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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, December 10, 1912, Morning, Image 6

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An ordinance regulating travel and traf
fie on the streets of. the city of Mis
soula, providing penalties for the Vio
Iation thereof, and repealing ordi
nances or parts of ordinances in con
flet therewith.
l:e it ordained by the council of the
city of Missoula, Montana:
Sectlion 1. The word "street" Wher
ever used in tils ordinance shall be
held and construed to mean and. include
streets, avelnues, ways, boulevards.
drives, highways. alleys and all places
open to the public for the use of ve,
hi.des; the word "vehicles" shall be held
,and cunstrued to mean and include
equestrians, led horses, and everything
otn wheels or runnlers, drawn by ani
tilis or men, prtopelled by any motive
power. except hbaby carriages, street
carls, ltt stlnam railway locomotives and
cars; the word "horse" shall be held
and construed to mean and include any
and all domestic animals; the word
"driver" shall be held and construed
to meanl and include the rider or driver
of a horse or horses, the rider of wheels
and the operator of a motor vehicle or
street car.
All owners, operators, drivers or per
sons In charge of vehicles must conform
to the rules and reeulations.
Section 2. It shall be unlawful for
the own,er, operator, driver or person in
lcharge of aiiy vehicle upon the streets
of the citcy f Missoula to fail, neglect
or refuse to . olforntl to and observe the
flowhling rules and tegulations:
\11 drivers must keep to the right
linll. curb, except when passing another
vehicle ahead.
(11 A veli, le. except when passing a
vt'.itcle ahead, shall keep as near the
right hand curl ;as possible.
Must turn to the right when passing
another vehic le.
(2) A vehicle meeting another shall
pass tr the right.
A vehicle overtaking another inust
pass to the left.
(3) A vehic'le overtaking another
shall pass Int the left side of the over
taken vehicle and not pull over to the
right until entirely clear of it.
Slow moving vehilles must keep close
to the curb, allowing swifter moving
ones it' pass on the left.
(4) Vehtiles moving slowly shall keep
as close as possible to the curb on the
right, allowing more swiftly moving ve
hicles free passage to their left.
Vehicles must take the right hand
passage on all divided streets or road
(5 l)IO an avenue or street divided
lIngitudinally by a part, \\my, walk,
suktlenway or vinaduct, vehicles shall
keep to the right of such division.
All vehicles turning into another street
to the right mlst keep to lthe right hand
(6) A vehicle turning into another
street to the right land shall turn the
corner as near the right hand curb as
practicable. Thus:
Vehi.te tutning Ints a lither stree,{t I -
from the left shll , rss the ti t rent tie- I sun'isel .
fore turnlling to the right hindl curb,. 1-I) No person shall ride, drive or
(71) A vehicle turni tg into anolther propl tiny automobile or otihier montor
street to the left hhalt turn arouull the Vehtle) between the hours of sunlset Irand
center of intersection of the two streets. sullrise, unless. thire ter fastened to the
_I _
\ Y"'~
Vetlil t irrui.i'g fromlii i i. L
and o i ,a., Sl t lio . Iit .. 'S t iffi,.
lsif l is Ir s Ilit! ii, hit Ii i i
,lhere the grads exiees fI ,v
No vehicles shall stand backed up to
the curb so as to itterfere with traffic.
(9) No vehicle shall stand backed up
to the curb except when actually loading
or unloading, and if said vehicl is horse
drawn, and has tour wheels, thei horse
or horses must stand as . parallel to
the curb as is possible and fae in the
direction of traffic, but no vehicles shall
stand so backed up if it interferes Wlith
or interrupts the passage of other Ve
hicles or street cars.
Warning must be given before backing.
(10) Before backing ample warning
shell be given, while backing uncensillaly
vigilance must be exercised so as not
to InJlure those behind.
Blycles and motorcycles must have
,orn, gong or whistle and give warn-'
Sings; also light at night.
