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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, December 02, 1913, Morning, Image 6

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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7l c,,, ' 'i , i. I',. I .11 111, 11 h,
r o ,,ill ; tl. t ',r III+. , ll ' (· I I .
11 l ! ,s ,III h (' i0 a(l Of. ill de( lli lh v
h 'tri s it l. I lt i i i t lit 4 I'l lT .ti 'r -
I lit Shtree it et
tl.r ,, ' . . ,i l i the I,
tr d1i7 1 l , , , , n 0,t h r !' -
(h BC) ill <1,, li. 1,, h :tft(,rl.,non1 ) ~ ,
1a ert \i 1,I 1) 1 s h " f J , i
taH ioat-tn iii iii
]ated I .(,.
ITte ' i ...< Iit I i +1 .lil , i ;ii ;tiil is -h
Th dis~ 1 oii Ii l al i
thatr dt]il I , ' tll.
;\1:1,} 1;;r D h,,!1i 111 I. thi h+, (tj lll ,u,)
ing .Il llln)nt ;s 1 s th,, effec,.t or t
b toc f()¢ lu rt '}. t oif th<( R,,\ l'IIll, 1l[
tlitin1 el \I
iattnih .t iitter rih; , thil ,r,,e ;
tith'i l ll sti iitatio , lr s h ith tt ,
s tlt'ber . tilrwl , ta nts " ,
of the I 1, ' t ,,1 lor"l . . [+,l
Hc n ds . 'l' 'l. lut . T ta ..,
(par alts '1151
United States ionds t i I . Khl ,
ol call.
New York Closing Stocks.
+i.maigatlnatetl C toper
American Beet Sutgi r
. rnrs'.lt it A1 r & l Utitin'd
Ainrienin't 'ornt
A\nori nall ,nultinl & Heinin ,
.Xmlerican 811 Si., l" . flhinf , 7*,
.-mnerit.;nn T, ] &- Tr, 1.i
A 111(< lldi t ),illin. (', ,, '
n iti
[ its i' ;'" ,II I
T'h thlh eh , ) :; ,' "
Broo]klyn I~lla ,, ll+)
I lit ipt it
( 'h ,*.{ l,,e ,, I " t , : , ,
i ., . lit. , i ' I"
C'tli t ,ii, I i'n· l
,i'ltlt N 1'h r ' 12:
\lt'er t Nollh'i i I-" . ,H 1 . 1iI
llin ,, t illt"r 1 t i i
lnttl ittit it
lInfitihil it',, h- t. "'", :It
h ls ntl.lll . ,'.h'r 1, ,I
eotit t 'ttt Ih1
Snuti(); l .,t ,,it"
( th lt, hl
it hrt h'l i ,
Plintl 'n ith
Rea.d in .1 ;
t- lu h ' Irii i StlI
R s. n '1oIh tnq M ining
lsot t h I)' } ' t, tiufl u., I. ,
Youthvtt itl\ n, II
I al i .t i , .
l'll tiu'{ S ;tat,' i , I uli ,.
I lta ih i i{) '" 47
Boston Closin9 Mining.
.'.llo n+,z 2, +
A IR~l Z ilI[ , ,, , . t i-1
A I iz e na (tllll I.,
l ia. ." 4 lth ' 4 't{ t. . 1 .\] '.. a,'
{' tup n,+' T'. Pl , ,t1
I t( ' ('l ( q Hl'it {' i
Woman Is As Old As
She Looks
No woman wants to look old. Many in their
effort to look youthful resort to the "beauty doctor's"
prescriptions. Their mistake is that they visit the
wrong department in the drug store.
Beauty depends upon health.
Worry, sleepless nights, headaches, pains, dis
orders, irregularities and weaknesses of a distinctly
feminine character in a short time bring the dull eye,
the "crow's feet," the haggard look, drooping shoulders,
and the faltering step.
To retain the appearance of youth you must
retain health. Instead of lotions, powders and paints,
a.; yo)ur druggist for
Dr. Pierce's Favorite
This famous medicine strikes at the very root
t%, thiese enemies of your youthful appearance. It
makes you not only look young, but feel young.
Your druggist can supply you in liquid or
tablet form; or send 50 one-cent stamps to Dr.
Pierce's Invalids Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Buffalo, N.Y. and a trial box will be mailed you.
-* -- ~ . .
