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The union Thanksgiving service
will be held this year in the First
Congregational church. The ser
mon will be given by Rev. William
Spurgeon, D. D.. of London, Eng
land. Very many will be glad to
avail themselves of the privilege of
hearing Dr. Spurgeon. There will
be good music. Every available
space should be filled Thanksgiving
morning. The time is 10:30, and
the services will begin promptly at
that minute.
Swedish Lutheran.
lSwedishl l.itheran cLurchl. West Al
d l' street;: I{+\ A' '. Elk he :-, !.as
Thr: resid c.Iie, 7724 ý.ixth x ti , r t w nst:
l l ph . i1il i T I - S. r\1'iiis i t 0I 4: , .
n il at li .a. I i ý - :odl y I ol :It
rtt2 Episcopna ChuIrch .n 0
.it ith i h oth ltholhi- tian chlu ,iltuh.
lu =it>" ill sI nI ln "'hal1kugivill?
4 11i i 1 i l. the . r mSaI I . th11 r.i
a ir lalh, tj ,s if,.l 1:1 l I I u: : i i:, i ls
' r k'da}. le lilg i thW i. lil.:],l I la.- l -
l yl l Sli,' a l aln: a r .r51.,l -ra;;
Will I. r- indered :lii refrlt hi llN
protestant Episcopal Church. i
' hurch of the ehold.Spiit . rI
t"nrn.er E:ast i 'Clir wind Adams sres-i,
Sundlll( ilv, N lsvila5i 23--SI nn iln, -1 -' I
T.h 4 11 I. li : fle II ng I s ,r l ir iun wl"
1'i .t f ther \will he a s~, hiil -er -.i
"n 'T ilnksglingj dir y at 1]ful.l ,i.'"..1
i the 4 a in.; iug: the chilr in leir i,
d, si' tion of Richard 'hoT mas,. ;11t
.Mrs FI. II. Huirlbut as organist. wr i
llnder lspecial music, and 1it. Iiv ti' -
will deliver a short addlross .11 per
silns arel cordinally invited ti o atter i
this service. 'The vs-i- es of the I ruli-h
will hold I Thanksgiving f,,,. sale ,l
day- Tuesday, Nov, {r 15 ,, in the|ol,
,'P\tss +T 1 Mlnt:.nI a hunl,, hnidintin on
itsI sits ', t
South Methodist.
Methodist lEtpisc',pal t'hurch ?,otuth -
The pastor. Rev-. 11. P. Haldh rsm, will
preach at 11 a. I1. and 7:.:o I.. ass Stl
je't for the morning discussion, '.An
er": subject for the evening discus
ston, "Affectiotn" Sunday s.h0ool at
9.45' a. m.; Junior E]pwvorth l+'1-wgs',
(;:30 p. ni.; VWedne ldav ,-cv wnine t rI :,n r
meeting at 7.:;n. \Ve are Irving t
WInks- this one of the best services of
The week, and we Oxten .l to , 11l fri ' 1lls
:l m Ist t', ~r1 l imiV tation t, att ,ul
W e"nl' n,, ,'one' , t s bh ,.,,. ,.f them.t
First Pr'esl -telt rilLn 'hurch. ('trnt of
Piuii and i tv-ns Str'"tS. Rev. .a. .c.
M arila n, 1 ). 1 .. m inister;: rt' iiihl t ', '.l
,21il $IP\'ens str et -PubPlic \'orshilp ,tt 1
11 a. m. ,ntd 7.3( . in, m.: Sunday sch ,,l
land ible iclasses ait 1 1 1. Ill.: Y. P'. . "
'. E. a:t flt.3t p. i .I , prta\t r tintitng itn
11ednesdai'y owt'ning at I ~'el~, I,: th I'
atnual union 'Thtinks i i i i ier\qvt'
will b liheld at the lFirst I t' grela
lintil huirtlc , Smith Fifth street .vt ,'.
ui Thanksgiving inrninl at t1 irn
~ clack. thie sernlltn tit e rtre'hell . i I
the }teV. litr. tilnrgei n I' lil ,it
"E n g la l; Iti th is l r\'icet t ' i.' t , li ti
ilt I tlllch Il li urged i' o attent
Si ,1N l Tg'rs and visito.rs will flinl +1 ,r_
,|till \\+It'+till#+1 :i 1 h111 -o s nI'.;( " :.
