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"Children are as good as their clothes
-better. Dress them well, and they
behave well. Dress them in hand
me-downs or old ill-fitting things and
they don't care what they do," says an
expert on children's cliothing. "Make
their clothes at homne, using good
styles, and you'11 lie surprised how
cheaply and with what little trouble
you can give' them a greater plride in
Acting on this advice, the Missoula
Mercantile co-)tllliany has added to their
fashion service a sptecial depdrtment
to give free advi' le to mothers of Mis
soula, on all pr~l te.ml s coonnected with
the dressing of children. In the cur
rent issue of "'ttood Dressing." thet
fashion ll agaizine issued fri'e Iby the
Missoula .Me-riantile complntanv Ito call
ers, appears an annltouncement of this
departtm-ent. Selina Yiorke, kniown by
newsliaper and mnagazine readers the
country over, is tht expert in charge,
with Iheadquarters in New York. 1ecr
department will answer free. all in
quiries from the cuistomers of tile Mis
soula Mercantile comlltlny and o(f other
merchants in all iarts of the Iunited
States, who liy ei-ioperative arrange
ment are also issuing "(Good liressing"
as a guide in all dressninking matters.
This 3Miny issue of "hGood Dressinlg"
solves a lig lress prolllemll inll n ir
ticle headed "The 1)ress That Trimns
Itself." In tiaking really artistic
clothes, the trimming is oftenl the most
exliensive itenl, friequen ly ciosting
more than all the rest of the garment.
So we think the women of 'Missoula
will read eagerly hbow the designers of
The ILadies' Home Journal patterns
have created gowns suitable for btoth
street and formal wear in which the
material is used with charming effect
to furnish practically all the trimming.
These, gowns are not merely graceful
and beautiful, they are decidedly chic
and fashiona'ble. Itidies will Ie sur
prised that self-trimmed dresses can
be made so appllealing.
"Good Dressing" for April also con
tains many other interesting features
-illustrations of spring gowns which
the wife of the president, Mrs. Wilson,
and her three daughters have selected
as the most lappealing; illustrations of
the gowns tIle great grand ope.ra singer
Caruso has selected as the mlltost be
coming for young' girls; illustrations
of What New York W\olen Are Wear
Ing, and illustrations of adapltation of
the best front P-'aris. Besides all this,
the many pages of fashion and driess
making helps, color-harinitity chart.
What to Wear and When chart, direc
tions for dressing the hair, directions
for making over hats, etc., will be in
valuable. This magazine can be se
cured free of c.harge frotlt tlhe M is
soula Mercantile compllnlany, ati every
woman in Missoula should call for it.
The Michigan Glee and Mandolin
clubs entertained ia large audience Ilist
evening with a slelndid liro(graml of
musical numlbers anil1 specialties. The
glee club's nunttiit'rs wtere. weill received,
the quarttt sollgs scril'ed big hlits and
the mlandolin club qluartet 'was sur
pirisingly good. 'T'here weren two vocal
quartets, one of \which sanig straight,
higli-elass imusic, the otlher tearing off
'ibtarlter shop" strains. 'erhaps it is
a latu(r confession to -male, bltil tile
ragtime, close-halrnlilny t'our w\ere the
favorites \ttith the audience. The
speciallies, nonsenlsical ias college
stunts should be, were entlhisiastictally
After the co'nc'ertl tile M lichigan
alumnil, who sat in Ioxes during 11he
perforlmance aind gave their college
yells, entllertaLined the inutlcians at a
dance ib the Elksti' tetllle.
Butte. April 5.-(SI)cial.--The
municilpa.l camlllaign chlscd in this
'ity tonightitwih , flag demoinstra
atreltl'ers ltri.l'ed tll i slttsIU '- sIt'(i s
shouting fiir I. Ikir for iniiayor. l
lies were h lit tlriligi lut thile ct'ity
where vloters \wvre, 'lit of tile sils if
the sinci'alists uand othluir adinlinistra'
tions. T i'e progr,'si i'es list ii"lt
('oncludeit d tlh ir t'ialllItaign wit a uig
rall'y, anl1 tlh siltcitilists w\ilrkiud up 011 l
the laist minute. T'hIe cniiliaign has
linen excee.dingly bitter ltand c'htirgis
hlave been hurled bac.k ianld firth ill
v'tlune s.
