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The only developments yesterday in
the case of Hagi Matsamura, the Jap
.who was shot in the back and left to
be consumed in the fire kindled Inside
his shack at Alberton, was the arrest
of two suspects. Ired Potter nad P.
J. Beard, both railroad employcs re
cently laid off by the Milwaukee.
The men were at Alberton at the time
of the tragedy and circumstances di
rected attention to them when lhe
first Investigation was made. Tncy
remained there until yesterday whtc
they came to Missoula. The arrest
was made here by Undersheriff Ma
rion and Constable Pulliam.
Killed for His Money.
That robbery was undoubtedly beI
hind the murder of Mitsamitra seems
to have been well established, also.
it has been learned that the Jap
cashed a check for nearly $70 about 9
r'clock on the night he was killed.
None of this mone.y was found.
Coroner Marsh expected to hold an
inquest last e\'vening, but because of a
late train delaying Alberton wiltnesses,
the Session was postponed until 2
o'clock this afternoon. --L1. E. W.
The Theaters
"Robin Hood."
No more seasonable attraction
rould possibly have lien devised than
the revival of "Robin Hood." \which
the de Koven Opcrat company will
offer at the Illissoula theater, Satur
day, January 24. The light opera
classic sprang into favor from Ihe
time of its first performance over 20
years ago. Mu tsical elltrtla inmllents
have come and gone( in the interim.
but "Robin ulood" still retains its
freshness andit it makes the mulsical
comedies of the day seem tawdry in
comparigon. The present revival ,of
"Robin tlootd" is under the tuilspices
of a special comlpan y Irgin;lized ty
Reginald de Koven, the ctnposer.
The special mission of orgnilizatiln
is to endeavor to foster a taste for
the better class of light operas hy
producing them on a;n elablorate scale
As Anabel in "Robin Hood," to be seen
at the Missoula theater Saturday night,
and with the best singers avnilalhe.
Maid ,Marlan will he sung by lers
sio Abott, lyric soprano from the
(Grand Opera, Paris, and Metrompoli
tan, New York, and the title role falls
to Ralph IBruinard, a handsomelll tnor
with a rare lyric voice.
'rom the fieldl of grand opera have
been recrtited James Stvens for Lit
tlie John, Jertinie Dahy far Will Sar
let. IHlenriette \Vakefielid fitr .\ iii - a -
Iale, antd Helena Mrrill fi'r ttAnna
hel, Tillie Salinger for Ranme n uti den,
P'iil Branson for the sheriff anal Sil
Braham for Sir (Iuy of Gtishurn are,
tfrm the light I)opera field and thatt
sterling old comedian, (iltrue i .
trothingham, llhe last of the olitginal
Bostonians, \% ill he seen for the l \,iv
thousandth ;ull some tinm in his '
iginal inmpersot.ttion of Friar T'iik.
The ich-rids is numerous, tuneful
and fair to luiook upon, and a spe' ial1
orlchestra undellhr thei direction of Jo
teph tiant,,ln is at featiure.
`Those t\ho iti thli misforltune of
mlissing Warrlen Ke(rrigan earliier in
the week \will now hl\ave a chalnce to
se, him in a big feature two-reel pro
duction entlthll "The l'asserly."
which will he sht\nit todllay and to
night only at the Isis.
Mr. Kerrigan is .\AIeric.ai;'s foremost
miotion picture artist, andt his apptear
i:ie at tilt' Isis is always alttended
I , record -breatiling tcrowds.
iTwo real cometlies, wiiilt nity tie
prtperly ;alletd s'h, aret also oni the
Since the prire of admission has
iooen lowered thl e ntilllagetmenllt hals on
i,,yed a larger attndllanc;i than at any
time since the Ihe;itrite was built
Positively: tlhe ost pictures olhtain
aile will be shown and four reels at
Always Reliable
Relief from the ailments caused
by disordered stomach, torpid
liver, irregular bowels is given
--quickly, safely, and assur
edly-by the tried and reliable
as thnqls..asqse
Financiers Step Down-I
~~~..... ,:
':'.' -'-.,--
. . . . . . . . . . . .
4 ...:.:., ..B.
