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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, September 12, 1913, Morning, Image 8

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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"Solid Silver
Where it Wears"
The goodness is not
all on the surface.
Silver is inlaid into
the blanks before
plating, at those
I parts where the
spoon rests on the
t ,ablt. The goods
are therefore guar
anteed 25 years.
Look for this
trade-mark before
you buy.
Give us a call.
Peaches 70C
45 to70,Box
W aterl. t..ns ( ,'T. nish<l . 1 l. '(
('tIlt:,l: ~ r11., ý ý, 1l {,,!1;, .I.'l ir \;1 ,1.'iI c,
thr, 11 14,11 . fý"r :5C
Fresh from the
Oyster Beds of
Q.tl tll ty .unt 1/ 1 @ l ,, I { tI - R -
c vk' d il 1 .:',,u l I
Koopmann & Wissbrod
Th I t'i rtl Ma\tu.u t
Bell 15 Ind. 471
Orton Bros.
State Agents
Steinwa3 & Sons
Chickering & Sons
Vose & Sons. Kimball
and several other
high-grade pianos
Paxton Garage
Taxicabs and Touring
Hol lingsworih& Elmore
SEnroll Now
Koch & Dixon
G4 .i 'rtlt I rit'wslt
..11 49 ,,i.
Garden City
Auto Repair Shop
107 Pattee Street
The best equipped shop in western
Light ntrt liltl antd inttn1 btile re
$. G. CHAFEY, Mngr.
on the rust
Abesul Tera
T h s tr i .t i n t I h a ,e \nt lii s in - " ,I|in e
- .I n t w e' i 11i''no w ; it sits. though
\\ int +,r'.. c llhl. .onn -
PAR''ING uin in , r'tw; its hrain
IS SA D iil ins-, 111 twi \ n h lsiys
rm:iihl. TI iii.r i t. tho lugh I i tlll Ir not
! ill I t'.lIi 1 1, h th i t I t tl f il hi ll
at'e can tis h 1 l n t anid (rit n; htint
l] r tri (n i,, 1 D 1710 1 1 llit l 1' ith t11
torn . rl'{ I n,. I go ,, 1h1I Iw \ h:t|
It I ýýni ilI'II l H lll ) t i I po ck thoI i t
' , , '- I. tt I .1111 ;'.".
h u t I ,h uý!i't H iLIII' I" I'' r '1f'in e' t1 t lth is
Se l Ii ,\, ; I ,- 1o I"r it t il ighty
S o,', t :'-I" 1 Iou lh i it ait It r
,'i.tI ,,,! ,int '1 11,,,kd ,.she'll, Ii prn
, S I| 1 l Il i i'i t h' l l hith 1' t).lit,
I , II I'm i n l I', thin it hn.a to go
li ,' , 1it ti I'.l lih I :'llIit i a I: ll t it
Tlt'.1 I.t i -i , t ' li It 'r lia \ It lt is tI ot Ig
CIA n F.lI t ii -I ih i I I octilll, ofIth i
OTHER Hit hli'a't l I.:is here is
SIGNS luhhly iI'' as ni' tom
other i]i lt'!cts, th l;nks
5'iii ' ll." tpll'oli n5 11tl. i 111 1111 it tit tl'h
i l ', t II tn" ''t Iti' tits. l tlt thl i r t irtl
hIt , Irtnihitt ,tI. ,nI \hillt tre inlallihhl
il ill t,\h'clh this region is 1n ilif
f,'F'llt fronll :Iln\ of her. 1'p ill t 114
tL I~ i Ie.+ .!, trews ')tt'1"It'l. |h ' clerical
itl ,. I ,n i i'' l' agt't in the ,xtn
- , it , I li tu . Ys,,tr'd i;r the
- ý I t e , h' "1w Irki n ll'l n" h thry
,. h Iih ' 't :Ip i l :ltt iidu a ;l , 1 it is 1 1 1
tl,+ b .in \t' e illt tip to se t' how
,,!'r1 , gi, i g tý, m eet tlhe tlt Itutlh ls of
hll,' pl e 'hT)ill pri ' ,dici(ton :It the cit"
;11111n l c'', tt :t i l t's, i, tlhat thit I otal
