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TeOMorrOLFair. 23 M A M MORIG lyhg 1I CENtSc.
L 1 - -
It Is Said Enrique Gerostieta, Minis
ter of Justice, Will .Succeed Him in
the Presidency - Allarmist Corre
pondents Warned-Dictator Will At
tend Ball If O'Shaughnessy Will.
IMexico ('ity, Doc. 27.-Enrique
(;erostieta, minister if justice, will be
conlie president of Mexico early in the
new year and Gieniiral Ill rta, will
ltake the field against the rebIls who
refused to confornl to this arrlange
nient, according to a rhort thalt was
received withi cre.lenc liby t( ti(of the
diplomatic reprecentatives here to
Gerostieta is to bi ,natmed ministoer
of foreigit affair::, atn'oding to the
version of the story in circulation, ant
lGenerlal IlHuerta xill retire frot Mi te
}'residency, in which case the foreign
minister succeeds him.
Senor G(erostieta is well amung in
years. Hei was a lawyer at Monterey
wiho was brought to the capital to
takte the portfolio of finatnce, but in
stead was appoiited minister of jus
Correspondents Warned.
Mexico City, Dec. 27.-Today El
Diario officially carried a warning to
foreign correspondents that they
would be deported as undesirable
aliens if they sent out of Mexico
alarming stories.
President ttuertr promised to at
tend a bdll at the Country club to
night, but conditioned his going on
the promise of the American charge,
Nelson O'Shaughnessy, to attend.
Conditions Unsatisfactory.
Washington, Dee. 27.---onditions in
regard to the safety of Irivate prolp
erty ill central Mltexico continue to be
unsatisfactory, according to the latest
state department reports. O\)wing tIo
the fact that the territory front
Durango inorthIward is in possessioni
of neither wVarring foctiont and that
both telegraphs anId railroads gner
ally lhave been destroyed, comttinniiiia
tion is so tslow that it requis-ed si\'ell
days to get niewvs to the ldeplartment
froml the city oif Torreon. A weeklt
ago that important strategic piintii
still was in the hands of the foedirals
ibut the revolntionists were ill control
of the surrounding district.
The slate dtepltrtmltnlt has cau lseld
representations to Ie made to i (ltnal
Villa at C'lhiuhua in the i nterest of
the women anld childrenl o1f [the Spaln
ialrds and other forl'ignlers tiiwho \\re
exslelled froml that town v y i ith re,
els. Althoigh tlit Amterlan hconsul
was nassuredil that these families woutl
be Ipermtittied to leave (Chihuallila, for
stolll reiason the I'promise ]Ias not leeOtn
kept tMud it is assumed that they arli
being held ns hostafges. ]'Furthei r reas
sure will ihe brought to bear iin their.
Rebel Territory Large.
IHermosillo, Mexico, live. 27.--The
ext(nt of the constitutionalist conl
quelsts inl Mexico was evidenced today
in the renewxl if tclhegriilDhic . tti-co
SInuttica.tion between the iprovisional I
capital here and the interior :and bor
dler lpoints. llenerall (' IrraInzaL Stollped
into the telegrlaplh I'roil of tile rovini
cial calital and tuonferred xwith Luis
J. Zalce, constittitutioalist gxovernor of
Zaatecas at his ptrovisionattl caplital.
'TheI cionvecrsntion w\vas held over miore
thit 1,2i10 miles of t-liegrittlh lintes,
into the geogrutphieal center of Mexico.
tiener.al Zal'c tohl his chief htiat
practically the enitire statte of Zatatt'
caus -was in the hands of the insulrgent
los Angeles, Dec. 27.--hiding under
the name of John Bostick, even after
he had passed virtually into the
shadow of death, Ralph Fariss, the 214
year-old train robber who was sen
tenced today to be hanged, maintained
his fictitious identity until told that
his parents-a crippled father and an
invalid mother-might corne from
Bakersfield, (Cal., to visit him i before
he starts on ,llonda'y for the death
house of San Quentiln rison.
F'ariss' spirit broke then alil lIe not
onlY revealed his true name and his
tory, but said that the mysterious
young woman who has been unlnaellld
thluugh the chronicles of the ease
since Wednesday was a girl he hadl
married while working as a waiter in
a restau"ant at Marion City, Iowa.
