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When Selecting
a Daimond
I ou must take into cor,. eration
c ,lor, shape, freedem from flaws
and general bri'iiancy. Each of
these qualities has a distinct bear
ing upon the question of value.
The ruinrous grades of diamnr nds
are usually very confusing to the
In buying a "KIhn" ]i:unmnd
you have tlth assluranllce nf seocuring
only the highest standard, perfec
tion as to cutting and brilliancy
and freedom from flaws or blem
ishes of any nature.
The Diamond House.
129 West Cedar.
Bell 98. Phones Ind. 544
Spring Is Here
Rhubarb, strawberry red,
2 pounds for ............................25 '
Green onions, bunch ............. 54
Radishes, nice and crisp,
bunch ... .... ...... ................. 5
Asparagusy,r Y Ipoiiind ........25
Lettuce, hothouse, pounld 25.......
Florida tonmatn s, pund ... 20()
Florida green cipeppers, p und..300
Spinach, new a:nd c!lin,
3 pounds fr ...............254
Celery, White ]'liuini, ,lnc1 h.. 101
7 bars Diamond 25c
C soap 25.
30 bars Diamond
C soap . ..
Barrington IHall cffee, lb. . -1,~
Ceretana flour, 49-Iti. salk $1.65
The interest which i s being
great ini ntive to s:a'e more and
miore (l.acI yeair.
The First National
Missoula, Montasn
Stationery, Blank Books
and Office Supplies
114 East Main Street
Rowland, the Jeweler
Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry
Special Attention Given to
114 l",:tst Main Street
F. A. Mix & Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain and
Take Your Prescription to
Smith's Drug Stores
Agents tor Eastman Kodaks
Koken's Barber Supplies
117 Higgins Av nue
Bell Phone b7; Ind. l'hone, 474
The Best of Everything in the Market
A palatable, nourishing
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
and Real Estate.
National Stu.ety Company.
eR the *ea
Abeamt 'iw
0, nnion green and radish red and
lettllcle crisp and bright; n, water
cress, I here confess, you
COMING add to spring's de
UP NOW light; your presence.
here our hearts doth
cheer and brings us salad days; I'd
fain indite snmie words that might ex
press to y'm my praise; with proper
dr, ss, vyi surely bless, a dish fit for
n king; let April showers bring forth
their flowers. yet you're the queens
,.f slring. I'm fond of you, I like to
ue1- ip]on you when I dine; you
ll-inig ln mie n eestacr that m:lakes a
dinner fine; I freely state I like you
straight. Whii I ean't get yeou mixed;
nI M string for you, ( springtime.
er-\\, n.' Iimaltter how\ you r' fixed; but
, t rea say, withtoit delay, that one
dish I like nmore: myll fomdelst wish is
f-r thait dish, lby which I set a store;
I aiv to ~,u' the honor due, of spring
et aire thie queens; hut yet t ' sing
praise, Ito the king-to (landelioll
]prin hais ',clle, also, in Dlawsoii
, 1t -. N' tilatter what you nmay
lheair to tile c'iontrary,
OVER IN spring has arrived in
DAWSON lthe lwe\\r Yellowstone.
The Fa;irview Timies so
d,.lhrs iu bi vi-type editorial, five
(- s \ iilt' which takes up imore
iithan halt lh fiiont p:ac and fairly
nhhll es t \,ith vernal jny. I1iere is
]"a ir vi,, "s \\wh lnie to spring--ant
1l heant it" "Spring is here. You1
.'. l all , shpl ing liss raised h er
lhobhle skirt and slopped lightly into
thei1' Yllovstione 'allby, lbringiing from
1ih, fertIile al f ;f i ll n d .the first Lai ,.s.s
"of -r'n crnss. l'Partners are getting
lI.se \ith their horses and macehinery
ti ldai- th1ii ill shapel for g,.d, hardt
a irnest -urk nest week(. 'a ird-iw
uien built, >n-" " plhcing' ll display
th.se deliel- fahlrie's whlich the' ladiues
le,.' Ii , P ,,ar ill wa rn i tll W il "r, and
1,-'N\ :trl' !I i' l'prl,"4pll> ||l 1 lhulll "r
'i'M the r hita n that til, iiish
in lio iit'tke is i'imsidlrIrihly inrg.gr.
