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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, November 29, 1913, Morning, Image 2

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C i W. lender, who
hsri-e of the
u. Mass.,
inlly audi
ning. It
h efo~re
: ls tilti in
e strikers in
1 " . ". _ r! ;.:. ,: t v.. is ita
' ia oi \ tr tf
r :.tlr !. i; s , n apostle Kif
1\ t:in 0 conls' tly his
h nt of sutih
t. r. st his !srmter talk.
h , hi' , - h1 -re Ettor
ont fashin the hur
-i~s -h' strike. Per
l-so l t ivid in his
, '-h-olor to a
it U its ha r'
1ut ,t t ht it.. dealt in ge iner ll
t~~.. out tMe itnbluities ni
the" cal t.ýýstle s, sitell :t0 dilating
1)1,1 h. 1,scs :iuffere".d byt al
r- ers \\l th li-it hilit, his hearers
ii philan 1t i t' tin. tan h\ -thei he still
Believes in sii otage, the isipon he
advolated in his ormn r adiress, of
prl'terts 1-, use .1 t h- i-all-.- 1,:t I or
did not tail le
Audience Small.
hit t :- s ta ni-sl al rta res iittatit'
of thte granIt Ihaul f 11t 1,les
ors Ettir "'oult I tat ftll 1" th t int.-i
isting, at least It is ttnf rt ni it'e
that 'his talk \ a;as he ti ol t lt I- liiuie
I-Ic reattly itt sa mlt athl a-i or
'-ogni-ant of his vi-a.
At timtt-s, espte-ially diming thli lit
ter part if his address Mien ! h-i-s lt
briefly wtith the Pantterson strike. E~t
tlr spoke ut '' fully
"The history o~f the v% 11l." he sphi(
in opening his speI-ii is- nlyii- thi
story- of lit- ia- s ia-r. Fin it apitatl
ist historian lt\11 t. 11 in of kings
and emlperors snit v;rv a t .t,
ts, let thes- '0i mere ii--itiluts iii
the real list r.tl m i lilt-l is thiii teilt''
of a strugli- dira startei tt-hen tii
first st-alit- S ai- la-- st-illi lii- i]l- -
fellow with lis crtoltked sti a ti-k
said to hint, 'l-o are myV slye".' 'I'l I
struggle is still going on. 1he -I
,-tiooked stick lusts ein p-l ished ni l
it is now ti poliiitsiii dri i hliit's
peen cnnvvrtesl into tho uLinttt'
r i f l e , b u t t h e s tral r i n ti ta t s t a l s i x - -
to the 11 n e, ' n re Iv s;\.
the product .f tour llCalit- hel-tites to
'\\'e spea k ..- I i' illi,:itioi -tt - l aoint
to till. w i i-. v"" - a- i is t Iit itI
1r slt e d, w hose n i ;i.: a r t, i.
-tred, itti-tse f- i--Is e-srlfnilt shit
taid pto derilii: hIilt sa-nt--li liti t I
that lpowdebr or inc .k beneaslth thosc
cil thes and ,,ii till I''nit the sia-sui .
\-'1 x have litatiressil only this flft'r
the power of the stronge~r s;.vug"" liar
- 'iii grosile."
Tht' case of t,."org"" Mann 'uilt I
1k,' enuntyl of Mlissounla" a sIt hm br t:hl
to quiet title I- t iin it o1' stint in t .r
chard tthslu , %%:s l1ist '''te uded lull
night. (lit .:I tin es ti-- ing the t I
th it. rint - is lt d, waiting IIi
Oi-itte-i- e t n- i ,N ittesses.
S- -'i pt 29c
:\~!t $1.60
--1,1- 85c
n "50c
iat',. c
Peals pr
basin t 40c
" ", 35, 40, 50, 85c
t'utl 20nc
't'et lililaon -in a-i
tO liti-a l-I-. s erJ
I-iglt hutts e if Iii i
55n airbs of -testin I t 5
E ihti its if I itntitos atl
th n iasit a 'i cantl WhUte
i-unt i-ft ttil mato--li nd
hounds of sligar - $.00V
501-507 Higgins Avenue, Corner
Spruce Street.
Phonei-Bell, 43; Ind., 631.
Pure--Wholesome -Reliable
Its fame is world-wide. Its superiority
unquestioned. Its use is a protection
against alum food. In buying baking
powder examine the label carefully
and be sure the powder is made from
cream of tartar. Other kinds do not
make the food healthful.
1)anll , 1,g 1:-onR s e. IT.]
I. hi. Ste 1n" Xlv
t 1{ tay ill .1 iss5io l i.
