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P.'.qie~8=" .e ---- '
, "r1 , ,il >. , in , ' ( h , ,\ . , t iet ;
,ro 1t s , T , . the 'V ii llI
ndl 'iIliioi Il' ic"'It tins not there toI
fill his l'tttls.t in bltIlf of the Jen
nio ea.n; tin estate. i IowCever, it is F
S.upipt'sed that 'ity ('l`rk SmnithI auto
i:1tially II t,,t d t "o]Ljc:tin" j lust be
f ' eiilil' "' te vCote. In aI di
li, t t. hi m lot0wIrth' v t, thlC le ilt t
S'llI l, and 111, It I LtI'ttt 'lrney tre go- :
ing tI'' hiu\l ;it Visit ill 11'1nu II lout t
L , 1 i'L 1-, tl''o illg I~ l a nIL iOti l 1
ipIse Id by ti' '..ulli, to i ttend al
,te ting of Ilay II''rs frn all tovet r thIlL'
staI,. Thtrt was L i i litle liXLil oni L
the ,Evt nIs' till, ltl tIeii the council.
lLII , II'
Irl' :1n X id.
"fi . t til l I .: i, 1, . Th i'y L i lire
'II' th'. t i l C:·' L ICII ·C · alXai -st
th, il t' whi' h '" iv s the liI'it '1u1,111
th 1 ri.gIht to :i I up to its ell rt
freie!h 1; 'us, , . l:inl tini ith the two
tIoL I ll tLL'' nL-l t ,hi.hL al
Iih l ld a\tqnu I n.n the1 alley in Xlock t
1 " A !,tla ,ntn i a :uttll t ion, T h a t is p ro f.)- '
ahly ail the railroad legislation t, E
o ! L"' th ' ity LtuIIIlII for a fU',v'
The bill 1pr1sntid by John M. I
'v hs f the Loa lt 1 is .li I' lhiIc 'I
ih ity t uis 1 pl1u 1'.d its shet'ds ' 1t' i1
'Iil is Due. "Lt' l'li "i'tlLn r I i' '
Sti ttu d t l:t as .\lt,. Evans ,all s'.idl
that this a:u'ouint wou l fray thte runt
un1iil ti., !I.nt of \ .1L h I I -s ill f ir I
liv,.. l' it. tt . : .,i'l, a- ,
i:. d :s 1,,llt i thi, !I3ll \cas t,,,) high and
HuidU t $beu ,lI th I Xl ' IIL L rI 1
, i t. Co tI ii Iue" iL Houston Ill'
s.<id hin :tlntVlrs st nld V,.hs just right
t hi t hl, tlh gtig $i29 11.at tlls 1
hh u lvlntal .for ',a.al I I t's. The l
la .t},a" t!:,! a l.u,' d that the bill be dis- t
n .,!ie tliSsi)n F I ' ston
, -, r - ILte , 'l] h .it t d a'
Ii tl ' ,,}, 1, : h t 1,!i t , 1 "<, it h .s
Ilk' ],"t -l. li- t-h l' ,1'- t-\1 , I lsit~ll
I L+I' 'V 1 t .i L " fill' I ,I I'll-OL 1t,1t
, - , i i li
, , l, , Iir -
Are Your
Clogged Up?
T HAT'S the cause of most kid
ney andt urinary disorders with
heir Iainful and disagreeble
symptoms. The poisonous and ir
ritat ng deposits can be flushed out
with such safe diuretics as Juniper
Berries and Buchu Leaves. These have been scientifically com
potnded in
W -bster's, Diuretic
with other medicinal herbs for soothing the inflamed mucous
membrane surfaces.
Wcbster's Diuretio is an efficient remedy for the lsser Iddney
Two sizes, 50c and $1.00. Moneyrefunded ifresults arenotsatisfeo
tory after a fair trial.
There is a Webster Guaranteed Remedy for nearly every comea
mon ll that does not requlre a doctor. High-grade toilet artles
Your druggist has them or can get them for you
Webster Chemical Company'
St. Paul, Minnesota
nmatter was finally settled by saying
no more about it.
