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Hamilton, March 8.-(Special.)-The
trial of cases for the February term
of the district court will begin on
Monday morning. The calendar was
recently reset, many of the cases being
changed, as to the time they will come
up for trial. The revised calendar
John R. Dailey vs. Alex. McDonald,
debt, (March 10, 11 a. m.
Jessie Millet' vs. J. R. Faulds, debt;
IMarch 10, 11:30 a. m.
H-I. B. Farnsworth vs. George D.
Waylett, debt; IMarch 11, 9 a. m.
John L. Mills vs. Joseph Wagner,
damages; March 11, 9:30 a. m.
Valley 'Mercantile company vs.
Joseph Hunter, et al, suite on note;
March 13, 9 a. m.
R. A. O'Hara vs. Orefinder Copper
Mining company, suite on note; March
13, 9:30 a. m.
iMargaret Hannon vs. Thomas B.
Hannon, dower right; March 17, 9 a.
Andrew B.owery vs. (Mary Cole, et al,
injunction; March 18, 9 a. m.
First INational Bank of Iowa City,
Iowa, vs. Pr. E. Smith, suit on note;
JMarch 19, 9 a. m.
Valley Mercantile company vs. El
wyn Fullerton, attachment; March 19,
9:30 a. m.
.Mary Catherine Calk vs. Benjamin
Oertli, et al, damages; March 20, 9
a. in.
R. B. Sidebottom vs. C. B. Anson as
receiver, debt; March 24, 9 a. m.
Western Loan & Savings company
vs. Nancy A. Watson, mortgage for
closure; March 26, 9 a. m.
J. D. Taylor, et al, vs. G. L. Burtis,
debt; 'March 20. 9:30 a. m.
IMissoula & Hamilton Railroad com
,pany vs. C. A. 'Sanders and John L.
Mills, condemnation; (March 31, 9 a.
Missoula & Hamilton Railroad com
pany vs. C. A. Sanders and Nancy
Dayton, condemnation; March 31, 9:30
a. m.
0. C. Cooper vs. Miles Romney,
damages; April 2, 9:30 a. mi.
John S. Treece vs. Miles Romney,
damages; April 2, :30 a. m.
Newton J. Tillman vs. .Miles Rom
ney, damages; April 2, 9:45 a. m.
St. Ignatius, March 8.-(Special.)
The Indians and breeds on the Flat
head reservation are now living in re
newed hopes that the new secretary of
the interior under President Wilson
will take such action with regard to
the Indian department as will result
in more patents being 'granted. At
present there are ve.ry few patents is
sued and for miles and miles on the
reservation there is nothing to mark
the coming of the white man more
than there was 20 years ago, other
than that the buffalo have disappeared
from the plain, and an odd settler's
shack may be seen here and there,
dotting the landscape. There, are a
numniber of good settlers in some parts
of the reservation, ,but it is a eer
tainty that another year will not see
one of them left if nothing is done
with the Indian land problem. A large
number of the Indians and breeds are
unable to support themselves, and
their land is bringing them in nothing.
and, incidentally, it Is the chief and
only drawback that is keeping the
Flathead reservation front being one
of the most prosperous valleys on
God's footstool.
Mike Seery returned Friday from
Trident, Mont., whore he went last
fall to visit his brother. lte also
spent a few weeks in eastern Iowa,
visiting his sister.
P. C. Thompson and Severt Kelly
transacted business at Missoula Fri
day evening.
Sidney Rellly made a business trip
to Ronan Saturday.
Arthur Greathouse, who has been
employed as foreman in the Post print
shop for the past winter, left. today
for Poison, where he intends to take a
job with the new pa.pe.r that T. D. Bare
is starting at that place.
Without Overloading the Stomach.
The business man, especially, needs
food in the morning that will not
.overload the stomach, but give mental
vigor for the day.
Much depends on the start a man
gets each (lay, as to how he may ex
pect to accomplish the work on hand.
H.I can't he alert, with a heavy,
fried-meat-and-potatoes breakfast re
quiring a lot of vital energy in digest
ing it.
A California business man tried to
find some food combination that
would not overload the stomach in the
morning, but that would produce
He writes:
"For years I was unable to find a
breakfast food that had nutrition
enough to sustain a business man
without overloading his stomach,
causing indigestion and kindred ail
"Being a very busy and also a very
nervous man, I decided to give up
breakfast altogether. But luckily I
was induced to try Grape-Nuts.
"Since that morning I have been a
new man; can work without tiring,
my head is clear and my nerves
strong and quiet.
