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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, March 16, 1913, Morning, Image 12

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Elgin W atch ..............5.50
Coat Chain ..............$1.00
Collar Pin ......25c
Pearl Tie Clasp ........50c
Leather Watch fobs, 35c
Jewelers and Opticians
We do all kinds of jewelry
-o00o00o oo& ooG0 oooooooooo0
Should be more than just what
you earn. You should have the
interest on your savings account
to help you.
The First National
Miasoula, Montana
Eagles Hall, 3 P. M.
Public Invited
S. C. White Leghorns
Soon ready for deilivery; 100 for
Settings of 13 ,-ggs at $1.50 and
$2.00; 100 ,ggs for $8.00.
Tylar B. Thompson
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies.
114 East Main Street.
Rowland, the Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
Special Attention Given to
114 East Main Street
F. A. Mix & Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain and
Take Your Prescription to
Smith's Drug Stores
Agents for Eastman Kodak,
Koken's Barber Supplies
115 Higgins Avenue
Bell Phone 87; Ind. Phone 474
The Best of Everything in the Market.
0. I. rau
About Tew
Out Iiloin the splrlngtime oz'nc , float
lng loud and clear, heatr tht pleading,
urging. ci'axilng of tihe
WE HAVE auctioneer; he sells
HIM NOW horses, lharness, wag
ons, chiffonirs alnd
and chairs; cthre's no limit to the
schedule of Ilib goods lnd \\wares;
ntither is tlhere any limit to his npower
of s-peechl; hard :as flint that bulyter's
lhtcart is, whilch 1he c'atinn, t reach;
Swhlen lie g.ts the tildding stirtted,
then hio sh Ilts his speedl ; it's altni -
tioll Illmalk s hti. t go so- thiltolig it nt'1s!tlS
lk, gr, ,l; 1 canll till ol,'h l it] rs * 's
r 'e'ord anid his lsdigrre; t% henll 1It ge"t::"
lito riv;als hitihlit , it is good to sli ,:
gilt-m e-t lli-sir-mii;,]k,"-it - Iw'entIIy. , thuls
Itis ritit' s it }nil; th ntk-t'ttu-ntttw -
itt'h l-tiv-t n - Iifty, so he gett tint Itt
g(1tlý. , that's ,' , c vincin' g 8 ; he-is
this lr ; p ,ing-g i n - this-is-awf ul,
e' u. Iufl. r bod: that-is- et tter
START - ift-tha - ot-sir-he's
sd; ':il , :ni e wis lld and wo lly
- it'Jlilz t!,ti i hl''; h-tin IVa teveryt l
I lti i' l'tr t :ni e' nt ;l td an ill ltioneer.
,r , the first iof theil rtegular
,ill. , " lll l i t 'olon,'l K irkhart
EARING s p:'ant.ed tol hold
START .t'iltr - sttst cilorral.
Thre was ain .xcellint
Il tin f l l'ff Ifor an oi ter, I i t] C the gc lt
ill, I o ;lttl 'is goingt iln go d shape.l t
I1 iL. Ilil" a hit ~1' ba,'k-,.ast t,, sM ] arn
h o 1 1: 't-in. ; l :L,'tin sa'es. t 'IMeu t' g ti';ts
ai it, r, I '-t -I llt dit ,lli yt'lel rdat y, tillt d
tl"i. idI ling ii tt' brisk. The coloni
his the rig't s ting andl g:ets his folnl.s
g-inf easily. Iy the tiltm he has h.hl
a fel'w Sssio lns I( 'ore, th,-rI' will be big
ger crowds, for the idea is certain to
prove popular.