Calvary Christian.
'i ll iry t'l;ristittn cl.th r. , It. ,li1r.hi i
Griffis, pastor, offictt in t ,r -i the
-chlrh,; 1ti.11 ihon, e 11 .h1) Sunday
services: Bithle scht ,ol it I ,I, :I. ii1,t
E. E. Ilershe", supirinte dleit, ln 'ife
I le class tatughlit ly lastor wt ill dtiI
S! s ' I the flirth chai ter li f .l11:lltihtt l i;
the course ,1 army in this class is
t tll\ llt il ltttik, 11 I h all tu:il
II g ,sld; all Iit a:,re ..'. nl i ll
\ it |\ it-d t' i j, li 11 . Prl . t ttit111, b
ih - i . [i 1 n t , ill rniing it II :1llI
tiu te I \ thtt t ilittk s li 5e5Ion
the t First Methodist sujet
!118ll ,, ,, iH P rrll: . l .it 7 ' 'Il . t i'
tIlll+ i |te un nsc l in tl t r '\n.I+'ll V ..
t"i'hantii t'o il ' , th I tl t it
t .it," ' :' ti'i.,ti, I ,. . as imnt!i
i.nlt \ lattl . <. , ltI ! fur If r 'tryer
;|lid I il," '- '"I \\ 0l 008 . t Ui -
.t,.' :tt ~ ,','..." , + i. et , f , is, u s
First Methodist.
Flulst :\l titul ist I isCu tl,:t! c tnr,'h.
,arnm r ! l:ti, ,std \1 tashing to,
streets: I ,.\. t'15,5 i ': lI. It ' lruni h. It.
1)., i |astri . <tilb . I,,"\t <1t] r east of
\lortilng \ uor hl1p, :util ' '1o ll ,t I !
il ene, "'lTh:iol line1.n ' i e ut'
'Whil r nhopping the most annlOyin -
thing is to have someonef try to soI
y'Jn something "just as good" 'when
. o ask for Net bro's Hirplide. 'To
be sure, there are not many dtlg
gists who do this, lint \\hat fPta there
are should know that such a policy
will destroy the customellr (confi
done| . When ihlv try it on yioi.,
never .vit or the story: simlnly hunti
a store where they \\ill sell you what
you want.
It is absurd for anyone to say that
a preparation is as good as Hterpi
cide. They don't believe it them
selves. Every druggist knows that
laere is but one "genulne, original
ship and sermnn at 7:.t0; theme, "The
Nw Birth." Intermediate and Senior
lEpworth lar.giie devotional services at
: au. Jlunior league, Wednesday aft
ernoni at 4.1 n' clock. Prayer meet
ing WVedlnesday evening at t o'clock;
subject, lawo\ I':n I Overcome My
tiesetting 8in?" A cordial invitation
is extended to all those having no
church h .ome to worship with us.
Muasic foir Sunday services: Morn
ing: Antwhem, "()h, RIe Joiyful in the
I.,rd" (i\ils .n), choir. Evening: An
them, "\rise, Shine!" (Porter), choir;
Io l t..l'lher Most Holy" (Parker).
M 1s. l.. t11. Van Patten: duet. "He
Leads M.1, Still" (Teller), Mrs. Edward
Hove rson and Mrs. L. H. Sargent; an
the m, "In God Is M" Salvation"
(AldaX t in, choir. Pipe orgln recital at
." o- .lock, at \ hih time Mrs. E.
\V. Shutts will play the' ' following
nu er111) s: "t ffertire." "Allegro Mnd
eralt" (Isttistf): " 'alnl illlnn In D"
(Th. R~;,ll(ulo ).
Daly Addition.
aly Alddition Sunlday s "chool,
(leorge 1.. tlaikler superintendent;
n ts aIt I o'clock,. ('lasses for all
a1es. I( ilie ailnd spiId :In liour with
mg in the stud}' of hod's -Nord.
Christian Science.
