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The Daily Missoulian. (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, March 04, 1913, Morning, Image 10

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.... .....- - --` ,-.--~ . _.. .. . .. .. -- ,__. .... . . . . . . .J ....- . . ............. .. . ....
Ewing Didn't Like Bill's Work. and
Howard, Last Year Fie!d Captain of'
the Seals, Wii Hindle Club This
l l,,1111 I. 1 , t i:. I ' ii ,
I iii
it. I. ii
, .T II i I .
} I .. lI
ri >'h.- : Ii . ,: IIi: } +t t,,! . l
l+iii {, , + . + t { , ' i : i l . , , l + t l V '
Ittiji -l,, N I ; + p ', . , .. . ' l q: t. +
11. ".1 . j :t nIn*rtj7 I ;. -ý.ý ý"ý u h.
i-ntg is t ,I Iii t" I h
1nif ti t i of !,'' ik. jllý- iri. II iii !ý'1' "
anii tuii7 iii isa: Hill:d 111il !r
it fr-i i-i. nt.
If 'Messnrs. Exi'ri, Atihni ri andBrs
ittt, ban i-i. arib $151,~ dyljll iad, what
are they wurtbI alive?
Cr'at Distance Runner Takes Long
Jaunt Every Day and does Through
Stiff Course of Training in ..ddi
11118 8 ill I 1 , ll, l l i:t :iw l ing
St, . , ,it 1 \ i d
] ;,I Il ý,,I~. iý , ýi, !, I :t t'i, tIl I, , "'h I .ii. l,
I ' tI' lt' ihi t ' s li l"
II. .l ,.. I,,ii.,h i t1 1:' 11: 111, " ,~" t I, it.
I'tl: I ,tl II t ti i i gt 8 11 ti :
1"2, :ittli 9 ra m ll
lfii I it.
, t ,,I.I l ,l '. :t'i ti lt tl
ililli::. t~.` \ in'l' l d fii ;(it. t' , ll{];tl.
A Busy DaY.
in i i. fi . rnin1. i 1h.
11·,_. 1·:: h:11 ý ,,,:1 ,,: h ",1, 11,n11.! itfi,"
ii i I n ,iti \in i
' Ii riiit I\il i1i s11 1 s11(·
1`11:1 11 . ..ll t, II ,:: ;I\. l\
his 111\ i :ll 1, 1.: rf, 111) 11,1 it's iil tf,"
It.n , ,"trn 1,7"
1,"I' tsli:.'l, lit' p is a t lit\' 1I
" '':'' i il I t i i· ii'iiinii'ill in sr.ii :
'\""!' ''' l~ili;111 s ill, fill th,"ir··il "l'
,,:,,n ,"I , ,i : ~"t i t" : ill ti l , i I n' I
I1:,:"n, ,, - h s!1 : lull \ rnn c,",I 11.1111 1
isiii ItI+ ý i
Int ,tl ii i ji . . ,i, t" tll. \SII
'\ ~''l~l l~· i. li~i i ls1 1 111115..
iiý.ýi :, , ",I',', rý ,l I.. h,"Itl :t 1"ulll i. illl
i I , I ''in l 'it h r~tli n, Iii i
hi~l. ' \ h ,, li ht ll I I ,lit
~~;I ih~ lill "\V I, r i~n n
or) ;,ft,"rrr m 1, s 'i l illi,
sill! tint I 51.11 I,,," iittihin '.L. i'i -(
tl'i' :Ii 1..... . 1~ iiin'l,," in ;ill ..Ifill
ii 5,,i~ -.: It t Is-liit, iln-l th 55 l~
iIh - ii ns"l' is n ti
It I iilw tI-I. ii
* :is' 1-lS ,,,n" ii ii l'rttu-u r II''
till I1111i . ;s i iit ' s' ,ii?~ hi s h lt
it-'.''"'I ~ri-nit a a
i55 iiig - 1; '.Fll
5ý~ , i l 5 l ~' I , ýý I . ~ ,, i a ull,1 i
I I ii Ii ix i
xl-' lii s s lii i ,ix.. i ,,, .!w t
'-,iiili-i ii Irllijin' Iii ,i ~
White Sox in Clover
A Q4cVrrO So.
