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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, October 12, 1913, Morning, Image 6

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Your Money's
Tha is i t" t' , ;\, i
land I ''i.. " ... " V '. 1
"Money back" if not as represented.
Did You Ever Hear
Anyone Say
that they were sorry they opened
a savings account: Why don't
you open one now?
3 Per Cent Interest on
The First National
Missoula, Montana.
Fuel Facts
Talk Number Two.
Arc, .., u n lt,, .-1 i h,. Econ
o mn y of C o o k in g ? .N ,iglf,! A n ,l
kiti h "n, h r un it i.s s quick, sani
tary :mutl convenient ac l
Any Kind of Cooking
i.t th l , ;s tn ., \n h less effort
n.'t less chance of failure thun ,ýv
cau . at OiHiOl, , V i ideal fuel,
thit t . a tui t' it i gas i II, Most
Economical Fuel. It ,i t 1, "
burntr onlý I\',lhrn a a i ready to
use it, . .nl .,~n turn it off a "..,o!n
therr' is th- liitlf, Simmering Burner
that k- pc th,". r ,,,l ",-,, t; k ing ,a r
iJv st rt lt ,ith the .
Frilltiv-nlr itt saves the gas. .\li
loit ~.f ii".. tl top burners \ il
.luk th,- entire meal vith l 1 ti,. ,in.
ING v\, ail, i nti it fir i :r roast
ianI vegetables.
The use of Gas for cook
ing is not expensive. but
the user often makes it so.
Missoula Gas Co.
tl, ,iite St ]'au]l St i:, n I tll
Auto Company
Store your car with us
Full line of supplies
If coffee don't agree, use
"There's a Reason"
Smith's Drug Stores
Good 7-room modern house near
tint eralty.
Pettitt, Newlon & Gage
.'.. •
n agile run
IIl'. oL] oil r now for the roy t,"rs. all
~'" for niheten-thirtein: lt h.-t of
the wno)!hl - lunnont
EDDIE s"'ies iii" a h'ittl ter
PLANK r! an, fi n: i ¥hin
the last Gint ri'llI hadl
tixZ' d and I .: ' t'll it b\ !'ail .il tl lp his
'ili t lrun. ('tnnic. Macl, It,, the flag" ill
his l.ch, et alht the i:illy -Ih,,it' shpow\ dI
li i 1: and thir. 's TI , 'l ,"li'' Il co I(' t -
i ki l to I',ons-r. u;lHthe ii] sta: er to
lhani k: for n ine ' iiia ' i it In' I tlt;l
Iiii h'rliga old lhlie h(' ank: hii
ca-ll( hack at )on qule'inp" h. ' r . and
i hen h1 ha] tl d , IT,, i s, ay , he .s at.ed; but
til:it uwt s sono .,:1 that he played;
re lor ' ill '' I 'lsh i it i: n c nu'r. :llit]
-It '',iii'll(-tr iii t, h )'l(,Y ti h t " i\\vaI
I 'lin t 't- i i '' t i'' l nit ih - , in ts i .hi r
1 0.,r thi ait' ia i ,, ca it i- hiack.