He also declared tiiht lie confessed the
holdup of the Sunset express at El
IMonte, December I, and the murder
of the Southern Pacific passenger
agent, Holtac B. Montague, for which
Sl _. uihhl!O
No f aj
7U h
('hest.rtown, ld., I no. 7.---A mob
which hadl gatherIi ed u.n ud the' jaill
determinied hI lyvah Norurmi MA abel,
a nelgro, Sell'-coinfessed murllldel'A"rer of
John It. 'oletatnll, a ft nl, 'Tu'lesd:ay
night, floreed two of tie doors of the
jail at midnight. Shuis were ex
AlulitAnged between lIe de'.AIdI.I.s andl
attackers I.Lt Ino one a\\s hit.
'Pille mon)bl was Inet inside thel jail by
StateS t Itorney It. W\. Vickers, Sher
itTf V. IE. lIrown and 15 special depu
lies \ itli drI AVAI revolv rs. \ ick, er
lleadeAd with the men t,, leave. Phis
t1 x'iig ineft'atlut, the shertiff lrdered
hisj delutilis to fire o'ver the l, 'heails 1o
lthe iA nh. 'l'w volleys brought lthe
i litiiriAtelA (I aM;i iftaiAN IA a stotp.
l'From the cirowd ll ll AA tI lsa erAtl
A lshots, til no billles eIlltelrd the lor
ridors wlhere ilAe oficters were gAith
orled.(.Th Ill, rensA AII l .h to disperts
ant crowded close to the I.ro.kn (toorts,
Ile.nllilgly \ itling Afol r lla AAonA toA hl
make the first rush ag.ainstl lth, little
bland of ficts.
Leader Disarmed.
I'iesentlyA five 1AAIn hotAltted into Ihl
corridor, Il1 leader hearing a sledge
tAliAiAnAer \with which the Iell door was
to Ibe broken. I'ornAt r Sheriff \Vil
liAmn l. Acl.Kee, lwho wa's alcting as a.
deliuly, t'Aced the woulA-he IlAmhlers
silglel IhAll:l ed, i VI'rel tI ed the h Allla 'I
froim th leAd ersA IAlns and forced
hint r1nd his for companions fronm
the corridor. The IAtol wh\ilthdrew :A
lshort distance a.lnd opened fmire Aupon
Ithe windows n the secondtl floo.r,
wVher. \l1biAl AdaI the Alter negroes
nAdeIr arresAt ill AconneAction with the
crille arl, 'onfillu d.
iheritf lruwn brder'ed the negroes
('tA Ilinnied on Page l'ive.)
he was comndemnld---heaiuse ho ex
pected by so doing to escape the gal-.
lows. The sentence of death passed
ulon him by upelerior Judge Craig
after legal proceedings that occupied
only two hours and eighteen minutes
-one of the sholrtest on record--'ariss
said had shlttered his fondest hope.
Until told tlhatt his parents already
know his tlpredicamnent Fariss said lihe
was prepared to go to his death with
both his idlntity and the fact of his
Illallrriag aL secret.
Ilut a message saying his parents
had r'ecognized himi from pullished
pictilrts anld might come to see him,
.broke his 'vow of silence, tnd hit, ul
lowed the reporterts to interview him.
lie told of his career and repeated his
confession that he had killed Mon
tague and robbed the Sunset express
Iand anotlher train two weeks before
noear Richmond, Cal, He declared he
became a train robber because he
needed money. The two holdups
1 netted him $81000.
.uprtz, Dec.!. ,Warnlings w'ere
givent today h} I llited Stuat s t to Its
to both federals and rehels that if
there is at battle at ()jinaga there
must he no firing across the bor
dter, The walrninigs were senti fromln
l'residio, Texas, hbecause of the ad
vance of the rebel army front C'hli
aulathua to attack the ftthderals at.
I)jillaga. The late tepotts Wi-to
tha;:t Il I'rebels~ hereI ot1 Witi llllI
siftht Iof thie federal stronghohl.
Vaushington, Dec. 27.*-tll'orge I feurtir
'['trneo , sill'teon generlal of the United
States army, died at it; hoitme here
tonighit ofl' roln hiial Illl lnleuan ia. lie
had tibeen in I"oor health f or seVeral
wteeks, it his condition hlad not been
serious until tt few days ago.
