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Opening Display of the New House rnishingS rnt nne
to ho e-rakers. The changes in furniture designs
Sfrom season to season, and which are no le;s marked than the
j ~~ ~ ~~~ I 'x,1I.ý- sý.II " ,..
WM , Yr y,ýk ` L I
,ý HIS Furnitture Store this week will b e fullofit et
1 ~to home-makers. The changes in f arnitur i ein
from season to season, and which are no le,.;s matkd ta h
changes in apparel styles, are expressed in this Fall Exposition in great abun
dance and await your inspection. Everything that is NEW and PRACTICAL,
BEAUTIFUL and EXCLUSIVE in the way of furnishings tfor the home---the
best selected and largest stock of turniture, rugs, carpets and draperies in
town, by far.
S The master designers of furniture history have contributed to the needs of the present-the
beauty of the past has been adapted to the practical requirements of every day. so sl)ecial attractiveness centers
about our showing of PERIOD FURNITURE-true representations of
$ 1Colonial Sheraton Heppelwhite Chippendale William and Mary
Adam Louis XV Louis XVI Jacobean Flanders
- i seand Various Other Periods
You twould enjoy coming here and studying the types of these various periods; it s very interesting as well as
instructive, and who would not be as well posted on the furniture that is in one s hlome as on the cut of a gown
;( or style of a hat? Don't wait until you are ready to buy something, come any time and take your time to see the
. .... .beautiful reproductions of this furniture, made famous during these historical periods. You are always wel
come as a visitor. If you have an idea that such things are beyond your reach, there are agreeable price sur
Every Stylish Wood and Finish Is Represented rises awaiting you.
The most prominent manilacturers of high-class, dependable, artistic and exclusive furniture and allied
It is doubtful if a more comprehensive assortment of furniture will be, found anywhere. lines, confine their product to this one store in Missoula that is why you will see here so many beautiful pieces
We were six weeks in the market, attending the various furniture exhibitions and visiting that cannot be duplicated elsewhere in town. The manufacturer's guarantee and our own is behind every arti
factories with the one purpose of finding everything that is new, either in design, material cle, assuring absolute safety in buying-your complete satisfaction. Representied imong our exclusive lines are:
or finish. Here is furniture in oak, finished dull, waxed or polished golden, or fumed; solid The Following Furniture Manufacturers:
mahogany and mahogany-finished woods; satin and Circassian walnut or exquisite pattern; The Following Furniture Manufacturers
plain and birdseye maple furniture in white and ivory enamel finishes; reed furniture in the Berkey & Gay Furniture Co. Hoosier Manufacturing Co. N1rthern Furniture Co.
finishes that best suit this class, besides many novelties in hand-hainmered copper, etc., so Finest Bedroom and Dining-Room Fuirniture Famous Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets. Period Furniture for Dining and Bedrooms.
YPeriod Furniturefr Dnn n ero s
that any taste and purse can be satisfied. Here is a limited list of what you'll find here: The Caloric Co. B. F. Huntley Furniture Co. Oriel Cabinet Co.
F t.eoFrh s . Caloric Fireless Cookstoves. I Popular-priced Bedroom Furniture, Sewing, Smoking, Manicure and other Cabts.
For the Bedroom For the Nursery Carrom-Archarena Company 1 Imperial Furniture Co. John D. Rabb Chair Co.
Dressers, $15 to $235. (Costunmers, $1.50 to $20. (,i-carts. $4.50 to $25. Crib iBlankets,. 75c to $5.50. Folding Tabes and Game Boards. I ia r r o h Ra Chair o
Chiffoniers, $10 to $150. Mattresses, $3 to $40. Pramblatuors, $17.50 to $50. aby T'enders, $4.75. Fold g Tables and Game BoardsDining and Library Tables in Period Designs High-Grade Chairs and Rockers.
(eva.l Oliasses, $25 to $75. fled Springs, $2 to $30. Nurser-y Bi-ds, $13.35. Ro..king Horses. $2 to $25. Caswell-Runyan Company. Jamestown Lounge Co. Rockford Chair & Furniture Co.
D)ressirig Tables, $18.50 to Sanitary Coichs, $4.50, $9.50. irilis, $3 to $50. T iame Boartds, $1.50 to $10. Manufacturers of Cedar Chests. High-Class Upholstered Furniture. 1 Buffets, Sideboards and China Closets.
$85.0q. San. Davenports, $6, $12.50, Crib Mattresse~s, $2.50,$6.50,.
s.O. noes. 5 to $30. W,,a ...n t.trt,6,12. s iars, $2.50,.. Chicago Asbestos Table Mat Co. S. Karpen & Bros. St. John's Table Co.