J l'l ' . ,Iii 't \ - lh lt' , l \ is a \tiii h n ill til
S ,,," li ftli ,f Ill. i tlltins ait Tithe
GREAT t-1 , 1 ; h \vh ni i as not '"tl
GLORY It',it i'i, lit iin ,I rill
I,:t c' l I t'man
Ni'- nil - '1 li, s ii zIiI s ain 'io Ithr el I
111 ii I k 1 ',at Ii t in t }t a tiii
t. Ist- ohl-tint rI\;:! illln iii son, !tiig'
t n illnning or" hait l fI hlllli, thrir'ro \a
" l ' it ft or Iit t i : t , l ih iht flh
. i' ,i'-, h In i il ' i .\
tal h ,Iiti~l,1) 1 1 ii a t'itiiii'i ii',it\i'
i 1,1 iii'i", ii'i,'i, ,tl d N" it ' Ne
Io ME HT h( I1' \\ r" i I ,) o thatll Pt lllli
ll ! '".)$I I' , ' ,l! o~~l.-, r I .\ 0id " h' h1
o (,()l! I, ;ins iho ,ih sthioll (hat
ii :lI t , tl i 11' . \ fii ' illl" 'l' nt i
tile, ! ,ol a 'i u II lii : 'I1'M:ill h i i tih lii'i
fu'li- iil l it ilit it. iri iis i li thi
\\hl, htt Ieo,, it, .Awl thi whi y hi did
it 1,. t i i.- t i \ h uido t as to li th
I .'ill'l f is ýiiihi:k Viias stroiti. It
flln illh d it l'ictacui (' i fiish for a
ithrill It i' ,,i i st l. It ii.' . l in i . st . .. r1"ti -
sl.ects, the hst hall gamni e ot f the wt hole
.,i - oil,- th n" l wihich rivaletn hA d 1 1
to ih tl 11. " t ilas a n11 r111 a t11 ,1
i\;lhiqi l 1 That " ih - s the E tY the i
'1 lM .1 flit at the hb llhtiln lh ird \l .r-ter
ii. n ' li it i- c',li ill to lit e ti-l'i' i ilito n
II -,i iftit' I
''li i i it 'i l'' t , ' lt 1 l i I ('h 1 11 - o1
1 , t' li'u i il. t ill i h t l, iii 1 '
i '11i' i i i tit it
BACK >, i-\ h him. X l
HOM E k s , i, v I.,," ti , iin \1'5
r in ''a l ,f . i ,, l t n - l ,'in e 'l 1 i
til-i-,) [h nnii(l' I ' ] h' s ill, I t llo it 8 .
t Ihe aine .lll )l ],"t il's .O lf i nt l l
aif .in. hh .t
tI 1 1 1 hol m n" n ( l]]t l'l (k..I ,h , 11. ; 1:1
CLEAN i'' i , Ih'snt.un tlidlh,
SPORT r ; ii of h , I Itr, ,.
of I0 , ,1 ,, :' i c '.11 Vi ii e h i llT' rA t mI 'I
U , 4i ,ii , e im b ] hll'\\•l h .)11I I li( ::, i\ V
hai iu t la 'lt'n.I Il, ,"c i, :.i'! 1 liHl n;
C1LEA N~ i ll~ (. I'l::' nil li;:Iit t~ I
1 o n'i :sli t ~ll . ,l h t)t ' r1 ', l 1i .I' s ' it 1 A l'hi I
S \ It i . 1 w \h4 411 o theh'( r f l
,.. 1 4I i1 4 I L ,tll ll ,, " 11 g h e1 d
t,1,j r I. Iýot1 .il Il kinds. 444e4
1.11 ,I I ~ 1-', i "r , lbl 4li4ld '4"t Ii, i I
1,1'41 44ýi4. 4 1 .' l. ;lh i I T. 1 4441
It Iq ti ,i- : il i . It ItI St he
- I ' t crt . h . t i tlb" [ 'l't.t llh m l.s..
, Lisl.n, 100 I ,i , :. \ of lt 1h so
I ll' . lll , lr. P'his, i I, \
'.t' , i'4'''. 4 v 1 4 ' 4r 44 h4 ii,444 ,g th4'
\4 , ..lolt:ti ." 1'4 4-t it st c 'ity, t4'4i4
4i4l a44 d , t he4.,4 ""44' 414 4n4l4t4 s I haive
n444 . TI';i., f'i4t 'r Iatly .'.lrs right
I l, nl , 4h1 . 4 4ll4,4ti lN4 hiuldlin , 44i
4 h , r) nilth 4n4l44is 44ari'4n 4 their
h 4l, Onl hi.h. I hav14 I"li 4444t1ow44n4
IL 'tor-: no lig ec"pI nso. YVii _4i1t theI
''' i, t. f t, ntlls \ ill In, d li\iucrcl , htn
4 " 4 4444 . bell Rhone "Ci;4 : Inul. _-7'(4
The chuntKg hle \t eather of earlry
frall brinigs on ooughs and (colds that
iha,' at weakening effect on the sys
- 1t'4n. 444i may 'become cIhronic. Use
IFole 's Honey and44 T4'ar Compound,. It
ha Iis a.try soothing and healing ef
fe1t 4n the4 irri'htated and inl'la4m44 d air
arT 1: 44 1.4'. . 44 :ial 4 \\ill hi,11 \'r4 4u4l4ici4.ly
Sthat gives results4 . Mi4isoula rt'4,4 .
