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Secret,of Happy Living on the Farm Is to Help Children to
Enjoy Their Homes-Farmers' Meeting, in Bozeman
Develop Interesting and Instructive Addresses.
P bzeman, Jan. 24. - (Ipelial.) -i
Wplendld fnusic furnished by Ithev. utti t
.ollege band and the state 'ol'leg1
orchestra featured the tiprogram of ihi',
thir4 day of the farmenrs' .week at thb i
college here. Aitonti the notabhle adni
dresseS were those of Dr. ,lenxse Maci It
of 4trinnell college in Iowa, on "'i'.,
philosophy of intuceratLS," and I"
:Mrs. Bertha Dahl LatWi on "The .the.t- -
less "ex" and "The ('cmlono I'People. t
Professolr Thomas Shaw, the \ ll-I
kinown atgricult iural expet'rt for th,
Great Nolrt'h,'ll railru'tald whose writ
4ngs'on iagri-lculture are prouhaly nii''i
widely reatl ill tihe nerthw\ est tl , , 1 t
those of any otlher nmn,, i' inll 1i.
man to take part inll erot ri.t, 'iia
his present'c is ntllth itl rltl'lc itt it
Community lJife.
"I believe that etotnnmuttily life i
the secret of a happy life," dc':cltlii
Mrs. Bertha Dahll Laws of 11iiuestl
in her talk olt the "(',mln tIn P ' oi,.i
drenl to en'ljoy lit,- on tlhet lit ; thl,
will stlay there. A~ 'it wi.th lhii i,:,
in xit,,l she «,",d b at e tlit, Ir al
school a': til' t ,,,d ht i er of ti ' c in
m utnity. sh " :st, e I.,;, :I(", tIiac
the farm' l:= hamlll tog,.h'l'r in club..
whlose lpuil) 'o. . .hth il 1, to f lurnli:h
the right k li ut rIc ,it 'iI, it. wouit
c' tst t ilt it ''l, hut 11 ,ll , l. i llt hl
have itS 'pientlnl lt:-' il T11nr stot'l, tl
i ore oil o r ail I'p, l'' ,' . Al, .
Laws d nes lt, l,,liev,' wiI,
,,paration 1 -tV thi i t i ,l 'trli:l :Il
the cltui 'al tu 11t' tf U ' 11, :lI,
ing, M r .:. La.wy: 1u1s., ,l h 1," "'l[ 1'. 1I
take thl ,r i'et a1uld , ,-' i V
go aloml If ttey" \wonldl I~" .hl~, I 0
efficeiet wol'orlmln.
The Restless Sex.
"The h]i'.h ,-:J ,f litin ii, ht ta m uch i
to do withl tll, \\. ,l: ,'a ':,i.t
N11"s. B-. tha Iahl o Iai . of Mins,' ,
inl her aillre: on , 'lh,- i;, :tl.- .,'
I'ntarl'ri,.',' wI a l m ue t inb ' t t
porting, 1ily unst ht.a :, I''.,l . tue
style of :t \'mititl \m,,i ; w a t!'iri', ,t
self, the other \,work`; ,r fr lf;mil, J tlll,
tnd lra ,., particaii r the I i ' . .\
though ia ,Olina itt in Iip-t
shid s]l I'I (',onnec"t h, r w,,e k with thl
homle. eery tor) 1:,5 dr , :
s'whly nlit d,l hlltle work 'hi Il',
"VTe ar.e ill ,roullh of ilhlc ', ' \. , t ,!~
W illeird :and :tlrri.t l;.1 +,h*r .Ie' ,'
ilBut the )i wellt ' tlle' ' t ile',"
it porl :itant -i eI , a' I. i, n ra s,,'',1
m utst l'ar.e lot l hta, i, l t,
ialty 1 'of II lll, I y ll
wometn :hill iii di i t. i .1
lh] mle. Ivir eit ,i t11an . \lll . IIh11
for life. \e t ugn t I :,
Mlontess,'ri s. ,t. In ~ t' e l. hii ' . "it
there are . a., l /i ' ,lu nlintln {,, " ; l,
all haxe o l skimon ,lt, eiu l''dl''h ,0
help to g t t, , ' ,n it.'
