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Helena, March ,.-- (Special.)-Gov
ernor Stewart today approved the fol
lowing hills, all house measures:
'377, by Eliel-Payment of legisla
tive employes for work performed
after the session.
283, by Fishbaugh--Defining a legal
308-Requiring railroads to main
tain more than one streeCt crossing in
ulnit..orporated t\owns of more than
300 inhabitants.
245, b ( 'rismas-Prohibhiting the
impirtatin into thie state of diseased
tubers andt nursery stock.
96, L-y I)ay-Prohibiting and pun
ishing certain lewd and lascivious
264. by Day-Fixing the collmplensal
lion of the marshal of the sulprelme
426---Apropriation for salary of
state tax commissioneor
197. h-y C(arnal -Establishinfg north
crn Montana agril'lturalll college and
experiment station on the F'ort As
sinniboine military reservation.
310, by HIarmon--Amending the
form of ballot submitting initiative
and referendum measures.
175, by Stewart-Establishing boun
dary lines between Gallatin and
Broadwater counties.
271, by Murray-Providing for the
inspection of boats.
420-Alppropriations for the. execu
tive and judicial departments iof the
421---Appropriation for the support
of the state institutions.
Htamilton, March R. - (Special.)
Fred IT. Reeser stated this morning
that he would appeal the case of J.
Edwin Shoudy against F. II Reesor
and wife, in which a verdict was ren
dered for the pIlaintiff in the district
court here recently to the supreme
court of the state. Judge McICulloeh
recently overruleltd mIlotion on the
part of the plaintiff for a new trial.
Mr. Reiser is conllfildent that the merits
of the ca-se will be regarldedt different
ly by the sulprleme courL, alnd that the
district court's verdiit will be re
New York. March 8.--The stallion
"Ben Brush" has been sold Iby the
James R. Keene estate to J. N. C'amden
of Versailles. Ky., for $10,000, it was
announcedtl today. Ile was a noteud
track tperformeur and provedl a. slic'
cessfuil sire.
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San Francisco, March 8.-- En
trenched in the underbrush of Golden
Gate padk and hohlinig at bay a posse
of policemen and citizens for more
than half an hour, Prank Eale, 2"
years old, who had led the officers in
an exciting chase across a residence
section of the city, was captured to
day only after his animninition had
become exhausted and his right leg
had been shattered by a bullet from
the revolver of one of his pursuers.
In the fight Frank Peterson, a
milk wagon driver, was struck in the
abdomen by a bullet and is in a dying
condilt ion.
Figuring as the heroine is Mrs. T.
P. Sherman, who, returning to her
homle, saw a suspicious-looking mnan
hurrying away. She caught hill and
accused hint of robbing her residenice.
tWhile she was tallling to the man
two plainclothes inetn of the police
force took the stranger into custody.
\Vhile Alre. Slherlmanli was examiiingin
the rooms to see what had been stolen
she heard a scuffling in the hall. The
prisoner had slugged his captors with
a blackjack. Seizing an Ironing board
Mrs. Sherman struck the mlan on the
head. He fled and the detectives
started in pursuit. As they ran frolt
the holse the fleeing mian opened fire
on themlt.
ReOerves were sent fromti a hpolice
station and the tiain was followed un
iiil he was swallowed ill ill the density
of the (l.oldeln (ate Ipark. Shots from
tho pilicemeilci were a nswered by re
plies frotm the hunted man's revolver.
At last he ceased firing and the of
fliers foundl him w ndiled Had semi
In his pIockets were founid iletters to
indicate that his name is Elile.
((ilcntinuictl Fromt Page One.)
blne republican, and forced through
both houses. It was Ihat or noth
ing. Six.
The democratic platforl spleciically
pledged three constitutional amenid
mnnts. But one was passed. Manl
proposed aniendll notll s were dtefleated
iluponl the plea, that as ontly three
could hle subhltitted ait iany o ne tor
lion. as these were prlvtide d fori in
the dilmiii'raltic platrfrni. ino others
need he considered. (eln of the
amendments heato n was\ thiat offered
by Annlin, the progressive floor Irad.
er. It provided thiat the legislature
tie emnptowered to tax mining properly
as other property is taxed. The ciom
hine, fouight anlld defeated this measure,
as it 'id every single lomeasure, of
whatever kind. intended tol malke that
connerni pay its rightful slhare of the
puhlic taxes. Seven.
