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Balkan Allies Accept Offers of Powers
to Mediate-Montenegro Determined
to Capture Scutari in Spite of O6b
stacles and Include It in the Coun
try's Confines.
London, March 11.-The European
chancellories and stock markets are
being kept in a condition of nervous
tension. No sooner does one thorny
problem seem in the way of solution
than another crops up.
The long-expected agreement for
Austro-Russian demobilization was
pushed tonight. The allies have ac
cepted the powers' offer of mediation
under certain conditions, and ar
rangements have been completed for
the settlement of the dispute between
Bulgaria and Roumania by a confer
ence of ambassadors at St. Peters
burg, presided over by Sergius Sazon
off, the Russian foreign minister.
Thus the way seems prepared for
the restoration of peace in the Bal
kans. But at the same moment a new
difficulty has been raised by Austria
which objects to Servia's going to the
assistance of Montenegro and is en
deavoring to enlist the powers to her
side to coerce Servia. Also Austria
declines to demobilize as far as the
Servian frontier is concerned.
It appears, therefore, that the fate of
Scutari still is a menace to the pcace
of Europe. Austria is determined to
make Scutari the capital of autono
mous Albania. Montenegro is equal
ly determined on the possession of
Scutari, and with the allies in their
present temper it seems hardly like
ly that Servia will abandon her inten
tion of going to the assistance of Mon
tenegro at Austria's bidding.
According to dispatches from Vienna !
and Belgrade, Greek transports are
landing further large Servian forces
at San Giovanni di Medua. These
will assist in the capture of Scutari,
and again attack on the town wil
commence next week.
It is understood that Russia will
disband 230,000 reservists under agree
ment with Austria, but that on Aus
tria's side it can hardly be descried
as demobilization, since a much
smaller number will le dispersed and
those only on the Russian frontier.
A Constantinople dispatch tonight
reports that fighting has been resumed
'both at Tehatalja and IBulair.
No particulars are given except that
the Bulgarian advance posts have at
tacked on both wings the Turkish po
sitions on the Gulf of Saros.
An Understanding.
St. Petersburg, March 1 l.--Demobili
zatlon by Russia and Austro-Htungary
was announced tonight in an official
conmmunication issued by the two coun
tries. This sets forth, that the ex
change of letters between Emperor
Francis Joseph and ]ml)mperor Nicholas
have proved the continued friendship
of the two nations, and that both are
desirous of maintaining peace.
A semi-official Russian agency is
authorized to state that as a result of
the explanations exchanged Iwith the
Vienna cabinet, Austria cherishes no
aggressive policy against her neigh
bors in the south.
Austria. it is understood, has taken
steps at Iondon to induce the powers
to act collectively in demanding from
the Servian government an explana
tion regarding the dispatch of addi
tional troops by Servia to l)urazzo.
A growing irritation is displayed in
official circles of the. military party
here over Servia's action, which is be
lieved to be encouraged Iby the appar
ent helplessness and dilatory proced
ure of the ambassadorial conference
at Iondon. As it is well known that
Servia has no real desire to see ,Mon
tenegro ecome mlore powerful, her
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Mexico City, March 11.-The fed
eral authorities have taken cog
nizance of the reports that Ameri
can capital is being employed in
the constitutionalista propaganda
and the threatened invasion of
Sonora by ,an organized band of
American filibusterers. It is an
nounced that representations will
be made at WVashington requesting
that extraordinary precautions be
taken on the border for the preser
vation of neutrality. Forces under
Emilio ('ampa, comprising part of
thie t)rozco army, will he empnloyed
in the Sonora campaign. Tile fed
erals have been instructed to use
every effort to avoid a conflict on
the border where there is a .possi
hility of injury to man or property
and to protect foreign interests in
Sonora and other states.
Springfield, Ill., March I1.---When
the Illinois legislature reconvenes to
morrow to vote on the two United
States senators, Senator J. E. Keller
will make an attempt to get upon the
record a claim that Colonel James
HIamilton Lewis, democrat, has been
elected to the long term senatorship.