!rs. L]a"s. etideld tir e bo ttr I re-i
lating a >Ary ilt :u it, , il n s ittli
tor w lh o d<it-d i l'lt- flti>,,,n,..t a ,,.auti
ful pie'ce l woilt in lit mu it 1 th' -wa s
'irnt er o ' I ,t a it olt ns 1l, t I 'tll th i
.Or].k which w;" > it, J,,1 ,l, l , fly
for the ding, iit fl'i h Iht I I-, i t bl Ihi
rnight Cotit' of it
"'My Blua Ity, h~rlly hlltis ofti l it'ht
to 1se the p1 tw,'il," I.. the e'N'1 i the- l l, 11
who liSt gri,' l att,' into drt I't lntin ,
gave fotr w'ritihtg i h t ," ,,utiful litte
poem enttl ,, ", 11niau :,'. a rllm
A t 1he :pe-, lal r',, lue -I ,f Y ,.id +ll{
Hamilton, S1r. G()o d re 1'' h p l p,'I
after the )ti.,rno :',itt' i' l t'-' t. 1 I. i,: ,
is a dry I.to fatitner f.i t ,I : t ,-i tlIi itiho
has rotach, :it hIgh liu ),I: , I ' , f y.
}:e :tal''ed |htl hi. pot.,ll , \\ fI th l
f "r all eatt h'i'lt p:, ', , uI it n 3 ,:; I Iý,h .r
utidhly ,i uj,'to d ,y' his I t
Institutional Idea.
" iT'he , ili t i t l iin:n l iii. I sill, V. il
ilnpl lrtrinl tlilatt it 1l:a : I" ' it
youtr part f thI - \ ., " i I' 1 ",f :
oaHr 3,Jes( \al'y i1t, th '[ileI ,.
h.\l ltlde:L :ct'rl: 1a lv.1 . r 1 h11 , \I. - .l'. .
ustt, a h ''e, t iri It it1 " 0 'I .I-'
tiOln, till l'l'rlbtlY Il|. rltilll. C*.;'l'I Illqll
Illa y . lti(i, bult ilnlil tltit11' 111" 11m 11o
than 1gritt mni . le \I Itl IL ithIra
Iitu olut and \\ ' inli t I ih !:t t
th at tl111 1 H It"re It ll , I , . , l .' l tt i,1 "a.
tl ' fiifere ilpntittl tiln ', J 11 i tL I 1l:Ii l
trn l o th. I Y f,' pro 'id, I t ,' oltlr , I tlu
ilties for thr'os atll' t I . ront i , , \\'hiti
life y W 'I''.', 'F i '' s., :'' It \11 '.,I t l1
Cheek the Symptoms
tllen . it W tlty ii't ll t.o , t'. 0 I i. ili ir
i;an n us :v i :1s d II',: I ', ed it; . ;l:ti 11
alit Ot ir ]'.tific lait 1l'- - Irn L 't ,, l e1
tihe final prul )]l t 0l ' Jll .' l1 I ID lt tl
groJw th. W t` ':III nIl l1,1111'r i11l\, ,tl
probleni ql f ittllstit titih tl :I a d I"uhlitht-a
life by t " 1Vti1 t w it,t'' H ld t.,i l t . .'i
ltiour ltf Ihrt e l0t',rh I r i :ll. the iltI
tates .f Irl m I rastlll . l I tlt.tlts It"I ir
Check the Symptoms
oft. Lun Trouble
rouble I., Io. ditli('ult to fight I, "ec':I, u
the di'heatse Si .lftets .f :t [,"ry rtin ,,ering
nature. ]The I utlent lld l y ilok i elrIt, tillt ill
ereld ty Ler ftst hoiing youtrn Alth lir (uIt
tinued tllh t t I tr , It. 1' 111t tait, tilgrh.
'Thee 4 ymptaitolus bhllh It,. ,hked 6 1 sa
"Goutlemen:e 1 aety w l ritig n thi tes
.iontihil that ,oy.er. Ltly k,1.r what
your Alterative 4 t1a. d ills f ),r ui (. Sinl I
was a wery young w\oman I 11:1, a ,lof
frr from Bin ronclhitis. I tI*l hI doctor
after doctor, getting little .1, t io ' t.b i
fit. Ftinaiy had night ,i 1nri .t , A et-ak
Copels anod lost rapidly in \wi1ht atd my
duetir told me if they werte L,.ot .lih,,ked
I would hpVe6 Lung roubleh. Miss Maryc
Korhtoer, who is a friend a,f . ie', re
covered after taklug your Alteratbve 14ila
Insisted that I try It. I amt l11)\w, after
iwo year, perfectly well, ttrong autd
(Adidavit). M1RS. ROSA VO IP:l .h
(Above tabbrPvinted; more oln requi-st )
Eekmun's Alterative has been provenI by
oBgny years' test to be m1o141t efth.;rio, us
Colds and in u pbuilding the systemt.
