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New York, Jan. 16.-The strong up
iwVrd movement in stocks of, the last
t'ew days was checked today. Tin
rise had attained proportiows suffi
cieti to offer handsome profits on
long stock and the market felt the in
flu-ltce of realizing saJes. Traders
believed a reaction was due und. there
was renewed short selling. Fluctua
tiotis were irriegular.
The late decline w'hic'h carried down
soue of the leaders to the lowest
quotations for the day bore the ear
matrs of a hear attack. In explana
tion of the movement it was said un
easiness had Ibeen caused by rinolis
of sudden comnpluations ill this cot un
try's relations with Mexico. Tih
rumors were not taken seriously, iip
parently being utilized irincipally to
furnish a basis for bear selling.
Statistics of thire w\eek's currency
movement .showed that the inflow of
cutrency to this center was continul
ing. It was estimtated tht toinor
roii's bank statentoent would reveal a
gain in cash of $14000,001i.
Bonds were strong. Missouri 1':"
cific colnvertibles rose overl 2 pinlts.
T'otal sale's, par value, $3,485,000.
United States bonds usere uin
changed on, call.
New York Closing Stock.
Anealgatnated Ct'lppler 6i
American Beet Su gar . . 7
American Car & lFoundry 47.I ,"
Anlarican Locomotive :347 ý"
Anier. Smelting & Re4ng 617B
Anmerican Sugar Refining.. 10.. ',
Amlerican Tel. & Tel 1 0
Amlerican Tobacco . "4. .
SAnaconda Mnining t'Cu ... . 34%;
Atchison .......
Baltimore & (Ohio... . .. '9"t '' (
Bethlehlllln Steel . 3..
Brooklyn Rapid Transit . ...... 5
Canadian PIacific . .............. '.. 10( 1 (."
Chesapeake & Ohio ...................... G3 b.t fi
Chesapeake & Ohi El
Chicago Grl'eat W estern ............... 13 di
Chicago, Mil. & St. Paul ......1. i 2%.
Chicago & North Western... 1r 3 [M
Colorado Fuel & Iron ... 31
Denver & io, Grande . ............... 17' st
Erie .... .... .................. ;
General Electric . ... . 144 st
Great Northern pfd ............128
Grbat Northern Ore Ctfs ..%..... 37. s3
Illfhois Central .... . ........ 11.......110
Interborough- Met .
Inter Harvester . .. l.. ... 1s '1
Lehigh Valley 13. i '`
Louisville & Nashville 1:70. 'ti
Mlssouri Pacific .1 s:
NeW York Central . .,i S.
Norfolk & Western ....... 10 a
North Atmlrieil tal. .. 1
Northern Pacific .......... %
Pennsylvanla ..... 1121;
Prssed Steel Car . ..31%/
Pullman Pa:lace Car .... 1
Ieading .............. .... .n.......... 11t74, n
Republic Iroln & Steel 3....... .... "31F '/
Rock Island 'o.. ........... . ... 141/ r
Southern Pacific . .. !: r,,
Southern Ilailw ay . . .. . 5%
Tennessee c'Ipl'erl . - t
Texas & Pacific 1.. .
Union Pacific . .. ....... 15
United Stat'es Steel ......
l;ta h C o p p, e r .. . .... . . ......... 1 '0 sF
"WV bash . . . . 81/
-Western t io1 . ...n Si
VWestinghoulse lE'lectric . ...
\Wheeling & Lale Eri .... i
New Ilaven . 7
Total sales for the t' h 0 r54,to,0
Boston Closing Mining.
A lloulz ..... ...... . .... :
Amalgamllated Coplper ....... . 73 '
Attt'n Z'nel, Lead & It1i . 1i%4
Arizona lnmll' ill . . .... 4
Ca llumtlll Arizollna .. ........ (r'
Cailunlet : Hectla .. 1421
'entenr ial ........... 1
Coppler It;lnge C'O. Co .. :LS
Gratllu y I',ltisolidated .. 7 %
Greene C'anIlliliL . :;:3
Isle tlo . alle (copper) -3L ,
Kerr Lake .... ........... . . 4 ,
Lake 'lopper .......l.. ..... .
La, Sall C'opper ...... ........... . 4%
Mliami ('opper .... . " i
Alohal l : ....... ..... . .... ........
Nevada C 'onsolida ted ..
Nipissilg Mines . .
North Butte ...
North e .. ......
Old L)ollinlolll
Shannon ............
-superilor .
