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___~__ ___~ J
Save Mi certain birthday and wed
ding anniversaries 'and functions
given as a farewell compliment to de
parting friends, the TLenten quietude
has been absolute during the last
week in Missoula. It has been a plers
ant time of rest and refreshment and
noW the hint of coming spring that is
making itself felt in the atmosphere,
stirs new energies. There is a sense
of happy anticipation heard in cnn
,ersation wherever companies, small
or large, of society people are as
sembled. Btecalus. so 11t111 ga:y flnlS
tions are planned for a few w'.- ks
later, it is itell worth othil- to i e
quiet now.
A Valentine Party.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Price ,entertained
the ladies of the Sans Sou.ri c'lub and
their husbands Tuesday evening at a
delightful valentine party "rThe harm
ing new hotie of Mr. and Mrs. Price.
on Keith and Hilh;a a-vetnuies, was
bright with red earnations, hi a:rts and
cupids. The eve\nintg ewas gi't er ti a
guessing co(ntest called. "A Shake
spearian Romance," it the etnjoyme'nt
of mursica numirblers ;tl a dli:illos
A Birthday Dinner.
Mrs. i. C'. .tapes celebraoted her
tiirthdai by e ,ntertaining a ,conpanry
of friends at dinner at her hln on
South Ftourth street. west. .Mr. andt
Mrs. M. P. G(leeson, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry C) r. Frank NorI lrn. L. 'F.
Stolne and Mr. and Mrs. Mal'es were
seatred abhrut the dlinner table w\v.hose
decorations and appointtnlnltlit s 'were
all in pink and white, roseimils and
carnations being the flowers rused for
the dainty effect.
Sans Souci Club.
The ladies of Sans Sourl cl11ub \ev-re
right royally entertainilr F'riday after
noon 'by Mrs. Rony WVilllr aIt h(ler homno
in (trchliirld Homes.i . The ltitnes were
taken out io the Wilbur home in a lbig
sled allt there they were served it
steianmilng tdelictioulls aked I n supper.
G. A. R. Camp Fire.
Nearly 1t0i old soldiero and friends
were pleas-tntly entertaineld :It 1 caImp
fire given in the Masonic temple in
honor of I,incoln's birthday. it sides
a general jlly-tip and refreshmentts,
there was givren a Iprogram W\\'hisi,
nutmbers wre': . song by lthe Iadies
of tile it. A. IL.., '"(Tull the i 'lig:"'' an
openintg address hi ,Jidg-e Sl''ttant, a
munllsical selection Iby the M1el 'I,'rmn tt
orchestra; a recitation bIy \illiatm
Cruilkshank; a it ital solo hi . Miss
G(race Peaennik; a t\iual duct bI Mrs.
Johnson and Mrs. Mann, an addreiss
by Attorney E. ('. Mulroney: a songiiC
"Boys i of 'it,'" by six little girls: ai
tableau. "Tenting Tonight;" a reita
will end
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Sprays and Douches and
Failed, now Breathe this
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ing Air.
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It will cure you if your are liheral
enough to give it a cha('ne.
If you could afford the time and the
expense of a visit to the Enealyptus
forests of inlandi Australia you cu(li
soon get rid of e:i.tartrh.
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destrolying air that you wou\ld r)athe
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50 cents. TIie littl booklel t in out
fit gives simplne nstrucltions fr use
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treatmnent which many is. i iI c.onjun'
tiotn with the inhaletr with wonlldrful
All pharmaclsts worthy the nanme
sill loioth's HYOMlEI.
If a dealer is not convenient imail
oirders will he filled, cvharges pri'latl
ty tttoth's IYOI-1EI (o.. Iltuffalo,
N. Y. (George Frelsheimner, guaran:iest
it.- -Ad a'.
Bought, Sold and Exchanged
WV Will Rent You One If You
Don't Care to Buy'.
Kodak Finishing and Picture
Higgins Block Missoula, Mont.
.............. U1,Mn.
1tio*n by \iss mrn J3liýhm nI :jfl2 a oIs
'in , chorus, "Thy' Star Sio n¶i~d BnI1
Social and Domestic Science.