C. H. Finley, formerly first ward
alderman, was again before the coun
cil in regard to this tax-rebating bus
iness. He was assured that his claim
would be allowed, except the part that
rfel.rred to improvement districts. The
M iyor held that his property had been
imtprovi d 1y the districts and that he
should bet assessed for his proportion
of the cost. Mr. Finley said that was
god with him.
The mayor read a letter which he
i:il ri-,eived from Mayor Purcell of
It lent:. in which it was stated that
thI 're wuld tie a meeting of .mayors
in that city on January 15 for the
Parlpse of considering beneficial
imiini liatl legislation. C'ity Attorney
"~lod't y i tnted that thlere were several
matt, rs thl.i shnuld be considered, and
Lthat :t ni-iitinug in Ittlena wahile the
l.islatiir, w.:s in session would un
!dothte iy t, hiOnnficial. The council
"v'Ited to soutI thei mnayor and city at
tr e}I.V , ithe sessi(.ron
.\fiter p,.ssi - a resonluti'on to trans
f r funtsl r fr-ii t:he library and gen
, ' ii funds. 1i, tali- care of the city's
:h.nr in1 snnllt, i')iTrovement districts I
n.t1 a tllt.vin a n f-c btills, the council t
tdj ,i'urnttd until next 1Viudnesday.
T T. 11 rris has returni.l from gan i
TimCes. tl, hre hte th,ok Mrs. Harris,
soIi.. 1 :, - t fr thi 1henefit of her!
..:l · Mil~Mi Stay StitMurphy, a prn- ro
f,. n I1 ' nurse of S1iss iula. .ne n
-initd it rs. I arris to Calif-rnia and l
r n .1 linlg iwith her whiloe her his
l.tid 1boles aftor busilness matters
Sr. Mr. llrris says th. e 1t, mi-, f o
iliitit.' si.-it. inot to have tbeen offee
iii,. 'Mrs. Hlarris dosi sn't -Iget . i
better and he expects to return soon
to California to be with her.
Pape's Cold Compound Cures Colds
and Grippe in a Few Hours.
T The most severe cohl will he broken,
ind :ill gritlile misiery ended after
t taking a dose of Papc's Cold 'Coil
" tiuld every two liihours, until tlhree
it iolsecutive doses are taken.
You will distinctly feel all the dis
iagret able sympntoms leaving after the
it Very first dose.
Tn,,I must miserable headachle, dull.
ni,ss hl.ead andli inose stuffed up, fever
le shlnles, sneezing, running of the nose,
n. l'ur. throat, Illucous catarrhal dis
( .re, s -renlss, stiffness, rheU la.
thllt ltills anti other cdistrcan s VanishilS.
1' llkc, this wolnderflul ('Compound as
Sie.tei, wid itli tihe knowledge that
thlirc is nothing else in tihe world,
\\t icb will culre y)tour cold or end
Crippe mis' -ry as promptly and with
v It tt ny otheir assistance or bad after,
i(floti' s aIt 2--clit package of Patio's
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1 ' supply -conlltains no qluinino--be
hillgs III every lhomellt-accepIt nio suob
t F:itute. Tastes nice-acts gently.
:1 Adv.
'r \ 1 illnu lin, guitar, vili, lln:lndtla
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at cltss instructions fir like time, for
Sr lllth. Suiccess is gituaran
0 teed. IThese instrumlllents arei the best
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i eI ii. I Iuisic stlldio( , Peini'ell . block,
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r Starit a niiitdolin-guitar (c'lub ttamong
a ourt i fi.-dil s. 'o)m1ei and talk tlhis
. i 1 ti, l ,iit 'iur intstrumetnts; ste out
I plan. 'lihne 2ils bhlack; P. U). box 755.
d --Adv.
l,,.i .1 i, , l,1a, Dec. 11.- Jerry lI.
i 1'n tIl'" it Na 'tV Yiurk i his rIeturnt i
t , t. . -thlt'rgis' that
l i-i- l l < ih i'l ii I- iifgnid,
);, · • ! :' [,) l, ' .\ ! I ril·lll ~li, y C (' lli
Who Said Corns?
