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Apple Packing and Prices
Appl_. p ck~ ... ...... ........
Editor Missoulian:
'Bitter Root fruit brings good
prices." This was the heading of a
letter published in the Missoulian of
last Sunday by C. L. Longwell, the
head puish of the so-called Montana
Fruit Distributors organization. As l
the writer prevaricates the truth in,
such overwhelming measures, it de
volves upon nme to set the readers of
the Missoulian aright upon what hap-!
penel. In the first place 1 was in
dihced tIo join the association believing
the, sYsteml was a good one which I he
lice e today -would be all right if con
du< led upon legitimate lines biy well
mneaning, competent people.
My first car of fruit was a car of
Duchess apples. Mr. Longwell sent mei
by request, his oiwn packers, to put
up m'y fruit. The day we commcoenucedi
piackinlg a gentleman came to see me
alhmt buying the )Duchess apples. Itie
matlle mle a spot cash offer of i9 cents
pier box for thlem.l told him that 1 had
joincd the associatiin and considered
that I hadl no right to sell. He per
suaded me to iphonle AlMr. Loi'gwell for
pert nissi'll. I idone so. but was turnedl
down. He Wulid tL ,t gHirt nly re
i"The neltl dals y onIe Al\rs Kcll I , hi l
association inspector appered. tie,
opened numhbers of liboxs and when
asked by Mr. Ihriese, In1 ]ead packer,
toVw lihe fli ild Ilicll. his r11eply Wi S
all right. I find nothiis" hut what I
wVio ld iltl( il mtyself. A.\ controversy
writer c1onceri'thig apples that w"e.
slightly 1'ir ss-eli ri'll m11' il the stein.
MIr. Kelley Ilt el'il these aipltes as!
aglinst be'iilg plIUt into the l ack. WVi
u-ast lthicm aside iin boxes h" tli o n
solveis and weI dubed themlii ' Kelp
('iulls. Mr. Lonlgwell N1S 1 ':l '
lskl i (tl c' e down . l ul sI ft' r hi- -
s.lfl What I We . r 'Iere d(lin g e s i "n l
pIkers nl a myself wislhed Io iter
v iiw hil ili --- li l)illng tlih hi d ill-al
lld Ii i ager of |Ithe c:Iu'iion. II,
Mbsolutel ý refused to erntl,. mit oug
\\ called ludlY.
"The car ofl applels 'es p .'lkd and
ready to go. Ailr. Kerr ' \ is as:loc'ia
i nll ispector and .'l. l 'i \\ilso . Staite'
illnpe tlr. I oi thli t es. Ini' i..,o .lilt
the apples and pack u. K., .llarked
theIl 'fucll yc gralde' I lld Ilplas,' tilin
as I'lod fr mnaret'l.
"Altholugh olur states people a
those of i[(joitning states \ier,' ('tuiling
loudly for apphles, nly car was billed
for a trip across the ion tlinen as an
e\xhibition car ai ti I- explii se. After
toying with it for fourteen dai s u li
car I.cal y lanlued ill the il ily of
I'liht lelphllia, P[a., and was displ ose I l of.
'iter payig all expelnses they re
iliur'led ile what witas Ieft, v 'iz: 17
lcents per box. Now m\hal dm your
know about that.'
\ly 'Ketlloy culls' lwere packedt last
- Ihoxes anld I sent them to iltarkelt
locally, olni-half went to Butte and
one-half to -iAna(onda. lyv returns
netted me as follows: From Butte,
SO cents: from Auaconda, $1.00 per
hWx. My refusetd :aid smnall apples
wret' shiovel-packedt and tmade me a
return of 75 cents per box. Now in
Bankers and
In our newly equipped bindery, we
are making all kinds of special ruled
We rule them to suit the actual
needs of YOUR business.
You can have them bound any way
you wish, either in
Full Russia
Half Leather
We would be glad to have you call in
person at our bindery, second floor of
The Missoulian Building, or write or
phone us just what you want. 'Better
see our Mr. Lebkicher and let him help
you. We honestly believe, that for style,
finish and durability, our blank books
are not to be compared with the cheap,
machine made work that is being sold in
many cases to the unsuspecting public.
