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New York, net. 3. -Major league
bas ball tfo" 1913 onimc to a close to- r
day as far as the regtulalr schedules
are concerned. In the Nationlal league
Philadelphia's title to second place 1
was not seriouisly quetioned.
Chicago finished in third place with
o good margin over Pittsburgh in
Iourth place. The ('lobs untler Evers
nmade a better sho\wing than tmany
critics expected. The Pirates got off
to a had start and at no time were a
factor in the race. Fred Clarke is
not likely to rest satisfied with the t
team as it is.
The Bostons under George Stallings ,
finished fifth, leading the second di- t
vision. Brooklyn finished sixth, a:
notch above last year, losing a final n
chance to heat out Boston this week.
Cincinnati, with Joe Tinker at the
helm, hlad to be satisfied with Iseventh t
place. St. I ouis, last by nearly 1]00 i
points, never got going well at all,
iand played worse insteaid of better as
the season progressed.
The Athletics this year got an early
]ead itn lhIe Amenrican league race and
the finish was, easy. Cleveland, the
rlunner-up for the greater part of thet
year, lost its grip in thie season's
later weeks, hIt ile ('larkl (riffith's
Ylalshingt.itone welre 'Iraceintg and malltling
a stronlg showl\'ing.
It took the last week of play to
decide the fourth tIl'ace contest, but
the Red Sxs finally won by at slight
margin. The last year's champions
fall from their high estate of 1912
was one of the sie't;sn's rlemlarkllthle
developml ents.
The White Six finished in fifth t
plae, althouigh with ia porcentage well t
abov the half-way tmartk. D)etroit,
ending in sixtlh lace, is there Iatrely t
ty virlt o''f \t'eatlness in the Itux.I
lThe seventlth tiute figiht wtas not
decided until lihe last intoiints iof thte t
sPasorn in Cic'eland tlody, w\hlll
Cleveland, by taking thi last half of '
ia double-headert, kept the lrowins In I
the cellar. The Niiw Yorkls occullit' I
the seventh tposition It. u four-point
umargin. The St. Illis t Iltrtwint , al- t
though last, have ,laydit well recently. i
. . . . . . .. .. . . .. . . . . . ..
Standing of the Clubs.
lh--- "ol i. L.st. '0t.
Phi'ladelll .hia li 7 . "-27
TVaslhington 90 61 .5S
leveland ....... .....; .
Boston .... .. . ... 79 71 .5T
('hicago .................. . 7 .51::
Detroit . .... 7 .431
New York 57 94 .377 i1
St. Louis ... ............ 57 9 .373 nr
Browns and Naps Divide. 1t
Cleveland. (eet.. 5 --S1t. Louis and
C'leveland each took. one ' iof Ilast l r
two games of thile seaslon hero today.
By a batting rollt in the twelfth St. I
Louis won the first ga.IIe, 9 to . I
After four and one-htalf innings l ayed l
in the dusk. ('li\' l:and \\,11 the see
und gaooe, 41 to 13..
Tmllorrow the Pitistllrghl Nationals
and the 'level:,tli . elllric iltn s orll(ln a
st von-iatnel series hellre. Hcores:
First ganle -- . 11. I1.
C'leveland . ... .. 4 10 4
St. Louis . . 9 I1 1
ftatterie --'3ll nding h and (l N lill;
Leverenz, Tai lor.t, W.'m111 and
Second gaoe -- I, II. i:.
C o!veland ............. I...4 , 2
St. Lous ......... 5 2
Batteries-.lamep and 'arish;
Brown land Ag wlt(w.
Tigers Close With Victory.
lietroit, hit . 5 (hl11ago 's weird
fielding ,nalid l)Detroit lto \in t tloday
the last gilami of the seasioi. The
score was 9 to .. T1h contest ias it I
pitchers. Nonie W.s effective. lolri:
I L 1. E.
('Chicago 1, 4
Detroit 9 1 I
Hattr'ries 5', :,. L.;tthrop and .;,s
torly; c',rn st-n. \\ hlltilS i llltl a "St;ln
!set Neaa Tf..
