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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, March 10, 1913, Morning, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Big Ben
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Two- Nationalty
NWe do all kinds of jewelry
repairing.LL 98 -PHONES
Y000 000000000' 0<0000(>000000
"Free Deonomy
ThIs weiek the eNr-al Mieie heu
fast tlo and giving iar a n
build tml'l' ."access
The First National
Mieaoula, Monttan
Next to Pos tofflce.
Free C.Whiemonstration
This week the r'ertal hMiiice peo
pl]e are dt'innnllstratinlg their break
le a rcayge fr,. Evetiry; 11Is inr
vited it, call and get a iailkage.
fr l2. f st, liat, d "ii' , (, i lr , ~ . .
and ....Office Supplie.
I14ft Eastt dzManl Street. ...
ilRowlandi,the Jeweler
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S Special Attentio; n Given to: '
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J. A. Mix & SonsTER
SttiWood, Hanry, Glank Bookand
and Office Suppli.on to
Smith'14 East MainDrug Street.
RowHENLEand, thEIGEMAN & CO.ele
115 igProvis Aionsue
TkBell Phone Prcrlptihon to474
The BSmith's Druof vrything in the Market.s
• hi ailt of Everything in the Mukrkt.
Sn the run
About ToI m
Poor Julius 1 ueasur net his end one
la r'h t .i1, lonI g ago: aind Shatke
sliteare. itf he hadn'lt.
JULIUS v tlld hliave hi)e n shy
CAESAR o115e 1t1 sht)w;
thotugh on poIi ir 'ld
,111li1s th II 'ffl1tit h i i l S Iliht tllough,
ilt .ale the Ii:rd i f Ai t11 it lot iof
I )('Il i I' Sh ti 'ff:; th o lg hl ('.l : 11: broug h t
It ,It hi}lJ ll 111 ~ 1 1; i it 11o sitrong,
11 l1 1111 0(;1 1 1.1 ,i5 in the 1lll )th of
M al f l t . I ' S1"n s r e li t ' d y e d V,IS w r o n g :
n il:l 11i 1 111l 1 nll lnth I 1:nl 1 M arch (ll fhi
111it 11i i ll e i\ i . ' it tit(l; hiut 11 r11 h1
tiiiiet 1 1 i s s11'i. i111 111(1' :"11111 i(iil t bll s
I'' II ,111] 5i,-k l ',ii ll -s'!i t ii i it h ti1 h
'.Ilv 1 Iill:1. 01 1 d 1 hil rd's ii i - 11 h
,III I11 t5 i 1 1 iI I i t . hii 'I 'itt 1 It it t r
,11;(! 1 1" I \ 1111, g1 ,I8,11 , 11 1
1 1 , 4 .i: ll , , 1" ] 1 hI I: 1 , 11~- 1_ -,] till,. I. 1
11, 11111'11 11110(. 1 "t: \ 11. ., 11)1h1 , h It
1 1 5 1 1 1 , t i tt11i*" s , 1 5 lit i -
h l,-ui1 11,1, , 11,11 ( ;'1 hlTl ' 1, 1111r (':11
" ll , IblS,: (I' 1i1I h ssll 511 1 11 \ ,t 1 rno
t' I's it li-'a t i, 1 i i t ll ' I1
t'i' i ` I 1 t11 t11 i xtui r 11 u I I(1 11.1s i tlit
I Tih ;I : ,1, , h I, , ,1 11 lli 1 N -0 t i t;11
I :1,1I, It 11 \\'i h, ih \1.-I .1,111: 1 :'i ti, i) .