The. Sin·i:1l and I iill(.cti c S in o'l~
dcji'atmn~t of thc XV e''ooo s~ ei wn ill
mit riucsld:iy ;iftIrico S intrl ii f
Moro tico:.t lii him if MI's' WIr'i. l "'
'fri-lit. tilt \\ et Pin. sireet. The
Who with her husband, President Craighead of the University of Montana, en
tertained yesterday afternoon in compliment to the legislators and citi
zens here from other cities to attend the Red Apple Banquet.
;r Ilim I ll l. ll 'll , 1,i .i 1 l :.i
West-Side Club.
(liih t,:rs h11i l sr.tr r' :t lih,
il f. i r ' i tl. .\hui t ' mti r ti iit ti
fc- lng ;r:il lmr1 r Io m tt I lmm iii- O n
nsmit l l:Irlin. n.n ntir' r drill ;uiti .lis. t ;
sini (ii tmlrr .l it it, l m., ',l t:t 'l] l i':m Iv
h} V '. Y. t u. s in '" thIi i i:. i .,'hi,"
rfrl tll y ,11 "\1;1 ll ll i lll d llulllst ';.l
illrainin \ · ,n . lllie ll I " ].-. ,h ''.
Valley Social Club.
M\l'rs. Iii \iti ':i m, t,
thet ll mt I a It I, 111 \ nl ' I, ,'m;,i i. i']i.
I'r l n.; 1.y aftiIj ll' l l ;i t hrlo 11I, I ln,' \'' st
of tu' ,rnl. .\ I i .' , il ,' ;ll 's d.si; i iir si
itt' hin it ,i rsin i l at tI t i .it'
serv'd h\ A1rs \ri,,h itr, l l:.tý. h t . . 1,
M1iss llilrin \'il.-t,,. A1rs. T ,, ' Ii,"s
I'h itm !.s wi.Illi h , I1 st,,us f' r th,. nxt
At Bridge.
A I" ll, ; ll . \ '. 1.; I s l i.'. t , 't lint ,d
a it rinh' . , -ri' ,l' V it ini ., ' it t'l ' it
) Ill.. ilnl l' rk .\mitliil'i . 'rht .ir u.,i -JI:t
\wr , ,Ir :. I M rsI . I'. 91 . " l':1' lr, .11.
IIftti r, ir. r ; .u1 lm rM.. H Iirir's Ithcmn . M 'r.
Til (' l1 .r' II. l mnit .l , ir. mu l t1i .is
iii , ii. , r. . m 11.i t ' n i i Ilml l tr'S. f l rr h iih -
1 sliinus 1. I;. T'ucml' r, .i;r' i s 'l m imlm ,
Itt'mrtmAl. i' b nt. I 1 thm l
Complimenting Dan O'Hern.
T'' ., ill f,,mri ' ll l':itm . i'"t :.rr '.:'irr . 1' I,1
I .'s m . imr ,.i I ,',' i'.' im tit I, ii', , .pm.
I ·!I L. ()lYHern wh',) i soon to leave
)lisso,,la for Olendlive, proved to be
-;ith, r a preteIntIots affair at the Pal
. Th'lrsI.ty evTvnllg. Although not
lodge a'f~air, onily nellllbors were
pIesent, they, espe: iaily, regretting
Ir. ('ilern's dIt sion to leave as he
s dtstrirt tli ptty of the order. John
H. 'l'nlan twas tnlst·taster and under
tis :thle gllidtllt e there was not a du'l
linlllii the whlle evenin' . In tORch
t- hes inititi ratn I Sitn
Sre s"ntiment of ii ir t it t.lii loss
l-' :; h lil I.' l lu t iltd pe)trisl i lll
rhil.r. Thm \\w Is Orihesltra l I Tusi c
il rill g the in.ii l l :it hl s.ever l spec'ial
itlli.si t",l It h l Ill"s. As elrlnet solos
I Ili\ ' ' III" tIl' e lttyal;, s~~11 i lull played
-1 ii i- hi l( , , ,t itt ll-i I tl'it i s ti( goodl'
iIp lithts ..' the ewenilh i liit lttle byit
wii li t iliini .,rt1e ;1 ltel 'i i Iti lk. Thell
2 ii l i : tittle tId. i lllh vie~ii n the titi.
ti .1I iis o"i ' Il 'ilir ;i cl'.ick wloutlh not
A. .\ n tn those present,
Xi itu .lin. 1 ttit11i t 1 t ris . n1ti . 1 ft ad=
ltil. rl ii . llI.i. t.\i ll l iti istw r , iltr 'ltn
JI . tI . l. ' tl, i, W .. It. KI lht , It. lTf.
