov'r at+ L radis . o f11 , m iles -
Epistles Alleged by Government to Re.
for to Dyn.amiting Jobs, the Witness
Says Mennt That Eight-Hour Law
Was Being Violated-He IHtad Been
Cautionod by McNamara.
ltalian1 o. li.S , h1 '. 11 1. 'lt ,q h I1',q
ilt - 1 Nitil
i i i 11' 'it t(i- 1 i I .tii ,, , i tl i
11 t hes ill* 'iltI itilt t \I , I I ,,
'I I 1 Ii.:l' ] " .. . i 'tlj t'l II I',t1 ] I II:1 I Il'. , F]\ ,']' i(
.'Li ' (l,|., il], ,r [:'. I 1II, l' I\ + I IHH lfh.1 1 ,+|+ ,,,
th I &1 1 ~ t (: t ,,.. . lll 1l- 1 m: L I. .
iug. I+l-\vi tI I: IIh il. .,r't,.
i-til ti rk t litt I ( (a
111'1'\\" YI,YI.. ,,HI' +l+l Il \. I I ~ l:IIIt.>'l.
xi t'l" ' t' +'+'-ii :I - t i \ ,t ' ii~il .+l iti , i t i;,+\ .
' Il- ll i lt I t t ' I it - i' it i lill. i t -
trial tdayt
lI h illit ,
We It ( WttQ l iS ii N l it -
i' i, tihi'll Irtali al t it i ,t IIi + , : It
i,,lii h I It\- li' ltti - t- tilt t i t - I'i it ]iti I . +
fltli t Kti li t' t ll i ll t i I t-i i l t, i lt
vot d frihin it :I l ii I s it-t lit
itt-it litlle.
"it I ii itl I lit ititittil l.
" ti - - 1 i'(T ;I ' t ;II it It it - itlt II i-i-I
li-ti ti111i :11i1i :ii ) litI l i n tilitt l Ii t
-I liii iii i~t-tN -ult V - itiltititti
It is t t'] t it if hll -':' ti-i ii ti-]ti lt- ii t i x~ -
itt ti--ti ti itt' lilihir
"I d y' i I f i t11 t t'l 11 i t:1 it itt1e tilt
" ll ItIr ,If ( 11' \ lil l lt \\ .I hI r ; t
'' 1 (il8iill ?·0 1,1111 11, b ~Ii· were ki\\ s \ 1
'l ll hli Ill i hii- it i i ti11 t it-< lI it iii -
S ilb ;tl I )+ll)thll I ltllow lsI;
Illl'\ HI(.: ]( , +. +'1\1: 1 1 11\ )11 cl
" ii - t -tt, -titi t.o . ii .,tutu I hi- lls +-iii
ltlillti i " it ill" I i Ii- li t l lll it- i ll: Ili
.,1'1 'i, t,1.+,
ti 'lit-lit-: i : i-ll i.lI Vn 1h, )1 :ti.:t
ili l'ti l \\- it111 Iii lih i ti, 1 ,i- i -ll lliI ng
-ii it- tiiite is- i isitii I - t vil li t o
'11· 1I1II :1 .Sl~h `l ,: ll.·+l·~i :liii('l.~,;i ' '
0li. iii id11? · 1,. · 1t 1 ,'. 1' rfi li R, lh Hiii
tIlli it ll ' i i r i-1 Hill ll i r 111iiI-t
01i i-t- h l i N- tititi ,! hit itt- itt-: .h II
1 i:hH IIer l t h t+ i' l .r1 t Ihl , )illit.r11 Tll ,
( i t iiil , iti o i- t) I -fi I1i -t lit t ilt '
lIi1i i lnl't' iit 11ih t irtt--i h t tlt
litt \it-t ii ' h .g ,iii l II ttII tutu tiitt
Nis t ilt- i -ins ilist i-ti lit (is Ititi
itt itt -i iii
-li fltl ii l ti, til lii i tl tiltiti -r
- rit l iii h t Iii Itt-l ii ll l t' i -t i-i l t\ihtlli+, ti-hi
iitti tt i .rliti lll lil tt.-l , " h h r
-ltit, I ll - Ii li t-t it i ttsit h tilt l I t.
