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Dr. and Mrs. L. D. Frick arrived in
Missoula yesterday from the Bitter
Root valley near Victor, remaining
here until evening, when they con
tinued east to Washington, D. C. Dr.
Frick is of the department of public
health, and has been engaged in in
vestigating the spotted fever tick and
methods of its $radication during the
summer. Some time ago it was an
nounced that one scheme was to en
courage the grazing of sheep through
out the tick-infested area, this not
only to clean out the rank growth in
the underbrush along the foothills, but
to use the sheep as tick traps and
by dipping the sheep to kill all of the
ticks that are living in their wool.
.Dr. Frick had a conference with
District Forester Silcox before he left
yesterday. The forester stated that
definite arrangements had been made
to let sheepmen have national forest
range without charge in this section of
the Bitter Root. Dr. Frick stated that
a' meeting of the stockmen inl the val
ley had been held, and that at least
one good band of sheep .had been
pledged for the experiment.
Look, Mother! If Tongue Is Coated
Give "California Syrup of Figs."
Children love this "fruit laxative."
and nothing else cleanses the tender
stomach, liver and bowels so nicely.
A child simply will not stop playing
to empty the bowels, and the result is,
they become tightly clogged with
waste, liver gets sluggish,. stomnacl
sours, then your little one becomes
cross, half-sick, feverish. don't eat,
sleep or act naturally, breath is bad,
system full of cold. has sore throat,
stomach-ache or diarrhoea. ,isten,
mother! See if tongue is coated, then
give a teaspoonful of "California Syrup
of Figs," and in a few hours all the
constipated waste, sour bile and undi
gested food passes out of the system,
and you have a well, playful child
'Millions of mothers give "('alifornia
Syrup of Figs" because it is perfectly
ha.rmless; children love it, and it never
fails to act on the stomach, liver and
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which has full directions for babies,
children of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly printed on the bottle. Beware
of counterfeits sold here. Get the gen
uine, made by "California Fig Syrup
tompany." Refuse any other kind
with contempt.-Adv.
The plans for the observance of ('I
,lumihbus day in Missoula were vcarried
forward yesterday to some purpose.
Superintendent Williams announced to
rpembers of the committee who had in
terested themselves in the matter that
programs were being prepared in ilhe
schools to be given either Friday before
'October 12 or the following Monday.
At the Sacred Heart academy a pro
gram will be given on Sunday after
noon or evening. The business men in
terviewed yesterday expressed a will
ingness to decorate their windows by
using the national colors from I'rida.
until Monday.
William J. Logan died at SI. I';t
rick's hospital yesterdlay iiorning
heart trouble. IMr. LogaRn IOhas. se-
riously ill for some time, and th, eld
was not unexpected. Hie was h1 years
of age anld had been a rsident i Mlis.
soula for nearly 20 years. A hroth, r.
Postmaster Andrew J. Logan, ndlI d
sister. Margaret Logan, survive hiiim in
Missoula, and two sisters and a brothier
are living in Troy. N. Y. ''The fllueral
will he held Monday afternsoon at 3
o'clock in the Marsh chalpl.
After Frof. Sabouraud confirmed
the germ origin of dandruff, science
was confronted by a new problem
which was not solved until thei discov
ery of Newbro's Herpicide. Herpicide
being the first successful preparation
compounded in harmony with this
new -theory, "the original remedy to
kill the dandruff germ."
Since then. numerous preparations.
said-to be "Just as good" as Herpicldd
have been thrown upon the market;
others have, adopted Herpicide claims,
and. without, making any change in
their remedies, but none have ever
reached the same degree of popular
ity. Evrywhere this remedy is recog
nised asathe one genuine dandruff
etidicator. As a result, Herpicide has
more satisfied users than all other
hail preparations combined.
Biug the original remedy, users
G i
Regularly Presoribed
by many physicians
Pure Malt Whiskey
is used in numerous hos
pitals because it's absolutely
the purest and best tonic stim
ulant known to medicine. It's
just what you need; try it.
at most
druggists, grocers and dealers.
The Duffy Malt WhisTey Co.,
Rochester. N. Y.
County Surveyor ,Tames Bonner re
turned yesterday front the Coelur
d'Alene branch, where he went to do
somne road work. He reports that For
est Johnson, contractor, has completed,
the grading of the Montana-Idaho road
down to the Pt'olles railroad, and that
as sooll as Contractor Charles
Schroeder finishes the repair of the
road between Saltese and Taft that the
way will be clear to the divide for autoR
and other vehicles. The repairs will
be finished in a few days. J. W. Itar
rington has finished the new county
bridge at Salteso, and the road from
Missoulla west to the Idaho line is now
in fine condition. Over the divide a
c'ople of miles of the new road con
structted to join with what Missoula
c'unllllty mlade is now\ heing change(l
fronl the north slope to the south tslope
of the hill. When tills is finished the
highway will he clear t1 Wallace.