I (11) No person shall ride or drive a
bicycle, tricycle, or motor-cycle in any
public place unless the same shall have
attached thereto a good and sufficient
gong, horn or whistle, in good woriktrn
ordFr, which gong, horn or whistle shall
be sounded a sufficient number of timec
to give' notice of his approach and close
poximity to any person or vehicles oc
cupying or usng sad public place, nor
shall any person ride or drive a bicydle
or motorcycle in any public place in the
night time without having attached to
the front thereof a light of sufficielt
strength and brilliancy to be visible a
distance of two hundred (200) feet.
All vehicles used for conveying pas
sengers must have two lights in front
at night.
(12) No person shall permit td stand,
or use, drive or propel in any public
place, in the night time, any vehicle
used for the purpose of conveying pas
sengers, whether for hire or not, with
out having attached thereto, near the
front, two (2) white lights of sufficient
candle power to he clearly visible for at
least one Lundred (100) feet in front of
such vehicle.
All automobiles or othe. motor ve
hicles must have gong, horn or whistle
and rive warning-'"Klaxon Horns" for
t1l) No person shall ride, drive or pro
pel any automobile, autocycle or other
motor vehicle, without haying attached.
thereto a bell, gong or Whistle, in good
working order, and- sufficlent to give
warning of the approach of said vehicle
or machine, nor, shall the driver there
of fail or negleet to sound such device
as a warning upon approaching any oth
cr. vehicle or pedestrian; or upon up
proaehing any place where any person
or persons may he entering or leaving
any street car, or other public convey
once, or upon approaching any street
intersection or before passing around at
corner, provided that it shall be unlaw
ful for any person while driving or
operating any automobile, or other ve
hillle. on any street, ailey or public place
within the city of Missoula. to use or
sound whatt is known as the 'Klaxon
!horn"; provided further, tl.at the pro
hibition herein contained shall, not ap
ply to or bo construed as pr:hibiting
the use tf such horn on the vehicles,
apparltus or ambulances of the police,
fire or healtll and sanitatinm departments
of the city of Mlssoula. when responding
to police, fire or emergency alarms.
All automobiles or motor ears must
have two white lights illn frnt and one
red light in rear after sunsllet or before
I'It t].reof it loost Ivwo (2) white
its of sufficient 'anille power to be
,: rl visible for a distatine of at least
i.'I h ill' red (1iIi) feot in fliront of such
itainolilhllue or lthter mottor vehicle(, tand
(1) red light so fixed as to le in
'ii' fruin itl ' f'ont, but visible from
, i.arll fir a distlance of at least one
ritiauh't..i (100) ftr)t.
N,, street Itir shall drive faster than
t\l il hites Itglr llour in business or
.illire Itotri' ts.
1') No drivlr shall propel or caruse
I ihe piroilleit atny street car withli ter
Ibsinsis oir settlted residential districts
lt i spe .., ':ueelding twelve (12) mIiles
N, ,ira shall be ridlden or driven
!ls.,i. ti ; ix ll ilet per hour, or fas'cr
hfttls u Itir miles per hour across a:y
tire)t iiiii'i. riiin or foster than a Walk
Slei) No pierisonli shall ride or drive, or
lusl to be riddlen or driven, any hllre
Ir horses, whetl her attached to any
vhitlh e " Irnot, at a greater rate of
spec)l tllin ix 16) miles per hour, over, I
ilill or throughi any streets witlhin tlse
i'it of Missosula; nor shai ll a.ny persnl
rile or drive any such animal at a
greater rate of speed ltan four (4) mlles
per Iunur across any street intersectioni;
inor ride or drive any su'ch animll at a
grei'ter rate of speed thllan a walk in
tllurnlig or rounditng street (orners it:
said trite of Mlissoula; providled thowever,
thalt this secthio shall not apply to I
horses tl- vehcllts used by lhe fire, p
lhe oir healitih or stnitatlon deplirtlt ntsl.