I c
(;'rer e ' (" l itO t . ,
err L e , '141+
Lake , p0'er 1
.\liln i t'`Pl r 1"
\i . cioha. c l ii
Niclissing l in e"
Nnrtih fI tti,
N , rih i l.11;," 1
~ I'1 c ciiv
- ,' - I' . 1".1q 1 \111 .
1'. S '. S 1 ief. & \11 1.
S . S . 1 . - M ill, fd.
\\ ' 11 ", 111' " ,
Grain and irovisions
\, i , ,,I : 1. , -. ' 1 ],.t I, , r (e:I il il.:,
,Ic,'c i I hiN. bi c cll c i " "'
T, ii ' i i, 1 c' II ,se t lit '
, , ,i:. L to 1- ,
1 , ,1 ,1 1. , i t'i 0 , h,'l
S11 ii -ý 1 , ,'. lolp d in 7
Sin, Ill lostill'i
, 1 -1, . i , ii. igll' (lis lhI sed t
.: I~·~Il ' ' "1':. 1 ;(111 ,'ln\eln 11.1 -.n |1t,
i ln ir.ct c.r' of I o ',i.,,
It 1.is . ,identi ith I st hn
S iyl decline hal ii
c -c finially re ilt,(.i c1
,,, . ... , i l ' l,, r se d l 1:ilt ls. X 11 r' s
. ''1 ,i thi ere '
tci c v 1.. ciir11-' la t t11 ,1 11i r
}l{,.:.r \ i,1f.t2 tll lhO .I·VIt('i clllcll.cc,
. re u1 tl e ina uiti , ' id . ' '
1 I it" i t , c ,I I ln ll ".
t!.,- heat. 'l." Wt
Minneapolis Wheat.
iiii . 1 . 1, I - ] 1 ,
Metal Market.
Ni " \ ,n . I. 111 . [." t1 ,tr .
I*"X1r l itr i. ii iiiciii:n lt ,
ll : I k,, l, t h ,onlcinal;,
Chicago Livestock.
c i1 1 , t ' ". It .-- l ,i , 1'i I, .
1 1 in k c 1eral c i
1, ,111'k t~tt e . 7l n 6 ''i i
h,,r I''"1, [11 s;, h'1. M a 1rknt "l m'- 1
h 1, IT, u ,, ',. I ',", ,'u, f~i~lj $1'1 I
i i 1 cit +,i ll , _ . i\c i ccc ll lolld
'il in, I . it ct-a ic. i c~ I '1 c c 'iic' hll icii c,
iicI71 i' iii11 oci . 1 1 .1 iii X. .1 :- c.c'ciiii
ic11, i ltcicci I cl c-cc ., ciii- ,' ci l'
] \\eiI, In s <-I, tll, l. ' t, I
\I .1hciii. iil c cl, i.1, 1i ii1ci ' 1 c )
.ill I "r I'r. e i, ' cI ..i i I n c I' ,, i '
. I tlu- i n ithill ' t 'lidlt,..d 'i ih
,rthll t,,eIh t, ti ir lii.th lIvII of
I," :,f1Il Illill llrl.'t ill IIHr. ' I'hl .+tllu li,.
n1", d l 1,tit, ,1'' t itlli.1. 1 h 11111t -l
''. + l * ti\ld ' I,i r lin l .i i glgi ilii in
l il i t I ilihlh ll ,, I, 11111 t 11
' ,, l , 't'' t, . ' lill il tlll, I1 e ii i
l, 111 · 1 , - t\, l, 1 ' ;I 1II I I i t IIII
" it i it ' i i" ith t i ' 1 111 F
' i l ie ih il lims fili
MRSe E, l BO l EA\ n
I '. 11 I .' , I , 11" . i i 1 Ill , 11 " ih li t.,
I i l Ilu ' iii,! , l ii h , .
iiilI, huh i ! I 1 i'i' Il, , i
I t ,
,We orer O,,i Ilthired I tl,lltl reward'
ti'. hil, tnllnlu:li hh tl , I l 1 the tlhrr
curl l i 1k \\la it . ,i h 'It hol.sr \ ithr
ili , I ý 1,1011 01+11 ,+i l I' tri,'l
t',I ll). E Y & l. rIt.