(iineral Torney was iiorn itn ]alti
mol(re on .lune 1, 18510, and ha:l he
lived wouldl ha\ve Ibeen eligible ti ri
tire frolml the service oni June 1, l1114.
Hlis first service waIs il the nlavy, he
havinig ibeen appointed assistant sur
geon of the navy in 1t71. Hlsigniiig
front the navy iln 1 75, tltenerbl Tor
ney was llllll iately aI llOitlled first
lieutenant assistant lsurgeton oft tIhe
arny, blving Iprml'oteld tllttil lie reeall
tho ranktt of surgeon general of the
arlny ill 1.t 9.
(ililel'ral Ttrnjey saw rigorous service
in the Philippines alctl in tuba. Hie
wtas a Itetlber of the Aitti-rierlten 1 i- I
cal assoieation; Association of Ml ili
tary Surgeonis if. the Unllited States;
the Anmerican Ited cross anld ('hair
man of Its war relief committjt ee an
other orgaizations.
New York, Dec. 27.--he marrying
habit had Jost"ph iKohler so icom
pletely in its grip that soon after ihe
finished serving a lprisoll sentenceii for
having nine wives, he took a tinth.
Wlife No. 10 btrought him int,,o court
today and he pleladed guilty to a
charge of bigamy. \Vhen the 10tht
Mrs. Kohler had him arrested, he haid
gone rEack to his first wife whom he
marri .l 22 years go, when ihe was 17
years ,old, and by whtm he has had l
11 children.
Three of Kohler's wit\es atlleared
against him five ye-ars ago when he
was sent to prison for four atnd ia half
years. According to the records pro
duced in court today his first wife
Was arrested for bigamy during' his
first hoieyngoon.
itnt e,l I ;. i tS i .) A Ipro
]est I., l . ,t (, ii ' ill liers ol itite
las 1ees iL i r tii l'letiijiii Jif iti
lnooltt tI1 o I n'llio hai.ll, :it whlih
i1th (lde li oi f il 'resii ent I iari '
it. A1li,.r *, ' : in \V iilirn Ill d. tratioli
r l ] t lhe lii ' i d Ill t h i( o eths,'ir Ihti
tions 1\\ll n. . e tl.I ~ tr he strlk.,rs :o'
all Ieiole. i Ioi I lii t Iood w11 ill .f IIll'
lo 1al 111111 I IW a I .\li hii :uill tr i
e r-. t\
her l' tl" ' it tor lIn doler tion oif l ii n
I s < t11.1 0iE -. It its -hief officials, to
night d.l' r. ,I thlut tit t delortation t
the hsul I h ini ' r>' fld,.r ntiin
wv s iot tl ., u!It reta lt of the ( 'rist
IIi ti lr i:lr .i l' ,it thOi IIlitill ihtll ait
'alln I, I ti lttr the a t iIlllad beent
onlth,,i l1-,,. Iil orne1i t", a mtolith
iby ill t:liu i 1 iio a i ti 1 th itizellt li .' u- l
Why They Left.
i l11 i., d that ).I hi , hi i I ,i-p rt iet
\wiihl ; I , hie il'r su riln ,athr, hiad
leift lhl" .i- . ftI lto prol'lent arrest tn.
lotr it liin 1ii , i l ' tl d e iy this gratlll
.lhry s.l tl r io moneyi need he frei
li itshed I'r I ,r ln il. "Th .ey siitoi ai ll
the ol t .e i r I'let ad," sr ild I w ,ilt v.
"\t , 11ii 1-1 1 t iltll I t h itr llt onelly
up 1l I.,11 i Dil ut1 j;til, sul w he' t
adnei t rl 1 ,1f Itry. " tThe , ,T rifkere '
sriltl'lol: ' I. II f li t i ta e I. great
"'ar ' 1, i-, Ilio. n i th leader . l i
fiL , n" ,:i ..l i.n, "y. " II w as 1 oePws
' ' o il. r it t l' 'Chi depolrtation will
help t h'. In1" " rs. It will armi(se tils
I (ollntllr- !ti 0 Mnll I Ihat llit. slrike
aillst I, now. II means th. l t
1 6 1: 1 e ultiry will rally
LO, rwu ,-, i ce there :re '.',000
tlnnlolll t' 111 .: l district wiho ore not
h ih h4' I, 'ountiil le for thi.ir ae
tions. I I '.clard thal t h.heer lneen
sity 1a ,,h br' 'thl h 1 tr'ke,
i";tl111i ill' Ih l, , h-pa'tation lo Prf l Jttsident
.1yi1r 1Ii i, h.legral fronl .hover as
followvs '"i',,ilor tnud myself were
brutally :, ulted in my ro.in in the
,.wolt ho)l I i Ilaneock, Mich., tonight.