Superior 4& JIostoui Mn, I"
Talr lll ..... ........ ..... .... ' ý,2 .
TU. S. Sill. . Bet & Min . ...
i;. S. SmI. Ref. & Blinl 1........ I .
U.tah C'onsolidated . ....
'tall i'lpler C'o .... .. ti
V inona ...... .. ... . . ... .. 3
',Volverine. .. .. 4:
Grain and Provisions.
('hicagI, tlan. ]P.--irst large Is'l,
S"I am an old man--and manny of ail troubles
S . never happel ed."-F ;Ll:EE ' HIUNBBARD
Hi white hair and wrinkled faces of our busy men and women tell
T ofdoubt, fee~ and anxiety-more than di.ease or age. Worry plays
havoc with the nervous system-so that digestion is ruined and sleep
banished. What oil is to the friction of the delicate parts of an engine-
ol Medical Discovery
is to the dettplte oll anh of' the body. It's a tonic and body builder-because it
,atimulatep the liver , o action, assists the stomach to assimilate food-thpa
enriching the bled. anid the .neves and heart in turn are fed on pure rich blood.
Neuralg1 "is the cry of starved nerves for food." For forty years *QGoldea
Medical Do.oevii " In lquid form has given great satisfaction as a teoa and
blood maker.'
Noi it cau be d 5itiIdI tablet forn--lfom dealers li asedicne
ore.d50wseep eIiJbtr l. Writ r. ..Pierce,BauVe.
a' ~ . i~lpi~~~
All-American Track Men
Are Selected by Sullivan
Secretary of A.ratedr, Aoletic Union Makes Public An
nouncement of HW Cbamp1ionship Track Line-Ups
-East Has Majority, but Western '
Contingent Shows Increase.
New York, Jan. 16.-The All-Ameri
can track teams selected at the end
of each athletic season by Ja'ltes E.
Slullivan, secretary of the Amateur
Athletic union, \ere announced here
tonight. t
Fifty -eight athletes appear Ip the
composition of the three teams, thqre
weing several duplications in the all
American and all-college teams. The
ea:,tern clubs, colleges and schocls
pldaced :7 athletes to the west's 21.
but the t margln is less this yegr.-than
heretufore bearing out the assertion
that the standard of track and field
athletes is improving more rap!dly in
the west than in thle east. secretary
Sullivan said that in selectilg his 1913
American college and scholastic teams
he had named a different athlete for
elch evenlt, rlot because in several
cases one man was nut capable of
winning the events, hut in order that
such a comlnbuttiun might be procured.
as would permit the entry of at least
three leen in eaclh tevent, were these
all-American teams required to meet
similar combinatitons lin national or
internati,,nal . impetition.
The selections follow:
All-American Athletic Team.
tOne hundred yards run-I-. . Drew,
Springfield, Mass.; 220 yards run, ID.
i'. Lippincott, University of Pennsyl
vania; 300 yards run, M. W. Sheplpard,
Irish-American Athletic cluh; 441
yards run. C. B. Haff, ('hicago A. A.;
600 yards run, T. J. Halpin. Boston
A. A.; 5SO yards run, J. S. Meredith,
University of Plenasylvanial; 1,000
yards run, A 1i. Kiviat, lrish-Amueri
:can A. C.; one mile run, J. . .Jllnes,
Cornell university; tao-mile run, tV.
J. Kranmer, Long Island A. C.; five
mile run, IH. Kolehmainen, Irish
American A. C.; 120-yalrd hurdles, F.
W. Kelly, University of Southern
'alifornia; 220-ylard hurdles, J. 1.
Wendtell, New .York .A. C.; . running
broad jmpll, i). )awson., .Staulford uni
versity; running high junmp, A. W.
Richards, Provo, Utah; tirowinlg the
discus, E. Muller, Irish-Anmerican A.
('.; standinrg high jump, Leo (Ilehring,
Mohawlk A. ('.; standing broad jump,
Platt Adams, New York A. C,; three
standing broad jumps, E. L. Emes,
Bronx Church house; running hop,
step and jump, D. J. Ahern, Illinois,
A. ('.; pole vault, S. B. Wagoner, Mis
souri A. ('.; one-mile walk, R. 13.
plies from the new crop in Australia
came out so freely that the wheat
t,arklet today underwent a material
s:g. Prices closed easy at %/.'4%c to
tc net decline. Other staples, too,
all suffered a loss-corn % r' %; oats,
UOt(i.t' to 'e attd provisions, 21/.
to 5e.