( .Iie . f r, ii, l .tit i, ve al's itti i Itlive
hit, IPe llet ,, i ild , .1,, ll t lt tilll ' lit Ites
a uAtI l' t l it' .,al i n n tI' l e ,, ' . l i - 't i ti .
i ',tf, . ee o .' ltei lsu ll 1" 'iit i - r ia
sin t,, II f lr'et I 'll I t, !; 1: , c t l,,ti "in, ll e.
ii al y t~ca, 7,ilt , I li rr-i I giitin ot. l e
iatte ' l alil" I <llai.l t PilL , I 'r el timlp, -
,.IJ-I n o1 , i, ! "n 1ll n `; ' "-.i ,11 .... Il Il li
u li~II , l i'a1 nill ll t'I r
l :, 1 ,l . I 1CH Y11 :, I& O., T' i oif, O
t, , .t 111 11,1 I. I1 , 'V , t i
i 'll . i- i,` ll y i 1 r1.( i i , hll i I )g
lotl any . li at Ii~ll m cao., , b, _
cured b l l"ll aarrb ' i r h isitakrh C l
Cohel"ly f "o f the ]lt~ t e 1: . Tes tlld h,`liae
traun ei< ll and fin ancially ahle tl.er attly
out anlly ohig t i l illt m d by h os firp,.
L' II, r.1 O .
at'inlg dli'ecty up sl t Mio .+tt ll d I mu
May Hlp You it
Lungs Are Affected
I'roper dIet, fresh air ntl ieillvlflerte
habits/t are beuetlctial to Irr~ollr lltreriny
fromn Lung 'Trrulile. loul 10 I a l)l Ilelsl ly
Irlivsate.eW repoyts SIhow Hest! ll. adddltlai
of I; ilelitatne for thiS ii II.illon has uor
Ierlaimly hilped in i uijal.itrslhottOVirI.
eFor miore titan tlilts.i- ilvva nI..lklilII
I.iing 'lroleleo. hlo *it.......li"t ia .1
resu~lts. Ited wIhnt it 'lidin ti s 'v '
will.liriorehoee o -i.. Iiiii. aiii, l Minnf
'fenle jd.toi.: oInlv~l~.l iv. ils.
1'5i.:tt Navtollar I t o ~ta. I v.1 lae
withl hceworrbnges of tI,., "Inn - '·bi.·ll ·ln
IfIe11. ay tlr.... ot' liii lai i eilii to go thy \iiil
('1o1 After illy am t: I out 1·1 111, ir:.t"
Itrodyl. who,~. ullprtl IPI·II lr 1 n o o ,ny ron
Inp o e fast. In hililv It. lIi 1 I' 1 re
Ilirood Irpla*. 1 an I."l" . II." i..i;. \ icll
I left Ileal r toy wriglit "": 1~1I villindo.
Iltlhlik tloil rind nour Ivvil. 1ali for v uy
Altildlvit PAUL. I". lA.8AI'lI).
E illlns lteaieve I:e,tv, I..li protolll by
milofl ypens' test Ito IU i11>1 lflicll.cl·li
for sevire T't'llon anll- >1111l .\fle..lioitia.
I ohIo and in rlllplnilllv. thlii hi·u Ill.
fuorm ala illilpas. Ask~ f,. vidýl~l." lillllinZ
of re.,.vere, and. bill, tolitI~ri,
ILalortorly,l I'lilandel l,,is. I'n fur eii
dneve. 6r sanle by all: Ill-lIllir *lrig gflts
U114 lCvinrge Freishleitur, n..- 11 Misiouilia
I rlig comipany.
I Ii lli lllillili lit.e r iv 111:1 a1ýr ..y
11111~~` 11, ~iv, Il--li.i: 'riliii v.~·~i,
illlll, illivyll is 't lalll.ij .l,- nlet
II a - i. l t Iic iwe ile - d i t,, ill,- .\tilt
viii Xlr~il- .11. 1~. 1··. 111\~ 11~
Produces Boolas.
)Iv- .- fllivalvil L.-. tl.8 flu- t\.i
, Lill I I .vf iirv iv a: i.-alad l itv."
Loots . tcl.u' hint', frl-ln " .,reel lrtI, here
tonight \\ 11,1 e-.1 1 Jh ccal. ;I,
';ntil -ul 1.c1(d that th e vl .lil ;lilts were~1I
III 'len Pivlvl-l.l. till
.111'. t l l ivir h ll XII il vi ty :1
'1o·11, 111ý. ilc said lie hit t Il wlrlhnsed the
lt-el 1I': (If- o il ttf Ir (.;1 .. ;t gif 11(
the tt ho git i tiir Its '.. it I-lit 'its tol
Late History.