nt1ln1 a dno nar otics, pulSOl I or Iwl~iti
of recoveries, and write to Ne'kmau
, l Ioratory, Phtlndelphia. Pa,~ for edv
., ,ence. For sale by all leading druggleit
he our teach-rs. Italy and Rome have
taugh.;t s practical government and
:law E:ngland, principles of govern
mient. America hIas added to this
mally institlutions and at present the
lreat tlll,\tenlll-t for world peace looks
It. Amelricat for its model of a great
,a ,rt priesiding over a group of fed
ta:ited stat i. The Hague tribunal
wais maItte l ,sible and modeled after
ti,' .auplrenle curt of the United
Ii closing IPrifessor Macy expressed
thie ,inion tihat the republic of
I ranc', the finest typle ill the worldd
if;i h igthly centralized. efficient de-I
i( yI'V, lutt much to tl teach, too, and
nlti tlo lIearn froml the United States,
lh,. tti,- t hi4hly dv\'elopled tYlpe of tle
~ tiltel.i,-,I deiimacracy in the world.
Potato Quarantine.
'Sn, eiei:ful quartnatinte regulations
:lllll: i 'nSpurttid piotatoes have kept
,llt ,f" ih. I'nited states the potatu
wai I, I i, stritil e' dise..se, prevalent
It t"l"t. utandil in t':iladia," said Pro
I:,r ". 1;:, ~'winthgI tO the farmers
iu tlertd 'it the i i nll i0111 lecture.
.1ita i" tffers s. ritcustly frotll u tnly
itm di ':-.cs iii its ll l tat t trop -tile
'c'ab :lld lthe steatl rot. 'Tl'he first of
lh I Is' it ti lt 'd I, t diiytlll lti lil seed
ipotaties in a silitin oif ftormaltin,
ad li y I p irotation; aidl l1t, second
ianll be contrtll' -tl 0lily by selecting
I'td 'free from dtlisa-.i' i A T few other
ih-';-asec :uite o , u u t,no llfiy foulnd ill lhe
rtalt., ILit art of lilior coi l t n iqutenct ."
1' ,ft."ssor T'. i". Sethliplpe gave
Inl.lay . ig'" iiil: for lpoultry feeding
f.r ut i tir ';g fiirodutlti'till. Among
Sti i u egt it i liiy there the in-e of dry
S :ti.ush, tlht i-u - of 1 's i' fttl.nd if some
tli.td, uln'l ;c . uii +ll il ,: an atd the
i if : l:ti:ui -I ratinl of grains.
h'"lit - ,,'-l' 4 1ittroak"s .f hog
.iatl,. ru reported to 1me ilt 1 13," said
Ii'. tt1,watid W,-lut of tlh state- college
, i*i iarf n it rt f tiu iol. large
,'o t,l; y ," " f t I'h i l'rs tt ,lle of the
Ili. ,hh talks. "1 suppose that there
lt . a large puttiiber il1' not re-porled
t., ii. at all; ':o it is 'clealr that tie
Ir,. Ilin is g.tting serious. Tihet dis
iase i:' veery 't-lagiolls, it is nit pos
il., l i Ito q Iio t ' tiime ati;aillst it; thl ire
i,- Ii. ] v i l n .l t, andlit h le only pl ''
h-lt t i a ti t 'ltll attVia ll atitln
nt| hodl. This lnak,"s animals abso
ultt-t itllnlll le for abl,"t thre'e nlonths.
It is- os Vly, bilt worth thilp wheic it
i- lkthti i tli.t lthIl itiitc"e is nea:r lby or
l,1s entl-r,. ,i hTrd. At present there
S liio sluptit of tlie srtii tolit be had
; ii il- tha il a istas City or St. Paul.
It is \,,y nmuth ,t I,." diesi.rd th.lt tile
Lishlii . .r shli, h lt thno'ize the ere,
li qi a d -tlit. l n.nt of a :;cralm lahor
atliy h-re r it the i'olleg, e to bl e ready
fr tit l ltb , -ltit tll o hei a very seri
its itil , I i, ,i Iht dtic -a e in Mon
[ .. . . ,
Insect Pests of the House.
in ill,- subject of "Insect Pests in
Sth . l ,,,n .u · ," P'lo f, ,. <o r It. A . ('lt le y ,
i 'i. t'tlitoes mr ths are Ibecrnilng
o n', liotic labl :l lie d ti ,oilllblt.Ollle in
. lli:lla . ''lt ; Il ttlhis a tre sme ill, huff
lour'I creatures, and are hIarmnless
1 ttl'li. t . lThe y loun~ larvae
li ht'linlg froni the Ieggs. art' ilth real
.ln cl o'C f t' ,if l d e . 'T'h e y f 'e etd o n
n ds .-f l it ill t nt tldark closets.
