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Hamilton, Feb. 1.--(Special.) --The
Iragest audiencee ever assemblthed in tlil'
chamber of conmmerce lullnding heire
discussed the creamery Ilusin(ess for
two hours this afternoon. The Htamiul
ton high school hand assembled on
the grounds early in the afternoolln,
and with their music attrnactd a
record-break-ing crowd. And every
body who camen to the nlmeeting was in
terested in dairying, and ame toi dis
engaged for n(ext year as unit;nagi'-r
cuss and hear discssed tihe
various phases of lii, tiusi
ness. The moIlting w\\as lrisided ove\'r
by J. J. Fitzcgitainms, Pr'ttsiditt 'I'otlan
tbeinig n his nay to .lissulla at the
time of tIlh ni etclilng. Thet- m ,iting re
sulted in a It tter understanding of
tihe ctreatniry tusinessi , tand tendedi to
show that inteirest in the dairaiy busi
ness hal s ilit--ncreased localt ly It, Ii I'
lnIrkal le lextenit 'during tlii as;Lt w\o.k.
tin Cs tomm ittee Rean or ts.
oiperti n re tuit tily ' s t i oi I liz l.
It i sltu ;'it what is Vt ielll, lll t
Ih ll.y results lrlstin ii c'. i-. t-o ra tive
itugR F.. Committee Reports.
The committe. alphointed at last ;atl
ur'day's tll ting reF rtt'd at tdayv's
nmeetinlg. 'Tho report was given by t'.
It. Dixon, chairmallln of the emunllittee,
theli other m iem ,ers being 11. I, Sptauhl
ing, F. C. St,'ens, F. It. Roesser and
F. D. GreCine. .Mr. DIixn ainnm)itun(ced
that the conl, ittee hal canvl\'ssed
each if the bIanks aind had r'iceiv\'ed
their finaineial stupport of the tcreaiiury
pIlan, similar toi thait nnoulllintcetd Iy' the
directoirs of tlh' F'irst Natinlil Iainik.
He alsol stated that iinvestigation had
shiown thetll that ithe olt.s shouit lhe
:'cured alnd : dairy itusiness estah
lished before I creameryilnr is on
structed. The(n ll'. DixoIn told o( f :1
visit made by thrtee members of the
etniinnittee to the Wiltter hitont sto),k
farin creamery, ilorated liby W'. J.
Conrotly. "t r visit to) Mr. ('oniiiry's
creame try openl'd iilitr eyes tol thi fact
that there are facilities here( niow to
taka' care of the creamiL frotlit 700 tOo lh00
1co1 's. Mr. .'(o)n1 y infrme i ,ifrir l , lS that he
\voubl either sell or l;east' the .crnIelln y
tol ai c,-ope'rati\e association if one
wiere flrl t hirt lt , Il -hf red to lan
age th.i e crliliti y for i s if i tt' , desired
to engage himt. t1 ' also o(fftred, tio hy
the bntter f'at frontli thel farmll'irs if no
ct-operaliVe asso'iation were f'mrnd.
tiMir. itlonry 1111111 llttlur's t' xt' elilemit
butter, ind el tlllit it betgin lto st ply the
ihmlandt fotr uiittier wthih hiis estai
lishnent has built uip.
"\'i e feel thai t l iul action ill wiring
htard's it ;irym' n I t Fort iAtklinson.ll
W is., and the Duiktu ta Fiih rlii 'r - ll antil
numbi r if eastern biieeders of daiiy
stotck will result in th, iiportation of
i1 Ilrg, nlumber of dairs tattle into
this locality. It is cry likely that
their rtlrtsentaiitives will visit uis veary
Following i hearing i lf the report,
talks iwere listened Io, nllt then it gen
erail idiscussiioin tillas (tined uilt. lThe
sentiment of the mIn' tinS accorded
wiith ti- com ittie's reilort in regardi' i
to tht advisability of getting dairy
i-iw's liefore a ''reanmory is ituilt. Itit. I.