I Use "GETS-IT!"
t It Works On a Sure, New Plan.
"Glory! Come and See How GETS-IT
"GETS-IT," the new corn cure on a
new principle, works like the touch of
a fairy's wand. No more knives,
razors, files or other instruments of
torture for corn-sufferers. No more
salves, plasters and bandages that
hurt the rest of the toe more than
I they relieve the corn.
"GETS-IT" never irritates or turns
the true flesh raw. It is safe as
water. But my, how it does get after
corns, bunions, callouses and warts.
It works painlessly, but it shrivels 'em
right up till they drop off, leaving the
firm, healthy flesh underneath.
r GETS-IT" is guaranteed to give
satisfaction, or your money is refunded.
All druggists sell "GETS-IT" at 25
I cents a bottle, or it will be sent on re
- ceipt of price by E. Lawrence & Co.,
Chicago. Sold in Missoula by George
.I'relsheimer, Missoula Drug Co. and G.
SI'. Peterson.-Adv.
i' i
Spirella corsets. Phone 630 red.
Mrs. Reuben Dwight of Clinton was bet
in the city yesterday. In
Marsh, the undertaker, phone 321.- MI
F. H. MeClain of Iolo had business
in the city yesterday.
Have you tried a Frat cigar yet?- wi
Adv. Sh
A. R. Nurse of Drummond called on so
friends in Missoula yesterday.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st Natl bank ov
Mrs. Samuel Kelly of St. Regis was da
a visitor in Missoula yesterday. in
Roundup coal, $6.50 a ton. M. R. C. tei
Smith, rooms 206-208 Montana Bldg.- no
Adv. sh
Judge Walter M. Bickford made a
business trip to Butte yesterday.
Stenographer Dawson, Montana Blk. ac
-Adv. no
Albert J. Hork of Hamilton looked of
up friends in Missoula yesterday. 14,
Dressmaker. 16 Hammond block.- TI
Mrs. Verda Smith of Carlton came am
illt, the city yesterday on business. st
Achor, piano tuner. Phone 823
orange.-Adv. s0
Arthur Herbert, a merchant of Flor- 15
once, was a visitor in the city yes- 10
Humane society. Call up 899, red pl
or black. P. O. box 60. R. F. D. 1.- or
Adv. he
t Brakeman A. J. Druillard of the sc
Northern Pacific leaves today for Los It
Angeles. st
Dr. J. Louise Smith, osteopath, Ma- aI
sonic temple. Phone 618; res., 533 red.
-Adv. at
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dalgle of cc
" Philomon Spur spent the day shopping y
in Missoula. cc
L. (Goodrich of St. Paul is in the
city, representing the Nichols, Dean
& G(regg clnmpany. b
F. G. Moore, chiropractor, Ham
.mend block. All diseases.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Griffin and
baby were here yesterday from their
home at Potomac.
Trinity hospital, 317 Woody, Bell m
phone 3~6 black.--Adv. sc
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Yandt and two
d;lughters of Stevensville spent the
day shopping in .Missoula.
I)r. Anna James, osteopath, Higgins "
block. P'hone 834 black.-Adv.
Ir .li alli . J. P'rice of the North
,.rn I.i'iic iand wife have left for a
\ )sit in .hcll City, Mo.
Newton H. Schweiker, optical spe
cialist. Rooms 203-205 Montana Blk.
i' W. (. 'riffin of the United States
forest service at Thompson Falls is a
guIest at the Palace hotel. F
The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F
ll,.oard I lwland died Tuesday night
at the fimilyt honie ntear L~lo.
Talk with Taylor & Pearson if you
Swant 8 per cent money. Quick service. A
Mirs.. E. H. Dunden and son, Joseph,
left yesterday for Seattle, where they
will be during the winter months.
If. C(. McClain came in yesterday
from nl his ranch near Florence to look
after business matters in Missoula.
Women's winter coats and suits have
been unmercifully cut in price for this,
the end of their selling season at Mar
tin's, rear Scandinavian bank.-Adv.