It is the intention of Senator Keller
to ask the general assembly to alter
the records of proceedings of January
27, the last session before the legisla
ture recessed, to show that 115 mem
hers were present at the joint session,
when Colonel Lewis received 66 votes
for senator, while republicans and
progressives sat silent in their seats.
As the senate and house journals
now readi, only the 71 members who
voted on the cighth joint ballot were
present. No effort was made then
to record other me.mbers in the cham
ber as "present and not voting."
Therefore there is no record that a
qlllorum was present.
Senator Keller has secured a list of
the members, who, it is asserted, were
physically present when the ballot was
Senator Keller does not expect to
be able to secure the correction, but
when it is vote.d down, he will serve
notice of claim that Colonel Lewis was
legally elected United States senator
at that time and will notify the as
sembly if anyone else is elected to fill
the, long term senatorship at a later
date, the election will be contested
beforo the United States senate In be
half of C'olonel Lewis.
Members of the republican side are
inclined to scoff at Senator Ketler's
claim. They declare he is attempt
ing a 'huge bluff to frighten them into
uniting in a Lewis-Sherman combina
tion that will send Colonel Lewis to
the, senate for the long term and leave
the short term to Judge Sherman, the
republican primary nominee.
TVishington, March l.--President
Wilson declined personally today'to in
terfere in the c('ase of Thaddeus Shar
retts, a Incmmber of the United States
general Iboard of general a.ppraisers at
New York, who was recently dismissed
by President Taft on charges of mal
feasance. Senators Lodge, 'Smoot and
Stone made a plea for the reinstate
ment of 'Mr. Sharretts. The president
referred the three senators ,to Secre
tary IMcAdoo.
0 HE 7 7
ý g1A `
, ". i
1 ow
0 0 s ' >
" A
New York, March 11.--As n result
of testimony of witnesses regarding
police. graft, Police Conmmissioner
Waldo reduced Police Inspector John
J. Murtha to the rank of captain to
day and suspended 'him without pay.
Murtha formerly was in charge of the
precincts in Harlem, which district
has figured most prominently in the
graft disclosures thus far.
The grand jury and District Attor
ney Whitman spent the day liste.ning
to the confessions of nmen and women
who said they paid money to police
men in return for immunity from in
terference while they violated the law.
A hote.l owner and several women
who ran disorderly resorts, told how
they contributed to the coffers of the
"system." Much of their testimony
corroborated stories already told, In
volving 1pollee officers and politicians,
but the stories of several witnesses
brought under suspicion 'men not i
hitherto suspected.
One of the most remarkable wit
nesses examined by AMr. Whitman was
Mary Stacom, who confessed today, at
the age of 74 years, that 50 years of
her life had been spent as keeper of
disorderly 'resorts. KInown through
out the underworld as "Mother" Sta
cota, this woman pieced tngetllier the
experiences of her professional life
with facts that are expected to serve
Mr. Whitman invaluably.
Another startling story has reachled
the prosecutor in thli form of a.
written report bly one of his Investiga
tors, telling how a. \vwoman, Annie
Grey, was replutedi to hlave eonlmu
lated a fortunoe f more than $100,0001
as a disorderly resort keeper. Backed
by a former sheriff and a. one-time
police commnlissioner, according to In
formllationl aailabtle to the prosecutllr,
Annie Grey conductced several of the
most noted resorts of their type in
this city. Mr. Whitman expects she
will go before the grand jury with an
account of 'her underworld exiperieneeR
Samuel Levy, a hotel man, repeated
to the grand jury today a graft story
he'had related to Mr. Whitman. In
this story he told of paying $75
monthly for the privilege of selling"
liquor without a license. Once lihe
refused to pay, he declared, and there
was a "fake raid" on his hotel and he
was brought to court, but when he
slipped $75 into a Isolicoman's 'hands,
the case against him fell through for
"lack of evidence." tie was told that
this would Ibe "a lesson" to him, he
Berlin. 'March 11.-The Prussian gov
ernment today introduced in the diet a
bill authorizing loans amounting to
$135,600,000 for state railways. The
principal items are: New lines and ad
ditional tracks, $27,500,000; buildings,
$25,000,000; rolling stck, $47,500,000.