Sittauldingi got Ih lingts luioingg right
Whenl l' liTt\i'l' tilti Pve-,ry iilian pleis
eilt who desiredI tl tatke dair'y attlet
hand his 1111( to th* st icr'tar , also
that word i e s-lnt out to all ilabsentli
ranitiher to ts-lin lii niti's i. the
Chall er of minttilPl' , if they 'Oh re
willing ito buil upill a dairy hrd. The
motion was passed. Spaudling rl'in
filrcd his imove with the aissi . iatlitoll
that "what we wan's it lihere ni t'" is i-tils,
ithat we lare ].ig ll cre. litiits at Ihlie'
lresent tin' but ia" shart til iits.
To Begin Campaign.
The c'hat. r iof onu.o r w ll ,-I i
gin a cmllut l ['It anc ,. \t io ll i |t
tak, slairy v tlile. .Atll fforti will allS
he( made( to intl'rst as mltalIy 1f.tll'l lrs'
as lpossilll.
As slaln :s tihe cmin ttees r+plort
1it r, t" 1pres 1n i 1 i t lli St ii iill
hilil IloLon ll(,fI , .1 . I. (',ll''llalth l' I )I'
('arrllithers gave a, most c ,mllpro ,licsiv,
llcount ofI ti work hini :~;i."1ll -
lish d Ilby tlhei . St ivensv i i'. ,l ltl.,l'.
i 111 111 i' l' lt ql l 1 111' t11 llSt ! II, itit li
lie correct Cd sonic utistak*"" I, :1, as
to tho establikshllcn t, goinlg .,it1 It .ty
that the orIi n.ry had caplLity t,
hli ndt,,i il1i poundis oif c1r1oami ;I1 lifii
aln that it wou i he fooll ish to I t ill
ilanother cromry lit tils tl ln. Hle
religarkdl t hatil Stv insvil plaid thir ,
creilr .ir ill thg o Ilrn hited . States. i ,l
thirln lpointd outil Utlhllatl r.'ality Iold i
itht nsilo. anci that tt creamertll
Wiould t i y C tlthe ex r.ss. In itliv t-,l ol
at quasstioni, i s.littled that his ctlws
vertag ed himu $0 p'st tl'acht alnd that
me t tnsido ber tgien arantiry brstfiis
but gettialf of thecow fit of the dairy
huSin l ,.S
r.Just Carrthe ethrsd to be flwd by Whal
liant Stewartermine.n Itw is crtairy
herd on th«, cast hench. h Mr. Stewart
put in a good word for W. J. ('on
r'that the creamery onar this city, stat
ilng that he had patr iztd hit fr until
year with good results. He' argued
that htial ranchers shouhd patron asiz
the lalthe reamery in ofase no co-oper
ative association were formed at this
As a result of today's meeting the
matter to be given attention first Is
the getting of cows into the valley.
Just the method to be folowed has
not been determined. It is certain
that the creamery on the stocl farm
will be patronized for a thne or until
the business is established so as to
warrant the formation of a co-opera
MVo aosod$s.oA,
Hamilton, F.eb. i.-(S'Iechal.)
11. 8. bard and . it.
IHltakesle, twi I.'t engineer's,
hav(e fl'ritlee a pi r;lrlt rsh.ll I'-r the
crllirlg sIlllllrner i \\'will take C(on
tractls for the planting of apple and
other tr s. Thsey statedl totda that
runtraiets for the planting of 700 aires
had already he .n tnaken lby them, and
that work wou\ld( he startied as soon
1. 0 thl' i(,t til r 11It(] thI ndilition Iof
hii, grouni d i -t i .ri ] pit rm it. Mlost of the
irk i tius fir 'oni tre l'ted for is (I
,tied .)It andi tlr'trhis'ed t iy comrpanies
rt the Hitter Root \'Valley Irriga
ti(rn oimpany.
Ilali of tI e il en ii live. Lita rniirhe OX
perience in staking out (ad plantilng
ir('hatdis, Mr. Ialord'I having ii st out
',,0I0ili trees ion the Allen ranch last
y ill'. t .l this illu ill I uItif \'ere' aip
ple, ltru s irtd haltf cherry i tries. I"4i'h
of the ruumen ex'perimintih wtilt diyna
ie inh di g ging hI1 1 hiles, and is a
rsulIt all of their workl will he done
ii IliS iIainn ller. liv nillite Wi as
usedl in the liu "ing of hols
fir trii plntlling larst s -nuu' i fii" lithe
f'irst ti e', in th ' I tnter I o', it. This
mitihtd oif doting the worl:rik pr.ives I ry
popular l ni will hie gin rully fillhowerd
tl. . stillrier. It Isis Ihe'li fitlrld that
t(i smllo a£11.)11 of work c-i'l t e done
f"lick r illd ;it D's'; .Ill 'in s |iy usilln
iynanltite tha~n |\ il(h i)ld m etlhod.
