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The Daily Missoulian. [volume] (Missoula, Mont.) 1904-1961, December 17, 1913, Morning, Image 2

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ING AO.: A E'>
r I . jil'. 1 I t, . xi 1
Sli S. l e' r,': . ,,, I.!1 ' II lt l w ailm
S t oe jitr II.'' i I tlhe 1 l e.
1'ntil .I :n ', .. .. nldurr ed tihe
ll,, ,tthi. l a i nt nsr :I t
' ,ri m in : . ; , I ,luight allt
Iplut hl ull l and went i
, the. hU ier r m,, t i i~itnItli th i t
deliber.It ms. \it :, h ; c l,
despahir :ndi tle tl a rt ltllurnt'.ilt. wher
they -dallied tor lr' akfl st 1f 1:i il thI
heat was itut it tl 1i itith ,
It was a r'lt I' fuil-t.,,kitt '1
that piled int) the cafe li
lewspaptter lforce W S attin g itrll
All of them wt ret bl i ih it
some iC o itttrt l pa s~ t uti .n lh
ly ,hilled i i ne m, ail had , a ii
that was territ inh. \Whei they spt -
tel the i:e\\spapir r'l, ther. ht S
s!lhl rush, lullh Ktllte a¶ 11t Its
ull" .
htIl i h ', Iih
. ll ,! 1 1 i 1<
Youn3 I F'e , ..
° l,
Ip* tt
ii" I' !. ,
, " t' . L· . .
S"Great"-y'' lU nrth atfrom
0°'* e almost evervyb(,d\ ,t tie table
ise in town every time a plate of Aunt
Honey Jemima's de;cion; pancakes
Ro.u.,s r o. comes in piping hot from the
kitchen. Aunt Jemima's makes the finest cakes
that ever went into your mouth-the plump,
tender kind-light as a feather-temptingly
brow ned, and Um! so delicious to taste.
Spread thick with good, fresh butter
and lots of syrup, they are great.
Have Aunt Jemima's for tomor
rouw's breakfast. Takes just a
- i minute to stir 'cm up. Good for
'" waffles and muffins, too.
S ' i Your grocer has Aunt Jemima's
in a bright red package. (Read
what it says on the top about the
funny Rag Dolls for the kiddies.)
Pav-- ncake Flour
nt! ,.U rFN r !
I ;t~ rii on
I hack or fir
/'~n,' w h~ LD, I c i t a i :, th" IaX- -
st l 1;i, t . I. t. 1 " r, brought
Xl' 'hin h
"a, r<l'. '2" , re lined ' n wh i
g,,., be"h'7.i r.r ,t o r, ,,i , r his
rot-.1tll tway t w an r~reist i th 11 the
r ., k
: . ,1
~ii' 2' 2I ' '2 ' 2 i ! 1 i
"l 'I . ii ' ,l i t t '
,,i , lli
0' money to loan. J. M. Price ('o.
Mrs. J. \V. Divers of Potomac spent
lhe d:ry in Missoula.
Special music 5e. Orvis Music
C. E. Stout of Darby is in Missoula
Sra few days on tbusinless.
iagazines. Smoke House. E. Cedar.
lticard Lancaster was in the city
-,I.sr l ayt from Stevensville.
M|,olre, Kiropractor, Hammnond block.
---.A Iv.
,. .\. Scully of Dixon transacted
n5i is in Missoula yesterday.
Hell ;ate coal, $4.25 ton. Bell 19.
Mr. and Mrs. T. IT. Gibbon of Ste
\cl-nsvillt spent the day(t inll Missoula.
M ',ney to loan. HIouston Rlealty Co.
1t A. ltuchanan came into the city
ýistirdi: y on ibusiness from Martina.
F Men's silk sux for Xmas, 50c pair.
Mapes & Mapea.-Adv.
St is Arnilia boffness left Monday
evi'enitil fir her new honme in Seattle.
ni. V. Perry sells coal. His phone is
40.I nt. ; tiggins avenue.-Adv.
Mrs. Albert \V,,,dIs if Victor made
;t sI"pping trip illto Missoula yester
Seletct an Edison Dise for that
Xnmis gift. $60.00 arnd upwards. iOrvis
Musi.c House. --Adv.