IHenry S. Magraw, state bank ex- I
alliner arrived in Missilnta yesterday I
fttln his headqiuarters in IHelena. Mr.t
Magraw will be a guest ait the Sigmal I
('lii houise during his stay here. iHe will
,probably leave for Helena tonight.
Found a Cure For Rheumatism.
"I suffered with rheumatismn for two i
years and could not get my right handt
to my moliith for that length of time,"
wvrites Lee L. ('l~apman Mapleton,
Ivwa: "I suffered terrible pain so It
could not sleep or lie still at night. i
Five years ago I begaln using Cham- I
berlain's Liniunent, and in two months i
I was well anid ihave not suffered with I
rheumatism since." Fur sale by all a
(Iruglatsta i 0
s Some days ago The Missoulian
o printed a brief revii-w of house bill
SNo. 230 p:.se'd h}y th-e last legislature
1 providing for a standard size tapple
box for Montana and setting forth of
fictal grading and marking to ie ob
1 served( in ipacking. In c-,onniectiton with
the stoiir- l was i: statement from S-tate
hlorticulturist M. 1. Dean explaining
that the size of the tsIx adollt(le is
tl;o same as that now being used tby
Lithe growers of the northi.vest. 'Thi.
follow'ing is the c('onplete draft of thi.'
The Act.
"An 'Ilt to creato iand estitablish Ia
stalndrd size :iapple box for tihe state
of Al.ntiait; providing for the proper
ltho li-hg and nmIl lberinlg if all :applel -
oi ixes; and provitding a penalty for
lthe violatiiion of this act."
Be it ena.ctied by the legislative as
sembly of the state of Montana:
Section 1.--There is hereiby cre-atedt
anld estalblished a standard size for
appile tboixeis for thil state of Montana.
The standrlrd size iof an applle box
shall lie of the following dimensions,
-when measured wilis ithiiiout disteortion of
itso )arts: Itpith oi if Ihnd, 10 1-2 inches;
width of end, 11 1-2 inches; length of
(box, IS incll(es insid(e itlnsu nreit ts;
tlind ttpresenting s: Ilnftly as possi
ble 2,173 1-2 lubic incheis.
See. 2.--Tlhat any box in which ap
ples shall lie ptl'ked and oflfered for
sale that iicontainis less than i-the re
qlulired TillItleOr of U j'll)ioal illnlhl es, ias
plrescribede it se('ti f tis act,
shall he plainly marked ot onll side
Sanid one end ,witlH the words "Shotrt
Box," or with the words or figures
showing the practical relation which
the actual eatl m'ity of the hix bears
lto the ilcapacity trescrlibed bty section
1 of this act. The marking relul tred
lby this Ipaatagrapilh shall be in bilalck
letters of the size of not less than 72
:i'nt blick Gothic.
.Scc. 3.--That the o-lx when palicked
ifat offeredi for sale shall 1ear iupon
it or upoin the label, and in piain fig
i-res tie I,)taproxi'atel nimbellll r of ap
p lie in tihe 1-ox, whiih shall be within
Sfive apples if the truet cunt of Ithe
nmllber iof the stylh of ll allk s(ed in
the box; also in pltain letirs thie n ti
of the firm, icoip Ialiy itor oirglanizaitilon
wlho shall hIavet first packhtd, oir lu
lhorizc-l the' packing of the Halnoe.
A Also the aitire oif the lu('ality whiire
- te appliles were gpoiyn; also the cor
Sret nameI oif tlihe riltety iof apples
Sicontalnl in lte ibox; Ilual the grladI
- adlopted Iby the grower, firm, ciiniipany
oir organilzation that aulthorlzedt the
- ic king i l' lthe fruit.
Sec. 4. --That the apples containnol
vithitit the biix when so lt ,i-ked l nii
If.rlitri l for sale, shall Iie irea.i nably
Illifror lai in size land (0trl' frlll l .ort111s,
scale or fllgusll distsel.,
Si-c. 5. -'l'tat ill btoxes in wlhich
lih ll i pples iiar( C i nt] l ill hi l(t ll o d
' ilth thie iprovisions of I his act liay llhe
litrked "Standard.i "
Sic . i .--Thailt boxis tiackdtll wllh ip
pltus and itllulr-ktd "Staudil-ad" shall i
deened to Ito mnislaualided within the
moliea ing o(f flls ict:
flirst.-If il( size of the box dloes
lllnot con r ti) to 1th requirementl s illof
sectlion 1 of this act.
lSecond. If th inarings on the
h lio do not c rti lontll to tihe maiirlkilngs
I r lurit ,d by sectiol 3 of this nllt.