Tato ofi Tlhuirsday night, TLovelace
oif Park, a sterling democrat, had
vehemently dilelartel that legisthli on
was hying blockied, distorltd lor forced
throuiigh hyi : comli iin thle senate
if "pilitial thieves and i rostitutes."
Those \\ho witinessed the closintg hours
orf the session came to realize whatct he
had meaint, and to ulnderstanuld that hie
knew perfec'ily well iwhat he iwas talk
ing a1out.
"If the ipeoplel ciouild only see this
iawfutl thing." Iotiw imainy tim'es that
cry was itttereild byr i splcutaltors, sltl'hocke
at the orgy that was tieing carried on i
in tihe i pitliol.
l'he c,'tlorcllrtion press of the dtay
foiillii lg tay he isearched in vain fiior'
t rcalt sto rry iof those ivfiul hliour's oif
thie delilantlhir. (of a stalte v ItsR
s.,rn ulegislit ive servants. The
truth was carefully hiddeni.
aiil: iid, (':i, l'lirlh. i t.---l"riends of
Lm'w :at Y 'u.,. ii a tlprominent inettieor
of he i 'liii.i Six c'iii:ipanies. were
elel-ato the ar'rival off "twoi honored
iones." Tle hncunr,.d oIes" are W\'ocud
ric- \W ilsonolt I, u ,al t Tlihollllas itiliey
lI.irshai ll It v. ii iit'ntiv weights six
poIds aitl Tho.i - fiv,.
The twliii ins wi e lr''''edd by Alice
Roosevelt 1,',aV. :lv.,'l fivle; Il lon Taft
I.ii', :agld lthree': (l\ovi nor Pardee
Lowu', aged eight, ,id Aildel Low, agedi
"\What i \\' Wililii, Jenniings
1trecain Loli\\ .' lthe fa.tlih r w s i slu.led.
".'\iuvbei sonlt tilnm v.we " htereplied
At the l l histening 11td y the giuests
all shouted: "Main sut' Wey to -tun
live \''ilso.c and't M'arshall."
Augusta, ria., 'Mar'ch S.- Inrier
Presluti'nt Taft today aci'ceptetd ian in
vitatlion froml the Masonlic lodages of
this city to let present ait a joinlt miieet
ing niext W\'ednesday night. lThis is
thli third ltie ill history that the
combinedi loidges huave invitied a visitor
toi alttendl a mee. tilg.
New York, March 8.-At a late hour
tonight the condition of Levi P. Mor
ton, former vice president of the
United States, was considered critical.
Ito is suffering from hardening of the
Chicago, March 8.--'assagp of the
Kenyon-Webb bill by congress over
Taft's veto has placed with the fed
eral government power to enforce the
Illinois Sunday closing law, it was
said today by anti-saloon workers,
who are waiting that action by the
Rgovernment authorities. The, Webb.
bill orders confiscation of any liquor
shipp'ed from one state to another to
Ite sold in violation of the law.
The state courts uniformly have
failed to decide on the enforcement
of the. Sunday closing law. It has
been in court only on actions against
offending saloon keepers but no jury.
has brought in a conviction. The
federal courts, removed from local
prejudice, may order the law enforced.
Estahlishment of branch breweries
and distilleries in Illinois bIy concerns
sh:'ping goods to this state was said
today to ie apparently the only way
to save the business. An agent oif a
promllinent brewery said today that
the law will prove, the death blow to
the business of shipping beer and
spirits into "dry" territory.
"No liquor house will take the risk,"
he said, "the shipping business in C(hi
cago will fall 50 per cent."
(C'ontinued From Page. One)
had the move in contemplation for
somen time.
Most of Darrow's friends obviously
were relieved by the disagreement as
they had fcared worse wheln the jury
tolok sch at long tinie for its delibera
\VWhin the jury had finally been dis
charged tandl court adjourned, Dar
row's adm(lirers flocked aboult him,
gr'aspling his hands, sympnatlhized with
him in thie lack of an acquittal and
explressed thelir belief that the new
trial wiould end asI he desired.