This is a copysof our Rexall Store advertisement in ,i|s ek's (October
11) Saturday Evening Post. Read it and profit by it.
Rexall Ad-Vantage No. 2
Do You Love Violets ?
Do you love to gther them, to bury your face in the mass of their sun
kissed petals-to revel in their fragrance?
Then why not carry with you everywhere the soft fragrance of choicest
fresh-cut violets? You can, by using for all your toilet needs-perfume,
talcum, cold cream, soap, sachet-the dainty
Violet Dulce Perfume and
Toilet Preparations
In tl!· suith of lalnce. nel the h ,order of Italy, there springs in early
" j.anulry the Parmna violet. one of the finest and sweetest that low,'s. It is ]
love\liest in tlhe had of the oli\ve trees. The pesant who gather this violet
for us go ouit soon after midnight to pili.k it while it is still wet with dew. 1
d Ietore daw In tins up . tuns if those violets are heaped up in the ditlleries.
SIl}onl th hle. hern -erll t.ll\ ed t ito illthe concentrated essence that comtes .
Smer the seas to 1
To imake i ln nce of this ossne,s upo, n which our Violet Dulce is based,
ti ti , tons of \ inlets are ued.
\Violt I)iuli. Toilet gools ;iire sold to situ under our positive guarantee t
lit that if you di 'nt find them entirely satistfactl.y, you can have -.ot~rniloney
Iack. Thlis guara.l. nte is ggel in i.a Rtexall Store, of which there are more 1
i th;an 7.1i0. one loading dr(hllnist ill etl'chl Itnortant city and town in the E
'iited lStates, ('anal aii. (Glfat Blritain. 1ly their co-operative tIanu- c
lacturling ind dtlistrihtlling aer'angement, these store" can give you the ad
\vantan. f very itld.mer!at prices on Violet Dutle Toilet Goods, as will be t
sieen froiti the foillowing list:
lViole le he ";111111 \vTal dtm Porderr......................25e
Vilet linir Tmilht \Vater................ . and $1.25 -
\1 ,tlet I , ,lmr Extor t--- thi..- inl et.................-..-50
Violet I)iult c ('o.ml,n o xion rPowdet r. ................. 50
Violet ilLt.iqtid C(mllexion Powder.c anull $1.01)
VI, 'let )til "e .S (hat tho un11. . .................. . 0. ·
\Violet In, h., T filet 'Soap - the c:alo. ............ . :' 5('
T'i, ! 1) c 11'( 1 . 1h ('ro m ........... ..... :. e and 50c
V 0'il luhi o 'Vt-:in ingl ( l'ei nlll ..................... t)(.
"Violet Dulce Week" begins today at all The n Stores
You can obtain these articles only at
Missoula Drug Company
Wholesale and Retail Druggists.
In the Saturday Evening Post on November 8 will be printed "Rexall
Ad-Vantage No. 3,' on Symphony Lawn Writing Paper. t
S- - -it
T'hat go nlhz lin _ in M iss oula and 11is-I
,lh d . ,lI tra it~l t .'h r lf K ,'l lh y es
tordlay wii inl taIking Lf thl, raid ,i .'
biigIht b" for , , h \ lln .tll ,ll1 PiSi tt h of
ithe i's 'hstr k io. li~ 1', N. N. .iii of
the .A tll t iti 11h i , al lhu 'l i J ~~ P rudent 'hI l, .