Scantiness of feeding demand owing
to summerlike conditions had a bear
ish influence on corn. Ileavy ship
nlents from Argtentina emplhasized the
weakness antld there were signs that
receipts at Chicago would be enlarged.
SelletIrs could find onily lililted support
for oruts. Evel( at a liberal decline,
the lbuying was simall.
Provisi.ns easedI oft'f with hugs :td
grain. 'l'raders actuattlly ignore.d bull
ish figliues regarding W'l',ehouse
stocks ott htand.
May wheat, opened, 92 ,e; high,
May corn, orpened, il;e; high, 66%c;
l .ut,. t;"," .; c.h,se. , U;7.,.,.
c1la\ o,:tls, olpenedl'.!, "! li! .'; high,
Minneapolis Wheat.
Alilne:lpelis. ,a1 n. I;- ('lhse" No. 1
lhard. t90ti. iti)t t'; No. I norlthern,
, ;r'..M . 'tr t,, No,. -2 Iurtlhert, 04%.40
SMtc; No. 2 aht t. 02. , .S.t ; May,
b.bt/yc; ,ldly, ,',1 4ts
Dun's Roview Optimistic.
Ne. York Jan. Itf.-Ic.n'.s review
Itoltoilrow \\ill aIsay:
Changes inl tusiness conditiont s hatve
11".ln muainlt in the direction of ' il
provelll.mlt :lld confidence is further
strengtlt'heond. 'ile first real tcold
snapl, of thte winter was decidedly
favora:ble to thoset branch'ltes of retail
trade largel.\ dlepllendent ill*oll the
t\*at ihelt while the demantd for ftelt
it.a also ,e,'hler',ited by the exc, eed
ingl h' lw i ms llllnrl'l tlllre.
A\ significantl faturle nl tlhe re,\ival
,c iativity itn ct'ntmercial paper, tner
tci't.. and tll . tll l a tcr rs ]illlillng it
p'sible' t.' 'tro ide for their Iretuire'
It utIs a:t i'lsiderably easier teIrm
t , i her, tinfore.
A l' t l w'ith,'It rx'elptioll rTlports
li ntl thil Itl tling sectionts tof the ucinl
, indlicate that lmercanltilet antltd i
i.no trial i:l:cr ri-c 's are Lei g unEll r
talt., tn l\t ereased vigor andl it is
grutif'io.g' that signs tof lllpro'venent
a el .irly apparent in irot and stol.
F] l !ur:S this \\t'k nuIilitered .193 inl
the I' nilted states oit;itinst 4:14 Iaut
Sitr ar',l 19 Itt (';tticlada c'tltpared \vith
Gilfford, McCaddin Lyceum: three
mile walk, Edward Renz, Mohawk A.
C.; seven-mile walk, F. H. Kaiser,
New York A, C.; cross country, Syd
ney Lesslie, Long Island A. C.; 10
mile run, 'larry J. Smith, Bronx
Church house; putting 16-pouqn shot,
P. J. McDonald, Irish-American A.
C.; 15-pound 'weight for distance, M.
MMcGrath, Irish-American, A. . C.;
throwling 16-pound: hammer,, *. Ryan,
Irish-American A. C.; throwing jave
lin, B. Brodd, Irish-American A. C.;
all-around, Fred Thompson, New York
A. C.
All-American College Team.
One hundred-yard run, J. E. Pat
terson, University of Pennsylvania;
220-yard run, D. F. Lipplncott, Uni
versity of Pennsylvania; 440-yard run,
C. B. Iiaff, University of Michigan;
880-yard run, C. E. Browrr, Yale uni
versity; mile run, J. P. Jones, Cornell;
running broad jump, D. . Dawson,
Stanford university; throwing 16
pound hammer, Karl Shattuck, Uni
versity of California; 120-yard, hur
dles, F. W. Kelly, University of
Southern California; 220-,y.rd hlurdles,
J. I. Wendell, Wesleyan university;
running high jump, Edward Beeson.
Uriversity of California;, pole vault,
S. D. Wagoner, Yale; two-ulle run,
William <Mcturdy, , . University of
Pennsylvania; nUtting 16-pound shot,
L. A. Whitney, Dartmouth; cross
iountry, R. St. B. Boyd, Harvard.
AlI-American Scholastic.
(ie hundred-yard run, ' C. Hoyt,
Greenfield, Iowa, high school; 220
yard run, A. S. Robinson, Mercer
burg, Pa., academy; 440-yard run, M.