I was ,lnt ut the iack auul dragged
more thsln a tulle and a half through
the stii., : ,, IIttancn(k h!" t1 moll of
W'a,\'1i1ll II'Shonit thugs And ('itizens'
allion,'.'. I '1va pit aboard ] Mil
\viaul , t , ]i and threatened with
di"lith if I .1ilrod r tutn'l, lblt you ,nn
sfiy Ifir n Ih:(t the .ause I represent
is w'ell 11 orl h the suffering I have uin
del-gole. ''hle cause of the striking
mTiners is .s-t and they will win.
Wheatnt, 1l1., Dec. 27.--Judge Slus
ser, ih the (,ireuit court, refused today
to grant It reh-aring on a. motion for a
new trial for Hfenry Spencer, conrfesed
murderor of Mrs. Mildred Allison Rex
roat, sentenced to be hanged Jan
uary 16.
New York, lhec. ..-l)iretorrs of
the' New York, New fHaven & Halrt
for.rd railroad her., today discussed
tilt. :idvisal ility of segregatling the
roand's 1n sidianrie., including sta:l -ll
tugi nItl trolley'i lines. lio twardt
Ellit, chaOFirmn of the olER l, :i
pnresilted defilson linll i ld |hars oln
t . is.o rr' w, intlho gih lial, n iotiatielrs look
ilt, tee serrteigi ti 10 e were being ca'-r
all i, t' 'c' i th et' i r .i.b lit\V I lln i t
ri d on with the attor tly general
of tl he I ltd tilttes.
':F s; Christil n, ,Mi S.., ie.. 27.-
Tresident 1Vilson \'l 111 i e rI yi ears iold
tolllorrow and potter:, ald tellgr51ms of
c ngratll l'l itio pll n ed ) ll ie tilda 1 i frot1. ll
aIll ,l ts df the en ntrvll . 101) In11 4f
thlhlli Wore firollm 0000l' 1 frileind, hilt
thile gre' at llller'ilj Wi'O 11a11 1/t1 8011
hitherto unknown to the pres.ident.
lome l\tere written in plencil anel half'
ri liled andl othersn iapleareni lttI lIore
formal' l, tut all troight i: feeling~ of
it11p1ilss to thellt president isu he reiad
The bIirthday will nm an fie chviali.:e
Iitn the tlit atmosphere of the ot
ige which the nation's li I' hief l e' iXe -
tive h iitt ,hoses as his reside tile duil
ingt tili llttll i-itt tere. In the 1',ittit -
ing Ihe irobably will attend slervites
ill ltie .t lis;lll I'r sb litrlilan chIurc'h. It
it a \o,,den Imih iing, se.arely N0 feelt
wide, The t Itliilo lh seats I0sl t ihan lt
\Vith 11h0 \.\wl Itionl of church serv
ic... f th,, Ii e1l, h h1 itt 115 ) pi1an for.
tli,.l''. t%, :il olgh he prob bli y will
til.,, ;iii i lnut , ,i i itl ride w ith hbis fain -
il. \i : n l f nif e.lnonei
ah oot tit.. ,I rl ,o. of the I114 1 ,', hfor ;1
w tile,, r', illi g .omne IIPWStv pero and
th ,"n t ,,, :t ll;11f .
