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- This morning, on another page,
there appears in The Missoullan a
large advertisement of the Orvis Music
house which atntunces a unique and
generous plan the Kohler & Campbell
piano factory has hit-upon to make a
unusually dull season a lively one.
The plan presents to ten homes the
opportunity to obtain-one ofthe excel
lent instruments manufactured by this
company at a bona fide price 'reduc
tion of a hundred dollars. The reason
given for the price reduction is very
commonplace and honest. The factory
but tells the public that March is
usually rather dull in piano circles,
and that as it desires 'to keep all em
ployes busy and the shop in full run
ning commission, it is willing to sac
rifice its profits to obtain the desired
effect. As the dull season is not of
long duration the proposition will he
open but 30 days. only ten pianos will
be ~qld under this plan.
"We received three of these I'anos
toddly," said J. M. Orvis yesterday.
"They are beauties and of regulation
Kohler & Campbell excellence. We
have been selling this instrument for
many years in western Montana, and
there are a great many people wio are
sell' pleased they purchased one of
this maker's instruments. They are
wonderfully well constructed awIl the
manufacturer guarantees them un
qualifiedly for ten years. And hack
of this .sterling guarantee stands the
integrity of this music concern.
Mr. Orvis has placed one of the in
struments in the store window, and
the sale will start this morning, which
will permit ten persons to purchase
pianos at great saving. The idea is
one which will make itself imme
diately popular, and ten homes will
surely have new pianos within thirty
Washington, March 3.-President
Taft remitted today the 15 months'
prison sentence of Charles I. Hyde,
convicted at Sioux Falls, A D., of
using the mails to defraud in connec
tion with the sale of the town lots of
Pierre, S. D. This action commutes
HIyde's sentence to a fine of $1,500
and costs. ('lemeney for Hlyde, who
has not served any of the sentence,
was oplposed by the postoffice de
New York, March 3.-The resigna
tion recently forecasted f \VWilliam
Ileb, Jr., collector of the port of 'New
York, has been sent to Washinlgton,
it was annoullnced today. A position
as managing director of the Guggen
helm companies, with several of which
he is associated as a director, has
been created for him. Mr. lU1ch asks
to have his resignation accepted by
Ma.rch s, on which date his $180,000
bond expires.
Helena, IMarch ".--(Splcial.) -- The
state railroad cooli,lission received to
day its first complaitnt under the
Stevens bill, introdlluced at this session
of the legislature, passed by both
houses and signed 'by the governor. It
was from Glasgow and aLsks tha:t a
loading and unloading platform he in
stalled by the Great Northern Railway
company at Glasgov to facilitate the
moving of threshing outfits, steam
plows and heavy farming malchinery.
The cosnplaint sets forth that last
season 20 such outfits were loaded and
unloaded at the GClasgow station and it
is estimflted that the numlber will
reach 50 this yenr
The complaitt will be served on the
Great Northern. The railroald col
pany 'must make solllme satlsfPt;t~r'y ar
rangement with the colmplainant with
in 60 days and if it does not the com
mission will then order a formal hear
ing and ,make an order dirc'.ting com
pliarce with the request, if the condi
tions warrant such action.
Butte, March ..-(Special.)-Nicho
las Mee today was arrested upon com
plaint of Miss Alice Braithwaite who
alleged that Mee had made life miser
able for her by proposing marriage
whenever he met her and at every
place, whether in public or not. The
question was ,popped in streets, street
corners, cafes and theaters. Moe to
day began to get desperate and when
he threatened her with death the girl
complained to the authorities. A few
weeks ago !tee tried to wed Miss Mary
Shaney by first jprocuring a marriage
license without her consent and flash
ing it 4t her. She wouldn't yield and
he returned the license to the county
Albany, March 3.-While on a trip
to this country in the near future, Dr.
Sun Yat Sen, former president.of the
Chinese republic, plans to visit, Albany.
He has written to Governor Sulzer an
uouncing his proposed visit.