.\n h1 i fishil rnuiln on the YIll,'IsltonI
t:,'i..ts t. repair his gill-net. slating
,thn Ie diril mso that only the ItrPe
fislh wi hl get caughtt. (I I Ia lioa
dug store has- I hI ion 'IaWHph chie'h
t rI. I 'r : P l is i r e- t in g f o r tliii o t t r' r t -
h The reio1l is Iiheli1g 'S1wanier
IHi\'er uii t ihl- . IhiIsit' '.olts nl .s liler
I'aiil. hu.Nl il t l, You- j tin.' T i' l ll
f·lgs rlne te.. lli ti g tti hold 11 ighll.I
I.tginning l - W'lllndei'r I.wlari larii rii W
n the tahlt n ('u pli's RoI t, wlliherei
iiI II nis' n ir s Wereil \ ittnll in the,
-':t ". vl '' '. lrThe - tolllng ladles
laI f r.li" d .l fr esh-air l " ' i ItheI
n'Ill h'ti Il'of w ich u\\ 'iicart early for a| l I"
i ''ll ' Wi alk which coli nl tinues f111I
\l. t r gets the ise'ill or. i d .llr.
''GREAT III ll T h v f in... it 11ys 1
il-'xere,.se elh In which ti'1. Ii .nI
SMrs c early oth mollrning for a Illlng
..:ilk \\hill, lad swoeps out. the store
in,! seis things to rights. N',!
Th ','r is ni qi eeli" eini lle i 'e . in i tll
thing a:t 1a . The Wii thi'er ] i I l rfec"'.
IThe pe pl e ar' li 'iv, with riai l ife.
. , is the , th ief h\,lm en t iwhose ii li
ilh fillb 1, ih le whoh iYello\,Si\\ t~ va1
1 rt'. ofitlr il )' t, he ihoh sts y .ir ' verll
1 1 li n s , prt sis the . 'ity of 'ier
lti sii,". .\ hNliild of \,leontle i S ix
Is, 'iled in the il tri. . lr. who i tiit all
I 'r iiili \\V ii' a i- rn andli o il is |here
''in l' i lii 'c all. ''I lie sun shines
'ric 't'r tw ' thin in other tiarts of
wo rii . Thei'I i i, eartih is io're f'r
i1,, Ih i r i:is i rt i Ii' l' lle ,, ti e
,i'ds sing lndler, the hee'st'a:k is hit
t,", the s:i-ter ]ili' r, it1a d i it W en"
inC LE'r - U, I' f "'I th " rilthe iti other
,' c is this siu-ciulse]d ,:rth \' re.
CA P IGN. l"h iw iltd r li . 11r ' V Ih ' ilof
I their ' ii i : < m d I I ' Ii KI t! ill Is
-is V ;r l' t'uiug I'l. " I ai rn'ie tii'ii
lestring is hesn t i'
u. rig ir- ll ily t i lt i inrs.irn
o I- i i iilaah h' Iii. i II slt hli ta.l' .
hu th riulin anu'l t ,llrsl i hallh
h a T; il' ,ltiiiii, flrs u . tteitnat, lth
I+,' ri\ their hors'., w ilh lia il.ke)
th s, itth i lii .tn in.,r. eas thWt. i tIl it'
hli ld , " t,,,",% l i.ti! at s in I i f nh ' s' Ii il. -
1' I the s ti c ' II < ill ll ' heillos ill
i, \" il tg " I , l'il ' tr ilts' g ilri, ' l 'i
i, tll 11hi i h wI l h cltb d, ifth t'i a"
, i lIc,.d i i ll l ' 1 i d st ,t i . t \ , s- rn -
\l ,tltlili;i 1:hi in .A\ 'ril, I ' tlil, lo\ ' r
,l~ovtsl' n.htlc.. l gl' i:1 \ s,,irk on |hiiI
\\'hli \\tq i ]I I " I ,, mrltl if lilt \' or'k
i ti If a llitll r 1'. ,.,.1 dI ii' 11 is
1~ i.' \1'," \, , t e h i, I i,, I'.iirvi+,w
vv\ :,i,, trimi i< in th |''. 1 1r 'Is, W e
I i! Ili a' ng Ii I ll dl m i cr t h e.
of I.p i. \which sp eks i fa' itself nld
hhic'h 1, n, i 1" pr s¢.