o the, t:ixe . this y)lear w\\ ill 1 Ie con
uleranhly ill exces of any)thhing W
hI:l. I ., " -i.1 iI.I},ll ';+ , "T he s cs,. Ineli' t is
:ht, in pit othe( r ,ler 's 1 ln( the' city haHS
shllirn illn thi .lt ll. i til" l u lllim -
h,,rs, it tis t.tima;tid that the cit will
t hl' $W 1 ,tlt , () ',rn " carrying o11 1eXt
t , ar'" h tb ine+,, This should tuna le
C'tlw lTrasurer Porter is paying off
lnther lot of \w\ rrants, hils all halving
co'n published yester
CALL FOR <l:y. ILast month, the
WARRANTS +ity redenemed $7,30n of
.ack warrants and the
call for this nmnth co'ers $2.500. It
mlight hive hl t In maite str1 nge', hilt
th, nHxt War'atnll on the list is for
11I' thrin) :t thoulsatlnl] dollars lint this
,a'tlslp I pr. 'e "'d l gs ti1( this in a
,iper' Is 111,A Withi X .n ttW o earn a| i onc
b!o oilt ,,f !]aIt ' Tr l,, t. ll.ect of " '
trthated li ari i i Ihllustiatl nih lh't's In
fhile l1t l :;ull l the sallon, t licenses t will
ho (Itl+' the dIrat Hof next I| ll-.1th. ']'ho's
will i..ld () $ t o the frottlry. 'Thcn
11Ill .,u, t' Ill,' p;l.,ll'lll of Ille g nrDer I
:l l apc lt!it LIvie . T hiest, it Is t' t.i
nlatlH . , t ll hring flhi, h:a, k wtitr'i'ints
dea n\l toI ttlthll] '8 ] til' l - t' eat' of the
cart'. of ! -, , "Tilh , is nlot it hint sh10
S t1 it 'li'r:!ll'' tha t tlh ,, I Ill lI c'ipa l
('tmpl, tit IS ; i ng n. : ill,. e h o bei'. Al
\11sso 1IlI 1t100l ;I .:!ahl h{Isis . T here lifo
+iinII+ t,'rV I] +'I+'HlII.f tiRtiln'+s ihl ih
\rht ,'r. ha, ata"t.' . ,i ;In alataat a ;a ta.,.' tarn .f
Ih dI'.r''to '.' of .h . a-t e
FIN E Ila rt. Ar'. 'I'fo. ' It'
FAIR ati''t ttaat h at a, \Iaar'a:
Fan artll ' lti ,s' all
t, " ra"',r ' - hi I t th:-a :t l,. "at A ll
' r.,ll, \, a.' 1, a'I. I , ''" r' ,l .al' .' .l 1 1 ' r.
a'.a', ill ' - .r. a " ta : a' 't . a t11a i a t
II,,."·1 il '+ l ri>+.,+l I i,, t a re t I IIa . l s', toi r
la . ; at ,t aaa Ih' a "t .1; tl al l , '' 'a ' li al. 'aI
,it i.. r lln+" ." aht.v . tl a a I .1 tahan
' r . , I Ia at ll a Fh ,aat 't I ; atthi
'',ta ia h ttall tht 'l a Ih t'rat," t', "' t
h'a at' a tt''' luau ai tat. t 'l'Ir a .. ,"1 -
, · \'Iillt 1. I. lhil u 111t \;' I lTn' h '1..'
,\I1.t1 1 a, a , i' h 11 lh II.oI' t t a'ntl,
att .,1. t, ''ai . .' a .'n -. "
i 't .la ali a a ll t..lll I alb t 1 u1 l n.t 'ln.''
S ai.'tr lt'' 1 t tý - h l , I a ,I a ll 1'
1 111. U nil a I h In' ital II,'J ·m I it'!'l
i ' a' tat. t t.a a t 'a.1t, a . la na ..
h. a althi'nllllRa nI . a t.t' l ll at . I l h . a
, ,illi ; t nr i ll all t' t I \ a ti , - t " tat -
]."at , ai n nt l ",!+.;ll lhh,. . \\ , , ,
tt' h't In'', t I ' llt a t . ,, I'
I1, ," rill- t 'lff \ lwi, Ih I', l, , , 1i," b., ,"e
\\' n i. , a'. 1 1tal a agt a at. .'a ara' .it ta
a.111 a't' ' t" tall it t.' , ' It', ath t :i. '
,al] ta it ,Ft''arna'a 'a n. "''I :" (Lt t "at an aat\
I' t l'l rat.. ,t It' . i lt ia aaa t\ la "f the
1,I'. ,l .a l l at\ 1 i," t lit, ', ';t tllln2 ; .