B. Orr, Phillips Exeter academy,,Exe
ter, N., H.; 880-yard run, J. Overton,
Hills school, Pottstown, Pa.; running
broad jump, P, C. Stiles, Culver, Ind.,
military academy; one-mile run, G.
Tenney, West Des Moines, Iowa, high
school; running high jump, Albert
('rane, Tacoma, Wash., school; 120
yard hurdles, H. Goetiz, Oak Park
high school, Chicago; 220-yard hur
dles, C. Corey, Oak Park high school,
Chicago; throwing hammer, E. Wal
ter, Exeter, Cal., high school; pole
vault, C. Borgstrom, University of
Southern California preparatory; put
ting 12-pound shot, E. Caughey,
Ukiah, Cal., high school; throwing the
discus, Ray Bagnard, Pasadena, Cal.,
high school.
Helena, Jan. 16.-(Special.)-IIelena
-will be represented at the meeting of
the Union league directors tomorrow
by J. F. Flannery, who left today
with the city's forfeit bond of $500 to
insure it a berth. Helena has de
ilared itself in favor of a continuance
of thlie Union league.
I runiiiiond, .Jan. 16.-(Speeial.)
Mrs. Allen McPhlail of New Chicago
sl.ent \VWednesday in Drummond vis
iting relatives.
Mrs. Rose Burt spent Wednesday
in Mi issoula.
1iMrs . I. . Tutwiler and son of lilll
made a business trip to Missoula last
Mrts. P. E. Taylor of Philipsburg
spenlt Monday with Drummoind friends
ii roiate to Missoula, where she a ill
visit several days before leaving Monll
taina for the east to pay a visit to
relatives there.
Dr. G. W\. Young, dentist at Philips
librg, is mkilng a short stop at
I l inilllll lld.
Mrs. Harry Price of' Pioneer visited
withl her sister-in-law, Mrs. Abbott,
this week.
Mr. and 14rs. Jelll Madesen are
si,"nldig the week visiting friends at
llelmiiville anid Ovando.
'he ('tash iupply company sold out
i;::t week. the new nmanager is liar
I Scv, iears.
C'hiarles Burt, who was taken io
1P lilipsblurg and tried for insanity last
\\l ek, was taken to the asylum Saltur
Mrs. J. H. Featherman, who spent
several dlays this week at her home,
returned to Missoula T'uesday.
H. H. Tutwiler of llail spent a day
last week in Deer Lodge.
'The Wonllla's club met with Mrs.
tT. I1. Morse, Jr., Flrlday afternoon.
'The Y. P. L. S. club met last Frl
I: tas evening at the public school
t buitling to elect officers.
'lThe girls' basketball team had a
biusilnss meeting last Saturday to
I letI officers. Mrs. Abbott was elected
lprsideot; Mrs. i. D. McPhail, treas
irer, anld Miss Myrtle Norris, captain.
Washington, Jan. 16.--Aother mil
olio dollars saved to the avy was
antiountced by Secretary Danlels today
when lie placed contracts for $1,917,
340 worth of armor piercing and com
ncyl I rojectiles. At last year's prices
the lirojectiles would have cost $8,
023.200. Awards were made to more
than one concern ill some cases be
canuse none of the companies bid for
the full number required.
Darby, Jan. 16.-(Special.)-The W.
C. T. U. held a largely attended meet
ing here last night in the Interest of
the Hobson amendment for national
prohibition. Speeches were made by
Rev. J. W. Heyward and Rev. T. S.
DuUn of Hamilton, and much nlterest
was manifested.
Union Baseball associ~,tlo) 4avyll,~~,l,
e,.stene this seas q arqi there. vl4l
be six clubs in the oarcuit and possibly
eight. This was indicated tonight by
the receipt by Preadent ,Ed Murphy
of advices from the heads-pf the dif
ferent clubs that either they or their
representatives were en route to Butte
with the forfelt money. .The meetlng
of the directors was scheduled for 1.0:30
o'clock tomorrow forenoqil, bul, owiiy
to a misunderstanding President PI.94
Tracy of the Great Fa l6 club .will nqt
be able to reach Butte until tomorrow
afternoon at 3:gO o'glock,, when iti.la
planned immediately, to conveqe , tile
meeting. Jack Flannery, one of, .the;
directors of the Helena club, arrived'
this evening, bearing the forfeit money
and briimmiing with enthusiasm for .the
future of the league. W.. . Murphy,
president of the Missoula .club, will
attend the meeting, but more as a
matter of courtesy as Missoula deeir
nitely has dropped from the league.