al T'oning it.o 11.w\ r to t11, 'harlg,' of
nitli ng ors intliig a gathi ling gulnul- h
loiens' hotwl i, t iA It i' I' .ish "lliff's
( 11o SO( t .'-I d ft' Ifr nti ' li. I . i t s.i
Sol iits agnf I ii it' I
ltat' out yst,.rda . but , h+,y \ure not
:rraignl d,i it s i lier t' dl thal t they
vill all ead lllgu illty n ld b i h /tnd over
t,. tl.h disctrin t ,'' rt fior s, iltIen o II"
I h utF Nelit lit m Iny wppyrin;,"
tiiiti-1 i:IVi liii ) llillst \iVi tlt l ilit"
.'.hs ! thin si'riffii, " Tll it s mtls, that no
ttt 1in is Ibin g IKid l to thelm, antd
unli e lieng has h Need ga;n0 almsth
~eteti in l if i pii lces. i\'pl iilt' nmaideI
l tinit I its in this raid. 'l h.r, t tnd .r
,.''ral t ll th r sa, a sll ,lltin nll 1 '\ p le of
,'ia it Stir', whhith w ia t li ti p that ur i
! i li ll u sillss il: ist IIie it, itis-l
ir\ lln ra wS 1lit allaV whon weO aLp
ti~n , h,,,i' ike ,d ,i itn t rl I'Irs I ognl
]~ t tt il Y III Il4 Iis l'iorits gllht ,illn l HI
! Io1t 1 , , l i , li tl( 'r il 1:l1'l 1 s' -
!,! l h, r,,irl, l [nlt '1'h1 'tf ilk - -
l 1 lo 4,, i, l , h l , , . I i'l, .h r:. hs, I i !. "l' otl t
n'ld rs It 1,11.,,s ,lal t nine hi- is ili
Sodllio'iang ;i >plhn dlhid lin ! !' runt,!l to
1 ,,,hl suis :rlld m nt,"', oats hoar Il+ t p
'' I tain Hunll k Ihrdi,' I Tailor
!- l ll,, ill th , I tifltilhlnd block ;illl!X.
Plan to ,to], at the Ilittl'r toot hiln
for dinnter idalt . A lilt'asanI t plito
for a"ito s rtih to stoic tintr rPst and
I re'fres' itlllIT t. Ih er" ontl itvtinc(. 1i0 ll.
tGehhardi.- Adv.
'T'hr rei lort -, thei t, ll collhctioll
of 1h1. Kinig, 1,1 1 l4htlrs' ol:ha ity l ' linm
gi\' s lth. total $5..1. The Shutlkltrd
hotel Iu;s ,d l h ,e l Iii 1 it agnil, ti n ha .t.
ili its Jobb , 11ltl ^3.l.11.
Home-Keeping Women Need Health
and Strength.
Th'rll \\,,,i: of "I ''te-keoping wloml
a111 thl,,t a. ,I (" btant oall on hor
stir ngth ,in l lttlity. sllh siclkness
cls through her kidnys and blad
[ dor f'ttrncr thini she kl mis. Foley
lidno>y Pills will i\'ico.r ,tt- and re
stout' hlqr, anil \%'1ak l,,l neryons
SIh s. acihinl. joinl :id i trrI gu' ar
ih!,ldhr .i'tl \, ill all dis.ippelatr when
I h KIlahlly Pills are uac'd, Mis
i-,< ula Ltrujj L'v.--<ýd\', -
e h]ave secured the Montana state
agency for the famous Australian "K"
olf-i-ltan stump puller, the tmost ',on
derful and powerful "puller" in the
world. One man can do more than
any team of horses in the United
States. n11 Iman can pull 56 tons.
(,e main niil pull tL solid three-fot
stumip. One linll can put enoullgh
power in the inachinle to break a one
inch steel cable.
The miachine weighs only 171 pounds
and will operate in brush. No clear
ing necessary. One "set" will pull all
the stumps in a radius of 100 feet.
Two men can pull four stumps per
.:emonsitrations near Missoula. Call
on or write us-Community Develop
ment C'ompany of America, 115 South
Higgins avenue, Missoula, Mont.