The trial Iroumght to a termination
today, continued 48 days, a little more
than half a;s long as Darrow's first
trial, which ended in an acquittal
after the Jurors had deliberated 33
miinuites u\over testimony and alrgu
ments it had required 95 days to pire
The fornler trial involved the charge
that Darrow had bribed George N.
lockwood, a prospective juror in the
case of Jlames B. MhcNaniara. In this
trial, the issue was the allegation that
Itie f'rilter chief counsel for the i .ilc
Nlll:ll'a 1lbrothers had bribed Robert
P. Bain, at juror sworn to try the lanl
who later confesse'd he had dynamlitted
Ith IA's Angeles Timies building.
T'hoillgh Iunch shorter than the first,
the second trial was practically the
s,;liut' iso ftr as testillhny anod evidence
, i re 'oln'I'ilerl otd. 'Thile illi' point
'evre' involved' and practically the
S.llll' \,1 itl'SSes \Vw're called. Bert 11,
Itrankllin, the dletective, fornmerly (lm
pluievl l lby the 'lcN:Iiitinur defense atnd
\0ho plte er conlessed lie had committlllllld
jury-lribry; Johln R. I tarriigtiion,
nllce associatel d with DI)artrO\w in the
defense of the McNamlara ubrothers
andll who liteir tbecaime a stlate's wit
ntess, anlldt (.luy Blddinger, an elnploye
of D)etective W'illiam J. Burns, gave
the lnost damaging evidence against
Wife Wins Admiration.
ThroIghout the trial Darrow mnain
tiined remarkable self-e'ontrol, while
his wife won muclllllh admiralltionll by her
opltimism aind devotion to him. His
friendllt s filli-id the c'ourtrLI ill to over
Ilowillg iiry S ISioln 'ih l practic'li ly
it-lied his everfy appearance in tihP
corridors of the courthouse into all
With tile- expectation that the jury
wouild (cld its deliberations today, thei
c'urle\ti'dol. Twi holrs tiefore court ihlas
sih'lli'tllcd to onvene iov'ry availalle
l)al'rro\ rlic lhld the colrl n'o1lm
pillll Iby his wife titll his chief i outi
sol, foillll'r Jultcge (. W,. f 'owe'rs lif
Salt Lake t' ity, onit ai. fei, \v linlltes
before Ii0 u'cllck. AIt ailiut the sanlme
tiili' inclllt,erts iif the piroscl'llution alt
eirile-di. Judge tiinliey arri\ved vwith
the hiour.
Fifteen miiinultes later the j rllrl' s filed
into the coirlronnil ani1I reptlrt(dll fail
u irto all R i'( . The I'.r-sP ilonll, Frel de ri('ki
9. t'ettiigill, asked for a. ill'y of the
collirt' itistrullc Iti( S, taltiliig [til,'
Setlchell, a lmisl' toiliher, as ltie jlri'or
tll' jiiry agal ii cliisidl'ti the isse
aindt rtul rn' d Io th o urtil nll-llll with
the Sainl , iill itu(llin t--dl iagr t -
J iitI g e f 'nlqlhy a sk e d ea tc h o f th e
ji'irs if he 1was ttni ,rlllely fixed in
his opiiiilni. Fach ansswered yes. The
jldge aftur Ihalikilng thlll, excused
tlii m fri'ii Itirther dutly.
. itdge Powers ttiereupiin asked for a
niew trial hilllIedlIIately. ,)irrow slirang
lit his feelt andt dt'manded that the re
Irial be sitl for a week frimn MoIlliday
-St. Patrick's iliiy.
Assistant Ilisirict Attorni'y L'ord de
tillurl'd, sis yil g hti did lilot kitoss'
\vhtither the Iprisecuttioll desired tIi try
lth- ('aso alinih.
SJutdlge (tonlt'y" finally set ;Marcllt 31
as the dlate for the retrial, if lne were
d( ctrmilinld upo, n, it Ibeling unlderstood
that the statte, if it chiose. to di.siniss
hie case, 'oiuld di so at anly tilie bt
fore the ldate set.
)Darrow Inade a brief statement to
the effect that hlte wouldt kecp on
fightting and then became the center
of an impro.mlptu leve'e of hIis friends.
After court adjourned the jurymen
said that 12 ballots were taken and
the best that Darrow had at any time
I was six jurors. That was early in the
balloting and in a short time two
were won over by those who desired
conviction. The jury never at any
time stood 11 for conviction and one
for acquittal. Foreman Pettingill,
whose request for instructions when
the jury first reported shortly after
10 o'clock was construed to that ef
fect, said that he meant no such thing.
Eight to four was the nearest the jury
ever came to a decision, Ihe declared.