Better than'
you expect
for lO0c.-be'cause
there's better quality in
a General Arthur than 10c
has a right to expect. The
way we blend fine Havana,
Sumatra and Domestic to
baccos, is a marvel to crit
lcs and the critical, mild
but not overdone.
jqi'1 ARTHUR
New Yoirk. Oct. 5-.-Final stages of I
Ipreparation for the series ibtwe ,n the
New York Nationals anid the Phila
d(elphllia Americans to decide thle bIl- cis
hall challlliOnship of the world are at day
hand. Au gust Herrmann, chairman of rtol
thlie national commission, and Thomas tool
J. Lyn.vh. president of the National 11
Ieag~ue, already are on the ground, anld gfn
an T., Johnson, president of the fir1
American league, the third minleer of 4 t
the governing body, is expeeted early run
tam(rrow. V
The conmmission is scheduitiled to eet 1two
tnmonorrit borning, give its instriu -
Stins to umpires and clear up annv
points of uncertainty that tmayi rIemalin
regarding the playing of the series. All
then will be In readiness for the call- ,ac
ing of play at the Piolo rrtunds at '
o'clock Tuesdaly afternoonl for the open- li
ing game of the series wthitch will tell
whether the w orl laurelsu of 191i are San
to resot ith thet mn unllr t tthe llIeagi S
of John J. Mcfra, or the hand of ath
Sfties guided lby (','rnelitus Mc(lilli- f'
Distributing Seats.
lDistribution of the 9,000-odd r- T
se rved seaIt tickets for the series at "ca
the New York groulnds are unller way Ver
today. The greater part of thtese tick- hen
ets have gone to baseball lmen through- 6 t
out the ciuntIltFy andl to NOV- York club" run
pi trons of long standling. Some 30,000 he
seats in the lower stand and bleachers niMi
will be available to tlhe p hlic at the last
grminds for ach gamle of' the series. run
The seating arrangements are believed The
lby the magnates to be such as to etlitm- 11
Inate cha':lnces of specultionl as far as Los
possible. Ven
'Thlere seemns doubt tht that all the
regiulars of the Athletics will he ready nt
ito take the flol and play the game A
without physiil handicapi. 1Vhile it Tits
aliti a'ell to ire settled ltonight at tllarry '' n
Ioyle, the hu'tling second baseman of l i
llthe New Ycillorks, iwouild te in shape to Ki
taklie his position at the boeginning of
rlay on T'uesday, the impression pre'
valled ut hat Mlraw wlul hte withlllt
lhe services of Fred Sn.i igrass, the P
texilll's regullhar c('nter fielder, when tlle brit
series ipened. lti)e, with the excel- for
tion of a little st:ffness il his thrmi\- O t'
ing ai', appears to laive recovered a rd
well fromlll tilt effeots of his receont itl- fiti
ilntnll ile spill. Siu itgrsli' ''"elarley ('01
horse." however, still is bothering him (ta
ski IIti1('1 that it is out of the qllu s- Pur'
tilon ito expect him to laiy his usuial ii
formi. tKr
Probable Lineup.
It ootlt t o t he probabletll , th'erefore,
that the Giants will line up on T'ies
day with lerklte, Doyll, F'letc'her and
letrzog filling tih infield positions and -
with Hurn., Shafrr and Murray in the
olltfield. Son11 crse \watclher., of the
play of the team are inclined to think )er
Stit the team its thus frmni'd will he h1i'
not a bit lwieaker thxin with a linoup St.
thliat inelalkies Snodgralss and Ilev\s ,in
Hterzt.og olit. )i
Th1e Giants will have a final work
Ol t'l" lorrowiii l (ih l, oo grolll ds in
liat ex'hibition gtame with the 1Philadel- 'lI
phia N tionails. The regulars will he
given "hrInoi in limber tip anlld Mollst
of them probably will play through the
gatli c. '
1ntliewson and M:lrguird are likely
t io e t'o piit hert triehd out for in int'- I
lling or two, na heotWOec l th n' ap
I irietlyt I;s I lhe hlot ict r of iia ho, s i llit i
t oppoli se tilhe lit irler ('nl nic MaRl k llive
sell' to open up the series. belde
g mOes in ,which in 'vers of each thaon
-ill ti rtthicipate will iafford al further
opportunity fori linthernl g up.
I 'nless the player-author questionl isi
rnachr-d there sems little proba.tility
" lit' ln sn t'gen ittds i'd ict'ring at
tie national mli ilssion meeting tii o
A ulniqi e prt li- inalt ito the seriest
iiwas ai "li asf "hi all -irlVii e ' h l d ai t tih
iilIra al M toil t' Il l ~' i Inpll al chlitti'h I) -
nli'ght. Maily ibaseball ienll W Or p sil'( 'II
Ie n t ar n l l leip e rs l '-i real i, a ml ln g o lt i
1 r i lll" n t lfrom o ili J . ( 1( 1 Hl'w a d 11 m11l
i from 'onntt ie kiir . 'Ii'th la erh , itell
hlitt " ' hin11 blseiutalll is worthy ,f Sillt -
i plrt," pral isied the luisi ' l'iif its hon
e" .,,,,1 a ther chilracl eritih s.
