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Peerless Leader Gives the Fans a Little Dope
on His Club and on Some of the Stran
gers Who Are to Fill Highlander
Unies During Coming Season.
These are the players who will
report to Manager Blankenship for
spring practice. From these men
the Peerless Leader will select the
team that is to bring another pen
nant to Missoula.
Clifton Douglas Blankenship
"Skipper" Roberts Moore
Clarke Brooks
Joss A. Smith
Becker Navarre
Krause Prex Bryan
Finley Linn
Carman Carpenter
Perrine Peterson
Changnon Foley
Daschbach Bassey
O'Hara Tobin
"I am going to have a good club this
summer. It will be faster than the
team I had last year and will play
better ball. By placing Cordtz or
Daschbach in the outfield in place of
Warren I will speed up that depart
ment. Warren played good balil in
streaks last year, but lie wasn't _cn
sistent. Either Cordtz or Dasr-ba.c+
will be better. Tobin ought to be
faster and better than he was last year
and you know what Bassey is.
"I have my old infield with the ex.
ception of Oriet. Carman has been
playing ball all winter and will be just
as good if not better than ever. Per
rine, the brains of the team, will be in
his old berth and Changnon on third
base will work harder this summer
than ever before, He is looking for.
a place in a better league. Carpenter'
ought to fill in at shortstop in fine
style; if he doesn't Daschbach will
probably play there.
"Behind the bat I will have Roberts
and Moore. My pitching staff is the
only uncertain factor, and I am pretty
sure of that. From those ten twirlers
I can surely get four good men. I
know that I have a couple of first
raters in the lot."
T'lI;iI, I t' h 1': in, is- %\ |1:11 tlh, 1'.,, 1r
l1 "9 I' +;tub r think. i If tlh l , r i ",t
L[ ,1 th11 im ean in ,'r. (';ill ,,Iil Iii iri
I.)111 anl u+ l r ;hi Vt 'r'.'
In Introduction.
II1 I:l: til'r .i ihl 'i li Itllis lilllllti.r thI l ti '
lill I lt.s '" v i 1'; 11 i ,V f.'t. 'I . 'li'll 1 '. I..i
cad ul' intr.M ut'ltim , I'he ,w ill L '
h,'rTe ill :;iIll llit r 111i 111 11, I \\iliu lt i illi
\\lshi n n ;ii i lli," il..iiI,
+i n';citric i ll" tl ii" k11ind,~f ii il ,I . '11l " -
;t ills, i li. ' . . ii. i h l lt , I ,i1,'1i. ' I
, .'4, +1 1~t . I A l l, ith , . I', ", , . lIt" ; i it,
:111'l' lil g l li:. ) tUL ui t ca.ll~ lit ,, r lil ,, rt
Hot Stove League Fuel
Tbil I:ilt lt ill sl t,- , I r :I , l l ,
I'I' t1. i .ns. i "n th t It.11. ' .It v' I In \'n
side,'r'l, t t s t ty th r.",,Int lit''
of t-i ssl .1 1it I1111 t tlt:U ~m :.l Itt tlt
thle(u teli that th Ilt 'I ' it' V I, -'
),l rc ill It,t | lIlth ' 11-I'I' t ' ll" t s l r .c l I a -', It
fL'ft r th..ir det. b thhl , h
M i's-. qllia h: ls !-',i l .ton lhi l, n:l , tIII h.t" I
hais I. :It . H .u d An.,, : a.
Infio c ther Ntter Iha ts li,: ttil 31 t .'11 -
tract with till' Zttfllli':. I ':llv, It .f ,i
tuht t hat ilsi l In-tI tisr s s1 st lttI tt It,
if Connlis Mll will ,uil t l.tal t lh,' ,'.-it f
lheand. Ands ll lo il' tlt ' r Altti.l'tllt
do it.-- KIalislpell lH,
"Hll l,'y'" ' :ibbl ., \ hv, ''t1 hi I "
league te-\ rin a ,. t,d rll tih I1.' l i g.
tweeks and 1911, and \11, is ,ulld t
Crlewvelatll last afll, d ttat I 'f ta ll :lO
over to tih 'a Irranwis', ,'SIun, Fr' II..