11 i,, 1 11:1, .1 111114"lll1 . ll 1(, l h ,
GREAT hli I - It l ti1· t ' n s u t
CHANGE 1\hlh hbe has enndut
(II ý. t 1 " I1 (',- h e fill
i s5 h ., , h" jl , , , o ,f 11 1;.;i :; t h e tl i t t e r
i11 t' I Vil i iiut i i 1 Ii-, tmin lins, it
it:15 l, tr .( ;it lfir t JlS. 1 .1 l t !L tl . It
',s 5 , t 1 l,, h .\,, r1 , I~. 1 ),,- h], th:. t
\h .it I't \V I. f tt ihi r ;is Ihf, is w ith
it. ll' 1 i 111',1'l';, : 1 l lll 1:1 , of. Ste" , n+ 115
1ilh I, h 1-rll i t l s iui hll ti lt i Iself I ti-itt'
tto find his 11111 :151 111 the li\'el] vat
i1i' 1ii , ii ii i 111 1 11t lirlnu rk
t:'1 ' . 1".11',\ II, 1 1- ; 1ql,,ts . 111 l has |
.tl'' I ` ) 11 II,' I'Irn' r, wl'. 1111 11 he 11\V qn't
1)15,m inside ithl ' l ,','I , thallt I II tow nI
1l1 11 n t f1i. , nIIIltir ii i. H111. 11. 'k , , it it sit
11f i',lxJ.l -1 i- ll, T lt i S i' thx t- M rs. s lut ik
' r"1 ' , -, 1 t1 1,1,\'1i 11, l l ( 4tia , ti It tih i ji 11,
\11 1 11 lh h , . 111 1, 11 , 1 41l 41 1 n l lin . y e a r s
aI T. \V n 1111 111' fillish d l g111oi Itthe
:1:1h.1 : 11d thr111< t 1 , the 1:1.'1 .hvelifl
A dirt tth t trI, s the l: ll (lif St.
M:r ' s. he th,,1 ht 1), hlI 11 id tihe'
valh y Iiq (,lono h fir all pr(ac'tihal
1 l it-'t,1.s . It diut 't hs1 1f5t ssi{li, i to
Ih<t th tt ill, thait ilth ueri 1 -
1 titi" IT. ti01 11 511 s r;gt1 t I, II' I" 1i-t1
Iy that iit 1i:5s I ilh l I lt , ii ith fit,
1 t ' 11 iI . t', l , tl11 , .: 1 ,1s hw illi
-II: II h f l h,'it tti ' T e it
1 1 Lhis di qi i1 ,r,.i asi t iii rk ai s i s t (11
i5i his 5it11i - i filli-.thed illd h s Xi
1 ('I4 1h :'t h,, H ill ad l d it i 4t- 00 i) i
I'E INre Gi L re i tl iie -is.i Thll it wille i
I ty 1,'1 for a;11hile.
A '.,11 I: :1 1,,, The Slnday' M issullian
11l trll(,t s51 l. illllsrin tionlls of famous11
THrEsidLi l it ill illa ti riti -
SMITH tlions of 'r's ago, thil
SAW IT 5ictures 1)11in1( rt't-i' -
duA tilns of IlPWvslt),er
.'11t4 frl' ,onten 1poraneo us pulhli,1
itnIs. )Int of these show(ed Prisi
1,'11 11 ih1, 14.in alkin g hii s fir: t illil-l1
rd] :t(]h ,. lbtlltd h i itt
:ýal ')1 l |. i' h115 1, StI phen .. .A. ),I I ,g1 s
" liit 1 , r tir l i'i re. l , In lt, , ittli
l kit ai t thi ls ii-tor' th t 1th, r dal
It P fritt F IIt-, tri s t i- t 1f the Mis
s ll111 ; 11:1 as t i thvy, slid to t, h i M :tln
.1h,0 I ']ti 'wlt : "I was riight in f11I11
1'1 \ r. 1,hint l 1 \11 -1i1 t t 11t 1it' 1 I
11 i,1 1 I 111 it t1 \\huItttti 1111, '
h( 11- t i-st day 10 I 1 1
, , i h i ily th is I , turt u
111 1!;e. + 1" 111 't , 1, i ' oulf , th fr t' , 1
, 1 , i 1 t-.. th e Ir I t ,it ill
'; ,'I, ' ti, I it l i it lt ll', t ",' 1 1
h i,sllntry. I t11.1. , tlit als h,,,l gladt I
IIh + I n\. 1: .11,[, I1 h.' in W\'1h intI)I. III
,Iit 1i t it- its 01
t''lt i 111t it it ' i SI it ic the stut it it '(]1
h .itit-it li n t-i Itit i t <l
uG ETT IN G 1hi t itt 5 1 . 't i t 1 1ny
i i lil ii t .tu rit i i i 11(t ft-it
,t i ii s ol t h a t i t t ii --.-cll +, t+) h ~ l ai l 'l'ht
I -tout .tilult-l h i, I it llt",+.i's M is.isi t lFtt .