Th'ird.- If fln, size and condi'tihlon of
the aill hs dot. hts n ottllo llfrl tll lhe
rt i r eliu iiments of sh ction 4 of his oiel.
l'olrth. Than the grade of apples
'conitaliel its I hi , box ir ,bioxes sliill ie
ius fullot , tIo-wi: EIxra fancy, faii y
h- d "("i gral., rIle exa( l t- ill t
Sgliade shall c insist of so.iid, smiol'h,
-ell formedli l aplel s fri-i frit ali l i -
s i't p lstis, disase, bleliis'heis aind
iphysical injury, altd ll apples in this
ra emtll t sill os s nO a llitl.al coor anlld
he cihara.-clt istii of the variety. 'iThe
c lor ofi apples ill this gl auile shill lie
tot solidi I virtty ai-it i least 7I pier
('dill of " 0od red cohlt; for stri'tier)
irjty g hr i il leS i iiisi hsi\tib ai hisl
li- ill- s id; i op l-'i (ile -k ofr allisi
Vfricty the 'u lhl s i nu- i h: l l ii-, s dist
til: clly sl -sl thil ek (F i-ush, miil- l in
hhis lrtd . r !. o]tlx shaiil itiaii
iiiist baht 2(l 0 les Itpt. Thit 'lft
Tilth shall 'i i' or posil d oilt- . tit itli
lihes ttaiiog , t ilost 'iinle lihy ii l riie
tliuii:lil ntL ap( l is t li | Xtl ittil i-, tl al el
free fronii disease, bll iishits, IinJury
or idificts aiis iiith extra-fa ooty, -t
iilliy uiniiit ilutilols that aiit slightly
lisimb-rt ubted ti r 'iissti rot J, - .oli ire
var'irtly tie faii-y ghall .,e lntst have it
hir. it'iiptld or n rtholly red \t ariety
fe1tid havfu s tc ]tit ll .i ]tte" 0if11i of
'uigtid rtil] itl oii; ried a i-xlik o1i ]lhush
ft-ri-gy riiest hve utiar't i lhysical
quaSiles withplst r fquirein-its as so
ii.lor t ne lino box lusrt 'ontaii fo r i
culil 2-'5 a lpp es. T. h "(" M1ade ill
O niuict.aln or f all tiiitt tti'th i ble stuui
,aes t tipcpltes d it lhse extra'-fali(,y
f- ins linugt c sll ts, or ofirl uta'i ll h.sictal
b loxe y, sinrh lls onioll tllel it-llr, illId
of I'h1s acs tl i hli-r shall bt oifaitted in
dtluni and Uiot mirked as tXa-falue y,
-]¢lmeanor, anzd subject to a fine of
Farm Loans
With Privileges
Real Estate and Loans
Pirst National Bank Building
not less than ten ($10) dollars, nor
Imor.e than fifty ($50) dollars.
Sec. 9.---This nat shall take effect
and he in force from and after its
ipassage and apprllloval by the governor.
LStaker of the House.
NV. \, M'DO(WEL'L,
President of the Senate.
Approved March 17, 1913.
Filed March 17, 1913, a-t 4:45 o'clock
p. n. A. M. ALDERHOtN,
Secretary of State.
A White iElephant Exchange.
Mrs. Sumner, Miss Clark and Miss
Walker, supervisors of special instruc
tions in the city schools, entertained
mrost charillingly yesterday afternoon
at the homue of Mrs. I. P. Mills on
South Secon(l street. Eatlch invitation
retlu.stled the guest to bring her
"white elehlint," sime :article which
was to her an eye-sure and a wveari
ness. 'TIh'Ste "white helephants" Were
well wrappedt, in while papelr and placed
inlt huge basket. A part if the after
noon's a OuIsell nttt was a drawing frott
the bacske' Each guest got somue one's
else discarded treasure, and the result
Of the drawing proved highly enter
tainting. There was also a guessing
contest, and afterwards dainty re
freshinents were served. -Place favors
were hand-painted daffodil cards,
upon the back of each one written a
descritption of the Iperson to be seated.