.I' li rl i t lhll.. hii, i,,li" Wl ,. ei.. i d tl I
ra;n hý: il ft illim 1 ~ h Wil s shockrd ti
' ii1 ;l 111 i li t I ii1I 1 -i ii thlit li le
ltlll i ,l ll- - "I.i0 ii iii .\-hi nt i ii' ii
li ri iI, I l Ii' .ir . i .i t tlii 'he l ,1"ii. I i1t
d, i i, i ti i .i i l l( v \ l ii r i ,i Ihi
St i t il iii il l I ii.. ýi(.l R it 11i 1 ..
! tlhlit., ,llil] InIIh i ,l'olil ll thoi, 'I".
- 1 i
P, -iit ll u Ii i I , r'l-.irt of l r ii er ill -
, Tlli nl .. l ts I! ~ ti n' am H itt
I rIlll.lll..t t " \ Iil , .ill n i;Il. i nlr 'l l 1i1 '
Ihtir i 1,r i ;iik I; li - rl, l l 1111; 111
r ;lI ill s r" ;i - ] i, riIiit' j, Ni -
.''i ,' s u1 i llu. i i I, i , aft tr 1h e ii. g, ill
1' 1 li ;ins . i ,]ri , ,1 (ritertl , u ii -niti
t 'Ii. u. Ii, II ,,i , ii 1I i . . u u-iiitu. I\ iIh
'"o who, wrii tl 1,i, of the f po'r h . ad,
th li.i i ii iinii l -i ter himlr ll I t Ii
-tl i. r Ii i " 'I1 \ d i l o h t thaenl
di. ih ,t " l ii.i h.:I l til to 'Scii tlin l.
hhi i, i tit,,I {.iii,-i I,- .i en n til I. . Ihi
fhbi \ , l l i .," i i ., , i i I h,
:' l iiiý , Ii !.\ I fi,. l ih.ll'i lt litl, h io
iii \ l ii Tii i ui il l t ni4 d hath.ils hte
- ri,.1i i ll . i lt h, lie i l (vett- olid a i
Il"i t( , Il,.{ \l l I. htý Ii\r l Islr i\ I Iit ; l 11:1
Ii l t, II. la-t, - s;11 . ,Il r h l l t he I -1l
'ililh t'iv -al.l - I i' tsl.". hll e lith ' lhl, ;ins r ir
hIt r, , l id, t ,,, . l l.dshil
],*'\. i-t~itc II. \!,,l: ]D e". 1 - flor :1
sr:;l'l'!i ( il di' ,it l r, ;1 wv ek, the
Ihudi.es ,,r I;, th ., \liion, wei ell-Liom n
fIeri er wi o larid I lllul Stanley
Os ai h i issingsin No
vt l~ih,- Ilt, \ 'r., wli~lnd toda\ wedg 1ed
II Ji",le l ; n~ i i ar W"Vtrwic'k.
'Irht i4'I li I, i\\ lrict NoVtnllher 19
f, " I i ,i I "l. l. , ill! I1 n so mtl lil eiillier
thl, ditr,\ i l . i 'r Il igh I I it h enthank
dh riiu Ih i . nltihl, i,.nh killed or in
.inlured s, that thr", died soon after.
The horsesI I c \\his also hunl orne u'el"
ti n, k hlill., 1 a e l- l ai live but at the
point 't' eiath ; its they were held in
suWih :n, /\;Iy th ilud Tiu could nmove hlt
Tilht findtihl i*. : the bodies solves a
mistelry that had cud to widespread
inlli lri. A-lln i,:. 55 33 rs old and
leaves it \\ife and family. Stanley
IaS It Sinlgle twil1.
\\Washing ten, c. 12, . (~po '1l.)-
Estimiates staibiitted to )ongrees to
day fin lnext year's a propriations in
helude the fllo\\ inL .Montana it, ns:
lilehna assay ofl ice, $511,00, un in
crease of $1,00110 filr cntintlutnt cx
Jl1ti;tuha sirrvefor generas+ l effiee,
$34,000. uin increalilse for clerkih hire ttof
I$ I - O ni in Mork n ' .ze
tta il 1o ls-11 tliildintts, $90.100.
I lr 'onllllll'll'j ing "Ork In th1 M iles
t'it;. , 1lt]li51 ' hb tihlint.. $ 0l ll11l. 1
SIll uthlitillII In the(' ulSllual lllll lL 1i1
dinit at rltl'inal tin;lls, (l' tilllates wereI I
sutln ittl'd fllr the folhwitngn: r
ln"r'it tiltitnapl irrigation worki,, $2. ,
lilat ltfett irri.ttionl work, $30,000.
ituplemnt1 s. $1 11.111Wi.