CLEAN-UP 1, ot ti l.prolaim the)
CAMPAIGN --lit of the, v'ernal
se1s ,n. Th1e i111iig001
S ,Ill; of illfilin- 1l; t\ is 4 oVP .yWhere;
the ,l .it,'r of the .;il'il,,n tools and the
rt";n r'ks ,, f I" athet a, he. runs his rakeo
lgnitut a snf g - all th .se are sei,'
regis-r,.ilt r s'mbu ls of the sot son.
.\ii' til, di, "'llut il,1n.sing thr.t li tht,.
illl -.s tt lhse'V(" rI ' ilcitr;til hous. -
holhhrs, is a ltass l.ger of slprin,
,se.. v,.rl.< rliqlli ,e 1 intri'preta
tihl. The cleal-oul is on, .a.1 l lnd
hurong, tnln the ,ity will the a shining
11 ht in another \\,'.'k. It is limnplos
sihle to keolp the hnys away from the
training for the. track nwot, so l'ather'
do-es the raking and wonders what
made hits think, years ago, that the
lads Would he a great hells when they
got 10gKRe. Cho girls are eng.KIed
o, 'rtinme t, itlh tll. dulli ',s oPf t e
C'an Ip-ire club and Mother pa
Our first car has arrived and is
ging fast Taking quality into
consideration, Rex brand is always
the cheapest.
Grasselli arsenat· of lead always
in stock at lowest price.
Missoula Drug Co.
Wholesale and Retail.
Corner Higgins Ave. and Front St.
Missoula, Mont.
tiently washes the windows and gets
thie dinner, pondering over the error
of her past years which led her into
thet fond belief that the dlaughters
\'woulld one day do some of the work.
IPut the cleaning is being done. The
track me(t is a great institution. And
the Caump-tire cluil--that is an or
ganization which teaches the maids to
be considerate; of others and to an
ticilpnto the needs of their elders. 0,
this is a grea:t spring! But we do
wish tthat iPairview follow were over
here to tell about it, just as it should
to rclated.
'lhie iMissoula: ('hamlner of Comntneree
roc(ently r'l('guestl d the 'rrlades nnad
Labor connllni to alppoint ;I errnlitteo
for the ]urlposoe Of conferring with a
('Immittee from the. chamlber. Dan
liiizttric.k, X. T. . Kelly and Frod An
ge-'ine weyre appointed lby the council
and met last evening with the coin
ilnittoe from the i'commerciatl body.
Air. Ango\vinql was not present. The
s5'silnll \\as - llllm;iiale thrlloughoult and
th, qliueslion if labor in Missiolitl wa.
vhwi-.id from all angles. The senti
miiint sirm mhi tio lie for a ipaceablet
s |ttlomelit of any and nil labor dir
itlles. It is npro- ahlet that linother
ni.ucin will he held in a short time,
altlliiRogh no def(rinite ion \ was takii
ill this r.giard.
hirs. J'lnnii Mi r" toi t wtith ;t pain
fill ;nl(ei lh lit ':i da; ilftil'llll lnl til th(l
h11lll, (if helr ( nIIlht(ri . iMre. \'Vo der, in
liPark ulidition. rs.\i 11ai r... irAs svelr -
ing iluilt the i la d I;nut is silo Iried to
Step oVer ;in irrigation ditch s1.' fall
nul St dillned her 1i[t w\rist. Thl ill
giveni tihe hol t of 'r'i i biv a su.lr .n,
ii iiill Ie slow l, hh al. i 1 s.1 . M rel,
has lo-,n sponding th, wiilnter ill Mis
a iii ar two dm utu is rs, Ai rls. I-.
A. \V it'h , l n :ll (]nd M rs. V L4hder.
Airr. aid Ars. W. I,. Walters and
family wish hereby tio express thoeir
grala fll appreiation of ithe te.n tr
s 11I110 thy 0111(1 man, acts of lovinz;
kildilesit showil l thi t It the tiii l l f
fii dc "ath nlin h urial "of tl ir dslligh
tI.r and sister, Mr is. . iirbi, Lafn\v. 'Pao
the Iutighters of Ilth ltkah lidge, to
ililnhers oi f ithe 'hristian ci hurch :ti d
Ito hist iof neighlis tl frilends,
theiy extend thelir sincere thmks.
I. ('. I A. I. lilniu lfl yviesterdiay
lr nl i (ii rllh;i, Ib. .\lftr :1 short visit
i(hrr Dr. IMrrd0.tiu will go to Chicaigo
I 'l' sp o.il Jililsi lled lork ill Sirgery.