T'th'y I t IISy t'e+radic'ated by sweeping,
IbruhinSlli ai llll lillng c(lothtis which
lt\*," l'n'i .tr. d, :tin( pre\ahted by
Soril eae ilr('l ill p tli)( bagns ur ]aper
I xss, tr letI ttdtlr ,t.ests.
"11t tlll :tt ii 10(11a 1 : dot l not liVe aillt e
h'l,',1 in the hoins,'. The r,.al home
I, i h i t ant tis iutl.otl, iald it simplet
fuligation with nrbuln tisulphide
\\ill kill th n in thei Iitlrrostit outside
lit lid 11i1 tilt benl.'. ta
"Th,' , Imls, fly is th(e most sl'riout
of1 ho: t i sh d is:. aIt .causes is
l"t 1n f 111 y killtais, a i'tar rying, i as
t l hl ict l t rrii i , c r lthite diseaseil
' ft'i rlllll ' nftli ted it ' t i lltl to food
it.i i.,l. Am+ . ii g tlll tlh dtisease( s which
the Ii, ". fly eairlt', iand which arei
wt, 11 Iholi ti. are typhIll id fever' , +ho)l
rI'I, tul er'llll isis: , ali t iIf lltile dl
arltih ai ; 1, I rust' , rI Sipitlas, di lh
Ihl ri :ltid toull ilitls. ', he r It I ,' IH -
e, l Ilsth is If rtIalicastion ti pre
ii of i touseflis. Itostrittig
their rti'thilt; 1pi,', s ltd itrappingl
i mill i: t t'es, pli] tes \\ill do a t rle.at
. i to\ai'ds slolttillng iht( s ']rad of
- Iy Hl, huiissel, Lht, pipes
nld 1t- I mpison abouti the Ihouse will
hell. to -tlch thei. A fly Ipoison
liaiy i, . 0 l. x iby imixing mtilk and 4t.
i t. ltit it rt i nalin, tt il mputtin g it
Itt 4,r. the flies sttn get at it. rI tsy
liay I, i, itlell d foS' ll llittn ed ing
lh niti.t I,. hby avnlall itr. 1',ll ltumllsr
t ei t, lh 're nl i rill, t hitr the flies
\\ill Boll.c ,t atit not enter the house.
Ih. 1. itdels' mleeItlag of th. 4il.
ply li .l collia ny, hield at i . F. lffice
Slr,. ll ete'resentati,
: :rd!' :il \ ft l li alll stti , Ju;lituary 17,
't, I, o\,'r 1_',l:;I t shares of lteel, here
r l i, , iitd. T'Irustets f| r the ent'li. n
t'''4' \\i tll 1,+tol -(' l as fllotw s: 1;. 1'.
I hininl r, 11. 1.. ituar , (it' o \i11tv,
l '. {lbt ir' l . A. tlee nall, 11. t1.
,. all ant A. t". W\'alhridge. The finlal
eial I'i'l)rts sho 'l'v.( that th(, ,.ii oil'
$:;.5a::.II I hall, be, n eollectod during
the y'I1', \hile the dis lursomients
:loutllteld to $ .54.0F,. The balance
in tl' usiir. January Iii, 1917, was
$,.0 i. Inla t, il treasury on Jani
uia'y 17, 11114, tas $1.0.499. 'Phe total
in hil.lil+ntess at d it, of meeting was
$li,4:01a.G1, a del'roise from reportt of
JtniU ll 1v, 191;!, uf $2: .Iti. Innliedi
st< t hi l it i' eeti ngil luthe n tlw y
ol(led board of trustees mnet and or
preI.ih nt; ?I, i,. Ito ,l, ,leue presi
dent: ]ollot|rd I1. Smaw't, treasurer;
Y. It. Fan his, secretary; W. It.
Faults, general' manager; B. F. Plum
mer, representative.
The opp,,nents of the commission
rornm of gt, rlnment are versatile and
they are not overloking a bet. TheyI
have k .tntpatgn poet. Yesterday he
wrote a song for the good of his cause.
Last nl$.t he brought it to The Min
soulialt office and asked that It be pub
lished in The Sunday Missoulian as a
2omtmutiLdation. It is the rule of The
lissoulr.n office that all communica
tions which Ire free from non-mailable
words and expressions.~ shall be pub
lished. Of lourse, the rhymed cotm
omunication -Was accepted just as any
other letter Mould be 'iscelpted. After
the author had been told that his pro
duction would appear in The Missou
Ilan, Sunday Ino\rning, lie said: "I win
five dollars on that. A guy bet nle that
you wouldn't print it." The Missouliani
appreciates tie confidence in Its fair
ness which this lanl manifested, its a
great thing to have a maln so sure of
y'no that lie will bet five dollars on you.