Ilamiltln, Feb. S.-(Spe cial.)-That
securing title to the right-of-t-Wa;y fur
ih ist si.de" railwayiI',' is shown cn'll
, s]ivrly b'y the fa. t that right-of
'l'" dt''eds arc briing filed with C(.erk
",nl ]N,.curd.'r A. J. Hark as rapidly as
they ar'e st ured. Deeds tol right.-of
way hi lo ht'1te teeln graInted by D)an
S. Ilobhlitt, '. .\. Itlilhy, eI ix., It. J.
tiInihlh and :Mike lubnhle.. .1:ry I,.
I'ophnin, it al., and tvteo filed ithday.
(n t11 ,ru ry 5 (. deeds from ['rink S.
ihusk and .]John tieffhach, H. \V.
I'lanigin, it nx., and \Agnes T. :I"ggs
Ind (i. )rge T. tHItggs to the railway
•nnlnalny were filed with the clerk i;ntd
rcor I'. A 'de'id gritited bl y .ltoseph
A l 'all', et ux, will e for artlHeI'Id It
Missouia 'intly 'for filing.
lanilton, t'tih. 13. -i(S tt ial.) -The
Moitlh rs ii tll f his it ith i'r will give it
ireceti io ' tlo th teachers of tit cit
a lt the ILt I'ai'li ho' l on \\t a tshingttin's
hirlhtl:Iy from 2 to 5 o'clock. An in
si;tti,tn is ;lisi exltended i i t ;trili s of
the disltrict.
"Mr. d Mrs. Arthur l.lve:,, left yet's
tcrlda\ for ,MissttIl:1 following a short
fisit in this city with their sonl, Ialph
I \alel, witot is employed as violinist
it t e S tar theater.
i.'. It H. iiatighe'ty, pastor of thi'
M 'leitlist church, Smith, lsprt y'ster
Iday Ill I't'tl l i 's ille.
Mi Is ll ixie W ilson is drilling' a jlls
vitniih' iust for li The r lii r :Ind ti'l he
lt' .issy 'iia," 'n i\vo-iet t litil ill 'o ( I
to .." given ma n il this city by a
u11rsI. The pi-.ven will 11e staged for th
In it of 'Ithe Il itiill I rn i ihosli l i
'tnillllli I t'llt unissio lll ' (. Wn . Whi rd
S;tlt n tu r - i t l in ' hi rantli g oili iTliy
creel..'I. Mr. \h I ( rd ti iontlt ('i l iil ted"
ra n t\ Bolts[' luto his thi sc ith.
it i i, I ttehII re tt'oIit Il t'l t llllht
Jot - Jirll i 1t.i , ;1 Ik Itll es. s iche It'-rl
tr,,ch,1, left yestl.rday for 1ploktide,
iwhe t'll till a ieal Inh tshos. .ill t'i"
ll, , III l" i hhill, foril er untIll l i sIi | -
t lssor, II ;iS' . \a i litor ll II:(tnill in it -
ht , 'li, ll 1 1 fIi ' t 11111 tll his h tte :i1t V it'
Attorti, s W . I'. sI aker left thit, to\en
iurn f tlr th-'I by. whlern hi,. h1 ll ll inal
ters to ;(dell d to.
Silliltr t lf lil ,' ,rg, Se' l I'nt to 1)1 rhl .
this llllminll, having officia l basin ss 1
Ilok 'fter there.
hnll. I.ihltl were vis itors at l l ood
,1.n CI h al'lib r of Comm'l l rl e Vh fll Rl.
1. t!1i lira It'llt Ibis,'i' I ll lirno In for i ll is
ht i h;I Il , ll tn ! . att.114 a Ilen l the Ited
1tunit" lllll Iis t l l h h il .no ani addres t
111, -I, wney ml~eethig at th e1 cOu I;llb r
lH aii il ton, Flb* h . 1 (Special.) I".