Pcontific coast for fSrth i lt, teiv,1r.
"signed t shuld he re fbn rlthlrn, I,'i.
Ing oull.ot y
Jimmy, McAhlem, II\Vl i,'" h." . 1,I
Red lox, aninout n,'es that his 1, till
adhetre to last year's stirltti ,,,
namely, 3:15.
Infielder Nutter has si.!,, l n '''m
tract with the Zanesvill," t-am ,,f th,.
.interstate league. /;et that ron.'
Manager Joe Birmningh:nn hei, cl :
that with two first-class sl5,1bm n hw
Naps' chances ,.f landing well to th,.
,front are very good.
Connie Mack lblieves that the t'hlv,
land Naps will give the Amerian
league teams a good run for the Hlag.
Wilbert Robinson, the .iants' train
er, has been in training for several
weeks and is down to 227 pounlds.
Secretary Nahin of the Milwaukee
Brewers has announced that of the 30
contracts that he sent out, only 10
signed cortrracts have been returned.
Manager Bill D ,hlen has 31 players
on his roster. Six of them are hold
ing out.
flu. (II!1
t I i' T i, 'I."i It I v. 1
!!I~II-I. ~ i ll~ll~i ·~:\. kill ill.·
Brooks of Chico.
1t l'.'t. , i" I'II' ', ' i.
I . ., i.·,, " . 1: it'll. .I i ,It.
I n ._n-1{ 11!. y i'i i s
Ilia iW - 1
I~: ·· : Ii ~.~,1- ;I.II I , .l i''(.i
The Spokane Pitchers.
ý:1,ý 1i 1 :ý t l.(. '1'11 ~ , 1.111'1 \\ 11 1:; 1.'r
r : ;1 . ",.t' .l ·ll: i·: II. "I IIi Ir lj/ I\1
Ii.\ i 1, ý ý . iil. )ý t, 1 lll i X 11 it.,l \1· 1'
, I: 11 11,1 III' r.- 11'. ,i i 1111 1 (·;11t ' 11-1
t.11l~ i 11·1.. I :, ; 11, . ~t t ' 1 - 1 a :I 1 'tI
11'1" 1111" \ 'I I 11\:1 '11'1'1 11'..11 111." 1111 1 ,\ Ill
:11 .~ ~:11" r,". C .d m 11:1.1 1." O ] l 1111 ,1t g',
: I..1:"1 . .111. 1 .1.,
I., p il l 1\.1r. "111.1 1';t'. · 1 It, gill 1\" 1.11111:;1
it, II, All
1.I; . c · I.1:1:11 1 III .1 :1 '11h I 111.111. 1. !1- .
I I, 11 ;1.. \', it 11 1;1111, II"I' .1 \\11 !1, , ' ,!t
11 h,"\\ Il. , 1 1 :h 1h," .1111 111 ll, tilA
t I- ,1L, a h. \f,- --.11lu.u 11.1 h
II. :. 1 I1, t. . I' 1" .i I II. 1 H ,1 1 II III
I. 1 11. 11 ,I! l 11'., Ill.,r II ` :1x1'1 Il .lll Il
:1.",1111, ""115111 )s 1j·.l.:; 1111- 11111 ' Ilr.
1.1'1IIS \ II 11 111 ." I' "','11 1)'- 1 k · : t'tli iii I II
1 ' ' 11 1 1 I." .1 .,19,!111: III..:: '1 111; ,1 1 11 tli'
I' I lit 11.11 i~ I :1:, :1' .11 , t1 .11
,11 11 'r: 1 1 1 r l ; r ,I ,.i . . 1 1 . I H
II+I ~ ~ ~ ~ I .11 -11 ; 1; 1 1 11 1; 1 1
r. .'h liiil of-i hi u dur' f ing itt.
s.; a .f '1 :, 'I 'l ii tif it l I 't ri Il.
