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Charles P. Neill Will Be Commissioner
of Bureau of Labor Statistics--Posts
Abroad Are Considered-Tammany
Leader Murphy Is Received-Econ
omy Policy Is Indorsed.
Washington, March 7.-President
Wilson had settled deep enough in
office today to indicate pretty clearly
some of the things that may be ex
pected of him in the near future. lHe
nmade no public announcements of pol
icy, but there were a few of the de
velopments that seemed to show the
trend or the first days of his adminis
tration. The president told visitors
that he was inclined to favor the plan
of house leaders to confine the special
session of congress to tariff revision.
He indicated that while he did not
look forward to the passage of a cur
rency reform measure at the special
sessiorl, such a bill might be whipped
into shape in the house while the sen
ate was wrestling with the tariff and
could be brought immediately after
congress convened in regular session
in December.
The president indorsed the policy
of democratic economy favored by
Chairman Fitzgerald of the house ap
propriations committee and other
Sundry Civil Bill.
His attention w'as called to the need
of the passage of the sundry civil ap
propriation bill at the special session.
This bill was vetoed by Taft because
of its provision virtually exempting
labor unions and farmers' organiza
tions from prosecution under the
Sherman anti-trust law.
Friends familiar with the president's
attitude toward kindred subjects de
clared that unless it could be shown
that the paragraph to which the
former president objected was not
"class legislation" he would use his
influence to prevent such a provision
being inserted in the new bill.
Senators found that Mr. Wilson is
observing the courtesies usually ex
tended them. lie called in several
senators" and asked whether they
would object to several appointments
he expected to make. It was pointed
out on authority that President Wil
son does not intend to turn over to
his department chiefs the appointment
of federal office-holders, particularly
to important posts. His order of
Wednesday was made for the purpose
of allowing department heads to sift
out the applications and present him
with one or more suitable candidates.
Appointments in virtually every case
eventually will reach the White House,
even if the appointees themselves are
barred in the preliminary stages.
Murphy Calls.
Charles F. Murphy of New York,
leader' of Tammany Hall, met the
president today for the first time in
many months. The visit was arranged
through one of the White House sec
retaries, who said Mr. Murphy wished
to pay his respects to the new presi
Mrs. Murphy and their daughter;
Congressmen Fitzgerald and Riordani;
Phillip J. Donahue, treasurer of Tam
many; John M. McCooey and Mrs.
McCooey; Michael J. Hays and other
(well-known Tamnmany men accom
panied Mr. Murphy. The party was
taken from the line of several hand
shakers in the east room and ushered
into the green room. Mr. and Mrs.
McCooey were the first of the party
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The Classified Ad
Does Double Duty
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Washington, March 7.-A federal
income tax, probably of one per
cent, and a free sugar tariff sched
ule practically were agreed upon
today by the democrats who are to
compose the majority of the house
ways and means committee in the
Sixty-third congress. Tariff re
vision was taken up today where it
swas dropped at the close of the last
session and the democrats will meet
every day from now on to perfect
their bill hefore the extra session
begins April 1.
Washington, 'March 7.-,fter spend
ing the greater part of today in caucus
the democratic senators succeeded in
agreeing upon candidates to fill only
three of the elective offices of that
body. These were: Senator James P.
Clarke of Arkansas to succeed Senator
Gallinger of New Hampshire, republic
an, as president pro tempore of the
senate; ltev. 1. J. Prettyman of the
District of Columbia, to succeed Rev.
U. G. 13. Pierce as chaplain, and
Charles P. Higgins, a real estate deal
er of St. Louis, to succeed H. Livings
ton Cornelius as sergeant-at-arms.
Senator Clarke was elected by a
vote of 27 to 14 over Senator Augustus
O. Bacon of Georgia, who alternated
with Senator Gallinger in the office of
president pro tempore during the last
session and whose election had been
considered practically a certainty since
tihe democrats gained control.
ISenator Clarke was placed in nom
ination by Senator O'Oorman of New
York and Senator Bacon by his col
league, Senator Hoke Smith of Georg
ia. Both were eulogized by their
champions. Other senators seconded
the nominations, mentioning the fact
that Mar. Clarlke's term -would expire
within the next two years. Hlis sup
porters urged his election on the
ground that it would be of assistance
to him in his race for re-election. They
also urged the fact that 'Senator Bacon
was in line for the chairmanship of
the committee on foreign relations as
a reason 'why he should not be elected
to preside over the senate.
