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Bringing as It
Does Such
Excellent and
Unusual Values
Meets With
T'his is attested to by
the many people who are
responding, and they are
glad they are doing so.
We are equally glad for it
gives us a chance supreme
to demonstrate our value
giving abilities.
This Thanksgivling sale
is full of good things, both
in wearing apparel for
men and women, dry goods
and furnishings. There is
value after value.
We want you to come
and take a walk through
the store; it is not neces
sary for you to buy. We
certainly want you to
know, however, of the
many rich plums that can
be picked amn.1111,'t tlhe;e
golden bar,.ains.
A Penny Saved
Is a Penny Earned
A Thanksgiving
Sale of
Here you can supply
your needs in linen for
general use as well as for
decorative purposes. No
better linens to be had any
place in Missoula. Table
lin,,;l ýnd napkins Twenty
Per ('ent I)iscount.
\I ll.iav .nd lBattenburg
piece durin,. thi.i sale at
Tw ent -ive I'bEr ,'ent Off
Where '(e are making
them all ,it up andi take
notice is the values we are
giving in i'ur Women's
Ready - to - ear DI)epart
Nc\ er b'~ole cIt 1this seal
s5u of the ycar l.huv such
al ales bee gil e n nuw,
up-to-date waia';g apparel
for ,\ lo!meln and nmisses.
Now\ i, the time to, supply
your needs, '" every day
opp1rtu~it\ t ecurcl tihe
best b.rgums.
At 20% Off
No better gift can be
given than a nice fur set
or single piece. Buy
them now and save.
~COroN-IstlR .O
Th7I snow fall yesterday, which was
rbt ll Ie ' in sonic places in the
nIllalnI1ns., hIas ,1t tlhe raihlroad on the
lf-,f,,nsi'e, and they are fast making
r',ly ' for trthe annual battle] with win
n:r l i the Milwaukee, it wans re
rl ii* r i yesterdlay. there is aI foot of
-a i lIlnlg between Supet-trior and Val
, i,. W\hile this cauistest. ti delay, it is
WI \aringi , ailnl yestd'layi ra gluitl
(rew \tus a-signed t l tlh rotitry swl(ll
ilhv which will keei c(h ;ur the line
,'ist of Avery.
'The Northern Pacific is still resling
inll its arms. but has two tig rotarites
in the '.liss huln shps: ready, fur lust.
tne of them·rl h; hIns ' ti t om pltly'el, over
h:llhl dii The i;it is raisd fIr the illd
Vlllant of Ithe creI.' nd ll i I t1-tittr largeit(
nIIHough to c1( ;i .\ ( ,"o;il and w(ater f(Ior a
hatr(d Battle has h],"e t attached,
I ('oind thr . i'. tHllingls mtld Brake
1 S. E-. Merrill of tlhe Northern Pla
1 ifi, sirs' encanln lpl with Jack \Villiatms
t ish reel. Thi i tre joined t es-
Sacy by rIl;tkeinan .1 W, 11ad. The
I1 ; r1 li ill Sl.1ýnd NII e ti hllite till I
1' r800 Fluli rl .|, ]". 111111 lll (if I t h
]Ir I , it a flllli. : ll lll d Ia w 1 h 1 h 5 w,%J
'i ll l hyt .1 t I l'( I itt l ic i II I t.st te lt
I I r ' . I "glif 1ort 1 :I I s s ing r '
- ,, rh'n fa''st freight yesterlday. The\
11i tll] fi l't arr i;tis of tll e s.. lon.lI.,
1I ., grds at nt of the lHuerlington
Il s l I It l{tte, (.r illel coll the Ifl l :lgeitt
.li- n slnl" tll 1i l I''. L,. 1lirds l] of thel
Nortlhern I'aclIic went to Ielcn
l 'shio , N t'lth:ili Itl1rc,, tk of the
hlitt('l i tl h ll tr . ill 1l, a nll al , w ill i e
1i Mishp Lnhcock will wait here
b"r Hont, where he ,will preach twict'
ointW In tlmitt g his Stal here l e
will ~" the t 'est of I'r 1 'hiarle' s D.
