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The Daily Missoulian. (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, January 08, 1913, Morning, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Don't Juggle i
With cheap jewelry,
which only means a
waste of money. Come
to our store and let us
show you the splendid
values we have in the
real thing, and you will
find many bargains in
gold, silver and precious
ston es. The clocks,
watches , rings, pins,
chains, bracelets, cuff
links, toilet articles and
sterling silver novelties,
solid and plated table
ware, etc., are all bar
im r i V. tlitt r "I Il r (,mllintr
l m al fr in skill,
} i i, l -st Il, Ilntll rin slll; l w Irk
- \ '.", nnr tr\ s, ,S ,, g ls in laril-t .
--} nti! l tnlv \ .. . l is.d tlih
S grwat,,. . i o slh tin - as t ,
ri tlr :, ]l b rilliul , v.
Jewelers and Opticians
Next to Postoffice.
I',r inn I our. 1, r l s: . $1 .. i
l o -,x l"] ,,llr. I -. r .. ,, l. ' $ 1 .6 1 1
fill- utrt's lhst \\\\\iu , i ..no
.+ haviei' flul rl ili :-],.li;l, . ll
poundllll and qul( i ;'. "-t,)ll t ·;iiqks.
Nwi \'mtti 11. t I , ,t hat. l -t-~ t lini
sa,' k . .., kl- ( in
l unikagi a "l20i
('(entfhn ial P';nn h.' Filur, st.if -ris
ing, 3 : Ila,:ags .... 25(.
Ltg I",thin lI l.,i Sy rlip, half-;il
ln.. . ...... 75
I,- r'a hl Min lllll ru :'1 ' . (It., -"5('
OIhll. I' iur' ý:1l0 Slip soupt , hlf
fir .. ,.50ci
1 1r(, :, is'.,,ll li u,,lrghl) ili, haIlf-1:II
..,. ....... .... .......... ... 5 4).
Put , ' Missiuri S,,rg;humi, (t., J0
I tLil. T. .lll. ,. 2 ,.r. hs f r. .. 25e
It y:,,>: 1 ]li illl ( ':u itl d I i'rllit, 3 I.:lls
rr . .... .. ...... 504
Ihni t-in ,-( Pr .s,-rvi s, illt. jar, 40(t
}l()lu -tnla~l ,Illi ',. tair. r hilss, 154
The First National
Missoula, Montana
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies.
114 East Main Street.
Rowland, the Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
Special Attention Given to
114 E.' t Main Street
F. A. Mix & Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain and
Take Your Prescription to
Smith's Drug Stores
Agents for Eastman Kodaks
Koken's Barber Supplies
115 Higgins Avenue
Bell Phone 87; Ind. Phone 474
The Best of Everything in the Market
In the htletnn diis of long-agoi, when
the lights bluridl aill night hlong--when
:tri ntd the fari latyot
MODERN th, sucker (riwd would
KICKERS throng \ when the. dorors
nt•ere( nevi r lo ked ;:t
All in t'ostet's oil s. loont - - ith t onte
i ly joined in.Ilither aS the sill ouit
shonte the imomIti --- whenl the t inns ...}nshed
in their pa)i 'h'ks ;eanl sought to heat
the bailk thti ' tlined li ti t the laytnlt
ld the Ilst thei ilough tlo Ii r;ink.ll
Iir;nk1 .11-tl I' ll dea:lt in Po ster ']s-- hI
i s clin'ling as ;a tix -:is stee; a1nd
iiIVe ; d l.I Va e as "'er .t.il llinid ;t
h ' miul I riank teas 1inll1 il sali' t .
I is t ri r ll a : i w inninig trik, It's
Illsi(* I lithe g;itl tl s ailllIr t t1 h ir lhe
,]d s:-]. n ;Ire huled )now, :111 right;
lh," 'Ire s\ IIIlr Shtilt ni till llirling l
idh ti l ; h 1)1 ' x liiong since turned
ti ltin: it's ll tm y'itrs sintce those gu.Y
:i: s of tih lit I wlde-topen town; the
huo ik -l ,ik his 'pass l a. w i ty i Its
r aI l ils. t ll-nig t slI ; alll 1)1( (,.11il
I10r 1i\\ ulit ordh.r Is heard now good
aid strolng: Il lt 'hen I hu'ar this re
all :111 l , I itish tl raink were here;
I ki-nw juist wIh:si .ie ll offer wt'hen lhe
sl\\. t h. : tll-- It, looke.d ,lUlt''r; he'ld lIook
;l llo it :aliln t ,hen he(d say, \Wh('ll hi'
f-ulldt \\itll tilnI d' the trick, "It's ittisic"
I the, gi Iin l.l s ear to hear the sucker
.Ali hth f.w south side le 10r i'rty hold
eI i irs I i' lt . t )11 I i' sP, tl'
propositin v'slterday.