.u'%lgelrlof M'ail('k, "thnt blris tlo the
solized] rl'sllh, It is albsol utl'l\' ;i rei\'i
the min \.o enidll it. (rganizatiil
Early in Line.
Phihlelpllhin. (c·t. ,.--Men. \'omen
anlt htos are 'nod up hlere, tonight in
front of the del partent store \where
the advance sale of tickets ftr the
world's ;eries gaIPes to be played here
will open at i9 o'o'lock tomo.lrow\. First
in the line are t\wo messenger it's,
who took their positions early in the
afternoon. Shortly after the hoys
started the line a negro nian arrived
with a big rocking chair in which he
mitade himself comfortable. The first
lnman to take her place with the
wouild-be ticket pour'chasers arrived
about R o'clock.
The Aomerlican lage chaltinpions will
have their final practice here tomnnor
row and will leave at i o'clock tomor
rowa night for New York.
It i, believed Bender will be chosen
to oppose Mathewson in the opening
game, while Sechang is expected to be
at the receiving end. Plank and Lapp.
however, may be the batteries in case
Manager McGraw should decide to
send Marquard to the ,mound.
Standing of the Clubs.
Club- Won. List. P't.
.Portland ...............100 71 ;2
V enice ................ 9, 91 .51S
Sacramento ........... 92 ,7 .511
San Francisco ......... 92 95 .492
Los Angeles ........... 89 97 .478
Oakland ............... ,1 108 .42"
Seals and Wolves Split.
San F'ranciso. (Oct. .--San Fran
cisco and Sacramlento ibroke even tn
day. The morning game we-nt to Sac
ralnento, 10 toi 5, and San Franci,'o
took the afternoon game at the endl of
11 innings, 5 to, 4. In the morning
game Sacranmento went to bat in tihe
first half of the ninth with the i:'ve,
4 to 5 against them nnd ran uli six
ThIe fternoon game wnas fe:'tr.d i,,
two hone runs by Swain in thl, first
allnd 'ighit innnings and a home i '.n "riI
tDowns in the second. Tile o(scO''ri:
Morning game-- R. I. 'S.
San Francisco .......... . 11 4
Sacramento ..............10 1.1 1
Pat tries--Leifichl and C'lark1:1 W'il
li11s,. \rellanes, Klawitter atnd U tii .
Afternoon gamlle -- ii. it. E.
San 1Franclsco ........... 5 15 4
Sacram entit .............. 4 11 1
Batteries--- Pernoll. \eraIll and
C'lark(e; Klt\\ itter and (lhcek.
Angels Come Back.
ITos Angeles ()ct. 5. -The Alngis
"came hack" t0 ] oday and defeatedl
Venic'e In each gaUIme f aI ldoullle
header. The scores were 4 to I and
6 to 5. Angel hbatters landed thiic
rui s off F r'gulson Ill n the soe\'lltli andtl
he was retired for (li',,iaih. A.t lth
maltinee Venice hatters rollald in the
last two innings, knrnclking nett flour
rins and narrowly misinOg a tieup.
The scores:
Morning game- R. If. t
Los Angeles ............. 4 6 0
V enice ................... 1 0 0
llatteries--Ryan and At\'iigas; dil
monson. Ferguson, ulloigh und Elliott
Afternoon gI2,n , ' - 11. H. ]4.
LTos Angeles ............. il 11 2
Vinice ................... 14 1
Thatteries - Prrift and tlmes; ilitt,
K slil, tni 'r and Elliott.
Oaks Shut Out.
Portland, Olct. 5. -Portland celo
rHrated its farewell appeuIrll'ne' at holn
for this seaslon today I ,y defealtilng
ctakland, '| to o, in a p 'choer.' hattle
oart nmlling the record for the series
fivle \ins out of six games played. The
sioire 1. II. I'
)aklarndl ................. 0 4 2
Porthlliiidl ................ ,4 4 2
ltallori,'s --Slch\ienk aind Ale(xander:
KrIiuse an' d erry.
Standing of the CluBa.
('lub- WVon. Lost. l't
SDenver .......1... ... ... 1 4 62 .627
lies Moines ........ ..93 7 .561
St. Joseph ............ 78 .532
Tintcoln ............. 7 0. .520
()nha ... 79 86 .478
iux (it 7....... ....... 3 92 .442
Top ka . ....... ................. 92 .442
W ichita .. ....... ........ 65 101 .390
0 St. JoSeph, 2-(i; (Onmahia, 1-9.
Ics Moines, 6-3; Sioux ('ity, 2-2.
lTino'ln, 0-3; W ichita, 5-2.
