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Today--Fair. Xre a fine fruit, bur T ei
Tomorrow-Fair. of them. Monotony wearie.
District Attorney Prepares for Speedy
Trial-From Germany Comes Story
That the Man Had Been Declared
Unbalanced Mentally - Had Been
Suspended by Bishop for Fraud.
New York. Sept. 16.-Inspector Fau
rot, who, on Sunday, arrested Father
Hans Schmidt, who later confessed to
ha'ing murdered Anta A tmutlle r and
cut up her body and cast it piece by
piece into the Hudson river, early this
morning arrived at police heaitidquar
ters, having in custody Dr. A. E. Mu
ret, a dentist of 301 St. Nicholas ave
nue, and his hotsekeeper, Hiertha
Dr. Muret is being hold ,on a tec.hni
cal charge of counterfeiting aind the.
wotman as a material wvitness.
It is alleged that under the iIn11e of
George Miller, Muret hired an .apart
ment in WVest One. Hlundtlred and
Thirtyv-foulrth street, and that in this
apartment were found plates and
presses and portions of partially de
stroyed proofs of $20 gold certificates.
The detectives also allege that they
found in Father Schmidt's room at St.
Joseph's rectory a plate from which
counterfeit money had been struck.
Dr. Muret was arrested at his home,
which is in the vicinity of St. Jose~ph's
church. The dentist seemed uncon
cerned when he was taken into culs
Dr. Muret is 31 years old. He was(
born in Chicago, Ibut went to Europe
as a boy and studied in the. public
schools of Berlin.
He was graduated from a dental col
lege there in 1902-3, and came to New
York in the latter year.
Often Seen Together. E
The police say that Father Schmidt
often was seen in the apartments in
West one Hundred and Thirty-fourth
street with Dr. Muret. The, agent of
the flat also is said to haIve identified
Muret as having been in the apart
ment with Father Schmidt. i
Inspector Faurot said he \wantted it l
understood that Father Schmidt hadiI
made no confession implicating Xluret. t
In the Bradhlurst alpartmeint, \twhere the
murder of Anna Aumuller took pla(.ce
the inspector continued, was found ao
receipt made. out to John Schmidt for s
the apartment in WVest One Hundred.n
and Thirty-fourth street. Detectives c
were put on the trail and found that a
the premises had been leased by ,
George Miller. They got a good de
scription of "Miller" from the agent n
and janitor, and also learned that r
Father Schmldt was a frequent visitor "
to the place. They ran down several
other leads. and finally decided to ar- t
rest Dr. Muret.
Dr. Muret said he first met Father a
Schmidt when the priest visited him tol
have some. dental work done, and it is v
alleged by the police that Muret told
Inspector Faurot that Sc(hmidt first'
broached the subtlict of counterfeiting.
"Does Muret or Miller admit know
ing the Anmuller girl?" the, newspaper h
men asked Inspector Faurot. c
"Yes." i
"Have you any evidence that tends
to show that Muret or Miller visited
the Bradhurst avenue house with
Schmidt and the Aumuller girl?"
"I won't go into that."
"Where did Muret meet the Aumul
ler girl?"
"With Father Schmidt." was all the a
Inspector would say.
Warden Watches Him. r
New York. Sept. 15.--Hans Schtmidl, V
the priest who has confessed that ihe
killed Anna Aiumutller with a iibutchr t
ktnife, "as a sacrifice to Ibt cnstum
miated in Itlood," is in the obser \ation 1
wtard of the Tombs prison tonight un- t
((Contilnued on Page Fivre.)
Washington, Sept. 15.-The defense
of the National Association of Manu
facturers to the charge of a checkered
and improper political career in
Washington and elsewhere, made by
its former "lobbyist," Colonel Martin
M. Mulhall. nas conclyded tonight by i
James A. Emery, chief agent of the
association in the capital.
For nearly three hours Emery ad
dressed the house lobby committee.
He made a detailed denial of ,Mr.
Mulhall's charges that the association
packed congressional committees; that
it. rode roughshod over those members
who opposed its legislative will: that
it campaigned with frequency and at
great expense to elect its favored
congressional friends, and that it
spent several hundred thousand dol
lars in "lobby work," through C'olonel
Mulhali himself.