Cherbourg, France, March 1 .-- Seven
of the crew of the French marine Fou
cault were injured, two fatally, by the
explosion of a motor today. The boat
was undergoing a trial trip in the
Montreal, Milarchi 1 .--Dr. Vriiherichi
F. 1'riedmann of IHerlin demonlinstrated
his treatment for tuberculosis upon 56,
patients at It I Royal Edward insli
tlutet totday.
])r. Frieedllmlinni ' patients were se
lected frotm a list of 90-odd c(ases pre
sented by` Dr. I:. S. HIarding of the
medical board oif the illstituto. The
patients were (chotsen from a list of
several hundredl . The medital iard
in making its selection wais guided
by a desire to viuure cases tiypieial of
every form anild very stage of tihe
disease with tIh, ,'xcepttion of eases so
far advlancield Io to le hopeless.
])r. t'riedmiantn reachedl Montreal
this orning fro.ill New York alnd
shortly oafter ,notn gave a brief pr.
liminarsy delmiiillstration, treating sev
oral latiellts, iving i iIan aveanige o fj
five litiliitis It s tch. Tti, IIti'll denlii -
Olstattiion of 1ii, day was stari-il it
2:20 o'cl- :k iill coutoinueod untiil ai
late hour, \\lt n t: patients had holen
treated. To fIililtate the ipr-oss of
demonstratirio, thi whistory of oe.h
ease haill lern printired on two i card s,
one ill Elglish aid one in (tranil-l.
Many Physicians Present.
D)r. Friodliann' methods wer' fol
lowed with lthe lostt attentioi n 1by 50
or more phvsi iais present and his
rapid m sdiigiis ~f' the cases pres-titeld
ald Lis pir of sl tl e ( ihlliglrle Wv rr;
the subjects of <, illnelOt.
'Ihe case1s reilesenled 1hr1n1 threer
main dlitl ivisions, if tilllerellsis inft.r
tion - )ipunnlli: iy, r glandi liar land mnill
or joint ifl'ftiuiu -asid ranged from
the early sl.:t..; rof the d(liseasol I It
waVll-advancellllid ;cises of several ye'lars'
The y5"1un1-ge lai tient wats a 14
mllonths-oll d b;tlW \ girl land t11o to., stt
Was a man lif l , yieatrs. .ost if thlin
tpatientts were atle to walk without
assstiancn allId o stnu\\nllhl the
treatmilnlt \Wils givIen, lbut folr ia few,
nostly childrien, an opel-rating table
was f(lollllId lI.neesitry. Ill every case
an ilitraL'lliveous injection of the vac
cinel was mllille ill the patient's arm,
whilte in a Vile''- numbelllr an additionaltil
intrairmuscuilar iijection was Inade in
the hip.
One of Ithie, llstis Interestinlg ases
was that of the 14-months-oll baby,
who hadll pien I, sufferer from tllber
culosis for altuitl two iitIiths. The
vein of the aril was so tiny that Dr.
Friedlnllnn fund It hillnpossible to
nmakei the uisual inltra.vnoulls injection
and he perfoirlledl, thile rarely atiltempt
ed operatioll (n1i on so young a chilhl of
illisertillg tih, nt'edle ill a vein of the
neck. TlVhil- nn this case hie also
inadei the iextra injeltlon in thlie hip.