VOTE ON .I-I. about olii -t-llth
SEWERS of the proplrti ill tht
proposed i I tiutIhll ' dis
ri. had b, - I i t\ tul it lhe. rI'lo ofl
h i,. d ih'., ;odii of I tha 'tini-tniph :1 lt o1It
i lh i'd l:ti ll 'l II I lih. systeii. A l t liof
II- distalet tianl l n I hist it yI hii h
( i ts \ ILtii,,I ;i. t fit'li- i t ; ti e li \i t Il
lli:s r·r is >liw1 r , . Ielt\\ 1 ui'ge hol d-t
iill s I -I.tv Il'T l ' tilted, til ild thtte ph t.
s lhots I,,il \ sll ill t llpl'le' lllItage io' Ith ,
Il:il prpii , r hitas Ibei t Itr- ntt i i lnht
Ihe l:l ' tll '.t . onr I t letsit' fS lild
i n; toted to ci n,- is hIiat of the IliA
gi .s eistil.. 0 h lilhndrt l :ilid lhirlty
iii., l ts ill i,. district w .'re uwni ed by
lti; -. l i, ill, and they firlul Ill.' g reat rt
P'lt oit Ih . "nol" l njolju ly. I..tving
thiis oh l:ir l i holh ing out, the s..n
till+'ll ntsil.s to hoe ev nly' divided. The
books 'till Le opeii i iol t ropirty hRahld rs
for s,* \.11 oiss, ;ind at th,. end of that
tine - the' r '.ill e 'iilu 1 w ill hike final
;l{-lion Ill,nlll the m niI r!' .
ill- tht, M bali lplh wi lt
OR IS illl rs.t. 1 n111 k11.1ny13
TALKS diiM:liinhtl il. the
Wiay ilO \III iS
t 11," s-y .\l )rvi,. "'W e
h(·I <II 1 1 ,,Y Sol\V( Ir 0I11 t it -; ilth Sihl,
nii] l it holtly. it iS gi illn i It l 31-t
Il l+lt Ill' 1111l1t3' Ill ill' Mull',. illt tl1'
,\\1II ll · t '.tll ' lll II('IItI II' b1 lit 111t 1\'.
\i' l I iS Illllyll., g n f1ill, 1 11.y1'll W y, I'x
q'..it as. a novlit anlll wvilt ,+lh lhi b Ito l.\"
thalt Ntwerl sl<ltm Ihall antll lhing eI.-o
' \\, ,Ii \illi,+ i th I it lmIIi ( h IIl ill \VI '
\\ill sulflfler thlil ct, nllnr f nlllh'lces, foir sick- <
I]I'NH is /hllllld Ill (f L ir!n + s. ill Irllah ter.
'h riIn n llinsll II i l ill . A11 di tric t \\'hI
L: t 3r11~11'· 111111','l 1111111 t11 l 11 1111si.c l
\II ,ill M I II h t1.ill' 1 1 11'L r5, h tltl' M ill I
ii ll'a, h il b i1 llmtily tlil; li't fa hlr1 I
to h il .I I . III' i ll i+ to1h1 'll I\n't t re-11
''ll. lh,' f Ilt 1ta1l theI , ,mith sidi' hIls -
I 1r1111'ly MIII IuIil is lil ti11l haI shred I
us in tht* pals , malld thatl .Irav:'.l w+ill
il th ll' 11 , 111 11 :1 11111 011111 1 liii .
