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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, December 12, 1912, Morning, Image 10

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Next to Postoffics.
Soap .ilet and laundry so.p
(Sa ,t do \\n 1I sll at no
profit 1o us.
t;al8nnic \\ ý,Vhit
Violet Glycerine, highly pe'rfu.ed
t rilet c li, . i,. . ... . ... 2
,;li~, 1 nl d , scotch oI:l tme;l
toilet p, " ............... 2 5
3 Bars 23(k
SALEt inl.' :i.
Sea tL lin ;"'* :, P r
S nril r.... . 1 10
d on< Slalvins
The Start Takes More
Time Than the Race
anld he there It lh,' finish.
Three per cent. Interest
on Savings.
The First National
Missoula, Montana
We Dive
P iretty Deep
T, ,t , iin t i
I .!dl' '"I t i : Uhis
- . ",, I , a _ ,. I
" - - " II - '· , i:.;: '" . ,t O ., ,
Centra.. e l Market ,
Koopman & y
ý West Main St.
Ind, 471 Bell 15
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies.
114 East Main Street.
Rowland, the Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
Special Attention Given to
ii ; : t : l.x i .i
Take Your Prescription to
Smith's Drug Stores
Agents for Eastm;in Kodaks
Koken's Barber S:pples
F. A. Mix 6 Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain ancd
115 Iiggiin ,.,, ,s ,
3ell Phone Fi; inr. 'hn r
The Best of Everything in the Maro:'t
W e have solmi iii:, nl'll'i. ,i
apartments for rent ;t i'1.10 ;n I
115 Higgins Avenue.
Fire, Life and . (!ii i: t Insurance
and t I ; al 1l:st:t
National Surety Company
Dan H. Ross
Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.
Kurtzmann, Knabe, Baby Grand
piaor, musical instruments and sheet
Next to Golden Rule Store.
Sn the run
Abeut Townt
I tiiljt pr.i " f him ,ll o tir tI
1ld T uI', bl. 1ih a grin: I like til
111:1 \\Nth ~ lawl-h.: .1t It'It<"
IT'S A ahl li , just (is
'Limr t \h,'1 h,.ls his
I w il mit at :-.v- the ill tl
\0 . ,) t ills - hl Itttt1 . \h d i 't
I isls i n Iv ; r h te ' in \"h ,-; t lY."
S\t1 :l il l i ` II :I':::: . I.;It"l" \"I. i V ll t,
, ':ill s; ' i: , " l*I·l \\, l1 h i': ;t :i
,r 'ill ;'- . 't',' iI !ltt ','. th I '
r ;', t . itit I ' ll ;tI? i I ,l I It
i i il I " , I, t Ig itit him lit
AG , ,i t i t' I, til I.t 'F,. to r ,,
tI\ .''It fl. it it . It i n ' I t ittt il i
I ht
iI ' . ' l , , til
' GETTING ' - 11 h1 ; ~ i II: i \ltl ',
' \, , t t I I v
11 1' i 1, l S ill . , _' " ,Ilil -
: - Ut t, " .. • 'i 1;, !' .'1'1 t e , -
!n t it
. rnl f.f : i] :: r, . · :,. r t ; th t i ,
t ,l t i n h l - , "' 11t1 , I ,' , t
" id -1 ;t l f." I nl i |i lf, I" ." lltP
n th r :1o : 1 1 ! ii l ;I ,-h , l 8 ,( I -
i ,y rt I:S \v h tiI 1; h 1i\.1 i l It '
,'» cl'l i li. i nk I- t dt },, ' iill
t 11 h 1]l th / tI r ,t n7 .,, ' \Vl \ 1, 1 I I , brisk.
t f , " ;I g~-' l i f' r l,- I, i l w h ,',',: . r eilt'
sh- t'1 t :, his i'r w r i h;I , lping h,,li.
!Icat =.' L,,. . O r. and \i 1s. I. , \I
,, Nl, ,' , " .A'. ; i n.
!h zl lh , ' I l'i- il , 5i, ,v ,11 1 <
H:- ',l oIn h ikr.- Ill, i t, n l ,l r
BACK hl i h.~ II , I. l n ,
A G A IN ul' 'l ~I ;1' t!.. l' f, ,t:
, ! I , ;;! h il t p. , "t c ll h \ . I , - "
WEATHER h ; I n, i h ,,1.1,1
WANTED " i lt ,
Day Aciiition Mcthers' Cluh,
u 11 t 1L
I Hll. ti nl -;1 l thll " lll , ' tII " - I , 1
Home Missicnary Society.
i , ,l I
-,, ul < u t I " I- l , Illllll i .. u 1+ . .. l tul'."
'At the Presbyterian Chuirch.
The L:ttli. ' bll zu", ll .f tht Prl \
hyt eri an i h rch t ill 1 .1 tl :It
the' church triblay ;mul a:iturday :1-fi
011001'n)Jlt 8.10 e¢VenIinlgs, in .olnnlecttion[
iWe Are Now Displaying a Very
A Pleasing Line of
Christmas Goods
Below we give a partial list of our holiday line. Use
ful gifts that always please. They are serviceable and
of practical daily value. \\'e have endeavored to se
lect such goods as would aifi.rd hoth satisfaction and
saving to our customers.