With impassioned oratory, Emery
declared that the association never
L- "!~
"ý y
'I I
A +ý" ih
-" hge4P -
\1'asilington, Sept. 1 ,.- Vith wI ll
oiled legislatil e machiner' l tor;ll' ng i
i smoothli, the administration currencv <
I bill rolled steadlly tov rd com plll etion It
today utlnder detailed consihderationl in
Sthe house. A 'hol'rus of tdemocnraltic i
"noon" nlickly dispotsed of the int'er
Ious eifflorts of republlicans i n and Il'i.a es- I
, si\ves to alter the ir, v isi(ons of th 1l
S1 measure ais agr'edt' lplllln It the deoll -
S cratic uicous. Not a sintll ' llidin rial t
S anl8ent inient was v().iit into the bill. t
S The debate bIristled with c'harg.,s of I'
"gag latw" iand "('lelul'ls rlle'" froii the 1i
it minority, with o'casional sympathetltl 1i
replies from the democratitc side, h io
when the votes were nIetdedl the line
ir held firm behind c'hairlman glass iof
the banking and ellrene' commllitteo.
Representative M\nndell of W\vyintii g
and Progressive Leader Mdurdocktt de
voted considerable time to pleadingtl
with the democrats to "BIreak tlihe
d shackles" and desert thue taluslrS
t pledge. Mr. Mondoll hbeamet involved i
in a spirited controversy with Reprte
sentative Stanley of Kentcfky. wiho
r I had something to say abouti rllpubllietln
caucus action. R epresentativc Imoo
van, democrat of ('ontneP(ticut. joinred
k with Representative Murdacek in otne
of his attawks. declaring the leaders
Shad abhujdoned the currency bill ti tie
new lmembers lof thile hlise.
"Not more Ithan half ai fll'itl rnt is
here!" he shutetd. "They lr Ildraw tir
pay regularly and abandolln ithe work\i
re attached to their poisitions. 'his is
nothling more than stea(ling."
"What colld theyl dot if tIhy tt're
here?" demaltlnded Reresentati've M \r
dock. "ThIe (aulItOIus has fo'lric'losed all
I. a tion ti ill this bill."
lae An attempt wavs isa tole write inlit
r tile bill ia plirovisioin t'ortlih ing offiters
_ i- l diiroitors in nliunal h nillks from
in holding snimilar places in IIother linl
I- tional banks ior in any othitr f'inan'ial
- institutins. 'The T tnel.nlndlitie t w s ri(
jieted,. 71 to 44.
tried improperly to influence legish:
RTeferring to Mr. M1ulhall hin ,ti'f,
nll . M tlllery sllrll l:L.s ( ill (conlld illl.t ji':l
any of the plblic in men .hl,) ha:t la tl-n
the stand in the itllXe-l iguati i ') :'i
tack the lolbbyist's remnarklale tstory.
"The evidence tit fore- this t(ontlllitt e
conclusi\ ely deimonstraltes that tht
character otf Mulhall destroys every
right to believe him, nor is his writ
ten word worth more, than his orn:l
statement.'' he si.t'd.
" Dism issed from hi. .s emptloymvent
I two years ago, he undllir'tottt to tettra y
t his employers w\-hile still in their pay
to representatitves of organizedt labor
L andl while pledling for reinstatement,
Sh11 was manufractluring evidence ti vil
lify former benefactors. By the evi
t dence which he himself has produced.
he portrays himself as assailing with
1 incredihle impartiality those for whom
he professes gratitude. eqtually with
those who are the evident objects of
r mlUclous and long-plotted revenge."
Mexieol C'ity, Sellpt. i5. i -"\i\'w s a la
ihluvlepil-niv h i h \1i\t Mhxi,.o h as tht e I
cry \whiith lush red ill lhe relehratiii
tlo igt ht of the I .ti i t l i \ i ersar 'y of t i
et ilxi,'s itdopendence .\As in the et'- s,
ital, als, every city, town ll i d haml et i t(
sert\'od thet tll'--i ho ored stoltlll
- marking the h1mur of the ringing of the ii
firs t lit e rtI y hi.1 . 1 ('
SSharp o tlh stroke of 11 't ltks, illn; r
ti le lprt sencll( of thousands 11(11 1'ac edll' (
thei Iti slqu ufare iln front of tllh Iu tiotll ' '"
a, tltlie. President t Illetrt a tit f.l 'l; t (lll i i ll'
- the b.ltetly andi I he Iusli]e h tt gi' iIi at- s
Stathei to the, ti.t n e of the rt t ig it llu fl
t sustielted Rhov e a i d sti outi d theliii
I t 1A1 el l u.(] g(] I tl o. o t;1 I t ti lt It II ii t lii
e0 utt.ll wtordlrs lls. l I
f Iist ntt y the i i wI t-t ht-i h prier totb- s i iii
this had h,.n .t ni ni il silnt
I n tioll.