Clhristiain .'ince' hurl'I, corner if
fin anld Pilattie itreits -- Sn]nd-ty
rseice's at 11 a. rn.; subject of lesson
s·trmonu , "Soul :ani lHody'." Sunday
school atI 12 ni. T',timnonial meeting
\iednsday at | p. i . eadiling room
opn i"r'n 2 to 4 p. Ili, (excep. t Sui
.i'r : +uld hi d lt] s; also upioen Th Ill's
1. and 'l i \' ty e Ini gs irlu t .to
t, " I' . 'u i ' n,,diall invitedt
t". ;tt'e-d ..wl Vu, ,.id \ isit tlue read
. ins ,1n 1 .
Swedish Congregational.
S'w.edislh I .n gregationl tl churchl , '.21
W e\\ st Sl'.lr .c street: (C. l. . \ lit oln
hicrg. pistr; residenceo. 520 West i
Sprce street:; Id. pions, 17116--Sun
I;tay school, 10 t. n., Vwhent Rev, II. E.
the .hiditren. iMorning \ rsllil ip at 11
i'Ick. when R,. i1. 'r. Petierson
fri ll Id hl .F lls, Idaho, will preach.
At " o'clock ].. I.. Y Ioun " Peopleh s
llltting, wnith a spciil sermltin to the
'oting p1eople bIv Re\v. 11. E. Alm itluist.
Evenintg service at 7:23 , 'clock. The
choir \ill sin- at the evening servicie.
antl the visiti 1g tpastors will speak,.
We\\ hinope that as many as possible of
our Scliliilnt inn petople \ ill coolie
out aind l stien to these gifted speak
Irs. Thankslgiving t' - illi join in the
union si-r ir e t. Ii . hold at the FIirst
ion.l cgl.c. tllo l ch.i hl.h. hin the cvrn
ing at 1 ,'clock a T'1/ha ksgiving
sl .il \\ ill ih given in ouir ch'trch.
Th, pI, l ih i i, -.,rtliall" invite/] to a in\
S-iI thise servo- s.
Immanuel Baptist.
Iitmllllnell ] Halptist 'hullrch, pine and
, ,Woody ia ,treetsi : l.ev. C'. 1. Allen. Jr..
!i. Ii.. nminiteli st :47, . im. iworship
liild si vi le. Ilir. Wtl llia- . tiC Spur llgo i
London, c i.nland, r will e the preach
r' theFirst Congregationst Alttrtiv
rici l in tilt' . r\ itl' ; li lt: 1i l . - i.
Mille s+.hootl. , :hi p. 11.. I "t. Sp ll'
'coni \t ill re~Itlh. his topli i eingl "is
Life \ iWorth Liv \ing ."' i.: :f p. 111..
Ylio ntll -g lieo I pl s m-ic 'ti lng: ::1i0 P1 . In..
DIr. lpurg'o. i wi tlil ich n i , ll III
ligi t Anl .AdVitiantsg This chitlr h
extillis hospitality ,to ll. oll lle aln
Surilrch n e i~ills , I ha k hijS tinhurlll h iourllr I
,, it Ial. \ i ti s t i 1n01 o'rli. iek until. 1 I
I. hill ec e il ".
First Congregational
Firtst Cngregational, corner 1tIfth
and 'hestinut tr ati t Elinir It Ihllu
lagiher,ll lli st iltr, residet i t- l lilit S e
,d strt. t W . Pl.I. a -' i worship 1ti:4 .
t T he ae ti the - 'orm n 'l T'i le D isciple's
Sht. ,I:.h. 7 a. \'il in ,t'i Vle in N- tis
, lcil hav it' 1 hl rc i wi I i ti lltl, i-n
tI it1irIn .'re not i l l an i Sab ath
ichool. v e 1ilhI i i tl had in it all wi
icare il, i . , to share with its in tih
In I tl I -.1-,. iI tclll,, th r til-h
Evangelical Lutheran.
;<rt. ., I 1;u1 l i. l .\rne l'r H az el anti
r, - l u`., 'at1 I`..ithl st-eetl hell plho l.,
I'.'7, S ,a, l s , r ies lol;ttv. +lissloIl
,- i l. h i.- ill ,'halrgt of lt ,'\'.