:'-· ;~~(LY~ 7 II ktw --;;;:.5:.:;.(~::::
:a p.··:...,
Top. James Stillman (left) and
Thomas W. Lamont. Bottom, George
F. Baker.
The recent announcement by sete
eral of New York's most prominent
finanewlers, including J. l'ierpont Mor
gan, James Stilltmilt, tieorge i. falker
and Thomnis W. iamtnont, that they
would withdraw fromt interlooking di
reO('trales is said tol halve reen brought
about hy a threat from Washington
that unless they and other financiers
withdraw peaceably fro-m interlocking'
boards, legislation wrould he passed at
the present session doing away en
tirely with interlocking hoards. He
fore he Ibegaln resigning from hoards
the other day, BIaker had 5T importint
direetorates. Stillman had .34 and
Lamlont a large number. l.amuont hasli
recently retired ais a direlctor in four
important complanies.
each performance. Sitnce ithe installt
lion of th new . . cl trical alip ruati
thei- Iciittlres ? ive lieen it perfect and
nco\where in .lis country is a ibetter
ettiti RiveeI. n, r a clitrer picture. To
nmorrow atnd Sundaynt two different
feature shionts will te given. Watchi
the papers for full prgr"aiti ela ich day.
A nIew pilnist i lhas Ibe n engaged andtl
the music is iquite it featurtte in itself.
Two pleasing annolullttncneients \\ere
nade by Managtier pirode Qtluithy of
the l:itpress theater yesterdlay. 'The
first is that the latest scetnario written
by Carl Glick, at will-known luni
versity student, has bIeen purclhased
and filmed bIy tlih, Anmerican Flilt
MannfhcIturing company and has been
seletrelid by the EmItress ts tI featulre
of its iprogramll next Sundauly. Slr.
Glick hais been mnaking m tarkred ste
cess with his Ileture pl ays recently
and numbner of pl(turels from hisuI
scenririos have bieen reletsed. llis1
latest, "I'nto the \\'V ik," is said to ihe
his hest and there will iie much local
pride in steing the ttroductlion \hrent
it is lshown at the Ilampress SuI nlay.
'lhre othlier itllluutltncoment is thIat
Miss Svea I alltgrtn, w\thos, sintgitut
chatrtttd -tn lepross patrtlons severai I
mtonths iagto. is to retturnt hitre frott
Spokane and has accepted anotherJonI
gagement lat the Itlplll'trss. Sheit will
rteach Missoula nt xt ''IiTtuesday. -
Todaly's program at the ItEmprelltiss is
atlso il itino t-l-men-t-ri it worth wl ile.
The bill is headed b, a t\\o-re -l fe:I
ture, "The Faith of Her Ii uthers." In
brief, thelt story is of ia hau tiiul girl
\\ho is courted Ibya it ltan \\t to is not
of her faith. Through their love she
is tetullttie- to blit asio;niit d i lof her
father's calling. She is ti -ced in a
false ligJht through an illla cent, :Il
thotugh foolish, act, buti escapes the
coils tof fate after learnllinig the great
lesson of truth.
"( Ioats of Fire" is the herrt-int-re-st
stotry of tihe lirogram. i . dese rvilnl
old manl, the character being talk.tn by
Riley ('hanibtrlin, is unjust y accused
andri loses his position. But the Than
hluser Kidlet apperis oin the s'em
and straig.htitns outt the ditiitMcths iII
t elever itittnn,'r. The Empress i r
htstrai and pipe Oi gan Itl<te is .l
wvas the beet.
The three big vaudetville ills at tlh,
tlijoll theater openedl to t'ro\\lded
housn s last night. i very iit is i i rst
(lass l i l li -toi tthe high sta ndarid of
t11rijou attra ll ons. The s-htll- is ii lll
r ti. lastinlg t i\o holul , so oply iwo
nitid tll t li'rlSlo open the shl- with ai
gterri. v littll singing s andit dancingl
sket-ch. ATh'l v ariie followed by fa bir
ntisi tiltid slinging - lt presentel-d hy
harp, i. lin ,iltd saxophone, l om
Intu d \\ith i Ittifu-l singing. ('OOk
and lit ioiltlio . con the shl\-f. 'hii y
i a slor ri ite li t l iighter frio staIrt
groat. rThey also present l tever"
talking soetch lot, toeeln reportelr ai-t
actress di. it\\i-rtlt Vititonig h f.atour
film thilt the pi-doturlt proglram with
Lillia n \alkier and ('iltey iini the lead,
entitled "Th'be Sreet Singers." The
comle lly is ;a K;l1ah I'\ unth R tlar .,
" trill's tion ri ll" 'T'h n there is tlit
usual . nii , t o " fine ui i sic by the
~hlorrisville, P'., Jian. :_. Going to
work at his usual time, 1eT1 " ( il.;.ti,!