Sotllnissiollnor Price, nOW lcting
mayor of th(e city, annollnced yester
day that the intl,'rovement work in
(Greenol.lh tark, that portion of it as
llmapped outt for this yelar, had been
completed lnd that the city's pav roll
\woullld ho redllueed this ll)lmonthl by the
sm 511 f thle wages for three 1n1(1.
A further reduc(tion has also boon
Illade by laying off all gardleners em
plo yedl in caring for thel grass and
trees illn the special illrprovelllent dis
tricts. Nine' garlldeners weore suspended
on I) ltobel 1. It looked as though
some of them would be back at work,
S tillhe grass w's Very drl, tbult 'yester
da 's storllmll saved this action.
The damnp weather will also climlnnate
the street splrinkling, probally for the
rest of the, year.
In the r' gullr monthly staottonent
that is being prepareld lfor Septeher
at the city hall, a stalement slhowing
the fillancial cltonditIon of the city, and
olle in Wh1ich Iompal'tris-ons with the
salle llmionthi t(he prloviouls ya' arl' i nowv
regularly sho(wn, . are figures which
should ibe encouraging to tholse illter
osted in thie welfare (if the (;ardetIn city.
The stat(lementl will sh(iw i delcrease inl
warrants drawn onil the general Iand(
roadl fundslls of te it tothe ll amountll
of $l6,032.94 in Sepltelmber, ll913, over
Selptember, 1912. In Sepltember, 1912.
tho total amount of mlontey paid out of
tIose two fowds for general rllnning
splnses and road worltk ,was $14,0fi.tfi.
bast PSeptonhber the total was $7.979.92.
chaiello \\was arrestedl by the police
yestetIday md I turnd'i over in te ,oun
ty atthorili s nn a charge of passing a
woirthless c(hek. (12n1 of those hIe
passed at the llrand I 'iil hotel. It
waits for $10. bal"ler h I retlrnedl to
'ash another forll $15. ht till is one was
Iot taken, lll d anl investigatilon W s
Illa4de with th1, results8 aN givr n ahove.
Foley Kidney Pills Succeed.
Ditaulls( h O h ti rl l a honestly mllll
merdlilli lhatl i',llleves prolmpl \" the
sllff.ri n Xh i ll' Io \\'ak , inhll ti\( kid
I lttding uip tih trio exacrting khi ney .
Alt'Ir ;Iir trltn tef ri-c , ,listicl, It. 1t.
Siinhll y stilrdaly, Ilill Ml clsc'l htr.
hllri! n tht. tr'lalsaction. \va;is f0lllndl not
expect more istoishlllilig resullts fromTI
Herpicide than they would Ilook for
from any other preparation and] they
usually get them. So wonderful has
been the success of this germicide
that it is now recognized as the stan
dard hair remedy of the world.
Herpicide destroiys the dandruff,
checks falling hair. It stops itching
of the scalp almost instantly.
Newbro's Herpicide in 5nc and $1.00
sizes is sold by all dealers who guar
antee it to do all that is claimed. If
you are not satisfied your money will
be refunded.
Applications obtainable at the good
barber shops. Insist on having real
Herpicide. Send 10c in postage for
sample and book to The Herpicde,
Co., Dept. It, Detroit, Mich. Mis-'
soula Drug company, special agents.
8% money to loan, J. M. Price Co.
John Lynch of Iron Mountain spent
the day in Missoula.
Popular music 10c. Orvis'.-Adv.
M. F. Majors of Lolo spent the day
on business In Missoula.
Magazines, Smoke House, E. Cedar.
H. F. Trump of Florence spent the
day in the city on business.
Money to loan. McIntosh & Fisher.
Miss Lillian Kleinoeder of Hamilton
was a guest In Missoula yesterday.
Moved to 114 East Cedar. R. & S.
Flower store.-Adv.
Charles Vealey is confined to his
home by a persistent attack of rheu
Best Montana coal, $6.50 per ton.
M. R. C. Smith, Montana, bldg.-Adv.
('. E. Burnett has gone to Philips
burg for a week or so on insurance
"31" whisky, guaranteed 14 years
old. Yerrick's, 121 W. Front.-Adv.
C'aptaih Seville visited Fort Missoula
yesterday on special detail from Fort
George Wright.
Dr. Willard, osteopath. First Na
tional bank.-Adv.