Parr Skeels of the forest service
ri(turned to Missoula yesterday from
Libbhhy, where he has been on forest
lIr. Allen G. Fuller of St. Regis,
with his mother, Mirs. C. A. Fuller of
St. Iouis, spent the day in Missoula
visiting and shopping.
Handy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Missoulian of
Fred Miller, who was recently hon
orably discharged at the post, leaves
this morning on the Olympian for his
home in Adrian, ,Mich.
Mrs. Charles Anderson and her baby
daughter went to their home at
Grass valley yesterday, after being
two weeks in St. Patrick's hospital.
S. W. Hudson, chiropractor. B. & A.
bldg. Any disease. Examination free.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Price moved
yesterday from their former home on
thile corner of South Sixth street and
Hilda nvnue, to their newly built
residence on Hilda and Keith avenue.
STile house just vacated by Mr. anb
Mrs. Price will be taken at once by
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Dunlop of the uni
versity faculty.
Mrs. O. A. Swant has come from
her home at Gold Creek to spend the
holidays with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Schreiber, at their home
west of town.
General Superintendent Nichols and
the other members of the executive
board of the Northern Pacific Benefi
cial association left yesterday, after
noon on No. 3.
Money to loan on ranch and city
property. H. D. Fisher, 113 E. Main
Herman J. Rossi and wife came in
from Wallace Tuesday evening and
left yesterday morning over the Mil
waukee for New York ,City, where he
has been called in business.
Superintendent Birdsall of the
Northern Pacific is making a trip over
the Coeur d'Alene branch in company
with General Master Mechanic C. E.
Allen. and Master Mechanic Draper.
Mandolin, violin and guitar instruc
tion. G. L. Cobban, Penwell block;
296 black.-Adv.
Mrs. Harry IParsons with her moth
er, Mrs. Jackson, and her little
daughter, Ethlyn, returned yesterday
morning from a two months' visit with
friends and relatives in Kentucky and
other southern states.
Dorothea V. Stillman of Rbnan ap.
plied yesterday for homestead entry
on 80 acres included in the east half
of the northwest quarter of section 32,
township 21 north, range 19 west. The
application was rejected.
By paying a small deposit we will
lay aside any piece of fancy china un
til Christmas. See our stock. D. & E.
coffee store.-Adv.
Mrs. Graham Williamson of Grand
Forks, N. D., and her granddaughter,
Miss Norma Carnal of Havre, Mont.,
are guests in the home of .Mrs. Wil
liamson's daughter, Mrs. Frank Mec
Haffie, on Gerald avenue.
Horace Allen, wife and child, leave
today for Philadelphia, where they
will make their home. Mr. Allen has
been employed for the past few years
in the hardware department of the
Missoula Mercantile company.
Genuine cut diamond rings for
Christmas, $3.75 to $400 at Rowland's.
R. A. Shaw of Helena spent the day
with Missoula business men. Mr.
Shaw and Attorney Thomas A. Mar
lowe were classmates in the Univer
sity of Missouri at Columbia, Mo., and
they found great pleasure in talking
over old times yesterday.
N. A. Lyman of Sula applied yester
day for homestead entry on 120 acres
in the west half of the northeast quar
ter and the southeast quarter of the
northwest quarter of section 22, town
ship 2 north, range 19 west. The ap
plication was suspended.
Hattie Helwig of Hamilton applied
yesterday for homestead entry on 160
acres including the south half of the
northwest quarter and the north half
1 of the southwest quarter of section
14, township 5 north, range 20 west.
The application was suspended.
Richard P. Benjamin of Philipsburg
made application yesterday for hoeme
stead entry on 160 acres in the east
3 half of the northwest quarter and the
south half of the northeast quarter of
section 34, township 5 north, range
15 west. The application was al
Lycurgus R. Banning of Dillon, ap
d plied yesterday for homestead entry
on 157.82 acres included in the south
half of the northeast quarter and the
e southeast quarter of thy northwest
a quarter and lot 2, of section 4, town
ship 20 north, range 22 west. The
application was approved.