a lorris'ille railroad.r, returned home
early in the morning, lid while his
wife slept he proceeded to lpreIparte for
his death., le took an ironing hoard
and placed lone end on the Oas stovI
and the other o w ihe ba.I of a heair.
the despondent ean lBay down and
HTis ohdy was found in the 20neing
by his wife. lsour had mIeen in poor
.under sufacee, tourI milesl trei! shoe.
\%ilmington, Itol., Jan. _".-John
T'hiomas' Caitholie chliurh, more than
niot his mitch when l he attacke(d the
iteo. Johnl IA lnch, assistant pastlr of
the churclh.
The clergyman turlined I the ibttles on
his a.sailanut aiter the Litter hal
>lit II i knlife, Hl n p]lnlmun led ill
st Vi'rely. Thi i 11111 tlint fourl 1 I'rae tl '
is, ContiitliOlli ver ill l ye i illnl t
t ,lioral contrlsicnls abai t his !llrly.
The priest as not Hinjured lhe iid
slightly Spllrling hit halnd.
(' iitil il ugh 1ent1 to hIis hell i oI1
ul neasteir lpike drunki. Ii clised his
life and four childliren from the house
and wa is out to attack his wife
vwhen she escapled and sent word to
St. Thominasl rectory.
Iatlher lynch ,rosponled. \s soon
asli he ntered the place, I o'atVitl1gh
aittigacked him. n 'iVhegl, the dirUinleu
mutn drew n knife, the Ihries sailehd il
and did not desist il until tilt, Han
yelled for nmercy.
The lprieost then phn;ed for the po
i'e, to get I' a tnngh, anlid keep hint
over night uintil lie tecaie stister. It
will tIe six weeks ibefore he rlecovers.
When t lphysihcian was ild leto ii it
lend '.tVliaugh, he declilned it say
-ho ilnflicted the injuries. Ills only
COillment was, "1 met uit, B llet."
Take Tablespoonful of Salts If Back
Hurts or Bladder Bothers.
W\'e are a nation of meat eaters and
ll lllih d is filled with iuric aieid s:ays
a ell-k.inown authllolrily, who warns
us tio ie constantly on guard against
kidney trou ble.
Thie lkidneys do their utmost to free
the blood of this irritating acld, but
heiome weak from tihe ovo erw rk;
they get sluggish; the eliminative
tissues clog and thus the waste is
retained in the blood to poison the
entire system.
Wheni youlr kidneys ache and feeol
:hlingllg pains in the hack or the
in is iotuld , full f sedi menit, or
the hlbidder is irritaible, obiiligiing ii
to seltek relief diuring the night; when
it nn lte nt'v reo h aicitaiheiu , i I'rv l. I
nild dizzy spells, sleeplessness, neal
' tolilnach or rhnclitat I ism in hadi
weathier, get from yo.r iphiariist
btoit follur ominces of Jtad Salts; take
a. tahlesieinont'ful in at glass 01of water
before b'reakfast each morn lng and in
a few javs your kidlneys will nlet fine.
Thiis famouis salts is mlie. from the
aidl if graies and lelnin juli'e, comn
hi Oed uwilti liithia,, arind haS ,en tiseil
fur tiiiaitiiiins to fthish unit stimulate
clogged kidituevs, to ne11ti ralize thi
Stills in urine soi it is no longer a
SOurce of irritation, thus ending
and bladder disorders.
hlad Salts is inexpensive and can
not injure; mates a delightful effer
vescent lithia-water drink, and no
body can make a mistake by taking
a little occasionally to keep the kid
neys clean and active.
Missoula Drug ( .. Agts.-Adv.
(From Judge.)
'Selfishness and self-love are sy
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Personal Try Thisl
Money.Baok TI.ryti,
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S. W. Corner Higgins Ave. and Front St. . Missoula, Montana
No Income-Tax Leaks
'k. .., .
t'lin.:II, .hln, :I.--mnly disappoint
ment is in store for she tax assessor
who tries to get thl income tax re
turns to the gonernr,,nt for his pur
poses, dis:ptpointnmenlt and heavy pen
alties for those who divulge these in
teresting facts. Wihat is more, the
penalties prescribed by the income tax
law are ging to ,he aLdequate protec
tion to nthe big tax paer who is worry
ing over wiat the assessor may do
to him.