I' 1tee\ u yest.rday r,,.ceivetd interest
ing st lltlcs of i" i\ -.roW htille.ss lirly
;illl hl/rll spring c \heat, which wais
ro\tlFi'l lit F. . n 111tler iat Clydl
l'ark. M ni. t , ho \\ian the $l .000 prize
:t\ilrded ast yiear ;t the land show '1or1
the hest tulrker red w\'h.eit. Mr. Ste
\-vns hiis placed the samples at the
rhamlbIr of co mlnll rce ullibldil along
\\wi other prit- e--v 1111g grains
brought htire by Mr. Stevens frotml the
M\llntain state fair last I'1ll. These
grains have attracted m i' h attention
at the hunts of visitors at the chll.m
hler if comlll '(ce, Mr. vlovelli' illn ll
tion in bringing the saimles hire be
ing to interest local ranchcrs ill lulk
illg miire, of graill growing.
Hamilton. Feh. 1,.-(Special.)-T'Phe
ladies of the Grand Army of the le
publi, hld exercises this afternoon
at the I. (t. (l. F. hall, which were
participated in by the nwnhoe.rs of the
Grand Army post of this city. lFol
lowing the presentation of a flag to
the Grand Army ladies. speeches were
mado by several of the old soldiers
present. ILt-qr in the afternoon a
l1nh \\"as served to the veterans hr\
the ladies. :Music was also enjoyed
during the afternoon,
Corvallis, Feb. 15.-(Spcclal.)
'Thcre occurred yesterday the death
of one of the most famlliar sailors of
the high ea.as, Captain John Leach, of
years ago before steam did away with
the sails. When but a lad with long
curls he ran away with his brother to
sca:, he displayed that love for the
sea, that is characteristic of so many
of his countrymen. Captain Leach
was ,ne of the forty-niners sailing
ariound ('ape Hrn to ('alifornia. He
cleared this dangerous (ape some nine
timls in his life. He made all the
ports on the sea coasts inl the long
lifet u1pon the sea. He nilnllned one of
the four sailing vessels owned by his
brother, ('apt1a in Thomas. ('aptain
John (L'ach \was born In 1535 at St.
Johln's. New lrlllrswil.k, of Scotch
Iparentae. After his active life, he
rcsided ftr soitme time.* at Victoria, II.
C'., \lwhere he was well known and af
fettiona4ly esteemedl. FBefore re
movnleg to ((orvallis with his daughters
lic spent a few\ years itn Sialkane
where hIe enlj iyed smanyv friends. His
death wals due to inflaimmatory thou
reatism T"he ct:itain is survived by
his two daughtegrs, Miss Elizabeth
L,each and Mrs.. Alice Edna Moodie,
indtl Iiree grandsons. The services
will Ib hill ro'III the Presbyterian
eihurh. i .r w\\hich the dleceascld was a
Inilnhlr, at o'clock Sunday after
po m. The pastor, Rev. Robert Lee
Lewis, will iconduct the services. In
tcrmn t \%ill bie at ('orvallis cemetery.
Corvallis, Feb. 15.-(Spe'ial.)-The
(ilartdicer ihounds made another run
after eoyontes Saturday. They se
cured five recently frolm the Rieagan
rancluh onl tihe east side near the tim
Mrs. J. A. C'onnor has returned to
I)arby after aL visit with her son-in
icc, SMr. (Carl Ic )blitt.
The mlinustrel show to tce given by
local talenti is slated for the 25th.
The chinook has spoiled the fishing
for thie prestent.
Jcosteph iulwden, merc hant, has
shipped it crloald of ipotatoes to Ar
kcans:ls whcere they will bring him
I.-'. c'. L. V;ughti . Methodist pastor,
co:ntinues quite ill at the Thornton
sanitariumlll in Stvensv'ille. IThe latest
rcleport states that he is resting easily.
Ilaptist services i-are announlcccd for
Sundily if't'ernoon ait 3 o'clock at the
Methodist clt htlur-h. liev. Mr. I)Dunlin of
cHamiltton presiding.
Hiran Iailey, ceenOii nictnieid by Mr.
and M.rs. (;eorgce C. Hill anld Miss
cEdith I.)Daggart. rieturned to .Minnesota
to Icakte his honti.