Now, if thigi poet-correspondent will be
fair withii himself in the study of the
ulllullission fortl of government, he
will suplurt the commission when the
has concluded his study. llis poem is
given herse' ith-- Editor.
thl, the eionmimission form of govern
Some people love you so,
Rut just like graft
And William Taft,
Yuu've surely got to go.
We've tried you in your brand new
WVith all yotur lace and frills,
And found we had to fire good men I
For lnun to pay the bills.
You flaunt youl'r charms before our
With self-praise you've ne'er been
Iut one thing ihat's all ton true:
You've not reduced the tax.
You brag of Inlprovementts yotu ave
And Ihller about the saving,
But it is the people on the street
Who coughed up for the pav\ing.
You took the south side fire Iall, too,
Your tdidn't care a darn;
You're saving sonetlhilg, that Is true,
IEven if our houses burn.
You've fired men who worked upon the
(:ud llen who surely leetded jobs;
iltih finance Imthtods can't be beat,
You bet that saved a gob.
A fair shake is all we ask,
(.f wrong we are lot tools;
Alt hough last night's Sentinel
hlas called us April tools.
If things were run as they should be
We'd not be in this fix;
The pet lte cry out in one voice,
Cut out the polities.
And when a suggestlin you do make
You get in an awful fuss;
Some folks ha\,. wokliee u to the fact,
Itegush, they're runllllinlg us.
Huit votes in April will tell the tale,
'Tis well :intd in g,'oo l fur'li;
To dleteriorate is 11lI our aio ,
We're out sltrong for refurt.
We don't criticize your good intents,
Yoiu've \oirked ulp to thli letter;
Co.lniissiiin formli. It ain't Io good,
Anlld e want something better.
We ask for freedot in our ulote and
Sotne of ius hatve gonl to schools:
And if we take a kick that you can't
IPlease do hot call us fouls.
Yotur's t ruly,
I )l' A. S" 'RA PI'IN'.
After washing your hair with oeap
always apply a little Danderine to the
scalp to invigorate the hair and pre
Vt'tt drynless. Better still, use soap as
sparingly as possible, and instead have
a "landerinett Hair Cleanse." Just
imisten a cloth with Danderlne and
draw it carefully through your hair,
taking tnle strand at a time. T'his
wtill retmove dust, dirt anld excessive
iil. In a few moments you will be
amtazed, your hair will not only be
clean, bult it will be wavy, fluffy and
allndantlll, and possess all incompar
able softness and lustre.
Blesitdea cleansing and beautifying
the hair, one application of Danderlne
dissolves every particle of dandruff;
stimulates the scalp, stops itching
and falling hair, Danderine is to the
hair what fresh showers of rain atnd
sunshine are to vegetation. It goes
right to the roots, lnvlgot'ates and
strengthens them. Its exntlarating and
life-producling properties cause the
hair to grow long, strong and beauti
Men! Ladies! You can surely have
lots of charming hair. Ocet a 25 cent
bottle of Knowiton's Danderine from
any drug store or toilet counter and
try it.-Adv.
Piles Cured in 6 to 14 Days
Druggists refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to clure Itching,
Blind, Bleeding or Protrpding Piles.
(First application gives relief. tOc.
Stop "dosing" rheumatism.
It's pain only; not one case In fifty
rethtires Inteinal treatment. iRdb
soothing, penetrating "St. Jacobs Oil"
right on the "tender spot," and by
the time you say Jack Robinson
Out comes the 'rheumatic pain and
distress. St. Jacobs Oil conquers
pain! It is a harmless local rheu
matism cure whicht never disappoints
and doesn't burn or discolor the skin.
It takes pain, soreness and stiffness
from aching Joints, muscles and
bones; stops sclatica, lumbago, back
ache, neuralgia, and reduces swelling.
Limber ulp' Get a small trial bot
tle of ldh-time, honest "St. Jacobs
Oil" from any drug store, and In a
moment you'll be free from pains,
aches and etiffness.--Adv.
That thet Ihfe of a policeman iS not
up to the standard of his ideals is
evident frimi the action taken by J.
T. Cranney yesterday. When Officer
Brooks resigned his position on the
force a few days ago, Mr. ('ranney was
selected by ('ommissioner Houston to
take his place. The chief thought he
had picked the toughest 'member of
the fire department--tough as to
physical prowess, of course-when he
offered the place to Cranney. The
latter spent two nights on the beat.