.1tilt:1 , t":. C'. M\ tll ol'.. , I I . I.. uIr11r",v, F.
l. 11i rltz, Ji. I. Kh li,, ' ho sill:t II . I'uIn
ili, i. V. u il lit, W . P'ritlihardl, Joseph
1i l. r, I'ru '. M.l.lls 'r, I'. i . Pli tt rsnll tt ,
1'. .1. ( r i'lrien, 1'. J. Itoirdon, James
inlr, ,Jos. Ilf;u , .1i. --ik-iirski, P.
11. le, .i 11I. 11 ., I 'nf.rs. ,Mt itch,
.ilin . oh tidl. Jt . Mil . t t t l lillitn , Johnl
It\ rri . I: .,l' l Nh"l . ihan, r ,l -:rg L,.
Ilah.rt, 1. I". A. I':arS. . la id Iiag
i.ty, . l. ,.1.V iolellel , '11 l. 1A'l i .ighlin,
1.L I:no, ;ald P'ruot, Iholli .r.
ark Addition Club.
F rMr s .. Ml. i . l'u.h 'l ill I.e hostess
,,r the, I'.,rkl Adtlilil club-i, i V ednes
o ift'rs . anfilil M1rs,. I vin w ill h
,dIr . tilileii.,r. The subject Ambrose,
dl i " i.s " ti liriotisnni" llitd roll iill will
I.lriv ti c d Ited. l tThere will ls o rr, held
rii.1i ,uiet s comparedl with the patriot
iin of nrl"y daIs r.ln ancient t ines.
A Sleighing Party.
i",lly sleiuhing p:rt'ly Iilst e\t'ning. The
,lllk l t' le, het' guests, enj-oyed a
hlt -it ride tiVer thel hills and thlen re
lin to thell llltnnillett hoi in Park
.htillilti o t' n i attipetining hot supper
fliloweld y h, mlsk and , nil esl . *Ththn
Mli,, hlil part ih Miss Stcnnett's hos
it:llity w\re Misses Kate and Alice
tl les. 1ll,1y II la ilton, Theresa Gross,
I.ilri Jollnson, Stella, I'ora, Helen and
i.illi in tunusi. lUnlh ('nvinl; Messs..
'harlI's ;uld irilk Soith, Harvey :lnd
Leslhe Johnson, WVrren ''thinti., tlar
,I I'. i i11. I'.L! > e To nll tonl and h irry
Pupils' Recital.
Tlh. lillic pupils of Mrs. C. wV. Nor
tili:,l and IIH.rr iislhav ,ischer will
,i,." :! "l luts, lil sic ,le, M onday af
'' , I;:: a o'clock in the assembly
h1 lll of the lnivt'.rsity. All friends
ilred ,-y these 'nil lpeople, re iar
l it', tl Iso 1 resent.
For Mrs. Miller.
.1 numbel o" Indies arranged a dt
i-hlde-l surprise for Mrs. George Mil
ler >,lstl.a'tey aftornoion at her home in
Ilay :\lliltion. .11'sd omes Ambrose,
.\ndr'.\, lhlakely, Dunstan, Cox, Grim,
Iho,\ersmn, }Itres. Hale, Mills, Morris,
Mholler, ltit'hards.on, Street, Sargent,
\n~ lin, 11arntr, HltOnnett, Blacker,
Dickinson, Harkness, Huskin, Inch,
(Iharles Miller, Nonrris, Nottingham,
and MI)bs Cslia Potts, carried rdfresh
ments And needlework, and sptfit a
most enjoyable afternoon at Mr s. Mil
ler's hospitable home.
