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Preparations for Great Inaugural Pa
rade Occupy Attention of City Now
Dressed in Its Finest-Wilson Ar
rives Today Under Escort of Dele
gation of Princeton Students.
Washington, March 2.-Washington
tonight awaits the comning of Woodrow
Wilson, next president of the United
States. Simple plans to welcome him
tomorrow afternoon are ready and,
every detail is complete for the in
auguration ceremonies and the at
tendant military and civic demonstra-I
tions Tuesday.
No president-elect ever found the
Capital of the nation ,nmre brilliantly
arrayed or fuller of enthusiasm than
Woodrow Wilson will find it tomor
One of IMr. Wilson's last acts as a
private citizen will be to call with
..p. Wilson upon the president of the
United States and Mrs. Taft. Ar
ratbements for this were made to
night. The president-elect and Mrs.
Wilson soon after tiheir arrival will
be escorted to the White House. Pres
Ident and Mrs. Taft will receive them
in the blue room. All the military
and naval aides to the president in
regalia of their office will ,be present,
but none of the cabinet will attend.
The maeeting as planned, will be brief
and the president-elect and Mrs. Wil
son will return to their hotel to a
family dinner.
Among the arrivats in Washington
tonight were Governor Sulzer of New
York and his staff. With them was
Willt m G. McAdoo, who is to be sec
retary of the 'treasury, according to
-Jnofficiel announcement.
"Mr. l1McAdoo received congratula
tions upon a cabinet appointment
without betraying any confidences as
to.his acceptance of the 'treasury port
Hope for fair inauguration weather
was extended tonight by the weather
President-elect Wilson and his family
will arrive at53:45 o'clock tomorrow
afternoon. With them in special
trains will come students from Prlnice
ftoi university, toV will form a lane
from the train shU to the president's
room in the station where the in
augural reception committee of sen
ators; representatives and citigens
will await the Wilson family. The
ceremony at the station will be brief.
The president-elect and his family
will then be driven to their hotel
without nmilitary or other escort.
Early in the evening the Wilson fam
ily will dine privately with Joseph
Wilson of Tennessee. brother of the
?president-elect, and John. Wilson of
Pennsylvania. his cousin, who will be
bhot at the dinner. Later in the
even4ng MIr. Wilson will be the guest
at a smoker of the Princeton alumni.
This will conclude his program for rthe
Tuesday morning, Senators Crane,
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The Boy and
the Newspaper
On Qe morning a boy came to his father as he was reading
T ME MISSOULIAN, and told him that he was going to quit
learning geography, as there was nothing interesting in it.
¶ So the father said, "You're going into business after you
leave school?"
¶ "Sure," replied the boy eagerly, taking for granted that
there was no more geography for him.
¶ "Well, here's what a business man writes today," and he
turned to an advertisement about Oriental Rugs, in which
the life of the Orient was vividly portrayed.
¶ "What do you think of that?" he queried.
¶ "Bully," answered the boy.
1 "Now, that's geography."
¶1 The boy looked dismayed.
¶1 "There's more to geography," continued the father, "than
names of places. You find out why we send to Italy for
silks, to Germany for toys, and why other nations come to
buy from us."
¶ .Read the advertisements in THE MISSOULIAN closely
and constantly every day for the most important news. They
will tell you where to buy to best advantage. Encourage your
boys and girls to follow them carefully and gain a knowledge
of the romance of business
Suffragists Who Reign in Washington Today
............ .'il.......
....."Y. "."4, ic'ý,:;,...: ,
"f `S %?: ' :.. i ic. :,
Top left, "General" Rosalie Gardner Jones; bottom left, GladYs Hinckley, who vies with Inez Milholland for the honor of being the rnos( beautiful
woman in the suffrage movement, Mrs. Frances Fleming Noyes, who will pose as Liberty on the treasury steps, barefooted; Mrs. Richard C. Burleson,
grand marshal of the pageant, and M ass lnez Milholland (top right).
Washington, March 2.-This was a
day of farewells for President Taft.
He began his last Sundlay as presi
dent with j brief sermon to the con
gregation of All Souls' Unitarian
,church, where he has worshipped for
four years; bade adieu to the wives of
members of his cabinet at a last
formal dinner given by Secretary Mac
Veagh, and observed the custom, es
tablished by George Washington and
kept green by pretsidents ever since, of
visiting (. o'rgletow university.
Final Discussion.