Chairs, $1.50 to $20. to $12.50. For the Office Peerless Table and Lunch Mats. Fine Upholstered Furn. and Bed-Davenports Dining-room and Office Tables.
Rockers, $1.50 to $30. Pilli....,., 75c to $7.50. theYlai aufcuigC.J A el r..eSn opn
Wooi Beds, $20 to $75. Flankets, 75c to $25. Ridlt I eIs. $27.50, $125. Tialei. $6 to $75. COrY-IRVIS Manufactuing o. J. A. Kelly & Bro. The Seng Company
Iron eilds. $3 to $20. Iomiforts, $2 to $20. tiat-top Desksi $22.50, $75. .hairs, $4 to $40. Furniture Novelties. Kelly Automatic Reclining Chairs. "Little Mother" Baby Tenders and "K-K"
Brass Betds. $1250 to $75. Hedsireads. 75c to $12. Standing Isks. $17.50, $40. Stiols, $2.50 to $15. Crawford Chair Co. Kindel Bed Company Collapsible Beds.
Tables, $1.50 "to $20. I.iister Rolls, $2.50 to $4. lineitriter I sks, $10, $50. Piling i)e\'ices, all iriccs. Dining and Bedroom Chair Specialists. * Makers of Kindel One-motion Bed-Davenpts Simmons Manufacturing Co.
For Library or Living Room ' Rugs and Carpets Davis-Birley Table Co. Chas. P. Limbert Co. enports Brad Bed ,prings., Couches, Day.
Tia les, $6.50 to $85. 1,either ('hairi-and Rockers, Ini r 'ain ,g'.t i -x9 tIi ix12 f, $4.50 to $10. Library1 Parlor and Bedroom Tables. Holland Dutch Arts and Crafts Furnitu,'l h
Davenports, $22.50 to $100. $35 to $125. laipstri Ruos, .7x54 in. to 9x!' ft.. 98c to $18. Ferguson Bros.' Mfg. Co. 6' Luce Furniture Co. g urniture Company
Bed-ikavpolirts, $25 to $125. iHookrases, $25 to $50. Axminstr Ru-c. 27x54 In. to il-3x12 ft., $1.95 to $45. Fulton Manufacturing Co. - Dining and Bedroom Furniture. High-Grade Bedroom Suites.
Couches, $17.50 to $60, Bookcase-Desks, $20 to $55. Olay Orussels tugs, fix9 ti 9x12 ft.. $24 to $40. Screens and Noveities in Wood. * The Macey Co Sturgis Steel Go-Cart Co
$hairs,"$3.50 to $40. iBookease Sections, $3.50, $9. St..iii.y iuig, , -~x,4 i,, ti tx, 2 f t, $8 to $65.. M or
Rockers. $3.50 to $45. Book Blocks. $2.50 to $5. Wilton tgs, "_4Cx,;t ti, li,-6xi2 ft.. $3 to $75. Glascock Manufacturing Co. sectional sBookcses and Filing Devices. Taylor Nursery Bed Co.
Autoim-tic Chairs, $22.50 to Elee. Lamps, $18.50, $47.50. iath l-tugs. 2ix ls ti, 36x72 in., $1.50 to $6. Famous Fulton Collapsible Go-Carts. Mechanic's Furniture Co. Valley City Desk Co.
$70. - Parlor Suites, $40 to $125. i thti Ituis i, l ux3 t. in i, 12xt5 ft., 50c to $32. Baby Walkers and Jumpers. Dining-Room Furniture in Suites. I Office Desks, Tables and Stands.
Ingratin. mrpe*'i, yard, 45c to 90c.
For the Dining Room ,, itid, , . , 50 to g0oc. Gunn Furniture Company Michigan Seating Company ." Wallace Adjustable Bed Co.
Tuito10 o 0.$15Tt $0 strv uurhurl..5-t yarul 75c to $1.35. .H Sectional Bookcases and Filing Devices. Kaltex Fibre Chairs and Rockers, Latest Improved Adjustable Hospital Beds.
thifs 'aiit -. $ 20 to $15 0 0 Tirvin Ta$1 to $15. to$5. .i...lnutr ,',' ot., i. 75c to $2. H sig a l o p n o n D s o p n
,tui,,il $15 to... $150 Soei0su.n.g. , o . "-olol~ • atnsTbeCmayMo ~s opn Webster Manufacturing Co.
Tatiles. $20 to $200. Ti i \iagiins, $17.50 to $40 . iVe l iet u'rpts .tinil, $1 to $2.