Valentine Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Taylor enter
tained some of their friends at their
home in Park Addition, Thursday eve
ning, at a dinner whose decorations
and colors all paid tribute to St. Val
entine. The guests were Mr. antl Mrs.
C. E. Luc. a, IM. and Mrs. William
Stennett, St. and Mrs. Emil LehsOu,
Messrs. Jayiles Boles and Harvey John
son. The 'evening after dinner was
spent enjoyably with a game of cards.
At Orchard Homes.
The Wdflnet's tauxiliary to the Or
chard fort'es Country Life club will
give' de'lghtful and profitable enter
tainmeit, Wednesday afternoon at the
IHawthorne school, and Friday evening
dt the Country Life club house.
The meeting Wednesday afternoon
will be the regular session of the auxll
lary and the program will include a
paper on "Good Roads" by Mrs. De
Jarnette, a travelogue by Mrs. Taylor
and a short musical program.
On Friday evening, the auxiliary will
hold an open meeting at the club house
to which every one in Orchard Homes
is cordially invited and all from town
who may care to helor the program.
The entertainment will take the form
of a Swedish evening. Mrs. Clements
will give a travelogue on Sweden;
Miss Ethel Hughes will sing a number
of songs; Mrs. W. E. Moore will give
a biography of Jenny Lind and sing
some of her songs, and Otto Benson
will give a Swedish monologue. There
will be appropriate refreshments
served in conclusion.
Mothers' Club.
Mrs. T. A. Wickels was hostess for
the Mothers' club, Wednesday after
noon, at her honme on University ave
nue. There were present Mesdames
Ambrose, Hollensteiner, Putney, Be
sancon, Townsend. Platt, Gibson, T. A.
Wickes, \W. . . \ickes, and a happy
company of 13 children. One of the
pleasant features Io' the day was the
presence of Miss IlHth Ambrose, just
11 weeks old, for the' first time at a
session of the Mothers' club. Another
pretty feature was the serving of a
loaf cake at tea timl which was ar
tistically adorned with a monogram
of M. t'. for Mothers' ('lub, in yellow
frosting upon the white. The napkins
served also hore the sanme gralceful
monogramnl in yelliow.
A Valentine Birthday.
Miss Valentine IRliinson, iwho \\as
eleven years old on St. Valentine's day
entertained a fl'e friends at a daintily
served tea Friday cvening at her home
on North Second street.
As-You-Like-It Club.
The open meeting of ,the As-You
Like-It club, which was planned for
February 4 and then postponed, will
be held next Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. F'. T. Sterling. The
chief feature of the program will be
th11 reading of Oharles Rann lKen
nedy's play, "The Terrible Meek," by
Mirs. l(i*orge F. Reynolds. Each mem
her of the club has the privilege of
bringing one guest for the afternoon.
For Mrs. Sweney.
Some of her friends arranged a
pleasant surprise for Mrs. WV. E.
Swence Wednesday afternoon at her
home on North Third street. The ladies
presented Mrs. i'weney with a hand
some china dinner set as a token of
estern. A game of whist was enjoyed
and then refreshments brought by the
ladlis were served. Those present
weire Mesdames Franzen, Martinson,
Miller, Olson, Dolum, Jacobson, John
soion, Nelson, Emil Johnson, Fredrick
son, F;roman, Stow, Von Platen, Bakke,
llemgren, Muhlro, John Hemgren, Gus
Ilroman and W. E. Sweney.
Complimenting Mrs. Retan.
Miss Idna Power entertained at
brlidge, in her home on Universifty
atvenueI " i Tul'ell'sday afternoon, ill comn
plliment to her guest, 'Mrs. Guerd
Retan of Detroit. At the conclusion
of the game of bridge, Miss Power
with the assistance of Miss Evaro
Avery, served dainty refreshments.
The ladies asked to meet Mrs. Retan
\ere Mesdames 'A. N. Whitlock, Hugh
(alusha, Gilbert Reinhard, C. A.
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ong and blood poisoning.
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'GETS-IT" gives drmJptdliae relief.