1¼,i money to marn. J. 11. Price ' (1o
Spec ý it t als1, r i: .e. U s 3 I
1) 'I 'ii n 11:1 1 1, ',! ,
in \11115 inll: , t r ~
M utzines. Sni'ke touse, P. ('odor.
Xliss I I 'ht 1 .1 li i itgi frig-ti'
'I'iTke luncheon at the Nonpartel.
A 'lv.
1.1r 1 1all of I''it'iii.*' -I-Itil It
11a. , 1 iin is i isi s' i .i.
Il-il t(ite coal, $4.25 ton. Bell 19.
- Xdv.
1'. I;. Sl 'i- IltignII iv i a vis tor in tIi l
1'aney to loan. 1li'ntoshi & Fisher.
-, 1 ,,%' II ' I. - ll tit,
-I~l on ltsil'rs in ll 1 ss~l~au
"Hit iVi'n-meal lunches" at Non
pmariel.--.\ dv.
.1. 'I K ti- \% .lint ilo t , t ilt It
Im'il s 1 1-11 to St-i rtisi ill..
d11vs xiii Isis fi. i vi ' iiii .\i i
, . W. ferry' sells ,"oal. His phone is
lue 06 Hittgins m e'nue. -.1,h'
lvii XX it. ii.
\lins i~ 1t y sl1' ',lt I1,1111 \\ d .1 1
lit A\ . I' il us :1 1is' ei ii to ILii otl
1 Thutsa 'ii 'i prf i's
I' It 1'1 iil la 011x os ''vi '' Si' . 1 Xl'
ar. Louis,, Smith, istsotpath. Ma
5 ille temple, Phone CI1S: res. 533 redl.
.\ tingl ht, r RH as b 11 it.. Sll. 1111,1 rS1 "
I:alliist I'ititl t te iitit v l iio i
All I'' Iii '. Ii l ri s ''ti i - i t i ll- 1 it
it thilt il on ( 1 ;111.11 a lt r i l i -
lI 'ly scratl pails and iwaii ir
i" 's toil SIile at '.he vissuliat of'
'i -Adv'.
( 1 1"0Mullul 11111 in o lHil ei
u: Tf'll t,) sp, luliti holiday \\is i1 fI is
T xi I r-obt soii of Sir l i.1 111
x0ft hill I it i ;I ph i' fa ily hoer :t.
ShI' ngrapher. Daw son, Mjontanta 111k.
1o In I f 00 1 lu 111n 1)11 T n:11141 tor with8
Faiiviiiiiit i t \Ia l i''-,i' Ti-tu la i
IIT als at 1I anmilton
Aii l ist ti;ito( SuS-. ihlin '1'it.nt spent
the day It I liluniltull, ti hen0.1l rp. ul
hnst -,1111 busin,"s0
S It l , .X0u1it I 1 I r. i -Irv is i St si
1,1 11 v .
1111111 I:,rent1 un1de vrw nt all opra
n f r II101110 11 TIhin l stty '01lling
5'' . Ii r 8 o pia
Sl ' I , tile ttdvrits has 1r. 1titilre fr m.
liii' tilt' -, 1it i iit'he spittli sii'~itl
litr witI A is Idauigil i.I i i
li1st Montaa coal, $1.5) per tont
M. It. C. tmith. Montana bldg.--Adv.
t i ltVii, Ola t o , S tbr 1.'1lit spi 1t tietl
da ;I 0llt11 in S1l-yl a .
,.111 N 1.0 1 is sl~ ý(1 111 ,, fý"il ,vs
11! .il inrston. \' .r e 111 Io
1~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~1111 11.-1"11 I 1 fter
Newvton Ii. Fchw01111r. Optical Spe
v1blist. Ituonis 213-_0 Miontana bllk.
rS~l .\rth1r 1111i Is i n s ":- u~
£1,11i St ir ink I'Iaho, to t~ 1''r ttto
"1 thr11 it.. ks fl ,- 1:1 "11 u ti so;
311 s. t'harle5 s No v'an ,,l I ~ " -
t, R Yl t to h,"1 tons ,1, mit ,11"1
u1 ~1' 1,"5 1- l da. s a It ;Ol, I l n Alis
21r1h, the undcertalker. Phone 321.
P. A. P,-nular of Butte, travelingi
freir~lt 10,"11 for thle IHurhtl:;toll ra
tay', called 1' 111, l c l m rbilla ts 5eSter'
Airs. IT. A. Bisbee was r,,ported
11111,h bett,, y,.sterdaV after b1'ing for
511111 11111 ill at her 1111110, 404 1'atto'
D~r. W~illard, osteopath. First Na
tional bank.-*Adv.