II,. will visit ihospitals lind i lreceive in
f.tit lhn f', iI t e lii tnt suri'g ons ill
'hillal llliil then go ioi Ni- York
and iother i-ist.lr ('ities for furtilher
hosptlll l vwork.
Card of Thanks.
We' are deeply gratelful ito our
fri-ndsI fior tiheir syilupilthy :1ud assist
81i, (1 iu i7ig oiir r(.i-.ul I.i rowv, is twell
as fo'r their i ti ll ly hb aut, il'fu t'(l th
ltriblltes tt ollr loved on . \\-e eI xp rttl
iult Ih:liiln s to all.
M1lL ANI> MI'1 .. ('11.\,. t'. SQI'lII'S.
John s. ('.liviet, tran isfer su lcessor
to c'hull' s liekntulllnn. Iilil 391 red.
Inlt. 27?12. .liu (le I ivsona office.
Timeto Plant Them
SWEET PEAS-Solid color: llack
Knighlt, Mirs. IS. Kenyon--yellow -
Scarlet Silopian, Captain of till
Iliuesi, llay Grisel ltalniltont-lav
llert-Apple i llhossain, 1-az. pack
"ges . .. . .... . ........ 1 0 5
lEclkfard'. Fine lMix, lb .........755!
Sterling " Al ix. mostly Spleniers, 3
Nar osturtliumi seudl in hllk, both
dwarf antid tall, ince. ........1 0
W\ hiti '(loacer soe d, ill ..........45¢
(hkntine Kontu.ky blue grass, 3 lb.
fIr ........... 5
Flurp ,-'s extra ,arly potatos; fin
est aind earliest; obliong, shallow
ieyes; lis size iandiI finest oif cook
ingit qui alities. lltrlee sells these
potatoes 15 ill. fo r $L. We sell
them for $1.25 per 10 pounds.
Bell 20 Phones: Ind. 420
I0M W. M W
Missoula, Montana, April 14, 1913.
To the Honorable Board of County
Commissioners, Missoula County,
Gentlemen:-I herewith' tender
my resignation as county treasurer
of Missoula county. I do this, not
becatlse of any criminal act on my
part, but because of the unpleasant
notoriety recently givFn to my of
five I.y the press and otherwise.
Said resignation to take effect at
12 noon of the 14th day of April.
Yours truly,
The filing and acceptance of the
resignation of John W. Hicklin as
treasurer of Missoula county and the
appointment of Ed MsC'arthy, who has
teen chief deputy in the office during
Mr. 1licklin's incumbency, to fill out
the untexpired term, marked the prin
cipal development yesterday in the
case of the former treasurer's shortage
of about $1,000. The formal demand
upon Mr. Ilicklin's bonding company,
the F'idelity and Deposit company of
Marylnnd, was made. The commis
sioners expect an answer to this de
I nant as soon as the formalities have
Ion nonheluled. The special report of
the trea:surer's office asked .by the
bonding c.ompany will he completed
today and left on file at the court
house for its inspection. As the spe
cial representative of the bonding
colmpany, who was here Sunday, as
sured the commissioners that there
wouthl be no hesitancy on the part of
his company in making the short
age good, the conmmissioners feel that
they have protected th' county's in
terests and consider their responsi
bility in the matter will be at an end
when the bonding company's cheek is
paid ovr. .As to recovering from Mr.
TTicklin. that is n mnatter now entire
ly in the hands of the bonding com
any,. If the former treasurer is able
to make good the amount, it is under
stood that the epmpany would have no
inclination to prosecute. "I have been
ilstrutrled by my company," said A.
i. Anderson, local representative of
the hInding comlpany last evening,
"to give Mr. Hicklin every opportunity
within reason to raise the money to
make good the shortage. VWe will \wait
:t least a couple of dcays to give him
time to hear from relttives in the
east. 1tnoveer, if he fails to make
gc ,l within this time, the company
will he forced to iegin prosecution."
Three Candidates.