11111 11 1[llll l 11 1'.' 1 111111 l ' I'' ( lii ll 1. a 111
of s'l' 3;ig ,' '1 llgllt Io huihjili h t lot
t is 5' Mi lll 11 .'ll'lily 11111 Md 1 il' 1 l'
iast night aIIlmost all iqf the, ,+ork Oin
W ORK IS l.ilti n IIf II lilh, fin
FINISHED Jlill shin I ,hih A tnl't h1 1
\I 1111' xx iii ill' ~I'I~lllliI/ 'll il'ltll' '111 ilrlI
'1111' 1 11 11 1\'.11(1 Ill11 ii I 1111 lull
ille y i I .I ' hiI' h I i 'i lll 'I I" 111 1some 1l .'-.
tht' Ih, i hti ling i.' rt';hly. A fIl',+ othl
jobs . rh Slilllihi IIl hI'It llhl ills l ight hillt
Ih.+y will lhe cmple.td t,+da,+ and the
,+i ll .1 1, 11will '\l'. t , l lllll I' l i' s Aill
. 1\\ill Ike I hi ll ' t l f th, liih 11 n 1 'l
111h lll 11 ''l I' 5 ill' h11 1 ' lllll 1 lll f h i 1'i
1,1 IIli 111 11,11 .1 R e
. TANTALS i 'lli, n Ill lr hisl is
init in its I 11 t I ll n f 111"1. h sli lill ;
li lh ll0,l t III, hII ' IVI lll tlll ' IIIk nl.1 o i
'ill n I tlllII1 . rlll' l' lll ll 1 i1 ' 11 io1 iS li' ill
l 8:11 wilt h 1, in harl fI" hIlis 1 w1 IMI S
Nli· lh l, 1111 11 15' i 11 't1 i' h
Jlxii,' lllIlls 111h111 11111 ll'.,1IC~ iI'i135~r 11,'ii
it II' ' l'll '1ll+1 ti1,1 h tlii ii i ii.<t ' lutl Ih
MII'S'. tll ~ ' ilil l I. II \' l) :tI'i II Y iii h l ll lliI
1111 i i ti'11 ll't s inttill'is llr nthe
sl l' ~111 1 l ilt 11 111 tltiVI 'i1' III'el t
SARA MODERN il11in li1 the iltlrt'ie lr
MOVIETANTALUS ithtr new shtiolillng isr
fs Qllo inI Ero i..+dni t ih
t:Ml1in1 it 1. 1i11 to til, jot h. A.i li.
twet'rl last night. The lld ewlli in
ll thol lg iiill t lhe ch llfy ext t lig i x tt
ienerll Il e toil issi gltmpsen ir the
,+,+ ei'u' I olrdS lr. TheII \Vlltehrldlay Mr.,
pictulres ol a wlt.lerul wachtrss. Thelt
trinr ysbriat iV tou tie aht' rluntOk
Loint, (hlllO tilt Ihatv~ fe (1 haimihll'd on
t"i€'r tqh, f er t oln amt l th,. f stlornl
fordt wll , moyvtle. nto the n
11hhl the, divine Sanr hoen horo in the
l's'h s~he (co ld not+ hav\'t ttion';teld
inlc(h mo'hre attenlt iln
SARA IN than. did the mo\'ing
MOVIES lpittur.,s, Showhng h.,r
as Qu..en E~lixza th,l
whh'h mad,, up the hill at the Hijou
thoaher Iast night. The ..hlew'alk in
If'rit of tht. |lalyhoutse wasm cr'ow(]q'
throughout the chilly evening- with
eager pe'olle to get a glimpse of the
pictures of a wond]erful ne'tress.¢. Tlhe
on1 ,hus]astic w\''l .om1e given .(inle
thing of oi utat ional a dilt artistlet
v".rtlh wouldt .ItHIIl m I to low lh l the
Sordinary slav..tick muvie.s atr, put on
Seeds, Foods
and Remedies
laptlll}y prtoptlred for birds by
t! griot:stsl bird sptelalist in
Anorica ýt ill positively kieepl your
bird in p.rfeet song hialth atid
tli iiil. go. Iliar stock is 1now coan
ph to andi fresn.
Missoula Drug
Higgins and Front
Mlissoula, Mont.
uriiler ;i .istl:tkeni belief thalt thoe a it
itlhut the. Iublh' wants. TIhey say, too,
that muitI' of the art of the great ai'
tress (eiln he s'.n' irn the pIictures.