Between times he tlook lip with Se
retary Ililles many subjects which he
wishes to, see settled before he turns
the reins of governlment over to .rl. I
WVilson. Tomorrow he will meet the I
cabinet in special sessiion atnd probably
say goodbye to close friends and to
the (nllloyes about the offices of the
White HIouse.
The iresilent's serilonll today was
devoted largely to ii dlisullssion of the
Unitarian faith whili he sa;d he ex
pected to see absorb the worldl.
]El P'aso. Tex., March 2.--In a running fight on the 1Inrder nei:r I.hltlas,
Ariz., early tIoday, bete\\tn itexican soldiers and tln,opertc of Itho Ninth
United States cavalry under Lieutenant Michelson, fýur Mexicans weire
killed. None of the Almerican troops was killed or woundeld, ac,'orini.i
to advices received here late today.
Four American armny officers, walking on the Arn ori a. n line three| miles
from Douglas, are reported to have been firetd on 'y 4) regular Mis iean
soldliers patrolling the border out of Agua. I'rieta, oulpoite D1ouglas. Six
teen of the negro troopers of the NInth rushed to the pila(ce of the firing
and a spirited skirmish enslued.
The American soldiers were holding their posit in at the intrnaltional
line when reinforced by two troops of the Ninth. The Mexicans were
routed, leaving four killed on the fields and others straggling through the
brush nursinll their w\ounds. It is said that the Aierlll"lin troi)IS lie.te:
so excited that they oversteppesl the boundary anIid lillsued the Itexicans
for some distance.
The fight caused great excitement at Douglas, to, which plc:e the
telegraphlh lines are not open today. The tontltsp rli,' armed themselves
and rushed to the boundary, believing t'hat the Mle\ilian slhliers wv.re
Intending to invade the uTnited States. Within a fiti motments hundrcids
of citizenls were at the placc, arlmed and ready. C('i boys rushdll In froim
nearby ranches.
No Official Report Is Received.
V'asliington, iiMarch 2.-No official relport (ionce.niniei tihe running fight
early tioday oil the hI rder, near lolgltas, Ariz., atttt ; n A1, kiclon siiliitrs
and ti operii s fliont Ithe Ninth United Sltats ccavalry, Ii wvhich fiir Meli
als wiere killed, hind been reccived up to a la(te hollr ttnight at eit her
the state or war departi ients.
WVashington, March 2.--The execu
tive session of the senato tonight re
su]ted in the confirmation of more of
tile Taft appointments to the army
and navy and allied services.
A co('ntroversy that developed over
the nominationis of Major Beecher 3B.
Ilay, who was appointed lieutenant
colonel and Colonel Carroll A. Devol,
appointed a brigadler general, delayed
progress tonight.
Opposition to the promotion of Ma
jor Ray \was based largely on old
charges of political activity and of
misconduct. The opposition to (olo
nel Devol's piromotion came from
those who claimed that by tile new
system by which quartermasters and
commissaries anid pay departments of
the ravy have been consolidated, the
brigadier generalship should have
gone to a colonel of the pay corps
rather than to Colonel Devol of the
quartermaster's corps.
No action was taken on the Devol
or the Ray appointments. Nearly 100
other officers in the army, navy and
revenue cutter service were confirmed.
The executive session ended at 12:13
o'clock this morning, when a recess
was taken until 9:45 a. m.
Chicago, Ma' Ih 2.-Tlih trial of' A.l
bert C. Frost and five ither defend
ants on c]llarl':s of conspiracy to 1d
fraud the lTnitl.,I States out 'f $10,
000,0(i0 worth if Alaska coal lands is
scheduled to b.,in her: tomorrow be
foro Judge K. M. Landis.
The lprosecu tilln 'is regarded as one
of the most i .lortant brought in the
federal courts by the goverrnanent.
Frost and his co-ldefendants, it is
chargced, conlslirl'd to obltain control of
valuable (oal Ilproperti's by 10means of
dummlliy entry lylnl.
The Defendants.
I'Frost at the time was president of
the Alaska (' .ntral Railway company.
Hie alsIo was iprIsi(ldelt of the Inow d'
funct t(hicago, & Milwaukeo Electric
Railway complanyl. The other defend
ants are. (leorge M. Seward of Chi
cago, former secretary of Frost's com
panies; .leorgel A. Ball of Muncie,
Ind.; Duncan M. Stewart, Seward,
Alaska. and Frank M. Watson, Spo
kane, Wash.