1Deinvetr, 17; Toplka, 9.
it Matinee Daily 2 to 6.
The Hardest Way
A strong i. modern dram iiiia by
. George IHnnessy, with an ex.ep
in iionally absorbing plot dealing
w- ith tlh tctlemptationts ft it re
formed biit rgturlar oi is strangely
1- saved from baicktsltbling by the
cleverness of his babty daughtler.
The Shoemaker and the Doll
A shingularly beauti'ul and pa
nt thetie drama that has ta toucilh ol'
- genuine tiothos throullghioult the
Nelly's First Cake
A splendid netw-iden comedlly with
many clever and itiqiite sitin
tiions It is to lliugh to see it.
,lr. It.y Medealfe in the pipe
lt .Irgaln ilan the Enitpress concert
players in new selectionls.
In Twi Absorbing Reels.
I Mutiual \tWeekly. Full of Inter
aesting Suhjects.
re Pathe Weekly
Is bright and breezy this
i week-filled to the brim
Ad and overflowing with
rst news.
e' 2-Biograph Comedies-2
A Strong Edison Dramatic
 irla, a..vflv[ Y.+ vt 1ýY4 . v, vJ I ar lVU l\ v) pl i..+ w
Missoula Theater
Monday, October th
Henry Miller
In his New York Liberty Theater Success
" The Rainbow"
A Comedy by A. E. Thomas
New York Cast and Production
Seat Sale Saturday, Oct. 4. Prices, $2 to 50c
.Reserved tickets must be called for before 7 p. m. of date of per
I formance.
Curtain at 8:10, Sharp
Missoula THEATER Oct. 11
CURTAIN 9:00 P. M.
The New Musical Drama
Adapted From Gene Stratton-Porter's Book of
PRICES-500 754, $1.00, $1.50. BOXES,
$1.00 and $1.50
Reserved tickets must be called for by 7 o'clock, date
of performance.
A window of twc .nd three light Electric Chande
liers. Any one Installed in your home for $3.95.
A window of shades, your choice, 25c.
Missoula Electric Supply Co.
121 South Higgins, North End of Bridge.
A Master-Model
of the Royal
One Typewriter With the Com
bined Advantages of Many!
Stop and think of the enormous investment this
Company hag at stake, and then let this TRUTH
of Royal Superiority burn into your brain.
Royal Typewriter Company
Royal Typewriter Building, New York.
James M. Conlon, Local Representative,
Missoula, Mont.
heat service are now ready
at our office. All persons
desiring this service should
sign applications at once so
that we have ample time
to arrange for connec
* Where the service pipe is not ex
cessive in length, the Light Com
pany will run the service to the in
side of the property wall. The
heating customer will make connec
tion from this point to his own
heating pipes.
All services to be on a meter
basis, the light company furnishing
the meters.
Missoula Light & Water Co.
Buy Home-Made Lard
Better and Cheaper
3 pound pail ................................. .45
5 pound pail ................................. . .75
10 pound pail................................... 1.50
25 pound pail. .................................. 3.50
50 pound pail ................................. 7.00
John R. Daily Company
Patronize Home Industry and the following merchants
for pure home-made lard.
Union Market, Montana Market, Henley-Eigemap Co., Palace Mar
ket, Mix & Sons, Model Market, Valley Market, Otis Worden, Bonner
Grocery, P. M. Reilly Co., Thos. Farley Co., Barber & Marshall.
We Will Pay You
The highest market price
for your hides, pelts and
furs. Bring or send them
in and get the cash.
To convince yourself
write for prices to the
Western Hide and Junk Co.
West Main Street, Missoula, Mont.
Paxton Garage
Opposite the Palace Hotel.
raxicabs and Touring Cars
Call Us Up for Rates.
Both Phones, 878.
Hollingsworth & Elmore
Gaqo 7-room pdiiern house near
Pettitt, Newlon & Gage
Have restored man'y to
health in the. year or
more I have been in
Missoula. See me about
Your case. C(onsulta
tion is free at office.
F. G. Moore, D. C.
Graduate Doctor of
Chiropractic. Lady assistant.
Hammond Sloci. PhI q. 1084
Orton Bros.
State Agents
Steinway & Sons
Chickering & Sons
Vose & Sons, Kimball
and several other

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