I1,, is ding little w'rtl. Ife has
h(d :in ple lo llortun ifty to V1)1'y his ill
1,'' i t \\iih :i : , si trip :i, the WVinnanl,
i I'niiut ,Stat s r1el nl ue 1111u ti r, hIl s
be n 1 ing .lust , I l l off' v-hore ill
front i ' , 1 is eithil.i :1 1 an is :it his 1 ll -
in a:l during l his \ i0it hir. 'T'he plron
ienit lub s d,.lined I ,4 , use it, hat\ ver.,
ulld hli donr likewise willh an invita
tioll Frolll the .t o.lr'tillfon c' mi illsi. onil
eel' I ilo itlsll to 111 their 3000.Ih
T'he ,Missei s Margarel :ilen 1,1oanor
Wilson pol:k a long holrsohnek. ride
\er Ilhe :lill i oad loliay. 'T'he' 4,ll
t'rtain,,d th1.1 Misses Mar'y anid Iacyi
mnlith of New Irlioansl, 'lose , 'riends
o1' the fanlily, who hi:i lisiled them
in Washington.
'i 1si lt-it of ti1 W ' iterli l'elc :ilti',i:
:Mich., after lie had lbeen shltu a:uitd
beaten last night, slept well l ndler tlie
uill still in his lbody lcand hl wIunldls
having re'elved only tell i rary
care, so\ weakened the dire,,tor of' the
clli"r mnllers' strikce that h' was n-i,
ahl, t,, receiv' vi sil tors :lfter lie hhad
'ri:la el tIhe iehospital.
The hllysicl:ns asserteil that the
ease with \which Mvyer weit it sleep I
wol all Iroe a:t fauolir Iow;ari, his
speedy recovery, and indications wore
that. his wollidit would not prrve
A grand jarry investigi-lllon of ithe
tnaiti{hig last nlight will be demandiied.l
it lloughtin, iaou ty s*;it ofil lHiigli- I
tOln lllluny, by (I. N. Nlilhnr, lattorney
fir' the federation, Vwhui thie iniuisi
torial bodI y nroolis next Tlueiislay.
Mr. Hilton made tlhis .i ii nienilent
tonight, iHe left flancocik 'l'thur..sda
lght, bulit ritlurnedl tonlght.
.'.l'y'r's w uIInd in tlheu sholllder, iii
flicted by a bullet, was tilhject d to
an X-ray examinalition tonight.
A skiagraph will not be :vaildale
until tomoirrow. The wound Is deeli
ilandi ranges idownward f'rom the left
shoullder, according to Dr. Hlilton. lie
saIdl it Vwas "proballlbly not serious, but
might prove dangerous."
Special Inquisitorial Body Will Probe Affair
to Bottom---Warrants Issued for Socialist
Publishers for Publishing Article Alleged
to Have Been Aimed at Inciting Riot.
(':tit,,' i M i , )h,' . i. ' hli d ,
dl nt of th o \i W ":t I T'r' I 't .1t ill .If
,[il,'Tcr :l1 e1 l Ghrand , I n' ur., ~'"r minrll '
't 'i ,,, ',, iw it ' , , ,i , , , , l I 111'
co't" : I :st h ii1a t i , tilt ' .r ih l L,,t :lnd
t']hltt d l, t\ill Ib ' ll ti .l'I d , i I I ' th
It, i' it tnt"l= etll"t T . t ,
Rteaiy forus Gat,. FctI7
t1 ' 11 'l i t t tttt'lt' i I i al'I
|lii \N' i'it' i''t'io 't'i lii te ' t '1 lili
i i' ,utn I 'ti rr ; \\ d '' t,'i.ti ,' N i holi'lt i
t pi t , ial ttresI it r i~t n ,'hal' . of
li , n ar ,n l T. r", The :,, . lrn r re '
lh, ,t ,I h till) t l n .l] , 1 fIl l :1 " +llirt 'a l t
\e; t a ~I"" 1 1 l.f "( ,trll;ir:li ve rtI.\ nut
,.',wS+ ,qf M l. ,r" d| partll't, did t110
1,tllct l.ll tlih il 1tl.l ,lo h , l aI'l " l he lt
Warrants for Newspaper Men.
\\rIrnI nts; 111t';r, I," si n a Id t~u I IIat
thl Ib :-'iln.ess lllnal-.lr ndlli :1 d .i.,ll ,n
111"r ' 1i 1 .lli Cloy nl uf ~ t . ,;, tlistl n, `\ {,:,
per ill ll I t +cO. ,, ilt , Ittl':r I , fl,
'0tlh lpt t,'r t~ it'i, !io l."