-FMS AII2A - 64sCO
ý" o a
AR6CON ARID *(14C 7b-4LA
AN~D TNEY'LI BPII6 ME- . rýOr 1 E- P LJ IL'6P~l4N3D
LEAiON p4!ý 7vD'
The% WAY /P LET -U~Ru~
.,,,- 3 fU~
\Xrr~g hite S8"x in Inraining
1 I. :ý I'M" I hICSti. il 1I1I .,Mi(ll-lunnvu
1' Iii A" ' i ii i w g .' I- ui
Iýýý,"Iý, ,e:r lll- ,·"li- ·lll rlarll- luil l l ýi~i. rýl 1
,1i" IW\711" nnl, ' ,III l i 2' wh IC'~rh
ill ý.1 111' l I h l " nrighit In likrl llrl tI
: i l g I ll~n - liti I'. III ''Il int e
Iw tt " I i l, n ill . l.I in l e1ar
111:lrli.1.Il t~l 1111 1(i.
'''l ! . I' in u I n'I I jn 'lI ,Il I '
;,;tit, v, I II 1 11 illI} lill, ll ,II 'j %%illl
IA1: IA n A ý."I:; r~r~ý, ill] : ll r:;
Sporting News and Gossip
L".: rlllll :,1111,",, Ill lllllIl(· , LII :,
kI' I hI·1 tli1 ,AII II I ,,, iLIin' l l l.:UI11
ii xr I iIrii r ''i
I i A 1iu : KiIi IIi I it ,IIllla~ntlil
Y :t
ittl"I, \1 ri t 11i . ill' , f ti iiii rtir 1 1i,"
I':(i',"I i' \ l Ilo ' y - 1:' 1":II 5 I11 n ll I,\ ; ; l111
11·~111 11 . li·:r~ ~ :11, nn 1n \\' RL I not IL ; r~in;
liii I ii ii
. ,1 11111 ·r ):1 : 11,"i .l111-.-," r 1.:n I"', I11 11 -
iii Ii "Ii sun iii lit \ :I tI,,fu ,1.18 1,"
;IrI"."t 11 1 ýiia I l lll( II ·lj :, 111 '11,111' 1:,:
r, ln Filil ; lil 11 :,1 , it> ·? i· i l il i I ,Ji ,
-- n:ri i I';, I- :.r," 11v n lr r'li;
1111 11 r A a 'tii r I I! i-i I . Sitiii 'ii ii Ii
ii , L II , ii ;I tlur ,il ]1. '1111 111s s t isl 11',11
, II' iiiibbt,'is. till is .1i
I** *
liii I. this in i r it. N:, 1 lir,-kr,
iii, iris i Iiir rr" ir, , if 1, -iaii- Is, st i
I-.1:, ill h isII ri, i i i-i 1 liii iir jug (11 h
iSA. tr: ,s tiluts Vli-rtt; "eii tritii ,r Ni' -
I ",r ,"i tiii 1 l I I r I .k - I*'n~ star u!' Iirr t
r11n1~~~~~1".ii ii~~ri;r ii liii iris 1 1·1···
5. ,, II. lhu1 it- i iiis Mil ii ijirir
ii i'r si i if 11ii r 1,"'1;,' i llt n trig.
r *
I'rosi ~ iii --i I'-ir'I'th I tinl~ hra si
III I",I I', rý tiuulllI iiir md -'ins. -IrIs
'list , 11 11i--i 1 ti Iii- (' in-11 nth h
A-t--i-i I~i ,uIrri tlni r IrIrrp., iLr it ii ui ,
i'S Ii'11 ,1 rn11: sr iii- 1g
ý'.. h'n II1.II. .1. _ ,l Ij. A e k ,' a .