'I tisif
Crsis n riyhti Ititn it Wa~s last
yar, n it will h" rt.'aif. that lii'
S t. I.nttiiis t.I'n ,iii :t a l~i ' ways-,wit
ini the~ sotntsld dtsii iim in 192.I lug
irars nis rt ~titi haris-,rs i sts-re~ h lisp
Ilthat Mr~s. fliitur~n s-sttier s-f t
Cais i-itt a ." is i- ast irs still take a
rusth and m n tu gt
the.S. Lui tel1
'- r h, :, I i'"; fur first-c lass niion.
It,. is t., 1 , I " (' R Ou ll ,i" of t illl .ni
I:" 4 ' 1 ,' 1 , 11 tlt Ili .l' | oit ' i t' r l'
i''rs. I''i,, a't. i I s rh , lts :i
hl1 1' 'ItI I, , li i t| ri'* ,on, in if bit;
I..:1-latidi. I '[her wHlo. will Ihe the
.. . .tt ,, 4'I 11tii I a l . T his
il,ý:1lI I f:1 : +, " i sn 't 4111ili I't:Itl' to
The Infielders.
Nxw for 1l,, ilfild,'r . 'lT'i has.
i : l 'l'i t '11 al . W itf i It c;ll. hI'" vtt
r'l",tls. )Ti 81H 1,",4"s 1154" 4':lllty :lln
ih4, "to l-'tit-,, ,it 1it l ,s them .. I, tr the
lhrlt't-tb o jol, L: ll,!, haOs ('aIIlp ' n er, :t
lftif I' 4 son, ll ., i '' rson and I iley,
1.. all tlt'roduct-- 5 '.trpenttr lih ,.s li.
4 11 " 1nt ju.st I,.'.1 t t hfts ht'ttll p tlay'
ii" in (t'i io i \ a t!) 1',t 'in and has be1t'l
hitfthi thet" p)ill i tr itn t uveragt, f .4,01.
tl,- is tltIl and I t , s loU .s tihian 11t'
ft. t lll1 Jif t s di l it' hrlf i i $ i- 4 t S ll.
I11 Is fi 1'r(4e, t.n: . Ilttter unid is highly
lS . ti4 , 1 i 4 i, 1u1n t I fli ia ' (t 4 t i'. i tnt -
inll' ton mlluch o n i l)le lo aIll ho ,\,. bil:
I \will alt. Ih 1tr " 1 trial,,, says I
b;ril k. '" 1" tu 1 ,\, -,ll tell ,,'hi, 'ol
ill i pink 1 1 1 r,"
I,1" s nl .ta M ift,,lit playt.r. I1.1
.iL s L, , 1.h.yin414 1 1 Ih nt a l 4 it:.
s 1n"d byl " .lIt']Jack A I I,1 ," i 'k.
Cordtz an Old Friend.
'.nrd!z i l the l uI tT;" I, i.4 llm lthrl"I
Si , , d'( 1 \441 l]in1 31. . ' is .a lot. 11i
] 'tif I titlh l t' iouil. . I 'fn (tetl tl'eiltinlt
t a.. near W it !'; ;"t i P. I.. 'It"4
11, l th,' M,]orm nl lm,,iih. : thinks
i lot of hinm ;t :tl is Lic'kl .1 it the ]pros
1,4 .,I ntd : ' ) tih hiril ill ,1 ',1-sou 11t tl ie.
,l 11 . l i i . s ex ., nally fast.
'll, sy' I 4 0 k ill ;t :i tl a ft 'y'e t. let
., 4 St. 0) 4 S4 i.It Lake.