Darroyv received the disagreement
calmly. The stir. in the courtroom
that followed the erroneous impres
sion that the jury had stood 11 to one
had in a measure prepared him to ex
pect either a disagreement or a con
viction, and 'his only colmetnt aIt the
tend was, "I will continue to fight."
Former Judge O. V. Powers, who
was one of Darrow's counllsel, declared
that the disagreement had astounded
"I cannot understand it," he said.
"The instructions and the evidence
were all in our favor. The court in
timated as strongly as he could that
the case should be dismissed."
Powers then expressed the opinion
that the district attorney would not
dare to bring the case to trial March
31, the date set for retrial by Judge
Deputy District Attornety Ford, who
prosecuted Darrow, said hle would not
try the case again, but made it plain
that he was speaking only for him
self, and that the final drcision as to
whether to try Darrow again or dis
miss the indictment was up to I)is
trict Attorney John D. Fredericks.
Can Have It.
"I understand Darrow wants a new
trial. lie can have it," said Captain
Jehn D. Fredericks, district attorney,
after the disagreemnent of the jury had
been reported to him. "I was confi
dent," Fredericks continued, "that this
jury woutld convict hilll and in conse
qulence had not considered tihe posi
bility of a new trial tigaiin after a dis
Darrow was honded at $10,000 under
the Bain indictmentt. Il will renmin
'it liberty under this hand pending
final disposition of thei case.
*Fredericks, in comimenting furthei
on the Darrow case, declared that
Darrow's admission on the witnes,:
stand that he had given Guy Bid
dinger, the ('hicago diteetive, whl,
aided In the investgattion of the Mec
Nalnara conspliracy, ini,iley, wvias
enough to cauise his disharinent as aI
"I recolmmend that the t,:lr associa
tion of Los Angceles I:1o', action."
Part of Darrow's owin ;:irlh-ess was
responsalte for the itleme iof tift
trial, necording to one of the jurors
who asked that ills tiiiii he not UIsed
It was that part of I)irrlow's speecth
in which hl declaried that althouglt
the bomnb which destroied the 'Time'
building killed 20 ill n, the Al\tcNa
maras were not tillTr(tl'tri, hitt work
ers who believed they w're \\rc e llilg au
great cause. ()ine of l)arrow's own as
sociate's expressaed the samle )belif.
To Recall Fredericks.
Plans of LRalilr uniois to s;tart1
niovemtent for thie e'',ll it'of 10strieli
Attorney Jiohn I) Fredericks Ibocaulst
of his allitlude tow'ard ltihor iand in
w rtl0d (clrlllm e l) iarrow, hilie ; t rlli ne
whose sotnd trial on nIr jury-hriberi
charge liendedi in disagrcuti'nt, . '\iter<
alnounced today by A. Jl. 1l,liev
stecretary of the Los Angelhigl, onll
building trades c'tuill. M utui.," s't at e
that the ltti(elltilnt ist tnacked lit iinl]t
bLy lhe organizaiion of which he 1is s
retary, but also tby tithe ls .\Angel''
county central air cl nii il. Ill de,
clgared that 'rederiins, bIefore hi.s last
election, slad promlised "a s''ll'no d'
to th be workinnin1 " butiI i that sinefe
the ele,tio, he uha " ioubl -crossed'
tihe tlt.
I'irs na h 'I lii ilie. tr tutiti't I tic -
S'"Fredetrickss ' a(tiflon i forfu it'u l i
htecond trial oIf 'clarence r g. )al ctrrowt
gave ihnpetus' in the presenit ilinge
nentl" said Mr. Mooney. "Potititn
will be clrculhited in a few days."
Washiin ton, March R.--t'ierf 1l(1lo(w
Horn Hea', an Ilgaliala. Sioux, a piwv
eIrfl bronzed giant. six f'et three
inches tall, 1Vil1i gave up Ills gun s0
yOeS ago 11hl(l llte governentOl or
the most
trying Month
March with its raw, rough
winds and uncertain weather, is
a month of extreme danger to
those who have allowed their
systems to run down under the
strain of winter which thins the
blood and lowers the vitality.
Begin now and enrich your
blood and recover your strength.
Fortify your system against the
disease germs which are circu
lated by the strong March winds
and which are ever ready to attack by using
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
Itis the most helpful toric stimulant the run-down, weak
and sickly can take. It improves digestion and
nourishes the body, thus restoring strength.
