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Th]e paurk's I' nrs have r,1 n sold'.
]' 1.: to .fit. Lt ulis they( go, .i HI!us.'.
an Mi-ssmiri andience i ,-. Th.s-y hiiv,,n
inrchased I roni trt is t. W.l ir.ln 1 t1h
-t. l , ias Z ltogical sI cieti , with S..'
r'ttr,- i'-r .ilsoti of the cham obr tof
lii ,t i.,' lin i i". ll a n iit itm . I -r
Ithes.- t'.ý - cuib ti bouti i i. of
lis mi a Ii, tis so tiId that m ]ri-t
ouhld h .,ti b..,n d,1h f r th ilf rt
Fior i to it, |]t 1 nts 1r. tT''rgi sonll Lni
l, --.. i -h t-.ilh tl, t . is ,
pie ',w\:th l .. t.1, . ,,f arr'.nszii tt i c
,:If fre l, rn i .tns Yti -t s t 'rt irty a letthr
3,i;s I'r+n- , ,, ! r ++r,,, t . ,t ,] l a ck
m ,il, ,r. ,l"ut .t l!ste it. I."uis Zoo
et i fit'al t itr it[ ut, ,Iptti g t11 ". - V.W.I -
di lt' tI+rnI.
Thte ' . t's ri ' gitii t'l ti o lt it ) i of
\1Mll 11:l. t , (1i. Ol \1',i'dol t '-e.sh tin.t' h.4
aI tt i iT 'ht t - \I t\i , i -- t L ll id - I I. I pit ill
tit- t .ar ;. d t/t dt i nt ,nt tu rTit ntiu
t tuli ln ' i t g t r, l 1iHi- . l t. , \V trd e n
WVauih t lea: l ilth'it1. .inal l thie citey
lud v -'d lr. tit.old l ln , i , , Inpt thit-S
as his proi', 'rty, but 1lt" agmeoif .ent
L ittl ~ ad ii that Ihi
city taket. at o t ; nhi i t
Now ithy have ben ti sold The odor
of fresh :-sass and e;trth mud tlt t tr g will
greet visi tor- to ( reenout g I h i-l- k lu.l
the landso.upo \ill no longer he
Miss Dorni hy Kagle, district traffic
chief for th.i tt -11m talli .tlt*s Tel
pho1 n . ] a td el 2"<a ph >n" p;ny . r -
fi rnc yell hhty front ThI ll si
ltlls, wh\re, sh, \\.lt inspect the
Oew etXChilnll O W]i'h ]l; hOien ilnstaIlled
there and which was lut into servi
fur the first time S;tttrda". Th'' re
I1ottx-. Miss .1 a t Ne r is tX
ellllgte 1110 0 0til .MiNss [\'t h s E l irld- .
chal ltps is t .it f opr ratr.
iTh , c'iturr.tt issu If Z ,nilth, It lii l i tl
mu 'uzin, publ.ish,,d L> the Marshall
\\tells iln-rdwar,, ,' il, l,;ily of )tuluith,:
is , v ,t'.l t., , 1l I;Mn rit. It carrit-s ;: 1l
"tr t lct. a iiti l d Seiniit. ' l' ill tI l tIil-l'
IntllsivNt e f. tsIion tl l, t s of the
siato mil , w\ hich m ,' l; tilnhtr
lttllt in of 1lis= , l] i lu., ItI. flitter 1
l ,,t t':llh y. ThL 1is-a,,h't s.ctin, is I
well illlst rated and I ]ilim ,illS relmtarks e
tl it r c 'ry clllly 0'lilttiil Lu ivest-i
frn fi ll it ilt. .