Thie Ladies' Aid society of the
Prosbyterian church will hold an all
dit" session .t the c-hurch n 'Thurs
The sichool chilttdren sulrprised Mrs.
Leicnnira ('Icohi very pleiasantlty ait her
htmi in1ri"rlay eveining.
Mr. and lMrs. iu.cis Biriese calne
doN,\l frii o)i Citharlos Heights to spend
ic fli\- days with the latter's parents.
Mrs. Nellite A. Thompson of Mis
soulla, assisted by the Hiamilton de
gree team of 13, wiii visit (Corvallis
.1iondaiy eclli ng ito organize ii chapter
icf thle (Irder of The Eastern Star. A
large attendoalct e' is expecited.
\\'Wllingtoni White has bIen elccted
pleside: t oif the scnior cllas in the
hich school.
't'ilc r'evival service's at ithe Chruis
tian church, ii 'ev. c). J. (list, ipastor,
close Sundlly evenin'ig. 'Tilt g'rac'o
imessage's cave' streigtiheied all who
hieitrd (i1hoicc.
Mr. nid Mrs. Jli'i. es Sc itc of T''a
cia, \Wasih., are' visiting Mrs. Myra
iThe C'hristian Ladies' Alil met at
Mrsic. Myra Iobbllilns We\dnesd'sy. 'There
wis it liarge atteill cll e'.
C'arlton. I'l. 1,. --- (Spe('lil' )- t Mlr .
Sheldonu sipenit s'evera'il days in Victor
last cweek on cc. businel(ss itrip.
Miss lucilli'e Kellog 'ii' iine' ipt from
Missoiula s'everatl days ago ani d ex
I" cis toc visit with Mrs. Cottrell for a
lII'\V lnclIIths.
i:.llillr W\eniple haIi' s returne'd from
Ilitzvill,. \\iWash., 'where hlie visited at
the hiicte (it, I,. M. Tiller i' f'ori'er
rt sidcnt of' this place.
M1". ;lii .irs. ,S. H1 iic ''iksiit re
tlued yesterdaiy froic St. lglnttlus
\\hern, they Iihavl( been visiting foir a
t pplllle cc \ -\o ks.
Ciillnt ic 'Ic nii his gionel, tico Wodsidcc
\\where he will live toni his rat'clh.
Th comedy' iclIcc, "Tlipsy TI I r e,'l
IlUi l ic the, yioung ipe.lie of tihe
ichirtih last ,evening, wais greeted by
a full houseci- aind thoroughly enljoy'ed
Iby all.
Mrs. tRobert Siheldoni visited in ils
sulal last w ieek.
Mis~ s lv la M '11 lnirl came uil p from
Missoula ilast night to speind the week
inlid it her homllle he ri.
lilntiltint, Feb. 15.-(Special.)--Two
f'r.eak ipples, designed biy cnature for
twice as miainy, were brocught ito Ham
ilton yesterdac aind left at the Club
ciglr store. (one of thie curiosities
consists iof two welil-formied apiples
unitedi solitly so that one large steim
secrvcs for both appiles. Thie union
extend'lls nearly to the blossom ends of
the apples, two definite blossom ends
being showni. The other specimen
shows an irmperfect union, the two ap
ples being united at the 'ton ends by
a skin growth so thati ' e6nmmon
stein is ient at right canici a and ex
tends out ibetwo'n the apples. The
two appiles formincg the freak are of
the same siae. In the firt cae)
the two apples are of tint
equal size, one being twice as large
as the other. The apples are attract
ing considerable attention.
Hamilton, Feb. 15.--4Mrs. J. F. Sul
livan entertained a dozen Hamilton
ladies yesterday afternoon in honor of
Mrs. W. B. Gunniss, who left this aft
ernoon for Anaconda, where she. will
visit with Mr. Gunniss' parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J.-7I. Gunniss. In two weeks
\V. B. Gunniss will join his wife at
Anaconda from where they will go to
los Angeles to visit with Mrs. G,:n.
niss' parents, lMr. and Mrs. P. J. S:'an
IRlonan, Feb. 15.-(Special.)-The
commercial club met Thursday even
ing at the public school 'house, and
the meeting was well attended, many
important subjects were brought up
and attended to.