After Mr. lticklin's resignation was
aneopted by the board yesterday-it
w,,nt into effect at 12 o'clock noon-
the nallmes of three candidates for the
1)le, ilst m:laiie vnrint 1 'O,, C_
nlnrcoed imm,.diately. Comninissioner
M~cQuaIrri.o n.ninated ('uthbhrt Peat
for the position. Chairman Nelson
nominated ,Mr. McCarthy and Commis
sinnor Flynn placed Clarence Pros
ctt's namen before the hoard. The
vole was tak-,n and the first tallot
resltred in erarh candidate receiving
one. T'pon the second ballot McE'ar
thy rr-.receirrd tw\o votes and Prescott
one. Mr. McC ':rthy was immediately
notified and after receiving cnngratu
lItinns of his friends, returned to his
office and pror.oeded to make onut the
retport asked of the commissioners by
Ilicklin's trrwling company. '/r. Mc
Carthy was instructed to secure his
bhand at once. The same company
which was T'lr-.asurer Hicklin's surety
I will furnish Mr. McCarthy's bond.
Several nl(,\ cases were filed in the
district couirt .esterday. One was the
divorce case of Charles E. Taplin
! against Eva 'In tlin. The complainant
alleges tresertion. An absolute divorce
is asketd.
W. J. Snide-r ;n(d others were named
as defendants in an action for dam
ages brought by John C. Cromie.
Plaintiff alleges that the defendants
have been In unlawful possession of
real esate whilch belongs to hLm. He
asks that they be ejected from the
promises and that he he awarded
damages in theI sum of $100.
In the div\.irce case of Eleanor Pai'
rish against c;anrge Parrish, which
was first filed Miay 11, 1912, a praecipo
for dishuissal without prejudice wail
fileih yesterday- and at the same time
a nerw atilon for divorce, charging
Iruclty of the Idefendant, was filed by
Mrs. Parrish's attorney.- She asks the
custody orf the minor children, Roy,
aged five, anid Clifford, aged four.
TIhe trParrish divorce case has aboundedl
wiith unllslual cIirculmstances since the
first artiorn wars filed. Through an
orderl-r of ther c(iurt during the pendan
y o(rf lthe' tion the childrein were
given in c'ust,,ly rof their grandmother,
ile defrendant Ibeing allowed to see
I them at stipllilted times. (In one of
I,these visits he kidnaped the children
and took thllerl Ito Seattle. There he
w\as lonate-d and arrested and hrought
Ibae to lissou!iL to answer to a
char:ge of contelmpt of coulrt. He was
adjudged guilty. and was fined $180, in
default of the Ipayment of which he
servred 9l) datlis in the county jail.
Mrs. (Cronherg wishes to notify her
customlrwrs that she is going out of
business, Wrltuerrsday. April 16. The
storrr will ibe olpened Saturday, April
19, to sell off fixtures and household
Chicken Dinner.
Chicken dinner at Margaret hotel,
Bonner, every Sunday evening at 5:30
SFrat fifteen-cent smoke, five cents.
Economists for the People
This is to be a hummer week at the economy store. If you have not favored us
with a visit, do so this week and see what we are doing for the people of Missoula
and vicinity.
Wool Serge Dresses 39 Wool and Slk Dresses
Dresses made of all-wool serge Certainly a bargain when you
with Bulgarian and other trim- can get dresses like these at only
ings; reg. valuep $7.50 to $9, at $9.65; values as high as $17.50, at
Chic and smart styles, made of serge, ratines, all-silk charmeuse, satin and many
fancy weaves in silk or w ool; values up to $25.00, at ............. ..........14.95
Trimmed in embroidery or lace; 57 High class lingerie waists worth
genuine $1.00 values, at ...........................as high as $2.50, sale.................................9 5
Strictly tailored---some hand embroidered at $2.25,
$2.50, $2.75 and $2.95. Worth double the price
$1.50 kid gloves, two-clasp, in black, 15c children's heavy ribbed hose ........... 9
white and tan ............................... ................89 $1.00 16-button, all-silk gloves :...........67¢
35c neckwear, jabots and collars .........21 75c women's all-silk hose ............ 43
35c corset covers, trimmed with em- 35c children's vests and pants ...............t19
broidery ......................................................... 18¢ $1.50 wom en's house dresses ....... 75¢
65c women's union suits .............................390 $1.00 children's dresses ..............,............ 530
George T. Slade, third vice president
of the Northern Pacific, arrived in
Missoula yesterday on train No. 42.
Mr. Slade has been on the coast for
about two weeks looking over the. busi
niess conditions and inspecting the
line. He reports business good to the
weist of Missoula and says he was
surprised at the activity shown on the
Flathead reservation. "Everywhere
things in the business line have
opened up and it looks like a good
ye'ar fr 'Montana and the west," he
slid. Mr. Slade stated that there
will be no construction work on the.