1'lh,. Ip r' si~l ,h t 1i1 itut.,I t.he (;,, . 11
1 1 1 . A llt'l'iori' ll ."r ro it. ;a h tll let 111 .'h
\w hil,, I!." li rin,, hauld Ilh o ti.
Friday Night Dance.
,t I ;r0 t' l gll a glrh I ['k ] Villenti I\,s l's
I ri ' l .*l.nl ,l ., I v. \1" n'
tn \lis. utla:t l'hu , rlt l t':.lta. .\dlllis
:.l, l fl'l.,. 'I'll'].l." s Ifor ni ngl'" ll , 1I(' - ,
S M rs. (' 1?*. Ih llings\\,rth ,'lltlrtailln d
last i vn inln> with aln . hl l'or;t, coulrse
di(hnn l"r it, h .n"r "'f Jliu. Lilhian North
lt the .11M rra. hsldtl; iln ,Hutt
lIuy I'rals, the 15e smoke, by the,
h",\ -:.,. fl r . 1 .1,, 511e $2.25; ipostageC
pr'epaid. Unrldenl Lity Dr'ug Idu,-Advy,
Order Your Drug Sto'e"
Needs by Mail
You can sav.e money, time and troub.le ,, so doing
if youl send yor orders o Ius. Our mail order service
is so well organizel th at l youlln marvel at its promptness
a;nd .xarctness. Your orders will be filled just as your
want thein filled. It is seldom that anything from here
i unlllsatisfactory, tmt if it is we stand reay v t trllalte
goodr --refund the lmoney if the ( cstomrer so dt-sir -s.
()Uor splendid stock of pure drugs alld medicines
and 'lor nuiny side lines nmake this an ideal place to trade,
as you're pretty sure to fitld what you wlt. (mods are
t f 'rwardl d onl day of order's receipt if tllhey are to be h:al
4in \InI. fietd looney enough; hanllge rill he retidllnd
t ilth oods.
Missoula Drug Company
i't c liii I l, l . ' It . Ii ]iait huihldni \.t t
I'f n' ll\;1l ..- ' ter i I h181 ig hl l tihe,
I, ;t l'll iso trlltit . .8 ll l II.- 1las hil ls I1er
il. ( I llo.. 'lll 'lil t i tl l" me lt t i ill - li'
Slii h' stl r ui l 'ctlilr IiSt ii tili. l stilli tr th I
h;i l ii i tilt i- \.. I i a tiill j l flr l-I N tr I i
e11 V/k ,hull is cone h
t1i111 Ir 1 ttri sll i vhi' lll t ' i t ll., I. c ii-' (
f A i the 'rl t (h 11 'ine m I IIeting of theI. t
t S t Ill' )lJe s I1)eIII i I ' h . :t lol Jti l i - ;1t a tion 1i
f inh't Sg to Architect i le Itkh, )Ii" the' at
fur ithe work h i hitss on It trig signing
(ll. retila11d.ing of t11l hol d ii nli ttn his ii
AitHOLI sue Stll HOOLS - is
ti ln Wvork. |r-sillnt t+ i;It or the I
board iuic d th, r.-i s tillt nu t u f" th t ru s i'lS
tees. i\\h ll h'i s;1 tiih: tt i t1 . l t:I .lee hal
;I l.t l lishI ] li. -ull It ; it 1l h i nitset (il
n.i ln i itttissil.hl(ie, i gll lltltkit g hill( - l
tum llibling t it d it i lh li mill , ('itil ,
lr s.'n illI l, ;5it i itt l n1 tli t t l ;ill of '
ill. 0 11,1 sul'l t('llll'l. 'l'!l \',)It \ %nI . II11 n111
thi ol f ! S t . I 1 1-.11 111111
'fll. 1 -"rd us111111 tod the libr 5 ariuttn h1
I l" ii' Il't ii-i li l 'l- Irgil li h.ls reg r' ini i ' 1i
II++ ,ll; ' t* U I t)+ 1' li- Iii- itlli lllt i tl- l i
1h1 '1 1" . l..i ' i " hIIsl)d . 'IllT he ilh l'll.' is" I
t etI ii .il I li ;tl I l Jll \ 1 11\ (' 11rc s h-i t1
"IhI ' theiell' ;1111'e 1tiliht II1 i- i ts rli llvieg s('
i11 I'1" the fir)l e I, se .:I ( h'1" . b ll 'h It.1lr is 4
shh I l,-. c iy l ll i iits w it i fi;l l l i it s (I t' 11 t
Ih ilN liI sv, i p(on hlh. Ii;'tl' lllt(l' t of 0111- - t
' tiltsl 11I1 'h. lil ite .gI s of ti lh ti'l, Ii ryi' t"
w\ill ,e s t." u' l l ill the f'util re.