0i F r tlhe third s elllces siu- l, I lt t ;tI ut
Spresideni t offriiato.Id it the midnigi ht
hinlet.ienden- e i t r ol i tli 1;i t ru - I ti
firio Diaz for the Intst time soundsed the', 1
S liherly hrll at thre 1 f.n li, f he
n 100th anniversnry il 19101. 11e w;tas fol
0lol h I - 'rl i r is ofi Itt I|l: i i tt, il - it ro t
l\ isillnal prtsidel, \\hor ill turn tll'I t
e sureoded by M'ar im a ) er ago,
s A p toltig rain, w hich fell ill chr" s
i inly, i )and- he t hilI u t -i-it arrtil.I -,
r c'lods. Rockets began In snot'r frmli
k every V mIV rll r of the l it' sid for hour.,
S the air witi filled u g ith li r.ltiigi fire- i
el'recediie the "grito" Presi, knl and.
S eonora". II erta g e an elalo'ratl. re
II ceptionl in the haIlls of the la ci'e \ hi.'h
waS :( el(il liy R| V entle'l li' offi,'inls,
meIllnmbers of' the"1 ' loumll ilc corps mil
' friends of the e ent.i .v tai d is \\is i
i r The olehraitioi will he ('l1 ill ;ilil
- tomlorrmow. A onalister Iiaradc will Ie!
il t4 f'elitlre, w hil Specih-linkin; m. i d
- geno,'al festivities as .IS es s ries,
Se lttle, Sep(. 1;.--,John (iriffin, in
dieted by the federal grand jury in
three charges of raising hanknotes
' from $1 to $20 and passing them, was
1 identified today as Bernard Duffy, unl
der parole from Folsom, i'i1l, ]eniten
tiary, where he had Beet, serving a Ilo
lea` termn for burglary in San 'rai
\'anvouvee, x' pt. 1S.ej l -G til(tts i''n
\work on the 'rand T'runk l'aci~i., int
nort tlrrn Brit ullnin It t.iie
1t' a stop, so gtIat is tihe rItosh t. tiht
- new gold diggings at Sillitla ,rteok. I ln
1 miles 1so th\'t"st of T.lkata., in the.
S ;'rand Tr't.hk. i'ii t ." l IIu l.n t tr "
t now emplh:eod by thO, I,iwiIwa\ lllumlltn
twithin tl mihles of thite strik
S New havten, ('tit1., Sept. 1 .-- 'resi
- dent Wilson arrived in this .ity PIro"l
1. ('ornish, N. 11., on his rrturn trih, '
h the national capital at 9:15 t nitiht.
n His car "Federal" was nttachd he t: thI -
I IFederal exp.ress, which hldt ibeet heId
if for the Green Mountain trail, atl.i it
" left without delay,
(L, (' ll it l n t 'Ito ri., S.t i li. 1.2.-- T" t
I.' .in' t l l l n ao il; t (Ir Ii Alii.i Il
n llh Ii I ii' l Ii"' s ,TI hI ;Illlllillt ( ;i i ll)1i in l t
tod:o \\;I o l'q'picl Ihitfly oith l sight
t l this Vi l iI. .\ Iizz ling a;ill dlid not
11 d l'l' t lll iU ll in! \ l'-ura. Ilt l Ill nak
, iink l ii.li nil: l 1.' A , I I( lkl)llt intlllllltain
I i kI iia gI lt]k :lc d ll SI llsi ,uix y
S ridge.' i
d' , ToI'io lt oflk.l'~ :utill ( dlsim t'lltd aslsi
I t ( ilu s ý ii(i'S 1 1 11go ithe 11 I theI
i i str'iig Ii f m I \ti ;I ' im 1 x)t it lml 011-i
' ;mil t I, l istri' t ; m1,i I' tion f itrct's ,ire
i ll bm ((14,1 h ': , u, (!'ý finl ita t tl "Pap~
Iilti s tXii lu ' I Ilo Im u tIIVmi rs ltof
" t mill' llll ll tJin. Il , ai n (tll hi thrilling
t' sm i oiii f mli·" il ll I .r 1 1 ,t ' ltll i . A I
.' ilmti 11 . l ulll ' i ; ti ' fai s ofi
( it rltmit' 'trlt'. t I lry considei ' d
t t tll t t t l| o r t it .l.t t I , , tIhley t cre fro
I h, l i i 5,l' lit5 ,i I h ' nil. t'it'I 'lis W ill
l:trti(']]ltt.,,l itm tlm i i-l'itg m- i ld w ho
I I" ,,,l i . m, 11r 'l ý m , I '.. l i ' .ll
.\ I I Il..1 m u m ,m I I I' i l l l m t l l i el l i l
I{ .I In;i''I''i I t 1 m r I I {iIi i l It.lE
l .llljllll ll II ' I I { i I i ,, 'lIn , ( lo nl'.