T'ltese also were clever. The guest list
included Mesdamies J. U. WVilliams, Sar
gent, Akin, 'romwell, :Lucas, Seely,
ISill tit, 'empleton, FIrlmlcr, IMisses
Alleni, 'Pritchard, luullocik, ittoeplke,
illtssfors, Alice Btaker, dess Baker,
Porterfield, Potits 'Satuel, Fontaine,
Plant, l'ayne, Watts, Dlrnf'ord, Bdurns,
WVillard, Berry, dtoehnne, Bauch, ILtu,
lDwyer, Spurgin, Cyr, W\ells, .Bates,
'Henry, Weir, Hlattcrinan, Jonies, l'al
inert, ,loward, .Palimer, Shoup, itrilnton,
t 'hestnut, .Northi, Matn'l))nald, Iikccs,
,'lhlyti, alItey, lRennick, llaelEnchrati,
Keup, V Utley, IttiAnilton, l'ates, ,Sloani,
Fisher and Robinson.
West Side Club.
At a regular session of the West
.Side club, held yesterday afternoon at
the Lowell school, officers were elected
to ,serve the tllul 'for thle ensuiung year
'Thiese are: . lrs. Drury, pcresident:
Mrs. Itely, vice , president; .1rs. toss
llch, secretary ;irs. Avylward, tretus
t ui'r; 7rs. 'loody, chairiman f thi
lpro(gra iii i lit I te. lollowing tlhe
Sterling Miort.n ily Mrs. lto(ssbach; a
talk ( on "Arbor l)ly and What to
I'tnlt," , Iby Ltrs. 'I'rud lli, aind aIn inter
itiitig and lpracttical talk by Mr. I tuplili
oin plaul ling shrltlius lid itllakilg f'lower
lbedls in the schiiol grountds.
'Miss (clac i I'Lra'wsh iv and John R.
Kllkelly uvere mll arried at o'lock
Wednesday moerning at the church of
St. lt'tincls NXaiVier. Iev. J lhn l)elungi er
fuittied the ciremi ony, in thie presenceit'
of a largt cotpi tuta y of friends. Ait
'laborite veldillg br'ili"fasit : a1s
served at 1l0::h!0 o'ciock in th,. hbone of
lit bridei's parents , ltr. anild M1rs.
C.hlirh's Crushcl,.i(, North S..ecttindt
street. Aully tieautiul amitd valtabhI
gifts \were presented to the ttou "g ott
pile by ma host of aihliirinig friends.
Upon t heir return fruiroi t wedding
journey to the PacIt-uific coast, Mrt. iand
Mrs. Killkelly will be at tiiile at 213
North Second street.
Sewing Circle, R. N. A.
Th'eh solving circlh of the lRoyal
Neighlbors ofi Al(merin will x t Tpee.t'.;
day afternoon wvitll, M.rs. .clt'Ihlul o at
her hoI oxe, 12, ,lroo.ks street.
1'. 1V . Jennings, a taxi-cab driver for
irreen & lEllinighxoiuse, \ias 11 yt 'resstrday
arresIted upon compxtxhint lImade b .1.J.
W. King, a htU 1;-ovn r'-driver. .len
nings is char:ged with assault. and hat
ry. Accolrdinllg to ing, Jennings
t ilcied] his taxi illto the team wvhitch
King was driviing. When King pro
itested, hei receivext d i s'everei heating for
his trouble. Jennings askged the sltatu
tory tite in whicth to plead. lJudige
l\',in Platen seti the trial forl Tutesdtay
laftertlnoon at 2 o'clock.
Thanks t ill xi ll fiienxtxs who x l"xlpedl
us iIn outr ht ri ave tnlt itand deatiih ofi
Sons and Sisters ofxi i]tc lxiln. tid
also the llr.tl'vry emplotyes and all
T i ( il)t iitl, S(1 l'IZ.
I .Ay I 'C IA't tIg..
CARHL 11't' ,;RE.
Cl(-IAIE N(' i M't'LITRE.
At a Sacrifice
Almost new 7-room modern
house and 50 feet frontage on
South Third street for sale at a
big sacrifice. This is absolutely
the best bargain we have had on t
our books in a year.
Price only $3,250, and $1,500 will o
W. H. Smead Company
Higgins Block a
Phone, 212 Red. Missoula, Mont. tr
Ladies' white NU Buck shoes $2.95,
Saturdaly and Monday. Mapes &
T. S. Letterman of Plains was a vis
itor in the city yesterday.