I lltII Ir ia tor oii' tthe I''irst 11i lhodi s
Bhurh, h i. 1 vil\ take hlnclhln at the
ll',illitage.t and will Ieta 'e in lthe 'aftet'
liotn for Stv ''nsville.
"lh lit liisi, I ollili itilln i tlIt f Huit -
I , i lilt lp l, ii, at Stevel.s i 'lle at'tl at l iua il
| ton.n l i-h will preach a i l rling sr nli
1 the - riller town, lAnd will he i t it1t i
hll(tIr in ithe . .oi nin . Returning Mll
day Iu1,, iing, ithe Bishop will go t~
ai n.ll d: l er ll dge ' tilt y is theli
l:st ,1- the list, and his visit in he
iSu ,.il r ' its \ will conti de his first
ilill .I tho le iIot ilita , .ilich is his e
It'sho ,le. . ock has Haub
'rin l. d. ni his intr-mllc.,tory tour, said
tlhere is no tit'y hi're he is n0t0 deh ired
is in eirly rtl'rn guest. h, lihas said
that his impressions.. f the stite are,
ileas;lnt, ald the re'ltions betw een
hiii ;n 11 h 1'tiie'hurc es unld l hIs juris
.! ,ir.lonl ailr, cordial.
.1 inrst:lnce ha recently been ob
s\ . , nl In Missouliiit of the opportunlities
, ,; "" l i ,ltl",ii l . : ntl energy looking for
\r*k. 11r tl .Mrs Peiter Henry atnd
their in,, 'Ii liy. in cta e to this city
+t il-ig , Pr o l' l,,idonce, 11. 1.
I II ,"nry - -, kili l f st iie Iltla.ln,
mt lt o'. inil t flt iii in ihode(' Is
: lir ' hif , w.ut, s Iitown toh $i nt
p it.'and h,' dtr. i 1' to i 've twe st,
I" wI nt fir t tu I t t ri and l ihen lsitftne
tri t i toi sl lii d th'i w\ite r i 'iletaring trers
:1', ti r it. .: iitm, inl l i-bl, George - I'.
trunks nl,".r ý et,\l"n..ille. 1ie is laid
to elollr the lllln: d, ;1 d ill additionl lihe
ti. llthe s it 'i Ite i, i s off. it has ial
,eidy found i larkl.et in Missoula for
thne lodl he Tt Iiits ti 'lt this winlter
. il thll, aid af" fl"r of his sons, who
:,r., litrge enotl to \vwrh. M'r. Henry
-.Ls: "1 see mon ey in this muiiintry,
and I mean It stay until I hte -gottlen
msy just sl art' of it."
A smorl shietk iont Sti(ddard stri ot
was destroyed by fire at 4 o'cloek yes
tlrday afti-rnit.n. The fire diepanrtment
tin siitnde to the call. The loss was
For Children There is Nothing Better.
A cough medticine for children mulst
help their coughs and colds without
had effects oin their little stomachs
and bowels. Foley's Honey and Tar
exactly fills this need. No opiates,
o sour stomach, no constipation fol
lows its use. Stuffy colds, wheezy
breathing, coughs and croup are all
qi:ickly helped. Missoula Drug Co.
E. Kuhl, son of a well-known Bitter
Root rancher, forged his father's name,
Fritz Kuhl, to a chetek for $25, which
was etishetd tow tih .Missoula Wood
Yard. 'When Kubnhl was arrested a
number of othir chels, ,'aeh with his
father's liLlnae sg(ned l, 0 nre discovered
on hi: pe'rson. Five of these cheeks
were for $2 e'ach and ianother for $40.
iKuhl, who is a well-dressed and nice
altearing youlng fellw., made no a.t
tomlpt to deny his guilt. "It is just an
other c'asi of tooze," he told the offi
cel's. "'\'v' been on a spree and hitting
up I tot ipae' for :i 'Iltlil' of weeks,
r:ntt I didn't think of 0hat I was do
Campbell's Case.