Come and see what we are doing in
the way of making permanent record
books, right here in Missoula. Job de
the face of all this &Ir. Longwell has
Ijthe audacity to state that my apples r
i were culls. -tad he said so and turned t
them back to ale it would have been
a .God-send. I would now be at least $
$500.00 better off on this one trans- c
1 "Ne't comes the Wealthys. Mr. a
SL ongwell took mly fancy %and extlra
Sfanicy and malrketed them,' God knows 1
- where, and made ime the magnificient i
- return rof 72 certs per hox as a'ainst t
my ''" .lald' tl:lt I n.i'. ,'l, :ýyIself I
-it !.O0 ie- hex f. a. h. yt 'v'n.ville.
- ly crab applelt ritaretis iere ii cents I
- t'r box.
S"Next conr,'s. tile Alexan'iert. Al
t though tuth itslicetors werxe dauly vis
i ttors at Vini' p lkiig h uo ls tlttul hleoth
i \lron lln1 ltl ii, 'ru iiti l ad t ork its
Sgood, after one ll ('' 1rt ha.l re. tei\tlie
S ill st ippeit , it-r I.Kerr' 'm11t 1' to i o0 r
- paeking ho.lse, cpero- we had ult 50
Smllore oli s to pIli and it till ainedl(
i that tilh l l r ' e re l i Itt tl lti lg inl scab:
Ii that Ile tulc l not cceplt it as the
fruit I tt t tbe a hsotlltetly fI.e l tfrom
scab. My palke'rs a:cited and asked
I\I what tl fIt). Aftltr a momentl's delih
- ' lration, I i infl'rtt d Nilr. Kerr that 1
wo'wilu s ;tond ne more sec ]I fowl work e
I11 111 oI '11,1,r :ts the ai cias tiollttl was Coll
S'c llr I ' WII 'i l l( tii ill it off atint
I Irk1 t il tiiiown fruirt. i tIo)l m11 y1
p11cilrs to go t hil '. isn tiey hai l tell
doillt , just 11s lth111g1 n othing had
".\l1r. Kerrl to l rl'.Ietl mile ait once l
xSll illin nil h ti r thetlrs to te lsocal
tas.h't iotic toethr r tnr ha il reso
il-ion ils s(eatd , te hr. io ffect that I
'nllh withih' uw iff h s w.ishd ed, lthere
I li N iNiil alt t 1 vit nltdra lV teaI tlsy.
"\Vh n(, l the crisis ca, e lllAtIrc . Iong
well f(lll 1d tile to c.01'll l down) l. I iln
f sl lc~l Pun Hutt I a141 severed 011
ico lnrct'onl with the alsstocitlioll,. He,
iel 'r l onr totld i t i e w oV lll1 4 e niti
gill the dam(] igl, h,, 1,1(ll1. That he
Swoiubl ~ tL t1isso ilat.l l ry that eiftr
10O 11ito Se. , Prof. I h ll1 1(1111l see to it
lthat lly .1 ' Ales lo,(] r 1:ll' 1atih 114 1 no t ,.l\'
tie station. S~ lol'ly after our ldiss hlu- if
11n4i1 .Mi'. W ilson, the staltiI inU 'pector,
lorill ll l aS 4iter li'e 111iu se.r l 0l 111 _i1
that ho 'ould inot pass mt'cor(ill to
hiis itlstruelionis l. ro t ' 'ro . I)o01i.