Miss Clarlyvs Selby, who has boon
seriously it 1 withI p~nt'ulno:ia at the
It-t s, Iii till N li s. .1.
I1. -i-n tnt I III n s tnt , 1, Is si t "~iii
. I1 -, to ý:petld the holhid y witth
I,. ,u , ,,r! 1lirl:, of the, unt
J Ii s I I, ei tuens ilIt tint-r-sti-d
. ; "ll:: tilts I -eel inl
\A I - l oi r tI I , l s I n s p i n g i n t ht
\l otn-y It, li-an in ranch and city
I- i rt y. 11. 1i. Fisher, 113 E. Main.
I:. Al g-h ir of Ititte is here for
Chadgivig ani over Sunday with
his ianaly at lti-ir home, Rose Acres,
Ill till itattleanake valley.
Ilittlt lilight ieeson, who has teen
ill with Iiliititi nia at the home
of h irents, Mr. and MIrs. Virgil
lbieson, is noi much titter.
The M issitilian has the best du
tilicting second sheets for letters.
$I 00 per It1t00.-Adv.
I'rStfissor It . A. tioley, head of the
I eipirttt-ent of hiiiliigy at the Muoitana
mll eiotn. utiS ill Ihissoilat yester
i~ty lo- htit iii to iHiutitlt in.
\V I :. li tilley i ntt II. K. Ilunitlti',
rIn- into tii l - it y ifromt I touitter, called
I,> t t ,- tip d litI of ti- eir i t ather at hui
homet Ill the Itilter hoot valley.
Slita muitic 5c. Orsis Music
I o I I. "--A (Iv.
I.. 1:. 'Tu -er returned y-stertiay to
is i-tis itc it ili-shetri up I ll, I thii foit
\;Il y flr slentling three or four
itiiys with Iris flititly in Alissoula.
I', i -. .11 i.- 0 ;Iti l i. I). ("in tt left
ist i sltig for viieago, iheri they
it Ile- lott or l hrit e weeks oi- t usi
-, t-r the \l isst i ttla \lrlti- ttile ci un
lIth. Annti ,]amtes, osteopath. Higgins
buImik. Phone 334 black,-Adv.
Ili-. Ward, veterinarian. Both phones.
tiKirk; atrick itiiurneii to his
; o h," lountain States Telt"
, l ltlie-r-th company yesterday
., enlt fur somec timue illenpaci
-., -I I\ :Iniii i- -lent.
I titt v is . A. Spaulding i ,liitte into
-I :,ii i itii Ittli-tele t i y t-leitday to
- u.it-. i lt i t \i ith ii iloyd .1. L ighn ill
I. 1 It i-ii f i- ttii n i-iii thers
i--tn s till. iity of tilssutila.
I-i noi sittubit a design for your
nlA -,i r reeeption gown. Mry
I. II. I lttittlitit ill,', Apt. 25, Penwell
it ttI a t irs. i-1 Strrels are here
t i-tl itel it visiting in the home of
All. ,nut Sirs iiaw ireitt Eukes. Mrs.
it's is .Itsi~ a tertitining her aunt,
itrs I -. ;In Il iss l iv-lyi Putts
\Vtlhai- AWi.iti of 1Ronan yester
h i. uttlllisiti for homti st ilig entry oit 4w
titn the n i-rthwst i. l '
t te' I the 5.itht'lli-tst1 tittlls-er oi section
I, toiwnsltip 21 north, range 121 west.
The alpplicitlion \\as allowved,
Murry t. ti. Larstt of ttounn atnlied
T est,"rda~y fill homoestead~ entry on 40
acres in unit "At " the northeast quar
t- i of the southeast u-rit-r of section
_I. township _1 north, range 20 west.
The aipilicati i w-as suiyended.
i guarantee perfect workmanship
it-d to fit the most diffiiilt figure.
"Itls, L. l1. liii phreviilk,, Aptl -t5,
iPen tltSli hotel.l-Adv.
J. 11. Toii ley, state d1. t ty for the
o lern it-t-nien of nericu , hats re
-il It frowt ti 10-days' triL g through
Thu Molu-tIntana. o.is reports large
Iituvtingr and much interest iha tnt
lodge work represented b~y hint.
Fred t ilt was ,broilglst in from the r
nt itiirsday night suffering fro a.
brkehn le e". The injury was receive,!
sila Sir. .ali- was engaged in a
II l ti. tip t iuffle at a dance. f lr is ee
in:; i-Ittd for at St. Pitricks hospital
Alfi u .IIIlra. S. H. Logan and their
tilt tchilnireu returned yesterday to
th r 1,,,'hlm at 11avalli. Airs. Logan
aipeiie the week with friends at Ste
\utlirrlle, wiilt- Ni,, Logan attended
the s, -signs (if the Stato Teachers' as
, nc;I~ ;t Hlelena.