Londdn, March 3.-Sir Edward Grey,
the British foreign secretary, presided
at a meeting of the ambassadors of the
powers today to consider Turkey's ap
plication for mediation.
According to semi-official statements
emanating from Sofia, the allies will
not agree to mediation unless the porte
consents to surrender Adrianople, Scu
tari and Janina and pay an indemnity.
Unconfirmed reports are published
in Vienna of an Albanian rising against
Servian occupation of towns in Al
,banian territory. According to these
reports, communication with Scutari
has been reopened and the garrison
has been supplied vwjth arms and am
Fighting continues in the Janina
district where the Greeks claim small
Urging Moderationi.
Rome, March :.--Italy is using all
her influence with,'the Balkan states
to induce them to observe moderation
in their demands on Turkey and thus
bring about peace at an early day.
Italian officials have pointed out to
the Balkan administrations that such
an attitude would strengthen the sym
pathy of Europe to'ward their cause.
The appointment of General Boyo
vitch, one of the Servi'an delegates at
the London conference, is commander
of the fortes besieging Seutari, is
considered an indlication of the firm
determination of ,the Servian$ and
Montenegrins to tare Scutari at, any
cost. Boyovitch is one of. the nmost
daring Servian commnanders. It was
the forces under him hi which capituredl
Monastir at the point of the bayonet.
Troops Land.
London, March 4.-A ('orfu dispatch
to the Daily Mall says that Greek
trioops hav\e been landed at Santa
Quaranta under the protection of the
Greek warships. It is plresumed that.
they will assist in thei attack on Janinai.
lutte, March . ---(S pecial.) - On the
notion to clihange thie venulle of the
Anaconla ('oplper Mining emlipany
against the iutte-l allikl;av\a Imillini
dollar suit, Di)strict Judge J.1. .1. Lynch
today handed dot n ai da.,ision by
which the request of the dlefidulant
compan"y \\as denied.
The ulitt' - -;;ll .tllva, i c nmpany
claimed in its affidut vits that a Ila:itt
iff against the Anaconda ('luticr Mlin
ing compnllany could not expec, t a fair
trial in Butte. It was alhegeid that
jurymien were a'fraidi to retaurn a. ver
dlict against thei coiiiiny, ail that
tie plaintiff controlled much of the
local ]business.
Mlany lprlllnent llusiness in('I of the
city denicud theise ;atllegations andI
stated their firm belief that tihe local
courts wvere fair and that leatl eunudi
tions didi not cause fiar toi exist in the
minds of men called fIor jury tdu.
The suit has been pendling foIIr more
than two years. Judge Lynlchi's dtcii
Stott w'as mnade, lie said, teu'oise of (1ie
fc't that suits of such nature ;ire not
tried bIefore juries, anyway, and that
therefore lithe majority of the affida.ils
were without worth. I. L. ('linton
took an exception to the ruling of thel
couirt and xwas granted :1) days ill
which to file a bill of exceptions.
The Butte-Hialilklava col, puumpny has
ieen tied up in its workings sinc-ie the
suit was started, bleeause of an injune
tion granted. The plaintiff clainms the
defendalit has ta.aken lpossession of ilre
hbodies ielonging to the A na(tonda;i
Ilelena, March 3.-(Special.)-d-Mem
tbrs of the Eighth legislativ\e asse..ii
ihly, who formned an organization sev
eral years ago, will hold a riou(lnion to
morrow evening at the Mntanll a clih.
There are l.i membn ers of that assglw
bly now in IHelona andl while no forln
al invitations have Icren sent out, ev
cry one who was in the Eighth as
srnrbly and a who can grot to Ileloena is
expected( to attend. 'J'. AM. Everett iof
Harlem is prejsident of the organiza
tion, and F. B. Lindlerman of Helena,
The Missoula Drug (.o., corner
Higgins and Front, deserves praise
from Missoula people for intro
ducing here. the simple buckthorn
bark and glycerine mixture, known as
Adler-i-ha. This simple German rein
edy first became famous by curing
appendicitis and it has now been dis
covered that A SINGLE DOSE relieves
sour stomach, gas on the stomach and
constipation INSTANTLY.-Adv.