Tihe intricacies :o the income tax
ltiw which have beer causing no end
of holther to national hanks, some law
sllis ,Itti great anxil ty, have become
thel sllject of high priced legal opin
Ions, tle minst impor lnt of which was
containedl In a souvenir pamphlet is
sltit by a banking it use. S. W. Straus
& ',n. f this chii. containing an
analysis by the. l v firm of which
Ievy Mayer is the head. He con
firtmtl the tasFurain. of the commis
sionr of internal rert\nue of the Chi
cage, ,listri't that thi. income tax files
are not likely to Il tampered with.
Thie commissioner -lid: "Schedules
of the individuals i. king return are
not open to puhlic i-:ptection, and even
corptOrations, joint ..tack companies,
or associations and insurance com
panies may submit s,,hedules with full
knowledge that inslipetion'of them will
be permitted only by order of the
The pamphlet hd,1 on the. Levy
Mater opinion and that of two other
law firms adds: "Heavy penalttes are
placed on government employes who
divulge information as to the return
of! 4y. taxpayer or its itplS d
tails. The act forbids the treasury
officers to let any one see or examine
any returns or any copy thereof, or
any book or abstract containing par
ticulars thereof. The law provides a
penalty up to $1,00ý and imprisonment
for one year or bath for printing or
publishing in any manner not provided
by law any income return or part
Richmond, Va., Jan. 22.-Robert
Miller, 20, faced Police Justice. rutch
field on the charge of foeeeing several
Episcopal ministers by representing
that. he needed money to take his
mother to a hospital in Philadelphia.
After getting several dollars from
each, the police charge, he proceeded
to have a good time. Miller said he
came here last November from Phila
,lelphiaL after the Orpheum Stock
company, showing at the Chestnut
Street theater, closed. He played
juvenile roles, he said,
Belle Fourche, E. D., Jan. 22.
While Mrs. Jessie Tunley joined hands
with George Vandercar through the
bars of the latter's cell in the county
jail here, a justice of the peace pro
nounced them man and 'wife.
Vandercar recently was arrested in
Canada on a charge of stealing horses
from a ranch near here. Mrs. Tunl t
followgd him. She says she will cleat
(Continued From Page One.)
ied today there was no colspiracy Ie
tween them. Several more witnesses
are to be heard, and the contest may
not he decided for a day or two.
The record of the land transaction
shows interesting features: Goddard
paid Mrs. lIensic $500 in cash for her
relinquishment. For the outright and
supposedly final title to the land, Mrs.
Axson Elliott, however, paid King
$1,900. She immediately sold the 60
acres to M rs. Wilson for $3,000.
If your head is all stuffed up from
a (old or catarrh, you suiffer with dull
headaches and seem lacking in vi
tality, or are constantly sniffling and
coughing, you need a remedy that will
give the quickest, most effective and
lasting relief possible--something that
\\ill go right to the spot, clear the
head and throat and end your misery.
Surely use Hyomei-all druggists
sell it. It is just such a remedy, and
is entirely harmless and pleasant to
use -you breathe it-no stomach dos
The antiseptic oils of HIyomel mix
with the air you breathe-its health
giving. medication immediately reaches
the sore and inflamed mucous mem
brane-you feel better in five minutes.
It is practically impossible to use Hy
qmei and not only be. relieved but
permanently benefited. George Freis
heimer will refund your money if you
are not satisfied. Ask for the com
plete outfit-$1.00 slze.-Adv.
(From Judge.)
The new reserve banks will never
he as popular with women as the old
"First National."
Easy for the home folks
No boiling
W. B.M'Laughlin
are Lidted in our
Now Ready No. 3
Spokane. Was..
Oxy. Acetylene
Welding Plant
Open for buslness day or night.
Bell Phone 150. Ind 177TL
228 West Maln.
F. A. Mix & Sons
Wood, Hay, Grain and
115 Higgins Avenue.
Bell Phone 87; Ind. Phone 474
The Beet of Everything in the Market.
Fire, Life end Aooident Innurane eand
o Rwel Etate.
tionatl Surety Company,
DAN H. R088

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