L. N. Allhn st, ris this onvriting 1p, n
. ta i\'a,ýi of' lit . ,.'I fi r t' ilt' ;h, "f
rect tlh1 atti' tion of th., -ublih.' to tl,
illt l lities of H" th lltt -. e .li ll ',tf'r'ic nti
t. soudlld 11 uiug t.. ,l'ar.ntý. 'L'|t' Look
is tedited 1, ,m of sl ,. n:.ti. 'al h-;id-I
r l et ir t ;illtI ' ul t4 tll 11 : 1ill[ s ates
Il"It. M r. _ 1. 11II hIas ill.' itht 'lsct'llwl t
of the ],h ctl h'I 'h , t,. k ',"
t}I I'lt. \ a nd it[ it : R r. ,l l.ý I+ 't l l a -
• tmn t ery. ''
SaveYour Health
Most sicknesses that impair health
have their start in quite ordinary
ailments of the organs of diges
tion or elimination. Stomach,
liver, kidneys, and bowels are
quickly benefited by the action of
SSld everywhere. In boxes, 10c, Sc. 2
"TLLhe Rose Maid" Coming
;, ·l~hi-I:,· ~·:::~:~a~~t' c ii
4 \:;~ ~ ·i;: l·:·i ··9
:--.·:···-~ ·I~ :r:~::~~t" *, :·;:··--·,·:- ··~ ··,: ··i::: ·;:·-::;;~ · ~ r·"q:
t, t:8
.; :.:;:I.·· :·: · W 4
,,:1181ll 3
There is much of Interest to the
lb,,itcr-goer in the annoufl ln -,-in t that
\Worba sdil Lushllt'" art tar .iniild Ali.e
lIoyd, the Ilmost I tlla , of fat.-h itting
E:nglish sinliltlg iol ellditllennes, in their
latest operatic ploduction, "The Rose
Maid,- with a reluttetly brilliant oper
lt1it score by IBrun, (rinici'hsl.ailedten,
a i. iiil[tosir now to Americait , to ithe
-Iari.inls th.eate-r Miatrh II, for its
- irst ]earinglli in this city.
(()f tIle shparkle, :nld pot-nt Wvitchery
of "lThe Rose i Maid" tlere has beentl nt
t o ol liions. It his ll tescribdtl
it a sister plrolctiion oif "The Spring
Maitid." lllt its melodic bI a lluty andll
iothelr. This nI e 'lierm i i. tirips
li htl iy fir" hu dreoaIl , l ti. li lll I(li
waiiit sz to clever s intill lting, ftII of
thi, ltratliw y type., i I . d is i rs (owd di
with dtesira,ble citizens of lie femin lll ine
P].l :Il·sn ill a1 tlilht' ilust harden d firslt
"The ost' Maid" unfolds a gay lit
tle slnt y, c'ilh, -re t ]nll t'l)} i w', wlho
;illstl s t\ilIalit resolt to the course
ltess of l\"w Louti., . The work ll+
[ 00l 11 1T CL ItSEica
IN FORMSied ttIl i Cts il, .hleOF COM -
Colm ic toling I xb', ,Il't :I tight of
revkcltI', hwiti ll it W\ hi ;II I ,1 has
cios t hI i i. i lih. i thl il: i, ii hlft iti ll
w ith hils l itltll'l old ' t . \vi ', \anlilt
i1i c\ nI un;m ( 'I W . os t ist of eIi
i . n i h i, 'i ,t 1 ,' +. i u i h11ti, s cii lll;i
.,n ,1 il n l i uý, i \%iil, Ii ell ;11,i I ii
- hl, 'i l'l,- i Ii . it- ... " "' ail' e p llliE
.: - i' l. "\\ ii ' ., , l t l refi le fir-ii
.lis,/ l[,l ru~ -; cireh., Alid j lli. i
i tI ,1 ii , i : , ts Itee t ] l di l ios d o
1 \ ll go ,M ý-iijil.itl \ithei' i ltit ,
Il rI" ire ttl utciui t o sifih tti
iii' r i, i i,' i i-. . "Ili Xl oll . Il', l i..ih I li llli
t\ill 1 i~ lon I .Ii, iiui-t ihaii thii s
t ,, ha s ] ult,\ T \\.Iu \ 't i rc grh -
t, el"v tin dsll,, ,I, th e next 'orty
ii d i t-iI'i . l't nei.re s. \ ill
I , it l the N r'i llis
1 0 C ,'l th ll .riI ll \ t i I ý tý \ e -
i , iii-'i' iii ii,. t i.c l [ i ll, i lit x 1 n
T 1 l. i till.uN A D 1-.'1 L '
TI h ,~ 1', 11 hI ,t c lo ed fo r fo ur'i i'
0; e1. l ith hiday, in tfrillit
Ih, lia . ing lntl. i11alkilt of sil eke.
'1 I , 1' i, fot' 1ib, closi]ll s. lh ' ill 'res
I, 1 hi.nq ,,y are clahit f te H ult will ill
- h \\ d a." . t tntl l ilty lor 831ii\ i . '' !
d tai~ si of the sale s\ill bti :illhollC.d
S ,'It thro'thll} the advecrtising collniis
of The Miissoulian,
1\e d ,'esire, to ixteIl our sincere
rtan-s and allpretaithin it, n11 Inllly
Ehtends in tit. tR, is miid .Missoula who
I'i kidtdly a.iste'd us during oir re
(cent hlereael\' ,cit in the dlath of
Dir, wVilson; also \wish to estp slly
thank the Masonic lodge of St. it' 4is
ahd others for the beau' ift l floh 'ers,.