Tokio, March 3.-Prince Takehito,
head of a collateral branch of the im
perial family, is critically ill from tu
berculosis at his country residence,
near Kobe. The emperor today or
dered his own chief physicial to pro
ceed there.
Men's Clothing
" The man who likes to select his
new spring clothing early will find
=- this Men's Clothing Store ready
to serve him to his entire satis
faction. Every accepted new style feature
for spring and summer is embodied in the
57 scores of new models from the best makers
S. in the land. You'll find here clothes that even an expert
would stamp "custom made"---they're as correct as any Fifth
/ avenue or Bond street merchant tailor could make.
Nowhere else in Missoula will you find such clothes--
Sthe product of the finest designing talent, the most skilled
~ . \ ý tailors, the best workshop facilities and years of experience.
They're clothes in which you can trust for absolute sat
isfaction---and clothes satisfaction here means not only style,
-fabric, fit and finish, but shape-retention to an unequaled
degree; and price. We never inaugurated a season with such good clothing as now. Constant
striving to make each season's new goods better than the last, and better in values, is mani
fested in every garment and in every price ticket.
The new fabrics are simply beautiful in their weaves and effects never seen before---rough
and smooth finished materials in grays, blues, browns and mixtures, many of them imported.
New models in coats, with two and three buttons and soft roll fronts, cut so the high-cut vests
show when the coat is buttoned. There are styles for men who like to affect the latest decrees
of fashion, as well of plenty of good conservative models that look well on any man at any time.
Norfolks are to be a big thing this season---every man's wardrobe ought to include such a
suit for outing and general wear. These are here in a variety of styles and fabrics sure to please.
Premier Suits and Overcoats H., S. & M. Suits and Overcoats
Wool-Worth Suits Young Men's Fashion Clothes
Prices $18.00 to $40.00
SHIRTS in new spring patterns are here in splen
drous array. New styles, new patterns, new
weaves, new colorings and new ideas in making.
In the Manhattan line you'll see new plaited front
and negligee shirts and soft shirts, made with the
French turn-back cuffs, in Madras, mnercerized Ox
fords, soisettes, flannels, cheviots and silks-$2.00 to
The new Hallmark shirts are the best we have ever
shown under this label. While plaited shirts, white
negliees with starched or soft cuffs, shirts in soisettes
and corded fabrics and no end of patterns and colors
in Madras and novelty shirtings--$1.00 and $1.50.
A new number in the Coronet line'comes in six fine
patterns and has soft collar and tie to match, all for
FOR between season's wear, our Ribrite spring Your New Spring Hat Is Here
weight Union Suits are just right. Made fromY ur Spring Is
fine pure worsted, natural gray color; perfect fitting We've told you this repeatedly, seaso n after season, but never felt more en
and made with the latest improved closed crotch- thusiastic in making the announcemen t. All the new shapes and colors are
$2.50 and $3.00. here, in the makes that have been 'ma king good" with our customers so many
years. Your hat is certainly in the showing, come and pick it out.
F the smaller items of men's furnishings you'll find SOFT HATS STIFF IHATS
our inaugural showings not wanting in any par- Stetson's . .........................................$5.00 Knox l)erbies ...... ... ... $5.00
ticular. A new silk half hose you can depend upon, in Knox Soft Hats .....................................$5.00 The New Stetson "Self-Conforming"
black, tan, gray and blue; pair, 25c. Wonderfelt Soft Hats .....................$3.50 DI)erbies, sold here only ....................$5.00
S Slidewell collars are always in order and correct in Montana Soft Hats ........................$3.00 Montana Derbies ........... .$3.50
style. The collars with the little tab that lets the tie If it's a cap instead of a hat that you have on your mind, we can show you
"slide well."--2 for 25c. the latest things in these, too-75c to to $2.50.

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