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The Great Closing-Out Sale of the Crescent Stock Will End
Saturday, March 22, at 10 p. In.
Big Dollar Sale Wednesday
Any Article in Either of Our Show Windows, Wednesday $10$
Values to $25.00
Be on Hand Early, Wednesday a. m. and See the Excitement, and ic-l
dentally Get your Share of These-Great Bargains
Four Days More
Then Good-bye to Missoula
E l.
( l. i p I, , I i -' I
rii ..\ . ii ,, ,r
A Iiti th ' ""i ', i I •
inkitim r ·i 1·· r
;t l i °I . i i' , ` 1
ir .i.. Nirthern lnt fe, no.,. ..126%
re . N r-, i .t ,N r. n. '. I O
lli s 'Central .. . 12 1
Gr it Norther n ,, re , tts ) 3,U
Illin ,is Centrll .......................'.. .. .·. -121
I , r l, l 5!t:
I o". hlr i.'rl ed (Iid 14 ,
I,u sist ill,, i . . N 1 , .
.Missi uri la-ili' t!7
Na i al l., (hi . ........ -1.:!
N'1( Y rk 5: .: tral .t 14;
N ,rfl ''Ik & \\V stl ent 1011,
NIt tl~ rn Ia'n ifi: 114:;
I',' lS. I\ il~liti . .. 11 y::
'l,4in~ |'u r'it' (1id) 'a17'4
I ,' Isl ,iI 21:
t', ) . Ii I ,id l
I ,itii ' , 4 I' i y . .
\\ , -;nIll I 'li. ll . 1I .'
84 2Si
Boston Closing Stocks.
\i;,,,i .. 3 1.
'p. 2. ,il. Mlii
\\1 21, l0 r'0
S, .44in12,
I .,l , , ", t'-!, 1 71 ',
. t i,. .,( , _ .'i,1 1
lu1 ;
' 17, :1 I1 i i .
\. ii i ·1. , · 14 1
S t1 ll, ll , i: , 1 -t ll M il . 1
'.44' l tilt. I.
New York Bonds.
I" 8. Itri'llllidiln Es 1'(. ... ..
I' '. '. fuillnling 's c' . l , ..... .. 100 b4
I . s i ligeg i ...... ..... 1024,r_
. ..8 :S ., p ) .. ..... 102%
1 i. .it-, 4s rg 113.%
is n il ciuii 113%
N. Y. t'Htr:,l, g'n, r,, l 31_s (bid) S4 /t
North'l'rni Pitilfh 3i .._.. 4414/
N icrth ir' P ifit ' 4 .....i. 4 4(%
I'iil t 'acif 4 . ... 4ly '
\\'is.'l.isin C nllt. r l 4s (hid) . ... 90
Grain and Provisions.
hi ;un< \1 "r,'h T7.- .\snrtions that
S I'' . ' tos , ,i .: 1 444ro.p iltli ls
" 44441 "t ti i - " n a 44tn p44 4si
ilit, ,"f filn in - t .trl' i pon market
for betfcr(" July 1. sp'nt prices today to
,s new low level for the y'ear. The
market closed nervous, l; )iv.%c to %@f
sc net lower. All other leading staples
sh w,.d firtn,.s, c5rn4 flt is.ling 1p4 'i2a
higher thl .i'i t ntII daxi I ighl; o tl s ii
sh.d.. off I~ :t ilk ;nmount IlA, :th
IrI I.isi flrs t t11 'h1 tll ld to ;ll I i \lllt e ~if
I,.s'ti ,lll .I, ' I 'l',r lii (hat interior
fIt tllI · 011 I. lllll '. Ik IOlf Whl , t are
(144 4i1440 ush4 l Ii'nl. than last ye.ar,
iIi 444.'serves 1I7I0 , 0i b uilslels I 11i l
441 4iit 4 4u4ll 4 i 4re ai el4t 4 inl t11 , 4 visiblll Ito
', ,1 'if tIli aggr, g:ttt' sullqly 12 'month;
bal.. Th.1is 'ias d4l+r a .d to I0,"n.1 that
thie 'nit,'l Sta.tes 4uld4 export 80,
ui ,l!(i h siilsl it' Ih.i '.lr 44'4 4 ftor ign
utl. a for th:tt 1.4l- l it, ,.lir to the
l lllli . i l i 4o f " t h l li . \ 41'4 , 4 4 14.
