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Chicago, March 3.-Mrs. Maud(
Stewart of Anti-go, Wi1s., a social lead.
er and wife Of a prominent merchant
was arrested- by federal detectives
here today, charged with, sending a
blackmailing letter to a rival social
leader. Mrs. Stewart collapsed when
U'nited States Caommissioner Forec
held her in $3,000 bond.
The letter -that caused the arrest of
Mlrs. Stewart was written to Mrs. H.
F-. Van Ostland, who, the government
detectives say, is a rival of Mrs.
Stewart for leadership in Antligo so
,.jicty. 'Mrs. Van tistland attended a
recent meeting of the -Daughters of
the American Revolution in Washing
ton. In the letter Mrs. Stewart made
some accusations against Mrs. Van
Ostland in connection with the Wash
ingtcn trip and demanded that she
place a sum of ,money ill ai crevice in
a post in the outskirts of Antigo. -Mrs.
Van Ostland turned the letter over to
the postal authorities. A dumnmy
pa.ckatg(, was Iplaced in the post and
it is declared that Mrs. -Stewart was
seen takin.g it. The state's attorney,
however, declinedt to take the prose
cution of the case, accordiing to ftederal
otfficials, "he'anse' of ttle JcIrlomiin ence
of the na'cused woman, declaring that
a (convi'ction wouil ibe ilmpossible. The
federal ipostal authoirities in \Viscon
sin took the matter upll all Mrs.
Stewart was arrested here toda(vy on
advice-s from District Attorney gouff of
IIHelna, narcht 3.-(Speital.)-mGov
ernor Stewart today approv\ed tile fl
lowing bills: 11. H. 117, by Browver,
lrovi'liding for the re'gistration of the
namllles of farlis and ranches; IIf. f.
101, by Prescott, exemplting the all
ings for personal services of jludg
niment deb'tors who ire he2ai(is of fallli
lies; Sub. I. 1it. 124, providing for the
examination and licensing of nurses.
Washington. March 3.--TThe house
organization will Ibe cmple.ted andl thel
d',inocratic inelllters iof lho hlriyiR
('iinliitlioe oni W'ays ianld mleans will )ec
chosen lat the caucus of the ldehllltorats
of the newi house on Ve.tltnisday.
Speallikr (lark has no olpiosition for
re-election. Virtually all the hoouse
offilers are expe, teid to te 'leicte ,d.
S-'eagant-at-Arms ('. F. liddllell has a
contest on with formier llRepresontativei
"W . l .I. Ryan of Iluffa:il, N. Y., nlin
friler I'Represenltative tr hrt (lordion
of (hit .
c'hir tis It Crisp of lcorgii , iarlia
nIll'nl, 'iail for tihe pr' s u ntl hiall s,, will
b".el'e a reprelSntative in the nllx
coii.i 'ss. Ilennetlt Clark of i lissouri,
ii suin iof te speaker, nmaiy slccd ito
the po lst. Tthroe deonli'rtis are to te
clhosln toI fill plai'es on the ways ahld
me-ns eoltmulitte, in naddition to the
hoildovet.r members who probhaly will
liie e-elocted.
S'ii ltl rnirii o, I1 ai. Ziiireh 3.
flltiter than submiiit to arrest, ,whijel
prlllaia y wiiirll have e:, I IIt the gal
laws for htil in Ariznnai. Jesus (harcla
e iainitlited sluieild late toilay In the
hilts near El iaseo, just as a pnsae
Wa\\s aul t to cap ture hlimia.
(Ilin mulre(ldl a mRiner n itmeI .,T
rome, Ariz., in 1901, but his identilt
wi's not loarned until yesterday, when
he attempted to kill a wonatrri with
ihom heo haid blen living. \VWhieni tlh
olice attempteld In arresti himn yester
(dai, (;lilria opened fire on them and
ies:iaped int a rain of ullhet. 11i was
not loroaed again until this afternoon
lwhen lie took refrge on a hillside.
\\'hien thl i e s applroaehed, Gtareial,
plhred the muzzle of his revolver in
his mouth and pulled the trigger.
Vapor Treatment
lHundreds of thousands of sensible
people all over the civilized world
hte suitessfuillSy breathed i Booth's
iI IYiME[ for catarrh anld nose and
throat misery.