'+Tuliust ti t- itt i t p 'It" is... 4 5 itu ,r1tty
ilI r thc ait lHIlt ll"al t if thes off the
tagyn ;tt gons i o 4p W\r]m etarted ril
-soveral government Aelartments An-1
And the Question of
More Eggs is Interesting
You cannot force a fowl beyond
its vitality, but you can keep that
vitality at its highest point and
help assimilate the foodsthat pro.
duce the eggs
doe jaot thatthing. It In not a fod and
h, an tiller, bat mixes with Your own
fond supply at home prices.
II It Were not for Heattng.
If Foods and Slugglshness
It O a Iny would Ion en lb. PailY'e FAG
I.AVI: T wOI0 prveour. amnotivity which
Ak hcli oorntmo the hoetingsfoaok in the
Ilýa, l l H-atag-f.wds induce slugsigh
a aind. ohn e they nro connumed, the
I loi ils .lt richa inoeggmaking matorlal.
and the hem has to Ina.i
PRICES--I lbs. 2,c; 3';y lbs., 50c;
7 lbs.. 1; 2la -lb. Pail, $3.
Our Guarantee--lr thiR does not do
its work or fi ils to
ple ae you. _ wirll gieo ,our money tack
witho1 t n f i , t ilit h 1l.
try. Free to you
'I';' i, iris+ i l i ii t' '
II Wholesale and Retail
Misscula, Montana
i , it t l. i h rT i rl l sl , nlli t Nl iltid
gi\'+ nti ,,n ridge i ;; f/r tl h, ]mal t,4ticen b
till` ( ,0 stI" P h t tils l an id I] Wl h ai
ii t fi thi,'. h iii i i rI an\\rla llil the
sath lt rl i d, I t il, b lii g.
II sl l I. hi Sis 121 t is i ti , rig
i tlhe Ii.,iil r. ili ring tini ik sh ishl
t issilt5h; ; siiaii nil stc irliit
I "1 ' hi s the l lgts n;~ 11,s] h flilau l ;;t 9
,s`1 h-1,1· :111.1 ,': !1'. hire iin g :I ar d ish
" as i ill +"j s ]iL i :,, ii e hIi . 11, i -ill *
; tlI ' ;t h<,:h ;1 \: 11 11, . I;; 'ii;a ,~s I ' th,lis
,'ris . - ,l hi aii,, ; i. , n -
sUll-ii cil l! r ;11 hI \ii ;is,' :1111 filla;i d tl ,
liil ;l.) ll\ , - : 1 110 1 1n h d 5 ,. I 111l )h.t"
j , 1i- iii i +'+,i l Siis h i iii;;. l ih afT, i;l l,
rIIllv rrln.i l\,s i l h I i'al t llanl h;llaol y
N is asl tf h i t;;I . i ii lr"n andi eli -
iin i is l1s , s i ii, . is ' a ll till, is, tl; ril it -s
ill lthe \i siliti, s1i'. 'l lliin t Ii k,.I l pt
lhr I. l, il. llld lli l:,11ht. it el, tl "rI ;
i iss, ll Ii; l s 'l ii 'iii.