Th' funmral of .. I 1- Ashnea(d, who
w:is t1: ill 'l in ;i el111 vi t r n('( idelnt,
8thia rtly a tll rllinl, \W.IS held yesiter
dily af'te;rnloll t I t f t1 r h .ih sl h chl i lu,.l
A v(ery bre "il i, i 11 •r of frihend.s alm
asi. ciil er i\lt l th i'h chap l. III)to .n
hli ' 1store 1 is coi d i. ll. ti rino'. II(I
. r11" ' :I m 111 i, 'mtI loyes of 1 e stor'e',
42 ill ill a l, i lemllid in a ih idy. I loril
'offs ,'i* ill ).loroffi.ioln nl d tler} I i l
Il(' ll .:11 11 's 11 t pi ar.i i l hil , sym pat)hIl yl
of I fii i'rillis :Inil thu ih respe' 't for
hil. hlit l I ll:ill. itt i'iv. i t I ' t'li illi r
rftipres tig ,t 1t1oode o g t t rot litu ihood;
Itoost g ison uti utiti. \\u. lvgodte
isi ri l..i. I nun irti dI I. thlt lii iii:i
utir i\ u rt, . .tllltll uviditu sIrr ui . lllr vol. ll
ires.lllt.. ltlilii 1,g 1h 11 1 llirlye, . ' h of i t-ll
lii ' m i J, I. ; lmli i i li ll 1 i,'l-ii m Id l i. iu'
expert il his ( line, w o t o.li k l suddent
weeiks ago, is ho e l.nlllt. \a ter got
as filr 'l .s l ll. s, i'olr, Hi. ., br; i foret ll
Rtit iti'S hiillo it d. l i'.' i' til l ilill
:x t'I l'ri t yestei.hly iftrnoon, Anil
iatfteir unrrl4 ly at11ling several vol- ;
li!.io l, b? ht S iif,11 orgot aL nd i ur. dill e
to tit. oft. H1 o igot arind to lfill on
ills fri'ni ls anldl h l :tIt int l!resting till
to tell of his tat p tn'i tnewtts across the
o'lrder. Wa'ltyui'er is tly utacktu t tit a
hotit-l l irt \\he ill stt y. II t' will t ihoy
w hlc if ht i tlh'ills to rllnilrin pe-rt
ill yltl h.
"l: tll If tlleiys of tIhxj [,lleyi s l u iler
cltirmha y, Vlllut in yeslrrlay from the
ciimps Ill t. , woods hwar s lltese. ,in
there i ow that it was impossible til loIg
b ieelln troken ti" i for the wh iter and tllh
ie l a i off. This will tut oft' th
s iup i y, of logs iroll the . m1li here and
It \\ ill be clht' litd \ 'wn hi a e tw d tyM.
1 )i . riet ýi' nig. . r (t 10leu I.
. t' " l> I t i: st nIight ftl 'I'h ntllipsI
ldtlls 1n 1 gent uil lsig ess for the
111 ltl ll 1 111 151 t1'S T111., 1 1, ll h ll i itT1
IuttnttVin States Teltehone anid
'elet fir.:tph eonlp.y. "\V'e hcents
just uitll ed $"0,1100 worth o1. nll
tSoril at Thompso" said G rocr
ltavy to a N.liss ul tittll r lorter yefs
i udin s to buHill ur t h'illi hecalsl e
we have I'l Irinchiset . \, e kg 11
Elya Spec Iranlhis on Pure Maple dis
Irid t, and that is irnt, issoutlt,
granted 20 years atgo. The revised
col,"s (l1' Monttaln| f)r 195t7, io see
tini 41.00, gives us right of way fur
oilr lineS when we hlli.e e'ntlll ,d
wil t certin re.lutrin nt in t her s t lle,
stated. Tr tttt of l h'hopson of
ild irn outr lines, and now this il
juhtion fmes Ilke :. hodt ut of it
clear sky.
Fr.t fifteen-cent smoke, five cnts.
South Side Grocers
Bell 20 Phones Ind. 420
Hot Cakes
Cold Day s
Buckw heat flour 9's ....... 600
Shluws l'a nlake Flour, pkg ...... '0c
Aunt Jedtinta Flour, sack .. .:.e
Extra Special on Pure Maple Syrup
Shipped from Vermont, In the
plain tins used in the sugar camips,
We guarantee every call.