Sore About It.
'The result of the election caused
considerable stir, the friends of Sen
ator Bacon feeling that he had not
been fairly treated.
At the afternoon session Senator
Smith tendered his resignation as a
member of the steering committee, to
which he had been appointed only yes
terday. Mr. Smith, 'who had been
especially zealous in his support of
Senator Bacon, said that he felt that
his colleague had been made to suffer
on his account, lie was induced to
withdraw the resignation later, but
not until there had been a general dis
cussion of the affair.
Senator Bacon said that if he had
been informed that any other person
desired the honor, he 'would have with
drawn froml the race.
Senator Tillman spoke at some
length, charging CMr. Bacon's defeat to
the intemperate desire on the part of
s me senators to do away with the
established customs of the senate by
retiring the oldest men in the interest
of the new.
Newport News, Va., March 7.---The
first 14-inch gun mounted on the new
battleship Texas, under construction
here, has been named by w'orkmen
"Woodrow." TUntil the mighty dread
nought goes out of commission the
gun will be known as "\Woodrow" by
all jackies.
As 4AtSY 5AY
t, .W CBASSICS: fttR
Los Angeles, March 7.--After hav
ing been out for nearly 24 hours, it
appeared tonight that the jury in the
second trial of 'larence S. DIarrow
for jury bribery was hopelessly dead
locked. Some, how ever, explressed the
belief that a verdict would be reach(ed(
because of the almost unprecedented
length of time consulimed by the delib
erations of the jury without once re
porting to the court that they \were
unable to reach a verdict.
Many rumors weire t n circlatin)ll
today and tonight regardtling the idi
Vision among the jurors, the mlOst
commonly accepted r'eltrt ,ing thait
they stood 10 to 2 for acquittal. Late
tonight, however, it was reported on
what was said to be auLthetic infor'
mation tihat the jury stood. S to 4 for
Once this afternoon a. bailiff notified
Judge Conley that the jury wished to
report that thley were unable to agrlce.
The officer was instlrlcted to tIcing iil
the jury, but lie returned with the
report that it was a "false alarii," andit
that the' 12 men still hopedl to reac'h
an agreelment.
Shortly before ii o'clock Judge ('on
ley declared a rlecess until 10 o'clock
tomorrow miorning witlli the provision,
however, that lie would hold court at
8 o'clock tonight if the jury had agreed
before that time. Othlerwise, lie wouil
receive no verdict until tomorrow,
WVord also was sent to the jurors at
that time that they could retire for
the night if no verdict had been ar
rived at by 8 o'clock.
Judge Conley declared that he would
discharge the jury at the stipulated
time tomorrow should a* reiport be
made in court that there was no
chance for a verdict.
"If they think they can agree event
ually," he said, "[ will keep thorn
locked up for a week, or until they
decide they can't break the deadlock."
The judge said that in his 20 years
on the bench he had never known of
a jury's remaining out so long with
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(Staff Correspondencet.)
Helena, March 7.--As a result of
conferences between the progressive
elements in the legislature just ad
Journed a call will soon be issued for
a non-partisan conference of citizens
of Montana, for about the end of the
third week in March, who will form
the People's Direct Legislation league.
