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Interesting Is Synopsis of the Work of the Thirteenth
Legislature and the Analysis of the
the New Laws It Made.
Helena, March 13.-(Special.)--One
of the really drastic laws passed by
the last legislature is that governing
the sale of agricultural seeds. It is
the senate bill introduced by Senator
Asbridge of Musselshell. This meas
ure was antagonized by a widely
known seed house in Minneapolis,
which sent circular letters by the
hundreds to dealers all over the state
asking them to oppose the bill. Six
separate counts were urged against it,
but upon an examination it was found
that the Minnesota law from which
the Asbridge bill was drawn had the
very provisions against which the
seed house in that state was pro
testing. In other words, the Minne
apolis concern could do business in
Minnesota under a law to which it
objected strenuously in Montana.
Senate Bill No. 23-By Asbridge.
This law defines agricultural seeds
to include red and white clover, alsike
clover, alfalfa, Kentucky blue grass,
brome grass, orchard grass, redtop,
meadow fescue, oat grass, rye grass,
corn, flax, rape, wheat, oats, barley,
rye and buckwheat.
It is required that all packages con
taining one pound or more, or seed
sold in bulk, shall have on the con
tainer a written or printed label ge -
ing the name of the kind of seed; the
true variety or strain; the approxi
manto percentage of germination anti
the date of the test; the applroximate
weight of qlunack grass, fanweed, mus
tard, wild oats or dodder; also the
applroximate weight of sand or other
dirt, broken or shriveled seed, sticks,
chaff or other inert matter; the county
in which the seed was grown, if in this
state; the full name of the dealer or
importer or agent for other persons.
The act provides that it does not
apply to "any person selling agricul
tural seed direct to merchants or
farmers to be cleaned or graded be
fore being offered for sale," but such
seed shall be marked "Not clean
Violations of the act are made aI
misdemnanor, and are punishable by
a fine of not less than $10 nor more
than $100, and costs of ,prosecution."
It is further provided that the di
rector of the seed laboratory at the
agricultural college shall inspect and
examine all seed offered for sale in
this state to such extent as he may
deem nciessary, and that for such
purposes he shall have access to all
places where seed is cleaned or of
fered for sale. The director may also
employ agents to assist in the work.
Any person may send samples of
seed to the laboratory for test, by
prepaying the carriage 1bharges, and
results will be returned by mail.
Senate Bill No. 30--By Byrnes.
Under this act the governor and
the secretary of state will provide a
room in the state capitll building for
the safe keepicng of records of the
Grand Army of the Relpublic, and also
for the keeping of rolyis of the civil
war. The room shall ie under the
care of a custodian named by the de
partment commander of the G. A. R.
of Montana, alnd the custodian shall
receive not to exceed $1,200 per an
numn for salary and all other expenses.
Senate Bill No. 31-By Burlingame.
This law adds a section to the
statutes governing the issuance of in
junctions, which provides that an in
junction cannot issue in labor dis
putes under any other or different
circumstances or e(lnditions than if
the controversy were of another or
different clharater, or between par
ties neither or none of w\hom were
Ilaborers ori interested in labor ques
Senate Bill No. 36-By Whiteside.
'This at cireates the ffilc ofl travel-I
in| Si:iIo pIalr le co mI11111ssino rl I 11
silary fi" $2,000 per annuml. 'h of
ficer is appl intcd by the go. rrn 'r,
wvho is authorizeil to rem ve the tffi
cial for ci;use. It is miad the di11'ty ofl
with the warden of the st;toe prison
and the supelrintenden( t of the state
refrm sehool in recllomm ending
parols; to nssist paroled prisoners
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in securing employment, and to see
that they make regular reports to
the proper officers. The parole com
missioner may arrest and return
prisoners for violations of the terms
of parole.
Senate Bill No. 43-By Groff.
This prohibits the killing of more
than one elk, Rocky Mountain goat or
Rocky Mountain sheep between the
first of December qf any year and
the first of October of the next year.