"I find four teaspoonfuls of Grape
Nuts with one of sugar and a small
quantity of cold milk, is delicious as
the cereal part of the morning meal,
and invigorates me for the day's busi
nesa." Name given by .Postum Co.,
3Battle Creek, Mich. Read the little
book, 'The Road to Wellville," in
"There's a Reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
Hamilton, March. 8.-(Special.)-In
honor of his 35th birthday, Hamilton
Thacher, one of the prosperous ranch
ers of the valley, gave an elaborate
stag party this evening at his hand
some home on Hamilton Heights.
Thirty guests trekked this evening to
the Thacher home, automobiles and
carry-alls being called into use for
transportation purposes. A course
dinner was served during the evening,
a hugh birthday cake having the place
of honor on the table.
One of the features of the evening
was the presentation of many appro
priate gifts. Recognizing the fact
that "mine host" is a rancher with a
rancher's needs all of the guests se
lected their gifts with a view to mak
ing the Thacher barnyard one of the
best equipped in the valley. Forks,
shovels, calf-wecaners, rope, cow-bells,
pails, and other barn-yard utensils
were showered upon the host. Mr.
Thacher received one gift that stood
o(it in bold relief among the hetero
geneous collection of gifts, Dr. Fritz E.
Buchen being the donor. In a neat,
home-grown crate, a barn-yard fowl
of dazzling beauty was turned over
to Mr. Thacher. With its variegated
plumage, for its wings were a bright
red, its tail a robin's blue, its legs
gold colored, while its body glistened
with the whitest of plumage, the bird
resembled a bluebird, a redhbird, a
bird of paradise and a common barn
yard hen, all at once. The fowl was
"Burbanked" with'the greatest of care
on Ravalli farm. Accompanying the
gift was a pedigree that was all any
prize animal could desire-a verse
of poetry,, through whose lines the
barn-yard at the Thacher home was
dedicated to the "rainbow" chicken.
Corvallis, March 8.--(Special.)-C.
E. Mattix of Duluth, Minn., has re
turned to take care of his orchard
land on the east bench.
The poison-hand with a dog-grudge
has been at work in the dark. Sev
eral good dogs have been killed, Dr.
Thornton's fine bird dog, "Trix,"
among the number.
There is a good demand for men to
work on the, orchard lands.
Mrs. J. B. Laws is improving after a
severe siege of the 'grip. Little Claire
Kane, the granddaughter, who has
been ill is also on the mend.
The Ladies' Aid society of the. Pres
hyterian church held an all day ses
sion Thursday at the church. A de
lightfully social time was enjoyed.
Invitations are out for the weddin.g
of Miss Eva, eldest daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. E. H. Sheldon, to Albert
Heath of Stevensville, on Wednesday,
March 12.
The Misses Francis Meyers and Flor
ence Ellis passed the teachers' exam
inations at Itamilton last Friday and
A. S. Groff has been appointed by the
governor a menmber of the state hoard
of stock comnmissioners.
At a spelcial Friday evening of the
A. F. and A. M., the third degree was
Fred Ionlway, employed for several
years at the Bowdon mercantile store,
left Sunday afternoon for his new pio
sition in Utah. He will visit at Mis
soula and Butte on the way.
Agents for the Day Produce cenm
pany were in town Saturday placing
spray for the fruit trees.
Re.. C. L. Vaughn is improving
rapidly and will soon he out again.
Special services will be conducted at
GIrantsdale by the Presbyterian pastor.
])r. ('. Schwarg has returned after
a tour of the Flathead county.
Mrs. Charles Johnson and daughter,
Miss Ada, returned from California.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church held a delightful meeting
Wednesdiay at Mrs. John Snell's resi
Mrs. L. K. Simmons is having her
home in Corvallis repaired with a view
to moving next week.
Stevensville, March 8.--(Spectal.)
Fred II. Krug of Oil City, Pa., has ar
rived to make his home in the valley.
Mr. Krug will have charge of the Oil
City orchards, a new tract of land on
the north bench, and will employ many
men the coining season in the, develop
ment and cultivation of the land.
Mrs. Ruth Howard of Victor spent
Thursday here attending to business
GCeorge A. Kain made a business
visit to Missoula Friday.
Mrs. Irene Dodswell of Great Falls,
is visiting at the home of he.r sister,
Mrs. J. G. Showell.
Matthew Whaley returned from a
business visit to Missoula yesterday.
F. M. Lawrence of The Missoulian,
is spending a couple of days here
transacting business for his firm.