3. W. L. Dresbach, who has been man
ager of the Tie'dt Land and Orchard
,f company at Come, was in Missoula
g yesterday on his way to the Pacific
coast. M4r. Dresbach expects to go
into general farming near Portland,
e Oregon. His place as manager for
n the Tiedt company has 'been takon
by S. C. Thorpe of Hamilton.
Alonzo Sedge of Natchez, Wash.,
and Miss Effie Clem of Dixon were
1 married by Justice of the Peace Dy
son yesterday.
Got the Original and Genuine
The Food-drink for All Ages.
Fordnfants,Invalids,andGrow ' childres.
PureNutrition,upbuildingthe whole body.
Invigoratesthenursing motherandtheaged.
Rich mil malted rain, in powder fann.
A quick lunch prepared in a minute.
Take no ulbstitute. Ask for HORLICE'S.
Not In Any Milk Truf
\70tch COLLAR
r take oIf and to ule " aa.
'Clamt. Peabody & Company, Makers, TroN. RT.
Farm Loans
With Privileges
Real Estate and Loans
First National Bank Building
DECEMBER 12, 1912.
_ 4
From now on 'till Christmas we will sell you a new piano on
the most liberal terms ever offered in Missoula. Our offer:
No Money Down, First
Payment February Ist
That is our offer and there are no strings to it, either. Just
come in and select the piano you want. We will deliver it
now or Christmas eve, just as you wish.
Pay us no money until February 1, then start the regular
monthly payments which will range from $5.00 to $10.00, ac
cording to the price of the piano.
This offer is good on any of our pianos, including the fol
lowing makes: Knabe, Packard, Kurtzmann, Hobart M. Ca
ble, Bradbury, Oakland, Milton and others.
A great many persons will take advantage of this wonderful
offer and we advise you to come in at once, while our stock is
o ---·----------
Makes Hera This
Present,' and" It
Will Always Bring
Her An Income
Four-room modern house, well
constructed and in first-class con
dition; summer kitchen in rear
with stationary laundry tubs; nice
ly located lot facing south, on Vine
street. Price only $1,400. There is
$1,000 mortgage on property; $400
will handle. The street and sewer
tax amounts to $118 and extends
over a term of years. Property
now rented for $16.50.
This would be a sensible present
to make your wife. It would be
a regular revenue producer. For a
few days only.
W. H.Smead Company
Phone 212-Red " 'Hlggins Block
Cut stove length and delivered,
green, per load....................78.65
Three or more loads to one ad
dress, each ................ .5..........
Dry, per load ............................. 4.50
Kindling wood, per load........$2.50
The Polleys Lumber Co.
City Saw Mill
Bell 414 Ind. 424
Branch Office, 115 Higgins Ave.
The largest and most complete fire
proof building in Missoula.
Before arranging for your storage,
see us. We will save you money.
Call us up. Both phones 456.
823 South Higgins Ave.
Have you tried Mrs. Jones' home
made plum pudding? If not, you have
missed something. Prices 35o and up.
Our fpmous home-made mince meat
is selling fast. Get your orders in;
20c per pound: 2 pounds for 35 cents.
Gold Sea
FAVORITE iampagne
-the American wine that proves champagne
can be made in America equal to the iMported. s
Import taxes make foreign wines cost twice as
much-not extra quality. It has a delicious
flavor and exquisite bouquet. GO
Two Kinds: Special Dry and Brat Specij y
Order a Cae Today
Sold Everyrowhere "All ine-no duqp"
Or broil a steak, or fry a chop-no
matter what kind or cut of meat,
if you boub,ht it from us it will be
juicy and tender. There are no
choice cuts in this shop to be cold
at fancy prices. All our meats are
of high quality and bring fair
prices. We lose no customers, but
We gain new ones all the time.
509 South Higgins Ave.
Phone Bell 331-Ind. 766.
Mayers' Honorbilt shoes for
men are sold in Missoula by
James Thueson
Western Hotel Building
A Devil of A
Good Cement
for Allp r wos;
Why not make your cold
bath room comfortable by
putting in a gas heater?
Missoula Gas Company
740 8. First W. Bell Phone 6a.

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