i.lý ill i -," in 1 n- ii inn- N! Ii ,I f ther
t'li1 s 111 1,\ iII' II -run inn," hnn ' i- l tr'iii -
n is An Iii '\ , tnt i runt trin- 1m 1,1- a
h. Iia-t Iisll nit i'm i tn-g N--n-u
WIl tn srus Ii I t ir Irtis ir th Isr-rri innl trl
'I'- t- r nr * t trn-i
Aun'Fir Ii n-ruinirr iruirlstn 't un s sIl h is
in t\iiirlir rr rr -is r r -i
ii Ini tInt iii- " rr , r n liri. ,, I , 'i ,i l :
SI-.i it 1,rr1i- 1 (i-mg.'"s SiI toga , r utI ' th ne ji,
AIsrinir Itur-i. r'fttr-nr- Ires him1 irimrrr
iii rirh I-m h r" 11 r-1 ',.,~ the ITnxrrr I r-agri e ,
trrtr hr i ,irigired :lti1ni1 Jri1ec Flmhe irn. ,
trin trirk- "ilt, 11rrr 1 t ;nNorflk N.team ofr1
rtrVrii legu lsteao. i
`'ihey i'ill nourisih H it. Iiviin it it
urieiglhi ring hot('l iii P11 tiiii art
'lintll? iitv Cit u'l ti li atlijIu i. ti all
iii. ý;,r11 1hlitid t ipjy t,1t ilt. '1'IIi'to1
iir,' tl rt'll it iavII I;,t l.llB : t liiie
v~11n tr l, (I~ aii ;iv i hi d vi iii i
p i liii.
i~·osal 11111 hr 11 u j i1 1ak tt-Il
illt' i iti h, i'lli t'. liM t i ti l i ' -4 i at
11iII In" lim i to II·s l i I; k i In il viIsu
u s, II -t liti r. A high - I ,Ii iitl I1irllsjll·l. or
\\'I· lint n i, tl~ , dii r us. .I I it. ii I rlhe lrl
I i ~ S, I i t " . , slit u u b . , t \\illl lttoknil.
`isi i+ stais of toda;ty are n ti the only
'tfla- w lii rt c Il n gkl.l 0 m lly out of
ani I ll+. Jack M l l cAuliffii,is \vh iIo was
and rithod undecfeatced, is doing tionus
it, hi2 Not-v fork showl houses which
ki' ' s hint l drssied well. Ml t .unliffe
\V',1 H ItWlltlrc b(oxer ai nd k,)let selline of
fille ini ' whi h i ll Ide.
Ailikt il toryn signed his coillractI
' i i ld the I'Itrdinlls trl' y Ihis yetar.
:l.a- se ison Alike didn't repotl until
'r the te:-n rt rined from spring
i* *
,hhtnuty i'N-ill, who, at 71, is ol ne if
ile fUsllI tll t iaslist f i llus:;, hai s
hIn-dti. to tilake tile ltlr(rollsld trill
url; iic · thte world with the flionuts and
Whitte S.x.
ftilitlt slongi \writ r i ft .the 1,tilt yit
TI'g'rs has signlt his 191t:1 li- tratl.
aetrLt' ansserts that lhel is :ll " Iiliii
a" tild t idy fo'r the' first noill er
'The, ITti, NN -ew York Stat, hleague,
,:ln will l 'lrnish tvwo college hasi 'lall
'nto Ihes this spring. Pitciher Ituk
will c',t.ih the I''lgate univtersity ni- 1l
tul Jitint y I)twd will dtvelop tilhe
\nitlerst htiltiery nitterllal.
Ileine'i Zinnniritiun, champion bats
ilanl iof ith, Nationlilal leiague andlil star
third ha isemi illof the nlist, lattrilttes
his succetlss as ai slutiggiTr to lthe gam'
S1' golf'. Ih says that playiing the oldh]
81ottish gaitte gaveti hint It kIn eye e
ind a tr iee nalturtil sIwillg.
Mlayoir l<isslyrn T. ('ox of tMitdil,
in,. N. Y., will t (t t its pIres.tent f of
Ilth, riltitly organized Ni\\ Yiork and ,
Nw\v Jhrsey hlagu!i, rniams will le s
phiicd in Mhitle'twn, Long [sl.lndl
lily, Poughkeepsie. Ne whtlrgh and
Kiligstton, N. Y., :lnllt Paterson, N. J.
I-,firg- Stallings denis Ithat the ha 1
Il"e f'igl'r'ett with M!((ravw oti a trade.
iut, anyhowli , tti got tetit ildvertisingl
)tit of the yarn.
.esse 1 halr'a tl tillune.s thlat lihe ii
willing to lily lacllk Benny Va I)vyke c
illn thelt Red Sitx in 11ase Manager
talt( decides to turn hims loose.
Diclk Ngant will atI as field captain fi
or the Reds this season, according to I
omllpanied by ta large retinue of cuD
taoue.o.s, serfs a n llllo)ther att(CIII(atts.