"GETS-IT" Is aold, t druggilst at
25 cents a bottle, or sent on receipt of
price to E. Lawrence & Co., Chicago.
Sold In Missoula by Missoula Drug
company and George Frelshelmer.
How New York's" Cloed Sr ,
.~.. ...
. . . . . . . . . . .
1\i f T: .S:^y ::
-ti" ~ y < ýP;:· 1f' t:ý..`T: ":: ::..ýf,. {" :ir,
r: f'" ··
n 3. T'/''.ý : : ''i .,'' ::: :. '':`v:ikf... : ;},'
. k", , ::at; "-. ý . . 'r:L.k " :i C:::ýi:t'i
fi '-: ff
k :·,~Cw :.
ulup~ny cor7 l nriC wrii.
What was considered to 1.t\ve eclipjsed
the famous iBra(dlley-Martin fal.y
dress hall was given by Mr. Louis C.
Tiffany, the famous New Yorker, to
more than four hundred of the elect of
New York's society. This affair wound
up New York's social season and was
held just before the beginning of Lent.
Every guest wore a costume preva
lent in the time of ('leopatra. Some
of those who were present were John
D. Rockefeller, Jr., andl Mrs. Rockefel
Barnes, B. R. Freeze, J. P. Rowe,
W. W. Berry, B. C. Mulroney, O. E.
Peppard, II. I. Kilroy, lrank Idlmore,
P. M. Reilly, K. A. Rollins, C. E. Si
mons, W. 1. Plew, Newell Mason,
Frank Pearson, Julius Derge, M. A.
Blake, Hugh Forbis, William Shea, L.
C. Perley, and Gceorge Weisel.
A Farewell Compliment.
Beautiful and clever to the least de
tail was the dinner given by Mr. and
Mrs. F. S. Lusk Wednesday evening as
a faritewell citomplimeint to the officers
and Indies of Forrt Missoula, who left
Friday for their new station li
Washilngton. The guests of honor were
Colonel and Mrs. Maury Niclhols, Major
and Mrs. II. G. Learnard, Major and
Mrs. E. I.. Ruffrnor, :Captain and Mrs.
Sorley, Captain tand Mrs. Mitchell,
Lieutenant and Mrs. von (tdeu t I Issebe
and a number of relatives and inti
mate friends were the othter guests.
Patriotism tnd military glory were
syalmbolized in alllthie appointments tiand
decorations of the Iearutiful roomtns of
the Lusk home. Two magnificent
flags were hIlung, oine at each end of
the room, and innumerable tiny flags
were placed ion wall spaces and eall
nets. 'rTwo large tales accommlnno
dated the ctmnpany, each one having a
great towl of yellow snap dragons for
a center. Toy cannons, gllded, had
place on the tables with tiny drums
and shields, allnd for place favors there
were tiny tents, each guarded by a
cannon, for the gentlemen and crack
ers for the ladies. A cartridge from a
rapid-fire gun was used as a vase;
national colors were in the bon bons
and in the shades of the lights. Mili
tary music summoned tre company to
the table and added zest to the conver
sation. The function was a tnemor
able finale to the delightful social life
enjoyed by the officers and their ladies
during their residence in Missoula.
Wedding Anniversary.
A hattppy cncourse of friends,
about 40 in inumbler, celebrated the
10th wedding anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. C. F. Borman, Tuesday evening,
at the hospirtable BIorman home on
No'rth Second street east. The houset
had been mnade a veritable bower of
flowers in honor of the occasion.
Red roses and carnations were massedt
with ferns and palms in the parlor;
yellow roses were In the living roomn
and In an adjoining bed room, while
red was repeated in the dining room.
The hostess, by her right as queen of
the festivities, wore a crown iof
flowers and scroll work all cleverly i
wroughlt out of till and each guest was
given for a favor, a boutonniere of the
same graceful till flowers. Many
gifts were brought to Mr. and Mrs.
Borman with sincere wishes for their
happy celebration of their silver and
golden wedding. A unique guessing
game was enjoyed by the guests, who
went from one to another of the 35
articles placed about the rooms, rack
ing their wits for clever names to ap
tly. A game of whist followed and
then at midnight a wedding bangm et
was served. Mrs. Siegel, Miss Siegel
and Miss Hoffman daintily dressed :n
white, being the attractive waitresses.