. 1After a few days' r',. :l1(1 consuidera
tion, I M']1(l t6 m10rk)t miy car of
I Alhranldrs and 1:11,4 upen Nil,. \Vil
SOilft to lars ji] lginent tip il {h11I, fruit,
] Prof. 1(1-4iln h]al'" aviY 1tl1d woubt not it
,t r tire for ms) e (1l1 ,0 \ l M1, Wilson
said ina5lnmtc(h as there was a con- t
St'oversy over the InllllhtioII of the
ftapples it \V'1ulid lho wist1 to 'verhatl|
. the buses and det' rm(l( e h, a eol' o t int
2 ced¢'po e at (4t m '( , upon 11(11' arldtuous
I duties, and Mr. Wilson lthjectell these
apples to a most rigid examination
- and repack, After casting awai every
1)liltle that 'ould lhe found that had at
I spe'k (i it as large as a pin head,
1 we summed n llp the loss to be less ,
, than one per cnt. Mr. Longwell had
Smade his tLhreat to Mr. Wilson that if
he passed 'that car he 'would have it
stopped and contents iurn.(ed. When r
1 thoroaghly satisfied that the fruit
was clean, Mr. Wilson passed and
stamped the boxes. I loaded the car
and sent it to market. On its way
down Mr. Longwell wired Prof. Dean
to 'stop that car.' It (lid not stop nor
were the contents burned. Now, fruit
raisers of the valley, what do you
think of such work?
"A few days later I saw in many
Stores this same fruit selling itn the
open market at $1.83 to $2.00 per box.
"WVhy did the association make such
a miserable failure of marketing' the
fruit this season? The anlswelr is
very obvious. U'nfair methods witil in
competent men at the head to hasitdle
the affairs of the asercintion. IIHtl I
stayed a member throtitghiut the
shilpping season I lnow would ibe strict
IY in the hum.
"Rles pectfully submitted.
Sievensville, Nov. 1, 19111.
8% money to loan, J. M. Price Co.
Pophtlar music ile. t)rvis'.-Adv.
\V. E. i'adyi of St. IP'aul is in the
city oni busie ss.
SMagazines. Smoke Hlouse, E. Cedar.
Pathfinder cigar. Sc at all dealers.
\V. C'. Fitzgerahil tof Arlee spent
iiundat in the "it\.
Nlel tte cial $5 ton. Bell 19.
XMoney to loan. :McItlosh & Fisher.
I. AV Ilrol slpent yeistcrday here
frout his hlimt ' at Hutlite.
It lb'rxvw money throulgh tbuilding and
loan: I iv monthly. See (leotrge F.
It I kt.'-Aids'.
Best Mointanua coal. $1.50 per ton.
IAt. 1. '. Smillth, Montana. hldg.--Adv.
l II. . lort"in of Ana'onida visited
illn 110 l ;l'oinIe ity ye'st'erdayI.
Newi tin H. Sch\\'eiker, optical spe
cialist. Rixms 20:1-205 Montana blk.
Al. 1l. haicier is a Missoula visitor
frolll his home at St. lit"gis.
"31" whisky, guaranteed 14 years
old. Yerrick's, 121 W. Front.-Adv.
S. 1. \Vilson if Tarteir spent Siun
day in 1Missoula with f'riends.
t)r. XWillard, osteopath. First Na
tional bank.--Adv.
11 1. . laily if lhiuilton spent the
day with friends here yesterday.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath, Higgins
block. Phone 834 black.--Adv.
I-h. SMartin is spending a day or
two here fromi his home in Billings.
Dr. Louise Smith, osteopath, Ma
sonic temple. Phone 618; res. 5A red.
f George P. l.largl;rave of Spokane is
n talking one of his visits in 3Missoula.
Steno(grapher. Dawson, I ontana liIk.
t'. liturII'g'ois ailnd fa.liily 'ere' ill lthe
ctity yesterdl ay frolll their h(onlllu' i
Perma Alito service, meets trains
41 and 42 daily. A. MclFarland, Inana
iMr. and Mrs. .1. W. lBrooks of Se
attle arrivexd here yeslerdlay to inmake
a brief visil.
Corsets, front and hack lace, of the
I liaest models made to order and guar
antedl. Phone 502 black.-Adv.
Charlel s l)Ittvenptiort, well-tknown resi
Ident il o if C'orvallis, spent Sunday in
.XI sa lila.
1ltllandy scratch pads and waiter
checks for sale at The Mlissoulian of
WI illis Si. tl; .tt of l{Rinai spent
yesterdaytv in Missaila. lie is oii his
isay iio Tulsa, Aria.