- -AdV.
e Daphne, tie little rose girl, who se
t cretly hohels the Duke's image in her
Ti Th x white-haired servant totters
r criss the room and with trembllni
thandis iwr Ips a cloak atul.t his master,
who, sings a fairewell that is full of
,pathos and muelody to the wasted, days
that have fled, while Daphne sinks
Sheart brokenly into a big chair in the
firetlight unlable to clontrol her sobs.
It is in this mo10,t modern form of
opllertta that hIavse ciome the unusual
tI trasitionls ifrlot a most Cohanesque
'5 lneolatd meloudy to the hIauntingly
1 ea.utiful strains of the best there is
itl thie \1iollnniose school.
VIerha and ,ll'l.i erannouncelln. the
ost mislh'\tols aEl.glish coitedlienne, Alice
Sl.ind l, il tlhe pllll dlltttia role for the
f lrentlliitull Iof this new opera with
I the singers who were heard during
the long New York run, including Jul
it it. libee, formerllly of the Sichumanin
il ill, cpmlialle", Jeanette I3ageard, Ida
\'an Til,', Arthur (Clough, an 1English
,inor ~t' reputation, Hlarry Lester
.\laso,,, Leo Stark. Harley KInoles, IH.
ml It I h rs, besides the charmiing
litth- groue of "Kota Kiddies" that
N-\v w i 1t '1 tde i iam is ove()l r nighlt,
Ituld the( groat (choru() s of moll(dishly
a, n ld enaties that was clristened
t its first hlt ;lring, "a rosiebud gardeni
of glorious girls."
I Todlay is tle atniivrt'sary of the.
i Ulirth of :n r1'llllllou tt, ai day honlored
h i Irish patriot, s next to St. Patrick's
hut It is a culstmi of the adiles'
nuxili:ry to the Anciient lldetr of IlIl
hrllilnills in Miss.tll.a to pay formal
I tribute tol the iniitrniry of tile great
Irish i l,'.ilt '. This evening the ladies
l h inxiliarry will miake the iole
clam of n llem lers initiatedr anI a
shIlit l sinIe.S SI ssii)ot following
which (thorl will he i . musical and lit
'l'irary gl';lir i\l gi 1 underl i the direc
:uxiliary. Mrs. \Arthur 1'. Qulilln will
read it paper )o th(1, life and work of
liR.,ert ]Etnt ,,tt "and there will be other
80touprla'inP numll ers oln the program.
V', . i tl t'i'. \itIto t was brotughtil here
he s:tys, 'by literature silnt hi by the
(']Alnm)t Ier ('O l(, . hom m 'ne, leaves. today
f,1r tilhe ltnlthead reNsrv; tion. 1Il will
llliok o'iver the valley itld if ihe is satis
fied will send for hiis fatily. Mr.
t'art. r is highly pleased with what he
ihats seen of \westl'ern Molltana.
The BI'l ()oaird of coullnty conliliissioners
mlot toIday il reIgulalir session. RIoutite
tiiininess waa s ilthl olrdler of the daly,
much time h.iing taken ullp with the
auiliting of quarte'rly bills.
--- - -- ------ I
Trade Your Vacant Lots
For a nice four-room modern house
on street car line.
We have for trade an almost new, 1
modern four-rooln house on street
car line that we will trade for va
cant lots If well located.
Call for particulars.
Phone 212 Red Missoula, Mont.
Miss Kate Doherty has returned
from her regular spring purchasing
trip to eastern markets for the Mis
soula Mercantile company, and she
was discovered by a Missoulian re
porter yesterday, surrounded by an
enohanting confusion of new hats and
dresses, prophetic of spring and sum
mer. Miss Doherty was away seven
weeks, one of which she spent visiting
her relatives in Michigan, and the
other six in Chicago and New York,
searching out a stock of goods to
gratify the taste of Missoula buyers.
In response to a question about fash
ions, Miss Doherty said: "The latest
fad is Bulgarian. Long waisted gowns
with sashes are shown as the newest
and most desirable apparel, but the
fad will be short-lived except for
children because the style is unbe
coming to grown persons. Skirts
are as narrow as ever, 'but they all
have, drapery, not the panier puff, but
loose drapes straight from the waist.
The spring coats will be all three
quarter length and the correct shade
is Copenhagen blue. There is a
fleeting fad for Nell rose, but the,
shade is so vivid that it wil not hold
favor long except for trimmings. The
prettiest things offered for the lady
with a full pocketbook are the new
silk street suits. They are charming
and expensive.