1, 1,e lt l uIlsiltill. S, ni iay
" hunt a1t I"" A. At. \\',rship at I1 A.
l in tai, E u']lish language. TV' 'rshil
! it \ ]' \1. nI Int. Ithirian language.
1 'l'ti. Y',u.ng I','ulm ,'a ',,.hein w ill inm et
I1 \\'o net ,<d.tt" . t n ing :.t I' .1. in thi
Siý i nhl -t h. ,,I rim n "'he Mission so
rf "..,!t \\ill nOt nit." t ihis mionth, Thnrs
"T'h . t',r. . L.nlth.i:ini c',ngr ti'gtii ns of
I i,. h th., I. t.\ I' in s T i lle, Eckl|eherg
,.\v lt's I let'piide.
It kioOps the hlead I'free from dan
tr'ff. prcv lnts the haiir from comning
it and stops itching of the scalp.
Ilerlieidle is really a wonderfilt
remnedy vwhlich does juIt \\ hat t\lu \\iant
anl exl.l. t it to doi.
Nt \\lIris Ilerlpicide in 5.e and $1.00
sizes is s.,l by all dealtlers. who guall'
ante, it to do all that is claimed. If
you' are not satistlied your monley will
be refunded. Appliietitons at good
[arther shops.
Send lue in poistage for a sample to
The Iterpicide L'o., Dept. R., Detroit,
Mdieh. Missonula Drug company, spe
cial agents.-Adv,
i and Mertz are pastors will unite in a
Thanksgiving service on Thursday at
this church. Services will begin at
10:30 in the forenoon. Rev. Eckeborg
will occupy the pulpit, while Re'.
Tufte will have charge of the altar
services. The services will bie held
in the English language.
Immigration officers have asked the
deportatlion of four Arabiansi, now in
Acting Governor IDearborn will
spend Sunday ait his home in Philips
burg, returning to the capitol Moll
day to resume the cares of state.
The state highway iemllssion is
preparing a blnlletlini the use of
road drligs, wh'ch will be ready for
circui.lation before spl'inlg.
James It. Ht\\vers of Glasgow has
I been arrested for emplloying the old
fashioned method of gun play to in
duce a bank cashier to cash a note
for him.
The I',asalde c'olntl G;olnd Roads
association held kn lllenthusiastic mliiieet
ing last week allnd received relports of
a good year's work. I'lans were made
for a c lontinuance oi'f the parkl-to-plark
Two masked menii entered a soulth
side residtence inll Great f'alls Thurls
daiy nlightl ;ll compelled the wmllalin
i.1' the hloiiuse to sho'\v tlhem vwherie her
Iiniuneyv was. They tolok the cash and
left tihe wloman Iountld and gfagged.
Three shifls anr being worked oil
the Sun river rectPlillatio dam.
The (I'arIterville irrigatiil project in
the lower Yellowstone has had a
highly 'suciicssffil seasoni, spliecially
with alfallfa. Plans aIr ,iiniplete, by
the eiasterin stockholdlers, to iulport a
lot of thorolughbred hlogs for the piroj
it firm-s next sprilng.
The new fIeir mill at 'Forsyth is to
he in iliperatioi next M.ay, aicording
to lthe ipresi'nt'l lans of its l'npromoiters.
C.nis'tructilon work wil li be started
F'ormer Senator WV. A. Clark skpent
threel hours in litlings l'riday on hiis
way cast.
Erick Flriestadl f Glendive, badly
iburned ouillut the legs, has been healed
by the grafting of skin, 310 of his
friends furnishing the cuticle.
IHillings is having laid its first bit
tllithic pli\enitt aind thle people are
much interested.
Miles ('ity Elks are meeting with
encoulilraging success in their campaign
ior a building fund.
Brown, l.ivingston's hunger-strike
prisoner, has taken to eating regu
larly now.
Professor Clinton H. Moore has
been reappointed deputy collector of
internal revenue in Buity. He has
held tih, position for 12 years.
ir.. H. It. ' i\\a inl. deputy state
Slllu rinttendent of public instruction,
iis i riting a I ,rief history iof Montana.