Either Murray or Boise will take
Missoula's place in, thbe circlit,, and if
it, develops that both of these towns
want representation in the league, .it
will then be ueceSsary for the direc
tors tq add another town. More than
likely the added town will be Poca
tello,, making eight clubs in the or
Four Butte men have subscribed
$2,000 for the team and fans are ready
tq subscribe $3,000 more. , president
George O. Self of the 'Salt. Lake club,
Wtl arrive tomorrow morning as will
W. D. Brown, ' ice president of the
Ogdep club, and (C. P. Harvlelle .of
Murray. * -
President Sweet of the Boise .club
has wired Murphy that he will not be
able to attend, but it is understood
that a representative of Bbige will be
in. attendance. Five thousand dol
lars has been raised at Murray for a
team in the Union league.
Thompson Falls, ,ian. 16.-(Special.)
--Mrs. Frank Burton of Spokane is
the guest of Mrs. Perry Smith at the
Dry creek camp.
The big blast by the power corn
pany on Tuesday broke all but two
windows of the south front of the
courthouse and a few panes in other
Jessie Macauley went to Missoula
Sunday and later'. telegraphled the
school board her resignation as sev
enth and eighth-grade teacher here,
giving as a reason she was about to
embark on the sea of matrimony.
Alphonsine Dorris of Plains spent
Sunday here visiting her brother, Al
bert, and other friends.
Mrs. N. A. Tremblay arrived here
last week from Sandpoint, Idaho, to
make the Power city her hone,.
Carter Brothers announce a Hard
Times aill for January 24 in Doenges
hall, at which character prizes will
be awarded and good music is prom
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Ransdell of Los
Angeles, ('al., arrived here Sunday to
live among us. Mr. Ransdell will be
employed by the Power company as
an electrician.
Flossie Atterbury returned Sunday
from her vacation spent with her par
eats at Trout (reek, to resume her
high school wbrk, making her home
here with Mrs. G. 1I. MacCarter,
Corvallis, Jan. 1(.--(Special.)-The
family of Rev. J. T. Farris arrived re
cently fromn Sacramento, Cal., and have
taken up their residence in the Metho
dist parsonage.
Mrs. Dick Vandenburg and two chil
dren arrived Tuesday from Great Falls,
apd are guests at the home of Mrs.
Vandenburg's brother, William Lock
Mrs. P. D. Ilartiman of Steveysville
is spending the week at the T. B.
Rpagan'ranch. *, ,s
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kelly and children
came over from Coeur d'Alene City to
attend the funeral of Walter Simmons.
Mrs. Jennie Chaffin and father, F. L.
Darbee of Missoula, are spending a few
'days at the former's home here.
A temperance rally to consider the
constitutional amendment for prohibi
tion will be held at the .Presbyterian
church on Sunday evening.- The pastor
from each church will have something
to say, and the school children will ren
der appropriate music and a temper
ance parade. The public is urgently
requested to be preseiit.
Misses Inez and Margaret Summers
of Missoula attended the funeral of W.
A. Simmons here Thursday.
Deafness Cannot e Cured'
by local appllqatlons, as they cslo
reacths the diseaYed portion, q, the Oii.
dThere is only'bone way to Sci..ý efestL
and that is by eonstitutlbil Lge4~W.
Deafnese is cased by an.Jaflam s eon
dition of the mucous lining of the: austa-.
chian tube. When this tuibs 1 f11a
you have a tumbling soun~ ior Itn
hearing, and when it is elentireSiy ttiedi
deafness is the result, an4 uo} ,. the In
flamnlatioi~ can be taken out and this
tube restored to its normal .onditlon,
'hearing will be destroyed forever; nine
cases out of 10, are cauIs by Ctarrh,
which is nothing but an" iflam $ coand
tion Of- the- mucous sdrfkce. -
We will give 'One Hundred Dilars for
any case of deafness (caused. by'atrh)
that cannot be cured by Itll t Catatrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. CHINEN & CO.. Toleio, Obla
Sold by Druggists, 75.e.