"Our millinery department is fortu
nate in the arrival of Miss Florence
Greenbaum of Chicago, who will
supervise the trimming and will have
a display ready by the last of next
week, which will tell the 'Missoula
public more in a minute about her
art and skill than a volume of words
could do. Hats are especialy pretty
this year and few women, old or young
will be able to resist the lure of the
dainty creations."
Eagles meet tonight.
Howard Nichols is in from Westfall
Spur for a few days.
'Magazines-P. O. News stand.-Adv.
C. A. Smith is here from Potomac
for the day on business.
Achor, piano tuner. Ind. 2355.-Adv.
W. W. Piltz of Bonner spent the day
on business in Missoula.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
Robert Anderson of Lolo had busi
ness in Missoula yesterday.
Marsh, the undertaker, phone 321.
W. D. Harris of Ravalli had busi
ness in the city yesterday.
Reeves' Meat Market. Bell 914 Blk.
Dr. W. P. Mills was called to Itam
ilton for a consultation last evening.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st Natl.
Michel Pablo, a prominent rancher
from Ronan, spent the day on business
in the city.
Wanted-Good 8 per cent city loans.
Wheeldon-Rossi Co.-Adv.
Miss Margaret O'IHare, a trained
nurse, has returned to Missoula from
Stenographer Dawson, Montana Blk.
G. V'. Williams came in yesterday
from his ranch at Leon, Mont., to look
after business matters.
Mrs. Anderson was brought into St.
Patrick's hospital for treatment yes
terday from her home in Bonner.
First showing of ladies' new spring
suits. Martin's, East Cedar.-Adv.
Mrs. Clarence Prescott went yester
day to Helena to remain with Mr.
Prescott until the legislature adjourns.
Ten new Kohler & Campbell pianos
were received at the music house of
the J. M. Orvis Music company yes
HIumane society. Call up 899, red
or black.-P. O. box 60. R. F. D. 1.
Ilorace Worden came In yesterday
from his ranch n'ar Ravalli to spend ]
a week with relatives and friends in 1
Violet Lusk, little girl six years old, I
w'as brought in to a Mlssoula hospital
from her home at O'Brien creek yes
terday, seriously ill with a fever.
Newton H. Schweiker, optical spe- I
cialist. Rooms 203-205 Montana Blk.-
Mrs. Percy T. Platt of Como, who
has been in Missoula for the last two
months with Mrs. Ada McGregor, left
yesterday afternoon for her home.
W. R. Van Valen, formerly a resi
dent of this city now living at Couer
d'Alcne City, Idaho, is spending two
or three days on business in Mlssoula.
F. G. Moore, chiropractor, Ham. blk.
Any disease; exam. free. Bell 1084.
Harvey S. Holt came in yesterday
from his new location at Fort Benton
to look after the shipping of his house
hold good to the new home this week.
R. M. Cobban returned Sunday from
Chicago, where he has been for two
weeks on ia business trip. Mr. Cobban
was happy to find his new grandson
Handy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Missoulian of
Miss Ina Cyr has resumed her
former position in the millinery de
lPartment of the Missoula Mercantile
company, after taking a rest of two
Dr. Louise Smith, osteopath, Ma
sonic temple. Phone 618; res. 533 red.
Miss Maude Harper, who has been
stenographer and accountant in the
office of the furniture department of
the Missoula Mercantile company, re
Cottolene makes delicious doughnuts-free frdm
'- sogginess, grease and indigestion. The reason is
that Cottolene contains vegetable oil-not animal fats
--heats to a much higher degree than butter or lard,
fries so quickly that it forms a crisp, dry crust over
the dough and prevents the absorbing of the fat.
" Cottolene is decidedly better than butter or lard for all' '
shortening and frying. It is healthier, it is quicker,
it is more economical.
Cottolene Costs no more than lard, you use but two
thirds of a pound of Cottolene to do the work of .
a full pound of butter or lard. .. .
Cream 3 tablespoons Cottoene, add % cup sugar *"
and 3 yolks of eggs well beaten with 1 white.
Stir in I cupful freshly mashed potato and X cup
milk. Sift 234 cups flour with 3 teaspoons bak
ing powder, 3 teaspoon each of salt and ground
mace, also a little nutmeg, snd add to first mix
ture, working in flour enough to handle lih11y.
Roll and cut before frying and have Cottolne hot :.
S enough to brown a bit of bread lightly in half a t ": -
minute. Turn doughnuts as they come to the
topand again when nicely browned.