Magazines, P. O. news stand.
Z. Swift ('ourville of Plains spent the"
day nitn business in Missoula.
Lalies' tan button shoes $2.95, Sat
- urday and Monday., Mapes & Mapes.
.Mrs. \V. J. Armstrong .And daughter
r left yesterday for Pip tone, Minn.
Re,.\ves' Meat Market. Both phones.
q Men's $t..00 stetson shoes $2.50, on
sale Saturday and Monday at Mapes
& Mapes.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Martz of Arlee
were visitors yesterday in Missoula.
i'ischer pi:ano; walnut case; cost
$550; $200 eash. Phone 543 orange.
Dr. Willard, osteopath, 1st Natl.
k bank.
Charles A\llard of Poison was h
guest yestrlday at the Palace hotel.
ladites' gunmetal button shoes $2.95,
on sale Satutilay and Monday. Mapes
& Mapes.
Marsh, the undertaker, phone 321.
S. J. L:ttham of Elliston, Mont., came
into tht'e city yesterday to buy supplies.
Ladies' "(ai yx" silk stockings, in all
colors; splec'ial price for Saturday and
Mondtay is 4Iie. Mapes & Mapes.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
Mr. and M rs. W. J. Sullivan of Wal
lace, Idaho. visited the city yesterday.
Lrulies' ohite Nu Buck shoes $2.95,
n Saturday and Monday. Mapes &
.r Wanted--Good 8 per cent city loans.
1i Wheeldon- Ritssi Co.
N. ii. iti.kr of Stevensville was
amiong yeist erda'y's visitors in the city.
i l lAtlies' tan button shoes $2.95, Sat
iurday and Monday. Mapes & Mapes.
s Stenographer Dawson, Montana Blk.
It Mrs. 1. Knight Webb of Florence
spent the datu with friends in Mis
g soula.
SMen's $6.00 Stetson shoes $2.50, on
's sale Saturday and Monday at Mapes
S & Mapes.
Fresh roasted coffee, 3 lbs. for $1.
D. & E.
Mrs. ('Charles McRaef of Woodside
spent the day visiting and shopping in
s the city.
e. Get a pair of Walk-iOvers, $2.45 and
r, tp. See window. Walk-Over shoe
e, store.
s' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith have come
from Tat.uIint to mnake their home at
Ladies' gunmelald button shoes $2.95,
on sale Satunday and Monday. Mapes
& Mapes.
e, Mrs. ('. "t\'. Shannon and her father,
.1". J. Taylor, are here fromn Bonita for
a day or two.
Money to loan on chattel security.
at Room 210, Montana Blk.
It Mrs. George Goslee still continues to
i he seriously ill at her homie on South'
r. Third street.
Litldites' ")onyx" silk stockings, in all
c'Iolrs; sopecial price for Satnurday and
M Monday is 40e. Mattes & Mlapes.
\V. J. Titdt, \\ ho has been in the
city this week, left yesterday for his
ho it in Darby.
Ask for new descriptive catalogue.
Missoula Nursery company.
Mr. and 2Mrs. 1.:. I, Burhach left yes
, terd;ay for 'lortlanld, Ore., where they
r expec' t to l''t e .
Ladies' white Nit Buck shoes $2.95,
SaRt llhty and M\lnday. Mapes &
Miss Dorothly lEhtinson of Minneapo
lis is a guest inl the home of Miss
Dol)rothy Sterling.
It. V. Johnsti,. pianist, Anlerictan
theater; teacthes pi:llno, theory, etc.
F1. J. BIently of Ilnmllton came into
t the cily y0esterdayl It hear the glee cluib
(*n 'erI last ett'e itg.
SFranllk RT.rg, o'itw'ian; glasses coru
reclly fitted. 223 Higgins avenue.
Mrs. Theodotre It:llitt and Miss H-aziel
iElliot \\re giuests in the city yestelr
day frol'nt H nllit,.l .
hlnilies' ltan butttn. shoes $2.95, S:at
url'day and .hutlty. Mapes & Maipes.
Mrs. 1F. I,. Itirdnsll and daughl:er,
Miss PIrancet's tirds ill, have returu.ed
frtom at visit in IlI east.
Work horses nill] brood mares. .riis
t soulla Feed Corral. M. BOdell, Protp.