(~l i ; 1 11 1E 1 Stilriotr, x
1" ' I' l'llli, r l" p it l , i li iir" ", r \ ':ls ilig o o
t lton
' ii , li . N·-' 'mm1 't i- ' ,, --htltl'f '
.' rli .II - I nI lh d 'a ui t ll i'll .
I " K I il ; '
'I.'1 1i ,t'I mm-m lh[is l , 1n , I:i tu'xit
" l, " II,, '. .I., l I ,l` ll , .t , I {'r M ich ., ; ll' O
St . li-h , it h :i
55.l -u--I i , i i I-:.i-its mmt
I'; l 'innt,'- 1,L~ ý i: ," n 101I r of vis,' i t
'1 " ih Iht,, I , l it t : i:,,100
h t l m, I l ll .l A.,t ,in ft
lh, :ll n he t k I it
\\ ( 1 41,'I',I i II \I s ',oI l , P 't ',
Igtit. ý:, ý,' ! , i dci Tll.--The de
l11,> I tln :: I h d l, Stewa\ rt M illilng
ld hv the dir'etors ,
- 1I' l ih f lnl ,. e lilr Offij i' III IlliHM
t l 1i I Lturl H! 'rhmoon, It iias in-i
intn " l til t divhdend amountx t
tI I :e i. . :f' which two and
i -h .i, - the nature of a
hIL T 'I'f , . 1L: Hecin.l, 8te(iart \
ll\ ill l l lhl ll i 71 c'it s, was
d e d u r'l .l' , 'd T h e n e w .h iv i
t]f'l wl is l; ; dh a' t ber :I for stock of',
P'LIris, SIi I1 1 A isl.ith from
]:i Iiraltar ' i, ,, I:. l4 , .lanilards have sui
fr1.yl' I a . \ ..', I .' T-r e near I't"ilta,
Mol rn.ico. A Si,;a bh column with c.ii- -
vt\y fell intoL an i'nhush, losing lOt
killed "r o tun" ndil. Reinforcelents I
s"nt froli'i iitl Lwere atitekeid lbv
trileslmen iolil fIi'c.eil to retire. with
ovusiderabla lIoss.
Constable Who Arrested Jerome for
Gambling Is Arrested for Violating
Immigration Laws of the United
States in Assisting Pauper Woman
to Cross American Line.
I alelIta,, . N. . II., .4,pt. 1,>. T[ht, .in
din*'al brI al'l'. I' th,'e Ilxiteit "4 ate
ship "1" tlirry K. Thi \'il tonighht I.$
• i e x1 x1rlit i i hil s I n 'r'll II
811' ii It i'ii n'x i' I Sx l iri . il tixil
atil(l s , l'il:,hl: l I'. I'. Niti hr' ;lla '
onie' oif the' Mitllli'xlW tin tiigixl x'x'.x x tx'i
toixiiixs itx n xtixt t ',,ix'l ixiixti ' l 'lig itix
III the Uiniteds tats isric c a
T'lii. vll x11 its 1 ii xlll ' xll\V byI1 11 1 i Th ; I ;'
IT.,. J h'er llo l l', •n en II4 IGom s.oil" .\ el'..
ih h,'i f'ti trx l i tii ' saf g li-tl i thlti.i
'lhen \vl'it \\iho(uld ( 'lo llr lFl ker I\' l\
.1 xxxx,!,l ' . f I ii \'is,'(ll lxx~iii, xx, \Vx. ixltx l 'x
ii' tI i ei lllll i, it x,(l I i, , nl'( I''r.'rl' ih l ll llil t'
tic( Iliili' l ulll ll 1It i',ui'h xxt'I jl xtlxll.1 ilx
.1 '''i I i' ill x I i piLos 1' li.' I li t l 'xl .ualione
tl'l ili'i tii l. i h \ i \iii i,,ci i xi'01 ,l i hx \' i
xxh xii x i\ll I ' 'iiiU'l lx ii,. ; l xi' h 'i I xi'i xxhtil'i
xliii l ii hllll ii xxi:, Ii ' ic i i, l, ' l'hl((.l fin
x l tl 1.. "rll\ i lla I it. ou ther lln hiII ill
il i ll i iti, h i thi il int , io lti tigii •
.'i i lt ttxx l 1tic l iH:.t i ixx ' i',itx' illt ntt -
I ' I , . i'll li' iil esixl iii ii lixti. It 1
N R~piead for Hgr.