But no person may kill a female of
either species at any time. A penalty
of not less than $100 nor more thain
$1,000 is provided for violations of the
act. The act applies to the counties
of Sweet Grass, Park, Gallatin, Madi
son, Teton, Flathead and those por
tions of Powell and Missoula coun
ties drained by the Flathead and
Swan rivers, and to that portion of
Beaverhead county lying east of the
Oregon Short Line railroad.
Senate Bill No. 50-By Stevens.
This act establishes a department of
record for inspection and weighing of
grain, known as the state grain in
spection department. As head of the
department the governor is to appoint
a chief grain inspector to serve not
more than two years, and his services
may be limited to parts of years. The
chief grain inspector must not be in
terestled in the purchase or handling
of grain during his continuance in of
The chief grain inspector shall make
rules and regulations for the handling,
inspection, weighing and storing of
grain and for the management of all
public grain warehouses. He shall ul
vestigate all complaints of fraud or
oppression and rectify the same so
far as is in his power; he shall give
a bond of $10,000; shall recommend
to the governor supervising inspectors
and assistants in all places in the
state where one or more public ware
houses may be located, and these of
ficials shall inspect all scales and the
loading and unloading of all grain and
shall grade the same.
The chief inspector shall furrnish,
when requested to do so by any pub
lic elevator, samples of the different
g;rdes of grain at cost; in all cases
where extra samples are required at
25 cents each; all grain 'hippled shall
be inspected and weighed at the first
track scales where there is a deputy
grain inspector, and the fees shall .be
$1 for each car inspected, to be col
lected in such instances from the
common carrier in whose cars the
grain may be. The weights certified
to shall be prima facio evidence in
all courts in the state.
The chief inspector shall file month
ly reports under oath with the state
auditor; he shall keep his office at
the capitol in Helena, and shall re
eive a imonthly salary of $150 and
necessary expenses while actually em
B-ribery or attempted brihery of any
inslpector shall be treated as a felony.
Appeals from the findings of any
insl'pector are provided for to a board
of three persons to be named by the
chief inspec tor, and the decision of
this board shall be final. Persons
taking an appeal shall pay $2 each to
the members of the board for their
compensation, to be returned by the
state if the appeal shall be sustained.
Nothing contained in the act shall
be construed to prevent any per
son from selling grain by sample re
gardless of grade.
All elevators doing business for
comlpensation are declared to be pub
lie warehouses, and the owners there
of public warehouisemCen; every eleva
tor must procure a license within G0
days front the approval of the act;
he alpplication shall give the names
of all persons owning any part or
th;lires in such elevators; license mlay
be revo\lketd by the chief inspector, on
approval of the attorney-general and
after (lue lnotice and hearing; each
elevator owner shall make a bond ini
the sumn of not1 less than $10,000 nor
more than $100,000 running to the
state, the amount of the bond to be
fixed by the chief inspector. But one
bond shall be required if more than
one elevator shall be owned by the
same person or company.
Elevators and warehouses are re
quired to receive grain for storage
without dtlscrimination, and all such
grain is to be inspected, weighed and
graded; all grain delivered by eleva
tors shall also te inspected, weighed
and graded; all charges for such in
spection, etc., are to be paid by the
elevator or \\arelhouse. Warehousemlen
are required to give to the person
for whomn grain Is stored a warehouse
receipt. Detailed provisions are made
to guiard these receipts from fraud ot
any lkind, and warehousemen are for
bidden to insert in such certificate
any release from liability of any kind
as provided by law.
Elevators and warehouses shall at
all times be open to the inspection of
persons laving grain stored therein.
Inspectors are required to test all
scales and are empowered to require
the instlallatioin of norreet ones where
any are found to be defective.
Elevators must publish rates for
storage the first week in July in a
local paper, and must not raise the
rates for the ensuing year. Charges
for storage, including insuring, han
dling and delivery, must not exceed
for the first 15 days or part thereof
two cents per bushel; for each 15 days
thereafter one-half cent per bushel;
and for continuous storage between
November 15 and May 15 following,
4 cents per bushel; cleaning, if re
quested, one cent per bushel; flax, 15
days' storage, 4 cents per bushel;
cleaning, two cents per bushel.