North ( l.ies ne Cattle, $311,1000,
aRckiy I', .I intil of woneriing It
di n t ts, $10,000.
0 ,itt +i 'k. rl ',i I ;fnd bridges,
$ l i.ilO , .
$"'ý0,000, inrinlln-ll $:",'00 fto" |h
r ody rtutni; $27,1300 for tie la.tksnt
Itole road tlld. $l 1,010 for wt idenitnig
the roads from the park tl.tundaries
to thet intteritor helt line road, to mttake
them suittable for automobtile travel.
Tl am ihlt n, l e. 1. - l -(Speo.iatl.) --\ . 1.
this rity arrivedl this \eel froIl Mil
ton, fire.. and X\ ill (rnaloin here a few
days tlooking after tbusiiness matters.
Pimples Source
of Great Danger
May be Means of Absorbing
Disease Germs in Most
Unexpected Manner.
Make Your Blood Pure and Immune With
.i n Illh o u s a n d s rf i Il n eP l + h m e ls t
vil'lInt types of bloott d trout tlll Vl Ih v ben
tlfe rrsllt of coIln i n ,l 1ta'i" with dis-m
ease germs in ublibi ptlaces. ad lths altp
~arrlntly insignific mnt 1imnlp]/ Il1s ben the
i.ll.. It lspreads wilth i asteonihillg rapidity,
often infectling the entire system itt a f.w
It is folrtunate. however, t hait Iri is
Iia renldy hto opet quickly and hi rl olllghly
with tsuch a condition, and thllanl,s It tIthe
energy of its prtoducrtlst' fh t lfamol . S. S.
Imallt now h had at msti any drg storlle
in the rivtl' tied wor ld.
This npreparatiohn stands alone ns .n blned11
pltrifir. It is s mtmewhat revollul iir. l in
its Ill tSi tln, s arin i-t a e.. p lishel all
thiat was ever clainmd for m r r' y, i<.11l,1s.
arsniir dd istetit t t l lie tm i al
drue s, and yet it is absnl i ely a plurely
vegeltlable t od t. It nt Ia o aint s one inrý,
dient which s'ervest t le ohtive ytptt -s e off
stimulating eart n linte ellulair part of then
tisnes t o s the y alstl y and jludltobe selIt -
lttn of its own essential nurimenl, 't'here
|p ltunl e tases of artieilar rhnllmatism.
I. msor ataxia, paresis, neuritis, anl
similar d l.eases resultant from thal ae of.
minerals than most people are awa'ren.
"lh.se fa,',s are brought out in a highly
inter+.stina honk compiled by the medihal
department of The Swift Sp ifle h' l,. "_17
`wilt Bl' dg.. Atlanta, Ga. It is mailed free,'
n,,eg,'th+,r with spertii information, to all
who write desrrihlng thei'h sylmptous.
l;l a holtlle of S. S. S toiday. 11il he
eareful not to have something palmed
of" on you falsely claimed to be "Just as
Excursion Fares
* to the East
via the
Chica o0dNorthWestern Line
= From Missoula
CHICAGO ................. $6). =
M ilwaukee ............... 62.80
Siioux City........ 4..8 O
= Memphis.................i( .65
Otmaha ... ...... ....... 49.) 1
Kansas 'it)y............... ,53.~
Sit. Joseph ................. 53.80
iickets on sale I)cemnlwr 4, I1, 20,
22, 1913. (Going tansit limit 10
days. lital limit March 1, 1914.
Through Train to Chicago
North Coast Limited, Northern -
Pacific, ('hicago antd North Western E
Lirne, via Minneapolis and St. .
Paul, awros \Wisconsin to 1Milwau
ke., alng the shores of I.ke
Michigan to (t'hicago.
Twin City Express, via Northern
P'iaific, C'hiciago and North ll"estern
SLine, via Minneapolis aind St.
Paul. Direct sleeping car i onnmc-i
tion: at St. Paul,. Through Coachl
to Chicago.
Three Mor ing Trains to Chicago
Three Evening Trains to Chicago
The New All Steel -
NorthWestern Limited I
To Chicago
Lv Minneapolis ..... . 7:5 Pm
Lv St. Paul .............. 40 pm
Ar Milwaukee ......5 ia
Ar Chicago................ . . .9:00 am
For travel information
call upon or address
General Agent
Tray. Pass'r Agt.