of the iitv if Mlissoula, or tio alnliiulan'es
whelln resnolnding to ain emergency ,ttll,
or' to U. S. Mail iehicles, or to vellicles
used by private persons in going o0
'respodldilig to ahlarms of. fire under per
nlit from the city council, or to emer
gency repair wagons or vehirles of the]
street railway companies, when answer
lng emergency calls, provided said ve
hicles are supplied with a suitable gong
of sufficient power to be heard four
hundred (400) feet in the business dis-:
No automobile, motor car, or. motor
cycle sh rl be driven laster than eam t
miles per hour over certain districts; ot
faster than twelve miles per hour over
any paved. streets outside of said dis
triets; or faster than fifteen miles per
hour over any publid place within tlhe
Iftnlts Of the city of Missoula; or to
cross or pass any' Street intersection,
round ajiy corners, in certain districts
faster than four miles on a down grade
or eight miles on an up grade.
(17) No person shall ride, drive or
propel any automobile, autonycle ot
other motor vehicle, except as specified
in the above rule at a greater rate of
speed than eight (8) miles per hour.
along, over or through any streets with
in the district boundpd and described
as follows:
Reginning at the Southern corner of
Pattee and Eagt Front streets and run
ning thence trortherly along the cast
side of Pattee street to the north line
of east Railroad street; thence westerhr
along the north line of East antd West
Railroad streety to the west line of
Woody street; thence southerly along 11 e
west line of Woody street to the north
line of West Main street: thence wester
Iv along the north line of \Vst
Main street, to " an intersection
with the Southerly line of West
Front street: thence easterly along the
southerly line of West Front street to
the Westerly line of Higgins avenue
'thence southerly along the westerly line
of Higgins avenue and the snisterly lino
of the Htggins avenue bridge to the
north line of South Third street west:
thence west along the south line of
South Third street west to the east line
of Myrtle street; then south along thye
east line of Myrtle street to the south
line of South Sixth street west: thence
easst along the south line of South Sixth
street west and South Sixth street crast
to the west'line of Gerald avenue: thienr
north along tile west 1:ne of (G-rnltd ave
nue to the north line of South Third
street east; thence west along the north
line of South Third street east to east
line of South Higgins avenue: thence
northerly along the east line of South
Higgins avenue along the easterly line
of Higgins avenue hri..g- and anltng the
easterly line of ' Higgins avenue to
southerly line of East Front street:
thence easterly along the solutherl" liTne
of East Front street to the place of be
ginning: nor at a greater rate of sn.ed
than twelve (12) miles per hour along,
on. through or over any paved street
outside of said above described district,
or at oany greater rate of speed tlani
fifteen (15) miles per hour along, in.
ever or throIglh any other psreet within
the lilits of the city of. Mlssoula.
No person shall drive- any vehicle or
motor car. or ride any bircyele or motor
cycle faster than twelve miles per hour
in parks around curves or faster than
six miles per htour around sharp Curves.
(18) No person strall drive or propel
over or along any park d'ive, parkway
or park boulevard any vehicle, or ride
or drive any horse or other animal, or
any bicycle, tricycle or autocycle at a
greater rate of speed than twelve (12)
miles per hour along any tangent or
curve of less degree of curvature than
twelve (12) degrees, or having a radius
of more than four hundred and seventy
eight (478) feet, or at a greater rate of
speed than six (6) miles per hour along
any curve of a greater degree of curva
ture than twelve (12) degrees, or havlng
a radius of less than four hundred and
seventy-elght (478) feet.
What vehicles shall have right of way.
'(19) The following vehicles. in the
order named, shall have the right of. way
in the use of all streets and public platces
viz., apparatus of the fire department,
police patrol wagons, amhbulances, re
snonding to emnergerncy calls, emergency
repair wagons of the street railway com
panies and 7I. S,. mail wagons.
All veliceles. on the approach, of fire
apparatus or in hearing of the Sema
phone, shall go up to tile right hand
curb and stotp.