'T'h1:t is tit, .1441'" rn i ' of the
;5l 444:, .. T'h,-y w ill 1)," Ib, , arly in
\I, 1 !,1' Ili, ll r ,i' h lllanin bi tle and
1 t,,i., I f i' will stitlk H'1 Iligh
11,.,th1 ,h h ,, lu , . i ,,,,, ihen+,
" hI e .i ,, K 'l t hI , h .\l, , Ii'i '
Ih I i ll I lill i ll is(' l.ll ' i ll,
l , in l l i 'tii '- oTh li .son
1, il li i \ i i i , if llS t i tl i ,.t i"
i , .A ,l, ii ,-t, 1 11 l t ila s t .1"Ii , i .1i 11. ti
iii (i i i hi c, t t li onti HOL H t
S1 1 it t i ll ll fh iln ' , i tii lthis yeal t I
I,' t i alll . ;1 itl" l,*.. il u .m l,,i, .ii j t!
I 1 " I , "' tI,, sign ,tl; l: wl lhll;. i tR f.;r.
hi.s Ill i ll \I l s the l i' it .l.n:u clot
t'i .i .h li hiiii, 'Iilh:u ls~,ln s.imd ni t with
]liI i li'.lr l i t lilur him It it k hit I)i I
ii, "1' a ' Ih( r ",, I of th,- .11,"," a:'
hl t'u 11rtsit i it.
\1.,'L,. .t 's 1nil till lliyii lv 11lll thl
Sir, 1 tl~t;ýll t " is hiumhl)" 4ottnlt{. ti llible
f""I" w hit,- h," fell heir pr;w-tih'ally to ,i
hu, tI.l li" t utm at S:tlit L.-kt , 1iht ilt
1" b no i reulied to sign almrst a
"u"\t, w r,. str, no ,ff',rt w:.s auidc
<, ont i <t his right It the ;-layer.
ail t tlsoll is it 'lithl lt' 11m111. 1e hit
m..n ),(, .r 1\h,"tn not filling il u a fithld
it" Mini . 'hainlisonil is \ illie II , , ill
,'11 . i7 'l, h, I r. _ h.. 'l'h it lnlal r dtlclm'
i sutratiin \\ill :aid illi t l iissti t1h box
114' hill bh lor,. tih,. st:,it4 lrgisl t rtier is
ith ' 1,.11,1 -1 " Iiollt'."lr s'l i ve\l , (144rg'90 O.
Milton of e'lhiingo, who drafted the
hill. 1;1}i- .,s lituth lhiltn, wha is an
tallllilur hlxour, has clhall ingtId [Paitke.'
110orlaki d ti meet hii, it a four
I rmt.nld exhibition i-for... aih, rs of
hith houtl.s. Th, datr lias not been
.,"f, ))fit ilton w"'ants the bout .ALaged
in BSpfringelli,
Yesterday atf rnmoon we set out to
interview lirector Kenny of the Mir
souluda Baseball association. W\'e Crl
lowed the hungry crowds and after
forcing our way through an odor of
bean soup and over a line o'f waiting
customers came upon the "director"
as he sat before a, desk counting his
ill-gotten gains.
"What do you think of the prospects
for the season, Mister Kenny?" we
"Sivin thousand, four hundred; four
hllndrted and wan--don't interrupt ine.
Business is rotten," sighed the di
rector. "It costs me two dollars and
forty-sivin rints an hour to keep the
door open."
"The baseball season, I mean; not
the restaurant season," we explained.
")h. we'll have a good season, I
guess," said the genial Mr. Kenny.
t"llankenship is back lnid he will get
the byes in line. He is a great
pitcher, luank is. Whin we have him
to Ido the llitching and 'Nig' Perrine to
d(, the catching we will have a good
teamr. Thilt Schlosslerg lads has been
signited to do the batting, I see. They
tetll met tlit they are the best lint byes
in the business.
"I thlink ttte team ought to be cut
down. It ionly talkes nine men to play
a glllne; there's no use keeping half
a dozen extra players. Blank ought to
pi(ch e tery game. He gets a big sal
ary ann thin wants to .sit on the bench
half the time. Lit them fire all these
extra men. If annybody ge'ts hurt I'll
play utesilf.