37 Sixth Ave. West, HELENA. MON T.
G. H. MacRAE, Gen. Pas 'r Agent
Insist on this label to insure
' You eliminate the possibility of
getting an inferior sweater coat
if you are sure the one you buy
carries the Knit-Right label.
Nothing better can be made:
(Cnit.Right Sweaters FOR SALE BY
For the entire familyDEALERS
From,$1.oto$s5.oo ALL GOOD DEALERS
What I Want to
Impress on Your
Is the a: t tit t t .It it "il o ,lr.ss
that you have tdecided ito throw
if yo ii will sed it to me to be
tttllted, Ipressed or dye]d
My Up-to-Date
Cleaning and Dyeing
Ilas iprtf v('i n itself to be a
VOl'y g eat';t improlll \(llianl ove'r toe 10
tld way. We use othiing bat
tlea.), pure gas.lin(e in 15u" dry
(lo , ing departine nt. No 11101'e
settling of gaslin. . W e distill -
it, llut int g it ibetter than 110v.
[] y 1 " ( gu no t ( ill c a ll.
M. S. BORDEN, Prop.
('ornlier Main anlld Steven\('ls street,
olppositc fire h1;Il. I'llone us:
963 black, ]3ell; 79S. Ind.
Why Sufller? ,
if II can(t give you ease
instead o , dis-ease. If
Ml(-, roll v( ill he s5. .
Irin:" it in :1111 1h1(1, i - ,
,djusto, l ;and 5ho cause
cl livled. I ' ltnl l· IIIn i
Irhe at oftrll,
F. G. Moore, I). C.
i rh , d i I a'i :t.
Hammond Block. Phone 1084
Hurn Cheapest and Best
Short Mill Wood
And Ilder before yol ;Ire out, for
we are delivering daily our full ca
pacity to
"First Come, First Served"
The Polleys Lumber Co.
(City Sawmill.)
Bell 414 Auto. 424
Rye, soft wheat, bald barley, flax
seed meal, Al oats, Success barley.
All kinds of chop feed. Feed grind
ing done promptly, 12!/ac and 15c
per cwt. Dry cordwood, 4 ft.; dry
slabwood, 4 ft.; cordwood sawed, 12
and 16-inch; slabwood, 12 and 16
inch. When in need of wood saw
ing, call on us for the wood-saw
Missoula Wood and Feed
Yard, 125 West Pine St.
I -uys a file-ron oiuse, gtiood hirn antd
tiw, tig lots, worth $1 .t ; t tI n-i r.I
dent towner complelled to rr'lt at oncte;
located close to l'resott school; re
quires cash tpayment $5ai.
Wheeldon-Rssgi Co.
Basement Montana B!ock.
Garden City .
Missoula, Montana k
W. B.M'Laughlin
Mortgage Sale
A ss-alre ranc'h will be sacri
fild at $1.00 per acre: worth from
$2-.01 t, $7-00 tier tre; gtoOId water
right: 'ilt wtres first bl(ttom excel
lent al l; tt hind in cunltivaionl; 100
;crets fir.st bnchl land, cleared reatdy
for plow; balance i of land ca(in eas
ily be clearcd of second growth
jlak ine: gootld Ig houseiiI , barn alndl
chickeni i hIousets; siimall orchard;
Northern 'Pacific side track on
ranch; siding Iand for flag station;
g1 llld prospects for townstle; lo
;led five lmiles frliti good town;
gootd schoiloils; this inll ibe d vellpedl
1 i ; 11r rain i s li ril) l ; Illlis ranch.
i t '''aititid i i lirih iltilli nsg e.
I l n \I \. ,r ' ll ( . I.t 1tii l;ia , uia th I.
: nolt\ rll w llJ '1f 1 M is,. ltl , where'l'
I n¢il, h ., lll ad1ies bring highest
lii ,lli, I'Itii ' is tllhiS ilild r i ge foi l
.Ii" 'lln nii , tnll it ll lst gIo quiick.
Wheeldon-Rossi Co
Basement Montana Block,
Guaranteed to be fourteen
years old
Number "31" Try One
120 Acres on Flathead
Good location, good soil; five
miles from Ronan; no improve
Ilents; half cash, balance three
years, 3 per cent: would accept
good building lot in Missoula as
part pay ment.
W. H. Smead Company
Higgins Block. Missoula, Mont.
Phone 212.
F. A. Mix & Sons*
Wood, Hay, Grain ani
Itching, bleeding, protrud
ing or blind piles yield to.
Doan's Ointment. Chroni9
cases soon relieved, finally
cured. Druggists all sell it.

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