T hil't S'ts, all kinds. r ",urist Cases,
fand M1irrors, all kinds. I::w rs, all kinds.
I.(ie Christmas Stationery. ., l . ilver Military Brushes.
,ani, ur , Sets ' all kind: t:.
I i'l"'rt d l 'D m lsti Perfumes. l.c1 )om, stic Cigars.
I ir, th and lint rushes. iindl Mcers lauin Pipes.
I. hnstl tn's tuiLh's andl Mclnnald's 'I rses, Dill and Pass
111 kinds of TaýiloT t \\Waters. 'r antld Card Cases.
i i ' rd 'cases ind- ses , i. Sets.
'n-lin's l"-untain Pens. T:Un Pi, u r t LIther PIrushes.
Christmas Cards and Letters
We are agents for the famot: : lavis (of Boston) line
of Christmas letters and cards nJd i.have a very complete
line. Every lady visiting our stor this week will be
given a sample of our Select Lily of the Valley perfume,
as long as they last.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists
v, it the, '(:tt of ('htristl tInIis nov ll ti,,s,
fait y and a us ft l u 'l tic. s, the la(]iti
will se'rve' tea ritl:tdy afternoon and a
c(hi('lke'n dinner Saturdt y ev\'ening, froml
5 tt't'lt'toJ until S.
Miss Laurta M. ])eits and R. A. Tall
nman were married last evening at S
o'clock in the pastor's study at the
C(hristian church. Rev. Harold Griffis f
tierf~'orltll the(' ceritamony anid Dr. and
Sirs. E. P. Il incatn \were attendants..
AIr, and Mrs. TIallman lcft later in the
\v'xelling for 'New York city, where Mtr.
Ta lliinan will (,iengaget in his plr'fes.sif n
as expert accounliltant. 'The bride has
Ibcn head milliner for the Missulat
Mercantile company-n during her t o
years of residence ini thie city, anlid iht
is a general favoritre I llnl.: ' hAih
friends and ac(itnaintatnccs, lietr hoil'
is in Akron, Ohio.
Open Meeting.
Thet LInd-a-lland s. ityi \,ill hold
ill open 1 ioting thistlt ' n'n I th,'
"il''ar, I t of tc thot"'ti.i.- c lhu c . Therl'
, v ,,ill c a i h ti l: stin ' p t';ror t of
songs, rt cital t l i ills a lc : lI'" ,e sal, 1.
The ent erti 'tiia a litit is in ch: rge of tM rs.
Moelh rs section of the society.
For Mrs. Sears.
M r:;. \\V. I. I`l t t ii l:lit ll ' (tIi i-t
C.00-, ladies yesiit ' it y It, I,'tnoot i
cn!lnlim'nt to Mrs. A. W. iear '.
A1cis,, M 1sat \\h i ro
\M rs.1. "s.';,h , '1,:phy. 'Th," go l. sts, A1..
(1atl s i i ';IIF1 :r', I11t rlh't, N vc tlinhib, For
It I, I 'te .h l ln , I itnersl ' l, t' , ('' r1 I' it ,
I('i' lalt I t a ct I )1't1till. \' S itd ti.tli tlt
lunch l 1s sort/ed 1t the cl::l tan f th
I'tl iil' l t hili'l \vIts I itni h deliciItls hyi
the l ladi,,s ass' blt d.
A Musicale.
.Mli ie lnitng tMill is olld .Artd b r n n-ll
i : ; i l tsic l i' t e lil a t
thMir itil'er 1antilM Bixthc Sr .Et n
h Belnor of20 their guests, . (,420
Piqu an and iest Saucf idll, Alil:ll.,ane l
ICnHLIs SAUCE1',lotfr of1,k.... ecesh
. t WVhilit' ' , lesst\i"i Wta , , iien Ait11
[L i"I\ ' It, lr t t h i 1 i t tt, . l\iu f tti l t int
. OYSTE. . . COCKTAILo. Mr. .ml Mrs.
TotLt e ll\. AIr. :nlh Mrs. NAe, \ell (} hu hl
anit \ , ,rs:. It "y ]: ily a i N. 1.
in Ilt, \' ¢ .,',, 1in 1t ,"1 inl t h a tf 11( r
Complimenting Miss Todd. ,
:lirl. I& 'n , I',i:u',m tlne tarrtitrd ind
in h ,.r h,, ;'" I n Il,. t'1 0:llirsl . I ,'; -
, h, ,'-t \ ,,s .i.-; ':\.t T oidd
I 't ,, lllld ,Iti, l. : Eu I l aI t, .T o dh l
\1', 1' , I,, .1. lI,,, nd , F''ra nk I r,,, ;. " '. -
(t ., i' I t - t, l : I a-t It Ron lI , E:dnl
Miss Pow'er and Mrs. Bandmann En
\.I :i:,h : l i, r :, . ld .lr '. 1;lr "y '.