Tlis, $1.50 to $300.i e ks 'a ies, $12.50 to $20. du Blrusseis 'aryets, yard, $1.50 to $2.25. i Latest Improved Dining Tabies Makers of High-Grade Office Desks. Largest Makers of Popular-priced Chairs.
I'lhairs, 1.50 to $30i Breakfast Tables, $12. to $20. ,, ,,r Matsl $1 to $5.50. Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co. Naperville Lounge Company .Yawman & Erbe Manufacturing Co
For the Kitchen , sat weeers $3 to $5,50. Reed Furniture and Baby Buggies. Popular-priced Bed-Davenports, Couches. Highest Grade Filing Devices, Etc.
i-iathin iSwuepers, $6.75 to $126.
('abinets. $5 to $63.50. Fl'eless Cookers, $4, $63.50.
Tables, $2 to $15. (hairs, 75c to $1.75. Curtains and Draperies In the Carpet Section In the Draperies Section In the Bedding Section
For the Bathroom -,.,!,, 3c.50 to $25. 1rurtai (liods, y., 125c, $8. Bush & Terry Chas. R. Barrett Co. Chas. Emmerich 4 Co.
Sticls. $2.50 to $4. i'hiffonets, $7.50 to $25. Couch covers, $1.75 to $45. lurlalis and Denimus. 25c, 45c High-Grade Axminster Rugs. Barrett Flexible Curtain Rods. Sanitary Feather Pillows.
Mirrors,. $3.50 to $18. Me,. Cabinets, $3 to $20. Trble Corer5, $ . Cuftain Rods, l0c to 75c. DIiamond Manufacturing Co. Chas. W. Breneman & Co. ¶ Houston Manufacturing Co.
P'illuuw Tnuts. 65c to $5. Popular-priced Electric Suction Sweepers. Famous "Brenlin" Window Shades,,otn abwoladDw ofrs
Miscellaneous Farr & Bailey F. A. Foster Company ' KindelCn Bedding d Dow. Comfos.
Desk Tabe... $15 to $75 wastle Baskets. 10€ to $10. Drapery Department Special Makers of Best American Linoleums. "iSun-Fast', Art Drapery Materials. Home.-Made Style Comforts.
House Desks, $10 to $50. Hospital [teds, $100. Firth Carpet Company Lehigh Mills Chas. A. Maish & Co.
Smokitig Cainets, $3.50, 5 50. u'andlestiisks, $2.50 to $5. Or,-nta. ,hoir ... iliiw •1,, ,t,,. . ..ix., i,, Iiihi.e , .,,r, Hartford Carpet Corporation Best Dometic sace Curtains and Nt. Co .
Cellaetties, $30 to $100. Music Cabinets, $10 to $40. rich colorings and fine patterns; amu o n and otheran Capt r oc lls Laminated Cotton-filled Comtrorts.
Screens $3.50 to $20. Record Cabinets, $15 to $40. ulari or$1, ,0 Slu ... 65c Fa.... Saxony and other Rugs and Carpet. Orinoco Mills Marshall Ventilated Mattress Co.
Pictures, $3 to $20. Pedestals, $3 to $20. Hoover Suction Sweeper Co. Exclusive Drapery Stuffs. Sanitary Mattr'ses and Engineers' Cushions
The Peer of AII Suction Sweepe.... Philadelphia Tapestry M ills Ostermoor & Co.
,. .,~.-"= ae et Linoleum Mfg. Co. of England Couch Covers,. Draperies, Pli,.w Tops,.Etc. Makers of the Famous. Osteroor* Mattress
A Fresh Lot of Bedding Close-Outs in the Bargain Basement Stine s' Highest Grade Imported Linoleum . E. Reis & Co. Pendleton Woolen Mills
Regular $4.0 Comforts foryo .............a$2.95 oeRegular $7.00 Comforts for.....a...$4.95 u VCar ompany . S te Lce urtains and Nets. Finest Wooien Blankets and Indian llnkt.
Reulr$40 ofotsfr 2.5 Reulr$700Cmfrt or---- 4.5 Sweeper-Vac. Manufacturing Co. Stead-Miller & Co. St. Mary's Woolen Mills "
" $5.50 Comforts for ..........$3.95 $1.35 Cotton Sheet Blankets 98¢ Perfected Hand Suction Sweepers. High-Class Upholstery Materials. Producers of High-Grade Woolen Blankets.
$6.00 Comforts for ..$4.15 " $4.50 Gray Wool Blankets $2.95 M. J. Whittalj Sunfast Leather Co. s:-'y Mattress Company
Finest American Rugs and Carpets. Draperies and Novelties of Leather. Celebrated Sealy Untufted.Mattress.

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