The little onie lre the ordeal well
and hr. l-'riedulann remnarked in a
connfidriit tonel tlhat its colnplete re
covery mlight tl-e expected.
ti.s Mtlines. Matrch 11. -4-(i.overro
Georgo V W. (larkso Iiidlay sonlt a special
message to the Iowa legisaltture, asking
that body to ,become actively inter
ested In an investigation of the white
slave situation In Iowa. The message
suggested that a commission be nameie
to serve for two year4,
El P'as, lTexas, Marcih 11.-Desper
it, fi'ghting in all attack oi Pitarrall,
ic'lihllntuh( , entailing a lhuge loss of
li'e in ai 50-(hor boattle, was lrelated
in latied displthebs reaching hear
Itod;ty. So ie ],500 (ont stitutilnalistaL
lrebclling Hr;till st ll ertll 'H gover)\ tlllnlle t
ill ('hihuahllt a roe (driv-el hack by
alltllmost aI ,llan nullllllbler rof fedlerail
regularts talld the( city, ita enter of
lAmerican Inining industlries, iVwas do
ntollshtlil by Ilonlbardnlent andl street
fighting, in which (even th towns
teolwns engaged.
Nogales Threatened.
Douglas, Aria,, March 11.-- 'olonel
lK(sterlitzky, .uninimulligU tllhe federal
garrtIsttt at Nogales, littighlt is atak
ing ready to (hel'eld that town Willh
his 100 rtIrtles against the 1,000 colt
8ittit illnalistHs Utl Pr ( 1(ra I ()Ohre
gOln, who has tihratetcnd to attack be
forte ilrillting.
After consultationl with C'aptain f.
('C. Smlith, ill n u() n11 d114l otf the( Fifth
ca'alry Iltrder patrol t it Nogales,
Ariz., Ctolhtll Kostchrlitzky albandneiod
his ainuncledl(( Jllteltl.iO t of lloving)
federal arms111 to the AtIerIcan sidhe.
hII declare- s hlm and h his rladful of
rota.l, pol)lc( will mlet.n extermination
in battle before enterilng AtIerI.ea..
"rTrains were ,\ eing prepared tonight
Ito rush litndti States troops from
I"ortI II1 lllat I itt , lt be in readtlilness in
fli. eVent, of tllllgr to thO A Oricitnll
M .xhleo city, March I1.-- l real BIrlt
aii will rcoignt.z, th Ilurttia govern
II int, : t'rding to official adviet re
citt-id today Iy F'rantisco de lt BIItarra,
Il ()nist'r of foreign relanlons, froml the
Mexia.n legation ait London.
Minister de lt t.Lrra anlnouncetld lhlis
after)non that itartolohtn (.arbalhjal y
Itosalas, recently transflerredl fromll
St. ]'cetorslurg to take the ipostL of
minister at Londoni is p-ersotna ioln
grati t to thl e ritish goverlllllenlt.
At the iconclutsion of iia lengthy cabtl
nit. sessiontl tonight the anniouncoement
was madeIli that 101,000 federal troops
woull ibe rlusheld ito the statel of Sonora
in an effort to cru''sh thel secessionists
lbefore the -vement spreI1'ads. ThI
govuernltienlt haIs receuived unoffillll ad
vic.es that the cil ( stitlllinalist party
in SonolraL hts uniti-d with that of
Sinalt.a anti Lower c'alifornla In the
secvssion lmovement.
ilashington, (March 11.--Secretary
Redfiteld announcted today that Assil
tant Sec'retary .('able and Luther Co
nltant, Jr., comtnliN.iritloner of corpora
tions tof the delpartmnent of commerce,
had handed hmlnt thelr-resignallions. Mr.
(Ableh asked that he be relieved Iby
March 20.
Berlin, March 11.-The Prince o!