(20) The driver of a vehicle on the
approach of anparatus of the fire de
partment shall immediately draw up
said vehtlce as near as practicable to
the right hand curb and parallel there
to and bring his vehicle to a stop. At
points where the fire alarm semaphores
are located, when alarm hell rings and
semaphore drops, all vehicles within
sight or hearing of this alarm shall fol
lows the directions indicated above, and'
shall remain stopped until the alarm
ceases ringing and semaphore lifts, and
then proceed only In the event that there
is no fire apparatus approtchnig.
No vehicle or street car shall block
streets so as to interfere with passage
of other vehicles or street cars.
(21) No vehicle or street car shall so
occupy any street as to interfere with
or interrupt the passage of other street
cars or vehicles.
Street cars shall have right of way. All
tearns and automobiles shall turn off
tracks as soon as possible.
(221 Excepting as provided in Rule
19. street rallway cars shall be entitled
ito the track, and in all tcases where any
team, automobile or other vehicle shall
Imeet or be ovrtakle-t by any car upon
aty of tihe tracks of [ny of the street
railways of this city, such teamn or
vehicle shall give way to said car as
soon as possible and in no event shall
iiany vehicle overtaken by such car pro
(ceed on such traciks for a greater dis
tance of one (1) blouk or after arriving
at any street intersection; nor shall
ant person wllfull- or purposely ob
strct; ihlinder! deluay or in any way in
terfere with any of said street railway
[irs, by placing, driving or stopping, or
causing to be placed or driven at ia slow
pace or stopped, any team, vehicle or
obstaile in, upon, along, a(cross or :lear
the tracks of said street railways int any
manner so as to, obstruct or interfere
witli the movemtent and operation of the
stnrae, after being nottified by the motor
maln or conductor, by the ringing of the
gong or otherwise.
No vehicle or automobile shall drive
within six feet of street cars while
stopping ' to unload passengers; if not
rootm to pass, must steop.
(23) The driver of every vehicle shall
keep his velhie at a distance of nott less
than six (;) feet of the running hoard
or lower step of allny street railway car
which is stopping fqr the purpotll'se of
tatting on or discharging passengers,
alnd if, by teasonll f tlih presene of
other vehicles at tihe spate whenre such
car is stopping, or by relsoitn of the nar
I'twness of the streets it is not possibile
to preserve the distance rof six (I) feet
friom suci rnninllg ioard ior stlp herein
tlrestcritied, tIet11i ii ll dl'itv r o ol) el'tritl
leuh catr shall hiave tliatken ,io dischargedi
its )lpassenglers antd nglin started.
No horse sihalli he h'ft In streets or
higihwliays unless Cseicur(lv flastened.
(24) No horse shall hIe left unttendoil
edl ill rany str(eet ior higIhWRI iilesS Se
turely fastened or unlhtss the wheels of
the vehicle to whilt he is harnessed are
set urely tied, fastiilnt-d ol ('hatllned, aind
tiuh v lhictle is otf s fliilient reilght to
prevent its beintg allaged ait it dltnger
Iius speed with the \\I ti(h IS is selulrel .
No horse shall bet unhitted oill inly
street or highlway, unless secured w1ill
(25.) /No horse shall lihe unhitted in
any st reet or highway utnless sectured by
a halter.
All persons ilmusit told reins in hand
while riding or driving.
(26t No one shall cease toi lidil reins
in his hands while riding., driving or
conducting ai horse.
No sports ir iamusementls alltowedl on
rttcreets to frig hten hor seis or intlerfere
with trafflc.
(27) No 'persn In any public p lre,
shall engRge inl aniy sporte, tlltllstinetint or
exercise likely i r tltcolalittnd tit frigh tent
lorles or entt;illlrrass the p:iltsage of VCi
No person shall use w\hip to annoy or
frigllten otler horses.