- I t 1,, t I on, ix, linn ilts ,' lit
, - i i ll' xitl tx; lihi,', fitlc( . oim' - a
h I', i i ' l , x. ith th x xin I
I xxtxx, 11, lx lli' xl,\'i'ti 'i' " lhl \ x ' x f'lll y(,
i \S P I'x lilx ' itl,' sti, ' l ll' ll llt l Ill te. t
.'li'rlr ll .II r Ill " l IH' N. l I,," (lll( h'l' Ih*' I' ll -(
-if th'ti I ail ''e i xll '(,i h It lilt s(ev flll t i -
i lx i t1i h v \ni\ 1nt - li
itrii'lm ii,, I r 'lx. iheriff k f 'x nsixh, xnniy,
iitil l iii, Ilai "' i ' i l xil to l ilcl i'x Iill it n 1 .
cii t lx Ii.. iii hli .. llxi( l l xx x x ili l l lll' i l i
l i dxl lr. .i lll lilti,'x IlV(lxl' , it I lu iII xllx.V II x
'l'll, N Vt. ll.e", l ihh ii i f tIeiia , t1 I, -
A ral ii'x' r i n 'llx , i fr m tutu, xxiii il uxith I
Thi i \\ i I elx ' t 1it 'iii,' (1 ll i fi <tgrl -
- personll lt'n lV .his i'ilrn her" aI' l ght. ('li I~
Al w it v 'ixh xi ' llxixillitvll 1 f" hlx. x l xil
l xxl' i i" xi' h i\'ixx4"lllil',x ix b h iii: roix' In
xxxrin 'x x' xx, lxxxlur xxht I i lx't~ iix~ t'iixi'i
xxili'nxly tei n ti0 ling hits leriixtehi
l lh 'i xxiii h n.it i'l' xx itx, lxi' i i' r t.
Iret t rllxueil on 111 e l hr Sx.)
11i1!1i14, if \hi"h h10 WHH .tlhbo
10 i l i l " iteil'l l illie , hiti fi'llll . loilli Il
1 the I Ilitl] .tales,. htimi raio-n'lll hIw.
Tl nigi ht AIIdr'.'I's \\ii Whtli hilre il tlh.
ch]ief olf I.lico. I.(ltuling. Ihe, arrival ,if
(l(,org , it. Alhl ii, li I'nie.,l Nliall. ilnl
i ii rt~i onli! ils eio'rllllll, ,.tlitliill.i il 1H -
hi.(HI I'olvi, V!. AlhlIi teleholnieiid( Iliin
Ai lih'l' a \',, r raii ntii! hilr t \he ar .re ,.Io
til re w s :-i arl i n!'l %% Illt li 11 l) ('II 1'1" -I
(' C lilllli'v ill vhliola tio iif (l 0ilt hll~llitgrl
A mlirih' s\ . lli toniii ti thnii he wa'is. ai
t ilttive of N" HI amp lirn i.hre,, althougiih~l he
hal lIi\'-d ill ('liilh n(lll f'or ill'i ly l' .
to yo irs, illl( knIow\ notlhinlg oIf thie Ichllrge
a aii/ s * t him'tI lili
,|ohll I~llal)o.l II prlllJll deforitive,,
la ibl, mi'illed~l Anldhr.\P to ht, d.tinin'ld.
IIt10 a tl;I alke( vwith lIinsle,.'or Allen n
(( onltlnuedl onl Page Six.)
s I'allve & II rtifrd railroad m-4. hedi <I
by t 'or'neri EUl Mix to be ri'minally ri
SIresponl.il fr C tl dixsatrous wreck ri
,at North IIiven on ýI eptember 2,
S\lien tlhe \White Mountain ,expreslq lhI
t pllnged thoulIgh the seconllld sei Lion of
thi Standing Ilar l'arb r express, ]I,
exac(tlllg a t<i ll of 21 li\iV s. 'I'Ite 'Ir- si
f oner's finding was filed today after s.
he ]uld llonducted ii "privaite" in- t
Those hild to rlttesplrnslihle are '
A IlgIlstIls Ii. Miller, ',Igineer tif I 1 I
n \Vhitli' Milntain express, anld PruIc..: Ip
I'. Aiiiidams and 'hairles H. Mlrray, I'
,lconducltor anid flaglalin. respect'rely., c
- of the Iar Hlarlbor train. Ia
l The i'lor'oner neithier blaimes nor hil- tl
It solves the New Haven road. Ha finds tli
y signiils were In perfect working Iorder e
h and "whether the banjo signal are ii
obpolete or not, the accldvint tould t
'X'a. hington, Sept. 15.--.Speeial.)