Rev. Father Lynch of Hamilton, held
services in St. Mary's church last
J. N. Cornshafter of G(reat Falls is
here with two large traction automo
biles, which he is demonstrating to the
farmers. The autos are of the cater
pillar type and are especially suitable
for farming and traveling over uneven
and rough surfaces.
'Miss Hazel Baird is visiting in Boze
man this week, where she is attending
the Bozeman meeting of the high
schoo l students. Miss Baird was
successful in winning the preliminary
position on the debating' team.
Hamilton, March 8. - (Special.)
Wesley Swayze, a liveryman of this
city, unpacked a new hearse at the
local depot this morning. The hearse
was purchased from the Oregon
Casket company of Portland, Ore., and
Is an elaborate conveyance,
Hamilton, March S. - (Special.)
Thomas Croll, a stock breeder and
shipper of St. Lawrence, S. D., arrived
in Hamilton last evening and is busy
today conferring with officers of the
chamber of commerce and ranchers of
this city who are interested in the
shipment of a large number of dairy
cows into the valley. Mr. (Croll states
that he is in a lostion to ship high
grade dairy cows, guaranteed seven
eighths and better, into the valley in
numbers large enough to supply the
entire demand at the present time.
His visit here is for the purpose
of making arrangements with re
sponsible parties so that he willLbe
able to dispose of all that he may ship
\Vhen questioned this morning con
cerning his visit here., Mr. (Ioll do
clared: "I came to Hamilton to find
out just what is wanted. I cannot af
ford to make a large shipment of cat
tle Into the valley unless I have a
guaranteo from responsible parties
that my shipment will be disposed of
upon its arrival. Of course, the cham
ber of commerce here is entitled to the
same protection, and I am able to fur
nish all the testimonials they may de
sire." \\hen asked concernlng tlhe
breeds he could furnish he stated that
he could supply either Holsteins or
Jerseys, or both, and thIt he could
furnish them as good as was desired.
"If they want cows rating better than
seyen-eighths, I can ship themn; one
of the reasons I am here is to find out
just what is wanted." Mr. ('roll de
clared that the Ritter Root valley ap
pears to be an ideal place for the
establishment of a large dairy busi
Mr. ('roll advises the shipment of
heifers into the valley, rather than
cows that are milking. When asked
at what price lie e could ilace cows at
Hamilton, he placed the cost at from
$85 to $100. lIe declared that heifers
could he( furnished a little cheaper
than maturer cows, but that neither
could be expected at less than $85.
Mr. Croll will bie here until tomorrow.
Camas Prairie, March 8.-(Spectal.)
Miss Rose Krier left Wednesday to
visit relatives in Butte.
Farmers are getting ready for
spring worlk. It is stated that some
p:owing was done the past week in
the Prairie valley.
The Itnt Horse company held a busi
ness meeting Saturday.
Henry A. Gilbert was appointed road
supervisor for this road district by the
board of county commissioners at
Thompson Falls this week. Mr. Gil
bert succeeds himself to this appoint
ment, having given splendid satisfac
tion last year in supervising the most
extensive road construction carried on
by the county during the year.
Elmer Hefley has leased his ranch
and is now employed by ,the Falls
Power company at Thompson. Mr.
Hefley came up to spend Sunday with
friends on the Prairie.
Ernest 1. Williamson made a ship
ment of cattle to some point in the
Bitter Ioot Thursday. Mr. WVilliam
son went with the stock.
Thomas Barth, who operates a
blacksmith shop on the Perma way,
has ordered a 10-horsepower gasolilne
engine and a feed mill, with a capacity
of 80 bushels per hour. Ite will install
the same adjacent to his smithy.
Augustine Ling, who boug'ht the re
lintauishment of Harry Thrailkill, has
established his residence on the home
steadl. Mr. Ling received a. large con
signllent of household goods from
Seattle this week. Mrs. Iing and
daughter are expected in a few days.
The cattlemen have taken tholir cat
tle to the ranges.
Mrs. W. D. Kendrick of Missoula ar
rived Paitr(da.y morning to spend the
week's end witlh ther sister, Mrs. J. D.
Mr. and Mrs. James Wn . fGunter en
tertained the North CGamas Prairie
P'rgressive Whist club at. a 'farewell
party Saturday evening, March 8. Mr.
and Mrs. fiunter leave this week 40
take tip their residence near Wood
side, Itavalli county, where they will
iperate the old Mc'Rae ranch. 'They
formerly resided at Woodside, but
'have resided here on a homestead the
past two years.