(28) No perslon shall crlctlit or so use
a whip as to annoyilll. Interfere with or
endarnger any Iperlsn or exc'ite any horse
otiher tian tihait h hitl he is idriving.
No vehihe with oltls or nlisy devices
shall he driven oveir strcets icauising an
noyane to the publiv.
(2i) No one shall ride or drive any
animal or move any vehicle througth,
atllong, ulpon hori over any public place.
having atta11 el I thereto anrly ells l or
other noisy devices for attracting at
tention or which shall cause annoyance
to tie piublk.
No person shall dtrve any vehicle,
automt hile or motor car h anlly public
phtlae iarelessly', so as to collide with
any othiler vehlticle or person.
(30) No persoln shall tcarelesslyt. heed
lesely or negligently ride or drive any
horse or otierl aninal,. io ride or propel
ant naltomtlobile or motior vehlitle in,
throtughl. along, or over any publthl place
so that such animal or vehicle attached
thereto. or any such automolile or auto
vehicle shall come in collision with any
othler animal or vehlcle or shall strike
aganlst Nny person.
No person shall drive a covered ve-.
hidcle that will obstruct the view of the
trlver en either rtide or rear.
(31) No one shall drive .a vehicle
that Is so co..rd in Or Constructed as
ing a sufficient ie* of .th taatflo fol
lowing and. at sides Of such evehicl..
No one shall qVe an autohobblle. who
is leas than "seVenteen years 'of age.
(32) No one 'all drive any automo
bile who Is lest than seventeen (17)
years of age.
No perso shal ride any bicycle or
tricycle along sat of street cars holding
onto same.
(:3l:) No person, while riding a bicycle,
tricycle or motorcycle or other vehicle.
shall take hold of any stteet railway
cars for the purpose of holding onto, anh
being carried? along by said street rail
way cars.
toasting in light wagons or on roller
sates prohibited on sidewalks or paved
(34) No person shall ride in or upon
nny light carriage, wagon cart or vehicle
upom any sidewalk or pansed street lh the
annIer commonly known as "coasting"
or when said carriage, wagon, cart or
vchicle is propelled by gravity or Its own
Shall not spill oil or grease on any
public place.
(:t5) No persdn shall. drop, or permlt
to he dropped taqy oil, grease, or similar
slohstance from any vehicle on any public
:1hall not drol contents of load In any
public place or on street.
((;) No person in hauling dirt, gravel,
sand. manure or sawdust along, through
pr ipot any public place, shall allow or
permit the same to drop or fall upon
such pu1blic place, except through un
avoidable accident.
No vehicle unhitched, automobile or
motor vehlile shall tbe left unattended on
streets, public places of highways, un
less on account of accident, when a red
light may he placed in front and one tn
ecar and allowed to stand for twenty
(37) No person shall leave standing in
aiy public place, any vehicle drawn by
hrses, except when the same has at
latted1 tiroeto such horses; provided
11ht in case of accident upon the public
iigthwavc, such vehicle may be moved to
he sale of the highway, and if a good
nil sufficlent red light signal be located
at both ends of the same. may be el
Iowed to remain upon the highway pend
ing removal for repairs, for a period not
nceedi('ltnt twenty-four (24) hours.
No vehicle or motor car shall be left
taniding, except when loading or un
I ailling, within thirty feet of fire hy
dlrnt, or within ten feet of street cor
nmrs, or less than one foot from and
iarallel to the curb on certain streets.