'l'rharrest '. Kut wa:s lm e by
eIp'i Sherdrtff IFrank f'nmapholl, the
yon .enl. t oIffi(er in the state. tie really
aorlld ull the (':ase himselNlf, cauised the
warr:tnt to be insned., and stpent most
of the dti' in Itracking down his man.
I' I arrest walr ow;, l nt j Ist before IKuhl,
it wars thoui.ht, was ready to take a
Ivfllt oi tt ih t i tt.tea
'(The a\lwarld of prizes was Imade lInst
night in ThIe M s.silian nmis-sptlled
,word co1ntest. T'here were, according
to the announiemenult, four of the prizes
to be given, i atll of tlhem tickets to to el
,'performance of, "'The HIavor" at the
Missoulal theatert' tonlighlt. Scores of
lelterM ,I' h o o'nll received in PSlponsO
to, the advrtisinwnt ,of thie contest.
Snoie of themi were unirque. Others
were delightfully originlt. All showed
11tht th' he contestants had given care to
theirh prusal of The Missoulian dulring
th' weeik. It (was 11 Io of the mllost in
teresting contests that The Missoulian
hlts tever Ilatall g dlt .
The prizres were awarded Iby the
inIiges is foillows:
First-- l'four hIxs seats, Miss IsIhol
i'nS il" t tn, I l F . Dl'. No. 1, Missoula.
Second- -Three orchestra seats, WI'...
Charles L. (llranger, it6 IBlaine street.
Thirdt--- Twa (orchestra seats, Miss
May Wilson, 235 . outh Fourth west.
,Fourth- ne ('('orchestria seat. N. A.
'Trniheau, Pas \W"e-t P'ini street.
These persons, if they will call at
The Missiiulian office this morning,
wiil he given orders on the Missoula
th eater for Ithe tickets. The Missou
lin lllts l'preferred to permlit the will
nrs to setll't their own seats. The
''rdters will be at the business office
Salts, Calomel, Pills. Act on Bowels
Like Pepper Acts in Nostrils.
(cet a 10-cent box now.
Mst old people must give to the
Iowels some regular help, else they
suffer from constipation. The condi
tion is Ierfectly natural. It is just as
natullrl s it is for old people to walk
slowly. For age is never so active as
youth!. The musliscles taie less elastic.
And the Iowels are muscles.
So aill old people need Cascarets.
O)ne might as well refuse to aid weak
eyes with glasses as to neglect this
gentle ali to weak bowels. Tl'he bowels
must be kept active. This Is Important
lt all ages, but never so much as at
Age is not a tilme for harsh physics.
Youth may occasionally whip the bow
els into activity. But a lash can't be
u.sed every day. What the bowels of
the old need is a gentle and natural
tonic One that (caln he constantly
used without harlm. The only such
(cnic is Cascarets, and they cost only
t1 cents per box at any dlrug store.
They work while you sleep.-Adv.
WVilliam Botekor and wife, Mrs.
Itoecltkr being the daughter of Mrs. M.
\\''ilcomie of 310 East Cedar street,
Iret.ed M issoula. yesterday from tVa
ven'iy, I{. I'., wheire Mr. ]3oei'ker has
just soil ouitt lis general merchandise
business. lie expects to engage in a
similar line in Montana, and after a
few days will begin to look about for
a location. Mr. and Mrs. Bloekltr are
both young people, and they joined In
saying: "\'o certainly are glad to get
'ack to good old U. S. A."
A Maker of Health.
A good honest medicine like Foley's
Kidney Pills gives health to many
families. Mrs. O Palmer, 635 Willow
St., Green Bay, Wis., was seriously ill
with kidney and bladder trouble. Mr.