\Vitlliam it. Ilaciker, a htisting oen
cine~'r emplnlloyed oni the Sitn river
ri lItCh iatilon woir, recOived a serin usll
to id in lhi' thigh while hlnting this
Girls! Try This! Makes Your Hair T
Thick, Giossy, Fluffy, Beautiful.
Within tein miiutes after an appil- d
ation of llatidehrine you cannot find a
sintile trace of dandruff or falling hair h
Ind your scalp will not itch. but what
will plelaset you most will be after a few
iweeks' tuse., whenll you see new hair.
fine and downy at first-yes-but
really new hair -growing all over the
A little Dlanderine immediately dou
bles the beauty of your hair. No dlf- I
ference how dulll, faded, brittle and i
scraggy, just moisten a cloth with g
landerilmt and carefully draw it P
through youlr hair, taking one small t1
strand at i1 time. The effect is antaz- 1i
ilg-your hair will be light, fluffy and I
wavy anld have atl appearance of h
abutnda'nce; aiI incomparable lustre, g
softness and lluxuria'n ,e. a
(;lt a 25 c,' nt bottle of Knowlton's
Ialltldrinle Iromn any drug store or t
toilet icounter and prove that your hair a
is us pretty anld sift as any-that it
has been n(eglected or inlljured by care
less treatt nlt --I lhat's all --you surely
aun have hb'utiiful hair and lots of It t
if youl will jNat try a little tDanderine.
(I'y v lrt ri lI;Igerton P'lass tiantn.)
T'lhe followini seli'ection from one of F
England's m' st nioted sicialists, is a t
fitting reply to all thoise who charge
the socialists with Irying to lower the
pres't sttlandarld of itoralit., thid to
I beh ; the ho I mei :
Some Homebreaking.
W\'hln' sociatlists aret charged with a,
desire, Io break up the homre they are
tempted toI. refer to the lthoIusands of
men andll wiomenl ill this rihh land who
have noI' lt 1 rootf to 'ol\'1r themtt, to the
S40 per ent1 of the fIamilies in the rich
city ,f t;lalsgo\\ who, have\ to live, eat,
sleep and do ev\'erythngll in one room,
to ithe hundrllleds of thoisaillsds of famni
lies in th,, I'nited Kingdom where
groWnl tiI mon ilnd women are promis
cuollsly h'erdedlt tilogether at nights, to
the tens 1' thousands ,f cases of f mar
ried womellnl who lthave Ito Ilt'o their
homes andl work all day in factories
itndt at nights to do ; ll th dlomestic
wI orlk of thle "hbolne." Ir wheltn social
ifists are charged with a desire to break
ithe marriage tie and to establishl
plromliscullty inl sex relationls, they
Imight ipoint to the fact that at white
Sslave traffic lat was passed in 1912 bty
the British houlse of c'ommlons, which I
is intended to deal in a moderate way;
with the gigantic traffic inl the bodies
oif yiull!g girls for imnnoral purposes.
They might mention, too, that in the
debates in the house of cotnlolnts onl1
this bill, one anti-socialist member
Spleaded for the lenlient treatment of
- the keepers of immoral holuses on the
ground that many husbands found It
Snecessary to resort to such places, 1alt!
another anti-socialist member told ol
t long rows 6f men waiting outside suct
houses. It might be mentioned ais
that the average number of div\'orce
r ases in the high Court is 950 and
I that there are 6,500 Judicial separa
tions of married couples in E1ngland
and Wales ort the average every year
in America, where capitalism is more
highly organized and where therefore
its blessings are more' widespread
there were 945,625 divorces in 18S7 to
1906, which was about one Im eleven
of the marriages celebrated in the
same period. It is. not for the de
fenders of the present competitive sys
1 tern to criticise socialims on grounds
of motrality and sex tl4ionsbips. So
cialisttm stands for a" pure and healthy
relationship, for free niirriage and for
a family life under econonlmi condi
tionl: where husband, and wife. will be
r comrades, too, sharing ::each oth'er's
joys and sympathies ;ti Icving 'co
,opera tion.-Philip Snowden, In So
cinlism and Syndicalism.