'oir xa:tlllt, ca:th Iplatyer should
ha;ve a vahlt. Also a private physl
clian, a trained nt s' --- itt case of it
r'ili-in with I. the mip -- ; clhauftfur of
course as well as his own special
ctiltk. 1-low (aln ita -ain bat .300 when
he's ditscontent(nd with his lmeals?
ol - nc t ) llol I |' f OVet'-se.a.sttoeid hian
soup has figure inll the errior collllumn.
Arnl to isk :* lhall player to drive
his ownt motor is Ihto limit. That'd
Ia f in'e hig(e pitce of work! He
1IllI st ]a\v" his own cha.ulf+le , t(oo.
\Well, why nolt? \VWhen we .stop a ndl
,l'lit lr olin nll Vthe changie we u5ilgs
it " h llu with, lto se 'et perform, O
it ,looks a:s i" they are licensred to
i.n lat, Standard (il stockl holders.
ithe. sltnt~i~tlt giVn ot by MAlauager
ie 'T'inkertt .
The l'hillios hav\e signed IuIgio T.
\edill, It former college player antd at
,'es lt :t m~eii e'r of the faculty of
the ' niversity of |'. nslus.
The \VWlshi.lton Allrierians have
t ilt L'argest salilul in historly it lltheir
trailling lp lls seiia t on l. M itinager
Griffith will tlake 3s plIayers along with
A lt of folks wa:nt to know this:
If Joe TinlieT can't ster his own auto
Intleh,, whalt lichance has lhe t the
\heti l Of tithe good, shij il i niltitati?
Hal ('1hase, thl crack first sacker
of the Yanks, Ibelievets that C'hantti.c
will have a very fast t-am. "The
prosplcts atre bright 'for ia sclltessfull
SCeiSi]I," saiyS Ch(hitsHe.
I'resident Jinmy AlcAleer of the
Ited 8,%o has refullsed ol'fers for 1I ex
hilition gain s. Jiti sayils hI iltis ihnt
hlit(ve in exhibitiolt gamies, oncli the
chut'Iinihipi season begins.
Nap hlttcketr, the star soulthpaw of
the' lmgirs, is stro lnllg for Johnny,
\\ ii tthi' penltii int.
Ired Cla(rke, leader of the Pitts
burgh Pi'rates, .has , hi]o ght another
ltU-acle additioll to his K~llsas .arts.
lhbby hlyret, says he is not going to
hIe bluffeld bIy Burney l)reyfuss and
i'ed ('larke. obby1 says the Pirates
I!lust Co(nte withl the salary he de
ii illdS. * *
Pitcher l_)roltin, sHciured by Clark
cIrifllfit late last seasonlst, woni 24 iout
i i0 gaiintes, anid gives prolnise if be
ing a VathlVible tItlit.
bIranch lictkey, chief srout for the
1. ,Louis llrow\vns and one of the mnost
int resting ch liaracters in b.,eball,
clillms that Sam Agiew, the new re
kJnit of the Brolwns, will make t good
lel lhloward, who left St. 'Pall last
si l llIl tIl joiin the San ltIra'.tisci
t'i[:tls, has been aplointeed manalger jof
that clubi, surctiteeding Bill iteidy.
Southpaw Laddle Link, who was
IoliI'e with tile Nails and Browns, Was
the, first Inldianapolis l player to sign
hil ,, contract tils season.
10 \WaIlslh, the work-horse of the
\Vhith Sox, has participated ill some
thingi like 30011 games since joining
I 'liiniskeyt's telll.
I;ig AlI W\'illiuams, tilhe St. rator'.
i;,ksti'op, says lthe season lcanl start
aIliy tille nliow, for he is ready and fit.
. :ire We.
I:lffy Lt,wis says the Yalikte s un.
(ltr Frank Chantce should land near
ilie top this season. "Near," not "on,"
s.Hys lluffy. lie didn't say how they
.\ aiu ;ttcompllish this.
s r
M.IinllIagr Leidiy of the Austin,
l'Texas, ellth has piloted ball tealns for
I7 years anlld nlever finished Iowtir than
thlirll. Major league llagnatl's ,'ease
Manager Connie Mack is counting
on Chief Bender to lead his pitching
corps this season.
Rube Marquard says that the Ox- I
ford university has made him a coach
ing instructor.
A frieze of joy is this today
Within this column bliss holds svtay.
Here withered winter shai't appear
Nor gloomy clouds, nor musings
Put only happy, sunny May.