"It'll lie a good season, though, If
the cro\\wds coime out. I won't care if
they don't alsess ily stockl."
Cursing Emmeline Again.
(Fromiit the Miles ('ity Star.)
EpsmI, England, l'Feb. 26. - Mrs.
Enlineline l'ankhurst, the militant
:;...:;-) * . :: ETA()IN E 80$ SHRD
sufl'fragett' leader was commnitted for
trial by the polile magistratel here to
day on the charge of inhlting persons
to commit malicious dallage tO prop
lin Board the G(racco-Roman Spe
Scial, Feb. 28.-Manager C'assius and 28
members of his squad started today
for the mouth of the Styx. where
spring traininng quarters will be es
tablished. Every meniher of the team
hlis reported and Cassins expects to
behgin piractice the day after reaching
spring qularters. "We are going to
giet out of the second division this
year." he said. "By farming Brutus
it the minorllinrs we ha\ve gotten ridl of
the disturbing element in the club.
I'aesar sulked all during the last sea
sun biecaiiuse of the presence of Brutus
iin the sqllund and the whole team was
disiorganized as ai result. In (icero I
thinkll I have a real find. lie is apt
to arguie with the umpires, but his
ability as a hitter vwill win lots of
.am'ls for its. Hi is a bearcat on the
clorner ibag, too.
"There will be no nectar on the hill
if for this year. The boys have got
lto ge't on the wagon and stay there or
bark tio the bushes they go."
Most of the players spent the day in
a little p. g. Augustus tbrokle up the
session when he stayed against a full
houllse and: a pat flush and filled to
the seven, nine and jack of clubs.
iOne of the -Salt Lake papers, sar
enslieally3 referring to the "rough"
Triple tis team ,printed the line-tup of
the Montanans as follows: Jeff Bishop
and Ruhlin Salsbury, forwards; Fitz
Todd, conter; Zbyszko Thorine and
liotchil Markham, guards.
A. Iillings fan catme right back with
this University of Utah line-otp: Sadie
('lark and Phylis Romney, forwards;
(iretcth'in Romllney, center; Gwendolyn
Holnsteadl anti Bernice Skidmore,
guards, with Lizzie Bennion as offi
The more we think of it the better
we like IH. M. Barratt's name for the
tHelena (lub. Why not call them the
T'I'At(INSH S r the SlRD)L(rS? Let's
have a. vote of the printers.
The ayes have it.
New York, Feb. 28.---It is publlished
here as an "alnlost assured fact" that
horse laing. will be rev!vi\ d on New
York tracks next June for the first
time sincle tih anti-betting legislation
of GCovernor ''harles F. IHughes' a0d
;ninistralior irought turf nactivities to
a standstill. No anouncemllent has
'.',ne officiatly from the Jocky c lub,
,,it the reports in sporting clrcles are
,.id to (e;or the stamp of such auIA
e rity.
These reprII ts are that a co-ol)era
1\ ' plaIn will be tried where(by the
,uriols asssciations will corn int t
,h.re losss ;ald profits alike unti: the
-!,rt has been firmly re-established.
' opening of a few race courses is
: red directly after the closing of
t spring ImeIIting in Maryland, the
I..r part of Max'.
I ,,r tracks are named for the elr-,
l'cit at present, tie Belmont Park,
A,';, ,luct and Yonkelrs tracks in the
in I tiate vicinit i of the nmetr'lpolis,
auln the old Srlatoga track, up-state.
k.ia':i nah, Ga., Feb. 28.--When Bat
tling N.lson arrlived in Savannah this
aftern,s,l, fromI New York he denied
kn,'oh.Ie or alny intention on the
Ipalrt or his wife, !Mrs. Fay King Nel
,'son, to sue for divorce. He said they
were on the best of terms.