i1l h l4 4 h4 \4t4 ihl4.l pI i i N l tI \ 44,1 t y 1U11
e1 ' t11 D'ish argl.11 ull,ll| it Wa n.llt Ot fll
til 4it 4r .l''14l 1hoturs'' blillish c4nl trtol.
Jh'itring r, ports ol the growinlg crop
isoiiiiithw 'st hlIdt l t 0 i 'lii sllntli4ll,t ill
fav'ol'ir of t t''li4t4 , tht so, also, , did llthe
i,-kn 4ss of c," all fr 44 mill while t at flin
nlotalis ln4t4 4l lt4 IK nsua444s 1(ity.
ao' ,ahlrd clealllc(s of wheat were
441, 04ll .414 u 4 Sh~4 ls I ilIIIared'. with
66-.0100 : }.:;it, :]go.
Ili spit,- of "the \ akncss of hielet.
Ii I S ldI H (141 4l 44 4,4llt 44" 1 l tI'of 4vt'; 1tnF
44horts 4 n 414.4our44t of 44 forecast for
til. I A tl,"tl It,' at l++l
t )its hurtl:l'4 e ti ho'cause ao f n helit f
that a 01t101tio) (VIS iule after IL Col
1ti 4l4 :; 4l4 ',k fo14 4Llli4st IL week,
11 I4v 4l tlll f 4"hugs at lil','arly all
1, It+ llt, lltt[ 4 gaV|,'P firll tn.es to the
4I.. I,4r 4.t s list. Ti4t' ' l 4a'lki t also i' a. .
hel4l.,d 1~h tihe sn1ll stocks o4 I hand in
4441]i4g4 4 hI44. 44i4 s shown444 . by tile Stini
Illim h.ii ,\ Fl-t:t llialllt. l'o,,.'i l-allnge:
'May \\h1,'1t 10 opened :t a×+ze to ,S',tD
4x'74 i.4 h . SSi.l4 4 ,1. '1A, 4s4'4e cl4ea d,
LM ay tord opi ',-a+1] It . 1_1 to 51,1/8 ;':
high. : _'~,"; low, L%"; Assed, Gl~o.
\13i 4a4ts op 4l, :it 4l t, . to 321%
,t ; hi;gh, :._ :,,1 , I h, . .i 1 14. 32) ;
Metal Market.
New Y4ork. 4.Mar4'h 17- ('op4per firtm.
4+tatTlari d s o i.t and 1m,111, $14.15111
14.75; .lpril, $1 1.4 l I41.7 MAlly, $14.25
(4 14.74 ,. -Ietlrtrolilic, $14 .n' 4 415.12; ih k.,
$15.",, 15.;47; astling, $14.754 14.4 7.
Tin ,44s4 . Spot nd l M4 r 0h, $45.4744'
4..7, 4\ri $14 . .5i,4;.m7 f; . M iy, $45.25
I4a4t 4t44Idi, $4.311"a 4.44.
S-p 4lt4.r st1ad. y, $4.4313 6.45.
41.7p rts of c4 ,)4per this 4n1444th. 21,048
Iol London .opp1t' 4tliet. Spot, £6;f7s
6d; futurtes, £. 5 2s 2 t4.
.4Indon tin firm4 . S.pot, £420s 15s;
fuitures. . 2^45 78 6d.
L.ondon leal, £1 17S 46,.
Lo4 tlon spcltr', 421 1its.
Minneapolis Wheat.
Alin4a lpulis, Mar1ch 17 t',s .