It will be the purpose of the league
to present to the people of Montana
Three Hundred Tons of thee
Stuff Lets Go With Fear
ful Might and Vessel and
Surrounding Ships Suffer
Houses for Miles Around
Baltimore Are Shaken by
laltinire. M., March 7.- -T'hroe
hun(dred toI s of 1lynLlIIte heinlg load
'I in tIle lritish tral.Ilp stailI(r Alum
hn1111o in thl lower htarlborI, off "ort
a rIroll, explodeId a1out 10:30 o'clock
this iIIr11o 111n, instantly lk llillg frlll
40 to 1 0 mel, w\O -ntl ilg :11d llLailntling
three L( I1'' , 1 more, slmle Ilt" \ihol ImLay
die, ant1 dIslroyillg $60(0,I000 worth of
T'h,. Aliunn Chine and ( hoanrling; scorw
AI)llongshI , , Ire allllihiLilI red; the tullg
\T:Illoif , .1 o l ,h went to h11 1'.s ueI ott1'
illl -ril'( F.Blallen, Was Set o(l fi' e a ti
later s1nk tile 'nited I L ;lteis collier
Jason, jlast ovmpleted andh ready fo' I
trial, \101s r.lked clean it) her deck and
her p[,t.es riddled, :ttan huildings in
I1llit ,n'e i ' L iLt citiesH l lI tI illM Il11ialy
Ilile's ;l\L:, I eil' roL c.d by the force
of i'111 It.I:I'.lf explosion
Inllo 11 t'LIlihItt and fdIe l1 iautholrities
ilve. llst -t :L i tho'rou h8)11 ilv sli ).ation
Excited in i ,'v rs 1'll cotlr lit, iiin
stories, ,ll, nsi stiiL g tha t ll' 1n'Lr
istnet1ii 'r < t se d the t hi)ll t by
i1u llni ln l e, IkO ili tl ' A l um of dy( :l- i ,
Pili ll- e I'. Th nieirid iby t y 1' winltsst1s
W:h'o i hi that l ttsmoke Si) t l eall
poul'i lln f't . a Van )n. kc, hilatin hold
sevcra'l minute . before the explosion
occurrell td.
At ;t Itl , hrr i lonightl the )dhies of
'0 dOe d h:a! (reIn ]ro)l (ht to 1merInos
in this s.ity l,11l 00 injured we-re in th1
thoslil.t \\. 'h ige estin. t s niate in
jlured inrluchdh 30 sitvv.lores and cihck
iors of t t .J,)seIh il t. ,'oard cml) al,+nlt,
emllployyd in transferri II dy. y n i te
from a tllull to thi Aunt ('hl,
thicnh aS iound for Panae a; eight
nlllmhers ~' thlo cr'V of the AII lin
('hlino; six im HImbers of the crllier
Jason alll the captain and several
ine1tnhrs of the crew of the tug At
lantic. Ma:ny bodies, it is believed,
never Will bh recovered from the icy
Of thi' inior(ed a scorn are frightfully
maimed. At least 13' are expected to
die tonight. Tonight nine of the dead
have be,, identified as follows:
,Captain W. E. Van Dyke, Baltimore,
of thw tug; Atlanthc.
I{ohort W. Diggs, first mate of the
tug A. lantih', lialtimore.
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at the geiinral election in November, i
1419, such legislation in the interest
of the gi.allrat welfare as may seem
most laneleded at the present timle.
It is Ikno.mn that many of those who
attend.ed the Thirteenth assembly as
Inemlllnrs of the senate and house will
be present and take an active part in
the formation of the league. In ad
dition there promises to be a large
attendance of other good citizens.
Whatever Is done will be done de
liberately. The gathering will be made
Doutgla, i, AZ, Malrh 7.- 'contsti
tti ionalsta ro.hls . manped In the
hills 1II) Miles south late11 ton .ight,
fo t tl i - lmindedlii t he suti rend tiet
of Agu 'rietai, thel x iti t w i ortdert
town oplosi ilt IgIht. (-linert lt
4ljll: L l ti. 11 1 11) i I ;11 1) ll ll iu1 t
federal re tirvll tI'. lltlIlr hl I. .I -
11 i, hbr ut I \Vi tw io d;)yM Is111 heo dll
ki -i; prteptii titi tvu-s for a Ir ex -
I tt-lit d : tflkt: ll. T lho t ,relie l lllittiher
nB ll{ Jfih) lln ol. The r1' t' I.tl]s 'i r time
to surrendetlr. TIhe rehlt s thriaton
Ili, l ii it t. i i lil Rc, ' Fnlit t -it-tlrl titi
tN attack Hope ofic after midnight.
Aile.iro ('ity, Miarch 7.-- 'iith tVirl
t lu tin a ia ll t iltlr tl itlited b eit-et l
it;,t.i tpital t:td 1 ,1 it t rol i-i oftes ted o iin
i otf 'i0i011t ait d l il o 'll ttit, ti e o lliy
ri;' ilici 0 o ce1 111 rn ing ton(rlit lolls
theie eIuti i1 I's fr"1u governmt ent
0Ouren-4 . 'T'hese nm ki IL al.|pp ir to
flight that ;L sit lbl it has developed
\hhi h will lt11 .(x h i tmos i t r',soll l're
of the nl ewl Ih\ ministrrtioin.