RBsildes breathinrg IIYOMEI through
the inhaler during the day thousands
have used the vapoir treatmenit illat
night. Here it is:
Iheat a teatup and then fill it hall
full of boiling hot water; Ipoulr into the
hwater one-half teas poonful of I Y
OME[, hold the clip close to face and
breathe the healing, germ-destroying
vapor through both nose and throat
deep into the lungs.
A bottle of HYOMEI is 50 cents at
druggists the world over. The com
plete outfit, which includes inhaler,
costs $1.00. Just breathe it-no stuni
ach dosing.
For catrrrh, coughs, colds, and sore
throat, and all nose and throat misery.
HYOMET is guaranteed by Georgi
Wickersham's Daughters
Attorney (eneral \V\i'likersham has two chalrming (daughtqers-.Miss c'on
stance Wiclkershalln. who is th . yunnger, and Mrs. A. . J Akin, who i i mar
rietd and lives in NtewV Y,,t City. Mrs. Akin is spendintg the wilnter season
in Washington. Itittl are very Ioula:tr in tilc' .oci tv of the nationtl capital.
((.oldil~lllhl FIrolll ]'Ilge ()itn
disgrace it more if we stayed on for
a month and did our d- best."
TileSP htrllllillig \\'wor(ds (aiLil(, f'|romll 11t
li|ps or a lifelohng dum,. rut, who lonK
since ri'ach' d til e ti itv tilr i sltug' ill
do in'ratic party service. Th.,y tell
the story o'f Itoday, and oif the dayst
that have pircc(edt'd.
Invisible government! ' exclaimed
another. "Why it's as plain as the nose
on a man's face. It stalks openly, in
the senate and upon the floor of thei
house. This sort of thing is a crim
inal farce. The sooner the people ofi
Montana awaken to the fact the bet
ter for them and their state."
In the Senate.
The srl at,, Intiy ,;00l 0 s I nilllll}er
of dellt it i 'y hotsi I ,11 e hills, and rnturnoid
htiha t) that hidi v.
S. I. o .)f , ' il l hi sh]., illn lin.
thI idi t lt tin " the fol i OxIeg ii-t o n ' IIt
iii sol il lu" xolx lli i, t [' I , -
O' ltl;li] l" i l i.i.I't], I . I \IIll o I I.. .15
biyii .\l tti'i '1)ill5:511O it'll h IlltllilSI. ))
steiald of elhectin('
In xxhitioh n thi' fa ' waving so rt' ;',15
house~t b~ill. w \ I}', I) < 6:
,. I i 171. rIiti til i, to 17; I. I li o. 7 f"
co nllllty slislltlc iit:t1 l l lI: ;s: H. !! . , Cl ) I
itlth rizi i (. til i t t i al . I'0 :! )h 'Ier to 'l v I
i lir l t i () . fi r ' lttity fair Il -
l.)..(s; M. It. 17;L to) lr,)hihit thi' l(lrep ,
t a intati , I l s iftt tii n fi trt din i' ois r
unrk],ing.. o)I airtit',.tl"s o merchan'} dI(iseI at
i i l i vll 't}' lii' l il ii'(l'Vi , vi' I ' 11)1111 '-.
i'ituI'i'ii'ii l ilt hi lt:r l S ititiliti r l or quliity
111111 l'ii'iiu'ui ii liiir n t lu sti ll' g hu t tl
t I'H. 1 2. 7 it, l'i, in fl lior 'ta state d:il rt
>()lllic ·-i't ii llO r i i s tlit ' lldi' ; Ir t . Iiti. 15,
tlinthit' x' hn e Io- t' liviith('i k uh itat l y
,herd to .isri h t1. 1913; II . 11, '17, IfIti
I fll (s itl a t ;Inl otf iuhr i)n s h1nlllvii
Si Twin l hiI mx II. i -u it:i autlhl rizinl~
If(,lhint ri sir ttihitiutlxl~ ()llli..le il~le~ ', ga iii
I)lert 'li tt lll I tu-tilly sl n tllis fl t irsi n
fIvuraltol) t'u'ltirii t lllty pIa. 44riyt Mlc
illsi rt tlHr..