tiv - fl l itt-l i tl t l iii,<l jilt i tilt
"+li 1 t-il t i " t h 1 i i, ], mil 1ti g 'li i
WlePllh,~ ,lltnl tl'l bi ldlifIH s,i "t1 h ll
Ililiv" h i d, l ii d ii tilt-i' I lt
ShI 110 8ould B e d Caref ul, o
"1 ill i :I si d d )1 11, ( bll ,ll ,Itali l + b l
i li i i ll t-I t I,'t ittjl its I It l lil4 t
Iii illtdhtt l lit i ii- t l .a il- l i it I lthi
it-lit -h u l t-itttt ,- th itti itttlit - ad i
htW t'l~lil] Wo k li~l ilh,, Ij II <)1 I ;ll;& .i+
\'IM l. 10 1 i'iti e; I+ r ,tlill.U , driag,,.l"
'b iltilln l,.11l 1 Wli> Fl,. arll te lU t h~l~"
ililnl .10trl ffl,. l n d n , p eil
mill II,,. f i n) l' h, f(ll eni t i ti ffI/,I. I IIh I
',ill , be l nil e al~h +l H t ln "<rm it id lt:r
. l t ( I(,:ll '"s ill goul w:i4 }t hotaul to
ight oif two uilters u.t, ]hidl uip ilthl
lrls cia r of th" S"I1I \V it otrnli
Sl;in, iuuld ftrim IHoli,.rsfhield fur T'lft,
'11. 1100 T nmUity was uoiigniod to thP
,lirst N tti)u l l t h nk of l'Taft tby tilr,
Ih'rs. Nihtnal ho If' Ia ,tk -rslh-ld.I
It xtisl i jlnot l l llud i ll t oi xllr.es aflte.
Whit the tram alrrti ,l at Taft,
ri'ltrod i ni i wr-. ftot.i. to brolak
luan thu doir of tht express 4 ar'. In
I iurier, e. t erVid with hlit s cu'ki, uvu,
i. \V. la ,y, Itl,- I r1un"4s uui'us-ug'lR ,
th v was: just r'i· ini " coiii hll( 1 l u ss-l.
tlared that ltipartillty ht u .a nout s rl
oilsl.y hurt.
Italiihy could Klvt hnly fwt iid-..
taiul of the robbery. Ht Said that
I no inil enteredtt tthe rlr just ats thu
train was leaving Mlarich.Ia, lito did
wit kivnow whetheitr th.y vwer mlaskit..d
aid was tilnitblt toII tell ihow he was
ritdritl uniconieuscl.us. lie said lie
uwas just retuoverinlg i ullnsloutsunrts .su
the train entered Tuft, about a halt f
Dual Monarchy Floats Big Loans in
Preparation for Trouble, and Serbs
of the Army Are Allowed Only Short
Furloughs--Russia Sail Suspected
of Meaning to Take a Hand.
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Austria Borrows Money.
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bhd b)h ', il hil .,t I) "l'to :Ina 1 i l that they
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1 ),1-:1ic h th,, Sa nta Vo %iclt'h run, t(
hor 11h! l:y ,dlfi. hi,,
b ,i vrl I oii aes ltet herl , fir the
,,t t!, robert anl others are
s,":urhiiw in thl f l vi nt'i ly of Taft.
T,uIN Ainep,tls, st,' . - -Thomas V.
IO, llman, a ný,toriois .<oubL terfelter, t\ho
officPrs said admittdl hLaving passed
$36,00o in spulriolus coin in Portland,
iHeattle and Spokiue, X\as s entenced int
thie federal court hero today to serve
sv'en years at McNfNil's islatnd. If.d
rIman, who Vsias arrestel at Los Angeles
harbor, pnssed 17 months in the coun
Sty jail before I¶e was conv\icted.

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