('lifford Brill went to Paradise yes
tIr'lay to spend Sunday with his Iar
ents. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Brill.
R. & S. Flower store, moved to new
quarters, 114 East Cedar.--Adv.
C. K. Wyman, supervisor of the
teiaverhead forest, is in Missoula for a
few days visiting the district office.
Marsh, the undertaker; phone 321.-
Mr. and Mrs. II. 1. Farquhar Iha\
returned from a trip into the field,
where Mr. Farquhar had forest duty.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
Mr. and Mrs. S. .J. Coffee, with their
guests, Professor and Mrs. J. P. Rowe,
motored to IHamilton for the day lri
Sani-Flush and clean-a-tub for sale
by Kennedy, the plumber.-Adv.
Mrs. ,\'. It. Ferguson. who teaches
school at Arlee, came Into Missoula
yesterday to look after business tmat
Join our sewing machine club. "Now
Huome," "Standard" or "Free," $45; $3
down, $1 per week. Orvis'.-Adv.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath, Higgins
block. Phone 834 black.--Adv.
S. S. J Malvin of the forest service
has gone to Ogden, where he will be for
some time on special detail In district
No 4.
Dr. Louise Smith, osteopath, Ma
sonic temple. Phone 618; res. 533 redl.
Mrs. Jesse IlHendetrsonll cin'el into tlhe
city yesterday from Hall to spend a
few days with her mother, Mrs. M. E.
Newton IT. Schweiker, optical spe
clalist. Rooms 203-205 Montana blk.
Miss Pearl Lewis. who teaches school
at Lol,, is in Missoula for the week
onl,. visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Money to loan on ranch and city
property. IH. D. Fisher, 113 E. Main.
Messrs. Allen Toole, Massey Mc(ul
lough, Ronald Higgins, H-loiter Kennett
of Helena and Fred Angevine motored
to HaIinlton Friday.
Stenographer Dawson, Montana blk.
Louis G(. Nichols, forest ranger, Io
eitled at Bionita, came into the city for
the day yesterday. lie was accoi'm
panied by Mrs. Nichols and her sister.
Borrow money and pay It hack in
monthly installments. See George F.
Brooks. Missoula.--Adv.
Mrs. Ralph (lilhamtn has arrived in
Miss)ula with tier three-months-old
n.... r.......... l - nrtll w~er e in the |home
son to spenlt several weelt in the homlnl
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. It.
The Missoullan has the hest du
plicating second sheets for letters.
$1.00 per 1000.-Adv.
Dr. J. L. Scott has made arrauge
nients to leave this eveniing for a va
cation trip east. E)r. Scott exprect
to visit friends in Minnesota, Iowa. In
diana and Michigan, and to return to
Missoula at the end of three weeks.
Handy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Missoulian of
Mrs. Lizzie Kennedy. mother of
Hugh., Louis and Will Kenenetdy of this
cit\, has returned from Rifle, c'oli.,
where she hIas been durling the suol
moitr months with her son, lyn Kenlt
nidy,. who is located there as :ashier
of ita hank.
For Sale-Smith & Barnes cabinet
grand piano; practically new; cheap.
Phone 296 black.-Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Barp.s, with their
guests, Mr. and Mrs. A. \W. Wilcox,
motor'ed to llamilton Friday mllornillng
and hack to Missoula ycsterday. They
saw the fair and attended Ithe danc(
given by Mr. and Mrs. Read and Miss
Effie Read, Friday evening. at the Re
valli hotel.
When in Butte stop at the Acoma,
a quiet rest place in the city's center.
BroadwaY and Wyoming. Rooms $100
a day and up.-Adv.
1uo you Want a holme ori at good in
vestnint-or both? If so so, display
adt on page 4, editorial sectiotn. Look
at the ad anyway.-Adv.
I. M. Robertson has returnlld "t'rom .1
week's trip to Jocko and its vicinity.
Mr. Robertson reports aln lult.nalli
fine oat crop in that region. I'lt' av\er
age yield will he 50 bushels to the
acre, and four threshing machines are
now bulls in the Jocko valley takiing
care of the harvest.
See display ad on page 4, editorial
section, if you are interested in an
improved Orchard Homes tract. 10
acres, or want a snap in some town
property that must be sold at once.
Rev. J. N. Maclean, D. D., expects
to leave tomorrow for Billings, there to
attend the meeting of the synod of
Montana, October 7, 8 and 9. Dr. Mac
lean will give the home missions report
for the state, and he will give an ad
FIRST I illlllIRSdRllI rLL
Don't overlook this extraordinary money-saving opportunity. We offer ready-to-wear goods, suits, coats,
dresses, skirts, underwear, sweaters, gloves, hosiery, waists, house dresseS, millinery for women and children, for
less than ever before. Read the items below, compare prices, and then come.