\W h,"at: M ay, 5,(1_ r113%7 ; Jul11, $5 a.4 i
114', S 44'4t,'mb 4tr, 464 . ;s. ('J4sh wIhat t:
No. I thard, 241;,t(; No. I in r'thei'4, 4'424.
ril'S ; No. 2 4nortl.hern. 74442 .4 l:l,4t; No.
2 hard ,Montanal4. 244.,4; No. : 0,4hl4lt,
Chicago Livestock.
,Chi'11', 2114rch 14 7. --Hes---Itthv4 iptls,
30,004. "Market strong, 104 h4igher.
B3ulk, ,8.440 449.10 ; light, $4S.904 44244.25;
mixed, $8.700,9.13; heavy, $8.504 r9.07 ,;
rough, $8.50((O,8.63; p1.s, $7.1561 9.10.
'Cattl--4ltceipts, 17,000. Market
• " i l
9.",; 'Txas st.r.s, $6.500, 7.65; w ..tern
t, ers,, $ti.h.7,t . lS; stolck rs 1and fted
e.rc, $6.10,s a\.3 (; c fows aLnd .ifers., $3.50i
S.10; i es, $7.500112.00.
Sheep ---l .'ipts, 20,000. Market
strong to, 0, lhigher. Native, $6.200'
7.15; western, $6.40(07._20; yearlings,
$7.. "4r.3'' native lambs, $0.106r9.10;
west.rn lanh,,s $3.10 e9.10.
Money Market.
N-, Yr'k, M\larch 17.--Money on iall
firm, 41_,t- -'r c.ett: ruling rate, 41!
Iper cnt: eihsirng bid. 4% per cent; of
l'rl :It 47, I',i ceIlt.
Time loans easier; 60 days, 6 1),r
|ent; *00 dais, 57%(6 per cent; six
lmonths, i ,l i' t-I . per cent.
I ar .silver, 37r/zc.
I rIl!i c w'I t ,inds steady.
{tntilr,,-aI ',,tnls heaivy.
(('lllinlltnld From P-'age. One)
the wishes ,, Mr. ITnilerwold .t4ld
house Iiadt(r:.
The ;als.ll- of any slpecific r sanI
for the eallini of the extra session is
explainId y the ftitct that tMr. Wllson's
stat mlhe t iinuetl diately aft,,r his e(1e
tion dela.re,. that he 'wiultd call an (ex
tra seissihli t, r'evise the tariff.
Wilson's Wishes Later.
]Presaiiidlt \\ilson pIlans toi oint olut
s'lfeiet'i;ll5 his wishesl for the extra
iss4(ioli ill his first Tnesui-Ige 11iW ii
prlpa 'ati, n. This, it is known fromti
talks th. I,re.sit,.nt has had with mnuw
b crs of ~mz re',. will outline the ad
nini tratiti'. ilea of how the tariff
shoullld I' r,\ ise'd and jusutwhat .-Ah-id
ules shlinll IIh taken up. The belief is
geneai l that1 tlh e nti-re, message will
be given aler to a discussion of the
tariff 44.with tih eXCel)ttin of the last
tar strl';ito h .1r ti.v , which will da wy at
tention h1, the lelod of cirr-nc'y legis
Iltionl ;1t the ,allrliest Hss.ihle nlalielnt,
lland will inlien'te tile tlpurpolse. of the
i'll'sid'ellt tI, s -nld later a special meis-i
slge nll that or other subjects which
he believes should ,be taken up by the
lVnow to 4ron.ss.
'Th.e a riff 1plan will be submitted
first to a (';Ini us and then directly to
the Illtuse by th 1' ays anlld meanls cullml
The maljority of the ways and l4tilians
icomlllmlil 1o4 toilVh began ta.king up thi
:dnlinisilati it' features of the newt
Plans \\ill he in suc'h condition that
whtltevl r VenIII of revision the caucus 1
dtlternllin s uplln can be reported im- I
etldialtely out of the ommilttee, a-nd
the \vhole ,t;.riff discussion formally
liopenetd upll ill i the house without delty.