A laxative today saves a sick child
tnomorrow. Children simply will not
take the time from play to empity their
bowels, which become clogged up with
wast:; liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue, nmth tr! If
coated, or your child 1s liltl..s, cross,
feverish, breath had, restli">-s, doesn't
eat heartily, full of cold tr has sore
throat or any other childrn'ts althent,
give a teaspoonful of "Callifrnia Syrup
of Figs" then don't worry, b.,, .,use it is
perfectly harmless, and in a few' hours
all this constipation poisun, sour bile
anti fermenting waste will gently nlo\ve
outt of the bowels, and you haci a well,
playful child again. A thrugh "in
side cleansing" is oftimes :al that is
necessary. It should be the first treat
ment given in any sickness.
Ieware of counterfeit fig -rups. Ask
your druggist for a 50-cen bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs." which has
full directions for babies. Ihildre.n of
all ages anti for grown-ulus ltainly
printed on the bottle. L cark o'rtefully
and see that it is made by the "Call
fornia Fig Syrup, Company t Don't be
fooled!" -Adv.
Woman's Club.
The meeting of the lMli<,nla Wolm
an's club yesterday af:ernloon was
well attended. Tlh Mushi department
haid the iprgr'am. Mrs. 11. T. Forhis
being in the chair. The program
numbers were ca ini) solo. Au
tumn" (I haninade). by Mrs. I arl
Holliday. a vocal slo. "Sunrise and
Sunset," by John c' nlpell, a paper
ion the opera. "Faust." by Mrs. Rlus
sell and a piano si.l. "Ballad in A
Minor" (c'hopin), I,.. Mrs. Holliday.
A part of the tilmi was also given
oiver to hearing r.l, ,rts from club
work in other place..s. Mrs. Tylar H.
Thompson, who is prevsident of the
state federation, t.,l ,f the meeting
.of the executive La..,II of the state
federation at Great aills, which she
attended, and of visits with club la
dies at Butte and 'i r'iitld.
Repiorts of tlh. v,,..ltional congress.
held a week atgo at IHaeman, \ver'
given by Miss (zct, iiateher and by
Mrs. Malbel iK. 11:+ll Miss Hatcher
was the high school ,.l.egate sent by
thei' cluh and sl S" c. e a. series of
gleanings fromlll Iher ciebook suggest
ing the line ,f arciumtnt developed
Iby the various u" a.kers wvho ad
dressed the younllg ioclllen in the coln
gress. Mrs. lhll tistified to the
practical value anld thli inspiration of
this vocational 'on;r,.ss, the first to
be held in Mli,,nti,,n .: d the thirh in
the L'nited Stat.s. There were 75
high school girls itrs ait at the con
gress frotm ithIlr .iti-us oF Montana,
and mllre thanl it1 "i bh women and
faculty melull.ers fi mn places other
than Itlzemanal, I,, :1- a very large
attendance from I., :t/.lan. Dr. Ma
hel t'lrich of lMin itinolis, Miss Tnez
De Lashmutt .1t Si,,,kane, and Miss
Lana Tahlwlin ,tf Ii,,t.. mlan gave par
ticularly vivid ani, :,mnulating talks
calculated to roul-. , youlng women
present to a wlsi,.i . wide fields of
woi'rk worth i\hi. ,.n to their en
terprise. Sole of it, other speakers
\\ere .\Irs. 'Mlir " Bandmann of
Mlissoula, Miss .\i, lhunt of Colum
hia university, i...i otructor in the
homeO clcoinit s llS ii.,rtment of the
state college at It, tuin; Mrs. J. W.
Ch'lristie, Iprol innl t l l I.ws writer for
the Anaconda St.i ~ .l' l: Mrs. Mabel
IK. Hall of 'I'!,i \lissoullan: Miss
Lucy Mlarshl:l. i . tr ined nurse or
Missoula, wholl is isident of the
state hoatrd iof i -i.,,,i.iers of nurses;
Dlenn Mary Si.'t lrt : the University
of Montanal; ',t s- Iegler of the
Montana ,otllleg at I h...r Lodge; Miss
H-elhn ,Irewer, isi.r:, tor in history
at the staitr ,'i'I.: . Miss L. A.
larlkins, head ot li,. home economics
depalrtnent of ,I'_ hl Ite college; Mrs.