$2.00 Children's Dresses. In 95c Coas Worth to $15 1.25 House Dresses. Anni-69
this A nniversary Sale .......................9 5t versary Sale .............................................. C
The greatest line of coats ever
For3.00 Childrens Dresses. .89 shown for the price. Diagonal $2.00 House Dresses. An- $1.39
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mia mm m • lue n mmmm m mmm m mm m mmm mmm mm m mm •
dress as representati\ve of the Presbl
torian bord of edtiucation of Philadcl
Offeortd to you at a sancrifice! 'Tlht'
just what I mean. The best it proved
10-acre tract in O(rchard Ilomies; also
two hol(uses antld lots in the city. See
display ad on page 4, editorial siection.
IIn The lMissoulian's story ybesterday
llorning concernilng thile numbellr of
homlesttead applications that hail been
filed with the forest service aimd those
listed for rentry, the following figures
were given: Applications filed. 6, ,n0l;i
applications listed for entry. 2,5:32.
Orrine for Drink Habit.
We are in earnest when we ask you
to give ORRIINI a trial. You have
nothing to risk and everything to
gain, for your money will be returned
if after a trial you fail to get results
from ORRINE. Tills offer gives the
wives and mothers of those who drink
to excess an opportunity to try the
ORRINE treatment. It Is a very sim
ple treatmtent, can be given in the
home without publicity or loss of
time from business, and at a small
( I!.RINE is prepared in two forms;
No 1, secret treatment, a powder; OR
RIh ll No. 2. in pill form, for those
whJ desire to take voluntary treat
mnent. Costs only $1.00 a box. Come
in and talk over the matter with us.
Ask for booklet. Missoula Drug Co.,
Corner Higgins and .Eront.
tv*i graphivial error in thile list frnnl
lthicih tlIhse figilrl s l e (re taken i.: re
sh' nsi|le far the error hl erl in h oi -
tained, as th. tnlhl lumhor of allpli,'
tiles filed shiuil have bCen 6,(1O ihl
st. c;d of ti,(100.
Avoid Sedative Couqh Medicines.
If iou wantt to en.itriite tdirectly
ItI t ll o irru('lilInI of ilaillil:ry b uroill
'hilli i nl lin lilio lia uiste llill
mIl li l'e tfI H t (nll t( lill (coi( lill I llIr -
hlltno, herni. ;nlod other" sialtiv.s
\lli 11.oll laVe a roulgh or Cold. An
p 'irltorani like ('hiamblertiin's Cough
Ilnmedy is what is needed. Thai
cleans I I the i llll ture Iletus or libreed
ing 1k,'irs I'no thie germs of pnuo.i
uooiik ini uither germ diseases. That
i; \\li pn;lll illonia nlever results from
a ruhl when I 'hamberlaina ('otgh
lomildy is usol. It has a worhl
wide rlpulttilion for its cures. It conl
ins no norlhilne ior other secdative.
For sale by all druggists. Adv.
tBuy F'rats, the 15 sn.oke, by the
box--+23s for .15, 51s, $2.25; postage
Prenaid. larden :Citv Drug Co.-Adv.
40 Acres Fine Land on
Flathead for Trade
We have 40 acres of fine land all
under cultivation; fenced, small
hllngalow, harn and cnlcken house.
We will trade this in part for im
proved :Missoula property or well
located town lots.
W. H. Smead Company
Higgins Block.
Phone 212. Missoula, Mont.
Orton Bros.
State Agents
Steinway & Sons
Chickering & Sons
Vose & Sons, Kimball
aollind several other
high-grade pianos
Paxton Garage
Oposite the alace sprotel.
taxicabs and Touring Cars
Call Us Up for Rates.
Both Phones, 678.
Hlollingsworth & Elmore
Torturing eczema spreads:
its burning area every day.
Doan's Ointment quickly
;tops its spreading, instantly
'elieves the itching, cures it
)ermanently. At any drug
Have restored many to
health in the year or
more I have been in
Missoula, Se e ~ boholt
Your case. Corisulta
tion is free at offi~e.
F. G. Moore, D.C.' c
Graduate Doctor of
Chiropractic. Lady assistant.
Hammond Block Phone 1084
We Will Pay You
The highest market price
for your hides, pelts and
furs. Bring or send them
in and get the cash.
To convince yourself
iwrite for prices to the
Western Hide and Junk Co.
West Main Street, Missoula, Mont.
For a short time, to clean
up stock.
Simons Paint and Paper
i U4 - Hos

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