('. N. nlaird is s!,ending thile week
end at lieiir ilth,., visiting a friend
twhoi is ill in a tIltstital there.
altn's $t.010 SIt,. .,,n shoes $2.5(., on
satli Saturdoay and 'londay at S'apes
& Alales.
(i. N. Matthtews w-ho is working in
tlhe mines a;t aurnt.t, is here for the
'tri-nd triith his family on 'lrood
Martin's Art N sdlh. Shop. (2loaks,
suits antl dlrisses i, the way ti, Mis
solItia'S itlete positstffice.
Misses Toy and Annie Tosldenson,
\lhi ht\'e Ibeen for SioiC time iiv ing at
iotta, itiive ret'trnit.d to their "former
home at li\ti''rsihe.
Dr. Louise iSmith, osteopatn, Ma
sonic temple. Phone 618; res. 4533 red.
A daughter wans born ye sterday
imoirning to Mr. andi Mgs. Ed e ar Pol
ioss ait their hoiii, ('torner of: Ronald
llud Edldy avenues.
F. G0. Moore, chiropractor, 13 am. Blk.
Any disease; exam. free. Il-ell 1084.
Mrs. D. B. Slpauilintg a:nd little
datghllt r arec here ft r t wi werikls, guests
in thli holnti of Dr. oand Mrs. Ji:. H. Nel
son (tn ("onnell avenuet .
],lits' gunntetal Ibutton s'totes $2.95,
on sale Saturdiay itil Mnd ty. Mapes
Dr. Anna James, .steopatl, Higgins
block. Phone 834 13k.
WV'aller Beard. whu tins hid.n working
lthe niglt trains on thl' Milw-aukee rail
Iroad as expslrss mlnssl'nger, left yester
day fit Seattle, wltret hu. '*nay decide
tii locate.
Humane society. Call ¶up 899, red
or black. P. O. box 60. .13. R. D. 1.
Newton H. Schwelker, ,optical spe
clialist. Rooms 203-205 ?1 ontana Blk.
Ross C. Parsons of Gil'tbons, Mont.,
alutiedl yesterdaly for desr 'rt land en
try on 40 acres, includin : the south- i
east quarter of the nortlj east quarter
Suits, Coats
and Dresses ft Spring
You Can Find the Best
Suit, Coat and ,
Dress Values in
Smart styles and in the best materials; well made and finished in the
best possible manner. THE SUITS come in all the newest styles in cut-away
and belted effects; the materials are of the most popular used this season;
trimmed in the latest effects. The COATS-You can find styles and ma
terials to suit almost anyone, the most polpular styles being the cut-away
effects, and they come in a large variety of new and staple shades. Another
popular one is the short jacket coat which can be worn with a skirt of an
other color. Altogether, this is one of the best assortments of popular
priced coats to be found in the city.
Silk and wool dresses in all the season's newest weaves and colors; beau
tiful styles and prices are within reach of all. Buying the goods and mak
ing them yurself you couldn't duplicate them at the same price. Seeing is
believing, and you must see these to appreciate them. The materials are
crepes, taffetas, messalines, serges, ratine, eponge, diagonals, Panamas, etc.
Popular prices rule here on suits, coats and dresses.
Suits $12.50 to $35; Coats $8.50 to $35
Dresses $6.95 to $35
New Waists $2.25 to $5.00
To see the best line of lingerie waists in Missoula you will have to
come here. There is that something different to them that distinguishes
them from the rest--whether it's the values, materials, styles or trimmings,
we will leave that to you. They are certainly beauties, mad of very fine
batiste and trimmed with the daintiest laces and neat designs of em
broidery work; high and low necks; long and short sleeves.
New Collars Wash Goods
As you know, neckwear plays an important Your supply of wash dresses should be
part in your dress, so why not come where made by this time for your summer needs.
you can find the largest and newest assort- Perhaps you haven't? You are just the one
ments. If it's now in neckwear, you will we want to see this line that we have. The
find it here-jabots, bows, stocks, sets and assortment contains almost anything you
coat collars. can ask for in all the popular weaves and
colors-ratines, rippletts, plain and figured
Dresses for Children crepes, plaisse, voiles, soisettes, tissues,
('ute affairs for the little tots. The styles crepettes, poplins and many others. You
include middy, Russian and Norfolk ideas, have no idea of the number-of pretty dresses
and the materials include gingham, percales, that can be made up in wash goods. For.
poplin, galatea and many other fabrics that 50c to $2 and a pictorial review pattern you
are aLppropriate for small children. Our can make a dress that would cost you two
prices are lnmoderate. or three times as much. Come in and see
% & COEN-fI5HER Co. 4
of section 14 township 1 south, range
16 west. The application was allowed.