Making a round of tracks in the snow,
he found, is considerably different
from being aIle to retire at 8 o'clock in
a comfortable- bed in a steam-heated
firehall. This vision of comfortable
quarters wals, evidently, constantlY be
fore his sleepy eyes on those two nights
of tramping. Yesterday he took off
his inewly-acqtuired star and handed
in his resignatibn. Both were ac
cepted by C(',mtnlssioner Houston.
John Ml. Crawford took the deserted
beat last ilight. He will be tried out
for the job.: There are no more
eligibles among those who passed the
required examination tunder the civil
service rules of the city. -L. E. W.
Stevensville, Jan. 24.--(Special.)
The basketball :game between the Ste
vensvill, anrd I' ,well county high school
teans tlaped tI.re at the Grand theater
tonight resultlt in a score of 38 to 17
in favor of the, local players. While
Steveonsville is plainly the better team,
it won every Ioint it made by hard
work. The Do, r Lodge lads are fight
ers, and played with all their strength
from beginning to end. The game was
c(lean and sportsmanlike in every par
ticular. The Nisitors, including Prin
cipal Speer of the high school at Deer
Lodge, were oentertained by the local
team after the galle.
Colds to Be Taken Seriously.
Intelligent T"',ple realize that com
mon colds shoulll be treated promptly.
If there is sneerzing and chilliness
with huarsennt , tickling throat and
coughing, begin promptly the use of
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. It
is effective, plasant to take, checks
a cold, and st ,ps the cough which
causes loss of sleep and lowers the
vital resistance. Missoula Drug Co.
Carltoln, Jal. :I.--(Speeial.)-Mrs. N.
.E. Smith returned to her home at Mis
soula Thursdl\, after visiting a few
days with Mrs I'ottrell.
Henry 1Hill 'aQlie over from Anaconda
Thursday for a short visit with rela
John Mills, Jr. who was injured quite
badly tabout a wV,.'k ago, Is improving.
Jack Smith, who died at Florence
oln 'ruesday, \\: buried illn the ceme
tery here Thulrsay afternoon.
Elva McDanitl came down from
Florence Sunday evening to spend a
couple of days aI ho me.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hendrickson are
down fronm ll-iiiltonl for a few days'
A Difference in Working Hlours.
A man's working day is 8 hours. Hla
body organs 'must w\ork perfectly 24
hours to keel) him fit for 8 hours'
twork. Weak, sore, inactive kidneys can
not do it. They must be sound and
healthily active all the time. Foley
Kidney Pills will make them so. You
cannot take them into your system
without good results following. Mis
soul Drug Co.-Adv.
We Have Said It
We ay It Again:
That the best clothes values to be found ip Missoula today will be found
here. We are not offering you season back styles, .but clothes front the
cleanest and most-up-to-date clothing stock in Missoula-not only that we
offer you such makes as Society Brand, Artcraft and the famous Stein
Bloch lines,.as well as other good New York makes., Our prices ,p
lower, too, than elsewhere, which means a saving to you. Come jn apd
try some of the suits and overcoats on; we will not urge you to purchase.
All $10.00 Suits and C All $30.00 and 3500 All 1500 Suits and 0
Overcoats .....Su'i and Overcoats Overcoats.
Al $20.00 Suits t$14 0 $2 0 All $2500 S.'tits.
and Overcoats.... e and Ov ere o5s .. jj
t N'- F6-flR
First Methodist.
First Methodist Episcopal church, I
corner of Main' and Washington I
streets; Rev. Charles D. Crouch, D. D..
pastor. Sunday school at '10 a. m.,
Thomas Layfield, superintenden't;
morning worship and )ermnon at 11; I
subject of sermon, "This Grace Alsd." I
Evening worship and Sermon at 7:'3;
subject, "A Perfect Work." Inter
mediate and Senior Epworth leagues
at 6:30; prayer meeting and Bible I
class on Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock. At this time the third les
son on "What Is It to Be -a Christian?" I
will be discussed, under the topic of I
Jesus as Friend. C'ome to these
services. You will be welcome.
Daly Addition.
Dlaly Addition Sunday school;
George Blackler, superintendent.
Classes for all ages, at 3:30. The in
terest and attendance is increasing.
Come and bring the children with you.
1Methodist Music.
Music for Sunday services at the
First Methodist Episcopal church, as
Morning-Anthem, "The Lord Is
Merciful," (Heyser) choir.
Evening-Anthem, "Bless The Lord,"
(Adams) choir; duet, "Gently Lead
Us," (Hart), Mrs. Edw. Hoverson, Mr.
Geo. Miller.; anthem, "I Will Lift Up
Mine Eyes," (Ashford), choir. Pipe
organ recital at 7:15 o'clock at which
time Mrs. Carl Holliday will play the
following selections: "Andante-Sera
phique," (Geoges Debat Sonson);
"March in C," (Geo. Faulkes).