Qts., regular 600, today ....... 50 -
lhalf gal., regular $1.10. , lay $1.00
.allon, regular $2. Today ....$1.85
Maple flavor syrup ...
. . . c, 50,., 90c can
"Things were so nnl. l different than
I expecll ted to filund ti,,: iln lidi .tely
following the holi.h .s. ti:;lt I haven't
goltten o(ver my lll.llsurprise yt t," said l
Manager Richards of the Ilociil Iranch
of the Stone-Ordeiin-W illts cormilaniy,
yesterday afternoon. Mr. Riichairds
has just returned frill a trip ito tile,
Twin (itieH atnd 1;1111il It, w\htre he
ient to mleet with the nlhlr nillt 1gelrs
of his comitnly, onetil' o 1the largest
wholesali grocery 'irls in tile west,
who get together oti,, ; y ;Itr atnl talk
over plains for the Ieitiing 1 ilnliths.
Mr. Itichards was o i.l.rinig to tbust
Iness coindltions \iwhen h spake as'
llted atbove." I h;ll in\ ideai thati
lisiness would be eiapilrativi'l 'qitiet
lack there at this si..on, but I foiuniti
an activity in Miiule:i, s, St. Paul'
anid Duiluth that was sul'tpriisinig. The:
big firms iof these cities are all riishel
right now and ordis,'s it eliolmng inl
to iIllr house, andi .\'y th ile"r that
1 visited, in great tha: '. 'I'Those cn
ters If trade are go.dl Ijlie:totrs fouP
Ihis western country' :i rl III peoplell
honi stly ine iH ve 191:1 is to be the hest
y'ar i.f their experiiene, 'iespecially in
.t.lolnila. lEverybody I',ie good backh
there, iltrl unless tlh. 11.111 i iritty
igiiood line ion the prospet's fto the new
1'11' they would not Ile so openly joy
"We had a finet iim tin the oian
ager's' Ilooti g. i Tilllt' were ;\bout 70
I lore I'rlom b"i n hr i se l s, ll ii vI er tilt,
cu tryllll . W e Ill.t ill lit, unlllllllany's'
i lln l ll 'llcos ill l h1111 h, ;11 11i1 ft'er tha
i Iii itss essi ii hiad11 11 I grat i illa et
l it 1 ll' il sler partyl.. Ii' i ( 't.Il dl ayI
tl ie \iili il "iIg i Illlll liltert illt . d
ill V\'i lls Ways.
"11et I11t S lPs T i t i n lid I es ('lik
Vltll i ,ll M isi Ola since tilt " . iiti, but
I 1Is r as I cani kot is','. ii' is: iltl Iltlt
tuill til 11 e n is e fllin l;ii tli. i ll iI the si -
lillliptionl . EvenI ll 11i h te l11 .lbusiail ise
ii 'ltping r ight lip ohic h is sIi rut t. l ut it
ti 11 tSiln t the ' lalth 5'litln t' llt1'i sl.tck
ilr n," Mrd Mr. tich;il.s p.iitled oult
gr'at holes s i the ;:Ittt is wiitch are.
piled llt three fler.s of lit loch l ware-i
house, holes that hedii a ii1i Is 4 in tM Ws
hii ivy siii mients. th ultlolmlllt his s , a
lion recently. .,"The .illy truible here
is that we can't kmi p lll,'gh sttck on I
hand. We need, mnlm' rlolom lilreadt.y."
Mr. Richards bryti.l hooitn- witlh hini
a horseshoe which is s. ilrot' that it
will hlardly drop in :t waste basket.