Mr. ltaggy---lf a cullud man was to
call yo' a liah, sah, what would yo'
Mr. Stack-What size cullud man,
Tamlpa, I'., FeIl. 2S.-One of the
big noises oIII the eatrly training of the
Ch2icago C'iubs haere has been the lper
f'eriane of a pjerfectly good little old
last year's b't in the calloused paws
of the li' ,rins Prank Schulte, rob
,er of ,base Jits and purloiner of
bases, how sr\ ing a I c'In1 with the
Iiearlets. Mll. Schulte decIla(.es thai
he is out to bheat l[einie Zhinllernnt
to the batting c} llt ionlshipl oIf thi
National tleague this year, a.ld is
wIrking the bat overtimll, with the
ida. of p rflcting himself in the prac
tice of b rea king the hearts f tldemon
'To add to the efrectiveness of his
S hemle, Mr. Shiultli wears in his nigh
hind pocket the f.iot of a rabbiit shot
bi pFrank hliiiiself ill the light of the
elee.elnt inlo,'. e eliltte ioffered the
lot as an explanationt flor his t'ardy
arrival at the camp h're". 1le dec.lared
that hlII had felt it c.selitial before
!, l 'e inlg; his (eorlgiat I ], ell TI pinnation
to securl a t r:llb it's IfooIt lby his o\\'n
e'fforts. FIr seiverilcld iys lie roved
Ifri1o 'elnd to 'ieil oi his plaltatiol,. ilt
without potting a single one of the
tillnerUilS butlllies at whichl he di
r'cted Ia viglorous ca.llnondl,.
Lewistown, Feb. 2S.-(Special.)-The
acceptance ,by McKeen and Friedling
of Great Falls' offer for a joint team
in the Union Iieague this season was
practically assured tonight. Mr. Mc
Keen staties that tile lease helld by
himself and F"rirdling on the ball
park will not ie tertminated befoire the
end of the season, aoild just as soon as
the p'ssi\ive asll'r ence is given they
are read- to close the ideaL1 with Great
Falls. 'Tthis will lprolbably be deter
mined within two or three days.
Pope Motor Cycles
Three Great New Features Insure Your Comfort- ]J POPE
Rear Spring Suspension on helical springs that expand1 gives you comfort quality has
and spring assistance in place of spring resistance. In connection with
The Spring Fork, the frame, motor and rider are ideally suspended. The never been
combination gives a forward gliding motion that will delight you. questioned
Overhead Valves give the most plower, the smoothest running, the greatest
speed, least surfuaee txposed to heat, best cooling-most complete ex
haust of spent gasels--utmost power, least weight, lowest gasoline and
oil consumption and minimum cost to run and maintain. The entire
explosion is directly over the piston. All energy developed is applied
with no loss in time nor force, straight downward, with maximum
Pope Motorcycles Are Made In Four Models
These machines are alike in'quality and perfection of detail. Each
is suited for a different purpose. Model H-Lightweight-4 h.p.,
belt drive, imported magneto. Weight 160 pounds. A wonderful
value, $180. Model K-The Bigi Four-Big 4 h.p., belt drive, im
Imrted magneto, over-head valves, springeat post, $220. Model
M-5 h.p.-C'hain drive. Bosh magneto. Isar spring suspension,
over-head valves. $235. Model L-Twin-Twin cylinder, %-h.p.,
chain drive. Bosh magneto. Rear spring suspension, over-head
valves, $270.
(Above Prices f.o.b. Missoula.)
i) O O Lic tra nil!~
'ina| ytlly, the d:ate fir" dIepar'ture haiv
ink been exceeded by severul cay.?,
F'rank l lmade up his mind that the day
ill qutestion would be his last at iomne,
rabbit or no rabbit. In comnpany with
several other nitmrods, lie went out
curly in the afternoon, determined to
hag the luck-bringer by any nmeans.
Dalrkiness canle, but no success to the
h.,ntlers. Finally, just as Schulte and
his companions set out disgustedly on
their holltc\\wart way, thie imoon
swung above the horizon and shoiwed,
in the near foreground, a rabbit
asleep under a young peach tree.