('barles F. Dalhnan, originator of i
h111 g ''reen carlatliOll , idroV IlltO8 toWIn
fromli the10 nIursery yel ' \s
WEARING t.rdl-Y with his annual
GREEN .r-o of those dainty
ble .ssmnls, ]tpr[par'att.r'
1, the St. Patrick's sale, which he Ihas
:nolndotc'i fr so0 1may' ya'ls. There
\\tIlh'ever a braVtr show Of the green
,birol \,t made when he1 had the goods
s''arll ut in ithl Mllissoula lNu'sery
ll lly store. I'lharles has a god
malty Irish instincts, though ho doesn'I
ilk that way, and he was right In 'his
., I ,teint llllong the greens. "This is.
ht., greatest day ill the year --this
l';,trick's day ;tm d I like to hI ve tillo
,',s celbrat|,." said he, as he a'
rF;,,.,,i his show. "I liIk, to se. the
s T. "i51 will help soit, I ghes,.
ht ,l I' '1 I lk "t h y I l " tie ~111l
.i ' r ill (1, C' eettil trl . I m1l g, s ni tc
luy. I':'." .And forthWith, the tli ant l,
llg ilnto ;ill tIlsid " pt ket aid 1w, -
11l,'. f'ro its depths tilh s } tll tltdill:
Rl]en,"mbl r, boys, ohl Irland
And shot,' Voutr' co,:ors gay;
A. gleenI eHinlll ll t~ .to yoir coat
Is . ,,,st f'o' Patrick's day.
I )..'. i t,.:j l i I it ,ii 'iri (I i .;iltii! glass
Ihlp -'s I1, balit il his
FINE ,nirl spring fishiig.
BAIT T'Ily w\\.t.'.' sent frm'lt
I : t by 100'1I]1 i
ti ' t u, W\iso is \'t il lg I t('sr' int his ,15 h
hu lts'. \ {l mniI l °,ying the gilt, Al r.
-nll -i w l it : I ibtt t ' I ssiih exi pla inII
Ii.11111 ii- '' i :I II' 1'S 1 t ' \l hliiIt1' ltl;| il
1h1I' ite'' u'l ll.stalits. "t I ) t\ver ] ') h
it'l , , I ' I r l :1 I t" i )ll s '11 l' o . I 1'
fl e a corners \hle re these sulteI grss' -
Iiopp illt re solh just ;ils ti-i' lits and
l il , ' i n I. 1 su d lissI til;t. I Ltas
m uIItIh ilnterested{ ill the hltsilt'n.`. It is
>olinltl ing l v11 \ sinei . [ left I s' 'ii- ll -
tri' l li . i. l , "ii . t ha' I v( ' t' il ii i i lit.
wis'vl' to It'ry to eat illy ,)I"f the ha)l)| rs,,
Ilit it v1 iurr'di to 11' tha1t Ithey ,i lll
ke,11e. ~ '-d nlit for' ,'our' t nrly 'isling.
;1 l ih , ; d I d1 on't 1lb\ t h )
I h'Ol ~,ll I i i llt( i t\il l i'et i lhi 'lt i N i
lrial, Ollll l \'h i1en I ' h g.'1 I, 1 I lt'11
I.11i \". h, .I' lIley W o\\ rl .ke . I :1 ( !11 lv8 in '
t ,I, lih t." B h Il M l ii"iis ,o li l
.SALMONt, ll i'. rt very lu .
':ie s: il'-ii i airtiiu l ihi l.s iut, -l.iis lit.
tlh"h. ,1 ,I:i l..l ,';lll .... l"r:i l c "l(b: 1 .llf tiil
!t1''> trill mn:'i s1:'dI h;ti. sl llt it lg itinl
'I t ii lliS h ii i'tis llt i it,' (u i 11t ; t .l i
hlt i'l ti ii'.' llll.t , to u Ia ..',u i t d iy o.\ lLf .i t'd
l ot w1 'Itilh hi n w.
,I. i . t ri hi ltti', i' i ln ' ls'd:l ll i'i'N r
I , h:iilytl'. t \\tI i ' ll-fte . 1haiii ks to thei'
tHARD s Lhat liet Ias It, Iv
BOOSTING (,ling stn .1A;lu'l 11. Mr.
SALMON t'rit'e htell),d telebhrnat
LUCKillfull i " ..i .ht sid,
tiay lti irh, wi lt tls it hilihe fo''i tl
,l 'i'tli't1' i t ir f i'lit. 'Paclific ' idlv ita llh,
ishi . rf.. saillon W sih Servedi' in tihv
lining ' s';ir, nti lii rat uret', desl'riling
li.d Axttli f lthe sint')ion fiail ing in
clle ntry, t llin door. , it tu f the arund
1,11 it as foomit a l| dsclriing the sl it"Y
of fishing fur sit]ill.ll )l with ro'td ;lnd
lint, w\ai distributhed to the IIassen5. r"s.
