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1 l,11 Ii lt !; h l : i !, I 'i
]iI, h t s :,i l: i , ii ! ".
h:, :: Iih :- Is'!'':, r i,'-: 1 ! : II i I,.'1 :, I
i h: :1. ,i I,,i -i i :, 1
Special Easter Offerings
Crockery Department
Vases and Jardinieres
Flowers and plants are as much a part of Easter as
beautiful new clothes. We do not sell flowers, but
here are the Vases and Jardinieres you will want for
the flowers and plants bought elsewhere-specially
priced for Easter:
Vases in Cut Glass and Artwares
A beautiful assortment -attractive patterns in Lib
bey's cut gla's aid CenUlraved crystal, Austrian china
vases, art pottery vases and even plain glass vases that
will appeal to one fr their artitistic shapes as well as
low special prices. I xamples:
50e Cut Glass Vases :5' $1.00 Fancy China Vases 754
$1.75 Cut Glass Vases $1.25s $1.50 Fancy China Vass, $1.35
$2.50 Cut Glass Vases 51.37 10c Plain Glass Vases . .7
$5.00 Cut Glass Vases S 1.00 25c Plain Glass Vases 19e
$7.50 Cut Glass Vasac $(i.G0) 40c Plain Glass Vases 27e
$12.50 Cut Glass Vases .111)
Art Pottery Vases 50c Plain Cat4 Vases ....:3-I4
7 5(' to ,.7 1 75c Plain $~.Os Vases 5.0.
Jardinieres for Easter
Aside from tlic special prices on a splendid assort
ment of jardin cires in the familiar and always popular
designs in artitic hla/ed wares, to which we have
added a liberal select;un ol the Indian crafts ware, in
various sizes and shapes, we offer a special attraction
in our exhibit of Jardinieres in new wares shapes and
patterns. These, from the well known Weller Pot
teries in this coeuntry and trom the Mettlach Ceramics
S: . . im v will appeal to lovers of the beau
Iul for thLir unusual and very artistic motifs. The
designs are Oriental in character, in keeping with the
style tendencies of the day; especially pleasing being
the new Anco and Morocco patterns. These new Jar
dinieres are variously priced, 35c to $6.75.
$1.50 Jardinieres $1.00 $2.25 Jardinieres $1.50
$1.75 Jardinieres $1.15 $4.75 Jardinieres $3.15
$2.00 Jardinieres $1.35 $5.00 Jardinieres $3.35
circulated, giving the result that the
nan.ces f.tvoring the lights were great
ly in excess.
At lVednlsday night's meeting, just
wh·iy ,he eitxpinse of xpoles and wiring
shtl hii 11' i irne by the town any
rile lthan when tht light customer is
it ii t, inlivitlual wa.i not slhi,cl
i v,;s Ifit. i liiestion raised.
'I;" "'11 ,iii Ihi rl iv r shI"l tI (' lie'itl- fur
iit II - l iiltl hII i i) a ill.i dt, I l0 ivl
mr, i . " ," f Ji . hitinii li v ~ r hlii rl ' 1r
.\ f ;I :.]ii +.4I i J tl's li+ i c i h t- ; i : t
i a ie i i -i
", S t't. , i it '' l .4 , .lit It If i,'
, if I ii g 'i ili m li- s" :i1i .
t i , l :u ,H . I li= 1 r ý, , m utt l i. i .n
l, i iiit i ,. ii
\',' .0 l n.t, n Jl:r h C1. M iih It r~ -
eii i
S, i' I ,' i l I , liil'il i' -ssiin ti
t Is .\ -lin i i ii if - S Ifilt -
n, , sking hi -r Ito pr, sid l at :i
,' : , l. q ~ ilint; ll to .111 . ( irrTit
I'.;i, I. ii'alt, ri'i sidi ltl t Ini er
, ai, t u.nta . ;t li li . u s ,i S in I til"
Ip, illr i t t iiu t l ild icti it" il' and d n
il, fr . iu i fil-lrl . ' blu itow ht les.
un1oa, AlaSkat, Mirth 2t1.--Jnhan
i hen. the N ru i'( g;ii ltanist, whose
piow(er shiann.er Kittlic+ \V:wk,. and the
Sitirtit %til ing i ,t]oei n)ti ' M orrIs
r\\- t c 'r d to hits by tih,, ice nt
t' ' S' Ige; .l (", ll t h S riail (:,iI.t, last
I':aII. aIr't'+,l inl N ,u ,t Ltit(, t,)hlay. All
the* ,qlll|))i(plm nt, furs a'. , 1 S. lt "(II 'I 9
t:,., n hv th1,, K tr.n txp(.dition w(+r"
],,t 11, it th ie s ho innr t' s d trti noel.