Sold by DruggisMt. GrocerHSud Dealers
Rochester. N. Y.
Tacoma, Wash., March 8.-Although
clearly in control, the "red" or direct
action faction of the socialist party
avoided an open breach with the so
called "yellows" or conservatives to
day at the opening session of the state
socialist convention. Officers were
elected less radically, opposed to the
"yellows" than had been agreed on at
a separate "red" caucus before the
convention. The "yellows," however,
who insist that socialist theories must
he realized through the laws and not
by violation of them, said tonight that
a fight would be precipitated tomor
row when the minority would attempt
t, reinstate members expelled for al
icged violations of the socialist con
If. S. Randall of Seattle, one of the
conservative leaders, said tonight:
"The whole trouble is that the party
in the stalte is in the control of pork
chop socialists who tare interested
more in their selfish aims than in the
\welfare of the party."
It was stated that the "yellows"
would fornm a separate organization if
they fail tomorrow and would appeal
to the national socialist convention to
recognize them instead of the "red"
W. H. Kingerly, socialist member of
the legislature, made a plea for har
mony, telling the socialists that be
cause of their being at loggerheads
the "capitalist class" no longer feared
(('Contilllll F romt Page One)
I son when lhe received word from po
lice headquarters as to conditions.
lie immediately ordered the cavalry
brought from TFort Meyer.
The huge crowds, he said, could
hardly have heen kept on the side
walks, but they could have been held
t.alk enough to let the parade pass in
orderly manner. He outlined atlength
the disposition of men and the orders
to them and declared that there were
mnorce men on duty along the line of
march for the suffrage parade than
for the inaugluralI parade on March
4. lIe also1 presented reports from the
officers in chlarge along the line of
marcnih. Steps had already been taken
for a IthruIgh invesgatigation of the
matter by the police department, lie
said. and any breach of duty would
he punished.
Major Sylvester said that the hos
ipital reports showved only one per
sin injlurld a11l11 c ases of exhatllSion
Illuring the paralde. The committee
will t nntinue its hearings next week.
vWomen prominentli ill suffrage cir
rlIes have started a I1movemlent to rec
ognize the service of the Boy Scouts
during the suffrage parade by pre
senting each of the scoulls with a,
bronze nmedal. It is purposed to raise
a fund thrlllgholl t the country. The
scout:S dlid spl1lndid work in attempt
ing to ki0.'p thIe c'rnwds back.
A imeeting of protest against the
treatment accortded the suffra:gettes
is to be' held tomorrow.
"('t rpolral" 'anner is to preside and
Sennai rs Sh:lfroth of ('olorado, Clapp
of Minnesota and La lollette of WVis
consln oIrs e sxplctl d t1 o speak.
NIl Y. 'ri, ,larI'h 8.---Plans 'were
Illl t+lll" [ 1he('re tonllight to have a
numbe111 r of imen at'll Itenll the conven
Lion of Ithe Intllernaltional Womann Suf
fra;g, ;t,-.o -iation in 1tiudapest in ,July.
It \\is decidedl t allllanldon a glo c
trotting sulfragl' crusade. The so
ca'll l' criitical state of the suffrage
fight ill A rlll'l'lcal was ascriheld as tlle
Sre'sonI for this.
('hiinlgI, Marc'h 8. --Alfredl Strom
herg, in\l'ntor of nliny ellric de
\'ices, diedl here today,1 . lie \was born
in Stolkllllhol, S\veden, in 1861, and
camei· to ~ rica inl 18R3.
The t'hree judges of the Fourth judl
oial district of Montana, Ass L. Dun
can and John E. Patterson of Mis
souls and R. Lee McCu:loch of Ilamil
ton, met in conference for the first
time here yesterday. 'The matter per
taining to the division of work In the
district was discussed at some length,
but the special theme presented for
the consider&tion of the three judges
was divorce, cases. It was agreed by
the jurists that tile matter of secur
ing divorces is being looked upon as
very simple and easy to accomplish.
In a majority of cases the pIlaintiff
in nce action, be it husband or wife,
seems to have an idea that about alll
it is necessary to show is a desire on
his part to be separated from the
defendant. The judges in conference
today declared that this sentiment
should 'be corrected, and here
after a divorce w:il not he granted in
t'his district unless the plaintiff in the
action can ifurnish evidence of the
clearest and most convincing character
that he has, first, amp:e grounds tpon
which to begin the action, and, second,
can prove without a question of doubt
the allegations made in his complaint.