(3S) No vehicle shall remain standing
except while being loaded or unloaded,
or white taking on or lettine off pas
sengers, upon any street within thirty
.3d) feet of any fire hydrant, or within
ten (10l feet of any street corner or
street intersection, or at a' greater dis
tance than one (1) foot from the curb.
n vethicle' shall remain standing except
whlle being loaded or unleaded upon
East Cedar street between Pattee street
lnd Higgins avenue; upon West Cedar
street between Higgins avenue and
W.oody street: upon Higgins avenue be
tween the Higgins avenue bridge and
tailroad street; upon East Main street
between Pattee street and Higgins ave
nue: upon East Main street between
Higgins avenue and Woody street, or
upon any of the streets or parts of
streets above mentioned. while being
loaded or unloaded, or taking on or let
ting off passengers, in any other post
tion than parallel to And within one (1t
foot of the curb, or for a greater length
of time than is reasonably necessary to
load or unload, or take on or let off
passengers; provided, however, that ve
ticles when not being loaded or un
loaded and while waiting for passengers
or loads may. bp parked. on a strip in
the center of East and West Main streets
between Pattee street and Woody street,
but all vehicles when so parked shall
be headed in the direction 'of traffic
and all vehicles shall be parked so as to
leave asdriveway on each side of the
said street not less than thirty feet in
No team shall unload merchandise on
street when possible to discharge in al
1(39) No per.o. shall load or unload
a.) vehicle used for conveying merchan
aise or other personal property in any
street, avenue or way mentioned in rule
38 hereof, when i)t it possible to load or
unload the same3 In, any alley or private
All persons mqt obey orders of traf
fic squad of polie department.
(40) Drivers 6f vehicles and street
cars, pedestrians and equestrians must
at all times comply with any direction
)y vcice or hand of any member of thle
traffic squad of the police department,
is t to the manner of taking up or setting
locwn passengers or unloading or loading
groods in any place, and as to stopping,
starting, approaching and departing
frolm ity place.
Pwers lof police department.
(41) 'The ptlias department shall have
all powers antd duties in relation to the
management of the vehicular traffic.
Pedestrians shall have right-of-way at
street intersections and crossings; ve
hiclles the. right-of-way between inter
sections anid crossings.
(.12) Pedestrians shall have the right
:if-way at street intersections and cross
ings; vehicles, the right of way between
street intersections and crossings.
Section 3. It Ihall be unlawful for
any person within the city of Missoula
to drive or ride any automobile, motor
cycle or other motor vehicle using gaso
line as a motive power unless such
vehicle be provided with a muffler, so
called, and the same shall not be cut out
or disconneccted within the limits of the
city at any timne of the day or night.
Section 4. It shall be unlawful for
more tIhan one person to ride on any
motorcycle or bclycle unless the same
be constructed. designed or altered for
the use of more than one person, and
then only whoen such additional person
shall be seated in a seat provided for
such purpose to the rear of the driver
of sucih vehitle, and it shall he unlaw
ful for any driver of any motorcycle or
bicycle to ride on any movable seat, or
seat cushion or saddle of a temporary
:hlaracter in front of the seat designed
and intended for his use on such vehicle.
Section 5. Any person found guilty
of a violation of any of the provisions
of this ordinance shall be fined in any
sum nlot exceedling one lhundred (100)
dollars, or imprisoned in the city aill
for a term not exceeding thirty (30)
:lays, or maly tie boutl fined and ir
(Serticn i. The police department shall
Se' that this lordinance is posted In all
iulcltc stable, and at hack, cab and other
tablles, atlnd sIllnl keep copies of it at
all its staticons and issue them upon ap
dllcation. Alnd it shall be the duty of
the ownler andl person in ellarge of all
publlic stahles, garages and other places
where vehlic s ,of any description are
kept for hire, and In all street railway
cat l otSes, tt see that this ordinance I
kept posteld therein: It shIall also Ih
the diuty of all persons keeping and
opercating delivery wagons, trucks, etc.
to kcep a copy of the regulations posted
n eccnspicuous places In thleir respective
(1) Punishment for violation of ord!
Any person violating any of the pro
v1sthns if this ordinance shall be deem.'d
tUtlly of a mnisdemeanor, and uipon con
i'ition thelreof shall be fined In any
eunt not exceeding one hundred dollars
10n), or imprisoned for a term ofl not
cr'eedlng thirty (80) days, or be both so
ined ind iltprislned.