Ah, that I might with words array
My happy thoughts, and cast some ray
That would illuminate, with cheer
This frieze of joy.
Alas, the Bolden thought turns clay
itaply the printer kind will lay
A bit of decoration here
That we may call this column ja,
A frieze of joy.
In Introduction.
Ladles and gentlemen; The fol
lowing bit of news, printed elsewhere
in this morning's paper, is the cause
of this celebration:
Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Leslie BI.
Wood, a boy.
The news came to Leslie early yes
terday morning while he was hard at
work on the moirning pape.r t'Copy
was piled six feet high before him and
on eitheor side of his desk stIood i
miessenger boy with fres-li word flrom
the front. AS he sat there with pier
slpitiIliIill stundilng 'on his brow ;ti
callers stl:ndliing on his feet the nurse
ltrd withl a tluny Iiindle of flan
"A little boy lhas just arrived," the
nurse sqid.
"Tell him to ieat it back,"'' 'growled
Leslie withuti, looking up. rI i'ang
for tlitt i "x'esseng'r tI\Oi hbours igi.."
It wvsn't luntil his work Wvas over
that Leslie roealized what had hap
W.1 are walnd(ering, tiltogih. 'Tlhe
e'l''.ibrants ari. waiting anld the in
tr ullltioin shouiild x'iinie' ti)o a close. It
is 'enough to sayl that tllh.se tiiigri'xitu
latioinis come from the' hl'eart. 1'xven
Li. i'. tV.'s ha ilineoss is not much
deeperl'r than that felt by the collntribiutotrs
to) tis icolumx n iof con gratlulaoni. ('on
gratilatiions are due toi L.s!,- aoil to
Mrs. Leslie, for ithe liaby Is a wtonder
lrl)passilg desc.ription. ('xngrxtila
tlnsi are diio the htiliby for cholllsing
his home- so, carefully. lie coulilnt I
iave dline Ibtter had he tried. Pro
.deTNlllen with thl stings and festivi
ties, after remirking tlhat the flact the
IPinc'h litler is Ihist explains his jilt
sition at the top oif thi , i atting order.
I've sincere, xc-'ng-i'latull iiiion
tin this latest innovati'on
Which has iroutg l n m ew reltion
Ti L. Wood.
TV'ithli t any hlsitation
I prledlict this transmlutaxtion
WVill Ih -nome in inslpiration
To he good.
If the boy set'ks an ixUxpllel)-
Ot)lxoxrtunily'll i)e' aml le
lit: wiould host not make a samnple
Of his dad.
But the father can't dih better-
If his habits ihe tvouhll fxettor-
Than to follow to tile letter
This bira\v Ind.
-A. L. S.
A chip of the told Woxotl Itlxck has
('come t t the hoiuse of WViod,
A mighty lusty sllinter, fine--grained
steck and good.
Htis daddy struts and smiles out loud
most cheerfully;
Such gleeful pride is truly good toi
hear and see.
"My boy shall Ihe an athlete Ihold, a
man of brawn.
A tiower of strengith for my old age to
lean upon,
A brainy iisiness nmn of high integ
So says the, willing, hatppy father
But just .yx, wait, gxy fa:tlher 'Wood,
don't shliut too siooln;
There limay be moments w'hen you'll
sing a different tune.
D)on't lie too sure yollr son is every
thing that's good,
Ihntil You fiat how i )ftt n yi have to
tote thm \Viod.
-M. K. IT.
thlurrnl for little Tcsli,.
lie's sure ta tIxonny ixiy;
Thelre's not xt doublt ,lut thalt he'll lirove
i-Is xpapa's pride and joty.
But hesitate a minut(i-
My lulood riuns ioxli, for fair;
lD,) you SUili)ise that poor, dear eilihl
\Vill ''ver s!urout ; l hxir?
-WV. i. 1i'.
I aml no pioet
Aniid I knolw it;
That is why-
When this job I tackle
It's enough to cause a cackle
I could cry.
This will lie ablout all. I hope Les
lie's by will hie. a: b'etter man thanii his
daddy and that We ll have no ,nore
poetery to inflict on a long-suffering
--T. L.I S.
Helena, March 3.-(Special.)-The
agricultural college basketball team
easily cleaned the Independents in a
game here tonight by the score of 51
to 11. The local men put up a game
fight throughout, but were weak on
formation and short passes.