The tonin of blacks which \ilur shoes
of this size, the iiintls weighing
more than 2,000 oella , \\ill hii in Mis
stllhit ;Intl working I,.1r Mr, I ciahar\ds
I't ingtu i, Ky., Jan. 7.--Enes If. Ne
lik.r, tli ii llr of the 'nilted States
undohr P1'r- ildent Halrris ii, is ahall it
iis hoil i ' I v itoliy fro t ai c'orll lica
Gulden's Great Fur Sale
Is Still Going On
DON'T Fail to call on us :
if you want a fur garment at the
actual cost. When we say cost
We do not re-mark our
goods in order to be * ;
able to give you a big
Must Be Sold
Sale will continue until everything is sold. Come at
once; today is the time; we still have some of our best
garments left but they are going fast and will soon be
gone. Remember, everything ready made must be sold;
Ask for our cost price when you call.
tI I I ,
The district forester's office is in
receipt of a letter from Associate For
(ester Potter in reference to a division
of the range in the southern part of
the Absaroka forest between elk anui
shieep. The range in question is 1I
strip from 1 to 5 miles in width fl
lowing the Jardine-Slough creek trail
froiiii (trinner to the eastern oumn
avry of the forest, inc.luding an area
of abotit 122 square miltes. It has
illg btin a soiurc of contention ht
I wieen the sportsmen :Ini the sheept
iln is to whether elk or sheep shoilldll
aeeupy this territory. The officers of
thet shelep associations claiml that their,I
stock have beeni crowded oiit of their
regulair suiiimmer ratnges by the holme
stltaders and that soime of their meail
Iers \\were in great nieiit of this area
I)of nmlontalin rangie for soinineIr lpa
t're. The spoirtsimen celaim, however,
that the range desired by the sheep
aiin was the naturalll fll anld winter'
refuge oif large numblllers of elk which
migrated from the Y'illowstine nt..
tlaunal park Indt that the elk were a
greater resoiurcie to the state than the
sheep which the area desired by themn
woutld support.
The Final Decision.
The entire qutestion was thoroughly
itvestigated last sutnIoIer and fall in
thei field y llmemerlii'is of the forest
service antid biologiial suirvey. Itpr
sonlliti\ v s of the fore'st se'-rvico ilnter-l
viwedl tlhe stokclkinei iand spolrt sllll t
with air. Palmer iof the tliohigictal stir
coy and e'olonel Brett, s iiplrintenil uth
of Yellowstone park, at thie latter's of
lice in Iort Y'ellowstonll. After a
Ilthoroiuh discuission the following
Iilnts \ere at greed uloniii:
i. That the w hole i lk 'rililem.
should ihe haiindled as a unitl.
2. Thalt for lh, i'resent the elk herd
'lshoutd e manltain ed at its I.resetit
size of itabout 5i,000, l0of whilch the
Ilinorthern herd should not exceed
3. That unde;r present conditions
the annual kill or crop (killed under
gaimet laws of aldjoining states, shipliped,
etc.) should not exceed 7,500 to 8,000.
4. Thlat solame eqlitaleli arrange.
mitmnt hI, made \\hrcrlhy the people ofll
the sttit of Molntann Imay derive their
lue propiortioon of thie ileltfits of the
I . That for the lpresent the existing
si shell g'razing lines on thle (allatin
Intiiial forest be maintained.
6. That as tar as the elk are con.
cerntted, the pIresent lines on the Alh
arilkut national forest (Jardilte-tilough
lcreek trail) ire reasonabtle and should
hIe imaintainetld.
'This iagreement has Iteen appro tved
nby the aIssoca.iate forester and is con.
sidehr!ed final by the foTrest service.
Serviceable, Safe.
THE most reliable lantern for farm use
is the RAYO. It is made of the best ma
terials, so that it is strong and durable
without beingheavy and awkward.
It gives a clear, strong light. Is easy to light and rewick.
It won't blow out, won't leak, and won't smoke. It is
an expert-made lantern. Made in various styles and
sizes. There is a RAYO for every requirement.
At Dealer. Everywhere
Denver, Pueblo, Albuquerque,
Cbeenue. Butte., Boise, SaLt Lake City.
In the Line
of choice meats, tender poultry,
game in season and fish, there is
no market that can furnish your
.taible mrre satisfyctorily than ours.
Our manrkct is alvways attractive to
the fastidious in its neatness and
cleanliness, and the display of such
,rimne matls as you always find
at the
Union Market
132 Higgins Avenue
Bell 117 Ind. 431
Picture Framing
430 Different Mouldinis Latest Patterns
Lowest Prices
Simons Paint and Paper House
Why not make your cold
bath room comfortable by
putting in a gas heater?
Missoula Gas Company
740 S. First W. Bell phone 563.

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