il. IH. IMI, .',n)eral we(ight.. mulll
Nll ye - rgii ls till, hAiS ret-r lf rrId tit tihe
xte'ring x'atnii iicrni t tt ii ktl.xitnni.
c an.'ih i dr .iht tt iii.t. ifed th . Ir. 179.a
to smind csctis n . ,76 or th, r.i.,]
el Of .a11-' tnalmii'u of107 rh lalg ing tIn
the litlx' rnr i l elalt(dl n(s i he i rl ~'a II"
Ii iuti . Jud g lth jdiiary te.ll lit
]Carroll ntr o luelhdH. B. 4h2, fiorite
|l;II ;I (,¢ ;ir lt ii , nR (.)iiilr lot ii ].. ;ll)
D()I llh.I 1S t,)l~ rtD,(, i ..iPl r,r c(,iHhc i iil l-~~r
lthat c'3l~~it u enn ,rnc connitteev hefii
inents lll t If. IL No. :0II, l , pI, idel tt
'r Ill(, HIIf;l, n l .} ) lt ..d ;oris i n l nll. ·ll;Ir
caf 1,10 dsnat iII ointied as the fist ate
solier i s fill . id hill: He lli(rH },;r
i)(rnl, WV itel(sidhe, anid lIurlingl}. il,.
}house hill 171, (st blishing a stair
ath l.tit (,mnth is ci)n and reglrati1 hn l
l.)xin,. ninl .lpilrlyL hl (1h0 stat(' of"
Alan)taneilt, \%'as ;lmltended( |y t]he. <'ll
initte'( Oll nu nltlil's, townls ulll lln lli{'i ~
Itl ct(o rp' i ol l'y strliihl out the
V rr'i " iln line. ' lf w liol FI oif the
:)ri imial bhill midi( in..(rtinig in lio.l
the(r(,o)l thet w%4rdi "'il,') refer'lrinlg tl
HI. 14. :1:'f wans nui~nenld hil seve(ral
l) rtr i('l lr ilif d1( rT llirilld Itl (11:1t ib llv
forI (.n(llfllr(,lle. Trhiis i.. th(. lll( ti.lre
ilan(|de w li(,h th(. bul.silles. lilol 1 r of il
Iings h110 t, in i(ilipll(. th(, M ilkl utl.(,i ,
il110 (lFro.;i ..ol'h.rll t) Illla].. .l tu00
i ,ttied in D|(. r lI;t\illa.
in tne House.
The hou~se thli. Imlrninhg I'rIIfu )'( Ito
concu'lr inl ..(m1 1|( Oinanl, tol(,tl, Iin tl.
1f. ?:il!, h 'increasing. th(, raie ofr taxa
tionl foir at l)riod if 101 wa.rl. tol liro
Villi 1".)r the dire.!t ,.iill.)r- o)I .ltat(
q ueiiti!)lial inlstitlitionls. "lh(, .sp(a~ker
|)ay o)r Le(wi.s anil I l rk. tPhillil). o)f
Fo'(r -11. anlid I tri)ilan o of{ (alla in.
It was staitied on the. fhoor that tihe
vitiatling flthe purp~osl' if the, meai re..tr,
H.. IIL I6.I, authorizing theli alppoint
m(.nt )f" six adi t~~ion~al .lelpiiy fgaiii(
wardens, wa.st rep[orted1 for c.an(.urr(eTle..
The on teniqittee( ion ..;initary affairs
fav'orablyl rertel~(d Ht. hi. 414, Iby .1e
N.I]]y, r!.gutlatinif the c"onditionis ulndoer
which wa-llpaiperingf and( kalsomi(nlinig
(canI het doneO ill cities of the first and
s eco nd c.lass.!
Ilolt gav'e notih'o f a hill giving to
tht-.e S'enth Jnulicial di.strict anl a~d
(tit ional judge'.
Carroll introduiced Ht. B. 42-, for the
lbiii.sioll of a Constitutiontll allOind
nment 'ela.ting to tihe election of of
ficers other than those enumerated in
the constitution. The house killed a
senate Ibill recently for the same pur
In cominittee of the whole, the fol
lowiing bills \\re considered, and
treminitlenditd for passage: Hi. I. 310,
by ilarumon, relating to form of bal
lot to be usedtl when initiative and
referelndum mllieasures are to tie sub
If, It. f62. by Leiimnlon, creating state
loa.i of e' lltnllitissitllil'I flor the in
san le.