Kanr n, t, , w trosstvl Irving Strait un
ltht ii·' tlith s:mliuna ctl( srtI ialk andI
c ioast w tlile itl)t shalk pr at' te","det 1to
,ht i,o ,rs. lTh h hotalis-t tI .i h11
'n, d ha\l .'-I,' til. KI'tt, \it kte if
h," I!: l u1 h id on.' ,' St. of k:u;.,linit, I
)liin ' ;ii: far iti, ('nti a tin'r,
w hich n) ver" h(..f)r' haul h-,' n , xplur.d.
'i .t s:liin N. \1. \ ,ddhig, \\11., wtas
witl h.it part0i was too ill to :attegml
the lprilon ,-)ll ) m .r tlh- i., ;,tid rt.
tuninrd on e Bl + iriant :.t,,,,"r , intend
ine t Iul it " . .t l is> ' lh,%(. I
11 he K itti, V: k w ay i t- il d iS
alhid Iy th,, s''liiol 'r MAt Uorris la ;t a r ll
.vvillti r ul: ,,rl< rs 'to-r' I ])1, h sta Jli;+h d,(.
It Si I li hii it' lie iit . liili.' li i
i h, i
Sk.. ay, AIlsko, March 11. -Til
first ullth nt'it information on) 1erninlli g
th'e gold stri., reported by the indian,
Skn.kuin Jim, in tilh T'sllin district.
ill n noirth 'rn Blitish ,.(olu hia, «:e:; rO
i tlved t saty il) it llMessag: frImi .A\tin,
;(yi1ng that J1. l(. 4 .oens hlad rea lhed
thitre i(ttlh sveral hundred duitar.'
( ri)'th it' gotld he had itaken frl'ol tilhe
nlw digt gings. ()\vtlls says pr'oslects
are el. e'llvnt anld hlit trail is easy, but
he will nuot tell t ' riillun of tilhe creek
(11 which lit lf.lnd hits gold. (wens
( lnto l 4 1111 to Atli) for S1pil)ties 11(41
, ll retull nl to I llli Tesll country ill
aL fI'ew da..
Sko.kuml Jim, who is piloting a
Ir;"4 p:rt'y rf protsleitors from SIkatg
way, \\waitted at (Carilbou c'lrosillg, Y.
I'. fr aIL party of rnushers from the
Klondi ke. The( Klondikers joined the
party yestesrdal y iland tho musl to to the
''eslill discovery'I \was lresuniet d.
I)r,. YoungI , coloniiIi i secretary' for
Yitktnl territiory, vwho went to investi
illt. I h 1 r('ep (orted(1 discv(e. ry\ , \will
rituell tho oltsidll' tomorrow ,
North Yalkinul, Wash., March 21.
Tu work ollt plan that will lro\v
sa i islallory tol h fh l'lgl i 'gOweo\ 's ill
Illtnttina, tltIllo, 4 iregon and Wash
i!gtou, the trustl eei .f the Nor'th 4ai
(,!'h, Irulit Ilisltriillter, s, form edllt lato
Iist f4 ll ill SI ll( t., In.l H]ere tloda
and will .ii.lllill ,. ill sosshi l tII ior
io«. T'he r4'g i4ii tion ii ixpeil' s to al' -
Ilra ig; for th1e Sole lnd distribuition of
nl t less It' hull !Iillllu (' lts of lapplet s ill
the ,113 setasonl, tll(he stlilted valute
of the- frulit bling $T3,li001,hll l.
;;o 'a'111 ll of 1 / itr stees are li('a i
;iiti l Iy thl 11 ll re iI'' pl il lleilnt 1'
chlirdisis in their rteslect ive dlistricts
to act ill al1 itdvisory capacity.
''The organiz atialll's officers ,selectedr
last liev.tibhr at the mIoting in Spo
kane, \erl ratified today. These of
fic'ers are': Presidh-tlli, \ . T.. T. ('lark,
\Venatlchcer, W\ash.; vice prelsidenht, J.