Palmer writes: "My wife is rapidly
recovering her health and strength
due solely to the use of Foley Kidney
Pills." Missoula Drug Co.-Adv.
Do you like roses?-Adv.
Mrs. L. R. Deal of Dixon spent the
day in Missoula.
8% money to loan. J. M. Price Co.
Frank L. Bayley of Helena had bllsi
ness in the city yesterday.
Popular music, 10c. Orvis.'-Adv.
F. B. Chapman of Dixon was a
visitor in the city yesterday.
Magazines. Smoke House, E. Cedar.
Miss Gladys Huffman is here from
Butte, a guest at Craig hall.
Mrs. R. W. Fisher of Victor was a
guest at the Palace hotel yesterday.
Take luncheon at the Nonpariel.
Mrs. Lizzle Murphy of Carlton spent
the day visitin" and shopping in Mis
Dr. and Mrs. E. G. Ellis are moving
today into an apartment in the Ham
mond block.
Do you like roses?-lAdv.
Mrs. G. R. Bemit will he a guest in
Missoula today from her home at the
Ritter Root Inn.
H. A. Bradt, general agent for the
Burlington railway lines, spent yes
terday in Missoula.
Hell Gate coal, $4.25 ton. Bell 19.
Phileas Loilselle came in from his
home in Grass Valley yesterday to do
business in the city.
Mrs. R. A. Mead and Mrs. T. H.
Sherman were guests in Missoula yes
terday from Victor.
J. C. Ayers, who has ranchl and min
ing interests at Stark, is in Misg.iula
tithis week on business.
Money to loan, McIntosh & Fisher.
1)r. Charles Pixlcy is leaving this
morning for a few days of hunting
along Nine Mile creek.
"Between-meal lunches" at Non
Mr. and Mrs. H. nV. Sanhorn came
into the city yesterday from their home
up the Bitter Root valley.
t). W. Perry sells coal. Ills phone is
(00. 306 Higgins avenue.-Adv.
Miss Elsie Blake is here from Sula,
the guest of Mrs. Frank Pearson at her
home on South Third street.
Special music sale, 7 u cents a
copy. Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.-Adv.
Mrs. W. E. Walters was called to
Stevensville yesterday by tile illness of
her daughter, Mrs. J. (;. Turnir.
Borrow money through building and
loan; pay monthly. See George F.
Little Virginia I-I t, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Otis Hoyt, is ill at the family
homel, 127 South Fifth street west.
Best Montana coal, $6.50 per ton.
M. R. C. Smith, Montana bldg.-Adv.
Mrs. C. A. Munson has gone to Har
rington and Spokane, \\'ash., to be for
two weeks the guest of relatives and
Newton It. Schrieiker, optical spe
cialist. Rooms 203-205 Montana blk.
(iuty D. IHazelto was here from Ste
ven.ville to atteld the ball given by
l)r. and AMrs. W. :. Shea last evening
at Fort Missoula. -
Marsh, the undertaker. Phone 321.
Miss May Mahana: of Cando, N. D.,
is here visiting hier cousin, Miss Grace
Mahana. She may decide to spend the
winter in Missoula
Special music- sale, 71/ cents a
copy. Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.-Adv.
F. W. Merigld. a fire insurance
salesman, was a isitor in Missoula
yesterday frm Kalispell. He left last
evening for Denver.
Dr. Willard, osteopath. First Na
tional bank.-Adv.
A. E. M.lcAdti., representing the
Deere & \VWlr IM:nufacturing com
pany, came inti, the city yesterday
from his Htelena office.
Dr. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
It. E. McAI\fee, dlitrict manager for
the Mountain Statee.. Telegraph & Tele
phone compalliny, vent yesterday to
Steveusville on I ll:,ness.
Dr. Anna James, osteopath. Higgins
block. Phone 834 lack.--Adv.
George A. c'rnt.,ll is spending the
week in thie fr,.st along Nine Mile
crceek, getting t,, .L carload of fire
wood to ship in ti, Missoula.