H. R. 71, Ily Joridan of Flathead,
arLiiediiniig the latw relating to the man
agemenrt and control of state landil.
Ii. It. 302, biy ('lay, fixing salary of
state engii1e-r at $:,00 i.a year.
Ii. 1. 311, by tGould, relating tol
licenses of public utilities cominlt.ies.
Ii. It. 390f, by Eliel, relating to in
sutralnce of liqlutrr ioealer. licenses.
11. II. .f4, by IDay, relating to com
p-aiel "iilt of e.aretit if siipr-te
11. Ii. 2 3i , by tiay, relating t., the
i ulltraisill-enat of estates.
II. t. 222, b. Stewart, prohibiltlinog
lltini in ll rlhtit pirtlians of Gota (lltin
"ll' itc y t1near ithe l ellows.tone p: ri .
H1. 11. 372, lyv lnarg-ey., prov'idlng for
identifiatintion, registratih n and re-gul
latinn of mottor Vehicles.
'ht Itillootiin stession was talten ltp
in the -nittlitter (of the whole ea-n
sidering i . it. 40, tol creante Wttbhaux
iit nty oi111 iof I ttVsion, and ,. 1i. 47, to
l tll( it l i, co nty oIt of Blainei andi
Vr lleh,- eI' ntites. II 't1h hills passed.
7Manty slpeel.es w\rn fired and after
it;titut shi ts illld s:ilies, Illtich Silloke
nod iighting, the ttwo hills passed.
Night Session.
"TIh people of ('atscade who n t'lnsed
>i' ef being i t tralitor to my ennstittn
iints werei lI thirelings of the. Anialga
Iiatetd ('opper company." Thus de.
-laretd "lig iJoe" hKirschwiing from the
"1,or of the house tonight.
'l'h-. statement was the result of the
pi ilong.td disiclssionri hich the houlse
:'lit red into over the passage of II. R.
192, hi Kir"ihwing, lintitntg a li-cense
iIX oIl, c'lpper'", lad stnd Zine alined in
ithe slatiI f lMontana. The hill was
passed by a iVote of 32 to t0.
TIrh', at-tit' Caty attendmlents of
tfrid lo lth hill, all of which were
oist. Iitggits wanted the tax riimade
the sille in lroportion to the tax
iitid the state on land. This tax is
1 mtr ills n, the d-ollur. This would
ill\-, letad, t lhe (aX l 0 o le ponlt id i-of
,pplnir thirty-one one-hundredths of a
n iill. Th-. bill ntow prou vidti s for It
Itax o,-l 91s mills llll etIach ptol d oif re
find itilpper.
,illiv iof tihe iiilletibers of the holltse
tos- - - this owatsion to break into the
lint. li llt. 7 hiny good airg mllin(I ts
i-r I l-itd-e for thli hill. Anr iiln
iti d -lilt thait tlih f rmerlll r taid
taxes ill I:iniul all of the time, whileh
ure coll le as isessied onty once and
then the lir it wouild lie outi of tihe re
sourroes oif thle siate. lie also stated
that mines wi-re taxed imotre than
thait itax lropos , in other states.
('ilts itn talking against thte l14
itiled pageits of figures. Among
othir things he declared that th6 min
ing lnilpnlipss of tIhe stalte wre now
plitying rle- thlit thtre just share )of
IIConner the socialist parity, argued
rign and well froin thei socialists'
. iiilttlptint.
Ity ithe othir spettakers it wast
ltroltl out 1that the fiarlmer was the
goat " at the present tlime and the
oiil-y way toi get revenui e for the stlate
anld rilirvo the farltr was to make
the miniing coiiilieis ay a just share
of lhi litxeos. The farmners almost to
a atani said1 that they woul lie. pleased
to ltiv onily the taixtes not palld by the
inting icompalnies.