Ladies' "()nyx" silk stockings, in all
colors; special price for Saturday and
Monlday is 40c. Mapes & Mapes.
S. W. Hudson, chiropractor, B. & A,
Bldg. Any disease. Examinations free.
Mrs. Levi LeClair, who has been vis
iting her mother, Mrs. Sinmmions at
Corvallis, was in Missoula yesterday
on her way to her home in Coeur
d'Alene City, Idaho.
Money to loan on ranch and city
1 property. H. D. Fisher, 113 E. Mair
Discontinued lines of Walk-Over
shoes, $2.45 pair and up. Walk-Over
shoe store.
George B. Wright of the furniture
department of the Missoula Mercantile
comlany went last evening to Butte to
spend Sunday with his brother, who Is
located there.
R. M. Cobban Realty company has
moved to rooms 69-70 Higgins block.
Fred Kack, who was seriously in
jured by an extplosion of dynamite
while he was mining at Fish Creek,
three weeks ago, has recovered so that
he was able to leave the hospital yes
terday. His physician is confident of
his entire recovery from the injury.
Handy scratch pads and walter
checks for sale at The Missoulian of
John M. Ledlie, superintendent of
the Montana Culvert company, caught
his right hand in a machine used for
making corrugated piping yesterday.
The hand was badly crushed, and it
is not yet decided whether amputation
of part of the hand will be necessary.
Mr. Ledlie was taken to the Northern
Pacific hospital, but will probably be
removed to St. Patrick's hospital.
Everything in household furniture
for sale cheap. all between 10 a. in.
and 8 p. m., 20 Johnson flats, opposite
high school.
John S. Cowan, *ho has for several
years lived on his ranch on Miller
creek, has purchased the transfer busi
ness of Charles Hackman. Mr. Cowan
will take over the business at once
with the intention of maintaining the
same high standard of excellence long
ago established by Mr. Hackman. Mr.
and Mrs. Hackman expect to go later
to make their home in southern Cali
It is not often that a Missoula man
crosses the line into another state, en
ters a town there and proceeds to
break all records in that town along
any line of business. Yet a case of
i this nature has just come, to light.
Jim Newcomb., well known here, the
representative of the ('udahy Packing
company, is the hero of this escapade,
the facts concerning which are set
forth in the following itenm taken from
the Wallace Press-Times:
It remained for Jim Newcomb, rep
resentative of the Cudahy Packing
company of Chicago, to smash a rec
ord in Kellogg when he shipped in a
full carload of packing house prod
ucts to Kellogg. The goods were con
signed to the various store Is Ward
ner-Kellogg. 'There is no better ar
gument that times are good in WTard
ner-Kellogg than such shipments."
said Newcomb. It was the first full
car of packing house products eve
received here.
Now Is the Time to Geo Rid of These
Ugly Spots.
T"here's no longer the slightest
need of feeling ashamed of your
freckles, as a new prescription othine
-double strength-has been discovered
that is guaranteed to remove these
homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of otlhine-dou
ble strength-from 1George Freisheimer
and apply a little of it at night and
morning and you should soon see that
even the worst freckles have begun
to disappear, while the lighter ones
have vanished entirely. Lt is seldom
that more than an ounce is needed to
completely clear the skin and gain a
beautiful clear complexion.
He sure to ask for the double
strength othine, as this is sold under
guarantee cf money back if it fails to
remove freckles.
Since 1906 I have spent over
$65,000 in the territory east of Chi
cago advertising and telling the
people about the Bitter Root Valley
and Western Montana, with the re
sult that hundreds have invested
and settled, here. IF YOU WANT
Garden City
Auto Repair Shop
107 Pattee Street
The best equipped shop in
western Montana.
Light machine and automobile re
pairing and overhauling.
S. G. CHAFFEY, Mngr.
"Best Laying Strain on Earth"
No more baby chicks until May 1.
More sold than I can hatch by that
Plenty of Eggs
Single Setting (15 eggs)-$1.50.
100 Eggs for $7.00.
Tylar B. Thompson
Cameras and Supplies
Developing for Amateurs

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