Schutlte fired. The rabbit was killed.
Schulte got the foot. The next tmornt
ing, tie liatt carefully stow-d away in
tie pocket of his batlbag, Schulte set
out for the trainllinllg callmp. Suchll, at
hcast, was the story Schulte told whent
he arrived.
S.hulllte is riot the only one of the
c(nll s wo halve show\\n rowes.. All
the players are rounlding into ltshape
ralpidly, and leinlie Zitlermani,
\\(se laurttels Firank, the little old bat
ailnd the latbil 1 I-out htve combitj d to
iasail, is cr:acking t out singles, doubles,
tripes and homers with startling reg
ularity. Hteinie is not worrying.
I.istan, Febt. 2S.--The vanlguards of
i)l inmajor leagute hiascball teams
started fir the sriing training trip to
day. I tly ia. fevw iii.embers of th'
world's tchamipiion AmericaIIns left tos
tin, buti othr umembers will be picked
up en ro(utC to lont Splrilgs, Ark. Trhe
Nat otils departed on ani evening
train for New York, the first stop on
the w\'y to Atlh ns, (Ga. lt:y Collins,
the iiouthplliw plitcher, reminaili the
only hold-out frmnn the tled Sox squad,
\vhllile the Bravo'\'S have been unalltle to
-atisfy the deminands of Catcher Bill
R| lide'l ll.
Washington, Feb. 28.-Dr. Francisco
A. Lima, special minister from Salva
dor to the United States, was received
by Si.ecr.tatry of State Knox today, to
whoioi he pIresented his credentials, He
t;mins in the dtlal capnlcity of diplo
lmat i* representative and special rep
resentattive at the inauguration of
President \Vilson.
This Is Montana's Last Home Contest
and Is the Final Opportunity Which
Missoula Peoplc Will Have to See
the Champs Play.
"We expect a mighty hard game
this evening. The Carroll club
has a fast, heavy team and the
varsity will have to play its hard
est to win. We have a double vic
tory to avenge this evening and
the boys are going into the game
determined to win. The team will
practice a little this afternoon.
The varsity will probably line up
with Tabor at center, Whisler and
Cummins, forwards, and Sheedy
and Wolfe, guards."-Coach Mus
The University of Montana's 'basket
ball team plays its last 'home game
and one of its hardest battles at the
Gymnasium this evening. The Car
roll club five of Helena will , oppose
the collegians and will put up a fast
game. The visitors are heavy and
experienced and scored two victories
over Montana last year. They have
been working hard in preparation for
the game this evening ayd feel sure
that they will win.
The varsity is plrepared to put up a
hard struggle. The double defeat ad
ministered by the Helena five last
winter still rankles in the hearts of
Montana fans and the five is deter
mined to win. The, game is certain
to be worth watching anti those who
saw the varsity go against the heavy
Utah team should turn out this even
ing. Tonight Montana will play a
team with which it has an even
chance and will play prettier basket
ball than it did in the Utah contest.
The guarantee this evening is pretty`
heavy and the A. S. U. M:., having ex
tended itself to give the baseball fol
lowers a good exhibition, deserve llb
eral supplort.
The game will be called at 8 o'clock.
There will be extra street car service
and plenty of seats for the spectators.
It will be a good game. and worth the
while of every fan.
San Francisco, Feb. 2S.--The man
agement of th" Boston Americans at
last has induced Outfielder Duffy
Lewis to rejoin the team. Lewis, it is
said, returned three contracts before a
satisfactory offer for his services was
Lewis turned up yesterday at the
camp of the San Francisco Coast
league team at Boyes Springs, where
he will do some preliminary warming
ul, for the season's work. He said to
day he would report to the Boston's
traniing camp at lHot Springs, Ark.,
by March 9.
Meanti.e Lewis will it vntoe spare
hours to coaching the Stanford uni
versity team.

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