SMr. and Mrs. 11. J. ]arrant of P,
tiuaii had it sines: in the city yester
Dr. .\ia JTames, osteopath. Higginis
block. Phane M',i. black.--.1dv.
.Attrn,.y ,Itma .s I,. W allace returned
ye..l ,' r ;ty front a tusiniess trip to S; o
ii.. Louise Smith, osteuopath. Ma
nic timtile. iPhone 610; res. 333 red.
Sirs. . E. tlciknnam wits a visitor in
th,. c ty yesterd;,y from her home at
"li' xs'" Xmas silk st.ockings. 50c,
I1. S . at Map:les & Maples.---Adv.
itis. I-st, a d atbil lhy and SMiss Esty
\\tlri. c. s ts in the city yesterday froml
+t ,itIll;I(',
l i anlv s . ratch i.ial s fnil wntiter
,. s i, sale at The i-soulian of
o itic~. -iAiv.
.Ir. :u11 Mrs. T.'.. Ada llms were hereo
. , v fro-t t, . 'rri.,l vi~llilng antl"
Ft. ti i . ier I tlo i irsui, 1Iii tgna l'lk.
1l0,ll1 i .:l iitll'. ] 3)sIW3 II3 'i, llanllla ltlk.
lru :ond Mrs. It E. lekridge 'r ite
i I t 'ri, it M- i,
rt . iýlin Sli-. S i i w -re I .te y st.r
1 < I.+', '1 ' : i ; st',:k -
\i - \1f T. i.iri ,-ll lxloi ti ls to
1 ii . . 1 k Ii I ,i r on k r chsl and, Ill.,
lib , ict \ ,I he.r aishrni'd l .uMlghter.
.et"ir. t i .. Si . tS i ,ii ke', opti.tR clie
ýl ii ist. lt,,,,ims w03-f .'r , Montana T ll k.
'.free it evel pair o sh.nes at
iii ' lissiunll ii es uras tli-ic u fr ittt
1i i . i'l hlan rat io is hthe thest d -
tirsh, the uindertaker, hor ne 1-ter
Mrs;i i'ct r is iw r tt -e iii ist er lv
thu \oi trif'rt ilateifie 1Iiln ' rito
I.;rn Edison iAw . Iwill prove a deli'ht
ftl Xatais \ift itn your family. Orvis
Iti;ie llit se .t i.ha fo e le . This ie
'- .l S. i'. Slis-o ilrt i.tt el a' y fstrtlao
I)r \VillarIn , ; s sii t l.sh. l 'is in g
. frm la tI iltotl i a visittlntg friiends
I~ ic tli li .iss Ol C lrl'h and clitylli
Ir,,,rt.e IH . .ei l Fisher, 113 E. Main.
- i' -- iAd ii, .
Xrs. '. st ,,en at n soin werit e min
i-i sityr yesterday from ,oed, This is
r.lt. ,l ent' s firt visit t h ltr Mtissoula
hiletu last ,n}llle.
latr uisfully dressed Chr istmas dolls
free at.ith every pair of shoes at
Mapes & Mapes.--Adv.
,ih Pu rs ofsut' m inest omlt tiame
ful XInnS gift to "our family. Orris
ni~~~~ ~ Ili tii h Vc I 111; r
luu t i :_trn1 lu" i i.l 1iil \1! 1 'I. , I
":,n 111 ali,"a 1v \ isit
II .11u I lll. 11. 1:.
Ur. I <. W . -\V ,I'XhiIIHI w iSt l:\ I I her
Q"1111:II\ lils , ife as liai e~ 1,11ttc.
An Innovation in DisplayThat
Makes Christmas Shopping a
Pleasure Instead of a Burden
ONE generally knows how much they
want to spend for a gift, but are
usually at a loss as to what would please him most.
Our windows are divided into price sections. If you want to spend fifty cents
you will find a whole section devoted entirely to suitable gifts for men at this
price. You'll find another section at one dollar, another at one-fifty and so on.