When in Butte stop at the Acoma,
a quiet rest place in the city's center.
Brladw\ay ailnd Wyoming. Rooms $1.00
ia day and up.-Ads.
.\A fine' leot" Itlby W(ias Iorn yesterday
to Mr. uiil iMrs. Joe Silnodgrass at thou
failily hiinome onA ' West Pine street.
Monley to loan on ranch and city
property. II. D. Fisher, 113 E. Main.
irt. inid .ri's. SMike lDennis of Para
dise anie visiting her' for ai feiw days
with Mr. ard SIrs. 11, A. t'hase.
Starsli' tile undertaker; phone 321.
Au dv.
Mrsi. 1. .. IlieVore left yesterday I
for u it' " hl()ilit ' at \'otilsfiehl (rhio.
Slit' l:xi teeLn malki ing tin extended
vikit \\iti relativss in this city.
Paxlon , hotel; new management.
Stetam heat; cornforlable rooms for
Salli,' Thlaii. oatt Indian woman.
wh51se is'ciordl is mnarked by many
dtisgricri'fful happenings in Missoila,
wasas alrrtsledt agail yesterday by the
uhli'' and toihxled in jail.
T'he Maiss "'", has the best du
plictting s '..,, I sheets for letters.
$1.00 per ,n i. -Adv.
Mr. and Sits. . h. I)nnis and Mri. intld
Mit's. 1 A.'. thasi xViit io Allertixn
Silitmlxi)y to Slitn-il l dii m y Irith ohl
tiiin frieills. Mr. ald Mrs. J.. 'tc r
A derailment of a freight car some
distance west of St. Regis on the
'Milwaukee yesterday delayed train
No. 18 of that road for a couple of
hburs. The derailment was not
serious except that it happened in
such a way as to require some time
to make repairs.
The Penwell hotel, apartment 25.
--All kinds of plain and fancy gowns
made. A style for every figure. Come
and see me. Mrs. L. D. Humphre
ville, phone Penwell hotel. Both
Ed F lairmtont, a well-known resti
dent of the reservation, was arrested
Saturday near his home anrd brougilt
to Missoula by Under-Sheriff Mar
ion. 'lairimant is char1ged with hav
ing passed some worthless checks in
Missoula. lie .as released on bonds
to await a hearing.
The Missoula local, I. A. of T. 8. F.
met in the lodge room of the Eagles'
block last night and had an enjoyablte
tinme. Andrew Kron was the only,
candidate for initiation and, as one.
of the members f tilhe union stated i
after the sessioui. "olljal:llin t'rtainty
did receive the hi tl,.st tegreeu'l of the
order tonight.
: \~: ' V.'.i
It itle Rock, \' :, N, 1. The fire
drill inl the sc. -h, <l, \trk:lnsas is a
result of the ilt' (, n., ;, tln' i the
tty, schools 10 e,:- ,ry i'M t'nhe,
vice Ipresidt ent I \'' n.:ý< oIf the NS .
I onal Firt e , i n . a- ,a ti .
M1tiss Mc'(ltbe is t h 1,h lllor~ than
this it llher h ut ' 1 fir l't\'llt
tin. ell4 has , : i , ni ll F i f ithe
cities and held u - , tines in \vhich
lshe "ddfressed{l n,1" h '.(
r ntl', and ns f rl' ,=--lhle the Im lln
mllnabt? e bh ildin ,,Iý in l' rePil'nce
dist ricts.
tiln lrece t i i lot rinlls she
prolt hesied the . i less tfl. i aii
week latter canl- , - " I,
in that city. \1' 1, T ';h iif rinoe(i
lithe blsinioess li ' ~ 1 .'1 ril s that
tlte iui Wiy ad f ,. l'iVentIi iof
suith fires wa\\s ' il'ino'r o 1 coin
p!anies to refuts, r! . ,irks on Framelll
shacks, partieui , in business
districts. (loVelo , l' ,, \\ liny< i iltedl I
al I iHatiOll hIl , (llt,' II s irn
Prevntion day t, i ' \r i ,t: at Ihb so
liritatio. of M - '1
N eve'r IsIx ,' Irt1 lsII Ix1 xxIii1 I ,,iii1 11 IbII
pllblic p la e"i . lthexy ; I, h.,xili xx "
('ll ( ill th dil rl l tff gelt 'I·r s
hi ani trl lou x. iti h iai l i x'rV I tn. geix
. eo I) l isitt SI., r i \.l i x 11ii
ing tII + hor g ]) l Ihly tlllo thi e s :.IJ. Thi
dielightll ,nd i l invig", ratl ii n . l II' I .h'.