Ther. will bIe n11 attempt to nalllme the
4bulk oif the houllse colntmlttees at the
,xtra session, tlhat being reserved un
til the close1 of the extral session so
as to obviatel' any unnecessary legisla- I
tioll until the reglliar sessiotn COllVIenes
in December. Thu ways and tmeansl
. ,, .. -:-..-: ....-....,:
cO0111i[tOl.]i(rstinel alteatyl has been
d ter(ll lltin d I l i 1 in dem ratic c u c~us,
andt will bi rutifi d by the house at the
op( ning of thet extra session, when the
()llllllitt.t on r'lles, mileage and ae
counts also will be named. WVhethl,r
anyll other coiUnittees will be created
fIr doilg Ibusiness at the extra ses
sinll deltllIls in dt'vtlolpments between
uV andt April 7.
rThet dmtltlrats of the ways and
nttnHs cotnitt eh adjtourned tonight
ntil l t)itorrow after )eginnin g a1 ret
vision o the iltriecacies of the gov
'lllll t llforl(: ll nt in the adlminis
tratli\w sections of the tariff and in
frn()lly dis.llssing the income tax pltan
in a. gl'enerl way witlhout ttemlllllting
It raclh a. ldecisliin ais to the new rev
etne-raisingl schemne designed to add
tperhaps;:i $100,U00,000 to the treasury
While the income tax details hinge
tupon the final estimate of the prob
tablle revenue from tA~ 14 schedules,
the disposition of the committee ma
jority is to inaugurate a system with
lrobltlhly a one per cent tax on a mini
noiutt of $5,01100 annuanl income wlith the
idlta that thie tax may be susceptible
ti a lowering of the minintullt or a
raising of the tax percentage or Itoth,
if conditions ineessitate, after the plan
is floatel d.
Th big fighllt ending now is schted
ule "K," the big wool schedule, on
\\hich a. final 'tote is likely within the
next. 30 or 40 tilys. The advocates of
ifrte raw wo(l in tile comtmittee have
countled upion winning in the end, re
gardltess oif what thle pirobable attitude
of the senatle mIlay be. The majority
alrealdy has settled upon free raw
cottlln andl upon sharp reductions in
the ,cheaper grades of textile mIanufac
t ure.
The Revision Plan.
T'he rtevisionl h:in ans settled upon icon
t'imltlates substantially tile prin(cipal
provision of lthe detmocratic revision
hills that were put through both
houiises in the last congress. It was
stated tonight that the revision as
planned, includes:
Schedule A: R.affirntation of most
of the rates on chemicals, oils and
Ipaints pIrovided under the democratic
cht'tillletnl revision, atttempltted at the
la.st session of congress, with somne
shtarper reductions, including cuts in
the rates on cheaper grades of soap
and lower duties on oils entering soap
Schedule 1: Reductions from thef
present rate on cheaper potteryware,
substantial cuts on many articles of
china, earthware, porcelain, stone and
crockery ware now assessed 55 and 60
per cent, denounced by importers as
exorbitant if over 30 or 35 per cent:
simplifieation of classiftoation to dif
ferentiate earthenware from China.
Schedule C: Substantially a re-I
affirmation of the iron and steel
schedule proposed by the democrats in
the Sixty-second congress.
Schedule D): Rough and dressed
lumber, hewn and squared timber,:
shingles, laths and fence posts, made
free, and reductions in other items.
Schedule 15: Free sugar and other
provisions of the former Underwood
free sugar bill, the loss of approxi-ll
mately $50,000,000 revenue from. whih l
to be offset by the income tax., |
Schedules F and 11: Retention of 1
high rates of duly on tobaccos, cigars,
erigarettes and snuff, and spirits, wines
and beverages. 0,lt rgarded, ,by the
committee maajoriiy as luxuries to be
taxed as high as they can stand from
a revenue-raising viewpoint.
Schedule (,: (Agricultural products)
-Nuulerousl changes, particularly a
sh;lrp cut on lllemons, a compromise
on the fight for free lemons involving
the citrus fruit interests on the Pa
ciflc coast; meats and cattle, whether
dutiable or free, still undetermined.