1f. l{ohbins. North Yakilua; treasurer,
l1. F. iDavidson, 1o. d Ri iver\ , i4 re.; i and
secretary, 11. C'. S:mllpson, Spokane.
New York, Mar'h 21. -'l'hreo ithui
Ii llhu l l .WrsllH , Itialla y of \% 11h,1111 h:1 i ll.o
'11 ' 54 i4.) ' dI:t il,,') l, I', , ht to gain
S, ' ltr#ni te 1t 1, h, ll\ llr'll kr shop )of
Mar (tiln )i118ul Sm 1 11 , li(day, hiin thel
doors, which h:ul keen closed sineo the
sih 1 was uil e' ll .5,$254 0, i )i W th lIo
11properly last illldit ,ly, w e 41pil l toh
duit hlatb l's it ';wn 'ickets.
The l Store llai i kept open tll I4
161l0 1., o il onil lll (i i tket ho t11 1 h lders,
41= II 14' stolen i'ol. 84)4i of
4\`i4 lll8 i' t 41 (411114t i- ii)'I\. 't llh r 14' ll)ll 8- 13.
lh'tlll, incliding s1. \er.l w\ llt4I) withi
nhisi ntll h ir lul it, Cti r llll, ll( llut wee.,.
lS. itt , ilil'th I . l Spl( a' in rt) .liarI l
\Vi ,lls wt i s h411 rttl hi us fr trial io tilst
tit11,e.D ran on( :1 whit,-s.lavery }char t'.
It was alleged that the defedtf lt
hrought l1illie layu' Warren froml
Whitehall 4i1 Nutt(' for hilmural plur
'Troy, N. Y.. M.ir'h 22.-(Saturday.)
--Former Governor of Now York Ft'ranlk
S. Black, lnng promi'nent in republican
politics, died at his home here this
tllorning. V'alv1ar distause of the
heart was the tcaue.
nI II I I I l I I I I ·'. I" I I I I III
Our Special Brew of
Will Be on the
Market for the
Next Few Days
Order a Case NOW
'For Sale Everywhere
Garden City Brewing Co.
Bell 125 Independent 641
Miles r'ily, March 21.--lStpecial.)-
Pitrre \\ibaux, president of the Firsl
State National bank of this city, and
it. one litlh largest individllti uolwner
o" at Itle i the United States, tnd
after \\wtII the town of V"illtux wias
min llll ied lh today of (in ('liinlllA of tl11
li\ r'. tte had been thtere since Jan
liry, having left Miles ('ity shortly
aittr his i-; ,th birtlhdlay anniversary.
l r. \Vibtluix tatle froit Itouttbaix,
Iae, in 1880 antd located on Hetaver
lrek, inl .)wson county, anld a fle
years atertltards established tlhet ownv
lf Mingusviile, now called \Vibaux. lii
vats onitllter of XVibnux townsite at lihe
tille f death and one of Mointanat'
vealthiest men.
A nacotnda, March 21.-'(Spdcial.)
't tlemt.en whose herds range In the
viecinity fl' lshtrap In the Big tl'tle
basin, arte \ery Inuch alarmed by tlhe
deaths that are decitnating the feled
ors land u:itle that are reatdy for the
tIrket_. t oe man lost 12 fat steetrs
this week within a few days and oth
er,. are reported to have suffered se
vere loss. Investigation is being
mIladt into the causes of these suldden
deaths and the attention of experts
has been called to the situation.
WtVashingt n, March 21.--Echoes of
the Sioux uprising el bIy ,Sitting Bull
in 11Sl,0 were heard today in the su
Iretllie court of the United States when
tw\o tattle ceompanies which lost thou
sands of cattle In the Indian raids
:ta:lndond aplpeals from suits brought
in the coultrt of claims to recover frolt
the governtellnt. The court of clanis
held that the Indians were not in
":tinit y" with the federal government
at the time the cattle were taken and
thlerefore, ntlder the statutes, the con
plnites were"t not entitled to recover.
Paris. March 21.-Jean Barthou,
minister of justice in the retiring
'renlth cabillet, accepted today the
president's Invitation to head the. new
cabitnet. He called on President Poin
care and informed him that as the re
sult of inquirles he was sure of an
ample untaority to stupport him In the
tchamberx tof deputies and also in the
senate at least uatlt the electoral re
form bill comrne up again for dis'eus
sion. It was the lack of support for
this ll.asurlte which brought about the
fall ot the 13riand cabinet.