Judge McCulloch will continue as
general supervisor over the work in
Ravalli and Sanders counties for the
present, while Judges Duncan and
Patterson will continue to sit in Mis
soula. Missoula county has A, great
many cases pending, while the busti
ness of Sanders and Ravalli counties
is as yet comparatively light. For
this reason the present plan will prob
ably be maintained until the desired
-relief is secured in Missoula county.
Immanuel Baptist.
Immanuel Baptist church, Pine and
Woody streets. T'he pastor will preach
both morning and evening. Bible
school 12:15 ,p. m.; It. II. Smith, su
perintendent. B. Y. P. IT. service at
6:30 p. m. The choir under the direc
tion of lMr. Amundsen will render the
followving selections: At the mnoring
service, 10:45 o'clodk, solo "'ear Not
Ye Oh Israel," 'Mrs. HIarold High.
Anthem, "Oh for the Wings of a
Dove," (Barnahy) choir. At the even
ing service, 7:30 o'clock, solo, "I
Heard the Voice of Jesus Say," (Har
ris), lMr. Amindsen. Anthem, "Sleep
Thy Last Fleep," (B1arnaby), choir.
f Thy Last Fleep," (Barnaby), choir.
Evangelical Lutheran, corner Hazel
I and South Sixth streets; G(ustav
Mertz, pastor; residence 234 Edith
street; Bell phone 1078; Ind. phone,
1364. W\orshilp 10 o'clock in the (Ger
Slnan language. «V'orship at 11 o'clock
in the IEnglish language. Sunday
school at 12:00 noon. W'idweek ser
vices as follows: Thursday evening
at 7:t30 in the English language and
Friday evening at 7:3,1 in the (;erman
language. The Ladies' Aid society will
I meet We(lnesday afternoon with Mrs.
l'Max Kranich, 503 Wioodford street.
Christian Science.
Christian Science chulrch, corner
Pine aind Paattee st reets. Services
Sunday, 11 a. mi., subject of lesson
sermon, "Maen." Sunday school at '12
noon. Testimonial meeting \~Vednes
day at 8 p. m. Reading roomn open
every day except Sunday and holidays
from 2 o'clolck until 4 p. mi. Public
cordially invited to attend the ser
vices and visit the reading room.
First Methodist.
First PMethodist 1'piscopal church,
corner 'Main and Washington streets,.
.J. W. Bennett, ,pastor; Bell phone, 30;
Independent thlone 799. Class meet
ing at. 10:15, Mrs. Emily Hoskins,
leader. Morning sermon at 10: 45.
The pulpilt will be ocecupied both morn
ing and evening bIy lcr. E. L. .MTills,
district sulperintendent of Helena dis
trict Montana conference. Reception
of new menlmbers both morning and
evening. Those who desire to identify
themselves with us will find a most
enordial 'welcome. Sthbbath school at
12:15. Thomas rnyfield, superintend
ent: Elpworth league at 6:30. The
Intermediate league will meet in the
ladies parlor at the same time. The
third quarterly conference will be held
in the league room of the church on
Monday evening at 8:00 o'clock. All
the officers are urged to be present.
Mitdweek prayer meeting Wednesday
night at 8 o'clock. A good place to
spend an hour. A cordial invitation
is extended to all the services.
Daly Addition.
Second 'Methodist Elisco'pal church.
Daly addition. Rabbath school at 3
o'clock, p. m. George Blackley, su
perintendent. 'ome and help us in a
good work.
South Methodist.
First Methodist EIpiscopal church,
south; corner South Sixth and Hazel
streets, G. T. BIond, pastor; residence
307 South Sixth street west; Bell
phone, 802. Preaching at 11 a. mni and
7:30 p. im. Sunday school 12:15 p. m.
Young People's league 6 p. m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock. Choir rehearsal Thursday
evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Woman's
Home Mission society will meet 'with
'Mrs. GL T. Bond, 307 South Sixth
street west at 3 p. m. Thursday,
March 13. All members and friends
are requested to be present. All per
sons desiring to unite with the church
will be received at the 11 o'clock ser
vice Sunday morning.
Calvary Christian church, Harold H.