:Thi H rll .l t:I i'ilts W re 8 11 s 11'n Ai 111.dor
the statntrs relatlng to felon\ and
tllo Im ll '(ll 'i l 1[1."t i ill haoll s f1" $1.0()O11
:'aih. 'lTh t00l tl tlits w\` ere made hy\
Sh'riff l' (' 1I,' and \er,' a1 .:l qui l to n1111
Sh tt lt' .1 )1 ' 1, 1 l i h , \esti rdatl v( in 11\' 1 1h
01ttlh Jllllnlt jof g ivo lin it d+ lllty ,l f\, +,
tlati :IK tll~t some :1ni ty n; hriffs
HI) oth. erlt' w\ho tlriedt to' (ssis. t i victim.
of t :" I'hl ris. tnas 't ia: c .
Th, arti''', ;ar ordaing to fnrll !:1
tI NI'1. , nod ;l th resllr.' crsll "of s;lllt.il l
Imothel 'i alld I':ttrlliC' r ' ,t t~I I it l t~
reach tIh hall W\li,'lr,' their 'hildr1,i n
\t e', dh ad ,ir' iu l l ,t'il' , andi Ii ld th ,
lI( v1 11 tt Ir olli c 1itu1,!' ,li \\1h I11. i11,
l acI. tel isl it "Pitlu ,t' \. c l: l II, Illd
ir\' \\':,s catlld to inlV sti"mati "ai'l': of
1I\\'0 I I'i,. ; (ris itll f' ntl lli 11' rthI.,,
The Grand Jury.
]II illi ;lit H fn -l' l I I l lih li
\erei' dh ni'lh , in off~ , 1,i r, l,"" ,\ '!ill "
+tQ' of tIhe t l'lr lam iI I, Ii~ Ib,+ll
sthowi <ed .\, P. !ll'hlkiln l ;i l'+ l, ;1.
(lor m anl, andl H our::" \',iIl,.lii L , i +,2il
road offici;tl, use ,"l , k
Ili 1 the l lth r 1 : illtli!hr- in :h4,
{ih" i. +liqur ' I . Clh, It 'ff r fn
,I the ('silltim t il M ih 1 Mll mil cul
i;a111y. ThI ' ull ,rlliinf th n, of ::lain ,
mills, :1 f ,i l' te'liin lh s 1, 1 lii r
f tillo il rl:t orl i!i.
N i 10p ri; ,. I' l, ,r i lc,\l,11-. I
%r I, olficerH of tl co' ' i ti il ,1-c
in I(1o list.
Ready for Great Funeral.
hl, to ,t ,lni l furt' ho Ii cql t" i i,"h
to eolit ll,"t O\VPl" H Ill "., \ i l i ,, i I
(io I bl oill \\'iodliisday nii hthl. 'T'h[n
ta1sk of digging the niiIorti l, rt r ,H
walst i(n i itehi l ited I, 1' sfll 'r) i t , and
the fed eralli'+ 1 . rel'i ef o tlilnitt , fil
oIn11+.. 'W'hth r \linu i e lil ;li\hv w l i h"
Iv\ ila- l,, the 1 1 l h r of vic' illsl h:tt
li n i\ ' hti,''d I|H, "tlocky. of l0 :il' l \i
Ierl" l I+ . oI,.
'I).kI hlii :iiivnI' l 0t I 11a t fternl nis
mnriln aanit1; t it 'tlnl , r s 1 t1. ' 1 n1 I:
Iltr If the fttieratin, Iwho i i at
rughl" lumihld hI th, o b,, :,L Mh l,
i ',. IL, o.. . '" \va4 t t]ke f.. a bt, l.
iwhiiel. ' it"1 .. W\ Illi;int IL :,. V a L V.
Hiltuo n ule ;t. s ltt il 1f in i "nvito na
tion of thin I'.unl i ll 11i , ;I \i lit'It re=
ut.ved to the h pi+. tal. .\ llA t r ntl,
Ilthe uly Sianger in i th*. inlsiuibility
of blood i uoniiiIig.
ltayer w.a. guir ii " roll n) :elrtr.
at the hot l atnd lo,+'.ltit l, I nd IR t hou l
not lit 4, enl ill refer, 'en to tihe denial
of' Jtleule h Naughton, atamr ouf th "
i'tUit .iet & tietilt 1iidiii , iit h W sll. . i
with t(e iiiiih at thie rtiilh ta Stationl
it luln iu.k, ;i charged'l by Myer, a.lnl
Ihlia lie seurliherl tl'yer, retaining val
.itbhl' papers.