,ers Ore kliug plislF i into 0t h dis
trict athlllt Mionelo v in (Nilthllhi, the
etl .ter of the (I'irl'nzisti. activities,
while other forces are moving into
8-ylora, where former loverlor liny
tl'renall' efforts are saidt to be directedil
tOW:Itd inviting the liindns to reIel
lion. Highteen hundred a 11 ulintil
troops left here tonight for iall laolt
'teto.1, Where plh y vviii co-oil rt<-:11
with the force of "(enertl Trul'iy Au
heit, \ iho is expel tid to reach M o. 1
cloiva hefoell morning.
No Hope of Peace.
Hope that the government .would he
able to effect a, peace agreement with
(".hrlilza appears to have been alhtll
doned and all resources of tlhi war
department are to bo emploeyed iin
up of all ul:aules of politieal belief, and
,will inclutle menlers of the womlan's
suffrage state organization.
Those who hav, interested them
selves in this nmovemlllent are convinced
that represenltative government in
Montana has utterly failed to justify
itsetf, so far as lawmaking by legis
lature assemblies is concerned, and
that the democratic powers of the
people themselves must be asserted di
rectly if the reign of Special Privilege
is to be checked in the state.
lith Moines, Marlt'l 7. -- T).ow's
Sonfle~l p 'Iill ,seI d a| womanll ll s uI|'ra gP
AREi('ldiit'l tR)dSOy, RE 1 P , I L, O tHS I r-I
IOWR W.(\i\ FO R t SI V Miii I1)Ul Hl!'litll
hIs lllraldy I:lsst e tlhe, houll>s~ a1n1(1
musl~t paIss aig~till llxt' ..e'sqionI befrel
einllK stllhlllmi ted t1 lo lll: '" \p a lio.
ehicago.. MaIrch 7.--"The emplvtoersv
think how wntgtt hltav' nothing to do
with Inlltioral.ity illlog waOltnto, Th'it
tvtolttt'n iV to hav It't falllen thIlnk lit\t
1V98-.O3 ]1110\'0 01'V ~thInV g1l to I|0 with it."
'Phtt was ,a wny a embler l of the*1](
sta.te ,ul·nliita \vil'tn investl# atioll comll
nllissltnl ullilln.l tup thoe ConllfllCting
t tst iolltttty given at tho omlntnittee
hc lring to ldlly.
Arr''tydt v,'d thiv ioile side weltr Jlllils
1 tIt'txvnald, tn'vxt.Itnt ot' Heait, Rote
it lt 0 l ti l~t I , is. l.ll o' =.t,1l'q : (,
brick -tt' ai ; ,Iti'$2 s t i 'k tt so l, vitt'tt
rIe.shhnt o' M~rVrishall Viewld & it.,; 1,,
,'. 1landl, i, prIb,, hhlnt of Alandel li .S:,
''Ntt if' ,ititt u lllttw h o n Ott- It I'ltt itt' ii
Itt' ltlny' tltit ylti prt sid nllt t l0 f .) ihll Itt.
thtyi t ' t.' i . titt fim' s lpl'y
(Ioii n th Ils.ndR if gin ag d i )llllll
1 1the altrll' shlh Ire, :La halIf dIozn
d nIl zes'I llH .lf the' tndlllnll'l'( ," ,roulllht
b fI)t'or'o tIt (the caInntlll o oi "J,'I)Illt oLf)"i
WH! 01111(H.llllltt 1t. Pxlill 'lnle tl t L -
phl yenrs that }'t wisel d inlfIlrltlllIio
,ari ng onI l bill |low p11(l I'ling inll llthe
h,1 ·ile l lllaltu t . e Ist ablHI sh aI. milt lnimum
iwnlge 1 leoI1t $·, " s , k fill" \%,ainltonl.
Tl'he emplolyeri' hhld thh4 l~ltflago to bit
'x esn. ii', mll id d' c.tl' ti i'h law Iln (i
los.illrll t l iy.
Various Views.