.Mrs. A. L. Crawford intertained the
guild Tuesday afternoon at her home
in Scearce addition. About 20 ladies
attended, and the business of the guild
was attended to. Refreshments were
served and all enjoyed the afternoon.
Mr. and IMrs. A. M. Sterling left
Friday for a few days' stay in Mis
soula. Mr. Sterling will go on busi
Professor Judges is forming a con
cert which will be known as "Judges'
concert orchestra."
G. A. Grant of PI'rtland was a busi
ness visitor in Ronan Thursday.
There was a homne talent play and
basket social at Fairview school, nine
miles west of Ronan, Friday evening.
Many young people from here attend
ed and reported the play fine, the
social and lunches were good, and ev
ery)body enjoyed themselves. I
Rev. ?Mr. Ross and wife drove to
Poilson Thursday and returned the
same day.
The Bigelow )pho1to gallery was
moved Friday to the new site just
south of the First National bank. This
will )e a fine localtion.
Mrs. F. G. White will e.ntertain the
(ood ('heer olub next w\eek.
F. I·. Confer anld ('. E. Confer of
Upland, Cal., are in Ronan looking
the country over with a view to lo
cating here.
V. B. Skinner of Missoula was a
business visitor Thllrsday of last week.
L. ('. Good was in IRonan last week
on business.
Perma, Feb. 15.-(Special.)-Pat
rick Sullivan, who has been in Butte
the past month, returned home Friday.
Ambrose McFarland received a car
load of hay front Arlee Friday.
R. E. Ethel of Itavalli is visiting at
the home of Jesse Lee.
John tRohrig has made a contract
with John Monpetit of Plains to do
sotoe de velopme~t work on a, nmining
proslpect the latter holds near Plains.
Representative of the firm of Simp)
son Bros. & Shepherd of Plains were
here the past week trying to secure a
location for an implement house which
they would operate in conjunction with
their lbsiness at Plains. A ear of
wire consigned to them arrived here
the first of the week, but had to be
reshipeld to Plains becaulse they were
not able to obtain a lease here.
John M. Ilowns, who was recently
anwarded a e~ ntract to build a wagon
bridge ncross c'amas creek at the point
where the road crosses to Ferry liasin,
cotn Iinitlced work this week.
l)Dr. lixon andi Mrs. D)ixon returned
this tweek frlll an eastern trip which
took thi-em as far as Philadelphia, I)r.
Dixon stated that he would probably
0onlen atll fficie here early in t.he spring.
They reside at IDayton and left here in
theiir mototr cr for their home on the
A. \. Nyhlon, special agent of the
Mnlltalna FIire Insurance comllpany of
Iiltl-, spent the day in P-erna Sat
trday looking over the very desirable
buiisineiss writtlln by their local repre
si-nlati\ve, WVade R. Parks.
liJohn Midek, age 20, son of Albert
Miidlek, a llomesteader four miles
froelil here, suffered severe injuries
\\hile fItlling a tree on their home
st.iad Ilst Thursday afternoon. The
Itr, foll, cat-hing Mr. Moidek upon a
rick, severing his left leg at the kntee
anal crushing his right foot. The right
leg was hrotoen in two places. The vie
tinm ' was taken on No. 6 to Missoula,
where he( received surgical attention
It St .Patrick's hospital. It is re
Iorted Ihat the patient is doing as well
i1 ctuld hei expected.
('artns Pratirie, Feb. 15.-(Special.)
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Gunter and
Mr. and ,Mrs. henry H. Porter mnade
the trip to Plains last Wednesday,
going via erlnta
Mr. andi Mrs. Frederick Symes left
\\'ednesdal y fr Sandpoint, where Mr.
Syamcs will undergo a surgical opera
A. I). I.'atoi has sold his homestead
ito (ordon Lyons. Mr. E0aton and
i'rod Sytnes will soon delpart for
IBritish ',,lurnhia where they exlpect to
try thomi.it, sttl-ading again.
Mrs. Etta lBartels, who Is residing
l\itll er datuglhter, Mrs. Daisy Thomas,
near Dixon. arrived In the Prairie Fri
It:ly n lbusiness. Mrs. Bartels homle
steutled hl1ere and proved up thet past
A riel-r sentative of the Orton Mtusic
IHouse oif Missoula was transe.ting
business in t11h valley this w\eek.