A Home Cure Given hy One Who Had It
In the spring of 1i:,t I wu attacked bZ
Musculareaud Inlanlwo,.ory Rheumsatem.
suffered as only thoec wh, have it know, for
over three years. I tried remedy after
remedy, and doctor after doctor, but inch
relief as 1 received was only temporary.
Finally, I found a remoedy that cured me
completely, and it has never retnured. I
have given it to a neumber who we terribly
mafflicted and even bdrleiden wlth Abheumao
irem, and it effected a cure In every casee.
I want every suelertr from any iform of
rheumatic trouble to try this marvelous heal.
lng power. Don't send a cent; simply mail
your name and addreass andl I will send It
free to try After you have ueed It an.
t I has proven Itelf to be that lonllglOOked for
means of curing your Iheumatisln you may
send the price of It, one dollar,-bnt under.
stand, I do not want your omolleey uanlee yu
are perfetly satisfied to send it. Isn't that
Sfair fWhy offer any longer when positive
relief Ia tius offerredeyeno e e Dont del.
Write todlay.
Mark H. Jalksro, I.o. 812 turney Bldg.,
Syracuse, le. r.
Mr. Jackson is respoanlbie. Albove ste
meant true.-Pub.
The Leader
You Always Save Money by Dealing Here
FEntire tock of Suits 1/2
Ente Stock of Millinery PRICE
For Less Mrney,Than Any Other Store
Coats $7.65 Coats $16.50 Coats $10.95
Coats Worth to $15.00 t Worth Up to $20.00
he greatest line of coat eer Worth Up to $27.50 Satin lined b oucle, chinchillas,
The greatest line of coats ever astrachan, and a great assortment
shl,\n for the, price. Diagonal of high-class sport coats in the new
chinchilla, astrachan, all lined; plain chlnchilla,. matalasse, and novelty striles and plain cloths; all colors,
thinchilla and nany others. Sale cloths of various types; every new, green, red, tan, Copenhagen, navy,
price .............................................. 65 fashionable model represented; sale. beaver.
Some Special Baxgains for Monday
$6.00 dress $3 X3.5, ' $1.25 house dresses, 69C 50c women's - ,0
skirts . .at ................ ............................ vests and pants
sk. . $2.39 omn .9 75 vests and
skirts . .....u.......... 2 .3 9 nderskirts............ pants ...........................
75c petticoats, $1.5 flannel 93 suits on
at .gowlns e ..... $1 ...... 00 union 62"
.5 s$1.50 union suits .
$1.50 sateen pet- gowns ............................. $1.50 union............. 87
ticoats .................65c flannel 39 suits
$1.25 gray flan- 69c skirts .............................. 35c children's 19C
nel waists .. .....$1.25 kid gloves, underwear ....................
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$4.50 chil- $5.00 bath .49 75c children's 53
dren's coats........ 6 9 robes union suits..................
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Economists The Leader Economists
for the People . for the People
Alice Macleod, instructor in. public
speaking in the university. Mrs.
Hterrick, (lean of women at the state
college, was the originator and the
controlling spirit of the entire con
gress. Her executive ability and de
lightful personality made the social
features as well as those educational
,f distinct value. The Iozeman
Womien's lub. the (irls' auxiliary
and the ladies if the faculty ably
se.eon dd Mrs. 1 errick's platns for
nakillO ilthe congress altogether Sile
West Side Club.
A largel company of members and
friends of the \Rest Side club en
joyuI the program presented at the
timeeting held Friday afternoon at the
Low.ll s,.hool. Miss Gertrude Buck
house gave an interesting address on
"Euge.nics," Mrs. alaFleur gave a
dramatic riadling, four little girls of
tlhe Lowell school furnished muosical
numilbers and guests from other clubs
of the city spoke briefly of general
club work that is being done.
Westminster Guild.
Mrs. (t. F. Peterson was hostess
for the WVestminster guild last Tues
day evening. The program was In
-chluare of Miss Minnie Porterfield
antd continued the study of * eondi
tions among immigrants. Articles
w\\re rad ,by Miss Brinton, Miss
l.ewis. Miss Porterfield closing with
the Christmas chaplter fromn "Little
Citizens." There were 10 members
present. A social hour \ ith refresh
ments closed the evening. Mrs. Wil
liam HIarp.er will entertain the guild
at its next meeting ill her home, 721
S(outh Third street.