h ,ii r i : 1 ni l thrillini ; n, stli, r , fir
, 1. id ill. f t t '+,;1 ls l r, ;tls t d h e
r'P l+,s ii d1 l b," t, is sli,, i, ' i li
l, , lin ills. first ia ,," si h i id iT ,
Ill , 5 Is hk -: iii is iuiis a I, I I, u I
tli didhn't , 1 ", h rq. ,ls, h .e i , silhl
1I1 1 1" ho ' , i t , it :isth , ir a-l~ rl\ . ,I ii 11i -
. ,lh r i c ,r 1 . ] iil'l l. . i'i"i i . iiii-! ,i= I-i
nll\ t, I ii cs will disu i si it llir theII
i I I :11
h~ l hi" I. lh Ise n I , ilsts all1. . hisiiai,,l
Calif orn t I h
Dried Fruit li
APRICOTS, Ii ,' 11 fl
I it, t ilm i .l ihli ill Ih i ,
SEEDLESS RAISINS, 2 . i,l .h25h
, iPRUNES ,l 1ll i , ta tll il .i.t iI
i l' t ' 1.1' \V 11- , 1, 2 ii. i, , I'' thi tr
lisl l i - i, i 2iii . h
\ lIr alli I hi-al fru iit n, hi tia y -u
r \ hii ',s h ,,, It-al b i (Sell,- liS ik1
Cilrhli-i,.- llinoli-rl Ii (all
Darr loes0-4 ru1 ,,
At a congregatiopir l meeting uol
lhrowirng the regular morning : ,.vices
at the Presbyterian chrurh yesterday
when more than 300 men.;.r.rs of the
church were present, r'.eolt ions
,were adopted urging I)r. J. ,N. Mac
Lean, D. I)., not to aceplit the call to
the presidency of the C('ol'e:;g of Moin
tana at Deer Lodge. The position
was tendered 'tr. Mlahican some tin,'
ago and he still has tih mattter unlder
advisement. In the face of tlhe follow -
ing resolutions, however, in which so
much of love, conflidl(ce and apprecl
ation is expressed both for l)r. Mac
lean and his wife, it a unit be hard
work for any lman to .ete up his
mind to leave his co'gret:i.ationI:
The Resolutions.
Whereas, Our beltoved Ipastnor, I)r.
Jtohtn Norrman Maclean, yh reaosrr of
his eminent fitness f-r that hit.h po
sition, has been rralltd to the presi
' dency of the Montana Ftite irtlege,
iwhi cah Iill he now- ha;s unldr con
sitleratiorn ; antl
\\ hereas, his life rani \work here hai
I so endeared him to this c('o(ngregation
that his leavirg this thllrclh wctild ibe
it Inns most k 'eenliy felt ty all of us,
for not oinly has he pir',,hte'd the Word
tof todl in a most splenldid aind jinspir
iing miianner, but he ihia in eveiry sense
aritr merianing of the woird been ai real
tpastor to this congre'gation;: and,
W*hereas, tTnrder his str lltg iand un
tir;ng leadership th.i work of this
chuirch hars gone forw:lrd il every wavty
sth thni the needs of the ciongregatir)on
hae \'o rtgr.own' this its old church
hme, anit by reasonr of his insptired
.effotrts we have unlllkrtkrriien tth;i work
of securinig a noew hullrch building,
suitaitbly equippied fiti" carrying for
ward the great work ,of the church in
this conmmunity; and,
"Wh'ereas, We feel that his work
here is in all unfinishedl state, and
that his piresence is i,necessaryr foir the
cntinui.d welfare andl growth of the i
congrrgation, and that his inva lualile
aIl and leadership is especially neces
sary if the iplans for obtaining a new
church are to be fully iconsummated;
ha tnd,
"\Whereas. We feel that thie 'call' is
as strong and insistent hetre as it is
in the new field that now seeks tio
enlist his services, and that his oIp
portunities for doing good are fully
is great here as thiy will be if the
neiw w(orki is Irundertaken;
"Ni\\ Thereforre, \V'e the congr.ega
Itiron of the First Presbyterian (.hurch
itf Misstoula, in meeting asstembleud, doi
ehoreby r,.,orrlte as folliws, to-wit:
"That we n. \i' xpress ot r detepr and
sinte(''r appreciatiron of the strong,
lving antd effic'ient workr doite by Dr.