"It H a i. il 10luark:ll l' e shetVI) 'i '11t'"
says ' Mr. i "rh' '. "Th, silhnluof servedi
itl thl diner \iat exeellehit, and tht,
literature was interesting and e(tivilne.
itg--the ll,' s,1 afteri• Ia taste of the
!ish. The train Jil which I rude was
11.'t the only one blessed by thilt obsert
\':llt .f " a nion Dal.y. The assoc'ia
till treated the passengers on overy
Northli'r iPacvific, -train hi i the sanle
ltl:iner. It wvis a gr"Ieat boost for Mr.
t. ' havel., the utlrden of his ofhi,(.
\\tith tnlil.lu l tihllisi
HARD assi List night. Ihe was
LUCK so full of ginger and so
to' pletely t l reatlled in
itniiii s thai we W t ere moii d to :i1Hk (ho.
rla.on. "Itaspher'is," said the see
r'tal;rl.', Iutlsilinet 's of guessing thil Ilin
s'w\\' r three tilm'ts and theo willh fingers
c(roissetd falling for the .joket". "It'sa n
juke," said h illl. "Itas.klhd rierl's cur, re
sponsible for mly cnldition. While 1
was hard at work this allliling :1 col
ored p rtili.r ca11o into tl1, t i' ' in
search of sliething w\e would give
a\w1y. 'Hl.4s you any more of them
Ite'd Apple noltbooks.' he said as he
camne in the door. I turned around
I'll Guarantee
'"SALT-EM" will rid your stock
of WORMS-save that los
.from'undigested feed-
'ward off DISEASE. .
I'll sell you 10. 20, 40-100 Ibs. of
"SALT-EM" on plain agreement (
money back if you are not satisfied
after a test of 30 days./
Try "SALT-EM!" Come and see me.,
Get book on "SALT-EM" fre..,
100 Iba. $6.00
Smaller-- Missoula Drug Co.
.0c s Wholesale and Retail
II III_ I I i i lI.. . .
t.-- the io beg'ani lto s'ript n l hoiwtt i
'itdi till hllulh, in that he kick ll ll .
NadI\ lits til y, hut I. ' li y sii . Ii
will tlean ilem I rr'I',"''s lip ll .t.11l'. Ah
is :t p-htah and :ll i \ill nii e the wort:
linah pllssou l ipervl sio, i.' 11 iaid
it with ai c.n,ltsc,"fulinq ilt, but got
right ti work. 1, did ritm'tnve most
of the r,.Jmnins, hnit I hlvteV. boon smell
inig alcho.h flatvortd \vvilli rs.phberries
aill dad. It muist hav'i" goni to mll'.
lih"l, I g 'ss. 'T'hat'"s what lItIlies me
Yt'st'rdtty thlt registra'.tion lists of
lth ,se clititllt to v'nte ati the coill!
ing Iity prinall'" c,,tihlll were pOsitil
in it' v;irio1 s plrec'ilni.s. Th'l lists are
Tli sIt m lliwhat cil'lier this el r t 11' h:nll
i5tllil. 'h 1111 111 Ilti'v ll li' osted' l in ctiin
spiciits place' s ,so evr"yone weill have
IIan oppoIi 'lti ity tilo se thaI t h l i is cor
oiIs 'prcil ts is ahlni] t the sI ile as last
1-1. TIl'' tl i l nl, et r,' gistered ill
c;.{ ll pr h in" , a.Ul ti l n out by I l ogis. t i
'r,,'11 'I,i 1: N ,I,. I i l I ," Itill 'v
1',l ~ ill';h is r , ftl s:
1'lt '. 'ii l' . . :;t7
I N" I 111l
I'ri tn lit N . . I
1'n ,.ii{t N . 7 ........ 11"0
P liiwt No, . 1i5
T i .1:11 2,i;.5
The l·11:11iv tlissm,,il, l'ienttis of if. I.