Griffis, pastor: office in read of church
IBell phone, 1094; Independent phone,
574. Sunday services: Preaching by
the pastor in the morning at 10:45
and in the evening at 7:30; subject
in health, and very rap
idly, too-if you allow
your Stomach, Liver and
Bowels to become weak
and lazy. Keep them
"up to the mark" by the
use of
Stomach Bitters
It promotes and main
tains health. Try a bot
tle today and satisfy
yourself. For 60 years
the leader.
Matinee at 2 Evening at 7
"Pathe's Weekly"
No. 10--10th Week, 1913
We show the latest issue of the
world's greatest film today. See
the Suffragettes on their hike to
Mutt and Jeff is in the weekly
today and all the important news
of the world right off the bat.
The Vitagraph Company
Presents Mr. Van Dyke Booke and
Miss Helen ("ostello in an excellent
comedy drama-
"Tim Grogan's Found
"The Collector of Pearls"
Relating the comical experiences
of a gem coll(ector who is made the
innocent target for a press agent
"stunt." It is at scream.
We Show only the cream of the
world's output of motion pictures
Licensed Pictures.
The King of Them All
Here Tomorrow
of morning discourse, "'Long-'Minded
rness, or Loyality to La:w;" subject of
eventing disouIrse, "(lnd's Answer to
l)enoninaitionalisim." Iible school at
12:13; special instlrllction for women
in Professor I)unloli' class and for
men in the pastor's class. T'he Chris
tian Endeavor meeting will he held at
6:15; topic, "Oheying ('onscience;"
leader, Miss 3l1attie Lee. The official
hoard will have an important meeting
Tuesday evening at S o'clock in the
pastor's S(ltldy'. 'The Wednesday eveni
ing service for the coming wee\v will
be aL special moeting preparatory ti
our corning evangelistict efforts; sub
ject of it vnt ions "rho (e d Shephertd."
.Mrs. Medla Mills and Mrs. Harold H.
G(riffis will entertain the Ladies' Aid
society Thursda:y afternoon at the
home of the l'tlter, 541 South Third
street westl. O(ne we.ek from Sunday
this congregation will begin a series
of special religious services under the
leadership of' . W. Ahbterley of Cin
e( inati n, oi, If the ablest preach
ers among the t)isileds of Christ; the
music will Ihet ledl by C'. M. Rtidenotur,
,who was '\\'ith us ill mtuch success a
year ago.
Swedish Congregational.
Swedish 'ongregational chutrh,
WVest'Spruce street, ('. 1. A. Blom
berg, pastor; residence 520 West
Spruce street. Independent phone,
1786. Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Morning worship at 11 a. mn. Young
people's melting at 6 p. in. Elvening
service at 7:30. Servi('e 'will also be
held at ltonner at 3 p. m. Rex'. P., G.
Falltluist froml Butte will preach at all
of these services. The evangelistic
services wthich have been held during
the week will continue until \Vednes
day, Mtarch 12. Our Scandinavian peo
ple are mnst cortlially invited to any
and all of these services.
Swedish Lutheran.
ISwedish Evangelical Lutheran
huttrc.h Alder street; I:ev. WV. C. Ekoe
berg, pastor; residence 234 South Sixth
street, west; telephone, Bell. 1033,
Sunday schnool today at 12 noon. No
other services as the pastor is at Butte
today. Wrednesday cvening at 8 o'clock
ILentln services.
First Congregational church, corner
South tFifth and Chestnut streets; El
nor E. Burtner, minister; residence
438 South Sixth street, east; Bell tele
phone, 1063. Morning 'worship at 10:45
-Suhject of sermon, "The Greatness
of the Christian Life." Special music:
Duet, "Florever With the Lord,"
CGounod), by ,Mrs. Forhis and Mrs.
Prioe. Sunday school at 12:10 p. In.,
R. T. (7ruikshank, superintendent.
Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. nl., Mr.
Sehugg, leader: topic, "The Ideal
'hristian; II111, His <'onsecration;" les
son, (Matthew 5:13-16. Evening service
at 7:30; subhject of sermon, "Tempta
lion," and with a word about our
responsihility for the yoituth of this
city. Midweek meetings for ,prayer
and Bible study Wednesday at 8:00 p.
tn. Anyone willt receive a cordial wel
come to these services.
The tower of a tall church in Swit
zerland has been equipped to receive
the time signals sent out by wireless
telegraphy fron the Etiffel tower in

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