'+'' t H i It a rtl in I'h int. ;I n l tt. ,li - i 't
scull'" i h-.,,', reI \\,','1 lin' r)\\.< t in line
i1,llh t lt otl h r schools of the, ci- ' in
itrgt" )f Iil,+ I l) 11', ill htitg it p <rosp r fts
..I' ht - .4 i . .In 1 i\ ce)ll fl'+)ii n ll nrllll
it 111, 811 Li I re l ithl e ho, s T ' [illii t of
, ii 1(, lI ,. ;ill.[ t ,i. \ un liti g l l ul ils earn -
Intl lItill.h 11 1mi ti iI- . h The scll ool of
-I,, i I hllll l it l . e" ,, i' l l I u., ils I f the In
1i;is r- oll 1d I'Ui ilrs This hldepart
:1wlll -c l i -,lst l+, iblishe l' 'l 'he lh(
, , t l.; nt .1 Iihm.i ilt lr < iesl I. w ill he- it
,1il .lesign :I fil othter (, o ir. ses AA ill Ie
ishleIdl n +xt ";it. T hl+ iistl'r \ ho ;I re ll
Ill ho rli' . (!' t1 is s hool |lit.t e felt'si t tn
!() 1. (. Tit- 1g ;11ifi- t 1"i, ll( lll f the it prov - hi
uII interest -llo' li in their work 1)"
(tli c v, . li:i',( ' atcthe its gr ' tIh. (
S'tIL ,- I'\ th io C1 i -ti rs w ill im ie 1"t S a. i
, ;1\ ;I l e1'llool)) ;it :':il \w ith M rs+
!I'I I ZI lh, I.. -~ `ollth Iitth street west.
Elberta Peaches, basket
25c; box, 70c.
Watermelons, spe., lb. 2c
Canteloupes, 3 for 25c.
Tokay grapes, lb. 15c.
Crab apples, box $1.25.
Duchess apples, box 85c.
Tomatoes, basket, 35c.
Pears, basket 30c.
p. ;. ..-, ' , -
.Judge .1iihn I'aller·t o is tint;' til
it itih i stlate lit palistd l, the legisla
I'e i ll . I 'i , this 11ci . Work \v 0'l€ fl
the district coulrt \\.s di ihehd, the rush
.' husllMioS4 tore ented th!' tollt fui' ti
ing pin rolper ti tetillli til this hit'll h,
ibut .Illdge 1llttersunl \\i1 l lrgun.lliZ% , his
itirkers at once.
Yesterdiay he aplpointed A. I. Iltohlitt
l'rolh;titjn oflficer i'fo the new\ o u rll t.
Mr. li.tblitt gradul t Ied last year froInt
the( la\t deltartmlenti :t the state tiii
versit}. Before attending college in
tl nt;itini he W'a ptrincilpal it schtools
at 'iorvallis land ths mat e nl. special
stiidy ('f dtlseilpliile.
To co-operate 'i1h Mr Hoblitt and
the, ctll't ] hoalrd fl Mev\ ll melnblers
is to he aplpointted. Julitge Patterson
has lnot yet nanmedl tihe peoplle whtio will
serve ion this commnllission.
'IThe new juvenile coutrt will attend
tl eases whicth for t.i iitng a time have
bien lItt in the bands of the police
turt, oi the reguli " district coullrt.