'We take contracts for clearing
stump land.--Adv.
rl'11enot' fumbll .a and lack of or
ganiization lost fot ltii university scrubst
in Ih,- gaine \\ith the lighter high
sc 'hoil eIittl, en yest:-,rltav. The college
tein hIt-l il u thet ir tl only with suct
ceussie, line h ,ocks 1,1nd might lhave won
had they been alit, In giai n end rluni
or fortward pIses I I the last period
tili. s otired a towlichdoln\ and kicked
goal, mtaking thei fhitl score 1..t-. Wobb
.ItiIes pla;iycd on Ith, scrubs against his
',+I ·'r |to utninatel s Kent tnllt Troyer
v,-rl gilood for gaitis Ins through the line,
it I att tlllls I1t ei runs failed either
ilt i a Is h fimtthit's ir lack of interference.
.Jlwk Itowers I ,relied and "Colonel"
Hill Ferguson act' d as umpire.
The Bitter l~ 't land consplrai
i'as' ',progressed .h-iv, aunit withtul
-spetcial incident in thit United States
district titcourt ye-ilday '. The( testi
Iinlly, tiet-us' ,-f its verPy nLature
wltre so imanity Ilistasctinis tre in
\v lll ed iatf r';l lHi." to a( ctiOllS covOr
illg setvIrul years: of timll, is todious
atild sloI\ . It l\u t \ ., each word that is
dr'\ntl from t.ii gtmovt-ernmelntts wit
IInss'es is w\attchedi and considered w\e'
bIy the' fotllr legal I'ghts whoi repre
sent the defetil.i.nts, and objections
tand slhort ar'giin .I lts iare plentiful.
During the dlay the court appointed
(toil-gt-e it'. Wlkrll is tnitedl States
olllllutissioner at1 I.nidlh, lDaws lll uilnty,
aIdt dtesignialtt I the t . i -St i anin navian
Anierhliian hatlik i i i deposlijtory for
ltakli rult estat'is.
.Justice of th,, I'."n., H. M. Snm ll was
tltuc-h in dlemttiid --sterdaliy, oth Ias a
jildge andi as n t i in offiicialt.endowel d
with the proltper alth rit y to tic a goiod
matrimonial knot In tile airlors of
the \ilson ' blocl. hi e olfficiated at oln.
cer'temoni- yest'erday \t+he, W \'. ('. oe
man mal rried I'Htrthal BoIwman. An
otller cle-trnlnV was iperflormed inll the
courthouse when Thomas impson tlnd
.Maty Varren . ,r" made one. Ioth
brides sh it both t1oulis ,irt of Mis
soula . . .. . .../.1
| -- - -I ýý ý
i N sIS oIi, N
Pullman, Oct. 11.-(Special.)-Su
perior 'weight and better experience
allowed Coach Johnnie Bender's men
to defeat Montana, 34 to 9, todaY.
Daring the first two quarters the
game was a rout, the heavy Washing
tonians gaining at .will through the
dazed Montana line. Then with the
start of the third quarter came a
brace, the Montanans found them
selves steadied in defense and speeded
in attack, and, holding the westerners
scoreless, took the ball over for a
touchdown. Busha recovered a fum
ble, and by a brilliant run carried the
ball to the one-yard line. Three line
smashes took the ball over, Collins
crossing the line.
In the fourth quarter Montana con
tinued to take the offensive, twice
threatening the Washington goal.
Each time, however, they were re
pulsedy and as the final whistle blew
Owsley booted a. beautiful goal from
placement from the 40-yard line. The
game started snappily enotugh, Mon
tana holding 'Washington fpr downs.
Montana, failed to gain, and it wide
pass to Owsley as he dropped back to
punt, gave the .home team a. chance to
score. After the second kick-off the
visitors were repuilsed once, but canm.
back with a score. After that it was
a rnot. Every Montana player took
part in the game. Dortnhlaser,,Collins.
Kla.pper, O(t,sley and Ga ult were the
particular stars. The team twill return
home Sunday night.
Montana lined u pi as follows: WVeid
man andl \ Vley end;:; Lamlnbert and
]rornhlaser, tackles: 'iaemnls and
Streit. guards; E. 'raighead, center;
Kress and Shirley. half tracks; c(ollins,
quarter back; (lwslev, full back.
"Vaslington stale college presented
the following battle front: Tyer and
Dietz, ends; Alvord and Hinderman,
tackles; J. Harter and Langdon,
guards: G. IHurter, center; Durha.m.