Section 7. All ordinances inennslst,.'*
or confllictilg with the provisions of this
ordilnllnce alre hereby repealed.
Sectlon 8. 'This ordinance shall take
effe.'t icnd I', in force ten days from and
aft'r its pIasisage and approval.
Passed thei .....day of................, 19.....
Appnnroved thlls ......day of............. 19.....
...C ity Clerk .....................................
City Clerk. -
Notice of Annual Stockholders' Meet
Office of the Last Chance Mining Com.
pany, Missoula, Montana, Decem
her 2, 1912.
Notice is hereby given that the an
nual stockholders' meeting of the Last
Chance Mining company4 Ltd., will be
held at the office of the company, In
M!ssoula, Montana, op Wednesday, the
18th day of December, 1912, at 10
o'clock a. m., in their office, room 70
Higgins block, for the purpose of
electing a board of directors for the
ensuing year and for the transaction
of such other business as may cdme
before said meeting.
. Vice President.
1l-$ to 18. ino, .... . i .. , .
iaII 1,) .,"
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money than you'll find elsewhere, not to mention the vastly greater as
sortments here to select from-SIXTY styles in overcoats glone..
Premier Clothes R. B. Fashion Clothes
H., S. & M. Clothes Society Brand Clothes
Wool-Worth Clothes National Students Clothes
Suits, $12.50 to $35 Overcoats, $13.50 to $50
Select Your Own FREE Hat
There's nothing half-hearted about this Free Hat Offer. We don't
limit your selection to a few undesirable hats, but give you free access
to our eitire stock of hats-Stetsons, Knox, Wonderfell, Montana and
* fine velour hats-regularly sold up to $5.00.
The Missoula Drug Co., corner Hig
gins and Front, deserves praise from
Missoula people for Introducing here
the simple buckthorn bark and glycer
ine mixture, known as Adler-i-ka. This
simple German remedy first became
famous by curing appendicitisN and it
has now been discovered that a single
dose relieves sour stomach, gas on the
stomach dnd constipation Instantly.
Condon, Ore., Dec. 9.-Robert Mor
gan, convicted of the murder of Miss
Virgie Hart here on Oct. 16, was sen
tenced today by Judge Parker to be
hanged Jan. 16, 1913. Morgan will
make a motion for a new trial.
Talcahuano, Chile,. Dec. 9.-The
yacht Carnegie, which has been en
gaged for some time in testing mag
Ia:ntic phenomenon on behalf of the
Carnegie institute at Washington, ar
rived here today.
f'e y,,
.atgrrIy!#_ °° : try:
Be Sure to Visit the
Grown in Montana and the Northwest.
You are cordially invited to, visit Milwaukee Exhibit Car 500, Which
will be open to visitors at the "Milwaukee" Pa.senger Station, Tuesday,
December 10th, from 10 a. .m.. to 12 noon and 2 p. m. to 5.-pt. m,
This EXHIBIT CAR, which is the first "Agricultural -Exhibit Car"
that has ever been displayed to the public in Montana, will.thiinestion
ably prove of great interest to visitors. It is handsomely decorated
with fruits, grains ahd vegetables grown iP Montana and the North
west, and is one of a number of such cars being . operyted by the
"Milwaukee" for the purpose of demonstarting to: tUe farmers of:the
Eastern and Middle Western States, the wonderful agricultural post
sibilities of the GREAT NORTHWEST.
Oir object in plaeify this pqh on" ekhlibtion iiik thl5 and other
lrnporIait' oiteg oif the i;rt ef oe sendhthe qt3M orit1h regular
Ea4teri tif ite sito e te p t th *' ai ,*I ahit g drnitn of
eý tV0thze1 Cy' agwtc fit rg'duitq thblw' bn farm
itf4oti sPJ~ aps ciiboh ratvely ~
Triffic Manager. Oefterl Peeenger Alent.
Jhleagt M wi he4 I.v`I , Seki R* iiWv MIe wlh 1323

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