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i /? SHOW
Ihamilton, Oct. 7.--(Special.)-The
Ravalli county fair, which came to a
close Saturday, was the scene of the
largest and best display of poultry
ever shown at a county fair in Mon
tana, and the interest shown by the
thousands of people that thronged the
aisles of the well-appointed poultry
house speaks well for the future of
the chicken industry of the country.
Nearly every variety of poultry was
on exhibition from the dimutive hen
tanl belonging to John Voss, and'eight
were upwards of 300 entries and all
sections of the Ritter Root were well
represented. The most popular hirds
in the show were the eight-ounce ban
tam blonging to John Voss, and eight
pound WpV,~llotte "fry" from Blislee
brothers' 'exhibit.
Judge ('. A. Greenfield of Bttte
placed the ribbons in the following
satit.factory manner:
Barred Plyniouth Rocks--First and
third pullet, A. Porter, Stevensville;
second hen and third cockerel, Mrs.
A. T. Cave, Victor; first and second
cockerel, M1r. ('aples, Stevensville.
VWhllitel Plytnuth liocks--irst and
seconl h lin, Pall Iohan.
Rluff Plymoul.h Rocks--All awards,
R]osctta V. Smith, Corvallis.
Partridge Plymouth Rocks-All
awards, C(. uclk, Stevensville.
White WVyandottes--Second cock,
first andt second cockerel, first, second
aind third pullet, first and second
ipen, rcondr hIon, Hishele Yros., MIs
souln; first cock and first hen, J. O.
tead; third hen, Mrs. A. T. Cave,
R. C. T1. 1. Reds--All awards to J.
Voss, I", rni-enl
S. C'. R. 1. Reds ---All awards, A.
I'orlcr, Stevensville.
Black Itangshans--All awards, IH. A.
fliurke. Stevensville.
Light I rahmnts-All awards, J.
S. C, B(uff Orpingtons-F'irst cock
crel, first and third pullet, second
hlen, si-cwud unskirel. fitrst pen, Barran;
second pullet, third oclkerel, C. P.
S. C. WVhite hlrpingtins-- First pullet
third hen I'P. Iartmnan, Stevensville; first
cock, first c.ickoerel, first hen, first
pen. I,'. W. \Vilson. StLvcnsville; sec
ond ciii-nkere,, second hen, second pul
let, third pullet, Paul Bohan.
1. C(. White ()rpingtons--All awards.
P. Ilarhtani. Stevensville.
S. C'. White Leghorns--All awards,
Karl Kellogg, Stevensvile.
S. (. Browln leghorns-Dr. Han
tidgoe. Victrir, all awards.
S. C('. Mollled .\Anconas--Th-ird cock
crel, first and third pullet, second
pen, 1L. B. lIeard. Missoula; first
cock, first nockerel, first pen, Mrs. R.
W. Mc('onnell; second coickerel, sec
ond pen, second pullet, E. C . Smith.
.1 C. Mottled Antias--All awards,
E.. C. Smith.
Ricilian Buttereups--All awards, DI.
Sullivan, Stevensville.
VWhite Face Black Spanish-All
awarlds, Eddie YVin linatt,
Golden .ialrrigh I Hatams-All
awiardls, Johil V'oss, Fl'hi'orene.
Touilouse Geese-F-Irst pair, Mrs. A.
T. Cave; second pair, Mrs. F. H. Mc
Cay, Corvallis; third pair, Rtosetta V.
Smith, Corv\allis.
White Pekin Ducks--First pair, Mrs.
A. T. ('ave; second pair, T. E. Apple
bury, ('orvaills.
Indian Runner Ducks--First pair,
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Mrs. A. T. Cave; second and third
pair, Paul Bohan.
Wild Mallard Duck-First drake,
Mrs. A. T. Cave.
Pigeons--First and second pair Car
neaux, J. O. Read.
Specials-J. C'. Barron, silver cup
for best pair birds, J. Voss, Florence;
J. S. Foust, cup for best trio birds,
Harry Burke, Stevensville: best pair
WThite Wyandottes, J. O. Read: larg
est numiber entries, Harry Burke:
best Barred Rock hen, Mrs. A. T.