As usiuail Silver liow waas jutmped
lion and as ustal the gauntlet was
takent iip and replies made to the
ciha'rges iiand inunter charges pire
IKirschwing inade a stirong argu
rment for the hill. Atmong other
things he said that he knew that the
'ontilp'L-nies, especially the Amal.ga
tnlatrd., were getting out of paying
thor sanrils of dollars every year. He
paid eoniiltiments to "that slick tax
ferret. C harles Swartz." "The
money," he said, in response to a
clairn made by Walker, "is not being
taken from the. people of Silver Bow,
but is. most of it, coming from WVall
Walker moved to Istrike out the en
acting clause. This was lost by 30
This Morning at 10 o'Clock
The Secret of Mrs. Wilson's Gown Will Be Disclosed
Acting upon Associated Press reports appearing in this paper yesterday morning, assumedly being an interview
with Mrs. Wilson, in which she: made the statement that her gown worn at the ceremony would be "an ordinary
walking suit," (this, we think is an evasion of a secret)and that her evening gown would be "a rose pattern bro
cade silk, green shades predominating," many people have said that after this announcement the contest would
prove unfair to earlier guessers.
Our Origina We State Our Position
Our Original Guessing Con- If Green is the Shade
test We want to assure the public of this: We m \. ,,. pr.tect uIr- g.lsers hS givilng
tlid too with the, shadle if the gown have acted all along upon advice sent to us from a ,ress thle swhn . Mrs. W. tson's
that Mrs. Wilson would wear during a silk manufacturing concern of repute; that ad- "a nn estinne. . r ~hatever shhad
the Cerelnonies of the daty, atnd not of s eas i rig
tte e.eninn.g. I ou tI .t redteher this. vice being that "they had created an entirely dis
tinctive shade for Mrs. Wilson's gown" (to be
10 o'Clock This Morning worn during the day; not the evening gown) and Be Here at Ten
this shade would positively be kept secret Tte omit iv dinsptt Wil ti very,
-h ,n to ,e our li n ,d t dis, la.. ti until this m orning. it rest g t t
u ttill 111 crem i t 'Ia l es 'tenir t. \\"o
thr\ivwn open to Itit vh\e. Th'. However, since this published announcement wtnt ever- wiiii:I i mlsi. toi
feature of the contest a' lone \will to w t n hal evr henn th ri tain is
m.rei th;.n lh. -,.i tris, dn,-n town of yesterday has misled many people, we have .t.. '"~r
to see. made arrangements to have the shade of Mrs.
Wilson's gown that she wears during the day,
Mrs. ''il tson's g ,ln has hee ,n am at- wired to us from W ashington tomorrow morning. \\ "e'wil a ..d :t'h. . criz , . Iti, ,
ter ur eet spe. ,, tion, for mont. ) s. And if found necessary we will give two dress .. t .. .n io,,,, .. ,,,,,, ..;... . i
Socit'ly reporters ter the tlewvsttaipersu
att over the country have eagerly hc- patterns-one for the gown of the ceremony and i,,iit tht ninntra, Ins stie is,
seiged iher to tell the secret; has she one for the evening gown. .itt , i it ~ll. et a It ' ili intri stt.og
The Donohue Store The Donohue Merchandise
Is recognized all over the west, as the most progres- Is recognized as standard in every line carried. Four
sive mercantile establishment in Montana. It is pro- live, aggressive buyers visit the eastern markets twice
gressive in more senses than one. It's policy is to every year, spending from four to six weeks each time
keep abreast of the times, to grasp the opportunities in lining up merchandise for various sections of the
as they come along and to serve the public well. store, that is absolutely right, in merchandise on twen
When you trade here you trade at a Store--not at tieth century principles.
a shop. When you trade here you trade at an Emporium.
Women's Fashionable Ready-to-Wear Garments
We have on display the entire length of our Higgins avenue widows, what has been conceded as the most
beautiful showing of early garments that has ever been shown in Missoula, and well it should be so conceded,
because assembled there you can see at a glance exactly what the prevailing styles will be. Shorter coats,
fuller skirts, newer fabrics and better constructed than those of former seasons. We are proud of this display,
proud of the fact that we can show such goods, proud of the fact that Msisoula's women can appreciate them.
Be on Hand at 10 o'Clock This Morning
E The Store of Square The Store for the 1
and Absolutely Hon- people where value
est Dealings. Predominates., ·"'
to 39. Kirschwing moved to recom
mend the bill for passage. This car
ried, 35 to 30.