"T!he result of tils sort (if' treatmient
it Illtiltn (lcas(S hsil I'i'been the nImaking of
rilllin;tIs t111 igf Io s. The new olil't.
thut\\ , 'v ', will hi' i'le re'l tiet rattilh r than
ptiitiv o. I'idei er hIie l tilii of the tiett
law ;il juv nili, deli t lents." ire to iii e
tihd blfore, bhis stult. In ".juvenile
ling lliti v'" ih , lilt iiln liuldes 'very
Ihinlg from d~th it.t rills mischief it s,"rt
n1us ini.llsd l,'n ilantt'.s c'mmitted Iby hays
oir girls i.ndllt, I years i. ftag . T'he
'pw rls Iof 1 1t ' ,rs if till (. rt areii
4i.'m114 of t1h. "ll,( e liq ltencies" spec.r lifi
-ally itenll lirned by the law are, hang
ing lr linl ri' l' id yards f I' at'cks
or st(leai ing rid t Ion trains; prowliing
the streets l . t l ight withoul t wail'anill;
i1111king i'irgir'-III s or l sit. g hlrugs ill
illinh iitliti g l t!'il'i.s; etllering . tlnills
Ilor roo i hi Ipols are .isold or
atI bl ing ,,- yin; using prol-ll'oi i to
l 'scenP illlt1' t .I 1 .t isiting hil(tses ill"
prostitil ilntl liii g it vidi e ln e ei tl' wtay
ltiis (r Iilut: It iipprehe tliod it Inyll n
f lthe l iie i i , jOi S I' nf y li b l a rrested
it it ti' an t h .i i.ii tbefore the juvenile
(10II1'. N , dt, t. ial officer have to see.
slh Itilnc:. .i n i Any r ilput ile per
it' l it1. pei lh tn sla king tithl t ti' lt
Ianlli t chlild . j tali n ;ih. ef t t he c rtIlillt
I' the t'ili rI',ealsi thiat the child
hils beitln 1!i . the c')Iart, if it soes
fil, innit sutl p.ri .loagl (ent oil gn t( he.
htvinr. If th. 'url t feels that the
child' itlenl- are. unfit longer to
Citre t l. it, ! it it beelo es vlidelllt ati
tiny timie thailt thie parents lare' neglet
ingih Iti c Il'. nltiils or educa i tion thel
chi' l iia he tt ikent by the cou'rt a dl
'turned icter to anther t. fatily for car
or s:,ntl i ;I a cstat, institution sutaslb
lished foi the , purose of correcting
delinlquent hil ,,l ,
The sine 1,i,\ provides that parents
\\ hi cnnt'ilbut il the d(beinq ency ill*
itheir chilh ti., i t thlmlgh negligence or
inoli ,e inla I." b t!,d and if fouid guilty
he fined Troutl ,)I it to $1.101i or sen
to etl to nine, i ali ntlhs in the cotn "ty
.lail, or ohbi,
idlg,' t oll n feels thait there is
ia roiil ni d for .ue.h an institution as
this ill 1i.snitl.i anlI he has the hearty
support i1l :1 g.nal Inll ly 'lissoula par
ints. In MI. Ilhlitt thel judge feels
cerit in t" all .,l''u,.ient and sympatheti
nl'ficer. The htniid will be appointed
;ltd the court t runinizedl just .is soon
;is possi hlih,
\ s. ntif'll and dearly loved chalr
iit r l.aucd I r.nt earthly labor yes
'trdly oi1 r n in, early. when Sister
('atherimn die ;I t St. Patrick's hospi
tal after bling three years ill with
t ii er.,r ull ij
ihe, \\xas a lIdaughter of Mr. and Mrs.
1l:"li T. ('yr of f'lFrenchtown and slhe
was .',rn aind reared at ltn'rel'htowln.
loer sctllf, l ul:t were spellt at ISacred
He..lrI aiailedllle y ;inl there she entered
the Sistei'hod 1:1 years ago. She has
h(ele stationed at providence hospital
in Wallace, Idaho, at Sacred Hteart
academy and it St. Patrick's hospital
in this city. Sister Catherine bore
the pain of her long illness with sweet
patioenc, although she longed for re
lief and wehlcomed death gladly. lier
funeral will be held St 8 o'clock Sat
urday morning in the Church of St.
"ran'l(i, Xavier. Requiem high mass
\\ill he said at that time and inter
mtinet will be in S1t. Mary's cemetery.
The contes.,t is nce-half over.