Hamilton, Feb. 15.-(Special.)-The
Hlamilton Frultgrowers' assoclation
held a meeting this afternoon and
clected R. L. Crane, C. A. Crawford
and O. V. Blood as directors. It was
announced by Secretary Crane that
Manager C. L. Longwell had been re
arranged for nlext year as manager.
Mr. ('rane gave a report of the work
accomplished by the association dur
ing the past season, his report being
followed by a financial statement from
Treasllrer Lord. These reports showed
that the asselation has had a profit
able year considering the condition of
he nta'arket.
The Leader again .asserts itself as thle foremost
shopping center o fMissoula by being the first store
to show a thorough and comnprehensive spring line
of Ladies' Coats, Suits and Dresses, uWe invite you to come and look over
these new goods..and see the prevailing fashionable styles for spring wear.
As an inducement for early season shopping, we have arranged for tomorrow
a few special prices on some of the new goods. Come anyway, and look them
We have already on display over one hundred of the new
spring coats; beautiful affairs, some in the new cutaway three
quarters style, others in full length styles,
lined with beautiful messaline. We have
these coats in all the new prevailing
lightweight mixtures, also the different
shades of serge. Call and ask to see AND UP
them even if you don't buy.
Over hundred and fifty of the new spring models on display.
Serges, ratines, silk and several other materials are used in
these new creations. Some are. neatly
trimmed in the latest style "Bulgarian,"
and they are sure enough winners. We
at all times will show the most com
a prehensive line of dresses ever exhibited AND UP
0 in Missoula.
It may seem to you as early, but we are showing a goodly
number of suits already for you to be
come acquainted with the new styles for
SEE OUR spring. Get acquainted with that 28-inch
WINDOW coat, full cutaway style. You'll like them A
DISPLAY too, for they are chic and very smart in- AND UP
deed. We have quite an assortment.
"The Leader" respectfully wishes to call your attention to the fact that in about ten
days, we will throw open our doors to the following new departments: Ladies',
Misses' and Children's Knit and Muslin underwear, Gloves, Corsets, Hosiery and
Notions. These combined with the departments we now have, will present to you
the most ideal "shopping place" for all women's wants in Missoula. As in the past
our motto will be, Economy, Quality, Individuality and Service.
Buy for Buy for
Cash Cash
and Save and Save
Stevensville, Feb. 1 .-(Special.)
Interest on the part of the Christian
pIeople continues to increase in the re
vi\al meeting in progress at the Meth
odist Episcopal church, south. The
meeting this week has been dedicated
largely to the church people, and a
general interest together with a
spiritual uplifting is manifest. The
members of the other churches have
attended well and taken an active
part in the services, and their min
isters have attended when it was pos
sille for them to do sio. Rev. -Mr.
Crouch, of the M. E. church and Rev.
Mr. Rees, of the Presbyterian church
have attlendied the meetings, and have
taken an active part in the same. Rev.
Mr. Salsman, of the Baptist church,
has not been able to attend on ac
count of ill health, but he has mani
fested his interest in the meeting by
making it possible for his people to
attend by discontinuing his prayer
meetings during the revival. It is
planned to have day services next
week, and a general effort will be
made for the conversion of sinners.
"Sin" was the subject discussed last
evening by Rev. Frank Hopkins of
Butte, who is doing the preaching.
Again he called attention to the great
ness of God, and portrayed His greatl
w\isdom, together with the folly of
sinning against Him. Great interest
was taken in the sermon, and at the
conclusion of the same all the Chris
tians met in the altar, shaking hands
with each otlher while they sang,
"Blessed Be the Tie that Binds Our
Hearts in ('hristian love." Mr. Hop
kins announced his theme for Sunday
morning, "The True Sabbath and Its
Proper Observance," and "Eternal
Punishment," for the evening theme.
Stevensville, Feb. 15.--(pecial.) -
George Kain, manager of the Stevens
ville 'Trading company, made a brief
business visit to Missoula yesterday.
F. W. ('ornick, traveling freight
and Ipssenger agent for the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad, made
a business visit to Stevensville yes
Professor J. F. Sharp and Fred W.