'I : . \ . i t~h ' I ' ll/' of . -,
I'l' :,\ -l t". M i<'
Vllb n't ,,tn o n d >i b ' Aimee [tes
South Side Grocers
Bell 20 Phones Ind. 420
Piquant Sauces
't'he kind to uIse with mnutton.
CHILI SAUCE. each ............. ..3O1
k l'. (.S C'hili ;:rauce, swe-t and
MANDALAY SAUCE .............. 35
tit t . . ,it's . nttd htrbs t.f the East
OYST ER COCKTAIL ................ 251
."J ut try it, that's all.
TOBASCO SAUCE .................5O `
lt, t t in, gh for the coldest day.
TOMATO BOUILLON .............301!
Iii:,, fr," M t't :|id Soul)s.
WORCESTERSHIRE .............35Ct
it Le . & er'riln's, the standard old
mndi .r. 1'ii,,d. Mrs. Hugh Forbis
also I .... ,, - Ridgeway during her
r:,:.e h,, ;n i;~ atun. The guests, Miss
Ridg'\' . .:. li-s ] tesnlond, Mrs. Ed
'l > ',.Ir and Mrs. Hugh For
ris: N,':: . Stven.: and Myers; the
Lust , : , `.:T. itd Mrs. J. E. Power,
Mrs. i l;"(inan: :ald Edna Power, went
dirn-til ir.n:i tihe Ilanois theater it
ti'" 1, r i,. .n whOre a tempting
;r·al .\s r.dy in a table beauti
it, 1 in pink. Following the
siy'ti' ill'!, \,s ita dl:lightful seasoni
" \i.~ liich was enli\veined by
rii, r;,i 'i < anld iterptretive dane
inl by Lt1 I' ii'ted p rsons prese>nt.
IFrat fifltl-n"ent smoke, five cents.
The reduced prices on
Overcoats are still in force
A E'VE taken out the overcoat display to accom
modate the large display of gifts for men that
you'll see in our windows today. The following re
ductions on overcoats will hold good until wee've
reduced our stock to normal:
All $20.00 Overcoats $14.50 All $30.00 Overcoats $20.50
All $22.50 Overcoats $15.50 All $35.00 Overcoats $23.50
All $25.00 Overcoats $17.50 All $40.00 Overcoats $28.50
All $27.50 Overcoats $18.50 All $45.00 Overcoats $32.50
This large, exclusive men's store is. now in readiness for Christmas shoppers and a look at our win
dows, or a half hour in the store will convince you that this is the place to buy his gift, if you would
make the man's Christmas merry. :
.Los Angeles, Dec. 11.-A new and
Ilorrnm:l nt "mixed doubles" was
foermed tonight when -Miss May Sutton
former worllc's champion woman ten
nixs hly',a.r, became tile bride of Thlom
as Clark lundy. national doubles
champion .with Maurice McLoughlin
of San .'r:ln'isco.
The marriage of the tennis players
took plu ant ('thrist's lpiscolpal church,
Pev. Baker P. Lee performing the
celrmllony in the tres. nce of many
I lguets.
lis- I' lirnce Sutt1on, a sister of
the bride, 1ind also a well-known tell
niS ay .er, a(ted as maid of honor,
and Mr. ndy w\\'s attended by
Simpson Silne.ha.g.thll, wlvho also is
proniinent on ('aliftrnia tennisn courts.
A l't1.r the cer rtn mny there was a
Wveddling sulpper at tl ho1111me in this
city of the lbride's father, Captain A.
Mlr. Bundy conducts a realty 1usl
ness here.
Chicang, )Dec. 11.--Joseph Santoro,
an Italian, was shot : andt killed tonight
by an assailanlit whl crlept up bhcind
him, fired two bu1llets into the back
of his head and es1caped in spite of I
the fact that the crimen was witnessed.
by 20 persons. The motive for the
crime is not kn\own.. A sister (. San
toron hblieves it was ollmmitt'."l bIy a
former rival in love lwho had boeen fol
lowing him for years.
The Ladies' Aid of the Christian
church will hold a sale of fancy artl
cles-boudoir caps, aprons, work bags
and home cooking-in the church par
lors, Thursday afternoon and evening.
New stock fish, 3 K Norway her
ring and Lingon berries at Broman's,
622 Woody street.-Adv.
Gifts foithe home are weldome in everyliousehold
and may begiven as individual gifts or to the whole
family collectively. Most families appreciate a pretty
and useful article for the home far more than smtill
individual gifts which are of no particular use to
Carving Sets famekins Metal WVares
Sterlihg Silver Mantle Clocks Alarm Clocks
Coffee Percolators Sets of Forks Steak'Planks
S. IF ern Dishes
Chafilng Dishes Bronzes .r Pottery Jardinieres
Toast Racks Dinner Gongs Crumb Trays
Cut Glass Knives and F'or's ('andlesticks
Casseroles t:ilver Plate Flower Vases
We gladly lay any purchase aside. All goods
bought of us are engraved by us free of charge.
Kohn Jewelry Company
Florence Hotel Building
Picture Framing
430 Different Mouldings Latest Patterns
Lowest. Prices
Simons Paint and Paper House

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