But the windows are merely a suggestion. You'll find lots of other gifts inside
EVERYTHING that a man likes will be found here. Practical gifts,
things that he can wear or use, gifts that he will cherish and long
remember. Bath Robes, Smoking Jackets, Canes, Umbrellas, Suit Cases,
Leather Novelties, Collar Bags, Ties, Mufflers, Handkerchiefs; in fact
not a thing in this exclusive man's store that wouldn't make an excel
lent gift for a man. Our label on an article means much to any man
who has used our goods, it will open the eyes of the man who hasn't,
and reflect credit upon the givers thoughtfulness and good judgment.
Most people have realized the folly of waiting until the last moment-
the best time is today !
Mlrs. \Vhiht lt1ir . lot of N.lissiita
'tl- x \Wilh hl .t L demi iniiiratithl
f,.r the fnlks at I .
I. I). rinut t rIli n;,d yesterday after
br.ing tn1o \c(,i;t ,.way looking after
blutsiinss I.aitira in (hicago and vfsit
in1 relati\ 's ; M,\'xico, Mo. Mrs.
(ti ntt, w'h i> V ting at the latter
tlaruce will r'turn '., Missoula in the,
tour fltiur..
Dr. Mi. II. i ,'. iteputy state stock
inspector IIIland de(!ti: state veterinary
surgeon h:ia toi . t his office from
J A. Nath's li.,r\- to his residence,
1::':6 Ilot. I str, It. until suitable of
fione tralltn (., 1 ,. All calls must
le niredl ir- t .i 557 redt and all
Iclironi 's cau:ti ran taken care of at
Stxell street ti , nce barn. L. i,.
Kaill, assistant. in IV be reacts. by
louitana ies'i. ,' r:tght through to
l,.I s Ant; '~ Butte Jail. 21.
11Seiiie 1uilmt; an ri crvations early.
A. A. EtFIE'E.
' n 'I .\A , , utte Mont.
Cou!hls Ttat Prevent Sleeo itn
'htt.u'' t,.. wxeariug anid if
Il "arn "a:n'd '. , 'ii run one down i '
h''sia :a , .er the vital re- ti
t Mr. ,ob Fcrgu
i, 1:b I ;reen Bay, Wis., .
\rites: "I \:a , atly troubled with _X
t:L bald cutili t'.it kept me awake
ights. T\\o oin lI! bottles of Foley's
Iolney ll TI'.r It ', n.tiound completely
cured Ieu." 'La.al Drug Co.-Adv.
ter ('if the best l ind in Missoilia county
Lcr evr 'l"r se t,, Citiy; fi\ -eightOls mile
it- fl'ol lectriet line; nice lungalow;
s fair o lthliiblli-ne ; very choice prop
ter rlty N iin every Wl. Only $4,00;1
h " h l .. cash.
t]61 a rews cnI i" thlull qcc ; fil'e't-r'less
latld a.Ll go((I imllprovlements; Inearl
Iro cir ted railr,., : $10 per acre.
Will trade this for desirable orchard
ek trat.
r V. H. Smead Company
ce, Higgins Block
f.f Phon, "!2. Missoula, Mont.tna
at - - - - I
,. A Home at a Snap
VWe offer a wonderfilly big l. r;gali
In .c fn ,e-0 i. l 1 :, W 1, Il, ,tlwo:;,
ifgoo hrn; all for $5i; $500 'ash, hal
an ance $10.00 pier month, 7 per cent in
e terest; house worthiii $1.00; lts worth
- $500; locantedl oice blIcki froim I'r'co'I
". school; this offer can't be beat any
et where in Missoula.
Wheeldon-Rossi Company
Basement Montana block.
A Shade the Better Gift
In selecting a gift for someone's
'W"'' Christmas, try to remember that the
gift that will be most dear to the heart
of its recepient is the one that will
prove useful and lasting. To our
notion you can select no more suit
able gift, one so sure to please, than
a beautiful stand lamp with an art
shade. We have a carefully selected
stock of three portable reading lamps.
The shades are beautiful and the
whole lamp is well and substantially
built, with a view to rendering service as well as proving
an article of enhancement to the "hominess" of the
A Lamp Selected From Our Stock, $2.50 and Upwards.
J. A. Cavander
North Higgins Avenue

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