Schedule I: Free raw cotton; sub
stantial reductions on cheaper grades
of cotton goods, practically as pro
posed in the last congress.
Schedule J: Retention of most of
the flax, hemp and jute rates, except
cuts on cheaper grades of linen and
other manulfactures.
Schedule K: Sharp reductions on
largo varieties of cheaper woolen
products along tihe lines of the pre
vious democratic bills, with a fight
still on for free raw wool.
Schtedule L: Approximately the
Ipresent high rates on silks and silk
goods as luxurries.
Schetdule M: Free wood pulp and
print palper, p)rolmably with the eliml
nation of the pr'esent restrictions as
to reciproclity.
Sclrhdul N: Relductions in ntu
nrerous "sundries," including harness
and saddilery.
Free list: Substantially the free list
protposed at thet last congress, with al
ditions, but with the qtieitlon of free
imeats and cattle unsettled.
Btelleville., Ill., lMarch 17.-('. S. Bos
well, contnlductor on a Soulltlern railway
freight train entering B3elleville to
nigiht, was shot and killed rby two broys
whll fired retvolvers at the' cabrorse. as
it ran )by. 'l'hirododre Rallns, 13 years
old, alld Harrett .'rollins, 16 years old,
Minneapolis, March 17.-C. B. tnek
nra, of Minneapolis, testified today in
the government suit against the al
leged "lumber trust" that he had
feared to establish a lumber yard
after P. B. Walker, 'editor of a lumber
journan , said to be the oficial organ
of the Northwestern Lunlbermen's as
sociation, had told hinl he had better
atlandon thre project. HIe said that
after hle had outlined his planis to
Walker, the latter told himn he didn't
think he would last long. On cross
exanlination Enekma admitted he in
tended to operate a mail order house,
but later he qualified this by saying
he intended to employ salesmen ,to
travel througihout the northwest.
B. N. Thompson, a local lumber
dealer, said W. G. Hrollls, secretary of
tihe Northwestern iunmbertnen's asso
elation, had tskeme hhn about 10 years
ago not to p.ll to C. L. Stewart vnd
athers because Stewart sold t. .he re
talj trade.
Londoln, March 17.-The employes
at the Hotel 'Cecil took advantage of
the Irish banquet tonight to inaugur
Sate a strike, but the management con
ceded their demands and 700 patriotic
Irishmen enjoyed the feast.
Fi'roposIng the toast, "Ireland, a Na
tion," John E. Redmcnd, leader of the
Irish parliamentary party, said that
the general feeling was one of impa
tience and regret that the house of
lords still had the power to delay the
passage of the meaJure.
"But," added Mr. Redmond, "we
have only to possess our souls in pa
tience for a few months more, and the
home rule. bill will be the law of the
land with the good. will and the sym
pathy of the whole enmpire."
Loud cheers greeted the reading of
a caldogrnam from the 'United Irish
Iangue of America, .announcing the
dispatch of another $10,000 for the
You're bilious, you. · ve' a throb
bing sensation in your"jiead, a bad
taste in your mouth,: your eyes burn,
your skin is yellow. with dark rings
under your eyes; 'your lips are
parched. No wonder you feel ugly.
mean and ill-tempered. 'Your sgstem
is full of bile not properly passed off,
and whit you need is a cleaning up
inside. Don't continue being a bilious
nuisance to yourself and those who
love you, and don't resort to harsh
physios that irritate and: lnjure. Re
member that most disorders of the
stomach, liver and intestines can be
quickly cured by morning with gen
tle, thorough Cascarete-they work
while you sleep. A 25 cent box from
your druggist will keep your liver and
bowels clean; stomach sweet and your
head clear for months. Children love
to take Cascarets, because they taste
good and never gripe or sicken.-Adv.
According to Geological Survey fig
ures the coal outpjj~ t mibe United
States 1s Just about..dIa lfievery ten

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