- quart-r back; Vance and Coultet
half hlacks; Foster, futll back
At the end of the first quarter the
score stood: WVashington state col
lege, :i 0: .tontana. 0.
Iown. 76: ct'olnell college, 0.
Dirake. 20; Grinnell, 0.
University of Kansas, 52; WVashing
toln 5univ\ersity, 7.
Illinois. 24: Missouri, 7.
Idaho, 54 ; Gonzaga, P.
Nebraska, 24; Kansas A. C.. 6.
Iowa State colle'ge', 13: Fort Dodge
t high, G.
S l(iloit college, 52: MoInoulth. 0.
1i,1o ('ross, 13: Boston college. 0.
Ya'le seocond team. 0(: Exeter, 19.
s aiker university, 0: Uaskell. 20.
l niversity of Washington, 27;
1 ri.emrton Navy Yard All-Stars, 7.
l'nivirsity of Virginia, 53; Hamp
Sdon, Sidney college, 0.
\Washington and Lee. 19: St. Johns,
Ulniversity of North Carolina, 7;
Iiavis n ollego, 0.
Navy, 2:;: Georgetown, 0.
Pennsylvania state 16, Gettysburg, 0.
Pennsylvania, 20; Southmore, 0.
Yale, 27: TAfayette, 0.
lHarvard, 23; Williams, 3.
Princveton, 28: Bucknell, 6.
Michigan Agricultural oo)llege, 57;
Alma, 0.
<'arlisle, 7; Cornell, 0.
Army, 29; Rutgers, 0.
Wisconsin, 15; Marquette, 0.
'esterln Reserve '; Ohio state, 14,
Mlich:igan, 14; Mount' UnIion, 0.
Purdue, 34; Northwestern, 0.
I"ordlihan, 7; Rensselaer Poly Insti
tute, 0.
,Syr;acuse, 6; Rochester, 0.
'Tufts, 13: Wesleyan, 0.
Brown, ;: Ursinus, 0.
Massachusetts Agricultural college,
'1t; I'nion, 20.
lHaverford, 6; Stevens, 0.
U1niversity of Cincinnati, 20; Ohio
I university, 2.
Amherst, 6: Springfield, 19.
Dartmouth, 33; Vermont, 7,
Maine, 44; Rhode Islands state, 0.
Colorado college, 49; Wyoming, 0.
'Utah, 89; Fort Douglas soldiers, O.
After deliberating for six hours the
jilury inl the Smith damage stuit against
the city of Missoula returned a ver
diet in favo'r of the plaintiff at 10
o'clock laust night, awarding damages
in the sulm of $1,000, The jury stood
S10 to 2 on this verdict, and at no time
didl a ballot show' an Inclination to
iawartd illore than $l,000.
'Ilhe suit was brought on account
of injuries received by Elsworth Smith
r. hen he fell through an open grating
in ia sidit-walk. T'le case was filed iby
, his mother, Dr. Louise Smith, as his
The university Y. W. ('. A. had its
regiiliir Ineeting of the week last Tues
dayl andi a fter voting in 29 new\ men
li'ers the disilssioln of the afternoon
was given over to the lans for tlhe
I iazaar to be held at the school on De
I ce'olmbr li It w\\s also annolltunced that
l a candy sale will be held at the hall
I next Tiesday. During the session Mrs.
C. F. Reynolds gave the members a
talk on 'Simplified Ideals of College
-Women." The two strong points she{
made in her remarks was concerning
I tlh simlplli ity in dress andl simplicity'{
i in social functions. Miss (.hussle Gilli
land sang a vocal solo elry s\eetly to
enI Ulthe sesstion,
That Chesterfieldian air of elegance of dress d
decided refinement of appearance can be o,I tw in
We have just placed on display a most excellent line
of hand-tailored "Chesterfield" suits and overcoats.
These garments have been tailored with the end in
view of combining perfect style with permanent fit
and wear satisfaction. Quality counted, they are sold
at prices which make them as cheap as any you can
obtain here in Missoula or elsewhere. The label of
Chesterfield insures money's worth and absolute con
tentment with the possession of a Chesterfield suit or
overcoats. Let us show them to you.