Protestant Episcopal.
Church of the' Holy Spirit parish,
corner of East Cedar and Adamrls
streets.-SundaY school at 9:45 a. m.
Morning service and sermon at 11
o'clock. Evening service and sermon
at 7:30 o'clock. Sunday is the festival
of the Conversion of St. Paul and
there will be a celebration of the Holy
Commuinion at the morning service.
The Woman's Parochial and Mission
ary society will meet Friday afternoon,
January 30, at the rectory, 406 East
Main street.
Calvary Christian.
Calvary Christian church, located in
the same block as postoffice; Harold
H. Oriffis, pastor; office in rear of
church.-Bible school at 9:45 a. m.;
Elmer E. Hershey, superintendent;
Men's Bible class, taught by pastor,
will meet during the Bible school ses
sion. Preaching by the pastor in tht
morning at 11 and in the evening at
7:30; subject of morning discourse,
"The Apology of the Sneak;" subject of
evening discourse, "Renown Through
Self-Renunciation;" the question box
will be opened at the evening service.
Special music at both services under
the direction of Professot' DeLoss
Smith of the university; morning solo,
"The Earth Is the Lortl's" (Lynes);
evening solo, "God of My IAZe" (Brad
sky). Christian Endeavor meeting at
6:15 p. m.; topic, "The Perils That
Threaten Our Nation;" leader, Josiah
Shtll. Meeting for prayer and Bible
study on Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock; subject of devotions, "The
Healing of the Demoniac," the fourth
in a series of studies of Christ's mir
acles. The Ladies' Aid society will I
meet Thursday afternoon at 644 Southls
Third street west with Mrs. M. W. I
Bond and Mrs. H. S. Griffis as host
First Coagregationals
First Congregational church, corner
South Fifth west and Chestnut streets;
E. D. Gallagher, ministere--Public
worship, 10:45 a. m. 'Sabbath school r
at 12, and Y. P. S. C. E., 7 p. m. 'Bible
study class meets every Wednesday
evening at 8 o'clock with Mr. and Mrs.
Fox on Fourth street. Many new pu- I
pils are coming to our Sabbath echool I
and we have room for more. The sU- 3
perintendent, J. H. MoGuffey will be I
glad to find teachers for new clhases a
being organised. Theme'for the maorh
Ing sermon. "If There 'Be Ten RIiht- I
eous; a Modern Instance." A 'hOst I
cordial invitation is given to the pub- a
li to worship with us. Are you look
ing for a church home? t We shall be
glad to have you fellowship with us.
Evangelical Lutheran.
Evangelical LuthOran. church ('ng
lish-German.-Sn1iaay Mchool, 10 a. m.
in English language. Worship at 11
a. m. in the English language. Wor
ship at 8 p. m. in the German langtuge.
The Young People's societ will meet
Wednesday even1hg at 8 o block in the
Sunday schoolroom. The Mission so
ciety will meet Thursday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. William Riebe, 725
Edith street.
Swedish Congregational.
Swedish Congregational church, West
Spruce street; C. R. A. rlomberg, pas
tor; residence, 520 West Spruce street;
Bell phone 392.-Sunday school 1b A.
m. Morning worship 11 o'clock. young
People's meeting, 5 p. m. Evening
service at 7:30. Preaching at Bonner,
3 p. m. Weekday prayer meeting on
Wednesday evening. The Ladies' Aid
society will meet Thursday at 2:30 at
the home of Mrs. L. Johnson, 307 Sec
ond street north. A cordial invita
tion is extended to any and all of these
Immanuel Baptist.
Immanuel Baptist church, Pine and
Woody streets.-10:45 a. m. worship
and service; 12:15 p. m., Bible school;
6:30 ,. mn., Young People's union; topic,
'"Individual F'reedom Essential to
Progress;" eighth lecture in series on
l"Restaterltent of Baptist Principles;"
leader, the pastor, Rev. C. B'. Allen,
Jr., D. D. At 7:30 p. m. wdrship
church services arre invited to bringn
both tmorning and evening. .Motheri
who have children too young to attend
church setrved' are invited to bring
them to the church where care will be
given them while the mothers will be
free to enijoy the hour of worship. This
church extends her hospitality to the
public, extending a cordial welcome to
all Who come to worship God with us.
The Baptist church music program
Morning-Anthem, "There Is a
Fountain," (Concone); anthem, "Teach
Me O Lord," (Sudds).
Evening-Anthem, "O Lord Most
Holy," (Abt.); vocal solo, Mr. Wm.