- I. Ii. KIrkland oit tAI\lititt , It,
nt., titis been reeonltti.tented hi\
Setita'rs lty'trs alnd VWalsh for the I
i lpil mlltnl t iis stolicitor inl tile In
trl 1l I'e'\' llu' fitf ie ol ' the tr"1iss
ii1ry dhluartilnent teo suh'(ec.t Flett'h'er
1 ilddox. vho ithis held tit tfflut
ye +i arsxtil'. The lpo.sittoll lin -s
$: ,hllil I'e miiill llltn aIn is illllpo'rtanllt.
iu Ihe i'smiito' is the lerngal eIilx) er- L
fl ilitl'r l l l e fltt1 ' lw' il il re e
ti'ltl, i .i 11a t.. i ' ll ivls w ill tiltllt)i.(.
tl illi aut lli'i' it the sa lsitt'l ia ll itf
1it'lj I iit tili ttisi 0 tilt h
Illerll.1 1OVER tl CAPITALIZED Ial
K~i'khlitid hasi hb..,l milhed to \\ shl
hnltoll Iforl :1 t'¢lll't~lt tion \ ith lilt,
Itl.liss iln ,r ,.f iintletlil l i -rt.\ nu,11€ aid
it" lh., t'.)lll't ~'lll~tt 1i. .:ll? 111 'll')" lii
t' ii '11) ;ppoilitl illen 1I.- I xpet ed1I'It '.
1in('i 11\ ' rltt' l llltt l 111 ' \ . m .1 till r i ita 'I l l
se'hl:ll dlilhe \ lr, 1ispos 1.ni iiI dl;l h\.,I P
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l'thel'O l.' I'tha t l i e i \\'ll Ilt' Ithe lll th l a cI II
t'ritiis tl ilti i' ll ,itii r i l' I tI llt l t it
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r l'lim h ak in itili itg iili h t hl ;r 2i n rt i, h
t'itltit titutlIvsi tll "lt'h it!' lilt Ii t~'.il I~ll Iit
sitli'ritttut i
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(lI. l ~·lrt o 7'11nlR il ((llllllilvll.l
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hlivi ll ttl ' ;I ' tit' nut it ttl' it Ii -l I*1:1 ' rl
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oilit i lri lt i t t ilt' e f iltl ti n 11h sii e I . t
l- tint i ill Iti"l i hi' hti lt.i' as lt sit itr
Itet tl g t-listd hi theit l I ina il Ii
ti,1-I I ti l i ''it t sti I t ' ,th Ii' ,
sf sir-tiih g llitir Il ll'tI re I il:ile 1i1 I tht i l
ita its. lli.lllt ll o 'ieltal
Netl Yir. N it. 1i. 'lthtiglrit lll
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liillh ii b V ,bl'e tol. 'l a ' lIlt t nllgl. III 1 t
ilt iht hllI s i m wIhlllli ha s leintehi
( .,1H l~l~ll i 1 r¢,l lltlilill.( 1L \v~ t l ·llllllt1 h Ilh,
It ritllli, 'ilt t ,si :Ii i lilt ilti y Rt l t ilt
I t tll St iltS ilts utn-ut \ hI t itit t
diyit t h klt ttl itllhoI rat l hhl lly pritil,
- . 51 i li Wi i lls til li il' ut lit. it
LThomas Speaks. .
,\A delt edi o .p. nl~ti lh 1ll slllil t ofl tl i he
iin 'iff" hitll w a'is nollll titll ll the lsln te t I- i
Sd ly h\ c , h liltll" "Tillltn1n oif I'illln ii Ii
. t lii e t'r ith Ilel h r iof the finit II
Vot'llllll tl~ot T he .t~llaitorl linti pr lllrlalllll i
Shis ..peotdh for deliv'.r? ill tlh, Itariffl ii
Sdl'biite bil t 'i w ls re,\n, lk l Illol ito \ illi- I.
h hld it ..o Ihilt the a s g litl l o f t he hill a,
nmtghlt liot he( delaye'd.
1h, waV ilyll) ihefentht- lith ..lgal r I
. sche.€itle aind deichi'tree Ithil liilh of.
hl f i~l lig ilhill It g!iln tl fr'ion .11ug i hv p
S tlli bt0ol mII.AI r llil etsl.. W \Iit ,, is1.o t
-l ii 8 lllisapi robl~tsh~ imil
I v\' r- i'it l li h I'#tlIioln of corii r ail)Itl ioni
iilln l di.sc(rinih tin l'or, fr!,itht ratll wer i\tl'
( li10 htilh .'.l,. .H Ih'ling. Ih, (harlal(terl
12.oil (h10 \\I'inlllg ,of sI.a 1. as. hl.'llliang
Irbbhvr3 illlli r,,,'hlu le if II w\tre¢ liON,t
favor1"ldl.lilt g¢lvlrlnll+nll lm\\ l¢,'r hili if raiil. t1
. ew Yo'¢rk. Hnllt. 1 r. Tl'h, I.,xm 'l.. :
oft the, N!,w Yo~rk Hit.'k ex iinthlllk,. I'I
flloonl oi Molndai, Hop1temibler CC, I h.
dayl) of M/lyor fiyr II3111" fulllral. Tlhl
canniiolidatedi~i e'xihangil.1 haiI de't'idel to
fo, lllll~i 0hl0804 all tihiy M*.ilili$.