SWales is to visit Gertmatny at the ens
of his present term at Oxford, and will
Si ltnd his time at Stuttgart, the home
(I9 his mother's relatives,
Iatredo, Tex., March 11t.--Joseph
McD onald, wanted in J.1tnnoau,
AlaskI , in chargi ('ll' oif mnut'rder,
arrived here tonight under extradi
tion from (tGuan jita:to, l\lIt'xi , and
was taklen il chatrge by J. I. 1 War
renl, IUnited States special agent ftor
the Seiattle district. Il' itao ldl, who
was accomlpanied by his wife and
sn0. laid the expenses of hlis oitn
extradition, whicth wis oltaiuited
throtugh Altbatisttador XWilson. A
cording to his statement, th MeXli
can go.vernlment did lnt have:\ fuilnds
with which' to pay hist guards atld
llorderld thel to get the monelly f'rons
the governor of' Gtla tliju.lto. The
governort was without ft'ids, so ote'
Donald patid the traveling expienses
of himsellf andl gluards.
.Itltinori, M,1 , larch 11. -Norris
Prhic , i. stet'cdoro, ltesif' ing t night
before tlhe cn ,r'vl r y r which is in
0'sti"illil ng th11 I owinigg l1p if' ( ilt1, Alittil
Chihle last lrihty, doclarCd that \Vil
liant l toll alllllt, assistant for'maltt of
the stoi'edotrles, was rt'sponsii.ii' fior the
first exslosilio . \\lwhich procedel d th d'..
sits'I ltin ob f iti lt, i th 1t I.
ti'to 711 01g 1111gerid it t he Iwi1 r in
which the mIenl were worktillng. .Ionit
tharlti, accortinlg to the witness, tIllo -
tiord an onth, gr. teit aitiit g kR ii'o d
from a stevedore and wung it iSte a
box ot f dyl.ltil ite.
I'"lt ere wa\\ s a sttill explosiin- I " Said
Price. "It SIIounded III Ilk( a pistol s thot,
andh i I w in y 1 ll sko issuing fra i
lithe lHti h\t t I did rotit stop ito se any
metror, but jImpedl overh ned."
"['ht' whiltles salld· the s 'unllld explo
Snlll t ook l c:l. 1p + I0 to in .tes. late l'r.
t t'1t' radit li' illn t ih t'estl ltllnt git 'nI
last night Iy 'apt. Aust' of the A, lu
(hlllin , Price s li the cnlrl ; of ,il oall
first -wars placed in tle hold, planki lgK
W'i\ - laHid on top w~ithtlut on ll i slf .1 1"
tetweel It, and the ll ynnI nite aLInd the
1dyn1amtte oxes wtere piled on the
plankings. C apI:hti Alst(" \was ml l e lhd
to the stand and denied hiis.
Stevedores Smoked.
IP'ri'e Sa tit le gantg if tsti'vd lnes
smoked in \lvlotion of orders hille
the barge thnded with dynaltitet was on
its Wily to dho Alun ('hino.
Three othor st.r.\doi's corroborated
Ill every detalil P'rici's story of the cir
I1"u1 is IIIes Ii'aIdillg 110 to the first ex
T\'lllia ila t leniderson t sti'lod that
Il'om.hart, as he grabbed the honk,
the ship."
I|ltnhburll luns bootn illI highlt,1 ntr
Us Ml tto t Ver Ni e } -Ih fi l rr ist ifall' I
St-I111 y HiIl'itg, itllil iIs riquirfPd the
attention oI' a physi'lian
P lrth.ultl, M,1+, IMarcht 11. Itealr Ad
mtiraI Robert , . Ieary will ooil next
t"lllrday froml No, York for hIme,
where lie w\111 til + presented \\lth 1
m'edall by tho Royal (Woographicatl so.
t'b( IIn Ie .oto of his' dtiscoyvtry aI the
Bo.+rth poh,.
than 3,00() state loonls and ab)olt 3,¢la)lA
if thct 6,700 (hlies-pa ing l i enmt.ers oi
the msoclatlist party in tWashington,
forme'd a srla ra.r.t, political organizes
tioni tolight. This action followed
the final session of tile state c(nveIIn
tion here this afternion lwhen tie rad
lcal organization, which throughout
had demo.nostut't-ed it had the upI.er
hltitd, \iwas (denoucel d aS a "du (ds-p)ay
lng orgtlanizatiltn to maintain the. 1.