Warehousemen are responsible for
damage or loss by fire, but are not
liable for heating of grain, unless it
can be shown he did not use ordinary
care. If grain is found to be spoiling.
warehousemen shall notify owners of
1 warehouse certificates, or advertise
II -n
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the fact in a local newspaIper, stating
the kind and grade of grain and in
what bin located, and call upon owner
to take same away; if owner fails to do
so. the grain may be sold at public
auction by the warehouseman, giving
10 days' noti(e by publicalion.
The governor shall also appoint
three persons as a grain-grading com
mission, and this commission shall an
nually fix the grade for all kinds of
grain sold in the state, after public
notice of the meeting for siIuch pur
pose. A compensation of $100 per
year is allowed to members of the
collmmission, and necessary traveling
'expenses. ('nCommissioners are for
bidden to ride on a railroad pass.
The governor may appoint three
inspectors at termlinals outside Mon
tana, at a salary of $125 per month
for a limited numboer of months in
each year. These inspectors need not
te residents of the state, if the gov
ernor shall so elect.
The delivery of grain to a ware
house for which a receipt is given
shall be considered a bailment, and
not a sale.
The governor may also designate
places in the state at which grain in
spection may take place.
The sum of $5,000 Is appropriated to
carry the act into effect.
Senate Bill No. 52-By Larson.
Establishes a game preserve in the
Rocky mountains, in the northern por
tion of the Lewis and Clark national
forest, to be known as the Sun River
game preserve. It incluIdes all the
territory lying between the south fork
of the" nortlh frk and the mr'th fort
of the inorth fork of S1n ri\vr on the
east and the contineltalt di\vide oi the
west. It is imole unltwful to hunt
gamIe birds r anlll s at any tinie,
and the animals are furtihr pri.ltcld
fromnl d(isltilr.ancein by stringent pro
visions. iolat ions of the nict :Ire
punishanle by fines of frit', $25 to
$100, or 30 hays to six tin nths In .jil.
Senate Bill No. 61-By Stevens.
hProvides that any pere-tot ir firtt
desiring groilund at any stat ion or sid
ing for an elevator shall first Inaki an
offer of compilensation to the ra ilroaid
companllly ir othler owner, stating the
amolllulnt of ground rei(llirotd, and that
if the applicant is not notified in
writing within 30 days of the refusal
of his offer, he shall Ii t to┬Ědiled to
have the right to construlct the eleva
tor contemplatll d. If the appltitlioln
Ile refused, tihe applicanllt ilmay bring
an action in a; district court to seiure
the right sought.
Senate Bill No. 54-By Stout.
This act pr\ovides for a rigid systent
of Inspection of steam Iollt.rs ilsed In
the state, and for the examlnation and
licensing of persons to run such itlhl
ers. The act is highly technleal, and
with a competent state Inspector to
enforce It, should be sufficient to safe
guard the use of steam boilers.
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(1'o0ll loisd From I "'.' ()lil')
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is all l lth a it il sii(, nI.r t m +rrl y i u t
the will of tlhu .iirime -a" t to **l n' -
pletim the inlln rgill.t. At .1 sirn tlIIl i
1the ll rill Isi lnl ;rilllm Ii ll Ji l isd ll tiit
ove'r the sal,' of til ('ntlral P'arifi'
sHo'ik eby t l ic!ulh' trl 'ril icii ttl Iht i
I'niu I'acifir, "That is adtnittle tIo he
SIi tI dieri (ntirll pv i to tihe attu rniy
(ner-ral of thell , 'nit'1 d 'Stlaltes.
In brief, the, i w iv rolmtistl of the,
'nilon 'Iamifle is is rerluest that the
Southern Pail ific l)ease tihe (',n1ltrl
Pacific, which it mwns to the tnIlon
Pacific, tol ciljr all the propterty of
the ('entral Pacific Irt ('alifornia ex
crpt the lines north (if Tl'eharmo, which
the Southern Paicitle would retain on
a leaso.
Judge LovIlt asiks allprotal of the
lease of the line from Tehaita to the
Oregon bolundary, the form of the
lease ar]d iprovisions concerning the
samntl being unchangedt from. the agree
menrt of Feblruary 9, 1913 (the agree
ment upon which the railroIad com
mission's decision was based) except
by the addition of the provisiolns that
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