It Is reported that Patsy Donnv
will again scout for the Red SEv
Schlomberg Is a Member of the Volun
teer Life-Saving Corps, and is
Now in Training at Palm Beach,
Fla., for His Swim.
ý:avannah. (i., March 3.--(SpRoial.)
-(Captain lenjmitnn I'. Sehlolllotirg, of
Jone~lborn, (ga., a- e. libe,vr o1f the
Uonited States VoIIunt(ir Life t aving
corps, is now at Palm flirt.h, Its., in
training for his Ilproposed nttrptlt to
sWini the English (hal;tnlll in Mayi.
Cap(tain Seh(loni. rg s h.liv\ves he vain
luplie 'to th, ft at pt.erormil d by (a .
tiht 1 I\' t T, 1 ,t,:irs alo a; id s.Un.ess.
frully bItt, the CT7 iles of turbulent
. a tt'ers.
(CaLainit SiohlInhrg sI ; or'anrizing
brari thei of the lift siring coris it
vu.rioias points ill iihe siIth. Ito rie
're'ntl l c.i plmtI ill rlt , l r 'ntri t ,ll ne Hit ill
Atianita, and is now tryinrg to ii ter
est Savannahiit. ,Jalks(iti ille, Miani
alnid 5 ll L ir l i, in ihe vIlilltn ry Sitr r
viir r ldesigrin I( ll o r 1im itan for lifos
SavinI work\V l. (' lla tain Sthl bllll ergl
himself cl t iliit a rl " 1 o'"d 'i oni e hlun
Idrnd anid tn lives dutring tlh siX
years hl has h I. un coi c tllll( td ith the
Capt(lai1n 5thlinithr. will lbrek
tr:aini':nn 1 t'IIe h 3 lhn:; enough to
go to i \Vashinirgtioi to ti kt hart ini tlhe
inungttration of President W\ood
row \Vils.tn. lie w'ill loin int the p3aa
iadtl 'wiillsI I ie othel"r li l('i s iof the
voluniteer life (s;tvers, all of whllnm wviii
heu in the unitlor'tl oft tile sservice. AC
ter the iaiiaurationl (iii aptain a , 'hloii
Ierg will rllturn tol I'alml Beach.
(talptain \V Olib is the only lIerson
who ihas ever suiud.taed in crossing
the English c'lalSniel bly sw\hiliiing.
Sithee that thlnuis nmllllerlmtls efforts hlave
beein Ital by thi e lmost dlarintg andt
;adept swilmnellrs in the worlld to-"du
plillate his teat, 'but all have failed,
none of them conilng within several
miles of th l, caveted goal.
T'he tranlingin wi: a t'.,,/.;iQ Schlomn
berg will tulttergo at latin Heat h
will ,te at first short s\wivis if a mi:!e
or so a ldayi. ral nallyt 'these adi'
tatnces will be ineru,-i ,ist i til he w. I
htave been enabl, . t ver tin i
1i5 tilhs in ti .ii '' h;,
lieves, w ill iutt ta: . ..t -ilel
fol his ambitilous atttemi)t. Hle will
a;lso takle lon^ cros-ctullntry runs atnd
other exerlcisets et'lllcateil to imllprove
his staying qualities.
T lkio, ttllrch .- lTwo thouasa nd
htoustes, atinost the entire town of
Nunalllltlz, to the southtl of Tl'lktio, were
lbuirnedl todtay. These inetllllid the gov
orneitnt lildings. Ther'e were sev
erail I'alalities. The loss is estimated
ait $ , tl0,l00t0.
Milwvatl]ukee, IVis., Ma1lrch 3.-Pal
Bro\vn of Hiblbhing, Minn., defeated
Steve Ket(celti of ('hii'ago in a 10
rountld bluti. here tonlight. Brown led
all the w-ay, landing almost at will.
St. Loulis, Malrch .--The main squad
of the St. Loulis Anl riiealtns left today
'for tlleiri- r trilni ctllan at Waco,
nhluth. Mtinn.. March 3.-April 3 has
been namllled as tile prospectihve date for
a meeting bet\ween 'Frank A. Gotch and
Constant de Marin, rir the world's
heavyweight wrestling ehiamplonship.
Emalporia, Kan.. Mar h 8. -W-illiam
Kannifax drtopped, dead in a grave
xwhich he was dell!ing in a renmtelry
i r' " ' " . tit trt diset.ls
caused his dleath.

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