The Perry Coal Co. wishes its cus
tomers to understand that it has not
I hanged location, but is still in the
same I ftwo, at 110 E. Cedar street.
lBoth phones G62. J. M1. Swango,
mnanager.-- Adv.
Latwren,"e P. Hluntley of Wisdom,
Bost., applied yesterday for desert
land entry on the uorth half of theI
southwest quarter, the north half of
the southwest qunarter, the southwest
,11uarter of till southeast quarter, and
the southeast quarter of the southwest
quarter of section 2; also the north
west quarter of the northeast quarter
atd the northeast quarter of the north
west quarter of section 13, towqship 4
south, range 15 west. The application
was rejected.
Alice It. Shockey of Stevensville ap
plied yesterday for homestead entry
on 38.76 atres, - including lot 7, the
southwest quarter of the southwest
quarter of section 6, township 7 north,
rang- 10 west. The applicition was
alk wed.
Fred .1. White of tionin a plilied
yesterday for homestead entry on 160
a, ris included in unit "A." tho south
east quarter of the southeast quarter
of siction 26, also the east half of the
uortlietist quarter and the northeast
liarter of the southeast quarter of
,--tion 25, township 20 north, range 20
west. The application waits suspended.
(ity Treasurer Port r found time
from his tax receiving yesterday to
titrItniln .ite two iobacvi dealers who
have been selling cigarettes without
liei nses. Both firms. Price Brothers,
111 Railroad street, and Tripp Broth
ers, i n North Higgins avenuei , had
ta-it sustei ted for iiam time. Mr.
Porter visited each story anii huigh' a
pikagieit I cigarettes. 1l1 was sur
pritSti that tiither delvi r itn-w him,
and they were more surpris--d when he
told them to bring their license money
to the city hall. The i- ii collects $10
and the county $40 .- iuarter year.
Iees for two quarters wrre paid by
Price Itrothers and one ttistallment l>
Tirilpp Broiters. Both i'i le paid their
fees in gaid humor. It wass explained
by the treasurer that i- licetsO Is
their protection against oid reised in
vaders of their trade hi.- declared,
however, that the next iiiendirs will
le served with a warr int. a i they
iitn expect the full enuiti
Liver and Bowels Are Clogged-Clean
Them Tonight! Feel Bully!
Get a 10-cent box.
Sick headache, blliousness, dizziness,
coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath-always trace tlain to torpid
liver; delayed, fermenting food in the
bowels or sour, gassy stimach.
Poisonous matter cltisieid In the in
testines, instead of being east out of
the system is reabsiried into the
blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissue It causes conges
tion and that dull, drubbing, sicken
ing headache.
Cascarets I iiniediatelY cleanse the
stomach remove the sour, undigested
food and foul gases, take the excess
bile fromi the liver and carry out all
the constirated waste matter attn pol
sons in the bowels.
A Cascaret tIiiight will surely
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you scI i--a 10-cent box
from your druggist means your head
clear, st tnoah s-ei-t and your liver
and bowels regil-ie for months.-Ad-.
llInuilton, \oi. 2- .S iviul)--li
the districi i-iiai t -ibay Mrs. iauid
Th-is ti-nus lull .l Is atdtninistratrix
of the Jiului I. Id-is estate.
and FtaVOPRin
Give The
with the
Minimum of
They save in price
and save in use.
Try them and
be convinced.
Rye, soft wheat, bald barley, flax
seed meal, Al oit , Success barley.
All kinds of chop ed. Feed grind
ing done promptty, 12V2c and 15c
per cwt. Dry cordwood, 4 ft.; dry
slabwood, 4 ft.; i ndwood sawed, 12
and 16-inch; clait ood, 12 and 16
inch. When in n-i.1 of wood saw
ing, call on us fr the wood-saw
Missoula Wood and Feed
Yard, 125 West Pine St.
120 Acres on Flathead
( ool loatiin, uod Soil; five
miles frnm It Iii no impruvn -
tents; hillt. balance threo
ceors, S por 1,nt would atcept
gaud building I't :i Missoula us
Part pay ment.
W. H. Smead Company
Higgins Block. Missoula, Mont.
Phone 212.
carecurable. All kinds
PILE nr 's
tablets produce am zin E M-R D
DR. LEONHARDT CO.. Buo, N. Y. (free book)
BSad by Missoula Drug Co. and all druggists.