Macler'an in the' Mlaster's caRusie during
thi Ih t four years, not onlty for this
citncrear.tiorn but as well 'fr the wholere
com unitiil 'y, fo'r we I'feel thuti hi, hras
gi en a rpowerful i mpetus, to the moral I
uplift and civic' righteoullsnel'ss in the
affairs of this city.
"Tlhat \(we most earnestly urge Dr.
KiMacleani to remalin with ius ais our
Ipastror, in order that the great iworrl
that he lis undertaken and sio well
Ibeguln II;yic bt'' bronlght to ia srueriss ful
finish, for without his support and dli
retlion we' fieel the work aindt gr0wth
i of thi' chlurch will bie rmost seriously
"'T'ihat wi' plrdgi him our hearty and
loyal . (iii i i)t, ian l u orr e to work
and pray 'with himtn to adlvance the
crrause ifr Iour .1aster, and this branch
of iis churilch inl this 'omnii uinity, moIre
faithfilly in the fiture than w(t have
ione in the past.
"Trhat we will render all the assist
;llci( inl . pt.we.r to forward the work
of getting a new chutrcih bildilng, for
. " all rr'cognizr e the great ht tird'ip
Iundetr whicrthith rpastor and people
are now working, and we see that a
ne,v' htulltlding is necessary if the work
of the chulrch is to bie carried forward
in ir ItrrIter nIllrllllll'.
"Thart ivi al.s,, fi'I! that thi' wiyfe ft
Oiuir lrnorrhas iexcited a mighty ipowir
fur gorit in this churc'h and c'onillnlntjfl
ity, and that her loiss 'will not only
hII n sc \iere Itlowr to this 'chlrc'h but
as wi(ll to all rliaious work in this
rity. She is nRltuble, tactful, lor\inr
andl tireless in all ('hristian ntti\'itirs,
Ian-ud to Irinse tr will most serrrously
hindhitur thi(' wrork of the church in all
of its dlp'i rtmtlrnts, for truly she, toi,
hi;rs Iorron ri str)nrg linder, a ,wise couin
tellotr irnrl rI faithfulr friend; she is on'
r\yllsi serv'ir'i s ari truly in\'rtrnltale to
this rchllrc'h nit i cnirirrrgation, tnrtl( her
'auirig IrW;i-y woiurltl mean a distinct
Irerak in so mint pilaces that hir]
a|rsinctri w.ill tnritig sirrow and trouble I
it uIs all. If tliring service is a way
to hall, ine.istr , utd \\oe feel it is, thenlr
trulyt htir cup of happlliness imust ie ]
runnirnig rver, for as shown bi heir i
lifti her Pimbtitiori is to spend rirird ie I
st'lnt ill the Mlasti'r's service, and that
wit hoti t rritti r'r. it
"That ihi si'irtary of tlie irteetirig
I'llulsi Ith(se rtsoluti'ns to bto s r. e iii
I1| r11 r r'.rd is if this churircih, indn i
that :r 'ruiny of tlh, sanie be furnishled
ti Iir. r11aehran and his good wife
(larrr. is i slight triken of otir hlve
and rositer it n hiAh apprchittiion of
their litfir ain seir\'ice in this commun
"laRssdl at :i congregational mreet
ing ttld in thie First PresbyterianI
chlrr'ih iil thre cit'y if Missoula, state
of Miiintana, on thi, ninth day of
MaIrch, 1913.".
(Got thrat h(,alth' look, clear skin,
hright eyr. energetic step, by taking
lhtllistrr', I. M. T'era after youre intals.
ticorgat Ireishtetirir.- --A dv.
I'rat fifteen-cent smoke, five cents.,
-Adv, .
B +er Exposed
Sto Light for
5 Minutes Becomes
U Vndrinkable
This is not our st ac
1i ment, but the deli[; r,;1c
0o opinion of one of the
s 4 most renowned scientists
O s in the world. Read the
entire statement:
"We have tested beers repeatedly,
placing the bottles in the direct
sunlight, and testing the same after
one, two,-three and five minutes
exposure, found that the beer with
three and five minutes exposure
became undrinkable on account of
the peculiar odor developed. The
detrimental effect of light upon
beer can be successfully counter
acted by the employment of brown
or dark colored glass bottles, and
such bottles are, therefore, recom
mendable."- Wahl-Henius Insti
tute of Fermentology.