C 'e, best Barred Rock cockerel,
C.aples, Stevensville; best Barred Rock
pullet, A. Porter, Stevensville; best
White Rock hen, Paul Bohan; best
display. H. Burke: best Buff Rock
cock, Rosetta V. Smith, Corvallis:
best Buff Rock hen, Rosetta V. Smith,
Corvallis; best White Wyandotte hen,
J. 0. Read; best pair Indian Runner
pair turkeys, J. N. Taylor: largest
goose, Mrs. A. T. ('ave; smallest ban
tam cock, J. Voss, Florence.
Hamilton, Oct. 7.-(Special.)--The,
Ioard of county Pommissioners took a
decided stand this afternoon on the
Bitter loot-Big Hole road when bids
were called for for construlctio of 40,
000 feet of wagon road from a point on
Camp creek to the top of the divide,
betwren Ravalli and Beaverhead coun
ties. The clerk of the board was in
structed to advertise for bids for the
work, bids to be in a lump sum. Bids
'will be opened at the office o' the
commissioners in the courthouse at 10
o'clock on Mondaly, Novelllmbr 10i, 111
the presence of the colnmissioners and
a representative from the forestry of
fice at Missoula, who will represent
the United States. Plans and specifi
cations for tile route are on file at
the office of the chief forester at
Missloula, where thoy mllay he seenl by
liddellrs on the work.
The route for which the cnunty eom
miss!loners are cilling folr bids is sw.at
is kinown as thell Blonnlr roullte, having
been surrveyed by Frank Bonnller of
the forest service. This is tlhe i.rntc
first clhosen and the ine agrl:eed to by
the Ravalli and H-eaverhead commis
sionlers; that is, it connected wlitn the
proposedl roullte from Tealoverhealid collun
ty. Since its pIracetical adoptliin plans
have ileell entrired for a changing of
the route by the adoption of what is
knlowni as the Galhligly route, but the
comnmissioners stood pat on their first
selectioll of a route,. Thlese rolutes
were visited it short time ago by Com
missioners C. W\'.\VWard and N J. Till
maln, 11about a week leinllg splent in that
Stevenlsville, Oct. 7.-(Special.)--The
town council held a lolig-drawn-out
sessionl last night, when the evening
was argued away with matters which
have heretofore confronted the body.
The first matter to come tip was :n
regard to certain cesspools, whlich the
board of health reported. After a long
discussion of the mnatter it was left
with the councilmen, who will meet
with the boarlld of health and the
property holders to look over the
places in question. It was blrloght ouit
that the septic tanks installed were
too small in certain places, and that
the pools were overflowvilg,.
The sidlewalk propositilln alga:in took
up a lot of timle and was dislcussed at
length. A ccrding to the figures of
Engineer Galvin there are few cemelnt
walks outside of those oil the Mlainl
street which are in line. They vary
from a few inches to a couple of feet.
Mr. Galvin made some suggestions
about the matter of remedying the
trouble, hbut no action was taken. Fori
several years past engineers have been
employed in tevenseville to rill grades
and lines, bilt for somle realslon the
lines .do not clrresplond in iIlnally in
stances. They vary from a few feet
to a few inches.
The council finally settlld the inat
ter of the obstruction in the streets of
the Lockridge blacksmith shollp whetn
they reflised the offer of BMr. Lo,.,k
ridge to pulrchase the grounll fromll the
town, but passed a resolution whlich
was favorable to him to lease tile
property for a period of five years at
a nomlinal rent. Under the terms of
the resolution several feet of the frolll
of the building is to be remloved, and
the huilding is to be painted and in
proved in appearalnce. TJ'he reso lution
wats favorable to Mr. Lockridge.
The -unllcll adjourned to meet again
next Monday evening.
Baltimore, Oct. 7.-No improvement
was reported today in tile case of
Colonel David Du B. Gaillard lf the
engineering corps, who is a patient at
Johns Hopkins hospital here. No defi
nite statement coulld be obtained at
the hospital concerning Colonel Gall
lard, but it is understood that his con
dition Is precarious.
Colonel Gaillards' illness is said to
have resulted from climatic conditions
in the Panama canal zone where he
had charge-of the excavation of the
Culebra cut.
Spartansburg, 1. ('., Oct. 7.--Secre
tary Bryan, in an address here tonlight.
styled Woodrow Wlilson the greatest
intellectual force ever in the VW'hite
House, and said the great world pelcee
movement, which many nations had
i.dorae, oripilated with him, ___
Hamilton, Oct. 7. - (gpeclal.)