The indlct.tents were returned In
1911. Motions to quash anld various
pleas in abatement have been over
ruled by Judge Landis.
l (xion i Citiy, Iilarch . (I, ene iral
1"0' 1 )I:ia \ues given n great uvation
tl y at thi hsill r uing. , the first per
, u . 1lh,, Ill:II:idI Ird 8 ort Iln1c
1 o1 r h: . ,tt h a r d en t i +" t h , ' ' t l i t al i
tl' i |tll nl+l t id e. l, t t' a ilil f n d
'1 , n iii"iii \ I , :iiiil ns ii t 1 tine
iI" d lustily I vhii l Il lItl t)lnz in
ort'l :t Ixu in the ar-,IL attlltldledl I
1lI'", bh l' 11 S " e rr a i iy his ch(ief ofI
;hll'l" ;lid aI I+,\V l'rhl,'[r the hth ro
" 1 0,, 1'tvo111utlinl x :-ts forcegi d to rise
1 ' aryl; l till inl;i;t init, tol, a (.knowledge(V
Il.'e ,!, l n t';: 1it l-t, 1,1 t d 111 ('i t the(
r of tu : ' s Ite l t: ; I 1lers t)o ltk l Ith,
:11 I i ;tl . ill , 1 ' Iil, thi e i pupl1i1' il
Ii t , I th ,e IIi I"t Wlie t o | tlli
.i1 l.I1 h d en dis;alhIed. T. MAilcha
, hii, ni 'l. l :ll.l.ad 1, wat s slightly
i.isr,.d 5lih t -n I ut le, hhtdloy int
I . third b1ll.1
At 1non ( 'nral II ~wl'.l ( ,lcls r.al
nItlz, a l 'le r;l mui ti ' :l"a on , dl ll hInet.:I)I
;nilur t s . id c ()It h11," i hle ny tII the
rua tl 1:lTribute ad re5iw d the
ti,tysuill, 5 :i iig l~ t, : ilt ui ll i 1ii\'i,+' tfl
,ualet orgn,l izeld ly I the I , lix ilHa
orIh ill ih.1 l tlo ltel 1, 1f . In teho Ws.
o st l i' l, y id lr tifl'id ti i thl th recent
y i st.
S. v, eral i1l, , slit: UI per:sts Comn Hoclat t
hrt tls " dilel ul.lnt hrat llt' of the ll f -
t Iry servic,, civic nt l etic.s ir lal fra
(lral orgn. t i llzathii orlnt, mounted
Ilot in trigesl, ol;tradedii t{eilog the
1 rip~ ;t11! shteets. 'li'ontl 1:sumb of spec
iif s line,!( and ,ts surro unding
ti pil tiec , b t wl re ls t i turktillyr
T ll1i.. 'isel, illhsti i h ' i"t " c euntry
rdit l htir'ul.
Tribute to Reyes.
A feature. of the itllordl wasi the
rit l''ess hur''e of (.'twn ral lier'nardo
Ryes, \vailhing be+hihld a cnt'riage, in
l'.ilI't wais i palilting oft the general
draped with (icrepe. ]iered heads all
long the route evident.l. th's love and
Tmhirtine of t1,, pseople of the capital
(or the dead chieftsn. The smine sol
eln res.ect for another 'i'thln of the
revolt wais sh~5wnl when the draped
pliture of (,mn ral (/r1r'lurio passed.
In front of the palo:the wVomnen in a
Carriage heading a dl'gi.tiars of fae
tory emnployes r.h ausd firur doves of
peace. A.mong the trantsparenietr's
w/,re so1 ,m lhearbint such inscriptions
as "honor and (lry to the Restorers
of PYIac'," and ".Our Country Is
The Metropolitan Press assoclation
has joined in tiht, endeavors to restore
complete pacification of the country
and has sent to Governor Carranza of
Coahuila a telegram imploring him to
dsist in his opposition to the new
g.,vernmntnt and support President
The newspapers of the country
(Continued or Pagre Five)
Despite Fact That Differences Be
tween Democratic House. Progress
ive-Democratic Senate and Repub
lican President Caused Trouble,
Much Was Accomplished.
Washington, March 2.--WIth the ad
joullrnnlent of congress Tuesday 11oo1n,
the end will be written to two years
of epoch-nlaking struggle within party
rankls, and to throo sestslons of effort,.
only partially successful, to adjust the
differences betweten a democratel
hllollu , senatle under id lloc'l'ratij -pro
gressive control, and ai reipubliclan
M1any lnmportiitnt piecs of legisl:ta
tion have\ liint coalnt'd \within that
time; investi.galItions of n peticllar sig
itifliance to the paublil( have beon c(on
dl.telLd, aind liauny suihjctsi of genieral
Intereust hatve been laid aside wIthout
act Iotn.