The house put on a large. three
ringed circus for abhut an hour of the
night session. All were feeling
facetious and gale\ a demInonsltration
of it.
-tHowever, rnhen the. Kirschwing hill
cabne up all foonlishness was off and
the fight was an earnest one. The
following hills along with the Kirsch
wing bill were recolnimnended for pas
sage: S. II. 10;, 1ty Selway, relating
to the quaratntininig and dipping of
sheep; S. 1i. 156f, by Whiteside, relat
ing lo the organiization and extension
of Irrigating districts; S. II. 122, by
Whiteside, designating who slhall he
eligille for admlissil to theI soldiers'
Atlantic ( Its, N...., March 3 \When
SWillialn (l;essmniuller, a' huaker. was
notifieud today that one of his ipatronns
had become viuolent . ill froml eating
bread delivered early this morninilg, liIe
started an investigation and linrned
that cottoniseeld oiil used in more than
2,i000 loavcn of bread and 1,1000 pies
V:.as conltamtinatedl. He Iummediately
dislpatched his drivers ,\over their
routes to retriecv ith goodis.
On reiports fromn drivers, 30 of the
1taker': Itpatrons were foundl to require
the services of phIysicians. Tonight
is was treported that otl woul recover.
(Ir,r.sllluller ilalrndthat that the cotton
seed oil t.sed as a substitute for hut
t!ler anl] lard had b.,(enl shipped here In
a barrel previously used for kerosene.
for Infants and Invalids
It means teo Original and Genuine
The Food-Drink for all Ages
Rich milk. malted grain, in powder form.
For infant, invalids and growing children.
Purenutrition.upbuildingtbs whole body.
Invigorates nursing mothenrs and the aged.
More healthful than tea or colee.
Take e sabe.tlute. Ask Wer HOIRUCIWs
,ORI ICK'S cu.. Psure Mik
( ' (litllelll d I' l ll I PlC ()I(l)
The tableanux o.l the sleps of the
treasury builtding, fratimt l in the great
(nilllllon ai the blrad starirway of
lthe governmienlllttl treasurly hoI)ItIe, were
biegunl \hlie the Ilparade started. BIeau
tiful iln coloring and grouping, the
drnutllli sym11 ' () IlltZtion of Vwomen's
aspirations for polithtal freedtomn witH
cminletied long before the h iad of the
ipaLrade wias n sight. In their thin
dresses and ItIbalre irtlmrui, the perfoirtn
ers waited, shivering, for iolre ttthanatt
hour, until finally thtey were forced to
seek refuge within th.e btig building.
Around the treatHury departmrent the
crwllvH were ii(tIIHIased so densely thlat
re'pelated chairges bIy the police Hec'lrn
ingly were ineffectivet. t(easionatllly
the itib gave way itn one phlite, only
to brea:k o\ver and ulnder the wire
hedge at ..itne other.
To the Rescue.
\Vthen the iavalry appeared there
tas wild apilllause in tihe reviwilng
stand. The mell In brown virtuallyll
Ibrulllshed aside the otuintfo l at.nd foot
police iiand took charge. In two lines,
the troopers charKed the crotwds.
Evidrently realizing thtey would Ie
rilden dotwn, the ItItobsi fotlght their
'way back. When they hesitated, the
cavalrytnetn dlrove thleir horstes into the
throngs atndl whirled anld wheeled untilt
(ten and twomein were forced to re
The parade in itself, In spite of the
detlays, ias a great sutets.. Passing
through two walls of antagonistic hu
illanity the inarchers, for the most
part, kept their tetmpers. They clIoued
their cars to jillsa and jeers. I'ew
faltered, although seve'ral of the older
women were forced to drop loult frotin
trne to tit e.
The greatest ovation was given to
(General" Jones, who led her little
tand of "hikers" fromll New Yiork over
rolugh roads and through snow and
rain to march for the cause.
"General" Jones was radiant. She
carried a great bunch of American
heauty roses, which made it splash of
red against the dull brown of her
hooded tramping gown.
Indignation Meeting.