Thlousands of votes have heern cast.
11Iany more thousand are yet to he
cast. A great numlber of people are
still hohling votes, undecided w\'hom to
\voi fr. This state of affairs shnuld
not exist. ,ispe'ciall iPi a contest that
has hlrn runllring ICwo months. ( et in
totllh with these people. T're oily
sullre way ti di this is through the
house-to-hol( canvass. This methodl
hasI .litays protei t wvinner. \Vihy do
you Ihesitate to ItS it' The peotnle
giset them for the moreI asking. You
iiwant tIhII votes. ('told anything in the
I\1"1mld he ensie r Ihan asking fIr them? 11
11e e: l'nest \ k r \\or nill gpet a pinaino
in a Very short timn,.
Just Like Home
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Matinee Saturday, 2 p. m.
(un r.·;· : th:eill iilt ami.]oH illllenntl(.o,,
;a hill fnr three dtys th:at will .int
do all Itretvions offerilngs of the
s1 las tn.
Lee Zimmerman
The greatest imnitator tf hirds
anti animals. I lr years he ti.t
ehi eld p~hnot alraph recurtis f.r the
( 1l mbia 1oI .IgraIII I h i. any.
ion t fail to hoar him.
Rhodes & Rhodes
Slask Wire Artists.
Acrobatic Novelties-Comedy.
AdapttlO IrillH John ll yil' fii
ImII s P0I011 portrying the lotst
diran .atit ll tis.tes ii the history of
the \~t.st, 11 "I"llIstler \W'ar." foug' ht
in the "Hohl-iu-thc-1Vall" cauntry,
Vyomning, 1\92.
Better Days
An" tll·r ofit thlose stlitnrlid Vita
,I'sl lH lifl. t lrtr'a; I s.
Friday and Saturday
Special Engagement
Introducing the most
marvelous invention
of the age
The vaudeville lights of
Broadway to enter
tain you
Entire Change of Pro
gram each day.
No Increase in Price
Always 10c
at the American
Generated by Auto
Exhibiting 6,000 feet of
steady films.
Features and Comedies
Paradise................Every Thursday
Dixon.......................... Every Friday
St. Ignatius Saturday, Sunday
Camas Hot Springs.....Tuesday
Green Springs .............Wednesday
With every Hoosier Kit
chen Cabinet sold this
week during the Hoosier
Club Sale---Only $1.00
to join and a cabinet will be delivered
at once. -See ad in our regular space.
Itj1-Fso ln It(I l~fiii.l,
Seats Now Selling for Season's
Biggest Musical Production
Missoula THEATER Sept. 13
Saturday t
Kitty Gordon
Hear America's Best Trained Singing Chorus
Prices $2.00, $1.50, $1.00, 50c
Missoula Theater
One Night Only
Monday, September 15
The Tremendous Dramatic Spectacle
Standing Solitary and Alone, the Culmination of
Three Centuries of Dramatic Achievement.
150 People - A Symphony Orchestra
A Dazzling, Bewildering Display of Costumes,
Scenery and Electrical Effects.
Largest Musical and Dramatic Organization
Ever Toured
Prices: Lower Floor, $1.50 and
$2.00; Balcony, $1.00 and $1.50;
Gallery, 50 Cents.
Box Office Sale Opens Saturday, September 13
The Home of the World's Best
Vitagraph Co. Presents
f(In of the best comedies sho\\
this season. It's scream.
Biograph Co. Presents
The People's Choice
X1i,-s Lilliain (lish in an excellent
Essanay Presents
A ldandy c('lmedy- dralain of tlhe
e\\ st, entitled
The Man in the Cab
Slllli The sr' a;lllliest Si' ceam
eer thr, win on it screen. T o
li els- -'wo.
Alkali Ike's Gal
Sewing Machines
Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.
Matinee Daily 2 to 5
Today's Program
Presenting a Strong Kay Bee
Production in two magnificent
The Green Shadow
Presenting dramatic situations
of heart-gripping intensity and
spectacular scenes of awe-in
spiring sensationalism.
"His Last Bet"
An exceptionally clever com
edy with an artistically out-of
the-ordinary plot. You will en
joy it.
Singing "Parisienne Ball"
('omingi Satlrday in lhre. Ipw
erful re- .
The Glow Worm

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