THE GOLDEN RULE STORE Missoula's Popular Trading Center
A Continuance of Missoula's
Greates Sale of Suits
and Coats fpr Women
Five Different Lots of Suits at
Five Sensational Prices
* : e You can buy your suit here now at the end of the sea
son prices. We are determined to clean up on all suits
before the season is over. Prices have been slashed
unmercifully to enable us to do this quickly and thor
oughly. Don't put this opportunity off another day.
Suits $4.95 Suits $16.95
Formerly selling to $12.50 Formerly selling to $32.50
Suits $11.95 Suits $20.99
Formerly selling to $25.00 Formerly selling to $40.00
Suits $27.95, formerly selling to $50.00.
Alterations will be charged for at the actual cost for the time required to do the
work. All work guaranteed to be satisfactory.
Unmatchable Coat Values at $3.75, $5.75, $9.50
On all other women's and misses' coats not included in these three lots we will give one-fourth off the
regular price. This discount applies to every coat in our stock. Many of them are late arrivals. All of
them are absolutely this fall's purchase.
K Dark Outings, Sc Yard Boys' Underwear, 35c
15 pieces good weight, dark outing flannels; suit- Boys' Jaeger fleeced shirts or drawers; a good,
able for comfort making. heavy garment for winter wear; sizes 24 to 34; all
sites 354'.
Drest Ginghams, 9c Baby Ba es6
60 pieces of dress gingham, 12%c quality, large as- Baby Blankets, 65c
sortment of colors and patterns; buy them now for Keep the baby warm; baby blankets here in pink
your spring wash dresses. or blue colors; assorted designs.
Special Sale of Corsets Bathrobe Blankets
You can save a third on your corsets. A lot ol
Madia and Justrite corsets in short lots, to be closed Have you bioughst your bath robe blankets yet?
out al god odes;made of coutil or batiste. Spe They make a very acceptable gift, and they are inex
out;all gOoETID mOdels pensive; good range of colors and patterns; *27
and *3.25.
Women's Fleeced Underwear, 50c
Women's jersey ribbed, fleeced vests and pants; 75c Perfume, 49c Ounce
color white; a good, serviceable garment for winter Odors are Ylang Ylang, Lily of Valley, La France
ear; regular 75c values; 5040 garment. Rose, Fantasy, White Lilac andd Cashmere Bouquet
Orton Bros.
State Agents
Steinway & Sons
Chickering & Sons
Vose & Sons, Kimball
and several other
high-grade pianos
Burn Cheapest and Best
Short Mill Wood
And order before you are out, for
we are delivering daily our full ca
pacity to
'First Come, First Served"
The Polleys Lumber Co.
(City Sawmill.)
Bell 414 Auto. 424
McIntosh & Fisher
115 Higgins Avenue.
* Garden City
Missoula. Montana
F. A. Mix & Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain and
J. M. Lucy & Sons
Phones-Bell. 69; Independent. 625.
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
and Real Estate.
National Surety Company.
New and second-hand, for rent or
sale. Repairs for all kinds of type.
114 East Main Street
Two Burner GAS HOT
Just the thing to use along with
the coal stove. They take up very
little room, and give you quick heat
day or night. Price, $5.00.
Nine inches in diameter, with
improved handle. Price, 150.
With six feet of guaranteed tub
Bing; the most economical iron on
the utarket, and it will do all kinds
of ironing from laces to linen.
Price, $3.50.
Detroit Jewel CAKE GRIDDLES.
Price, $2.50.
WAFFLE IRONS. Price, $2.
Missoula Gas Co.
Opposite St. Paul Station. Bell 563.
Grand Pacific Cafe
Open 7 A. M. Till 2 A. M.
Just Received, Fresh Today
And All Kinds of Fresh Fish
Try one of our famous Olympia
Oyster Fancy Pepper Roasts.
Wall Paper
Low Prices
Simons Paint & Paper House
Sewing Machines
Hoyt-Dickinson Piano Co.
Call On
For Wines and Liquors. Boiled and
Apple Cider.
129 West Cedar Street
W. B.M'Laughlin
Guaranteed to be fourteen
years old
Number "31" Try One
Why Suffer?
If I can give you ease
instead of dismease. If
your spine is like this
one, you will be sick.
Bring it in and have it
adjusted and the cause
of your disease will be
removed. Consultation
free at office.
F. G. Moore, D. C.
G r a d u a t e Doctor of
Chiropractic. Lady assistant
Hammond Block. Phone 1084
A lazy liver leads to chronic
dyspepsia and constipation
weakens the whole system.
Doan's Regulets (25 cents
per box) correct the liver,
tone the stomach, cure con

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