M( O(bl t'l.. (h flllin lliy, Sep*'lt ]G' |' n,. -
If'Ill |.'l'Holit4 Jil'. d..m d in. ili I'l. l ,,I .
StilO C'i~llillH of1 tl (Piil ill..lll h1 ih58 . M illi- II
- I ltl"hinior of gas1 (pile < Ilili'. Iitinilyl3, li ll I'p
anlid w\if.' uili tlhr.e .'hilldrei \\ns. killhed
c are"0 the1111 1111111111.1 I t' ell AII i:- "
revlr l dI."
E lllllrglll ." II iiirýI :rea~
I 'jill1 iV Inet }1 1( larg 1 1e11111 I 1)1r II
CIrI. 1111· rick,l 11. Engine1).r Miler V1I(1 I).1 :1`1
lh1 t !it III'11 IlI itllti V' 1111 1e 1c 11 (lIlt 1.:
stied furll .\rliiiiis 11l(I llrlal, II -
LaI hale' 11 11 till Ill b dht la l'ltlI't I
tomo11r..,ro .~. 1I 111 a1aIljll I'I
l- nginger. * raII rier: di
Sthe ban lives if a large nat anc r olt lI
tflltr-huolld to take noI chan<"e andl in- I·
cur no risk·. Engineer Mille~r was ý 1
awarel'( thet lateP train was ahead anlt Hld d(
that it witsc imperativ~·e and h Iis dlutyjg
I to have had hisli train under perfect i cr~j~
" control,, ready to s, top at a signal of its
dangefr. * * * ille·r approache~d d
l the balnjo slguarl set at dangetr Juurjf
Body of Special Policeman 'Is Found
Outside Columbia Gardens, With
Three Bullet Wounds-One Theory
Is That Murderer Was Attacking
Young Woman--No Clue Found.
i im . 8sit is iS tstj Il iii i' i
ti ll , 'n "1i'f I;t I "1h I: ll I0 tlt '-1in
dol tl , ';\ '- the w hen t l'q' '"'. hat Np rl PIia
(Illllc t;lll. i. r I \'. ugllh ) i .4i A i s l' IIt'I ll
kIlhlh I \w hen he ruslltd t,. th , ;tid ,,1 i..
ciii III lil' 'it 1h ill a lii.' tuit just
til't tii ih t' I t'ithi itt' ii ,' 'l i +lt .i iii
ilisll fl itlh' a d 11 , (1' it i h (ll lllllllii
lhi0 thall t' ll I I. u .111 s1 t\'I I tu ll is I11 I -
lit i wIil , ; t 111111. 1 tl' )I Ia 1'+11 ii llllllit
'hi ' i -;Iu , +- tt 1:11.1l I it-ti, , lii 'li .+;14i' -
Silgtlh' , .t ' I ht t11 1 , l stitig l il ll t \icn
iii titilt's tirir ii thre l hoti
r 110ini ia tool (I1 its tu-til d criilii
I 'i111 iifi hi lii . Tihii , grl't llllt IIt:'I" '\itih'ri
ii ith f fi I" l it ll't :" ' i n h o-,
- 'i 'tutiiii i i l trit-itt N u gli liii' gil
ithl' lpartil's su lrp ris l hb " th o ,ffice,++r
li tii il l tti ii l ib's i 'l l I- t I '\nl l1 ql
'i t u hoit tit t its s it i i lp-i
iii~nl ;III, ttl I t)l~ l til , III1 I lii I'IT ItI'iii
A 1 ill i \\ihl fl tl. I' llo ll'lii t uhe ll ttlel' l
i ll illi citII
1I i ,110p 1hLi s t w \ill li tilril yt. :lli( I'gliVl
l the Ital l hut ii Ilit in t i wd r T hats'
i tl -e ' : 'I'll o. i't-,- \\:11 ,,hl iti\\ 11 ill b l
0 lrue,,k. h.,loru+ h1, 8:li (int, tot rlflvW hi,.
re I'I.\ l e\'rI" I+ b, llt r n Ill( ht , the, lu nItIionll
r I'o th , hIllit ,\illutn i s, tl\\ao e tlti'riti
, i l . h, l:l t' u rilt t i:i lli f-tii llill ' th , h l('ik.
i' i T lhiti, t i i t l i , tilt( '\ t1 - t ttlO right
i' 'l, h\\h111' 't s i t i l t hit rlu t d tht l bs l tin.