'I']" the 7 ulnll s ll of the, I .l
liinijr ''orTres', will be interested iln
ill, i lt i th t ,, , I is lr eived'. his
,,lllllllr ll :I li lll t l t:lll ill h 'i
it i li,' lilii r sit" l l il wl il lntl hl a
scorili S f I'riends in llissoula. Yes
tldai- T1:hiI - Stmlltil'l received a;
letter frn" h'. l 1 ,ii which Toir,,y said
th11l 1.e hait juts, pis~s dI hls o1.x iI inIta
1tlis :111,d haid ,ll be , tmi issillned it
TI \\' stI insiit r tl. n ihil w ill ml 't,' ,
' i\ ci,', tin ut, il hi l lis. i l. i P.
I iHt ll il 1:1 111 , h ii, it 11 i ](i ] thi ll -
11I10. 1V', It. I. n, tlti111, w ho W as pro
fss , ,I' c' .lii ll'ist '' ll the Ilpert'iai
, Ymg mnil, lrsity at Tientsin,
'l l: i ', !'lii t 11111 tol 1 1112, w ill talll
t h ' in,";, ot in tion. '!'ho im ,etini
\i ill I i 'p ll il t i 1 ,i I o'cltoIl ck anld
, ll11 l lun h '..I1 ani ] 'i, lids- who mat ' ilip
1,tll ' leto Ii it' li l. Ii. illii.tll w ill bI . \Vi'I
I' t liat thi i t ti , e. Iliiat t' I l t'."s ar
i,'! inthid tt'I' s 'll'-alo i' l offcr'ing
t~ be takl, 11 at this i.eeting.
' 1h11' ll it N 'ighliiors if' A ilteriva will
gi've n lrid party Mlotliay evenintg,
'1 r'cl i 17,. in I t.( t. F. liiannex. Ald
miss.i~ '5 ccnIts. Prizes tin exhibit
it I , lo: ihul's. .\Adv.
A Drink for a
While House
A coffee of m r it, lenlded right,
ugutI right, t'itast'td tiguht, tlasts
tight. V't' shil di thtct frlom ('hi
:it n, k' it frtsl-t t I llIl ailrlll ln lt'n
s hl -it is 'ettt'r tha;t \\w:ly.
,Vashinpa,t, Marceh 1,.--(Sp.e.al.)
"The orniln s pubillic buildings bill as
it finally h'-anme a law on March 3,
carrled tihr,-, items of interest to
Missoula, Kalislll and Miles City.
In the final drltft of the. general bill
were inclidId I'ray's hill applropriat
ing $100,011 forI the construction of
the postoffice building at Kalispell,
MYers' bll alpltropriating $75,000 addi
tional for the building at Miles City,
making a total of $1'50,000 for that
building and site, and Dixon's bill a,p
propriating $125.000 additional for the.
construction of an addition to the
federal builing at Mlissoula for fed
eral court uillplios s.
The piroposed cextension of the Mis
soula federal building contemplates
the extellsion of tile plresent wings a,
distance, of i feeot towards the alley,
three stories hligh alId tie const'ruc
tion of a north front 40 feet wide
iliingl the e-tiire lnrth side of the ex
tended wings. cnrrespndlling toi the
present siith front of the buliildlling.
This will mtale ithe enlarged building
103 feet sllmlre. The first story will
enver the ienltirei ground area. The.
second and third stories will enclose
an open coullrt in the center of the
iuiling. T'I'I entire ground floor as
enlarged will h used(l fiojr lpostoffiee
liiurpses with the exee.liti)on of tile
eitiratnee to tIhe ffederal eolurroonrms
that will be Iuntilt' in th11 extitenhed West
\wilng ion tli I'attie. street( silde of the
1tiii(ling. The enire ( itmi' nnorth
PriLt Ion the second i id third stories
\\ill he used for lthe fedleral court
toom ;and offices for theI judilge, mar
steal, ilerk, juiry and wlitntess roorns.
The additional 40-foist s:ace in the
ixtension of the wings, o-n the secondl)ll
anod third stories, trill I,, given jeer
to lit forest service fI,)r I dtiitiinal
, 11:11': r ,1 s.
i\"ring ti the rule of Ii'th sulllrvising
archilect tif the treasury, that new
buildings tillst take their turn in ref
ict to the date of theil atlprplriations,
it will li at least 1 moinths or two
yalrs Ilefiore the plans Luid sltecifica
tijijis ;i'ie readiy alnd all(tlhi'r year for
ithe i'nsirntlion. This will :apply to
.lissoula: , Kalispel-l and Miles ('its'.