It is not enough that beer bc brewed
pure, it must be kept pure.
Many Americans prefer beer in a
light bottle. Most brewers follow the
course of least resistance.
Light starts decay even in pure beer.
Dark glass gives the best protection
against light. Schlitz is sold in Brown
Bottles to protect its purity from the
brewery to your glass.
See that crowi' or cork
is 5raet'/ "Sch/lit:Z."
LIs Angels \VWine House
lat. (allahan, Proprietor
iir \V. Main St.
Missoula, Mont.
I\ ihe Beer ,
h M27 k
Tha'tMde\ M ilwaukee Famous.
Irhlay evenini g oif this wek is the
. ito '- os " the se.ionI iiannual deihate
hlii twiir teians of thi I' ti\ersit'. of
onitlntira l l II. .iti t, Ag.1 . ritulllt ril
collegeh . "The ( hate twill Ie in Mtis
s ulat this (~~\ 1r. \\ill lioii d ti \\n ill
Te(lplet) t ll, bo th friesthn illt ý, llake l i)
the vairsit'; t,, ii, .\Ivl Iltirld heing
the alt ;lrlitIt I l ililltier. 'Thre lu uest .ioit
is: "ttInsnled, that a millinitii wiiii
sh tutl I e ;ilIoptedt for (ie.pairtnmi it
stores and fI,(utoris." 'Tho jiulgis havei
not Ielln ithosen. T'he dleblate was won
iy thet n ri.llllur:ll c.illge last year
and the delfe l t has aurlll' th till am
this . l ur ito exce tioiul activiti y.
State Tortic'ulturist M. I,. Dean will
eanvo this m1i rlintg for a:i trip to the
lArtthllrn lart of the state, \whrete lih
vill he etigalied for sorel dlays inspect
ing oriharitis, placing siome niow in
Iperctolrs in sonica dtistrkits intl] attend
ng srome meetings w\\hich aire to be ht hl
y the irchardists. lie will make the
rip by way of the IFlaIthead distrI.t
tnd woirk north fromirr thtlre. The first
re.ting will he hold at Bi tig andy. and,
hero will Iie sessions at rother tpoints
iirth of treat tnIts.
'the only sanitartly imethriod oft hatndtling
irea l koiwn.
Wrhoite wheat bre:ad, the kind ir.
Wiley rIcc ll ll in1ii s.
All kinds if lbre:ids tall calkes on
land fresh lily. I'ihonte us your
Cameras and Supplies
Developing for Amateurs
to sell you just the
m1eat you \ant. We1
(1on't e ,r.nm to
dictate your choice,
either cuit or qulal
ity. And wve ]now
_ - -" tha l( ce you taste
Phone Uns Your1
o1me 115 W. Mainr S.
We are now located in
Thourt's new quarters, 120 Eastre
so anxious to have
uCedar, coine thethe new first
Koopman &
Phone Us Your
. H. HEBARD115 W. Main St.
d. 797 Bell 15. Ind. 471
We are now located in
our new quarters, 120 East
Cedar, in the new Forbis
Everything new, neat
and clean and strictly up
Palace Market
W. H. HEBARD, Manager
Ind. 797 Bell 245
Five-passenger, 30 horse;
power, fully (",, ',ned witlh
top, windshie! :, i', `
and self start,., ti:;. ; S .ueo
meter, oversize tires. Price,
delivered, $1,130, Missoula.
45 horse power, five-pas
senger, electric lights, elec
tric horn, Presto starter and
tank, Warner speedometer,
fully equipped. Price, de
livered, $1,600, Missoula.
We will show these new cars at
Missoula, Mont.
Picture Framing
400 Different Mouldings
Latest Patterns
Lowest Price.
Simons Paint and Paper House

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