,\iItt heu. ii ill li' t l'bll l h is i Inil the
' thirdI is ill tlhi. rliit hlihi lll ir hl1d .
Th i litihir -i hull it hut i, i p t cib ' yl firtd
: ;I, the, oi+l'i',I \\+Is abou~t toi \ hool
tI nl IIlIMl II ' - ( c iit I V lii fi t it'llh
lit tuutlii ilsll 511
It ' 'l Iu', lit'l ild tli, tugly t th5u'ii i
hI ft. I11 1li It hli't hilll i oif' the IPill
I\\linl i· I,;ll~iill uhIsilI It' ll li ,l il l illy
ri1ihl Ii lit l t-huI iil' . 11 i+ th 1 i 'l l -'
iht lii li'tth i tti its till u-its' struck
p] cktlll. , ai ]labiit hi, :lit\ie'. i'hlang to
wh Iihlle ins ,rlling! tile lla lk. VauglllhnI
did t' I i ll,'i i Ith liti t l r tilw hii rtll
', il ,I- 'l'lwl., nan \ vtsi nlllll iv hi i t 11'.
hi ll. t rll'r Tr t li t1leh+ extlut'in -ie 1 sll -
iill ar i nciri if the gihr l alt'e(,r het r \ 'r$'
l[t. hllll witih Ihe, thieory thait lhten
thII I nIrl' 5l)- 111' t lli l ite| .Nho hP
I ii ' . t 'ii gltht''ult' h t ..t1h uinI
f :11(it1( ·1 I.'lh'v+' \ lliii tll."1 11 irl x11 ( 111
awii i tli u t 'ish tih letli iui r ' It't. twl
TIher'l i,. anlotherl th l ry t hat` i Vaughin
ii I 'irl.'rtilt' a:sal lll iiii lliii' si ,l 'ticsi -l-u v'ith
i " SS lI 2- . 11 ". ;il i Il Iht IOI
irit dhe, riiminel tllo kill lll the ag ,d spe
t ll pl ico Clll t I hli er (ll n I b iilt (ti
1iil '
I I Thle muil ll i setll dlll ;i hig 801. I 8i) 01811
S 111 ( " i, i iii~
! I,,lvioli., S p ,., 1,i I Britih indhian. in
Smi+4 t hl i1 f% ris~, ;. \;hol li blrlh " ]40,01)0.
S thl't';l'ion 1 t,: sl.. el <.lrilke forl thi+ re+
IIr'I.H ofl 141"t.iX il.',.., ile't rdin'glt ito a
.Johailll,.-bilrl displlal.h Ito the lallyll
Muhll That abv b', arl, lhail they', are!+ dli.
f.rhiniilitllH ;mi nsli +-t hv the Ininiii ai mefl~ll
l +;1', h i 1I:1\. lis t l pulrph'se t o I brel'l' k
ih1. hiltls. I1 ;r ets'',.l followlx, it i,. as.
r - i' all ll, Iia, iintlls w ill c+l'lse w orkl' .
ord +ll'+l l n.i. ll il+ 14winl) bi thl' I lrian('h
Ii it'ilill", I flliest. fili mh illlX. \Vtilh li pas
M i++11. '1 hi! I'l\tel'ld I IN' mlilt',s fromltl hils
I homlll ;il N li\ inellt - Hrl'+ll' ' t o i Palrit
in II1 al IinutIe,+ Thi.. was at (110 rtht ll o(f,
n I(+ rl '1 14" tril s h'. i hioiur. ][*I.f " wa.
II recenltl), :i\1ilthl|d th+, .inlgli, <lit) r'l(cord
rt11'h lf t ,the 'tr.t . at a recklt ss rat'
Itlegaldillg Cllonduc tor IBruce Adams
I' I t he l lar Harbor' express, Coronler
M11x says:
"It tas clearly his duty (after the
1,'train had been st5 pped) to get attar
frolll r t dln ncge. and clearly Ills
'dllty tI hate left a comrnpetent flagllntall
beh ind dntll proed at ont e."
t f Ilt agnan r I Murray of the Bar
Hlaror train, the coroner sues:
"It is Amldi(ie that hr did not have
Iinl to goI lbrt. tlhe retquilred distance
before being c dl', I ill by a signal
gi\tven y tihe enlgilneelr and before he
!could pl(ace his torpedoes anlld light his
f'uses. Fromll all the testimony. I find
directly to the contrary. He did not
go tinll ldiately hack when the train
t came to a stop,. He did not endeavor
f to go back tihe reqlluired distance and
. did lnot set his t.orpedoes or light his
t fuses."

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