It IhvLhiliped th Ii t Ipacti1 lly all,]l l"f
thello \Voml li Im p1lo etd i hl l lthe r tilI
'JIJ' J l iv , <it hl llll', i e . ll' illi? WVI .H
¢l Nlilllt ' Ill HI( lllSIX Ih Itj 11 kjlr p l' \vt Lg
consimed in' discusn i t properII wage n111`;1
stale f " thII1o~ s o .1) , ituaell q ThIe enil -
I) a' ers took( lht. loitioii n that thiey air'e
ul oll r 11o Io ligatiol )t o allly t'rrLalli
g;hrls mnd tlitaklileh el p l l Ista l ts
"juvlerill" at ]l'iing· wl ,lo a,. ll i Hu ontll .'ili
iloynlP it i.'lu l (O I nii.| tot| Ill .!
liv ing lt Ihl e.xlti of thi )r ltr t .
=.7.. L O ll ll" H ,s ,tlllil olf ,thie Conllu ilhtre
inisl.test thlat tlii othllel nil lllher', of ait
warlkilng Uliq'. fasuily i.rUtl nio tIllur'e
| |14111 iellatiitl l ii M i~l 'lof thiellW ~ik,]/t.
anld thaut if ali lly ikliat|Il'i of ~l~llt i it
foliv'ity eani l.' s t'. haln at living wagt,,
the famlilly stllffelrs. ' I
i ul.,llr th~ ald I{oly ni nht\.it extprssed] tht.'
oplliohn tha~t aL girl's .,harl'tit .r 80d i(I er
envihronlll~l~.inrt Silliy} lir lift.. Wiages..
'ha~ve litih. to dho w'ith It, ilioy 88..ll
The!y laidl slt.ess onl enlvI-ilon imiti.
"lhlt idoiiHrll i li\v|ngf %Vill , orl 11
wligel utllir Uhnit, hllve stillch| to do.
w ith oill rafi neitllll '"' 4isked) Islie lltli lltln
4(l0VM.'Ilo" !) I'itralL, t'ltil 'iinllI Of' the
m ainti liit1 t ,,.
'llhis \wals Julinih'd.
"if it girl canlnlot li\'t onl hi'l ilumqili,
dhonit you thlink thatl with the piltfnlls
whle'h'l ,lllrounll! yo\ unllg w%'olltn 'inI fnl
miirall Illf. iof'|trls {lilt telsitst wVay oillE"
Masold.l w\aIs asked(~t
"Not itf sthe i;' 1ho rigiht khid o.f at
ghrl; iIf sh ai. s stnrvlilig 1|ld llim i~ll ';l
lly i.. rep, at~iig ti to her'. as it ,,hliulih bet,
,*-h,. ic ll tgo ilitl d utii st, lh .. ri'l liev"
"do youtll hink thlqro arl') enoutlgh plact,'er
fori lthe doinosle.ts Ito tnke of aill t'hi
unldterladd gir! llle Wnd woen \vtrklllg inl
s-torl'ls andl/ ftactoriresz?"
"|ltlusei serlvantlls aret nlighty a-cllrlt'[,"
ninled,( the w'ltitness,
(C3ontinuled on Paglo Eight)
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But, there's one way for every good housewife to increase
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Appropriation for State Fair Stirs Up
Higgins and Fight Is Led-Says It
Is Drain on Treasury-Six Hundred
and Twelve Bills Introduced as To
tal of Both Houses.
(81: ff ('crriesltindner.)
II i a. l.iirIcNh 7.-- Eii'.nl Ithiiigli lnoW
th, Thii ti, Inth i ,ssi bl', is a. miatter
f hlirtory, liere wr. i ane lcidtents
ITI( n)' ' I t|i li' slilln hours , ix h
x ilii 'l . r ' t hrdilg. It was slhirtly
cl o lansilationll of 8. 1I 17, r
I|'tl( l" 4 il. |l|, \\ llre til t' I~tl t to*i llt
mnla iIvin I"r h toi ipa fi adlli
ti il g I fllll ir hir the state ftir.
TIIhis 1 bill ciused a shtllri conlflict, as
sharl lrt: )b lrlbly ats aily i f the la.st
dlay's iattles. Higglns led the fight
1and 1.olInedI out the fact that tile state
fair wnas a constant drain on the
treilasry,. tIe alleged that it was get
tineg too Hi uih lniiley in the appro
tritlinll till andi that thil bill ,was
Hrll'yo It l djnti lllet ltI ile general lap
l piar!to1t11, all ihliigh it was iiayliH for
lia i alr'ead lugitiil. The fight ga'oe
Ilii ' if l ol 'il. a l l'hliish of ill of
1the llStie falir rit'mo'al tloiflclt when
Mu1 t'r ray if t'lsilalle asiied that the ha t
Ih' ll' , stoiii ll Ind tlhat 1th1 bill be
iliisSll. 'tis iillioln irevalled.