Vi'. NV. in Its wild theories" :11tnd its
leaders were\l bralndel d as alalil'rchiSt.
The new pai ry styles its.lf simply the
socialist party of the state of Wash
Th'Ie' radicals, knowing that the con
servatives were seekIng t(o lprectipitate
it bolt, d.ecliled to recognizO I. 1.
Martin of Sp okInll', aI former minitster,
who had be1.en assigned to bring ori the
spilt. Another conservative, F. A.
Sherman of MasonI county, gained a
hearing, however, and brought on the
crisis by denouncing the direct ac
Stonists, declaring that a "small fac
tion of anarchists would make the
'qualifications for the party such th1~
United States Will Recognize Only
Those Countries Which Indicate De
sire for Peace and Constitutional
Government - Co-Operation Be
tween the Countries Is Essential.
WVa shingtlo1n, ..a r,,hi ]. -----Preshlant
\\ilsili issued i,-day this foriual state
Inent of hiS Ilicy tIlwarlld the iCentral
ZClh]I\ JK R€tll (tl ln ll't':l 'tp |l..::
"In ViliWI of Iht - 11 a ii iiiis whiulh lit -
tIri. l lv tl-u pi l l tl' lll;s i ( 111 p b tll.i. 1e
iiiiid just 11\no, ti the pr isiieid the
folhl liig t. ltertlent:
iine if the chIie j-e t c Oet f niy aid
niltll :itlrion \\iIll he to ttltivatel the
frhndship and des'erve\ the in-nfldetc
Stllll sister rIlulblies of ti-tt'Ial lind
t, -uth Aiiii'i 'i ,t il to p'.iim i toe I1 e'ersy
ipropiler illd honorable wilay the Interests
i\\'lih iare enofloni till the peopIe of the
ti'.l onti nenti. I carnestily dehsire tho
mist ll..tco'dial uintelllrsltllnilg anlld co
tpierat itt betwoon the piophties anil
li,:uilers of Am e.miti,- . nitd, threfl'iore,
itemn l It Iiy tii " t, i make tilit s lI1 ri Sf
Thllie nt. d o eae
slat ato sposbeonvwe
s l ti lalt'l O llliit e r ( l It ie Oi i
' ii' llll| ll il iiliiiii I \ i , l iiiil '1 i-i th " l
del· ly l -rluL e ss ls r,| jlts i.ir, itiI tulI
ilhs-ud Iitg il t i ii u nitl t ll nltiiri tnr atn
i ir l i t a tlll i- t iill \ iI llall i -ets i iiill -itl' l
a'ill hlllth1 hll Frhienhldsr. of Pea plie.
g'v\ti lllti (ivi- 'i s hu ld, th lai t juiti
itli'uilit, r'h st n ithin.I Ihit tilhe iaL -
0li iifi last tilg \ I sl' l it ' lit a-a crer l iitse I1
V 014111p ll thP pubie OD
HIlIl I~ I w(1 (;iilll1 lplll( lhl, li(. lh ( t'Oll-R
Gi- lllu d - st !'s-ti ls . fr ' shall t oor e or L
i s thlln plnIi - I lh s thsc blsis if its t-h
nlll ti ll-tt l lrsi , r'.iilt ,l ni ir hwlftu lnstt
Iiiti ,l i~sh llfl nsls lir itfihtn lin i of ti.v
"\V., Prthl~l]ltlldI, I~llll'lrllll~':O 1( tlifl oe!.'
kind tu luti te sli-l-hn of the s e printi l
tiles in fistal usd lurncth-u, Itnolvlull that
disor e tir, p iso-il l i , iilfiia ut lu i ltu ti
Ill, t iitut iii-o Iltutts lii-lke ai--trl
in"tui lt- ivil Ii - rlll] fight s uctu i liutqli if
lli rtduit oitlu enrlll oelt ulund injurle llnit
i n i h hll iiti \' 11 I i hs lT ioiry uiii til
f1iec ell5 lh tIt tl h ie tirir ti lhf ll ltfi o
rlirt t illill.is. I affirt s I i ili ed l in i dis
The Friends of Peace.