A. M. E. Mission.
Missoula mission, A. M. E. church.
Sunday services: Preaching at 11 a.
m. Class meeting at 12 m. Sunday
school -at 1 p. m. Preaching at 8 p.
m. the public is cordially invited to
attend. Rev. S. J. COllins, pastor.
Christian Science.
Christian Science chuach, corner of
Pine and Pattee streets-Sunday serV
ices at 1 a. m.; subject of lesson ser
mon, "Truth." Sunday school at 12 m.
Testimonial meeting Wednesday at 8
p. m. Reading room open from 2 to 4
p. m., except Sundays and holidays;
also open ThUrsday and Friday even
ings from 7:30 to 9 p. inm. Public cor
dially invited to attend services and
visit the reading room.
South Methodist
South Methodist church, corner of
South Sixth, west and Hazel streets,
H. P. Balderson, pastor. Sunday
school, 10:15, J. G. McDonald, super
intendent; Preaching, 11:15 a. Im., by
the pastor, subject, "The Purpose of
Christ's Coming." At 7:30 p. m. Miss
Pride 'of the University of Montana,
will speak on the reebt'eat missionary
convention, held in Kansas City, Mo.
This talented young lady Will do you
good. Come and hear what the great
missionary forces are doing.
First Presbyterian
First Presbyterian church, corner of
Pine and Stevens streets, Rev. J. N,
Maclean, D. D, minister; residencei
820 Stevens street. Public worship at
11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Su.ý.ay school
at 10 a. m. Young people's' society
or Christian Endeavor prayer' tnSet
Ing at 6:30 p. m. Strangers' aifd l 1
itors will fihd a cordial welcome at
all these services. During the weekL
the following meetings , ' 'he:
Prayei'mfe1lng ad ia te .'' :
Wednd4say evening sat . o'c !!t
Womad's ' Missionary *adkety
kt the liOrhe of Mts. Puthey on Friday
afternoon at 3 o'clock.
COMB B7tij
! 1 aII .10 7 f-t
It's Grandl6nthrt's Rdeipsote K"1i Heo
Locks Dark, Glossy, Thick.
The old-time" tnaxtIqr of ip Tea
and Sulphur for, daa>lenlt. grc y,
streaked and faded hair! Ipg rand
mother's treatment, anli 'flks are
again using it to keep tbe i. hlar,g+
good, even .color, Wihch. is s,-qje1t a enqi
ble, as we h livvg iiA an age when
a youthful appearance is of, thq grewa
est advantate.
Nowadays, though, wee do.i have
the troublesome taok of gaitler4lg the
sage and the tmissy tinlx|1; sit home.
All drug stores' sell the ie44, to-tup
product called "Wyeth's Gage A.ld Sul
phur Hair Remedy" for about 59 cents
a bottle. It Is Very popular 'because
nobody can dtliscver it has been apr
plied. Simtfly moisten your comb. o
a soff brush with it and graw tils
throhgh your hair, taling'"onn , ln~sm
strand at a time; by mo0nihg toe
hair disappears, but whit delil ts t
ladies with 1yettl's S9agebd t phd
is that, besides beautifhlly +_¢kenaig
the hair after a few applit s, ,it
also produces that soft ldstlieu d ap
pearance bo abundaqlce wilcl Isa so at
tractive; besides, prevents 4aadrutt.
itching scalp and fallin hair.
Missoula Drug,Co., Agts.-dv.
Hamilton, Jan. 24.-(Special.) -Wll
liam Morris of Florence was arrested
yesterday afternoon by DIeputy Ihe"r
iff Burch and 'brought to. Hamlltqol.
He was arraiglred befgpe Justice eP
the Peace Peslilck last eMnltig and
pleaded not guilty to the are f
operating a salobn' ht Flpenii wit
out a license. 'Morrids4i1 .krli tj
chke and expects to be abe' to prove
that he was within the 1lhk b his
conducting of the Florence Social
Hamilton, rah. 24--(Spell).T
county educati6nal examinitt 'board.
composed df Supet intendent of ýho6.
Nora Smithey, and J. F. Er, and
Henry Schwarm,' superinatendeiss b~
the Steveidvllle and Hamitbtn si.ooils
sla In sessidn here today, gradiin t~9
papers writter' at the eighth
grade state exalp natlihs conducted,
throughout the vlley this week.
Don't# be relegated to
the . ar ,because of
Wea*ness qf the "ioa
man.", Try a short
course of
Stomach Bitterd
and help your Stomr
ach, Liver and Bowels )
back to normal,
strength and.activity.'
Get a bottle today,
: mnna1

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