Mu o ti" ;tiserti ln lwai tii t t| rI,
W is., lahd I nmiI with lhint to 'hiiti .
I rneuxy liiltin i-td at.i ]i .ns i,i.'r
iln the pi sht for ro tfirmnatitn of the
tl.:irgl . l"1t di <aitltoitred forl a f.'wl tt
mulint ill tlie iick rtjuum , iinu lii ll n r.
i-mini'ing lie said:
"There i, nt dmouit atbou it; M iyerI
'ouil IIo h ile u'-enN i tmistlk litn. i ie
hnowa Jim M1c'Nllughton like his own
itulthIer - htiM Set-i hint (olstitintly sinie
thei negotiatial,. for ta settletenilt of
thi, strike has bteen on. M.Naughton
and Miyer lave- been in i'nnferenee
while I attended.
"McNatnghton ordered him out of
lth country; said he would hang him
if he returned, and then he searched
- ,- I ' l11.,i t t ;i a V,,iirry.
! lli.i i':ilioi: ' ,\,'>'" li:lt tht, thollsanndts
xi ii ' ' ti Ilii'i'i| I o Ii tho i'i'mletery
i\\ill it', to In:ik ithoi'ir way through
snoll\ ~-i r, d ri AI-. A fine snow .ie
:'n I. Ilbn .teall i ll " late todday and
prm .isr (n., tinti all night. Thus
fIr 1"th h hr ,1"1 h l hen unusI li ually
Ild, iI ill rsill'llnt who hxave ex
l' r'io l' 1 II1. rif'.l'-: . othler winters
I I.r . . .t thi I r tii wlioll , iat
it ! TI t, h i :.tl t si l thati w ill
,'I 'IIl littin 1 1i' 11, !ii l. ii ~' to rmli] l dr
, hi,.1 ~ , I ;, ' ntl l. 'rf h P t leterv
I1,.H | or * lu, ilfln : i i l, II t of thit , cIlty
:l1i (:it. Io|I'l ,, \ i .alltl h r the
nnr..: cl l't.\a il i no thvir sthoulders
.ii, 1,,- i . I,, 1 ,, Ihl , full force of a
vt llI ,q 'l" I. ik1 l m i rl . [t'hen, too.
t'i I''': 'ti , ilt ' 1i 'i.l nt1 " 'comua1nt
ilhll i hlliT l ,i i I l:i'tI'i fi o nm iles ,iOP
1110 ' Ill I ' 'I I xi :1 rly' tomItorro
!i :id 1 1t ni i. pnrtlei areI to come
m l t; in hl ill, or more from
Planr Won't Work.
S11h: \ Iililhlh., Dec. 27 -"It will
i , i ti1", "I
T'lhi iaiii tcl lh,.' InIimnt of govxernor
"'' li'' i Ii' o l nightt afIter' the 1latest
'rI ' 11 for ' il Ollltt Ollnt ofi the (t' lru
imot rnp),i ,r atrik.i , nual., by Charles
If it~., T. I thiiiagu tiIoday, was read
to h1 1.
'lh'l.' ',rt p rnor sa:id lhoe was positive
thi llmini oi'iraltir.s wotux' li not consent
ito an arrauion nt which compelled
tillm to emilllnl . withoul t discrimin-lll
iii , 1 TT(. l i \hi 't I e lo p0 r ie''sent striklers.