When the women assembled in Con
tinental hall, the first resolution
adopted, to we presented to President
Wilson after his Inauguration tomor
row, called on him to demand of con
gress ii tIholrough ivest igalton of the
Scatioti for tho "poor police pr'otiectioll,
which woutild have clienl La disgrace to
anlly city, lut. which w\as doublily so
here," with at further dehmand tiht the
responsibile :iutihoritis he punished for
their indifference and negligence.
'It opening nlddresl ltl s y Dr. Anna
lihnwl , i'-esiltnlnt of Ithe Nationiil Ainr
I(,a it Woman I' Suffrage Ii. Ih('I Itllal,
Wit a, hiltter iexcii'iation iii' the piullee.
"Never wai I so nltahatied of our
ltnntilon capital beIfore," she siul. "if
anything oull provel' the need of the
)allotl, nothi ng col l urlllld rove It Ilm re
than li' tueitiuinenti we received tlod y.
The wo.ll,'ll in thie la 1Mtlld shoewed'
wonlderlill dliti)' iy and self-reispect by
keleping t ool in thie midstiit of Insultll and
lewd riI.eirks. IIodiullllu s were giveni
p)OHsession of the t1reetls here withiiout
lany Ideilati attepi t being ade Ito
Sprotect usi."
Mrs. t'a'rric (t'hailnitinl (attl, tirelsident
of the International 'uffraige sutielti -
tll,, decla:lredil that nil~rllers of ncon
grels should dem.nd Nn IInvestIlgtion.l
Manyi of ithei men along the line, she
deliares,. "wirt drunk enought for thel
"Ii noi oither natioin lbut Switze'r
landl," she siutd, "hlave th woimenlt Ibeen
forcedt I e to Illl heir aiplal for the volte
to tihe rubbleit."
'ThrI'ee lhullnredt or more persons were
iut in the cirusiIh along Pennsylvania
av ienuei' during tlle plrindll , I' ne.- 'ding to
hospitat l estilmates tuniglit. No selrilus
injurliea were reipoted, ibut there were
svrail broken inrts illd iscores of
'Ihi'ere will tin an iiili(portitnt miieetting
thi. ev enng of the ,Iiiiiinember of thA
('ongregatilonail chuirih at tIle cth hitt.h
tullding. 'The relignaltion of the .as
tiir, Rev. I'lnmer l. ultrtlner, is to it
actled upon this eventling andl the i1e111
iersr will tie aukeli t to apii int a. pulpit
comlrnlttee and tiake anotion on (i niumII
her of other matters. A fuill attend
utlc of llllmembrs is desireed.
Mexico City, March 3.-Jlohin Ken
neth Turner, the American writer, has
enjoyed absolute liberty since his re
Iease by Felix i)laz, who had held him
Prlsoner In the arsenal during the bat
tle in the streets between the fec:eral
and rebel troops.
(i tafS I ' ,r1 r',,..llli hin t l·.)
!helenl+la, March 3. Thi con(' ren'e't,
Init nllititt ti; ll o i i lit II ll the hl tlt o :tlIit r
si llon ltaw: r ti will rti llerpot tnllor
1111t, tinh nit ii l u ist-h n ire l lju a
iiin pulsory div rt lt cotpi atitun ( il0il.
nations for dIrt and injury. ThIl
r ilroad t ipltýi, e i nnt-t . i i nter
tin t t t tie bttrt e - t-xn run t Iu ro t the
11l visoln ) of tht" hill. As this cnl
tti i rtitt ita t ll t11". power to dra1ft
t. hill that is ha h .ie tisfactorlit tol th
retl ir n illtlh- r.s t tilt tu1, elllitettee and
of tLO h hniO t on. tlhe ill will in r ll
plit hllity h , i .s .il hefort thre c .lo t
of the pr eliellvi stquhloal.
Iia'tentltorth, Kett, March 3,--Tonm
\ i'll, I h'orokere lindian, whot escaped
front the stale penitentiary three
nmonths ago, i ulntarily returned tl
the prisont tloday. He said ho woent to
the hlnii of his mother at Pon[ctaP'it .
Okli., anid that she advised hits to
return ar -i serve lut his sentence. 11+.
cscaldlt affter having served all exiept
four months of ait 20-year term for
Iltur r e.r
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