Take Hlel's Family Pills, for eonuslpl
Wilmington, Del., Jan. 16.-When
fire started In the shoe reparing es
tablishment of her husban.' in the
first-story front room, Mrs. Hymen
s 444ti ;.or the Thousands of P1
nm the Game of
O and si.o14
a. motQ w w Miss uli a will add zes, to .,othgeWs.pj
ture puzzle gepe by the. insttution of. a,-ew featre whe.
will aid. many who are playing the- game to win a share
in that
$5bo Ao %IN OLD
w;hih. is gQe9g to be given away as prigs :o. th best
answers. "Like other departments. of the game, this new
feature will be
F'ree a" d Ope to All
Don',t kI Tomorrow's Papi r,! With. the
Opportunity It Will Afford You to
Win That
First.grand prize of $100 in Gold, the
Second prize. of. $50 in Gold, the
Third prize. of - $$$ in Gold, the
Fourth prize of - $20 In Gold,, the
Fifth prize of - - $15 in Gold, or
A share in the $290 balance ::.of t6e prizes which will be
paid all in shining gold.
Watch for Tontorr'S
Big Surprise
.I , ,- - · -·- ,-
Ko1ninsky, finding herself trapped In
the second story.-of their home.gath
ered- her three small children in her
armb, covered them with a shawl, and
dashing through the smoke and fife,
managed to reach the rear yard in
Letters remaining unclaimed in the
Missoula postoffice for week ending
January 17, 1914. One cent due for
Mary Ames, Andrew Anderson.
Sam Batchelor, Mrs. Black, Mrs.
David Brown, Elizlabeth Buckley.
J. L. Clark, Harriet Chamberlain.
Irene Grieber, Marie Granmsen.
Harry Hanson (2), Ella, Hankins,
Mrs. M, H"ammet, Mr. How,
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Klinkner, Mar
tin Kloster.
Mrs. A. Lucas, Ernest Lemire, Axel
Leon Martin. Preston Miller. Alex
Macdonald, Mrs. Sadie McClelland,
Bill Maearltis, Miss McVey, R. D. Mc
Patrick J. Nolan.
William Odgers.
Mable Parks, Pat Peakin, Peter
Peioff, Alfred Price, Ed Parey, Rhea
A. H. Ramharter, Mrs. Cora Rob,
erts, Arthur Rees.,
Ellad Stockton, E. .P. Smith, ,Estella
Smith. Carl Sartvent, Louis C. Stanton
(2), Pearl, Steele. B. J. Siebert, Miss
J. Stone.
T. K. Thlebedeau, W..E5. Turpin.
Frank Whitaker. Minnie: Walters.
J. C. Mulvaney.
SR. Woods.
Grace Wood.
A. LOGAN.. Pastmaster.
Los Angeles, Jan. 16.-The Petro
skey-Clabby fight, scheduled for -to
morrbw, has been postponed Indefi
nitely. Petroskey ia reported suffer
ing from appendlcitts.
SP'etreokey was, stricken yeate*ga7.
After physicians of the boxing clublad
examined the boxer, he was taken to
a hospital. He has a high fever. If
he recovers he will be matched with
The "Mischief Quartette" and It's
Each year the month of January
numbers its list of victims from in
fluenza, la grippe, bronchitis and
pneumonia. The prompt use of Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound will oheck
the onset of'a cold and stop a cough,
preventing the development to more
serious conditions, Keep it on hand.
Missoula Drug Co.-Adv.
I are trable. e. All kinds
-F. A. Mix.,& Sons
Wood, .ay,,Grar i n and
'New and second-hand, for rent or
114, East .Main treat.
Fire Life and A`oldent Insuranoe and
Real retate,
ONati lna ul r _ky OseIppt.
Haksli physics react, weak
en the bowels, cause chronic
lets opm ratei a asily, tone the
steimacr'h'se :ute o9 ca. stipa tion.
Sterling Mazda
Give three times the light, and a
better soct.-than the. ordinary, In.
ferior kind.
t Our phone is Bell 3528" black., Tell
us that we may call .and demon
strate these wqndern.t ,* ZDA
318 Ndrth Higgihs.
,,_ --.. --. '..' -, ..
$650 buys a nine-acre tract in
high state of cultivation; - located
near Missoula;'fairtset or buldtlidga;
150 fruit trees; an ideal place, for
rLising chickens and truck gardeni
ing; see us at: once if 'Interested;
this property is worth twice the
price and must be sold at once.
aesmepnti Mente Riiuildieng
i -yo tn't-B. FAIR
The Cheqpqet and R.et Fuel
Wreen, per oead.................30
(While the mill runs.)
Dry, per load ............................. 54.60
The Polleys UJmiber Co.
(City Sawmill.)
Phone 414
osii a
8lmona Paint & Paper Hose

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