xlc,, 'I Tl.o i TT to lihi effoect that
lhi i 'xi' ! t I'F III ' i TI liT l iStates axind
ithe . mii'rn' r '*f \tl'tMiluhixn shoiuld ap
!.tIIlt fi, ,r~II .r( i it atoll l ollltx ori l to set
lh, It , i' tlnliln !t s riki :|nd that the
,rl ',I h ! i io'i u inllilitedlately tol
\t rk
ll ' x'l ii' 'xlt he u.tout no0th
ilia,., i ' late~ tl " ttll iiont prop
i,"tIo 1 hl ih Ili. ptrsinall', wouitl
,[email protected],,'lt. ill l ,:l tl :ttentlio to the fact
lat h :,lt lual the ii Iln operators to
1a1 I II," tir t ' i'her osiillon fior ita set
Ilm r 11I. ii hFtit '' las inrititled
h x ill, x ' . ,"II i l( ' " l o l' t in C hfo.i ' e h ni
l\\'1 '," I,' Ir.' ih ll t T t h i \\'o W ster
\\ih I I I I . . ," I o Ili', 'ii | l'; ll'ii
t ,111,I h,. ;In iiit:1 xl T' ilx l, nxe on w hll o
l\, . t t l', 1llhiit, h, " a ' i txj lr '
Ihir , iilnyv i 1 lit timl di 'd t intl wilai
I ith i\'' 1r 0ll 1 ,lV to to ',\i l the \'1 ost
i'r I .'r,, tion of M inI rs. It i s
cl ii l Tlh il,, x'iIx liii1ยข.I eeo m I'I 'l'iln -
:Ir t l icJ\\ h i!:s oth rll,' , \i iIIh ril.In -
I,| 1[1' I1 1 f iru o f lll l. TIf il h
T'n T . I iT lIl, I .1 *iLc ators are te'io tlne
il, I1 ill lt ' I ';tt, ixix . not watit toi
, Ir, ill< Ti I hi'xl ,, i tI litl snhjo t
t o, th oIl h- l',l t,"ri s.e'Voral thlin s.
Thlie' will ii~t I ilbto hl'k the striker's
IHounokle,, V1.t, D '. 1 . .- T ho repuh
I.:l.Ii , i m atte l li it o of Virginia w ill
lih'*t h c .1 lliary 5 lIi o unsider the
Isri, i, t ll .i ," -i|e , tioli froa l SOuth -
,'I l l HIt'ttntIi I r ptiblicall C ll
t \i '.li, nii i I ul'.l wl,,l for re ',reltly by thll)
rIh ubiil ltu, i n:111iit atl " m i itoe.
luT. 'lTv iumen arnlmd with glns held
hin, :. t ,i McNat ightlol i toolk two wal
c+ Mtt\er t a x tuket. One of
I tI o' ' lontaI ned monty, I ant tills hit
rtUlrn d I1r kept t thi-e other."
A-or, ling to Maor anid 'Tanner the
ailstt k ,' 'rrcd ;Iout 0:10 I'cloek, and
II," wlit \c thrust a buarc the' traiin an
i " or :., lite'lr. Acortding to several
ox \l.N\.'to hton's frlcds, 1ie was at
I,; clll I ( 'italumet, 1it l iles frotmt
lin i t i clktr , I tt:4., o'n(l'ck. The train
tx ',w;it tued to leave HLancock a
,t 'l k..lh A tiass teieting Of union
ltbo I 'itin of t'hlc'ago was called for
I innxn rn,' to adopt resolutions anent
the ',ip r tountry sittuation, and sirm
iltr ntlll gs Iroi ably will be held Iln
,[1.[r thies.
Citizens' Alliance Accused.
\Wa:tshingtn,, I i,. 7 - Secretary
Vittllian It. \ils)ion of the ,lepartm oent
atd' labr Ivs urgtegl hi 'h'tarles E. 1a
hotl'v of IeiVtt'r, vice ptresident of the
\W t rsi l') ,' lderati,n of Millners., today
it "do neverythiiu liossih h' to bring
ibtout It felderatl Inve tigattion of the al
t'egid depo'l rttIt t ,f ('Ctttrtes If. Moyer
Iroml Ilan t'k, Mih, last night.
In :t telehurarn to Secretary Wilslon,
iir. Ltc hon y '; 't!e sedl the citizens' al
lian.ce of 'alhnmet with hnving 'been
re'spltonsile for the act. No decision
has i'i'et reacthed as to whether the
gi'vernmtient will make any investlga
t ion furither thaln thatt alreadyl ordered
biy thin t. )enam.ore, solicitor of the
t ar'r tintlt if labor. who left yestet
dlov foti' a'ilitnet tnder instructions to
offer a s:tance in trying to clear up
the strike situatlon,

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