"\Vi, hlnvt, ln sympatllhy with thitan
whti ssl Iitii sii i thu pow-r.itiui" f iifv r a
elll tl tue, i\iltnit t riut flt pu' Irslil iti in
iiil' i-uiit i-i" lliu iii . -ii-t- t-.ih , rli. us
f iittl(, butl u k lot hati thrlet cl t
he ) to hnstllli ofl stalnbh Iii,;o tll Miucl
'll't'illsllltances. As frieinds, therefor-e,
.w, iha~ll prtf.,r those who lift in the
Intelrest ofl pitalt' mlll |1on1or, %who pro
pt'l. lpl'vate r'ights anlli rosllct lit, re.
• 1 '111( 1 ,,1 irsp t NOlillst t o ii ~ li I lls the n itlS.
twoolli ,.N ti,0H ttM lmtWPili findl\'dlialH.
'"Thei I nilted Stail.s has nolthingl tol
seek iht, J'etrs l i d|ltlt.,.uth. Anwrth n, tex/
pih of il' le tWOl /,oldlllhl ,ll, the Heat hylrl)
if goiv!,rlinll it~ls lIntenlih fI thil pli p It. le
tilld foir i1ii 8-ili t111.1 t.'iOUl l i nlt re,l-*.
mid lh oot l op~itllltl tl[ ofl ll(,l'Oll l it11d
tra i]n rl'ali t iI n.hip b 1. Ietiwt'n the two
'lntilillotitM \\htlh b hatll rtedou ttl o l thl.
H 'ol'tt llllid llil tillagie, of1 bothl Allill Ill-.
i-Iturfere with Il1. rig~hls andll~ lilberthes of
"Jerlonll theie-t lprlini(pllelo may' he read
ilo liil ll.,h t hi" fl u lll ltur plllicy ofi thlis
;llllrnllelll1_ 11th it is. lllt%'.SHt~l'y ilow% to1
foreenist: anlu 111 the .,piritl o theso
prinle]'li.s, I mayt), I holl0, In lpermiltteI
withi as muil(ch (:onlfhidlnce atnt earne~st
Des,1 tol ex.lten lhe gov\'irllllnmen of tllI
lthe repltii e.s iof Alnoii( cali (1ie haiid ofl
,.enul~iin , disinltores<.ted friendslhip, aind
10/ ('tilhRL lifleS t(i tove y elilerprile of
(l'anisslued oll Paigel Th.reet)
ivc self-rclesptccting ialill would enter
It," mnd actling:
"If I've got, Ito tn:ke myself ashlillltcd
of icysetlf to vote I Woln't vote in the
lparty. I'11 get out."
llillhrld I'rice of Seattle, chalirman
of the afternoon , to)ck up the gage.
"I anit a socinlist!" he. shouted. "'
1l11ve in (-coninlitle revolutlon. I do
not know wlhether it will collie today
or whether it \vill coIIo fur ytelrs yet,
Inct I, Millard Price, will brcak every
law on the statute books to bring it
Tht y1'll of aplproval whichi drownedl
uot the LIIanswer ofr Martin was hushetl
as tloorge 1. tInolter, editor of the
ltarlbarian, andl leader of the I. WV. W'.
walked dowlcnc the aisle and flung his
dc'fiance at tlhe conservatives.
"J.aws!" he, sneered. "\Vhat do we
care fmor laws. All laws are made by
the dominant class for thi purpose of
olppressling the working class. The
true s cialist w\ill obey only as many
laws as will Ilc sufficient to keep him
out of jail."
The platform approved by tthe new
party asserts tluhat "class struggle.
does not mean class hatred and cen
ters in the fact of exploitation and
Snot In the mere possession of a little

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