A feature of the feast was the cut
ting of the wedding cake which had
been preserved for 10 years. The
bride performed this ceremony and
ler, C. H. Alexander and wife, Mr. and
Mrs. Rodman Gilder, and Hlundreds
of others socially prominent.
'l'hle photograph shows the scene dur
ing the Egyptian pantomime, based on
the return of Marc Antony and wel
comed by the famous Cleopatra. In
the center of the stage the famous
classic dancer, Miss Ruth St. Denis, is
going through the gyrations of one of
her dances for the edification of Cleo
iatra, who, as impersonated by Miss
gave each guest a piece of the de
licious fruitcake to taste and one to
dream over. Among the many friends
assembled there were Mr. and Mrs.
Hteine who came from Oshkosh, Vils.,
especially to attend this anniversary
cilebra tion. M usical numbers were
rendered during the evening by Misses
Stevens, Aichele and Heckler. Other
guests present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Kulphal, Mr. and Mrs. Garver, Mr. and
Mrs. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. ],ishuop, Mr.
and Mrs. Lilly, Mr. and Mrs. Gracey,
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.
Wilder, Mr. and Mrs. Beall, Mr. and
Mrs. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Gimbel, Mr.
and Mrs. Wright, Meslames Walter
skirchen, Hubert Heckler, Waltemate,
\Vright, L. Schatz, W. Siegel, Misses
Lucile Stevens, Marguerite Stevens,
Anna Schatz, l'riduL HIrekler, Emma
Aichele, Minnie Sa tterstrum, Lizzie
Ilerg, Marie Hoffman and Lizzie
Siegel, Messrs. Maloney and Mullen.
Valentine Party.
Miss Marjorie McMullen of Orchard
homes entertained more than a score
of her friends last Saturday evening
at a Valentine party. The house deco
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Medw'ig Reicher, the actress, is seen
reclining on a divan on the left of the
picture, watching the dancer. Imme
diately behind Cleopatra can be seen
MIarc Antony, as impersonated by
Pedro t)e Cordoba. The ladies-in-wait
ing on the stage are all socially prom
inent. Rose leaves can be seen scat
tered over the floor, leading up the
stairway to the stage, strewn by the
little flower girls in the foreground, on
the arrival of the queen.
rations were suitable to the occasion
and arranged in exceedingly good
taste, and the evening was made thor
oughly enjoyable with games and
music. Delicious refreshments were
served at a late hour, and the time to
say good night came all too soon for
every one pres'nt. Miss McMullen
was assisted by Mrs. Peter Anderson
of Fort Francis, Ontario, and Mrs. C.
H. Vincent of Bonita.
In the Fifth Precinct.
A large number of ladies and all
enthusiastic, met at the home of Mrs.
Reely in the Fifth precinct in the in
terest of political equality. A profit
able program included a talk by Mrs.
F'reeman on "Problems of the Indus
trial World;" a study of the life of
Susan 3t. Anthony by Mrs. Reely and
a talk by Mrs. C(. A. Bisbee on "The
Work of Jane Addams."
To bore holes in brick and mortar
a Pennsylvanian has invented a drill
consisting of a long pointed rod on
which slides a heavy hammer to force
the point forward as it is pounded
against a shoulder on the rod.
pie taking a little larger amount, find
it equally effective. It is mild and
gentle, p:easant-tasting and free from
It does not lhide behind a high
sounding name, and is absolutely free
from any prohibited ingredient. Fam
illes who once use Syrup Popsin for
ever after avoid dathartics, salts, pills
and other harsh medltoides, for these
only do temporary good, are nauseous
and a shock to any delicate system.
Such things should never be given to
If no member of, your family has
everg used Syrup Pepsin, and you
would :like to nmake a personal, trial
of it before buying it in the regu'ar
way of a druggist, send your address
-a postal will do-to Dr. W. B. Cald
well, 417 Washlngton street, Monti
cello, Ill., and a free sample bottle will
be mailed you.

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