Made only by
ý... COMP ANy
signed her position recently, her plan
being to go to make her home at Cal
gary, Canada. Miss Harper expects
to leave next week for her new home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mallery arrived
yesterday from Pierre, S. D., to take
up their residence at the Allomont or
chard. Mr. Mallery has large inter
ests in the orchard company.
C. H. Muckler, immigration agent
for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway company, spent the day in
Missoula. Mr. Muckler has been west
on a business trip and he is now going
to Chicago.
Ben Donnely, who sold his place at
Quartz a few weeks ago and went to
Edmonton, Canada, expecting to lo
cate there, has returned to Missoula,
firmly convinced that Montana is the
best place to live.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath, Higgins
block. Phone 834 black.-Adv.
Miss Louise Pearson arrived home
yesterday, after making a visit of five
weeks' duration in southern California.
Mrs. Pearson, who went with her
daughter, will remain for another
month in Los Angeles.
A message has come to Missoula
announcing tl e birth of a son on
March 1, to Attorney and Mrs. B. R.
Cole at their home in Lewistown. Mrs.
Cole was before her marriage Miss
Elizabeth Schilling of this city.
R. M. Cobban itealty company has
moved to rooms 69-70 Higgins block.
Friends in Missoula received the
announcemenllitt yesterday of a son born
March 2 at IBozeman to Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Iloward of that city. Mr. ltoward
was at one time a resident of Missoula,
and he has many friends here.
S. W. tidson, chiropractor, B. & A.
Bldg. Any disease. Examinations free.
James \V. Gilinore of tIamilton ap
plied yesterday for homenstead entry on
S0 acres included in unit "C," the
south half of the northeast qluarter of
section 31, township 21 north, range
21 west. The application was allowed.
Mr. and Mrs. cr A. Gould were
guests in Missoula yesterday on their
way to New York fromll Spokane, where
they spent the winter months. Mr.
Gould is traveling freight and pas
senger agent for the Mutual Transit
Don't miss our surplus premium
sale commencing Saturday, March 1.
D. & E. coffee store.-Adv.
DIr. Asa Willard expiects to be in
Helena today and tomorrow, in his
capacity ais member of the state board
of osteopathic examniners. There are
seven applicants to take the examina
tion for a license to practice osteopa
thy in Montana,
Miss Elva Jamison, who went to
Helena Saturday 'with Mrs. J. B. Hen
ley, returned yesterday morning to take
up her duties in the high school. Mrs.
Henley will remain in Helena with'
Mr. Henley until the close of the ses
sion of the legislature.
Money to loan on ranch and city
property. H. D. Fisher, 113 E, Main
5100 REWARD. $100.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure in all its stages, and that is
catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
positive cure now known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in
ternally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there
by destroying the foundation of the dis
ease and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing its work. The proprietors r
have so much faith in its curative pow- c
ers that they offer one hundred dollars r
for any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list of testimnonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, V
Sold by all druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tlon.--Adv. 0
Farm Loans
With Privileges
Real Estate and Loans
First National Bank Building
Dry land tracts with access to water for pumping
under reasonable head, and near the electric lines of
the Missoula Light and Water Company, can be made
productive and valuable by installing Electric Pumps.
affords the cheapest as well as the most convenient
method for placing the water on the lands. Ask for
information, to be convinced.
Electric Power
should be installed for many other purposes on the
farm. Working conditions would be ideal then.
Consider the proposition now, in order to secure
the full benefits during the coming summer. Our
representative is at your service whenever you de
mand it.
Missoula Light & Water Co.
I .
The preliminary hearing of John W.
Gardner, charged with obtaining
money under false pretenses, was
commenced before Justice of the Peace
Dyson yesterday afternoon. The Mls
soulian told of the case some time ago
when Gardner was placed under arrest
upon complaint made by G. WV. Ileach,
who alleges that he has been done out
of $100 through Gardner's false repre
sentations concerning regulations sur
rounding the acquiring of some tim
her land in Oregon. The evidence
for the state was introduced yesterday,
and after the defendant's motion for
dismissal was over-ruled by the court
the case was continued until Friday
to give him more time to secure some
needed evidence.
The body of Bert Caldwell, who died
under mysterious circumstances Fri
day at DeBorgla, was shipped back to
DeBorgia from Missoula and funeral
services were. held there yesterday.
Interment was at DeBorgia.
15 cents, S for 25 cents
Never disappoints the
Chamberlain's Tablets for Constipa
For constipation, Chamberlain's
Tablets are excellent. Easy to take
mild and gentle in effect. Give themorn
a trial. For sale by all druggists.

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