Th,, contracts for lthe puhil:e huild
imiis at Billings and Livingston hiave
rect,.ily been let and work will lie
collinclled at both plaees this slpring.
iDr. II. J. Riley yesterday returned to
hissiiU:tl fro it a six-weeks' trilp In
California. Dr. Riley went to Califolr
nia tio visit his family. Mrs. Riley
andi the thildren have been in the sunny
stat-e. all winter visitifig at the homei of
Mirs. Iil ey's mother in Long Beach.
The Ihildren are attending schlool
ithtere. iMrs. Riley will remtainl with
iIt. ti unitil the present term is closedl.
\\hiil there, tile iloctor inet E.
('hlneaii' i who is touring (California in
his illi I. He also brings news that
\\';allr iehck has started 'hoine and
\0ill arrive in Rlissioula by the auito
DIr. Ililey would have enjosyeid a
liongl.i \isit with his family, but the
stirss of business hero" lpreventeid.
lie tra\'eled quite extensively around
I'ilif'oiriiai and ibrings somei good
stuiis if .'atalina islanid aid all of
thie, othier places which are enjoyed
Iby Itoirists.
'TI',loy does the wortk of fifty at any
lother tlie, says Anderson. PIick out
riy ,'f it-y fifty-cent pittetd planits at
Itlentl - lirve cents. I ineedl thie roomn
muii also need the ioney. This is
thie gr(ritest pot plant bargaiin ever
ofl'er< di in Missoula. This reduction
is front II iy already low price of about
Ilhalf what others ask. Remember, it
is for today only. I want to again
emphailsize that I can and do give
more andil better value for the money
tIlan cani lie had elsewhere. WVhy
shoullhnt I? I have no uil-to\yn store
;iild 1no tig expense. You get the hene
fI'it. 'l'ie laly or Fort cars right to
the, i', e lhitiuse idoir. Bell lphi ni 70 :;1
id. 2_;_;. ANDIlRtiON.--Adv.
Specili:i meeting of St. Omer com
I iinh r'y No. 9, IMondtay eveoling,
.1l,)tvh 17. ()rdir of 'T'eimlle cornferredt
nil \ i-rl froiii granid ionllrantdery of
I'ijr. FRANK lIi iltO, E. C.
St. Patrick's Ball.
1r:ini(I hall St. P'atrick's night,
M 'lrh 17i . 1913, Elite hall. Tickets 1.
IL.adis \itholt escorts c. enllts.-Adv.
Fret fifleenll-cnt amnoke, five cents.
.u nn. . :n t nn I Imnm u mm nii. Al 1.0 .10 V * in d ti [i1mm In
delighted wjth
these new 1913 suits. It seems
as if the makers had taken º
pains to please everybody
this season. The range of
styles is varied. Long coats,
short coats, form, fitting or
loose backs, English models,
Norolkis,in fact anything a man
couild ask for ins clothing awaits
you at this exclusive men's
: store. The weaves and color
ing... are typical of the season
for; which diey were intended.
Browns, grays, blues, tans and
mixtures .fr all of these are
among. thc many new patterns
we're showing.
The. tailoring., is of the supe
rior B& A quality you know
so well. Coats that hug the
collar and drape just right, the
high cqt vests that are correctly
proportioned and trousers that
are just. right, not top tight or
too loose.
If you've planned
on a suit for Easter that will
bring out the best in your
physique without getting the
best of your pocketbook you
should not delay another day.
Come. in and see these mas
terpieces of the tailor's craft.
We know nothing else in town
can touch them---we want you
to realize it. The prices range
from $'15.00 to $i5.00.
Hats and haberdashery of
the same good quality that
predominates in our clothing.
The new hat styles will strike
your fancy---there's a shape
here for you.
$2.50 to $5.00
B & A windows are ever changing panoramas of fashion.
See our Easter Apparel Exhibit
Il • l I II III

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