Perma, March R.-(Special.)--Mr. and
Mrs. Ambrose McFarland returned
from Missoula Saturday morning,
where they lhave been several days at
tending the district court in a matter
whorein Mrs. McFarland was the
James W. 'Gladden attended the
meeting of the board of county com
missioners at Thompson Falls Mon
A number of miners and prospectors
are making their annual representa
tion on their holdings near Perma
t'his spring. A couple of miners ar
rived from Trout Creek and went to
the head of Sepia creek Saturday
morning, whore they 'will work some
pllacer holdings.
A petition remonstrating against
making the 'Plains high school a
county high school was circulated 'here
the first of the week, and was signed
by practically everybody. One reason
for opposing the move of Plains is the
fact that our local school district has
established a high school at Camas
Joe Marion, cattle inspector, and
who has a ranch near Big Arm, spent
'the day in Perma Saturday.
D. B. Cardy, who is employed by the
Northern Pacific railway at Paradise
spent the day in Perma Saturday
Mr. Cardy states he will return to hit
ranch about April 1,
Hamilton, March S.-(Special.)--The
Montana Fruit Dtistributers, one of the
nine units of the North Pacific Fruit
Distributers, was formally launched
here this afternoon at a meeting at
which Missoula, Stevensville, Victor,
Como, Woodside and Hamilton were
represented, each by three delegatet.
A board of di.rectors was electhl as
follows: Percy Paitt of I( omno, Itilph
Crane of Hamilton, Bernard Palmer
of Woodside, H. A. rigrgs of Victor,
J. E. Porter of S'tcvensx-ile and G. R..
Hemnl.--cof Missoula. By-laws weie
adopted and organization busintess dtsy
posed of. The soluetion of a manoager
was discussed but no, action taken.
1 Officers were elet-l as follows:
J. B. Porter, presilolnt; (t. Rt Himick,
vice president; RItalph ('rane, secro
tary. W'ard S.ekitt w\as elected to
represent the h.,:cl Iunit ait I meeting
of the Iline directlrs of the parent or
ganizatin1d to be hbel at North Yaki
ma, Wash.; Marlih 21. It is now cer
tain that the p;arcnt Irganizatlon will
(he in shape t, dirett fruit shipping
and marketing ope'raltions this fall.
lLHiimilton, March i. .- (Sial.)
Mrs. Don Anson hIs r ileturned from
'hitago, Ill., where she o\ias recenltly
cailed by the ldea;th of hter father.
Attorney FraiT .\ Roberts of Mis
soula was a Hoalitoll visitor yester
day, having businllss I l'ore tihe board
of county comnllissil.lnrs.
Ii. H1. Tavonner, the popular agent
for the Milwa:iii I Misi ittsonis , was
a visitor in 1mlatlt IIn iet'te'II trains
yest erday.
G(eorge O. Th: hlri. 0'. t. .11:tdonald
and J. I". \lalon., Jr, of Si ,\t e nsvilh.
arrived l ill Ilminilt i , ii'sn d;y for a
short visit.
Mrs. H])y II. I'l :11mul little daugh
ter will leave on l.ltday for their
holle at Lethbrid l e. (':ilt:t F.
Mr. and Mrs. Ililgh E,. King and
Mrs. Don \V. King tof i'tcago arrived
in Halnilton yesterldiy. The Kings are
interested in irolprlt near this city.
A. 1). Simnersnii f lt 1ssonl is call
ing oni local nierch.n s today.
\V. A. McElroy. :..fshiur for the Bit
ter Root stock fiameti, has been in
formed of his all intinent its a. mciii -
h.rt of the state il ,ird i" shoiip otii
lissioIIuners lby t tt i .i Stett ti. A.
S. Graft' of (ou"t llis xiis also ap
poinlted as a Itti tut' of the stouck
boa rd.
Deltl 1W. MeOkert rettuenedi this liirln
ing from a short visit in Mlissoula.
Olinton, Marc' h R. (Stt eiatt l.) --Mrs 1. I . t
her d;ulghter G;ladys.
Mr. and Mrs. 1R. .'lark of liblandl, tl
Idaho, wero the guests of Mrs. . t. C.,.11
W\Vedntesday and Thu rsday.
I. Dwight \wel1 to olllena onll busi
ness the first fI' the wetek.
Mrs. Julia. ''lthomsoi ofi St. Ig ttIItus
is. visiting her lparents, 1Ir. iand Mirs.