The lnext dlislturblilngt; eICnle nt camelln on
1ih' 1l stiil' i ll t pae liasalgel of the 11ti
lrllili limii billl witllit elltrledt thle
moilni' , for the fair. The 1ill wtall
lpassedl by (1i. thouise andl trunaiilttedl
htoi lt t .'LSe aIo. ll ere man1I y menltlleF -
m1ill s tii lhi' stille fair ilt'imS il'w r 1111t
illillls thi i' bill alld th it iaggrt .lte 1-1111m1
Ilor tile ll ir a'll a 'tilit $w112000 afte ,r
h111 11l l 1is te It thgili . h11, 1111lhe a llsOn
nI~ents wle bCro gh{ ti |n tie hotse
for cIncIIIuIrrenIc . Thils was a si.' 1!
for lother fighti rTh milleia ers we're
fill s nilin' niill' 5rowdi'il TIll the
Iit ,1 sIale. I igg lis llso hll' this'
Ifigiht. ihi lleisd filllln's woere rj ecled
a ll 1, cnflleligc with ar comlltllteer
1r1t1 tli ih til lull Vll Itislie . T thlls c ton
lfllilcie i'rlllirted sfill'o til endmtliw s re-l
ds ill the ilmlll i it gv l'ell thei fair 'lc)
It t s Itie. This was not sliasftetr
to tit H' tte a t u a1 her tllil' 1 r11 ien
iwaI askiid. After thlrll e tonf51855 rteneefr
1ni 11r I , lls lit $21101s finally ryachealr
Illlgulin.. antt his follllt\ers had suc
i.iin h1 1vhin the ifll" tlll''o11ra
ti. g\ itli d 1 \ 11 iiliteri lly, hl111 t ei
sliiiniuIl i Ilhl'e for the fair was11 tilll
toA hilg iti s11t ill llln lIl'o tie i toiS,
lill the r iitiii ti" til h ir ills llnferdlilC
li'iII' 3lin'a'rl, tll i' 'Lt'l~llirltsllltl ligsi
I iii 15511111113 iuliiirneh tis 11111 ii
T1 , II . 1 . 41 ! was lilt' Itst t 1ei3
liie ic liisy. The l ills i's llelded giveI h
th'o Iailir $ i ,,t0, $7,00 oi' il'h N rear for
Iltt l i'r sirnit 184 $20,000 e c ''h vlyir for
411111 111111 radid 111 gx''rlor
At hi t 1. I l. hllhorlas tlOd leateitis
s iill tI lit i'ill of tile ohs ire 1 He
ni-lhd fillmill lfll"r 11 Plage Six)theorn
ilia. At that houri lithe Ihouise and sen
;it. ilh't andi tiht enro'!lletl hills +were.
s1gnitd bty the s1ptelker of the house~t
iisil prleshident olf tile senate.
Compensation Dead,
fill nti mt+lll w\aS mallde to brlingt to
Ili'f till c.omplensh.ation bill, but it was.
\Vith al rielli'd o<f 012 bills lintrodiitced
mtil 1it I'lnH hilil4 Ih, offl'cee of Gtht -
.,lrnoir Stew\iirt, till Tlhllrtetqth heg'isli
tiv'. ai.emqibly adjtulrnedq this lnoon .slnt
dieh. 'liTh, 8.lin tte /adlljourlld alt 12:29
;tndt thet housl-e Ial 12:34.
I aekingK thiree bills. ornr-halr oif all
thots.i lpaissio reachled {ioverorlO Stte\
art this liiorninlg. The sixtith l gi Mi
hnllve dily 107 blills w\'er1" selt to h im.
'lw\o( )tqrs lligo {itvernlor Norrlis re
t',i\',,t 1111 hills thel asi.t day.
S Iln tiht ,.tenate 184 billh- werle hitro
Ju di,,l ailid 77 reaiched tthe governor'.
i'lThese ilnclhidl memiior'ials anld resolu~
Ill the hiotse 428 bills wore tntro
(C~ontilnued onl Palge Siix)

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