Dr. Ilouise Smith, osteopath. Ma
sonic temple. Potine 618; res. 533 red.
Forest AssistLit W. W. Bennett
came intio Miss ..l, yesterday from De
Borgia. lie w\ill It engaged for a few
e\\eks ill the tI'f .. .f the Lolo forest.
Stenograipher l)awson, Montana Blk.
Supervisar El. ( Koch of the Lolo K
forest went yest..rd"ay to St. Regis to
be until the middlie ,f next week, mak
ing inspectihns :ind looking after tim
ber sales.
Handy scratch iads and waiter
checks for sale at The Mlssoullan of
W. .. Potter haw returned from Chi
cngo and Mtil\wuilke, where he has
beeoon for the last six weeks looking
after blusinets Int ers for the Bitter
Root Valley Irrication company.
There are rsCs end roses. Watch
Sunday paper fir Anderson's ad.
Money to lon on ranch and city
property. It. D. f'isher, 113 E. Main.
Lee T. tButcher of Dixon applied yes
terday for homestead entry on 80 acres
in unit "A." the east half of the north
west quarter of tsertion 7, township 19
north, range 20 \,.st. The application
was suspended.
Paxton hotel; new management.
Steam heat; comfortable rooms for
M. A. Cromwell is spending the week
with his family in this city after be
ing for six weeks touring the eastern
part of the state. Mr. Cromwell is
traveling in the interests of the Da
kota Farmer, a. publicatlon that has I
10,000 out of its total of 60,000 sub
scribers in the state of Montana. Mr.
Cromwell expects to leave Monday for
Great Falls.
A daughter was born yesterday to
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Borek at a ma
ternity home conducted by Mrs. Lena
Casey on Ross avenue. Mr. Borek is
employed as a section foreman, lo
cated at Bearmouth.
Miss Florence Granke of Hamilton
is spending some time in Missoula, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Sikorski at their
home on Tremont street. Mr. and Mrs.
Sikorski entertained last week Miss
Luverne Robertson of Hamilton.
Mrs. Ed Reynolds and children leave
today for Bozeman, there to spend the
Thanksgiving holiday with Mrs. Reyn
olid. parents. Mr. Reynolds, who is a
special agent for the Northern Pacific
Railway company, will join the family
District Engineer McIntyre, with
I)istrict Wire Chief C. C. 'Hill and
Linesman Merritt of the Mountain
State. Telephone & Telegraph com
pany, went yesterday to inspect the
telephone line over the eight-mile
grade near Quartz.
The Missoulian has the best du
plicating second sheets for letters.
$1.00 per 1,000.-Adv.
Mr. and M'rs. William Irvin, whose
ranch is on the Little Bitter Root near
-Polson, have been guests in Missoula
this week. Mrs. Irvin and Miss Emma
Marion left yesterday morning for Los
Angeles, Cal. Mr. Irvin will join them
later in the season.
The Perry Coal Co. wishes its cus
tomers to understand that it has not
t changed location, but is still in the
same office, at 110 E. Cedar street.
Both phones 662. J. M. Swango,
Mr. and Mrs. 11. R. Sackett came into
Missouln yesterday from their home in
the Bitter Rnt valley. They will leave
tonight for Rockford, Ill., there to
spend the winter. They will be acconm
,aniedl east t:' Mrs. A. A. Sanborn of
Stevensville, who goes to SagIn'aw,
Mich., for the winter.
Mrs. .Vilpon, Cummins of Darh~ who
was olpdrated upon by Dr. J. G. RAhdall
at St. Patrick's hospital last Monday
to relieve a severe attack of appendi
citis, was, able to walk about the third
day after the operation. She was re
moved from the holpital 'yesterday to
the home of her sister, Mrs. Frang
Taylor, up the Rattlesnalte valley.