Rocky Mountain division this year
unless the present plans are changed.
The only work to be done on the
Rocky Mountain division is the ordi
nary maintenance work. Lumber is
now the princilpal product that is cry
ing for transportation. Most of this
is in WVashington, although Montana
furnishes its share. Mr. Slade com
mented on the appearance of Higgins
avenue last night and was pleased to
see the progressive spirit shown here.
W\hile the improve.ments have cost
the Northern Pacific a pretty penny
still Mr. Slade expressed himself as
satisfied with it and declared the im
proved appearance of the, avenue and
the streets around the station well
worth the irice. IMr. Slade will leave'
this morning on No. 4 in order that
he may have a daylight trip over the
Supe.rinte ndent Birdsall went to
Paradise yesterday to meet Mr. Slade
and will accomplany him this moiriiing
as far as Helena.
The engine iof Milwaukee train No.
18 twLs left in the Missoula yards yes
terday. The train was take.n to Deer
lTodge 1y a freight engine which was
called here from Primrose. Just as
No. i. was Iulling into the. Missoula
yard's and the engne; was within 25
yards of the regular stopping place,
thel main side. rod-the piston rod--on
the left side of the engine, broke.
paralyzing the locomotive. After
some delay the train was 'hacked by
aniothler engine, lnnto a siding and
went around the crippled engine. The
engine was'u patched iup and taken to
the shirps at Deer JlTdge. No one
was hurt in the accident nor was the
locomotive badly damaged.
The Milwaukee announces a fare. of
one and one-third for the round trip
to Spokane on account of the Inland
Empire Teachers' association which
meets there this week. Also. a one.
and one-third rate for the round trip
is offered, by the same road, to Boze
manl. This rate is made for the
meeting of the state automobile con
vention which is to be held in that
city on April 15. The tickets are now
on sale and are good returning April
16. The tickets in both cases are
sold on the certificate plan.
R. E. Pearson of Seattle is holding
down the operator's position in the
Anything You Want
of the quality you want, in the
quantity you require, is our offer
in meats and poultry. Another
offer we propose is careful han
dling, cutting and delivery. Still
another, lowest selling price the
market will warrant. With such
ca combination, proved by years
of square dealing, ought we not
to have your trade?
130-132 Higgins Avenue
Bell Phone 117 Ind. Phone 431
Geo. Freisheimer, Proprietor.
local Milwouirkee oftfice during thet, l
sence of Fiske larsh;ll.
C. IE. T'I.tlal, agent for the Mil\watl
kee at I)Drummond, was in Missoula
yesterday. lie is on his way to To
ronto, (Canada, where he will spend his
Wr e- - Ll" -discouraged,
W henyoufee confused, nerv
ous, tired, worried or despondent it is
a sure sign you need MOTT'S NER
VERINE PILLS. They renew thenor
mal vigor and make life worth living.
Be sure and ask for
Price $1.00 by druggists.
Cleveland, Ohio
For sale hv (4enrp e FreishAlmer.
Cameras and Supplies
Developing for Amateurs
The Kohler & Campbell Ten-Home
Club offer, $375.00 Pianos .242.50.
Orvis Music House
Most attractive modern six-room
flat in city; close in on South side.
Special inducements to desirable
103 East Cedar
Phones: Bell 647 Black: 661 Ind.
Picture Framing
400 Different Mouldings
Latest Patterns
Lowest Prices
Simons Paint and Paper House
Saves Labor and Fuel
Our electric irons are the best
and cheapest on the market. Each
YEARS. We only havo a limited
supply and will sell them at the
reduced price of
318 N. Higgins Ave.
Bell 528 Black Ind. 1602
We have a customer
for 8 to 15 acre tract near Mis
soula, improved or unimproved,
with water; no fruit wanted; will
pay spot cash; communicate with
us at once.
Blackfoot Land Co.
Glasscock & Morrell
Rooms 31 and 32 Higgins Block
Bell Phone 163
No, sir-ce. I do not do my baking
any more. "Jones' " home-made bread,
cakes, cookies, pies, rolls, etc., are
equal to my own, and I get them fresh
every day (which is worth a good
Phone us your orders.
Wholesale and Retail.
Phones: Ind. 1687; Bell 415

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