54lii h 11 (1 i ; ix"·' , ]reiixi. ii l :;I x I: llI I
iih e .0-4 ohliix, is gu.ierxx lxxiti x,.
q(it kly ael- Ii' Iladi l li ff Ix :,hiti I i i
flroml 1a 11 41 itix st l. t rii n ii x ix iii
T )i pil l ;itnd hieliity iliis I. ll, 11;
or i ad x,11 P l td 1loa lx itl i 'i '
t he ofIIII k s wue uc s - tI
lx II x. iia i i m.xli '
no.liii ixn.-- xxit h r.
Pathfins lr cigar. lH st n, x x.x11,,, ii1
Blackfoot Ranch for Mis
soula Home
155 . 90 an e s tilh e, I
ttre ],; , xl Vllt'(1 . 1t \ h lul I" Il+
spris ' ;. creek - ' i 115 tlrlough
r tan |l :nl espr eecially 1it1,1l I,
ru+t , i!.i hen house, t xi. 'i .
$600, will adr t Mi.pany
'ole~ri I - ith side refirreid, to
the ualue o, $5,000,
120 Acres in Flathead
Ii v ' ri'+ ofriil 1.H ltln. e \\w ill
giVti e e' , !,, , .1 , Rl i g i Ti 1111n i
ra 115 Higgins Av inud ea e
011114. \ . , li"d' r a trade
W. II. Lucymead C Sompany
li in; t" I I I, 11i,: <n, la, 1.I ntani a.
Ohorieh Bell. U1: indeendsnt. 611
McIntosh & Fisher
115 Higgino Avenue.
J. M. Lucy & Sons
Phones Bell. 69: Independent. 625
For Business and Normal Training.
Day or Evening.
Bell 466. KOCH & DIXON,
Ind. 2226. Proprietors.
,WEAR ..M.4 A
," oufa j rratnttle
Yes, Sir, Got It at the M. M. Co.,
and, Believe Me, Only
Hiad my pick of all their regular $20.00 and $.'2.'50 Ilart, Schaffner & Marx,
Wool-n-Worthl lo(hester hand-tailored and swell I'ashion suits; overcoats, too,
if I'd neeCed one.
Clothes of bhetter style clannot he ifound in town, nor can clothes
of equal grade of fahric,,es, workmanship aid fit be found elsewhere
at less than $25 to $30 it being an estahl bshed fact that their regular
prices are lower, grade for grade, than other stores ask.
A wonderful variety to choose from suits and overcoats for men
and young men ' in a score and more of. new fall rhodels, in the
most stylish fabrics and cil rigs' siCes t~ fit all comers long or
short, stout or slim, rcgular or irregulai of' build.'
Quality clothes in the fi ill sense of the term .all-wool fabrics, best
of linings and trimmiins and first-class hand tailoring, and they guar
antee to fit yon as well as any made-to--mcasure clothes costing dou
ble the price asked.
O, yes, blues aind blacks, icluded, they never do things by halves.
W. B.M'Laughlin
Section A. Log, sýie f r'l f lur ,ps IndI rH tl.
Section B. Hillm ,u r ied fir Iikini alllt st(is.
Section C. ill , rusI. f'r r.l.si and huIl , ji .
Section D. Lin, fluiniihuing the ,,ni best c 'i;i,,.
Section E. Iti clihps, used either for frinr g ,r b.ul
Section F. Ilreast, user rtur ruast.ing or boiling.
Section G. Neck, flr cutlets, broths andl meat pies.
120 East Cedar Street t,,. 797.
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