Through his attorneys, J. D. Ta.lorr
and C. S. Wagner, Harry L. Robinson,
mayor of the city of Hamilton, today
filed suit in the district court against
Robert L. Harper, city alderman fromn
the Second ward, for damages in the
amount of $5,000 and costs of the suit.
In his complaint the plaint'ff alleges
that he is the duly elected mayor of
Hamilton. and that on "August 5, 191i:,
in the sheriff's office at tno c,,ilrt
house, the defendant did wilfully. un
lawfully and maliciously by word of
moitth utter and publish in the ,res
ence of divers persons, and with intent
to injure the good name and reptta
tion of the plaintiff, the rontwinmg
statement, to-wit: 'Harry Robinson
ngt $200 for appointing a committee,
anld 1 can prove it.' " This quoted
sentence, attributed to the defennant,
is explained by statements to convoy
the idea that the $200 was aceepten n.
graft, and that the commituittee referred
to was a committee made tin of tlnt
hers of the, city conneil. The p'aln
tift goes on to allege that the publica
tion is and was false anld nlriv\'ileed,
std tends to and does iniijure th pl:In
tiff in his office as mayor of the city
and in his trade of piaper-hainlltgr.
painter and general contractor(I lt t the
extent of $5,000.
This suit is the nulteome of several
wordy battles in the city cltmtil, as
reported In The Missnlhm: nt the time
of their occurrence, in which Alter
man Harper was tarrayed against the
mayor and the rest of the ctotintilmton.
It will hbe remembered that hlarper
found fault with the woirk l eintg inne
by Contractors Mlc(niire & Lor.d, who
had the contlracet for sidowalkt int
icurb work; also taking the tntayr amult
tldermen to task for allowing what ihe
called poor work to t)e donte.
"Pape's Diapepsin" Makes Upset
Stomachs Feel Fine in Five
nu'onlder wvhat upset your stoialllacl-
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dlllrige-dl) .llo'. We\\'ll, doni't bither.
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acsted food: breath foul, tongue
coated-just take a little Pape's llia
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dcr what became of the indigestion
andl distress.
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had stomach. A little I)iallepsin cc
casionally k leeps this detlitalte orgaln
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Ia d easily that it is really astonish
ing. Please, for youlr sake, don't go
on and on with a weak, (lisordored
stOoailch; it's so Ullnnle.0STryil.--Adv.
Carlton, (wlt. 7.-(Soecial.)--Mr. and
iMrs. tilltis of Missoula and .Mr. and
Mrs. tulllis of Minnleapolis calledl On
Mrs. Wetbb on day last wet"k.
Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Carlltonll spnt a
dtiY \with their daughter, Mrs. ltetd,
Iefolre leaving for their loillie ill Fianlta
Cruz, Cal.
Mrs. alurphly and Tucile Kellogg
spunt Sunday with Mrs. Joy near Iort
l issoulla.
()rval Itlackl spent Suniday at his
home here.
E'veryone in the nciaghbh'orhood is
ilkitkig and paclkinllg apples, and sev
cral carloads will leave ihere next
Loren Hendrickson and (lChris John
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Why continue to suffer from catarrh,
stloppled p head, husky voice and otter
troubles of the brealthing organs when
there is an absolutely ,-er tain, scientific
remedy at hand.
Hyomei is the reileldy. It is a pleas
ant, harmless and antisneptic medica
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s]kilrts: hI.[t", i,.rtig lht. 111;1 ,ln,l[ t:\. 1\,", Inl ].rl'{{. ill 11 iJH LI ;FIo e II11t \ " 1"1": i inlll lti'l lll)[ll;l l1 li."4 4.00
t , ta i aI h ;; 1 'II I1\ t II illxll r, . I Ill, 1 t ,, t 1 n d 1 1 + , . n l n n t $\.0IIt0l
S i ,e t lt'1 0 l ld 1 iit I} it,.111.1 ,]-. ,I n i , . .,ir t . ; ,. . , ;l o 8"o t o $ 1 8 .0 0 .
ani d ltautifo l ,f teiri-al t-rht. I lcilhoi . tlt I,, s'o at $1.00 Maribou Sets, oila. Iitlt $20.00 to $27.00.
t01l eaIItO d(iill i I'lb i l iitl] ll i.8 1 ii
day alind built a, i tv hlllllll y itl i
school holuse.