Augusta, Maine, March 2".-A bill
crcating a state bureau of public utili
ltis was ,passed by the legislature to
lay. 'I'h.e Wisconsin law was used as
aL lmo(del. The collllission will coni
sist of three persons applinted by the
governor and his council.
IHelena, March 21.-(Special.)-lt is
an empllty honor that is being conferred
ut.onl lmen elected state senltor in the
new counties that have been created
since the last session of the legislalure.
Unless a special session is called, they
will not be called upon to perform the
duties of a stta.te senator. Attorney
General Kelly, in an opinion to Sena
tor Abbott of Gallatin countly, holds
thaIt a state senator elected at Ill
eletion c.reaLting at new county is
elected to fill a, vacancy, anl he holds
office onlly until the first Mondaly of
Janutry succeeding the next general
state election, which in this case will
be the first Monday of January, 1915.
(Continued From Page One)
night that he was certain a reduction
of duty would result in the closing of
many of the state's lead clnd zinc
mines, especially in Shoshone county.
Senator Brady gave it as his (opin
ion that the democratic admintstra
tion's plolicy- was to make a material
cut In the lead and zinc tariff, but he
was hopeful that the efforts of the re
publican senators and representatives,
backed by assistance fromn mlllining
llen, would prevent a cut sufficient to
bring disaster to the industry.
(From Judge.)
"A famous actor bought Shake
spearp's favorite chair at a sale in
London recently."
"At any rate, he will find Shake
speare's chair easier to fill than his
Butte, March 21.-(Special.)-Po
Leeman Claudq Nyland was shot in.
the leg and painfully wounded tonight
by two hold-up men whom he Sil
prised in an alley, le fired twice at
th,, fleeing Iandtl its, \\ho escapet. dl with
out iibeing hit, and thu, his weapon re
fused to work. One of the r'oHbbers,
thie patrolhnal says, was a, lnere boy.
Program Saturday:
Matinee Every Day, 2 to 5 P. M.
Two-Splendid Comedies-Two
1,000 feet of scream. A very
amusing comedy based on the
Beech Nut Packing Company's fac
tory at C'anajoharie, N. Y.
He Waited
A Vitagraph comedy, with Miss
Lillian WValker in an exceptionally
clever lead.
The Bank's Messenger
High-class dramatic subject by
the Selig company,
Coming Monday and Tuesday,
Lubin's dramatic feature in two
Until We Three Meet
Based upon three college chums
who agree upon a reunion in 10
years. A very fascinating subject.
Always the Best
Constipation causes head
ache, nausea, dizziness, lang
our, heart palpitation. Dras
tic physics gripe, sicken,
weaken the bowels and don't
cure. Doan's Regulets act
gently and cure constipation.
25 cents. Ask your druggist.
Notice of Closing ,of Registration.
Notice is hereby given that the reg
istration books for the registration of
qualified electors residing Vwithin the
limits of the city of Missoula, Mon
tana, and city of Ronan, Montana, for
the city elections to be helld in the
several precincts in said cities, on
Monday, April 7. 1913, will be closed
Thursday, March. 27, 1913, at .5 o'clock
p. m. Electors for such elections
may register by 'appearing before the
county clerk at his office inthe court
house in the city and county of Mis
.soula, in- the nza, ne< rovided by law.
County Clerk in 'and for Missoula
County, State of L~ lUt.!a,
2-11 to 8-27
This Excellent Program
at the
Tonight Only:
Drama Drama
A big single-reel Feature Picture
"An Old, Old Song"
Next to the tearful "Madame X"
this production reigns supreme. A
powerful dramatic story portrayed
in a beautiful manner.
"The Ferrets"
A picturesque romance of the
underworld in ,which two almost
human ferrets play most important
parts and furnish an exciting cli
Comedy Comedy Comedy
"Sixes and Nines"
A screamingly funny comedy
subject. It will make a hit with
"Jane's Waterloo"
A rip-roaring comedy with a
laugh every time the clock ticks.
Licensed Pictures
From the Greatest Makers
at the
Better Than the Hot Water
The Electric
Warming Pad
Costs %-Cent Per Hour to
Missoula Light and Water

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