Miss attie Martin ,is visiting at A. t
('lnnick's h nll'" h I.t\venl.l.
Mri. and .Irs. Mc('al'ty returnt'tld friom t
Seattle on Tu,'1sday.
itam ilonm, Mar(,h .- (f l,,inl.) --M .
LI. Deal, sIt l la, rirlallr i.nsptl fot r, will
atrrive on th- n"slinlg tr' in tll ll morrowT.
to lmeet friril:;rwor.s of this s'e'|i'ho
at the chambi.i r of tlnertll' , at 11 1
o'hl(ck, ti dis. nss theil b iL;hi silmattimi .
The e.,tingii c'a''i.'. s ;ttI if' ites.lll Iof tI
petilltion fromll I; trpromint nt Ir it 'lni n i
of this sc.lin t lirtc lcd t t,. ll slat',
horti tllultllr;lt ein l a::I inl Ih:th t I ,r,'"
tille he :ll,"\\ , grot\',rs Io ehee'king
the blight 'n slii htly ;Ill', I,'d .11hx.
antler ptir ;inl r:hb trets I tiIfore tlht
.were .ntall .'t by inspc. ' rs. 'lTl'
If yti stffet
it ith
CATAlt i 0
I ai lt it
s -aid you ]
a sitolute,
- - ty Fl1,1
Stil~ wit h
out n1t,
StI lt ll tiy 'X
ipenst toI
you, my
ful hlio ,me
Treat -
ment," which is making so many extra
ordinary et r tels Iof 'hrmln and acute .ai s.
My remed y will surely oure you at it
has hindreds of ot thers, btt do not take
my word for it. .ust sendl for FitllEP trial
and be c'tvit ' it ]tt'.
Catarrh ani .\slhmna are totu seriousll
ot neglect. in the fout slimes of (Cattrrht
and Asthma thi" germs of ConsumptiontI
breed rapidly and the whole system is
Impaired and 1,,t open to the attacks of
dangerous diseases'. Horrible souffering
resulttl--days are one long torture aind
nights sleepless agony.
My remedy cleanses the systeom of
impuritites, sltops the dripping li lithe,
throat, hawking, fotl breath, hIait
noises, loss of taste and smell, hoars'
ness, watery eres, heats the scabs In thel
nose, prevents gasping for breath and
sleepless nights.
Do not delay a moment but send now
for FREE package and .ay book, both of
which will be mailed Ih plain wrapper.
Mention your disease.
T. GORHAM, 557 Gorham Bldg.
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p t ht , ttli fillirk if, ri-ld t h k ill tile
t-'ri'uI Wii,ii~ntll'itl ti-ft SYiidni-'tlday
mrrill wi th lMR. Vll't, till''f l Ml-io'li tll
tlli ch~ldl~ren
Mfr Psr. i rtllrnci t. t week ro
MA. (ul. Shn~ returns this week tlh
lthe histf it.. .wh\.re ~.e rt' undergo
miII,+ castl ofl [+t,'ll, to. W, I', ] r' w't,. 'tl
of' ]'ion.. n M r'. lPr,+w+,l will luik+, 1p,
sin operatin flor tumor.
Mrs. ('. M. chmidt h t w hur dayn ill
i0or Okanoogan, Wash., wher te ehe la
,ritical e.tolltllon~ al ". hosp+litall il M i+.
J. T. Tlhomp~son and I,. II, ,l+,inn,,l
we're in Thom~llp.s-on Fal+'l .110nday to
da(n.+ lhe Dpltit~il f+r a! hridl., il+r'oss,'
lthe Ilathe,;d river :it lDix,.n b.'foreo the
hiltli, wh+,r'+ .h,. will d,, dr+,..m;.khin
Alr'. ;.lli M rsg. (' I+. Shalw +t''.llo lll,
her ats far as:- AllI:,.ulthI, retulrnlinlf Jri-.
1Vill ,Stanle.y atrliV,,d ,]l+r'( W e+dll,`.
day fromll JBlul ('r+,<k, Waslh., Im.,vinb'
tihls moi<rningF fo.r Tayhor, N. I). M1r.
-Stnlelhy a~ssisted aut the, ]lerabih olffh..,
f(or ai few w lorks ]l.'.t sprI+'nI.
IrnH ] {+L m lido~ W'.ril' I t oi MI~islJLl
1Valnes,,da~y. rletlrllill Thutrs.daty, ac.
• "ompanllie'( byV ,MII. It~ynlmlll, whIo Js
muc<h Unprovx'rd In li+alth.