Burdick's Tailor Shop
Near the Bridge, Hammond Block.
Our line of fabrics and styles for made to measure
suits, overcoats and un'erwear cannot be surpassed.
We Don't Know
Much about the Hardware Business and
acquainted but slightly with the Drug
Much About the Paint
and Paper, Proposition
;'s anIy on,' house ill this Illrepublic·. Now \\e a.re getting used to trlouble;
lgot All of our oIwll, and a_ goodl mI1!an of the otlher follow\'s. (llur capacity
to carry ithe butlrdten, however, along paint. iul l;lpaper lillnes is unllimtlited,
so hring them to i us. (tur paint doctor, Mr. Simions, is on shift again,
'ready t' o give frIi OC adv'ice on all ailmenllts of the interior or exteriorl, ofl
residence orl Iilsin(es bu.ildlings, IfI' his stg gestions are followed your
roper'ty will readily lose thlt faded, dilapidated, don 't give a ---- look,
and assI!ome that bright, dre.sy, interesting appearance so much adnmilred
by Io rsolns iof' taste. (llt Iprescritions call for the very best of ma
tirials, seientifia.lly comnpoun orlded unidervi the sup Visinn of the practical
veteran, hl i to)tt i Sinons.
Simons Paint Paper House
Exclusive Agents for Devoe Paint Products
Big Profit for Labor
Your labor can make this land worth $60 to $75 per
acre. You can btr it now for
$9.50 Per Acre
It's the making of a good dairy ranch. Transporta
tion and a good market nearby. Only a mile and a
half to railroad and town with good school. Four
hundred acres patented; 140 acres good bottom land;
balance fine pasture. This is a better proposition than
homesteading. Write or call for full description.
Higgins Block Bell Phone 32
1hirs. lHoskins' section of the Iendr-n
SlInd sfif t- will hold ia meeting next
Tueslday (\nllillg t 1(h hollt of Mrs.
P'asley, 1710 S(IIuth Fifth street west.
Suplervisor R. I'. M'I, tgfhlin of the
ttlac'kfecl atituial fo'est arrivel here
yeisterday to co(linfer with I'forest ser.\if
officials. lie explects to Iretulrll he! t!
Mayor Cured;
Skn Cleared
By D. D. D.
Mayor Chapman of Eanis. Rann
touteousiy saya he will anwer ant
Setter. written him relative to his truly
marvelous care of skin trouble with
the D. D. D. Prescription.
M vor Chapman writes: "I thntl
bow o mimer-i d las winter, how I could i
do no work. I was covered with ter
.ille blotches. sometimes weeping wa
ta.r, sometimes worse, blotches some
_times 10 inches in diameter. FEARFIUL
niirNG. It was only accidentally
Slearned of the iamous specai
G1). D. D. I write this in all gratitude
..r what 3D. ). D. has done for mne.
aesults irom the use of D. D. E.
Sr immediate. The first, oft, cotal
touch and the itch is gone!
Pimples, rashes dasndruii dlsapias~ I
ever night. Hard crusts and cale
,taw scorching sores, salt rheum. tettar.
Aio form of skin disease resists.
Ah drtggists have this famos
specific on hhan t
If you will come to us we will sell
Sthe rfist bottle on the guarantee
it will reach your case or your
mo.ey refunded. You alone to juds.
a also about D. D. D. Skin Soa, bas
5eo. h'reishntr, (tlartlen t'it Drug a.,
D.B D.D. pfrescrplon
. --r ili years
.Inud lrtl L.
115 Higg,,r A-',r,,
Bell Phone 87, ~.,t the, 471.
The best of Everything in the Market.
Cameras and Supplies
Developing for Amateurs
J. M. Lucy 6&Sons
Phones Bell, 69; Independent. 625
New andi second-hand, for rent or
sale. Repairs for all kinds of type
J. Vu. L17 i`R
1 4 East Main Street
Don't think you are getting the best
and cheapest until you he' r ned our
chop feed, hay, gratel antd wuud.
Order your dry tood from us and be
1 , W. Pine 8t. 1..uibe t..ai.

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