The tariff, attacklild alike froltl demo
eratlc and republicall n sourc(Res, twice
during that period, hals Icbeen the subh
ject of attemptted revision, buit none of
the proposedu cha-ngei s libermill effective.
The Sixty-secuondL c1o-ngRess opened
In 1911 with a spelncihal session called
by Presldent Taft ito consider Calla
dian reciprocitty; It i-ndus with ani extra
sessilon of lhe Sixtyv-third contgreHss
only al few weeklus aIway, to hle alled
lby Preslidnllt Wilson for a ge.t-neral re
vision of the Payne -A hlrich tarIftf htw.
National conventiions, the birth of ait
newt' pirty, a general e-lectiont, and a
icmpletellll cihange of administ ratliont
have Intervened bettweien ats begin
ning and Its (utid. Activitlies of the
shiort se(ssion Vnow closingll have been
limitetd alinost entirely to routlliine work,
Ieat, slli. of the detertrilliatliol to lea.ve
to Iir no i n(la tiil itrtito aill oIi f tilhe
Ilmportiant subljects of a ge-nerall clhar
Important Developments.
i'erhattps tIhe most mnlportant develohp
llentIs of the entire conligress' are l th
Ntew fliederal ureau ofi latbor created,
with i ctllinet oifficer at its heatl.
I'hysl: al vI;alltl l iiil of the properly
of railrotlads and outhlr cominmon Ciar
riers ordetred, tio forii" bassl for rate
('anadiltin reci-procity law passed, butl
reje'cted by c'anadltl.
t\Vtli, cottonl , o ltal, and free list
tarilff thills (passed, ,ut vettoed by Prod -
dentti 'Ia' ft.
C'nst.ilutim ld i l inttlint for lilpopu
lr election oif seniatoirs submitted to
Shliuiont of lilquor Into prohibiltion
statesla forblddten by law.
Arbitration treatles with Great Brit
lan and France negotiated, but failed
of' iat rift Iation because of chanllgls Itmade
-by tlih senate.i
Tirmillnaltin of the treaty of 1832
with Ituissia demtatlnlded bty ctongress.
Nit lie served ont the world by the
sen t', thati the i, l eitd Stll tes, will n.t
'peruiti fioreign natis. to secure miill
tary (tr naval footholldsi whIere they
lighltt threaten safety of this coullntry.
('htldrt.ti's bureaul creaited in depart
metlt of icolt.urce antd labor.
Panama canal law passed establish
(Continued on Page Six)
The Classified Ad
Finds You Tenants
1\ Wliy do you allow your property to remain idle when it
Iight be bringing ou() a steady income? The house you have
to rent may have been ,empty for weeks. The sign you have
postedl on the front fen'c is seen by those who pass, but it
doesn't reach the man who is looking for jLust sulch a house
as yours. lie would rent the house if he knew about it.
¶ For one cent a word, you can tell him about your house,
tell him where it, is and where to find you. Ile is looking
over THIE MISSOIUIIAN Classified Ads every morning. If
you place your annonellnment there he will see it and you will
have a tenant bef'ore night. The cost is so slight that you
cannot afford to be without this service.
¶ You cannot get; any such service as this anywhere else. It
is inexpensive, efficient and not troublesome. The most ef
fective solicitor in Montana is THE MISSOIJLIAN Classified
Ad. It is at your service for a sum so small that you are over
looking a great opportunity if you do not employ it. Put
your ad in TILE MISSOULIAN today.
Measure Has Once Been Introduced
and Attempt to Clhange It Will
Probably Cause Storm Today-Uni
versity Appropriation Reduce. and
State College Amount Increased.