F. and F. B. Club.
Miss ('aroline Paladin entertained
the members of the P. and F,. 1. club
Thulrsdaly evening at her home on
North Fifth street. The time was
spent with sowing and visiting, later
with refreshments. Those present
were Misses Ethel Tonkin, Lillian
Tonkln, l'lorenieo Stilnmings. Louise
Harrison, i 'lara (tlutyas, May Swan
son, Matilda and Caroline Pailadin.
In the Fifth Precinct.
There \\ill he a meeting of the Po
litical Equality club in the Fifth pre
:cinct Monday afternoon at 2:30
o'ilock in the home or Mrs. 3. H.
Henley, 615 Alder street. All ladies
of the city who may be interested in
the campaign for equal suffrage are
invited to be present at this meet
Happy Sewing Club.
The Happy Sewing club met In
regular session at the home of Miss
Geneva Masterson. The little ladies
worked busily at their Christmas
gift making. Those present were
Eunice Fernald, Marion Ward, Mary
and Clara Truxler and the hostess,
Geneva Masterson.
Had Taken His Weight in Medicine.
M. D. Faucett, of Gillsville. Ga..
says he had taken his weight in
medicine for headache and constipa
tion, but never used anything that
did him so much good as Chamber
lain's Tablets. For sale by all drug
SLow Excursion Fares
For Home Visitors
Nov. 22, Dec. 4, 11, 20, 22, 1913
Round-Trip Fares From Missoula, Mont.
Atchison, Kan ............$49.80 Omaha, Neb. ...............$49.80
Leavenworth, Kan....$49.80 Duluth, Minn. ............$49.80
Cedar Rapids, la.......$56.60 Minneapolis, Minn....$49.80
Des Moines, Ia...........$53.80 St. Paul, Minn...........$49.80
Dubuque, la .................$56.76 Milwaukee, Wis. .......$62.80
Denver, Colo ..............$42.30 Superior, Wis., ...........$49.80
Kansas City, Mo........ $49.80 Chicago, Ill. '....... ......... $6580
St. Louis, Mo...............$60.80 Peoria, Ill........................ $63.30
St. Joseph, Mo. ........$49.80 Memphis, Tenn. .......$69.65
Proportionately low fares to other points in states
named. Going limit 10 days from date of sale, final re
turn.limit March 1, 1914. Stopovers allowed in either
direction within transit limit.
To assure yourself of the maximum of comfort in traveling, get your
ticket ever the route of the "Great Big Baked Potato," the line with dining
cal service that is famous far and wide. Three fast through trains daily to
the "Twin City" and "Head of the Lakes" Gateways, one daily to Kansas
City and St. Louis.
Detailed information furnished by addressing or calling on i
, N. H. MASON, Local Agent
I . Missoula, Montana' Plr ' .
The Pioneer Line
Northern Pacific Railway
A. M. CLELAND,-Gen. Passenger Agt., St, Paul, Minn.
(From Judge.)
Miss Flip-I wish some one would
give me an idea how to put on a. hair
Father-I wish some one would give
you an idea to put under your hair net.
Would Make Them Better If They
The makers 6f Foley Kidney Pills
know that they have absolutely the
best combination of curative and
healing medicines for kidneys and
bladder ailments and urinary irrzgu
larities that it is possible.to produce.
That is why 'Ploley Ktdn0y"Pills are
the best .medicine for the purpose you
can buy.'. MissoUta Drug Co.Adv.
Rye, soft wheat, bald barley, flax
seed meal, Al oats, Success barley.
All kinds of chop feed. Feed grind
ing done promptly, 12/o2c and 15c
per cwt. Dry cordwood, 4 ft.; dry
slabwood, 4 ft.; cordwood sawed, 12
and 16-inch; slabwood, 1t and 16
inch. When in need of wood saw
ing, call on us for the wood-saw
Missoula Wood and Feed
Yard, 125 West Pine St.
Use Bassett's the Original Native
Herbs for constipation and rheuma,
tism; 50 tablets cost 26S at all drug.
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