The tueiilll- i h,' Ie . S. I;. l ' . ( ii
lPlreparilng ain ' Irtaimetit t i hin
they lhope toL gi', iii thu lltt ,r lllit I .
Thee vwill I,'i' t'hinig ,'.wi iicit
Illxt S3uiilall y I t) I1il g am. 1 (lid . (it ,
Cotlducted l3 th,. n,:w min|IIister', ItHeb.
Charles "Vii .l I lust a valtait b'
horste last atCl..
Nellie jultlI, .ho athtleds hiiIlh
sclhool aLt 1li- , p.ent SSullay ut
iher Iltlue iI',,.
Bemlidji, .1 ilin ',t. 7.- aiir,,ad 'l
ficers and dotsl,. ...as beliive that ul,
forl'ation rev l\ I, today frn)m ( a>
Lake has st'al ,.--i d the idliitit\ i1
tihe Ili \\lI,. n ,,' y l . founlt d w\ith
it bullet hoile i it, head in Ill .i,
south of hbre ti :.- leader of thit- Ik , I
dits who rob eh,'I iun So( line ( i , it
Thief RIiver F] lls ,of $7,500 ; feiw iitas
atgo. Officeirs ,- tired that li h,t tI
dits hald ibeen uI , -d- fromn c'ass L,,i
to Thief Riier I .llIs and that a hit ,,
burglar titls t.iil a noteboik baitLnt;
the name "Althili)iiy Conl.istock" i'-iiodll
at t'ass Lake s, liknown to hat-, I,'
longed to tit: d-'l-- lhan.
The chitllgll'abl, iweather 'of earls
fall brings ,in cioughs and colds thatt
have a weakening effect on the s s
tern, anld llmay )w,to-lne chronic. L'si
Foley'. Honey andl Tar ('Compound. It
ihas a very stotllinlg and healing ef
feet on the irritated and inflamdl air
pIastiaget.s, andl \ill help very quickly.
It is a. weu-ll knIi\win family medicitne
that givets results. Missioula l)r-t :'
Residents of Missoula Cannot Doubt
What Has Been Twice Proved.
In girati itldei fr r, li f frn ,ti itht
u!n) l it)lit. of atd I ,l k ,s fr'))H distrltss
irn,, kih.ll y ill; th,,llu lll s l hbalk' pulb
t n i nt, I IN~iI I Kiln, y
ills I sident of li-,,ll. . , I,
IIt:fI d y ars iat ,, Itt "is "ith -
I t I iir I er i l tl l sis I frIt
i' , ," ,l"h ly pr, ve tht 1'l 'l h t t
tl," . in-, sKihny aPill t fo \l . l,t U k t i
Ity s if rt ri .
Front l it., M issult, Mt I lt si -
t.lt'ait, synurs : ti, Is f"ll ,ff :r ti l"t
inl and ,,truck ~n nay al. k. .1f.1 t
hut I |lad, ;a weaak ]:;t,'k :irm t d lr'e ~
h, .+ ltlr)ub ' fr In Illy hik Ir+'ys. Ir-"
Ithe past It(r'e ,alR I hate t( n',al'
lianV ' K ivl ,n y. pilt : + , i h] In I ltave ha;ll
Ild II.y t ;a.k 1tti ti +ta %tI h alk a1id lanll
,) yl h e ' ' al\tays d)ilO c a worMl
,f ",,,1. I y a " ,L I; nbliic t, stimon)tld,
irat.un l1,,;tts Kidney pills in 1),
t', ' 14'.1, and l| w I sill (l lt ,'
I' ,r s: l+ by a1l drival+rs. Price .,0f
. its. F, s, t r - 1 IlI| ri (I ' ., It fialo,
N\',w Yrk, sle agents for the LU utJt,
take nw ,,the-r.- Adv.
Hollisttr'a 11. M, T""a Stlls head
caches, st-tnach disorder, regulates
the hroelsl,. Lurifies the blor ' a greatner.
tunis remedy. GUorg5 Fr'i.he. ier.
heat service are now ready
at our office. All persons
desiring this service should
sign applications at once so
that we have ample time
to arrange for connec
Where the service pipe is not ex
cessive in length, the Light Com
pany will run the service to the in
side of the property wall. The
heating customer will make connec
ton from this point to his own
heating pipes.
All services to be on a meter
basis, the fight company furnishing
the meters.
Missoula Light & Water Co.
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