Ihhilmt, Mac.h .---(S lciil.) -A
l i i ll n ito( htitre t.tiigitt tii 'edutice
ih ' iii r t -cttin git e it til e ' nit -
ilt:Itii t ill Jh i li LI Stit\'lii ItS th I tlt
Vert' y. This trll othLs,,d l 'rl dtl cl , tion. wa.
mIllt 11 tho hit i tl.,dg o" th
tlt royi.it ns The urnatll t Mtt ashlh
for ith lliii 'i.tlti i ii the Ii. l li II ,ii'i lt
iii , I ht-i llon hill, illtl'id.tie tt it hi -
ill , ht.ai ititu llltl'i itlll'u rI I lllm t40,0)0 Iit)i
$3o1L53',00.Tesllllil., 1c Il rni 11 g
fliii-1· 1 t 'llll 00 (It. ltit iti tlit C li l ' guit i
rli~ 'tlltlll']l 1·( I lh ,. Ii~ ·~: II. I} . ·Ill r :L.w
Itlh oii m .i nlll t tt " i il" a.t0 {
A(~11 11 . I),t'\Y 'lllll{{q 'S, el" {]It 11:iII l 1}II1K{L
Oli i 'itII l ti t 0 littltthl. I tli llly o Ith.
l itl t i ii't ll i i tt,1-i.te - I li* (I h lt itthIIl. s
,of lit, g,,erll{l apIpropril'lalt)ii hill whlichl
th ," hill ttl i lt ji "t ihi i t. hi
W t t- i .' Irtit 'dlt-t. It( h lt-ti-i th- i t
ih i titi iilit lto 1 i.lret ,11 nle r ially -.. rid.'l yI
ti.;'htl ttitl h ItIth bill sta i.d it ' tasi
iit til t l l me.
. F1 edePrallilg A.distince. l'
hreii o il Icui t ' h() i l thi ll te lt itJd llu rlti 't
tlip. of ln{,\ 11 onllihies. .11uch trading' Llf
has bee.n <1lone111., hOder to seu'r'J1JH tlh 1e
tI'-ll r h.iie. d by the iivisionllht h nt111- t
Is ll mlllrd Ill t they ha titlit. Tlti )ad. i
with I llthe Iatrol rintll ill onH to |theu' i v. l \'U -
Reduction A Mystery.
JIust \l h y tis reduI t1, n hast8 hunt1).,
Ill;it } IIT.i l.fly l1Wl| th |* Ill O} the t' 4 lll -
0 l t llt l f'I tI'hql of g le illlivo0y'lt3 1'
;|t ;L l{).. 1(} klhow. ThJe com mi ttenL'L
f'trl l mu h tih e upont hi discussi;o
flod {[,gr led b}{oI the hltrloducthionll t of
tho bill n( 110 h moun t |t ig e givTth t
:.,84'] ill~I i nllIIIH . This :l4t'.,oIl.lle t WRtS
hnttonin;{'d with the fixtulrts {greed.
(19 11it l Ill it.
'I pu the hnt| dullthin ofl the hill it,
lik..{ all otlhelr hllIs, pa+sse.d utt of the
h..nds andh beyondm~ tlh' jurIisdh.['tho oI
(1i0 q'onlllnittq'. Thell c*halnges1, if" anly
\\ r1"* tol be( Ill;Ill€ Shoublh a I~Ve ,he.li
slltinda oln (1b, f'loorl o tihe. houts[ ats
ulllqnldhllnll Ito thle hill. Tlhis i.' t~ho
II:.lu l Ipo w{'{durI'( \ itli :ll hilll..
Tl'he nitlll~ litt ,, frI'I l) tlh , :-l;l t \V IIt'
011l t,, s , l';il" pla];y. It wV:I :lgreedm
titat al11 of1 the instlitutihns .s houhl ret
evlivel thll nlonllounts.' duel thi nt'l andl that
l no ] it oubhH l Ibo es, cl~tii.ly l'at, ,u'ed. Iln
lhl, r cl' l mil ellqll'h :l inlMlI ill]Jill by) the
statell h,,;ll ofI {'lhl.ethon, for tilt difl'
fr,,l nt11 hn tiuio. nslh~l,. (1ho llnlVe sity Wal:
I' a'mll ndllh'd lfor $:l'i7,000l. lhwv er'tl,
allL o1" tl'. ..h ,-l q,% the frieth~l 'is ofl the
Illive'lrHitV' fi1 thlO Cot'lllllitteel {{nltll
prll'{ lll POI 0lIHI I}I. mildI}lintN |halt Wt'r'(
to the, hill ats inltrl'( liend thi, iniver'sity
\vItn to} re.''vel $3-0,00)0 anxd the atgrl
('Clu lltu l c'olhego $"60,i}00 1"uI'oI the}
Federal Assistance.
Il(l the agricutur.al /,O ntllegell reltcl,!)0d
ror two .vars.. Il1lL- aret lpendinlg which
w',ill gtve. it att lka.st $3{0,(00 ml!rt,. Iln
(('ontinnud onl Palge Tlhren)

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