Mr, andi< Mrs. f|. I,,. W hiltnan r++
tull'fed Mon~lda.y nighl fro~m at montllh':
visit a.t ,San lDi,.g,. Mrs, Tulrrittill
+!Road Supel'rvl.st• Hullivatn +has comn
Dieted tie w,,rk o)f re-pinnkling the
Jaceko Ibridgro.
Frrer Wood),warth loft 1Vswhnesi.lty
ev\'ning for 1:0.l| n(llltn. 1[o retllrnls. to
nmarrow wivth Mrs. W,,odworth and tihe
two children.
Mrs. So)mes returned last week from
Mdssoula. She+ returns this week to
the ,hospital, where ..ho will undergo
an operation for tumor.
Mrs. ('. M. Sehmidt left TPhursdayv
for Okanoogan, Wash., where Who he, e
i, th l u'hprl .
I)un ,Ms 'Tior nld t. 1,7.s, \who n ,;1
,vlntly I'fr~ NI o'th :is t Ix , left f lr.i
l'y for I'ln .l l.
lllillly a 11 1 lriI:,iv, Iht ,II:.l, I of .1 r,
in l M rs{'. J. A. .. tlll.
liho 1 )ixon hts'ha:ll .'luh \\111 civ0 :I
1:1 lii"ut ig.
tel. 1a rickii tiicI Nt i l Il:tI night,
JIlIn t . rk rt was tl.mon frn. Irittle
'llli: I . 1s' iu r i; :tv 111 's |) Trep leix ' i h tfi
rll In h I slll h ll tlll lhr.
T'll minstrel Show will hI, 1; ,In on
the first 'rhiny ,c, l n hiu ftl i: r l ta c-r,
A. It. Perry anldl f',nmilly reiv,,ol l las
ii i'is "tt I: i ' 'i 11," i llMi I11l\ I - fr i I
i' l I i i-. liii ul.lIV
I Irs. I) in 'II \ .II' n:"lhti vi"" iteid t
.1,, .i; \\' I .llt,,l rl,"t i , w as , l ln fro mV
'InT . HIxriii lilig it th Mis Z miP
11rh i ni lyil Uilnl, ity I H. x. in l oan
1.I'hnrxi~v ~ H l u 'xi i. .
I. 11 ' I,,1 l" 11 ,1 I'. I . ' , , ,
'1", ,(· I 'lui H;iv'. I I. I I1,'1 ttl 1 )IXIl
Missoula Humane Society
;l yli u have a cae which calls
I li iitllh :, n lti ly 'i'hi r O
hl l tl ; iIW i' :lrl .
'rertiti'rit Mrs. t. 1 Myers, e1 l
,hit ui llt i 8 1 I r i1d.
SMr: es laryTr Arl, vi, Mrs. i . A.
WheBul, n, It ihonue 8 red,,
Missoulac Humane Society
If you have a case whtes.h calls
fir their attention, notify one of
tih followijng:
JPreshent, Mrs. I. C.. Myers, Bell
Telehohone 18 red.Hotel.
Firslt Vice I'res uivalt,l Mrlt J. C.
Anderson, Ivall pMonn 931.
Sire Lid Vi c lreint, Minssur Alice
Woody, Illc phone 90.
Secretary-Treasurer, Mrs. H. A.
Wheeldon, Bell phone 8562 red.
Any Place on the Reservation.
Reasonable Rates.
J. C. IAJAlablN, Prop.
Telephone Ravalli Hotel.
;leadyhuarters. Ravalli. Montana.
Auto Service
Ravalli, Montana.
Daily trips across the reservation
First-class servie.n t(.areful drivar*
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
and Real Estate.
National Soucty Company.
W.B. M'Laughlin
Iliiteman Transportation Co.
stage and Auto service be
tween Ravalli and Polson
I('sonnl. Ic at Itavliatl with Northern
'a ifti trainna e.st anlld w t. C(on
leIcts at 'PolsHon with the Klondyke
istrner. ivaatllI. M nrtana
Overland Car.
P:Iassnlr.l.l from 41 I i the morning
nill riakes 4' it the evening.
Careful Drivers.
.1 N. i)lIl)lYV. ProD.
Is still uon the
'0.L' N, - MONTANA.
Auto Service
Ravalli to Poison
Headquarters, St. Ignatius
Stevens-I),.,r a, 7-Passenger Touring
('ar Making Daily Trlps.
Meets 41 West-bound, and 42 East
Careful Driver.

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