Two marriage licenses were issued
yesterday at Clerk of the Court Con
Ion's office as follows: George
Murrison ('lubb of Mullan and
Bessie Bell Hierlihy of Alameda, Cat.;
John Fred Dyer of Miles City and May
Elizabeth Bryant of Missoula.
By Timely Use of Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Here is her own statement.
Cary, Maine.-" I feel it a duty I owe
to all suffering women to tell what
Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com
pound did for me.
One yearagoI found
e O ymyself a terrible suf
S=l ferer. I had pains
in both sides and
a lm such a soreness I
could scarcelyi
e `straighten up at
times. My back'
t ached, I had no ap
petite and was so
nervous I could not sleep, then I would
be so tired mornings that I could scarcely
e get around. It seemed almost impossi
ble to move or do a bit of work and I
y thought I never would be any better un
til I submitted to an operation. I com
menced taking Lydia E.Pinkham's Veg
etable Compound and soon felt like e
r new woman. I had no pains, slept well,
had good appetite and was fat and
a could do almost all my own work for a
family of four. I shall always feel
that I owe my good health to your'med
icine. "-Mrs. HAYWARD SOWERS, Cary,
S If you are ill do not drag along until
an operation is necessary, but at once
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
i. If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound will help you,write
to Lydia E.Pinkham MedicineCo. !
(confidential) Lynn,Mass., for ad
vice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman, I
r nd held in strict confidence.
Music Studios
Open Week Days, 9:00 a.
m. to 9:00 p. m.
De LOSS SMITH ..... Voice
One Thirty-Minute Lesson
per week for one term $18.
Two Thirty-Minute Les
sons per week for one
term, $36.00.
40 Acres, $1,500
On Flathead, five miles from Mission.
All fenced and under cultivation.
Small house. Water from goecrnment
ditch; $500 cash, balance five years S
W. H. Smead Co.
Phone 212. Higgins Block.
Missoula Montana.
Missoula Theater
Saturday, November 22
Paul Gilmore
And Associate Players in
"The Havoc"
Mr. Gilmore has three companies of The Havoc on
tour, but positively appears with this company himself.
Magnificent Scenic and
Electrical Effects
Prices, 50c to $1.50
Sale Friday, 10 a. m. Curtain, 8:15
t Matinee Today, 2 P. M.
Positively your last opportunity today to see
Patrick Miles Company
Presenting the great Irish comedy act
"My Friend From Ireland"
A laughing hit from start to finish
The Pendulum of Fate Pathe Weekly
Two-part Selig feature Right off the press
A powerful dranat dealing with a 'l'h tavorite dish of the opi
S trageidy to a land title. cu.ran.
t .Big Bijou Orchestra Always a Feature.
Admission 15c Children 10c
Children will be admitted to the matinee for 5t
"The Cozy Corner"
"Mrs. Casey's Gorilla"
A Biograph. Nothing But Laughs.
"Mr. Gaston From Paris"
Will You Laugh at Him? Why,
You'll Scream.
"The Price of Thought
Pointing out the dangers which beset
us in our everyday life on the city
"The Canals of Venice"
A panoramic view of this historic
"Mixed Nuts"
Some Comedy. It's Great.
"The Mystery of 3 Faces"
Featuring Miss Gene Gauntier. See
Tomorrow's Missoulian.
Orton Bros.
State Agents
Steinway & Sons
Chickering & Sons
Vose & Sons, Kimball
and several other
high-grade pianos
115 Higgins Avenue
Bell Phone 871 Ind. Fhone 474.
The best of everything in the market.
J. M. Lucy & Sons
Phones-Bell, 69; Independent, 625.
Matinee Daily, 2 to 5.
Mutual Movies Make the
Time Fly.
"From Out the
A truly heart interest western
drama, with many exciting and
thrilling sa Iutions, Indian fight
ing being one of the principal
"The Campaign
A forceful tale of love and
Children's Souvenir Matinee
today-every child gets a sou
New Show Daily
Guaranteed to be fourteen
years old
Number "31" Try One
Sewing Machines
Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.

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