Wilson, officials of the Coeur d'Alene
& Montana Mining company, went to
Missoula this morning to be present
at a meeting of the board of directors.
Charles P. Mendel, a prominent
farmer of the Sage brush country,
went to Missoula this morning to at
tend to business affairs.
Irving R. Schwartz, traveling sales
man for the Rexall Drug company,
paid a business visit to the Stevens
ville Drug store, local agents here, to
C. E. Thompson and son of St. Paul
are visiting here for a few days. Mr.
Thompson owns an orchard tract in
the Sunset district.
Hamilton, Feh. 15.-(Special.)
Hamilton was visited by a vigorous,
active chinook yesterday, one that
waded right through the heavy fall
of snow which was recently visited
upon this city and vicinity. The balmy
breeze melted the snow with a magic
al hand all of the day with the result
that what was left at nightfall lay
mighty c(lose to the ground. The work
ef the chinook did not stop with the
S o'clock whistle, but the melting pro
cess was continued just as diligently
through the night. This morning the
landscape was covered with water, all
that remained of the heaviest fall of
snow seen here in several years. Wihole
flocks of robins can be imagined with
consistency today. Secretary Hayden
of the chamber of commerce oiled the
o.rganization's lawn mower this morn
Hamilton, Feb. 15.-(Special.)
Judge Ii. Lee McCulloch returned this
morning from Thompson Falls, where
he occupied the bench for a term of
the district court of Sanders county.
The judge was in his chambers at the
local courthouse this afternoon and
announced that the cases for the Feb
ruary term of the district court for
h-a'alli county would be set on Mon
day, and that a list of trial jurors for
the term would be drawn, the jurors
to reclort on Monday, March 3. The
coming term of the district court will
be a long one, there being about 30
cases noww ready for trial.
Chronic Constipation Cured.
"I had been troubled with chronic
constipation for two years, and tried
all the best physicians in Bristol,
Tenn., and they could do nothing for
me. Two packages of Chamberlain's
Tablets cured me," writes Thos,. E.
Williams of Middleboro, Ky. For sale
by all druggists.-Adv.
W. S. Skelton, a merchant at Stan
ley, Ind., says he would not take $100
fcl the relief a single box of Foley Kid
ney pills gave him. "I had a severe at
tack of kidney trouble with sharp
pains through my back, and could hard
ly straighten up. A single box )t Fo
ley Kidney Pills entirely relieved me'
Missoula Drug Co.-Adv.
((Continued From Page One)
constitutional guaranties. of citizens,
he has rights under this law which
must be respected."
The court points out that Castro's
case falls within the class of persons
convicted or who admit having been
convicted of a felony or other crime in
volving moral turpitude, and con
"(Congress has required in respect
to this particular class of aliens proof
of a specific kind and no other, viz:
Either a conviction in the country
where the crime was committed or an
admission by the alien. There is no
pretence of any conviction, and I
think ordinary proof is not sufficient.
Testimony of unimpeached eyewit
nesses that they had seen General
Castro kill General Paredes with his
own hand in cold blood would not only
be insufficient, but ,would be wholly
incompetent. Therefore, telegrams
passing between the state department
and its representatives at Caracas,
upon which the board relied, are no
evidence whatever to connect General
Castro with the death of General Pare
des. When examined before the spe
cial board he had the right to insist
that proof on this point be restricted
to that required by the act, viz: His
own admission."
General Castro said tonight that
whatever else he might do, lie planned
to be in Washington for the inaugura
tion on March 4.
New York, Feb. 15.-Despite per
sistent efforts to stamp out traffic in
opium the sale and use of the drug is
again being revealed by raids here. It
is declared that a "joint" which the
police raided in a Second avenue tene
ment last night was one frequented
by schoolboys and girls. Detectives
who had watched the place for three
days confirmed reports, it is alleged,
that children visited the place regu
Health Warning.
Chilled and wet feet result in con
gesting the internal organs, and in
flammation of the kidneys and bladder,
with rheumatic twinges and pain in
the back generally follow. Use Foley
Kidney Pills. They are the best med
icine made for all disorders of the kid
neys, for bladder irregularities and for
backache and rheumatism. They do
not contain hahtlt-forming drugs. Tonic
in Cr!iot . iqlh.k in results. Missoula
Drug cp.-4dv,

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